Wednesday, 2 November 2016

US Election planned to fail. Democracy is dead.

There has never been a more meaningless and embarrassing spectacle than that masquerading as the Democratic Election of a new puppet President of the world's killer state. This is deliberately so, and there are more surprises to come, for what we are witnessing is our master's destruction of one of the props of their current false reality paradigm.

Democracy is very publicly being slaughtered, piece by piece, in the consciousness of the species.

Their New World Order is nearing completion and, for it to draw us in and make us believers, they must discredit and crash the old systems they have nurtured for thousands of years, turn the world to ashes from which their new false Phoenix will arise, as so elegantly depicted in so many of the great ceremonies we all witness at Olympic games or superbowls or award ceremonies in the movie and music businesses.

The ability of religions to co-exist peacefully has been destroyed. The ability of that false congress of nations, the United Nations, to maintain inter-national peace has been shown to be ineffective. Nations themselves have been superceded by multi national entities like the European Union whilst, internally, seperatist groups strive for balkanisation. Races and age-old communities have come under increasing threat from migration. Traditions have been assailed, standards of moral behaviour sacrificed on the altar of 'progress'.

The human race was ready for a paradigm change but that new, emergent paradigm has and is being orchestrated and modelled by the same hands that created the old paradigms, those which we had outgrown. 

Our master's control of all media, including the alternative media, is channelling humanity's urge for a new global civilisation of peace and love and freedom so successfully that, as a species, we are for the most part unaware that such a time is upon us, that such a potential for a new way of being exists and is in our hands to create. 

Similarly, their control of scientific advancement, through their control of research budgets and University grants and scientific publishing, through their ownership of science via patents which cause us to hoard rather than share knowledge and learning, these instruments of control are slowing our advances dramatically and denying us the benefits of what there might have been that remains hidden from us. Cures for sicknesses, advances in sustainable free energy, those and the historical revelations that shift our understanding of where we have come from and why we are here, all have undoubtedly been denied us.

It is clear that their strategy is to create, in our collective consciousness, the idea that we humans cannot live in peace with one another, cannot live in a way that doesn't harm our planet and its biosphere, are morally corrupt, greedy, selfish, undeserving of the stewardship of a planet. They are moulding reality such that we will cry out for a form of absolute control, insisting that we are collectively unworthy and need the guiding hand and cruel mastery of a despot, though they intend that we will see that despot as the Prince of Peace.

We will be led to believe that our future should be guided by 'not for profit' organisations, and already there are many thousand upon thousand of such NGO's staffed by well paid apparatchicks sprouting from the UN, from 'philanthropic' billionaires who are paragons of virtue (oh yes), from charities that are now corporations but whose websites and marketing portray them as people of good will, from state organisations that have been privatised and orchestrate health, care, law, punishment, education and so on. All of these organs of control are already in place for those who have eyes to see. They share a common purpose and a unique and strange language. 

Be aware that the use of an 'inner' language has ever been a control tool. 

English aristocrats for centuries spoke French. 
Priests for centuries spoke Latin. 
Doctors have ever shrouded simple ideas in complex language to preserve their sense of superiority. The Law, in every nation, relies upon such obscure and difficult verbiage so as to bolster the power and authority of its practitioners. 
If the great mass of humanity is to give its power away a major strut of that con trick comes through indecipherable language, and the shared use of a 'newspeak' is readily identifiable throughout all of these NGO's, charities and rapidly-becoming-private state bodies which are readied to replace democratic government, by 'popular demand'. 

Our masters have taught us to believe we are too many. They are teaching us to believe that we should control our number through foetus murder and the termination of the elderly 'useless' eaters that drain resources and contribute little. The religious wars they have created will teach us that those religions have passed their sell-by date. When they finally die, as they will, we will throw out the good they did as we dispose of the harm they do. 

Written into most religions are the basic understandings of human desires, desires for peace, for justice, for love, for brotherhood, for equality under law, that we should not covet, that we should share, that we should not kill. These were tribal understandings, the urges and common understandings that humanity had in the beginning, and that were incorporated into religions to ensure that our tribal consciousness could be usurped. 

Witness the history of Empires and their promulgation of these religions amongst the tribes they conquered. There has ever been a war on the tribal consciousness of humanity, those understandings which for hundreds of thousands of years led us to live largely in peace, largely under law, always in balance with nature and with respect to the biosphere that supported and gave us life.

These things we have forgotten, to our cost.

That Democracy will soon die is now a given. The debacle that is the US election is the spark that will ignite that particular bonfire of vanities.
Ready and in place globally are the organisations spawned by our masters that will once more offer us a home for our natural desires and innate understandings. These organisations will seem to be caring, appear just, pretend to be for peace, masquerade as charity, purport to be free of control and meritocratic.

Make no error, they are the New World Order's machinery of control in waiting, tools of the global state. 

From over three hundred million American souls we have been tricked into believing that the best that can be produced are these two utter scoundrels, both of them deeply soiled, one facing a rape charge (of a thirteen year old), the other being the spouse of a known, and by her forgiven and defended, rapist, both surrounded by allegations of connections with the world's most unsavoury people, from mobsters to ruthless dictators, both vastly wealthy by such criminal associations, reeking of corruption, surrounded by the mysterious deaths of those that flew close to their guttering flames.

That millions of Americans cheer these monsters and will vote for them speaks volumes. What have we become that we so lack the discernment to see these monsters for what they are and throw them in the prison they so deserve?

Where, one wonders, are America's saviours?
Where the incredibly intelligent, moral, determined, just, decent and untainted folks that must abound amongst those three hundred million?

Where are those that have a clear conscience, those whose children are unspoilt, those respected by their communities for their honesty, their goodwill, their generosity, their good works, their kindness, their forgiving natures, but known for their firmness, their understanding of strength, their unwillingness to bend or give way to the tide of corruption and the threats of bullies?

Are we saying they don't exist, these paragons of virtue, when each American could probably name someone in their personal circle with a better character than either of those two vile excrescences?
These folks, they wouldn't enter the muddy fray that is politics, that world of lies, that deal-making cesspool where the Satanists fornicate with each other, that workshop of evil where blackmail serves as a screwdriver, where murder serves as a wrench, where bribery serves as a saw, where lies pretend to be truth and where truth is reviled and ridiculed as naivety.

These folks follow a trade or profession, make themselves good at it, offer their services and professionalism at a fair price, balance work with family, see good motherhood and fatherhood as their prime objective, understand their community and know that humanity can err but that it can also excel, be amazing, be creative, be beautiful and they never miss a chance to help someone find the right path however damaged they are, whatever they have become because of this world's injustice and the harm done to them or because of some twist in their DNA that makes them sick.

Do you say there are none amongst you that fit this bill, that there are none better than the slimy creeps that now offer themselves to you, that Americans have sunk so low that these vile mannequins, swimming in their billions, surrounded by their sycophants, are all you have to offer the world?

I'd have neither in my house, fearing for my children.
I'd face neither in court, knowing the trial would be fixed.
I'd turn my back and shun them for what they are if I met them on the street.
Liars, cheats, abusers, rapists, thieves, one a war criminal the other proudly announcing that he would be, given the chance.

These truths are being realised by more and more people as the election progresses and this was ever the strategy and intent of our masters. The election is to go very badly wrong, by design, may even at this late date not happen. The orchestrated exposure of the wrongdoings of both these monsters, including the revelations made by the controlled opposition led by the CIA's Wikileaks, perhaps an assassination attempt, perhaps an arrest, something like this may well be planned that will cause Obama to suspend the election and the entire edifice that was 'democracy' will come crashing down.

Democracy is dead.
Long live the King.

But feel no guilt, America.

Your shame has been foisted upon you, for you serve as actors on the great stage, your upcoming national disgrace a key plank in the plans of our masters to inflict upon the species a new, scientific and sustainable world order which has been constructed and is now almost complete, offering as it will a newly defined and inclusive form of perpetual, or I should say 'sustainable', slavery.

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With Love,
Olive Farmer
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  1. Hi AkhaldanSolo
    For some reason comments don't seem to be getting published.
    Thanks for yours, perhaps it will appear?

  2. I reached this same conclusion some time ago. It is, of course, all engineered as you point out. Did you notice the text on the back drop at the 'debates'? It was the bit from the declaration of independence about the 'right' of 'the people' to 'alter or abolish' a corrupt government and install a new one. This after selecting two of the most vile and corrupt people available to run for president (not to mention stacking congress and other offices with pedophiles).

    It couldn't be clearer - they are pushing for an uprising which will be met with militarized police and most likely 'UN' troops, followed by 'normalization'. This is all old hat to them by now.