Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Nuit Debout: The speech.....

If I could speak French and were in Paris, this is the speech I'd make.
Anyone wishing to translate and use what's here, be my guest.

 What we are fighting against, what we are protesting about, what we gather here every night to debate is a darkness we recognise yet struggle to put a name to.

Our education has been systematically controlled and shaped by this darkness for generations, the arguments for left and right and centre follow well worn paths laid down for us to travel along, the history which frames our reality is similarly controlled, shaping our ,discussions and placing us in a context of irrelevance.

Amongst us, here and now, are agents of this darkness that we cannot name. Undercover policemen, members of the security forces, agents provocateurs. They will seem to be our friends, they will seem to be the very antithesis of the dark power, they will be leaders amongst us, wear tattoos and piercings, make love to us if they can. Their task is to divide us, to discredit us, to make of us a sideshow, to cause us to think along certain lines, to quote Marx, to attempt to make some form of hierarchy, to lead chants, to confront the police, to push for violent action, to try and represent us when we need no representatives, to weaken this arising of a new state of consciousness by drawing us back into what humanity has always done.

When what is needed is something totally new.

Recognise this:
Who you think you are and what you think you believe, the very essence of your consciousness, is a product. The child that was born has been programmed relentlessly by the shapers of this reality. They shaped and formed the consciousness of your parents and of theirs.

They educated your teachers and printed your schoolbooks. They made the movies you love, make the TV programmes you adore, promote the authors you appreciate, make famous the music stars some of us scream at.

They control the funding of science and the ownership of patents, denying humanity certain advancements, controlling the direction and speed of humanity's progress. They write the history books, have always controlled those philosophical thoughts that gain prominence, are behind the major religions, invented the idea of nation, of race. Invented the false idea of money and made us such that we cannot even think of a world without money when for hundred of thousands of years and still in some remote places humanity saw no need for money and no purpose to it and lived ignorant of the very idea.

All of the structures and hierarchies of human society have been orchestrated over centuries to create a species that is utterly enslaved. Enslaved by debt, enslaved by unjust law, enslaved by belief systems, enslaved in a thousand invisible ways but chief amongst these is the enslavement of our minds.

Look around you at our world and see this cerebral enslavement at work. It is what drives soldiers  to pull the trigger and kill .and believe that by doing so they are protecting their home or spreading democracy or just doing their duty. It is what drives  oncologists to inject their patients with killing chemotherapy or subject them to killing radiation and believe they are right to do so. It is what drives the religious to oppose others of differing beliefs.

Marxists to spout their programming yet never look to find the connection between Marx and the very capitalists he supposedly despised, his close family links to powerful Bankers, his proposlas for a strong central bank falling neatly into the hands of those that sponsored his works and used his rhetoric to further the banking dynasty's control. It is what makes fascists believe in racism and divide our species, render the one human tribe a collection of factions dependant on skin colour or accident of birth.

I could continue, but the essence of what I'm saying is this:

You are not what you think you are, the world is a very different place to the reality you sense, you are already a part of the whole and have been made so against your very nature. Even this protest forms an element of the false reality, is being controlled.  Those who are not here are having their opinions about it shaped and orchestrated. You hope that we are creating something  but, unless you come to terms with these understandings, you will be nothing more than a footnote in human history as so many movements of this sort have been so categorised as they drifted into meaninglessness.
Many of us sense these things and are bewildered by them. We are trapped in a structure that is so complete that even when we seek answers and find them those very answers are themselves a part of the structure, were created for that very reason. We are within a box that is thousands of years in the making, locked in a prison of the mind.

It is this understanding that you can't put a name to, that is the discomfort you feel.

We argue, we debate, but all of those opinions and ideas are a product of our programming. The agenda is in the hands of those that have shaped your consciousness and control your thought. You get angry when others disagree with your chosen viewpoint when all viewpoints are a product of the relentless and all encompassing machine.

They want you to endlessly debate detail, to have this political idea or that, to weave these ideas thread by thread into the fabric of your life so that you become what they wish you to become, exhausted and disenchanted and feeling powerless. In the end, as millions before you have, you will give up, or you will be forced by circumstances, by false flag attacks or by political rhetoric, to take up arms and kill other human beings.

That is human history in a nutshell.

How can humanity change this? How can we escape the prison and set ourselves free?

Firstly we must recognise that everything we believe, every aspect of our existence, every facet of our lives is a falsehood. Knowing the truth of this will set us free.

There are few human beings now in the world that do not understand that their government is made up of entirely the wrong sort of people. They see the lies, the corruption, the accumulated riches, the misuse of power, the deviant behaviour and the failure of the law ro bring these monsters to justice. There are few human beings now that do not understand that the media are the servants of these wretches, that the debate and agenda is falsely set by these traitors to their profession, those we rely on to deliver truth following the party line for a fat salary and a pension. Even the alternative media is thoroughly controlled and orchestrated by the money masters of this reality. As Lenin, one of the servants of the controllers espoused, it is better always to lead your own opposition.

 Only a fool would not do so, and the masters of this reality are no fools.

And so in order to change the world, to create the place of peace and love and beauty we know humanity is capable of we must recognise the existence of the prison for our mind and throw out almost everything that we have each of us learned and come to accept or believe in. We must cast aside the idea of money. We must reshape our idea of authority and the way we select those to whom we grant the power to decide things.

We must seek out the good, the honest, the just, the wise and the loving souls among us. We should as a species focus our incredible energy and resource on what needs doing rather than on the pursuit of money. We all of us need a beautiful place to live, healthy food free of poisons, work that brings satisfaction and achieves something for us all, freedom from fear, warmth in winter and cool in summer, friendship and love and fellowship, good times and fun. There is much to set right but you are not alone. Seven billion and more human beings can achieve anything once we are freed from the anchors that tie us relentlessly to the system the masters of this reality have built.

Reference nothing from the past. Trust no philosophy nor belief. Recognise no system of authority until we create a new system, centred on the freedom of each of us and the understanding of human law, that law which we all understand that tells us to do no harm.

You may think this transformation impossible, and yet deep down it is what brings each of you here night after night. Millions around the world, perhaps billions, silently yearn for this thing to begin and yet do not know where to start, feel helpless and alone and powerless, feel distanced from others who have adopted different views, feel anger and fear other human beings.

To enter a new age for humanity is more simple than we know. It requires first the sharing of understanding, the understanding that we know the world is shaped wrong and wish to make it right, to end war and conflict, to share, to work together rather than against each other, to dream of a different reality and share that dream among our seven billion souls and know that together there is nothing we cannot do.

We must ignore our media, starve our politicians of our support, ignore their rhetoric, understand that the prison guards they have in place are small in number and are, like us, human beings. We must find a different way for our species that begins with a foundation that we all of us understand, that begins with unalterable ideas from which a new civilisation can flower. It should begin with the idea of love, for each and every individual and our planet. It should begin with the idea of true justice. It should begin with the idea of absolute equality, something that money works against at every level of our existence.

Throw it all out, take a blank piece of paper, come together as one species and Start Again.

If we always do what we have always done then nothing, at all, will change. The destruction of our environment will continue. The filling of our air and waters and soil with poisons and radioactivity will continue. The senseless wars that are a feature of all our known history will continue. Women will be made human slaves to prostitution. Children will die of starvation or at the hands of perverted paedophiles. Bullies will rule our ghettos, smarter bullies will rule our commercial endeavours.

Billions will be engaged in stupid and meaningless labour for the production of profit alone or in the management of the system that enslaves us. This is no future at all. This is hell on earth.

We see the modern epidemics that assail us, cancer and autism and diabetes and dementia to name but a few. We see our masters taking from us our health systems, our care systems, our pensions. We see them creating meaningless consumerist existences for each of us that will be ended by some painful and awful death, or years spent in an institution urinating into a chair not recognising our own families whilst our houses are stolen to pay for these things.

Their grip upon us is tightening and, it is evident, their will  is to create utter misery and the total inability to protest. They have wrapped the world in a surveillance system that gives them access to our deepest thoughts, that is a control grid that, make no mistake, has been created because they fear what we could do if we all of us come to this understanding, know that their centuries old rule could be shrugged off in a moment should humanity so decide.

They are spreading their wars, murdering millions, turning us against each other, making millions homeless and stateless. They hope, through their deliberate creation of chaos, to distract us or to lead us once more into their killing fields.

If we are apathetic, if we cling to old beliefs, if we accept their ill-gotten authority, if we believe their mouthpieces masquerading as media, if we give way to their false laws, if we allow them to divide us, if we do not seek the common understanding of the direction we as a species need to take and a recognition of all those things that work against the objectives of peace and love and justice and equality, if we are weak in these ways as they intend then what future do we, this incredible human species, this beautiful and creative and loving species, what future do we have?

We are at the threshold of a new epoch. Our masters see this and are frantic in their efforts to prevent it. The mind-controlling efforts of their system are working at full capacity but they know that their grip on us is weakening, that we are waking up, that we are coming to an understanding of what we have been made into and the control techniques that have for known history created what we have become.

It is time to end this miserable phase of our species' history. It is time for  new epoch.

Shall we make a new world for our kind?

Shall we?

Love is not an emotion but a way of being.
Olive xxx xxx xxx