Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Radioactive Reality guy from Youtube.

I don't usually link much to stuff, understanding that much of what is out there is part of the controlled opposition to humanity (and that therefore, some of the leaders of the alternative view of reality and the human condition are in fact the very worst of our sort, the very vilest of traitors). This guy seems human. Where is the Scream? Here, unfolding further, is one of the extinction events the world is psychologically engineered not to think about. This must be true, that people are so engineered.
The silence is eery to us.

Because we hear no great and swelling roar of voices raised, see no irresistable rising of the force of good.
Instead we see mute and dumb grass croppers, chomping and cud chewing.
Led by their noses here and there with the daily promise of new fresh grass to chew.
Sheep that are looking around, but still sheep, dreaming that they are awake.
Everywhere distraction.
Nowhere focus.
Where, for example, is the single unity of objective amongst true, free bloggers?
There is none, even there, where one could expect to see understanding of the predicament, the timescales, the progress of this war on our kind.
There is not even a feral growling together, the least we could expect.
If you blog, post a link.
If you comment, post a link.
But you won't, because the psych war has been focused on preventing unity.
And if that persists, we are lost.

And they are killing us now, as fast as they can without spooking us. Killing us softly. The entire herd. The planet. Fukushima is just one of their fronts.
Look how we are assailed by every facet of the reality they have wrought. They are wringing us dry, squeezing every last drop of living effort from us then contriving to cast us aside or cause us to die of the poisons they are seeding. We all know this deep inside, every baaaing one of us. We are being slowly killed.

We have to stop this.
And who are we?
WE are the meek.
The one's that don't want power over others, that don't want to cause fear, that don't want to be rich, would like to see an end to all war and an end to terrible hardship, who would like to see what we could make of this world in a different way, we are all of us good folk, and only we can save the world.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Newsletter made public

State of Play Report
November 17th 2013
Trigger Events.

(We publish for the first time the newsletter. Those that can see will see and know what to do. It is time to be more open. Send 4 euro this month for expenses)

World events march onwards to the trigger events we have highlighted and discussed in previous newsletters. The state of global consciousness is further tilted towards the false revolutionary condition that we noted spreading through the Arab world as they trial run their virus.
The chaos model is proving its sustainability and is rewarding the engineers with the usual harvest, the programming downloaded in these regions creating the expected resonances, touching the chords of generational hatred, deep hurt, grief, revenge. More killers are being engineered daily, their ultimate purpose satisfying the requirements of the model for the rising level of self disgust.
We note the success of the global warming eugenics thrust and find this type of consciousness (http://guymcpherson.com/2013/04/the-irreconcilable-acceptance-of-near-term-extinction/) becoming deep seated. As we have stated previously, the requirement is to create the mind-set wherein the species views itself as unworthy of existence, unworthy of the stewardship of the planet, abject. Thus conditioned, the global consciousness is further prepared for the trigger events we anticipate.

In previous engineering projects (patriotism, faith, et al) the object was to reduce the herd through war, the struggle for survival against an enemy real or imagined being the meme. This more refined programme is designed to be more thoroughgoing and to address the survival instinct more completely. As we know they intend to engineer the species to hate itself and to override the instinct to desire life. The common thrusts of global warming, the right to choose euthanasia, the right to choose to abort, the “life of work with no prospect of retirement”, the life of fear without relief etc etc all drive towards this consciousness.

They engineer the species to desire self-immolation and are thus far successful in this.

As we understand, the mavericks are all now counted and numbered and located thanks to this internet and the engineers’ programmes designed to discover the herd members yet capable of independent thought. As the trigger events unfold be prepared to be reviled and hunted, yet speak your truth nevertheless and hold firm to your duty to love and the universal good.
Only by such example can the spell be broken.

As you understand: Do as you would be done by, turn the other cheek, give and do not count the cost, fear nothing even the imposter “death”, seek no more than a share, hug.
These same messages we have understood for millennia, for there is no other way but one.

Population reduction by stealth continues unquestioned. Air and water and earth all now conform to the slow kill strategy, as usual denying the wisdom that is born of longevity.
Once this phase passes, the focus will be on cleansing and on curing the effects of these poisons on the bodies and minds of the species, allowing the flowering of wisdom we understand will be the prize, that which was taken from the species some time ago.

We note that the strong viruses structuring youth continue unabated and strengthening in the areas associated with death and killing and with the preparation to create readiness to seek salvation and accept the false messiah.
The symbols utilized for such programming are unchanged since last time and operate effectively at the core level.
The chemical modeling of the species continues unabated either by stealth or openly via medication and other intakes and the results are very satisfying to the engineers, though as we might expect they still fear greatly the forthcoming events and are uncertain that they can achieve their goal.

As we know, their objectives are to prevent the ascension, to render ugly that which is beautiful by nature , to keep the species from joining the universal whole. Your mission remains unchanged, to be a lamp that still glows when the darkness falls, to find and cherish those that are true to their nature born, to lead the species towards the light of love. Your numbers are in need of increase now.
Wear the sign of the olive tree in your hearts and invite discourse whenever you can.
You should all now be considering who you will ask to be a part of your consciousness triangle.
This needs to be organized and made effective by the 28th November.
Three is the number, nine the power, so do we unite in love.
Xxx xxx xxx as usual.

So, to triggers:
The conjunction of the blue bird is close. The crop circle psyche input has had some success and is now picked up and spread. Those that can see, see. There is a need now for a coming together in understanding. Take the thoughts that enter your mind and spread them, for we require the voices of wisdom to speak louder now and in unison.

The first false prophet is abroad and his mentor is active. http://www.raelpress.org/news.php?item.340.1

The Japanese problem will befall humanity before the process is complete, spreading the panic and increasing the psyche-yearning for help that is beyond understanding. By such means do they seek ultimate victory, stealing the head of the new consciousness and misdirecting it.

We will speak again soon. Do your part to shape minds.

Tell them to Beware Deceivers.
The conduit nears.
Know love.
Olive and Aktina
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Can you see?

Now that humanity understands how core programming is done we begin to understand how we are made, begin to see that what we are is a product of our DNA, can see how that core programme could have been manipulated, can imagine why such manipulation might have been done and, if we stretch our minds a little, see what has been done and why, then begin to conject by whom.
These are the riddles.
It is a modern phenomena that we can even contemplate such questions, for it is only since we have made these advances in understanding that for the first time such conjecture can be framed. Our collective brilliance is a direct result of our numbers growing. We begin to see what could have been done to us and how and can guess why. because we grow collectively more clever.
This alone explains the determination to chemically dumb down the species. It also explains the determination to reduce our numbers. It further explains how important it is for our masters to “lead” this awakening, to control the seepage of this understanding into the consciousness of our collective understanding.
Further still this understanding explains what is coming.
It explains the simple tools our masters use to control us and how we are programmed to believe whatever it is they choose to put before us. Our core programming was altered millennia ago. Most can do nothing but follow the instructions of that malicious virus.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Around the world there are some that are born whose programme has been somehow corrupted, who fail to respond to the operating system, who begin to see how the whole thing works.
The virus instructs other humans to revile, to ridicule, to slaughter such anomalies.
The limitations placed on our ability to think mean that few can understand such ideas, those that can being programmed to disbelieve or to fall back on what has been learned previously, to dismiss such ideas as ludicrous and to believe that they would have seen this truth if indeed it were true….and so it isn’t.
It’s a complex programme…
It encourages you to think stuff like this.

Everyone you know is ordered and controlled by this viral infection, as are you.
It allows our masters to have complete authority over the planet.
They care not if they destroy the planet as they have their fun, because probably they have the technology to move on and do the same thing somewhere else in the universe once they have had their fun here.

We are a species of creatures designed and programmed to believe in deceptions.
Few can lift the veil and see the Wizards of OZ..
Our reality is so persuasive, so embedded, so reinforced by the rest of us that almost all human beings believe so strongly in one lie or another that they have been made capable of killing to defend that lie or to shove that lie down the throat of another human that believes in another, different lie.

Our DNA makes us live such short lives, die of so many sicknesses, become old and frail and stupid before our time, just for the purpose of denying us the time to work this stuff out.
The science we create is controlled by our masters, the knowledge we gain so controlled, we are rendered by this strategy incapable of clearing the virus from our system.

Pity, that.

We could live a thousand years, remember everything, be clever enough to solve all our problems, wise enough to understand love, make our lives beautiful.

Do you see now?

What we need is an anti-virus.
We are close to discovering one, because we can see that we are infected and understand by what means.
So our masters need to press “Restart”.
Can we act in time to stop them?

That’s up to you.

Love to you all, few readers.
Toss a coin in the hat as you move on. It will soon be valueless anyway.

Olive and Aktina.

The Jesus Brand

For some reason I don't seem to be able to get Blogger to let me edit and arrange postings in "Compose", so they are published as this continuous and therefore difficult to read single unbroken stream. Pity that, as increasingly we are seeing the unfolding with greater clarity. If you have the patience, please read "Simple stuff", the previous post.

I guess the few readers I have are able to spot the new star in the firmament being placed by our masters to distract us from global species unity.
You can see how this Russel Brand product placement is now spearheading the trend to enter mainstream media that has been the story of the last 6 months.
As the crisis develops, as the next stage of the chaos becomes more imminent, so the Icke creature and the Jones creature are drawn into greater exposure on the MSM, and then the new product is launched.
The BBC, servants of the elite and propagandists par excellence (I should know, having worked for them and resigned in disgust from them) are leading the marketing push. The new Jesus or John the Baptist was featured being interviewed by the Paxman.
This was the beginning of an onslaught of such unbelievable arse licking hero worship from all over the MSM and the alternative media that the intention to place this utter bastard at the heart of the false revolution is so apparent that only the dead could fail to notice.
Here’s a couple of messiah-worshippers.
First, David Degraw, who I have pointed out previously here as part of the false opposition, connected to the energy draining “Occupy” false front and many other distractions. Can’t say I’ve ever seen such brown nosing in my life, and I’ve seen some: http://daviddegraw.org/
“Russell Brand, that controversial, formerly drug and sex-addicted, adolescent funny man, who was spawned from UK “reality” television, became a movie star with roles in mindless comedy blockbuster hits and was briefly married to a pop princess, has evolved into one of the world’s most important radicals. In this modern age, where the spectacle of celebrity is used to distract, bamboozle and pacify the masses, where ignorance is placed on a pedestal and repetitiously rammed down our throat, raping our young minds, enslaving us in the all-consuming cult of consumerism and a never-ending narcissistic rat race to the bottom, Russell Brand has emerged as an enlightening force. Behold, Russell Brand: comedian / trendsetter / thought-leader / revolutionary / spiritual guru. The more you pay attention to him, the more you realize that he is a madly brilliant critical thinker, a prophet of sorts, a spiritual sage, a shaman of radical positivity. Russell knows how to dance with fame, as he sprinkles subversive mind-opening truths like pixie dust. He is currently on a whirlwind worldwide comedy tour, fittingly called Messiah Complex. His performance weaves through famed radical icons such as Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi and Jesus. Yes, Jesus the radical, the man who cared about the poor and chased the moneychangers from the temple. Russell makes you yearn for a modern day messiah who can chase Wall Street from our lives and deliver us to freedom. Alas, as Che said, only you can liberate yourself. There is much truth to Che’s words. However, as Brand makes clear, we are bred to follow false idols and live in a “cult of the hero.” Famed social psychologist Jacques Ellul summed it up: “The cult of the hero is the absolutely necessary complement of the massification of society…. This exaltation of the hero proves that one lives in a mass society. The individual who is prevented by circumstances from becoming a real person, who can no longer express himself through personal thought or action, who finds his aspirations frustrated, projects onto the hero all he would wish to be. He lives vicariously and experiences the… exploits of the god with whom he lives in spiritual symbiosis.”
Those that have the facility to understand this product placement will see how the Brand brand is laced with the Magick called “Glamour”, the Magick called “SEX”, the Money Magick, the Fame Magick, the False Humility Magick, the links to famous previous products similarly placed and then murdered to create myths from Jesus to Martin Luther King via Gandhi. As deGraw rightly points out, here we are witnessing the birth of a cult. He fails to mention that he is one of the midwives.

Two opportunities are gained by our masters.
The first is to let the creature pull the hearts and minds of the awakening humanity into his web and then use him to direct them towards whatever plans they have for such bamboozled truth-seekers when the next stage of the Chaos is unleashed. The second is the murder him once the Messiah status has been further developed, or perhaps to shoot him in the head but for him to miraculously recover.
If you are up to speed you will understand what this would mean.
Here’s some more arse licking from the BBC:
"Despite his increasingly celebrated status as a thoughtful and incisive author, essayist and commentator, Brand continues to play with his carefully cultivated image. Armed with candid, unconventional opinions as sharp as his yoga-honed body, edgy rags and photogenic looks, his presence seems to unnerve even the most seasoned interviewer, evoking as he does the love child of Oscar Wilde, the Three Musketeers and Jim Morrison. Always a wild card, Brand is unpredictable and unshockable, his lunatic grin and flashing brown eyes serving to further accentuate his untamed nature. A fan of Transcendental Meditation and a yoga fanatic, Brand has embraced a more spiritual look of late, downsizing his brutally backcombed mullet to hippy hair, but he still gets a kick out of hobbling hosts with his sexually confident body language. Take his groin-splayed appearance on The Late Show with Dave Letterman in July, in black leather trousers, or a similar studio spot in June, on MSNBC Morning Joe. “This is my first [Brand] experience. It’s not just listening to him, it’s just sort of taking it all in...I’m transfixed,” stammered presenter Mika Brzezinski during an interview with the comedian. She looked like her eyes were about to pop out of her head when Brand – egged on by panellists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman – heaved his legs onto the table to display his silver cowboy boots.”
Do you see how they target this small segment of the marketing campaign at the 14-40 female market?
Here’s some more, from the Conservative Daily Telegraph: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/comedy/10315614/The-chat-the-charm-and-then-I-gave-in-to-Russell-Brand.html
“And so, having been there myself, I can only feel for Jemima Khan, the millionairess ex-wife of former cricketer Imran, who this week was spotted strolling hand-in-hand with Brand in Manhattan’s East Village. She, at 39, is a year older than him, and the pair were seen chatting and giggling with their arms wrapped around each other. Although Brand, a scruffy loudmouth from Essex, is hardly Khan’s usual type (her most high-profile relationship since Imran was with the actor Hugh Grant), the pair are believed to have been dating for weeks. In a funny way, I can almost see the appeal. During our brief dalliance, Brand called and texted me 20 times a day. He would ring and sing the James Blunt song You’re Beautiful down the line. My flatmates thought it was hilarious. Finally, I agreed to go on a date with him (it was that or take out a restraining order). And so it was that I found myself having Sunday lunch with him in a pub in Primrose Hill, followed by a trip to the cinema to see Proof, a film that I vaguely recall being about mathematics. When I think about it now, it was all strangely quaint. The man across the table was a million miles away from the foul-mouthed culprit behind that prank call to the actor Andrew Sachs, which he would make just over two years later. Brand didn’t drink - he didn’t have to - but he insisted that I did. He was exactly as he seems on television, always talking a mile a minute. He asked again and again if I fancied him. It was all a little exhausting. He was charming, funny, dazzlingly clever, all things that can make even matted and dreadlocked hair look attractive. We saw each other a couple of times, but I was hardly dreaming of marriage, if only because I got the impression that he could lose interest as quickly as he had developed it. Lo and behold, I opened the paper one day to see a spread on the “Lothario” who had started dating Kate Moss. I suppose there are worse people to be usurped by.”.
Did you notice the “he didn’t drink” bit, linked to the Jemima Khan bit? Maybe this new Jesus could appeal to the Muslims too? So another distraction, but a vital one, is placed carefully in the minds of an awakening humanity to distract and to dissipate and to weaken us, to prevent us from finding unity on a single issue…for only by doing that will we free ourselves.

Love to those that have read. You are few indeed.
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Simple stuff

Please think of us as consciousness buskers, this our street show. If you linger a while, if occasionally we hit the right notes for you, consider tossing some change into our hat. Thankyou. . Olive teaches English to teenagers here. He asks them which would walk past a starving child? Which would fire a missile that took an innocent’s life? Which would not share an umbrella with a stranger in a downfall…and what if it was the stranger that had the umbrella? The common core of us all is still there in these beaming kids, the deep sense of right and wrong, the understanding of what we need to do as a species simple to them, as they are raised in a community that 60 years ago was untouched by the rest of the world and those old understandings still run in the families here. The virus hasn’t fully taken hold of them yet. They are still human. Mostly harmless. The significance of that you should deliberate upon if we are to get out of this mess. Did we say this would ramble? We take the alien view, look at us from outside, find it becomes clearer from that perspective. We see a species that is largely made of creatures that wish to do no harm, that understand the benefits of sharing, that enjoy cooperating on something of benefit, that grows miserable when employed in something of no seeming benefit. And we see that vast numbers of this species are engaged in just such activities of no benefit, or worse that are harmful. So we see the hollow look of lack of purpose, of lack of worth everywhere, know that behind it sits the low misery of a creature beaten and enslaved. Yet we see too, deep in the recesses but there in every eye, the waiting. We share an unconscious unspoken determination to be free. We feel the evolution of the slaves. We see the desire for it in every eye. From that we see an unproven and potentially world changing weapon as yet not brought to the field of play. We see the force of six or more billion minds bent to a single purpose, and understand that this force could be realised now, and so wonder who has the head of the beast that is awakening, and do they seek to pervert it at birth. And make it monstrous. Such that we never trust each other again? Keep up. These are the issues. All else is detail. Our old masters have seen this force coming, these days arriving, have shaped us weak and splintered us deeply, use their old psych magick to have us running hither and thither in fear or in the pursuit of the white rabbits they have burrowing into our consciousness. Their entire endeavour, this vast web of consciousness management they are engaged upon is designed to prevent us seeing that we are mostly harmless, mostly good and that we are six billion or more in number and that we can make all this bad stuff end. We think that if you cannot believe that we are in general such creatures then you are giving up on us as a species. We all of us feel something in our bones in these times, can see and fear the spreading of the disasters our reality is contriving for us. We are being instructed to trust each other less, our neighbours, our families, people of different faith. If you believe our species in incapable of unifying in an effort to set itself free then stop reading. You are lost to the battle. They have you. We don’t need you. You cannot trust humanity, will never join anything, never try and find our destiny as a species. Their reality makes you believe that. It has shaped everything you think you thin,k for it was the reality that made you. But know that you didn’t start out on this journey that way. Can we speak to that version, please, that presence within “you” that is really you? It’s time. This is the whole of the game as we see it right now. So the stakes are high. Can the good guys show themselves in such number to each other that they feel able to assume power, to direct that power simply by ignoring or shunning that which is of the old world and so tainted by the hands that created that world? On this our future hinges. That is the force which is available, peace really can be a sword. We can simply cease to feed the dragons. Walk away from making weapons, from driving the trucks that deliver them, from making their components, from following the orders of someone that wants to kill people with them, from speaking to those people, from sharing company with them until they stop. It just takes all of us, do you see, to make this easy. Stop thinking about everything else for just a moment and see this for what it is. Where our species decides its future. The meek will inherit the earth, if we use this moment. There are some that need to gain this understanding first amongst us. To be recorded in our new true history as the beginners of this thing. We need such heroes now. Perhaps our soldiers, choosing to walk away from which they know to be shameful would catalyse the rest of us. Perhaps there is such bravery amongst those boys, and such leadership as to understand what cannot be gainsaid because it is right. Perhaps as luck would have it you are reading this now, and are sure of those about you, and would rather fight for good, and know how that would draw people to the light. Perhaps. Perhaps those policemen still left that sense what they should be doing and have honour. Andy? We see from our alien perspective, that some apes actually pursue the profession of killing other apes. It’s horrific. For pay! Apes whom they are instructed need to be killed for some reason. Sometimes the reason given is the revenge of a previous killing committed by the other apes, often contrived. The consequent interminability of such activity is inevitable and yet these apes fail to see the illogic in that. Others of them kill for money and for power over other apes. This is clearly both savage and a ridiculous and wasteful way of solving disputes. We see that these creatures have weapons that could destroy humanity utterly, and how such a lovely species has allowed their most aggressive and bloodthirsty to have their fingers on the buttons of the vilest and most calamitous weapons. You see, the species survives at the whim of this group with fingers on buttons. They might cull us severely at any moment. The history we understand shows that they enjoy such activity, think of us as cattle. Will do what they wilt. The entire species is ordered by a myriad of social and commercial structures that place each ape in opposition to all other apes in a scramble to achieve position and to feed. Much of the force and energy and creative brilliance of the species is directed to this ridiculous and needless struggle for survival and for relative position. The species is under the thrall of powerful social engineering tools and has been much diminished over the last half century or so. The engineers of their reality, those that pull the levers that control this species, have utter control. They are the absolute masters of the agenda of your thought. From all input sources. Please: Think carefully about that. The story of this species is being written. And we ask: Shouldn’t the great mass of the apes be writing that narrative? And aren’t the great mass of them good? And can’t they see the authority that majority grants them? And the opportunity to make this world shaped to a different will? A benevolent will? Our human will? Can we find an ending that we all share the hope of? And can we find it in time? We stand on this threshold of history, dear friend. It is most exciting, and we are full of hope. And so we see a species living unnaturally, in conditions that are imposed upon it and which make it afraid of itself and yet we understand that the core programming of this species is to be harmless. That can be seen in the eyes of any child just born. They are the eyes that speak of trust and love. Each of us at birth, made ugly by our current reality but there within each of us, each of us, we know, is a being of love. We wait our chance to admit what we have done wrong and know that we will be forgiven. This creature of love and beauty. This human. This asker for forgiveness and this granter of forgiveness that is out better self. In this lies our route to the future. In being smart enough to see where we are misled, and in being smart enough to listen to our ancient voices and know what is essential to our species. Then to forgive ourselves, for we knew not what we did……… All of this is, of course, understandable if you have the sight to see. And so it really is down to you. And this is us doing our part. And it is a part of the whole of the thing, but not the whole of the thing. For that depends on you, dear human, exercising your power. We believe it is this force, this force of good that we need to wield if we are to avert the disaster we are allowing to spread its wings over us. We conclude that somehow finding this core unity should become the chief interest of all of us humans. We see that the tools are at hand, and that there is currently nothing to stop us, that with a little pushing and nudging a domino race could blossom out and reach us all. We can by this means ask each other what we really want. We’ve never been able to do that before. We can now. That is how near is the handle of the sword to our grasp, how near our fuiture. Imagine, then, the focus of your enemy. And so we must seek simple concepts first. As simple as good versus evil. All else is detail, and the devil is in detail, and it is with detail that we are manipulated and kept from our destiny. We simply need to see us for what we are, us peace lovers, us do-no-harmers, to recognize each other and see that we are the most of us. Wear some symbol?. But be wary of symbols? Recognise each other and grow expectancy from that recognition? Start this thing now, and see if it can be done? These are the only questions, for here is the power and the key and here the moment. The alternative we feel in our bones and understand is evil. Look what we are being made to do to our world. See that you are responsible for what is handed on to your children, your grandchildren if we still exist. Do something now. There is much to be set right. We need to find a way of seeing if us good guys are in the majority, and a way of finding the courage and the strength of mind and the methods of discovering this truth about our species. And then we would know where we stand, and see our force, and the future will have begun. It is as simple as that. You are manipulated to believe this is not possible. That you would expect. The question is, can you shake it off and do something? Easy to see where our masters are going with their diversions. They see this unity coming, and have built their false opposition for it, and now are letting it bleed into the mainstream, and they are pulling out filthy pieces of star shit from their B list to act as the slinky link. The wizards throw little balls of light, little stars that distract the monkeys, ready to make more than one question, ready to tire us all of efforts to unite. So Paxman and Brand. So obvious now they grow careless, believing their new personality cults to be placed for the mainstream stage just at the point they plan to collapse money and crash the internet and retire to their keeps and strongholds and watch us rip each other to pieces. They believe they have made us incapable of doing otherwise, of waking to our core spirits, of making their engineered disaster our stepping stone to freedom rather than the gates of the hell they are seemingly planning for us as they elevate themselves to God-Kings over what will remain of us. You do see this? And look at us. Are we not clever? Can we not organize? See what we can build, marvel at our diversity and our capability, understand we need not be plunged into chaos, that we just need to look at each other and make sure we get what we need in calm certainty of an evolution taking place, an evolution that bears the stamp of our future being born, and of that future being good. Can you see? They will bring further chaos, of course. They are stampeding the herd. We must step on this dross and climb to our higher selves or lose this game. It is time to stand up and count ourselves. To focus exclusively as a species on the single issue and on making that connection that can be made by spreading messages like this. A kind of wake up call. They might let us have an EMP or two to try and stop us, stop us joining together around the world. Maybe November time 2013, maybe not. They are setting the agenda. It is messages like this they ignore the hardest. Which puts more weight on you, dear reader, if you see, to create this world changing thing. We the spark, you the fire. What did you do, Granddad, when we remade the world? Did you do your part, or did you not believe in us? Beware, they will have us at each other’s throats if they can soon enough. They have shown us Mad Max and any number of other consciousness shapers such that many are ready for such eventuality and some relish it. Hence Alex Jones and his misguided kind. As usual, they are after the “jews”. They follow some agenda we have not understanding of, have some beliefs, know what we cannot know, but their hands are always clear. Aktina and Olive sense that our Masters have no pity. We sense that they are well ahead in their plans and are full yet of shock and awe for our species. We know from our own life experience that chemtrails are not contrails, that our sky has changed, that what we breathe is changed, that what reaches us from outside is changed by this layer the purpose of which is unclear. We ponder their plans to foist a new Messiah on us that will “speak to us all in our own language in our heads” and we wonder if they are making us antennae? Or affecting that antennae’s range somehow, shaping the pineal, knowing something about it we don’t, parading its significance and making a mockery of us? There are so many such questions…. Do you see how easily we can fall down a rabbit hole of useless conjecture? Whilst at the same time know that there is much that we have invented as a species that is known only to a few, and that the pinnacles of our development of weapons are directed at us and unknown to us. Perhaps what makes you believe this can’t be done demonstrates where this science has reached? Perhaps pondering that question is what makes you a truthseeker, and doing what they don’t expect and getting your arse into gear is the biggest contribution to the future that you can ever make. If you do not believe that this thing can be achieved, if you cannot see that our species can evolve in this way and create a world that speaks of its inner core as a species of love, then you condemn us to more of this endless headless-chicken run to destruction. Wake up to the reality that it is all or nothing, that the time is now, and that you must find faith in your family and trust each other and that you must find this common ground between you or surely enter a dark time. Many of you are there already, already in a dark place. If you feel it, you feel it reaching for you too, this heart of darkness, wherever you are. It is time. This is how we see the world. To us this seems obvious. We busk our consciousness, parade our hope, offer it for your consideration, wonder if you’ll get it, wonder what will happen if you don’t. Most of us wish for a world that is of love and of freedom from fear and everything that flows from that.. We simply believe that to be true. We think we should count ourselves, and see if we can change things if it turns out that we are most of us. And what is there that we can agree on? Only that we are the meek. And mean no harm. And that we are the true, the most humanity. And so will our planet be. And we could find that out within a few days. If you, dear reader, would just for a moment believe it could be done, and bring your energy to it, and ask others to do the same. No leaders, no lobbies, no issues. Good or evil? Where do you stand? And this has always been the question. And now is the moment at which we need to express our answer. It is that we will be good. And our world will be the best it can be. And that others need not fear us, nor decide to extinguish us, for such is probably the stage on which this drama is played, and this is its finale. We live in interesting times, as we said years ago here. The tree is falling, the monkeys scattering. Where will they turn? What will become of them? And that is the point at which everything designed to shape your consciousness is directed, to make you believe that it can’t be done, to make you think that others will do it and if it goes well and doesn’t fizzle our you’ll look again. And then there’s the question of who can you trust? And who are these jokers from Crete anyway, they’re never linked to by any of the other sites I go to. And what about Ron Paul. And what about gun law. And what about Monsanto. And what about gold. And what about debt, and bankers, and 9/11 and wormholes and the Galactic Federation of Light and what’s on TV and off you go …….squandering your opportunity to be a part of something magnificent because you have been told it can’t be done or you have let your eyes go off the ball and are following the wrong thing. The shiny distraction cast by the wizards has caught you, as we see it. They have placed a ring in your nose, believe you docile, and lead you where they wilt. Our view. They are good at their game, long in the tooth at it, have the thought engine of Tavistock behind their every move, you are a mere novice in this old game. Such was your father. And his. You have to pay your bills. You have to do your job. You have to do what you are told. You have to accept the regulations of others. You have to be a part of their system and so feel you can do nothing, that others must start, that you feel you will be thought of as foolish for believing we can do this thing. So have they shaped your psyche and will shape it further. For if for a moment you thought this could be done then the world would change. The question is, can this opportunity we have right now be seen for what it is? Can we ignore our false reality long enough to seize control of it? Our masters think not, for still we pay them, and ever will need their money, they believe. All is going to their plan, do you see? We also know it to be true that our species stands at a threshold in its history, at an epochal moment. We have argued elsewhere the simple understanding that the more humans there are then the more there are amongst them that are genius. With the ability to share thought brought by technology and, growing, by a commonly used shared language, so it is evident that the species will leap exponentially forwards in terms of such technology facilitated by shared access to information. In other words, we are going fast right now, imagine how fast we could go if we shared everything, if we just got on with each other. If the good folks were in charge, and all of us were involved and firm by that involvement. And by such power of will reshaped our world and made our nice and special places within it and handed down a place of safety and of cleanliness and of beauty and of fun. In other words, that which we intend for our children when we first cradle them, and have as yet failed to supply. And if this is not your purpose in life, then what is? Is what we ask ourselves. Listen: we need to grow a better understanding of the way in which the world is ordered and by whom and to what effect. But we need to do that when we have the doors to the library that is our history blown fully off. To gain such access, we need to have taken control of knowledge, of information, to have nothing hidden from us. That is a great leap, for it brings into question all that we believe in or use daily. We didn’t need the Icke’s, you know. We’d have got there anyway and faster without the distraction, do you see? “There”, of course, being the shared understanding of which we speak. When a creature is kept under a yoke its strength is reserved for the day when it sees the opportunity to set itself free. We believe that creature is the silent and fearful mass of humanity, that it is the essential core of the species, that its great bellow and snort as it shakes itself free will be the sound of good conquering over evil, and that the battleground was where it had always been, within each individual. Which do you choose, kids, good or evil? And what is the core of good? “Love”. Correct answer. Such, we believe, is the raw simplicity of this issue. Prevention of such shared understanding is the chief goal of those who will lose power by it. It is in that understanding, of the fundamental import to our current masters of shaping the pathways of those that are seeking to complete the jigsaw and find a way to a better future for our species, that you should examine and question all of your sources of information. And if you understand that such shapers and deceivers must be there, for our masters lack neither resource nor willing workers for money or belief, then you must also understand that there will be a discernible networking, the creation of a funnel, the psychological manipulation that over-assails and therefore draws energy from. Think of it as a pressure system. Or please just think, is what we’d ask, just consider if it could be so. The pressure is the straightening of the backs of this immense and powerful beast when it smells freedom, its blood pumping with the effort. This is the brute force of us. It is the yearning of humanity to be free, to live life as it should be lived, to be human. We guess we are believers. That good will triumph over evil. That the meek shall inherit the earth. That ever ’things gonna be a’right. We guess we believe in you. That pressure is being leaked out from us, wasted in diversion. When you look, it is easy to see them. Eyes open, heads up. Most of us in some way are tied to a system or a belief that causes us to fail to find commonality with others of our species tied to other systems or beliefs. With such distractions, we fail to see what is common to most of us and, if it weren’t for the way the world has been ordered, by the teeming great mass of us. Most of the hurt we do is because we are forced into an unnatural way of being. We should understand this readily if we could just for a moment draw breath and look at our selves and what we do to others. For some strange reason, human beings have allowed themselves to be educated to believe that there is some sort of hierarchy amongst them. It wasn’t always so. Once caused to accept this concept, they fail to see that all will become enamoured of this position because no matter how low you go there is always someone lower. Sold the idea of inequality, of one person being able to dictate the actions of another, the species opened the door to its total subjection to mastery through artificial debt and other feats of magick. That is of course what we are. A species enslaved to artificial debt, working at nothing when there is much to be done and, as we grow and grow collectively cleverer, in front of which lies the opportunity to create something different of this world. We can clean our oceans and our air and our ground of their poisons. We can grow what we need and restore our nature and make better use of our world and we can do this with good will. This is, after all, what to be truly civilized is all about. To build anything, lay its foundation. To those who get it, there we tip the pyramid. And it is, of course, a numbers game. And we have this core sensation that as a species we will soon begin to feel the possibility of a different future, that we good guys are indeed in the majority, that we can sort this mess out. That all it would take is for us good guys to identify each other. A badge that says “I’m OK” Somewhere where we can see six billion of us. And know that means we have won. That the meek shall indeed inherit the earth. Such decisions being somehow in the tides of time being ours to make now. If you see. And then that the obvious thing to be done is to find out if it’s true. And how we should find out with the tools at hand. These are the rudimentary questions most of the seven billion of us are too distracted to consider for a moment, being lost in detail and failing to see the big picture. Understand that most of us have either not been given the rudiments of education, the certainty of a home, the surety of there always being a meal, the freedom from debt, the freedom to choose what we grow up believing or being somehow loyal to. We are servants all to an inherited system, a passed down power structure, an old and creaking structure not suited to what we could become. We are saddled with ancient beliefs and with controlled and held back science, servants all to the mythical creature called money. That’s just our view. Take it or leave it. Everything in the world today that is of war and of grief, of uncertainty and of the smell of ruin, of disease and unhealthy, of mither and of concern, all of these things are driven by forces. Forces, of course. Some we see; pure profit, open exercise of power. Some we don’t clearly see and guess at, and are steered in our guessing, diverted from commonality by the diversity of provable power centres. It’s the Jews. It’s the Catholics. The Jesuits. The Royals. The Nazis. The aliens. Demons from beyond. Ancient bloodlines. People from Atlantis, or from other dimensions, or those cast out from heaven, or the gold hungry dragon-giants the Nephilim or whatever. None of which, of course, matters. None of which is provable right now because we haven’t the facts.. See them for what they are. Divisive diversions. Energy sappers. There really is just one issue here. Can we unite, quickly, around one flag? Will the word on this flag be “GOOD” or “LOVE” or both? Aktina tells me that everything that makes what’s real for each of us depends on each of us, and that we can make that reality good, and that this would merely be the expression of will of a species. As if it’s a small thing to do. Which she believes it is, considering our brilliance as a species and our stage of evolution of consciousness and our overwhelming numbers right now. She tells me the universe is watching and waiting. And I think I believe that to be true. For this thing is surely in the wind? . We need to find out what we think. To see if what we think is that we should share a nice world and have fun and write good stories and play good music and be at peace with each other and give what we can and are called to give to this picture we call life and make it a joy for all. What else is there to strive for but some sort of Nirvana? Shouldn’t we all of us be aiming for that goal? There are more of us. There are more of us. That shared understanding is all there is to this issue. Once the meek inherit the world we can discover the truth of many things. But first we need to inherit. To do that we need to wave to each other and see ourselves as the mighty and unstoppable host we are. Look around, you will see the shapers of your consciousness knowing in advance each step into understanding we take and at each step placing a thought leader deftly into the system. So the Zeitgeists etc that we have written of many times. See your consciousness as the wounded animal, see how the ravening wolves separate it from the herd and bring it down in its lonely isolation. You yearn for change. Are given barricades to stand behind and defend. Issues to keep you from the front. Sparkling leaders to fascinate you and then ultimately disappoint you or, worse, lead you into someplace you didn’t set out to be. . We speak in the language that our human predicament calls us to. We are amazed that such voices aren’t everywhere, for we are being at our most foul right now and like always before many of us have been hoodwinked into believing that by doing evil we do good. Where are the voices for global, species unity? How much has such global unity been trashed in your mind? How much has the idea of people sharing what there is been trashed in your mind, via the Schiff funded Russian revolution and the Chinese murder machine and other great manipulations of their time? We note that most humans, whilst being able to see the machinations and subtle plots in their history, singularly fail to perceive them in their own time. They see the pawns that were the masses of old, held sway by Kings or Generals or Dictators or Ideas in Perverted Human Form and driven to vileness yet they can never see that these same forces drive the world today and that WE ARE the masses being driven to vileness. An observation: From all sides now they shape us to hate the jews again, and build their case in more ways than one and in more places and from more standpoints than there are turds in a Wolverhampton sewer (the only sort I have walked down, other than this one). Other unprovable issues beckon here, of prophecy and of “they that are of the synagogue of Satan” and so on and how history has always been about who shapes destiny for the most people, who can kill the highest number, who can do what they want, and though it seems so far above and beyond what we humans believe is conceivable maybe they wrote those things themselves 2000 years ago or whatever, that they have always known what will come, that they are so advanced in their thinking to have been able to lay such plans…… Bury yourself in that rabbit hole, truthseeker. Look. We arrive here at a point of global understanding. We have been misled. We have been tricked. We understand that to carry on as before is making this a very dangerous place to be in more ways than a thousand. We arrive at this juncture: We change, give love a chance. We become perpetual slaves to debt enforced by government locked into their electronic grid. Utter slaves. We know that still lingering there on the hard drive of all of us, waiting for the signal, is this call to unity, this call to our mates around the world. That’s what we sense now, but will the signal be heard? Can we do this thing? And these are just our thought busking considerations, from our street corner. Our art. Full of good will. And love to you all, dear species, in this rich world The shape of which is yours to determine.. Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti. Xxx Xxx Xxx