Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Here we go for 2011, some anticipations.....

2011: Prognosis

Imagine, if you will, the span of history as a great spinning wheel on the juggernaut of time.

All that was, is, and all that will be, is and history leaves its impression as the scarring and tracks left by the progression of our specie, the scratchings of a needle on the record of all things, spinning across the ages and returning now to a new beginning.

This apparently linear progression called history is a perception gained from our current state of consciousness, the condition of our being, separate from our true natures, divorced from our knowledge and understanding of what we think of as god, what we can know of our own being.

As the global awakening continues so the spread and complexity of truth becomes ever more available to those traveling this incredible journey, searching the nooks and crannies of the vast library that is the internet, a resource we have made for ourselves and through which we approach the hive mind of understanding.

First steps on this journey often follow the paths laid down for us by one part of the organisation of deception or another.
Those that have built the false reality wish its continuance and wait in their lairs and carefully constructed traps. As always, they lead their own opposition. What appears new is simply a reshaping of the old.

Those that perceive these of their deceptions advance to the next level of understanding and begin to see the incredible nature of the complexity of their matrix of evil, then begin to see some purpose behind it, finally witness the ineffable, the eternal, the extra-elemental dimension of the thing.

The old saying “the devil is in the detail” takes on new meaning, new light.
Quite literally.

The widening belief that humanity approaches a great threshold has been promulgated by those that have seen the “future”, those that know the schedule, those that follow the great Plan.

In effect, they are creating the events that they know will occur providing they fulfil their mission in the face of free will. This free will is their greatest enemy. Control of it is fundamental to their system and their success.

They're doing very well at it.

Perhaps they're smug about the certainty of success.

For a change, we must “enlighten” them!

The entirety of New Age thinking and the advertising of the approaching change that it encompasses, the dawning age of “Aquarius” as they call it , all of this data has been placed before us by our global masters who seek to control or pervert the emergence of the new consciousness.

It is in their creed that they must tell us what they are doing, that they must leave us free will, that we must make our own choices.
If you keep a bird in a cage, open the door and see if it is truly yours.

There is an avalanche of Mumbo Jumbo and pseudo-science that is taken as fact by many “believers” and is there to create the right frame of mind for the acceptance of some thing (as opposed to some one) scheduled to arrive in time for the change time.

Even that idea, that notion of a change in human consciousness, has been planted by them.

It is not a falsity, it is the written event.
It's the outcome of that rising consciousness that they need to control.

They are working harder at that than at any other thing, laid their plans hundreds of years ago, working as ever with the benefit of a knowledge of a possible future, like a gambler with the same information will always win UNLESS something changes the course of history, or in this case the course of the future.
What can make that change is free will.

(Something else they tell us in their literature!)

The greatest deception of all is their plan to seize the ideas of love, truth and light. They know these new perceptions will come from the rising consciousness of humanity and must, at all costs, seize the control of this energy force and misdirect it into evil.

Their Pied Piper is already out there, whistling down the wind, playing his false tune, ready to suck in the suckers.

True to form, their plans are centuries in the making. They have involved the manipulation of generations of children's imaginations, the shaping of new and horrifying political “realities”, a smattering of genocides, a connection between magical force and pure evil, the creation of a new religion (unfinished work, but the foundations are laid), the manipulation of the entire current political reality and all the rest of the stuff they feed you through Jones and Icke and the myriad of other petty demons to be found out there.

Let's follow in brief the emergence of a new world order, the new suits in the old organisation, the shock troops of a future we might have if we cannot see through them, those entrusted with the management of the final phase of the war for your soul........

You are no doubt aware of the Lucis Trust, the United Nations linked NGO and its offshoot “Share International” headed by the Adept mind manipulator Benjamin Creme and his proclamation of a new Christ. This burgeoning expectancy manipulation, carrying its weird associations with the United Nations and its clear and heralded links stretching back to Blavatsky demonstrates, if nothing else, the absolute certainty these people have in their ability to win the final battle.

Here is their new religion, the unifying force, evil dressed as love. Believe in it at the peril of your soul. Sometime soon they intend to send a message to humanity, spoken directly to each of us, heard in our minds in our own languages, offering a new way, offering hope, speaking of love and of sharing, coming at the nadir of their planned disturbances when humanity will be crying into the void for relief.
All of this, coming soon to a place near you.

They tell us who they are, what they are, broadcast it for all to see who have the will to look and just don't care that we know.

The Lucis Trust, born as Lucifer Publishing, is part of the same Blavatsky born cadre that gave us Hitler via the Thule society, the Bushes and their CIA stormtroopers of evil via Skull and Bones, part of the new management of the end times, given the job of finishing off the great plan.

Their currency is gold, stolen from the Japanese hoard found buried in the Phillipines, extracted from the conquered nations by the Nazis and collated by the Bank of International Settlements, gold tainted with the blood of the mouths of the doomed that the gold teeth were torn out of.
The same gold flogged to you on the sites of many of the false leaders of truth.
There is blood on all gold, blood mingled in its apparent purity, blood added drip by drip over the ages during which man has killed man for its possession, hacked and gouged and mutilated for its glitter.
The pretty stuff stinks.

Their great racial hatred of the jews continues, a hatred stoked by the Icke/Jones collective, pushing truthers towards the same indifference to the fate of a people that the Germans exhibited in the 30's and 40's.

Understand that the Zionist Israelis are as manipulated as the rest of humanity. The crimes of their leadership and those that dumbly follow them are no greater than the crimes of the USA but the hatred generated is more specific, more racially focused, more fitting to the known outcomes of the great plan as it is written.

All that stands between the jews and their recurrent doom is free will. Theirs and the rest of humanity's.

Remember this, my friends. The crime of one man is the crime of us all. We bear a collective responsibility for all that is evil, all that is wrong with the world. We have allowed ourselves to be misled and continue this tradition of foolishness. Each and every one of us is a part, greater or smaller but still a part, of the great pyramid of sickness, the false reality.
Each of us is a brick in the wall.
If you weren't a part of this construct, this matrix, you wouldn't be reading this.
I wouldn't be writing it.

The importance and relevance of the Lucis Trust and Share International cannot be underestimated. They speak almost the same language as you or I might.
If it weren't for their known and demonstrable links to such great evils as the Nazis one could easily be fooled into believing their false rhetoric, place oneself in position to accept their new Messiah, the Christ as they call him.
Perhaps this will be the great divider, the test of free will.
Likely those that fall for it will carry some sign, for nothing that will come in these times has not been foreseen.

This is what the United Nations say about organisations, such as the Lucis Trust, being granted “Roster” status:

“Consultative relationships may be established with international, regional, sub regionaland national non-governmental, non-profit public or voluntary organizations. NGOs affiliated to an international organization already in status may be admitted provided that they can demonstrate that their programme of work is of direct relevance to the aims and purposes of the United Nations.”

Witness how the Lucis Trust demonstrates its relevance:

“The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things (wine, the blood, the life and bread, economic satisfaction) and goodwill; we have also a picture of the future of humanity when all nations are united in complete understanding and the diversity of languages — symbolic of differing traditions, cultures, civilisations and points of view — will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the centre of each of these pictures is to be found the Christ.

Thus the expressed aims and efforts of the United Nations will be eventually brought to fruition and a new church of God, gathered out of all religions and spiritual groups, will unitedly bring to an end the great heresy of separateness. Love, unity, and the Risen Christ will be present, and He will demonstrate to us theperfect life.”
(The Destiny of the Nations pp. 147 -153)
Those who have come by study to the conclusion that religion is an element of the fraudulent control system will sigh in disbelief that our masters are preparing to try this old trick again, and with the expectancy of success. They will perhaps be amazed that the United Nations can stand behind this sort of deception, but then again would probably be amazed if they weren't!
Here's how they speak of Lucifer:

“Both “Lucifer” and “Lucis” come from the same word root, lucis being the Latin generative case meaning of light. The Baileys' reasons for choosing the original name are not known to us, but we can only surmise that they, like the great teacher H.P. Blavatsky, for whom they had enormous respect, sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer. Alice and Foster Bailey were serious students and teachers of Theosophy, a spiritual tradition which views Lucifer as one of the solar Angels, those advanced Beings Who Theosophy says descended (thus “the fall”) from Venus to our planet eons ago to bring the principle of mind to what was then animal-man. In the theosophical perspective, the descent of these solar Angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace but rather an act of great sacrifice, as is suggested in the name “Lucifer” which means light-bearer.”

Of course, the may be speaking the truth, and who can tell at this moment unless they are in possession of the facts, the truth.
All religions rely on unprovable statements that insist upon faith. Humanity have been involved in murdering each other for thousands of years over such unprovable, faith dependent stories. The Lucis Trust site is full of this stuff, but their offshoot “Share International” is even more incredible, even more devoted to the new myth, the imminent emergence of the new christ or “maitreya”:
“The World Teacher for the current time is Maitreya, the 'eldest brother' in the human family and head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Preferring to be known simply as the Teacher, Maitreya has not come to found a new religion, but to act as a guide and counselor for all humanity ― regardless of religious affiliation.
Having perfected and fully manifested within himself the Divine Will, Love, Wisdom
and Intelligence of God, Maitreya will reveal a new aspect of God. He will lead us to the recognition of our own divinity and our true identity as souls. Out of this greater spiritual understanding and creative power will come a new livingness, harmony and joy.

The anti-christ
The anti-christ is not a man who will come out before the Christ, and could even be mistaken for the Christ. This idea comes from an interpretation of the Revelation of St. John: the beast, 666, is unchained for a time, and then chained down for a time and half a time. This passage actually refers to the release of the energy we call the anti-christ. It is not a man but an energy, a destructive force which is deliberately released to break down the old order, the old civilization. It was released in John's own day, through the Emperor Nero, to bring about the end of the Roman dispensation, to prepare the way for Christendom. It was released again in our time through Hitler, a group of equally evil men around him in Nazi Germany, together with a group of militarists in Japan and a further group around Mussolini in Italy. These three groups, the Axis powers in the war from 1939 to 1945, embodied the energy we call the anti-christ. That destructive force was released to prepare the way for the return of the Christ to the world now. And it was, indeed, in June 1945, precisely at the end of the war, that Maitreya announced his intention to return at the earliest possible moment, and this time to bring his group, the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, back into the world ― in their case for the first time in some 95,000 years. With the defeat of the Axis powers during World War II, the work of the anti-christ energy was completed for this age and will not manifest again for over 3,000 years.”

Lots of new Masters! Oh great, that's just what humanity needs.
Interesting, their reference to Hitler, another follower of Blavatsky's teachings and a shared heritage with the Lucis Trust.

And their “the Christ, the Maitreya”, is already here:
“Maitreya steps forward
The way prepared by His Herald the ‘star’, Maitreya, the World Teacher, has given His first interview on American television. Millions have heard Him speak both on TV and the internet.
His open mission has begun.
He was introduced not as Maitreya, the World Teacher and Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a man, one of us. In this way He “ensures that men follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status”.
He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources.
This is the first of many such interviews which will be given in the USA, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, bringing His message of hope to the world.”
Benjamin Creme, 14 January 2010

If you wish to know what an Adept looks like and sounds like in the flesh, visit Youtube and witness the many Benjamin Creme videos there. Often, the maitreya speaks through him.

What sort of person would take this seriously and lend their name to it?
“One major aspect of Creme's mission was the formation of Share International Foundation and the publication of it's monthly self-titled magazine. Each issue contains a brief synopsis of the emergence of Maitreya on the first two pages and then a brief message that has been trance-channeled through Benjamin Creme from an Ascended Master known simply as "The Master" on page three. The spiritual thrust of SI is clearly obvious in each issue that is published. Despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, SI has a long list of prominent, well respected international diplomats, religious leaders and political figures who have had articles published in this magazine. They include articles written by former UN leader Boutros Boutros-Ghali; present leader Kofi Annan; former President of Ireland Mary Robinson; Gro Harlem Brundtland who is director-general of the World Health Organization and former Prime Minister of Norway; the Dalai Lama; and recently even Britain's Crown Prince Charles. Even though the average man on the street would most likely dissolve into hysterical laughter upon being presented with the beliefs of Creme and Share International, it is easily shown that this magazine is well-respected and taken seriously by many influential members of the Global Elite. In fact, Share International Foundation is accredited as an official non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations, and the magazine, as stated on the inside cover of each issue, is published by SI " association with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations."
- Antichrist: The Contemporary Data, by Peter D. Goodgame

We have been taught that ideas of magic are mere fantasy, figments of the imagination, yet have witnessed the destruction of its lore and practice throughout history by those that profess its knowledge and seek its exclusive ownership.

The burning of the library at Alexandria began two thousand years of this destruction of knowledge.
Hitler's repression and extermination of competing practitioners (masons, astrologers, kabbalists, fellow Thule members) serves as another example.

The extent of the stolen and hidden texts of the Vatican Library another.

The list is almost endless and incorporates such vast sins as the Inquisition, the genocide of the Mayans and most indigenous tribal peoples of the world, the extermination of Shamans the world over (and consequently the vast, oral histories of each of these peoples.)

Consider: If there was nothing in all of this, why have so many powerful people throughout history sought to deprive humanity of the knowledge of its existence? Killed to possess it, and still do.

Another Theosophist, J.R.R. Tolkien, (member of the Golden Dawn, Crowley confidant,) wrote lyrically of the battle we see about us today and always have, the battle between good and evil, the battle between forces that we can little understand, the pawns of this great game being split into two camps as ever, the camp of light (Hobbits etc) and the camp of darkness (Orcs et al.), each following a prince or sorcerer, each following someone with a power over “humanity” that cannot be explained in simple political terms.

It is all a test for you and I, this whole thing.

So, the Olive Tree predictions for 2011 are simple to make, because they are telling us what will happen. The time fast approaches when humanity will be brought to the depths of misery if it allows itself to be, which seems likely.

This misery will prepare the seed-bed for the planting of a new myth, a new christ, a new age of vitriolic hatreds perpetrated by the “faithful” on the “heretics”.
And if we fall for this, fail to exercise our free will, we'll miss the portal, squander the opportunity for a new world order of our own making and throw away our collective destiny.

Fear nothing, question everything, beware of deceivers. There is good out there, my friends. Make love your way and truth your fellow traveller.
Hold hands.
Love to all,
The Olive Tree.
xxx xxx xxx
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Self v Soul, the last round....

As you drift in your personal reality, float in the ebbs and flows of the tide of your existence you might happen upon the flotsam and jetsam, the scattered and piecemeal fragments of your soul, the entity that whispers endlessly and most often unheard to your Self.
Unbidden and relentlessly unheeded it tells you right from wrong, speaks of the power of love, of humility, of forgiveness, of patience, of giving, of selflessness. These cries of the soul are drowned in the cacophony of existence, overwhelmed by the petty hurts you have received, outdone by the constant wheedling of the self, the impositions of need and want created for this very purpose by those that herd the flock of humanity.
That this age old malaise is approaching its end is difficult for sentient humanity to comprehend. We have, by mutual consent and for millennnia existed in an imposed and false reality, a reality that allows us to walk by a starving child, to take arms against others we have never met, to deal in death and destruction, to allow the wicked to lead us, to kill for them by willing deed or by apathy or by cowardice, to abuse our earth, to rape our wisdom and adorn ourselves in the trappings of wickedness and call it civilisation.
The most difficult part of this illness is the recognition that it is our own fault, that nothing happens without the collective will and cohesion of opinion of our species. This is our world and everything in it is of our creation, born of that thing we call free will, swallowed whole by our failure to recognise both our own power and the duality that exists within each of us, that capacity for good and for evil which we all possess, which few can face.
This duality, this learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this yin and yang, black and white, this very essence of our being is that which we collectively must face, as a species understand if we are to evolve. In each of us is the darkness we call evil, in each of us is the purity of the light of love. True consciousness comes from facing these opposites and from choosing, finally, which shall govern our collective destinies.
That thing which is most to blame for our collective acquiescence to the perpetual rule of evil is the abject cowardice of the Self, driven at last and fundamentally by the fears of pain and of death, those two imposters that your Self counts as King and Queen of the false reality and are in fact as meaningless and insubstantial as the mist, each inevitable, neither avoidable, both fraudulent.
In the reality we collectively submit to our masters play these cards as aces to trump that which we should say or do in any circumstance, in the determination of actions where our free will should follow that which our inner selves tell us is right, is fair, is just there is ever the long lessons of existence and behind those lessons there sits the long history of fear and its careful and crafted organisation.
This thing we think of as the new consciousness of humanity, this evolution will not come to us as a free gift from the creator, as a great unveiling of the true power that exists within each and every one of us. It will come from our collective will, from a turning point in our understanding, from a great weariness of the misery we inflict upon one another, from the lessons of the ages, from listening to our souls, from learning why it was that we picked that fruit and from understanding. When we begin to act according to this understanding we shall at last become free, and with this freedom and this new existence in the light of love so will we finally evolve, so the next phase will begin. This is a statement of logic rather than belief, of mathematics rather than faith, derived from the inevitabilities we are approaching and the unerring consequences thereof.
The inevitabilities are obvious to those treading this path. That we are approaching the great crossing point is without doubt. We collectively as a species have our expectations heightened, those of vision from many races and times have left us their calendars and indicated the portents. The story about to unfold is expected by us, familiar to us in shape if not in form, a story as old as humanity and as oft repeated through the ages and in each of our own existences as the beating of our hearts and the trembling of our spirits. It is the last battle but not between good and evil for control of the future but between good and evil for control of our Selves.
Without the willing participation of humanity those that control our destinies become powerless. If we refuse their systems, refuse their laws, refuse to pull their triggers, refuse to be carried away by their lies and their falsehoods, their sweeping promulgations and their wicked and intricate twistings of truth, their imposed divisions that create enmity and hatred so they will become feeble, so they will wither and their false reality will implode and humanity will step, uncertainly and blinking in the garish light of that incredible thing called “control of our own destiny”, into the broad, sunlit uplands of our collective futures.
What will it take for this realisation? What will trigger this consciousness of our own power and the destiny we must share and must create? What circumstances will cause us to look inside ourselves, to see where we err, to recognise and master the evil within each of us and to forgive ourselves and extend that forgiveness to others of our kind who err as we do?
When a father teaches a child to ride a bicycle he understands that the child will inevitably fall, know that the child will feel pain, know too that the child will understand the why of this pain once it learns to master the machine and to feel the exhilaration that comes from being in charge of its destiny, the overwhelming sense of freedom it imparts, the rush and exhilaration of the thing.
It will remember the pain of falling, and avoid it for as long as it rides.
Such are the lessons we have been learning. The next, last, biggest fall we are about to take is the one we will finally learn from.
Fear nothing, for the reality that gifts pain and death is false. What is important in these approaching maelstroms of wickedness is that you conquer the evil within. Do not get sucked into the vortex, look straight ahead.
And keep pedaling.
I love
0 evil
xxx xxx xxx

Something is in motion right now, undetected but about to raise the stakes, unexpected and incredible. I don't know what it is yet, but as night follows day so the inevitability of its coming is unmistakable. If I can sense it, I guess you can too. Beware of deceivers. Question everything. Raise your flag where all can see it and be one of the myriad of lights glittering in the darkness leading humanity to the future.
The Olive Tree will be planted soon, if things unfold.
Dress warm.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dear CW@Linkoping, this is for you for keeping the roof over my head for another month. Love OLive xxx

I see a child suffering pain or misery and wonder how this precious gift, this encapsulation of the future can be treated so by those in possession of the present. How it is that we can collectively create the conditions that allow for these miserable crimes against those we depend upon to do better than ourselves, to advance the condition of our specie, to invent and create and produce a world that is an improvement upon the present. Is that not the purpose of each generation? Is that not the raison d'etre of being? We are the custodians of the advancement of our kind, our children our investment in hope.
And yet, and yet.
We are no better than our parents, no better than our grandparents, perhaps worse. In their ignorance they allowed themselves to be duped into wars built upon lies and the ridiculous notions of artificial divisions between us, divisions of spurious religion, artificial politics, colour of skin or race, whipped into fervours of hatred, killing and killing and killing until exhausted by it they fell into peace.
And here we are. Repeating the gullibility.
The difference is the peacetime, theirs being more civilised that ours, theirs being more honourable, theirs being times of decency and general good by comparison.
How we have let the world slip further out of our hands, how we have allowed the forces of evil to tighten not loosen their grip over our world, our kind, our collective futures.
We have slept on our watch.
There is no excuse.
Even now we sleep, even now we allow those that steer us to edge us ever closer daily to the inevitable Armageddon, the cyclical blood-letting and ritual harvesting of souls upon which they feed. Even those amongst us that count themselves awake are drawn into the mist of distraction, led but not led to any purpose by the agents of evil, angered but given no direction, falling into line again like rats blindly following the pied piper to destruction.
The programme of wickedness continues unabated.
The collapsing economies will right soon lead to bloody revolutions, starvation, the loss of all we count as civilised. Like rats we will fight for scraps as our world tumbles to ruins again around us.
And as night follows day we all of us will be called once more to mutual destruction, even in this time, even as the dawn of a new era tints the morning skies, even as the promise of a new start beckons us all.
There are lessons here, learning to be gained, determinations and firm stances to be taken, organisation to be orchestrated, strength to be gained in numbers, strategy to be formulated, battles to be fought against the evil that is within us, the evil that is provoked to violence, the selfish and self centered person that provides shelter and sustenance for our souls. This is the real crime the evil ones are committing, the crime that is the same crime they have always committed, the crime of ruining our beauty, causing us to be evil in their image, guiding the hands raised in violence and wickedness and the lust for revenge, the need for the satiation of an artificial anger.
The war is within ourselves my friends, the war between love and evil, the Jekyll and Hyde within us all, between Yin and Yang, darkness and light, harmony and chaos, opposites.
How easy they have always found it to herd us into their corral and force us to butcher one another. We are as simpletons to them, as cattle, as dogs put into the pit to bait a bear or bite a rat, as gladiators killing to entertain them.
Know this: This time is known to them, this hinge of fate, this opening of the conduit to the future, this transformative moment. It has been known for ages, planned for over centuries, feared by them and more especially their minions, their lackeys and lickspittles, their half-breed bloodlines.
You see, they know what reality is, fear us discovering the truth, finding the number 42, opening our eyes as they can, discovering the power that is in love, touching and connecting with the soul of the universe, entering the hive mind that is the ineffable exhalation of the purity of the energy of creation.
Meeting god, and seeing that we are in its image, a part of the whole.
As god is, so are we, an expression of the unity of the wholeness of creation, a part of the jigsaw that is everything. And everything is one thing, part of the great software, currently beyond our comprehension, the matrix of being.
Think outside of the box, the cube that is a limiter, the geometry of constraint.
The false reality is just that.
Everything you understand about the world, everything you are cajoled into focusing upon, every detail, every concept, every cause, every moment in “time”, every step that you take and every emotion you feel and every issue you believe in and every sight you see, thing you touch, smell that absorbs you, the entire confection that you understand as life and the world, the whole thing is false.
Focus there for a moment.
Think outside of the box.
Outside of the box is the “future” that is eternity, the knowledge that is truth, the truth that is light, the light that is the source, the great utterance that was, in the beginning, the word.
Fear nothing.
Let love enter your very being.
The distraction that is the false reality seeks to occupy you whilst the future is stolen from under your nose, whilst the devil seeks to continue his dominion over you.
The devil that's in your own head.
The deceivers are out there, pulling your strings and about to plunge you into mayhem.
Quite simply, don't let them.
Rise above it all, find your voice, let your soul sit in the driving seat.....

Love to you all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx
(This post serves as the introduction to my new blog, sharing some stuff that's coming into my head, seeing over the edge into the distance that is near, not drowning but waving. It will be called the olive tree, for obvious reasons. I'll let you know when it's ready. Plus: If you live in Canada and see an olive oil called “Saint Spiridon” buy a bottle, it will help a friend and it's the best in the world. Hold tight. x)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sponsor sought.

Current research is ongoing towards the preparation of a book designed specifically to introduce the general public to the vast conspiracy that has for generations governed and ruined our planet and its peoples, to the esoteric mystery religion that lies behind the power wielded by those world governers, to the methods and tactics they utilise to divide, dominate and ultimately slaughter the herd.

The book will be a wake up call to all who read it and its intention is to serve as an ideal gift that those already awake might purchase for friends, colleagues and loved ones who are existing in the darkness that is ignorance.

It will be utterly convincing and referenced, following the logicality of argument found here in this blog, and could be published as an e-book and if that goes well as a printed work.

I hope it will be a beautiful, loving and inspiring work, encouraging the potential that humanity have to create the heaven on earth that is our right and due as inheritors of the planet.

If you have the ability to sponsor this writer to enable the completion of this work please get in touch. I would offer repayment from sales and split revenues thereafter should sales exceed the 7,500 euro I need to focus exclusively for the next six months on this work.
Email direct to

Otherwise I will never be able to complete this work.
This is the last post, I regret to say. The future is now very uncertain for us and the need to avoid failure in the enterprise of living outside of the matrix is an all consuming reality.

To my many readers and followers I thank you for your attention and your kind words. Remember to fear nothing, not even death itself. Do not believe the deceivers. The conduit is approaching and a very different future nears.

With love to you all,


Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

One Ring to rule them all

I've been sniffing along the trail of these creatures for about twenty years now. Each year something new slots into place, something else comes into the public domain, interesting and diverting miscellanea are fed to us via their agents who, between them, effectively control what's going on on the internet, false trails are laid, false concepts promulgated.

So let's follow them together, avoiding the detail where dwells the devil.

They were around before Babylon, appeared all over the world and became leaders and rulers by virtue of their superior “magic” and science. Their “mysteries” entered the mainstream, their understanding of the nature of the dimensions, the birth of the universe, the single unity that we think of as god, the power of vibrations as the creative force, (“In the beginning was the word , and the word was god”).

They were the missing link, interbreeding with humanity to produce the new mankind, passing their genes to the some few of the human race.

Ever since that time, their progeny have interbred with one another, culling their own kind regularly to restrict the numbers that have the power, the few that have a working pineal gland, are transdimensional, have the power of the word.

From Babylon and the Chaldeans they spread to Judea, invited there to breed with the jews and “improve the genius of their race” as the bible tells us, taking with them their symbols of power, their sacred geometry, hiding in plain sight the answers to questions we still do not know how to phrase.

Their “mysteries” can be seen in history by following the clues, will one day soon be available to those whose pineal gland is not sullied by fluoride or shielded by their chemtrails from that which will come and will activate the third eye as the Mayan's saw.

Listen: If you think this stuff is a little weird, and if you are over 21 and be careful about it and follow the guidelines for your safety there are certain herbs which will leave you in no doubt that we are capable of being transdimensional beings, that time and space and the other dimensions are things that we should have mastery of, that you are part of the universal consciousness, as am I, that all of the paradigms that we take for granted about how humanity can live together are completely irrelevant, that our souls (the things our bodies carry around) are beautiful beings of energy, part of the universal light, that everything is about to change, that we will become free.
That love should be all there is.

People have been taught that this life is all there is.
Who do you think was behind that?
Others have been sucked in by the glimmer of truth that sits in all religions, leading to the darkness instead of the light.
Who do you think was behind that?

Follow the trail of the bloodlines through the Pharisees and Essenes, the Gnostics, the Templars, the royal European bloodlines that still have complete mastery over the planet.

See them walk on their blood red carpets.
See their ancient symbols, their geometry that transfixes your consciousness, in everything they own, your religion, your government, your money, your life, your soul.
Understand that they squabble between themselves, vie with one another, cast their dice and move their pieces in a great and bloody game.

They are the demigods, we their playthings.

See how they have destroyed any that have the vision or know part of their secrets, the witches and shamans and herbalists that have understood how to gain some of the sight, open the third eye.
John Lennon had opened his vision, saw the power of love whereas Hitler, similarly capable, saw the devil.

Lennon knew too much and was in the public consciousness.

The trail gets interesting around about the time of Hitler because the sheer numbers of people in the world and their ability to communicate and store information was blossoming just about then.
We made it harder for them to keep secrets, harder for them to control the truth, to hide their sorcery.
It's even harder now, which is why they want to cull the entire herd.
Believe me, they know what's coming, have done so forever, but they aren't sure of the outcome.

Eckart opened Hitler's eye, showed him the reality and, as he was of the blood via the bastard in his forebears, he took to the power like a duck to water.

Do you note the energy the nazis devoted to sourcing the occult, the hidden?
Have you read of the spear of destiny and how Hitler craved it?
Do you know why Nazi agents were in Tibet, befriending the infant Dali Lama?
You see, Hitler knew he didn't have all the knowledge, wanted more.

The jew thing? Hitler was trying to reduce any that might have a trace of the blood, an inkling of the power, a knowledge of the truth, some of which lies within the kabbalah. The anti-jew rubbish disguised as anti-Zionist we see littering our consciousness these days, particularly from some leading “truth” sites, the positioning of the fall guys in line with their “destruction of Israel” prophecies.......
They play a long game, our masters, lay down stuff for thousands of years, understanding time as they do.

From Eckart's Thule Society see the connections to Crowley, discover the links to the skull and bones, in the skull and bones see the Bushes, see the Bushes behind Hitler, see them create the CIA as the US version of the queen of England's private murder and manipulation squads known as the secret services, see the Nazis control the CIA, see them steal the gold the Japanese had hoarded in the Phillipines as the Bank of International Settlements hoarded the gold of the Nazi rape of Europe. See the CIA gold go there too. See the CIA become the world's greatest evil, an empire built by sucking the blood from the American people, the chief instrument of control in the world, the great nest of nazi vipers. See them behind the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and the great evils that were facilitated by that creature, see the links to the ever present Bushes, see the heroine and cocaine flood around the world in their planes, see every evil stemming from there.

Quite literally.

When you think of 9/11, think also of those agencies in Naval Intelligence that were following the gold from the Phillipines, wondering about the banking careers of certain ex-Admirals, see where they were in the Pentagon. See the FBI following the same trails, see where their offices were in WTC. See how after 9/11 the FBI fell under the control of the Bush appointees, see those same appointees now making sure the compromised Obama does what he's told, guides the world into armageddon.

What do you know of JRR Tolkien? Of the “Inklings”, of the poet Charles Williams, of “The Order of The Golden Dawn”?
How many have trodden these paths and for how long they have been trodden?
One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to bind them
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

This was not, of course, a work just of fiction.

Nearly over now, last but one post.
Love to all, fear nothing,
Olive xxx

PS On a personal note: My leg's a little better, the infection seems to be going, bank balance zero, I keep waiting for a money making idea or a gift from a rich uncle, if I had one.
If I could pre-sell a thousand copies of the unfinished book at 10 bucks a go I'd be able to finish it and all might be well. Fat chance.
Any really rich folks out there feel like a bit of patronage?

Monday, 4 October 2010

Down the rabbit hole....

It's been an interesting four and a half years.
Outraged and ashamed at the killing done in our names and with our taxes by the Blair government, wars built on lies, ordered by those that govern Blair and similar devilish lackeys the world over, we sold what we had, packed a small van with photos, the kitchen table at which our children had been fed and painted their first pictures, pointed ourselves out of England and just kept going until we felt we'd got far enough away, far enough to reach the very edge of Europe in the little town of Sitia, at the far eastern edge of Crete.
We invested what little we had in some neglected few acres of olive trees, watched the price we farmers receive dwindle from 4.5 euro per kilo of oil to 2 euro, ate what was left of our house until we got down to the foundations, sold our van and ate that, made a little here and a little there to pay the rent, spent a long time learning about the world, learning about people, learning to be at peace with nature, at peace with the world, at peace with humanity, to become conscious, to find our mission in life and to discover our duty.
One week ago I found work helping a friend restore a small old house for his wife's aged parents, work that would pay the rent and feed us for a while until our luck changed. We have come to rely on this kind of chance, stepping from one stone to another on the very edge of the financial precipice, knowing that money is a fiction, love is reality, things will always come right in the end.
Today, four hours ago, I fell down a hole, slashing my legs. Lots of stitches, happily no break.
It's one hole too many.
I'll write a bit over the next few days, then this blog will be over.
We'll be following Alice down the rabbit hole.

We have learned this: to follow principles and human morals, to eschew and disdain worldliness, to live as we should in harmony and love ain't easy, the path is rocky, the world is organised to prevent you from just feeding yourself and giving what you can to your fellow human beings.
But listen...
It's worth it.
We have not paid a tax in 4.5 years, haven't put a bullet in a child in Iraq, haven't contributed to the system of enslavement, haven't watched TV, haven't put a chemical into the ecosystem, have rescued five cats from the streets because they needed it, have made great strides forward in our understanding and are nearly at the point of discovering how it is that our global masters do all of this to us, what the source of their power is......
Perhaps this final revelation will come as we journey down the rabbit hole.
Love to you all,
Fear nothing.
Olive x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Let's all find god, shall we?

The collapse of western democracy is fully underway, most people are still sleeping.
The plans of the global scum elite have been long in the making. Their objective has been to export manufacturing to cheaper labour countries, (done), create mountains of debt out of thin air, (done), impose stringent IMF dictated financial cutbacks in order to pay this fictional debt (done and continuing) then create the triggers for revolution that will be fed by the unrest already caused (about to occur).
Why revolution? Because it is out of revolution that a new world order will be born. It is out of revolution that the western world can be further enslaved. It is out of revolution that the evil can be most gratifyingly extended.
It is in post revolutionary regimes where the most significant culling of the human race can happen, because revolution always leads to totalitarianism, to mass fear, to the free operation of murder squads, to death camps, to the most fun for the most evil, to the great blood offerings for the god of the shapers of the false reality.
One of the triggers will be the likely revolutions in countries which have a history of civil unrest. This is perhaps why the agents of MI6 known as the IRA in its various forms are newly classified as being a “severe threat” in the UK. This is perhaps why countries such as Greece and Hungary have been driven to financial ruin by their puppet kleptocratic governments. Revolution could so easily trickle from Greece into neighbouring countries, could so easily spread (especially with the assistance and connivance of intelligence agencies, a bomb here, a provocateur there...).
Of course the servants of the evil are lining up their scapegoats right now.
You, dear reader, may well be one of them.
They have created their “war on terror” to excuse the building of the mass surveillance state, to put into place the instruments and technology of control, the laws that give power over you to the police and other agencies, take away your rights to trial and so on. They have also paid particular attention to changing the mindset of police officers, changing their culture, creating the “us and them” mentality that sees anyone asserting their rights as someone who can, without fear of sanction, be brutalised. They have been recruiting and training the right sort for some time, have their “common purpose” people in place in case some decent senior officer of the old sort tries to uphold what he or she sees as the rights of the individual.
They're ready.
In the US as all over the west the sheeple are being given the idea that there are any number of “home grown terror groups” just waiting to murder innocent people in some foully atrocious attack. All it will require is such an attack, suitably attributed to some group or other and the sheeple will, like zombies, stand and point at your door because they've heard you talking about the banking conspiracy, the loss of civil liberties, the mistake that the war in Iraq is, the government's involvement in 9/11 or 7/7 or Madrid or Mumbai, the drug running activities of the CIA, whatever, whatever.
In the west we are always just a few days away from civil unrest. The false reality in which we live has created a monster that calls itself humanity, a monster that revolves around the self, a monster that sees other human beings as its enemy, a monster that will claw and kill after only a few days of empty shelves in the shops.
We used to believe in the idea of friendship, the idea of family, the idea of community, the idea of collectively struggling against whatever came our way. This, after all, is how humanity has survived all this time. This natural collective identity has been all but eradicated throughout the 20th century, leaving us the poorer and the weaker for its loss.
This was our strength against evil.
We're weak enough now to be attacked, weak enough now to attack each other, weak enough now to fall into the arms of the new Stalin or Hitler or Mao or even the new “Jesus”.
In the scheme of things these coming tsunamis of unrest, the coming shock and awe tactics of the controllers, their inevitable global conflagration share one intent. They have, for some time, been slowly poisoning the consciousness of humanity with their fluoride and their allopathic drugs, with their TV, with their internet, with their magnetic fields, with their microwaves. They've been setting their chemical shields in the sky that prevent the ingress of something they expect, planting fear in the hearts which will accelerate such that, at some crucial time not too far distant humanity will clutch at whatever saviour they are offered, whatever false christ figure appears.
I guess they are trying to prevent us from meeting god and recognising the truth.

Over the past few thousand years a big secret has been kept from humanity, a secret that has been controlled by the elite bloodlines, passed from generation to generation. They have eradicated anyone or any organisation that discovered this secret or knew of it because it had been passed down through the centuries. Born before Babylon, this mystery has been jealously hoarded. It is a source of great power, in the wrong hands (which it is) it is the chief sustenance of the world masters.

This is not mumbo-jumbo.

It is something we will all of us soon learn unless the power elite can prevent us.
Once we have what they have, they will cease to have power over us and humanity will emerge into the light, understand our history and our future, understand what we are.
I've quoted this before, but it's worth repeating:

“Follow Hitler! he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune!

I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centers of vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any other German.” (Dietrich Eckart)

Eckart (of the luciferian Thule society) had “opened Hitler's centers of vision by giving the proto-antichrist Peyote, made known in the Germany of the time from the work of the German pharmacologist Ludwig Lewin. Eckart was a student of the secret doctrine written of by Bravatsky and taught to him additionally by Crowley. This same doctrine underpins all elements of the power elite. It's what gives them their authority over all whom they meet. It is the source of their magnetism, of their emanation of power, of their ability to attract accolytes. As witnessed with Hitler, so with Churchill, so with Obama, so with the queen of england and so on. (Maybe Jesus too, who knows, for he pointed the finger of accusation at the Essenes and Pharisees for the misuse of the power of the mystery, their drinking from the cup (!) and yet lived at a time and in a place that afforded easier access to the truth than we now have.)

People weep when they hear their voices and messages, feel the stirrings of powerful emotions, fall prey to the magician's controlling personality, for good or for ill.

Like the other sacred herbs and mushrooms the active ingredients of Peyote stimulate the pineal gland and open up the consciousness, allowing the human mind to utilise far more of it's power. If you like, it plugs us in to the matrix that is true reality for a brief time, allows us to see. From this vision we gain a greater understanding of the qualities of sound as a manipulator of reality, of geometry as the building blocks of reality, of just how creation works, of the meaninglessness of “death” as we understand it, of the nature of time, of the power of the word, of the infinite nature of god and of the infinite nature of it's counterpart, evil.

There is interesting stuff to be learned from reading of the “bible” or other ancient texts from the four corners of the world with some of these thoughts in mind.
This, for example, is about the rites of initiation in the pyramids:

“The technique of the Mysteries was unfolded by the Sage Illuminator, the Master of the Secret House.
The power to know his guardian spirit was revealed to the new initiate; the method of disentangling his
material body from. his divine vehicle was explained; and to consummate the magnum opus, there was revealed the Divine Name--the secret and unutterable designation of the Supreme Deity, by the very knowledge of which man and his God are made consciously one. With the giving of the Name, the new initiate became himself a pyramid, within the chambers of whose soul numberless other human beings might also receive spiritual enlightenment.”

Kind of like the name is the key to something......
In the beginning was the word......

Fear nothing, beware those who deceive, question everything, understand the power they wield, throw your toothpaste in the bin and use salt, follow your inner guiding light into the future that is love, be optimistic, watch no TV and chuck your mobile phone away, don't allow yourself to be constantly distracted and made angry, reject all evil, don't riot, be careful out there my friends.
Love to you,
Olive. Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

For Crete and the Cretans with love from a Xenos...

There is approaching, in 2011, perhaps the greatest opportunity in history.

This opportunity will offer one island and one people the chance to be the seed of change in the world. From that seed might grow a great olive tree of love that will spread to the world's peoples, setting them free, bringing the chance for humanity to live in a different light, to live under the sun of peace, of learning, of wisdom, of kindness, of sharing and a collective nurturing of nature and our mother earth.

A chance for the world to start again.

My wife and I have had the great fortune to have lived on this island and to have lived amongst its people for almost five years. There is one thing we know. These good folk, sons and daughters of the earth, not perfect (as none in the world are), have in their history the seed that today is represented as the racial memory of what was one of the world's first civilisations, the ancient Minoans.

They have it within them now to be that thing again, a civilisation that the rest of the world will look to for example.

It is rare, such a thing.

In a sense, we have come to feel that these people know this, that they understand more than other peoples within the family that is humanity that somewhere in history the world went wrong. They feel it instinctively, speak of it in their hearts and in their communion with nature and their love of their place and of family.

When we speak with them we find what can only be described as a sense of duty, a longing for things to be right.

They speak of it that way, this idea that is rough and unformed but an idea still that nags at them from within. They know there is something wrong with the world, and that somebody, somewhere has to do something about it.

That somebody somewhere could be them.

2011 gives them the chance for it to be so.

They have, for thousands of years, lived under the heel of one invader or another, one bullying and murderous regime after another. They live now under the heel of another invader, an insidious and sneaky invader that came as a friend bearing gifts under a flag of unity and peace. It is called the EU and it is part of the greatest bully of all time, the bully that strides the world killing whom it likes, stealing what it likes and doing so while it tells the world's peoples, through its clever media and the political parties it owns everywhere, the politicians everywhere that suck at the nipple of this great evil, that all of this evil is good!

This preposterous lie is seen here for what it is. These good people have an unerring ability to smell a rat, to see when something is rotten.

The centuries of experience of continuous invasion and subjugation has given birth to a small nation of people that have grown to understand how to deal with bullies, understand how to resist, have within them in bone and fibre and spirit and courage the instinctive will and determination to throw these invaders back into the sea.

Time and again through history at great cost of life they have fought back with a courage that astounds, with a selflessness that confounded the invaders. They are a land of heroes and that blood flows through their veins still.

That hardship taught them how to value each other, how to value life and the earth, never to forget how to live in a civilised way with one another even though they endured poverty, often because of it

It taught them how to recognise invaders, to see them for what they are even when they come dressed in suits and pretending friendship.

It taught them, too, how to see those amongst them that have become collaborators with the invaders, those that are traitors to their own people for the sake of a pocket full of silver, those that adapt to the new rulers and use their systems of power to have authority over the common people and to steal from them.

Every place on earth has such people and here is no different. They are the minority that grease the wheels of the evil power that rules the world, the enemies of humanity.

Now that the whole world lives under the boot of this great evil such people as these, traitors to their own kind in every walk of life, slick politicians and pompous civil servants, crooked businessmen and organised criminals, those policemen that are crooked and other bullies are riding high, grinning as they fill their bank accounts and spend their stolen money, smirking as they exercise their government granted licences to bully and to act as lords whilst they look forward to their unwarranted and undeserved retirements and their fat and unequally generous pensions or spend their ill-gotten gains, flash their stolen money, sport their finery in front of those they have robbed.

Most in these positions resist the temptation to be bad people, most are driven by a desire to do good public service and, in times of struggle, humanity relies upon them to do their duty to those that pay their wages and to the higher calling that is in their core.

But for the important core of them that are or have become bad, that have acted as traitors, know this:
There is something in this world that sits above the system of this “law” that is currently in the hands of the insidious rulers of the planet. It is a system of law that humanity understands instinctively and needs no books nor lawyers nor statutes nor artificial regulations to understand.

It is something called justice.

It is given out by the wise and the fair in considered thought and after true deliberation.

It will come to you one day, unless you redeem yourself.
The world you are supporting is the world in which your children and their children will have to live.
If it is a continuation of this worsening evil then that will be your legacy to them.

You have an opportunity to change that.

These people, these good folk that have had the grace to allow us to live amongst them and to learn from them have a particularly sharp eye for these collaborators and traitors to their own. They know who they are. They know where they live. They know they are small in number. They will spit them out when the time comes.

2011 will be that time.

The island I speak of, the place we are blessed to call home, the place where we grow our olives and plant our garden is Crete. By a quirk of history this gem that nestles in the bosom of the Mediterranean is a part of the greater Greece and therefore of the greater EU and therefore of the greater evil that sucks the blood from humanity across the globe..... by treaty alone.

This treaty is up for renewal in 2011.

To throw out the invaders this time will not cost the blood of the people of Crete, just an exercise of the willpower of its people and the courage to stand on their own two feet in the world and the wisdom to see that the servants of the great beast will, in their newspapers and their television programmes and the mouths of their politicians and the grubby efforts of their collaborators and the media they own try and persuade the Cretans that they cannot possibly cast off the yoke, that disaster will come, that they are too poor and feeble to stand alone, that their economy will collapse, that law and order will disappear.

The Cretans will know how to reply:
“Better that, than live under the heel of an invader.”

The rulers of the world want no exceptions, they need their EU empire to stay whole, to grow.

They will send their agents to stir trouble, perhaps to riot and create division.
They will seek to create enmity and discord, to plant a few bombs and blame them on other Cretans. (This tactic is well known to them. It is how they continue the unending bloodshed in Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can continue to steal the oil and grow the opium that puts Heroine into the blood of the weaker of our children. It is how they created their “war on terror”.)

They will perhaps use religion, they will use the twisted politics they know so well, threats and cajoling, violence and the law, money placed in the pockets of their servants, bribery and corruption, the newspapers and the television, anything they can to prevent Crete standing free from the global wickedness of financial, military and political slavery.

They may just make sure that even if Crete votes itself free that their systems and their people and their wickedness will still prevail, that the victory will be a hollow one.

Caution and wisdom will be required to prevent that, and a care that the new Crete does not hand power over to the servants of the world order.

So what, after the people of Crete throw out the serpent of power that spans the earth, will this island do to establish the world's first new civilisation, to stand in the dawning light of a new hope for the world, this little place, this bulwark against the tide of evil? What can this small place possibly hope to achieve?

Well that, of course, is up to the Cretans who have no shortage of wisdom, but one thing is sure:

Across the world millions upon millions of human beings hope for change, hope for freedom, hope for good to somewhere take the reins of power from the evil we live under, hope for wisdom and love, justice and a new path to follow, hope for a world which rests in the brilliance of humanity and benefits its peoples with the light of its achievements.

Help and advice and support and love and hope will rain upon this island and its people. That hope will be the guiding star.

Crete cannot get it wrong, for the future depends on her if she has the strength to make it so.
She has.

With love will evil be confronted, for the path to the future can only be lighted by the light of love.
The future humanity, living in the peace and goodwill of millennia of grace, will look back upon these days as the beginning and revere those that took it upon themselves to bring the change to the world.
Crete could begin that change.

In hope,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
P.S. My Greek is still poor. If anyone can make a good and true translation please let me know and I will post a Greek version. Thankyou.

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Olive Tree and Me

I climbed and found a wild olive tree
A thousand years in the making
Sat beneath its bows
Watching the world spin by
Keeping its company
Hearing its voice

The sound it made and the sound that made it
Engulfing me

It told me of a past forgotten
Of water and soil that were clean
Of the shelter and life it had given
And of the wrong it had seen

It let me reach into its essence
Understand what it was to be Tree
See the shape and form of its vibrance
See the same shape and form in me

Then I felt the universal connection
Soared on a thermal of synergy
Gloried in incredible perception
Understood, at last, empathy

We stand at the crossroads of discovery
The choices we make must be right
Take each others hands in unity
And walk together into light.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cure yourself

The universe as we understand it
Is described by our limited knowledge
By the science that we have so far mastered
By the minds we have so far bred
By the measuring devices they have so far conceived for us
By the truths our masters have contrived to have concealed from us
By the limits of our invention
By the mistakes that we cannot yet disprove and so live under
By the systematic obfuscation that is the natural outcome of a world that is controlled as this world is

If we allow a child to starve
If we murder by machine and artefact
If we hold so dear to ourselves that which we value at the expense of others
We can not claim civilisation

Without civilisation there can never be truth
Without truth there can never be understanding
Without understanding there can be no true education
Without true education knowledge can not be attained
Without knowledge we are stagnant

The world was flat once
The sun revolved around it
The speed of light was as fast as you could go
Money was a good idea
What we could prove was all there was

The moment in time which we occupy
The space within the universality we see
Both are a product of our ignorance
The ignorance that produces the machinery or biology or chemistry of killing
The ignorance that despoils
The ignorance that harms

What does the universality make of us?
What does it see?

It sees a carbuncle on the arse of creation
It sees a part of the whole that is wrong
It sees the runt of the litter
The child born sick
The sick child that will grow into the monster
The monster that is havoc
The virus in the body of everything

Logic overcomes knowledge:

We are therefore not alone

We are therefore in the hands of a superiority born of a billion years of progress beyond our own

Some may call it god for such is its wisdom and power and love

This everything, this universality, this everywhere and every time, this whole of which we are part

This life force

Is you.

Cure yourself.

From the healthy seed the tree of understanding grows.

(Thanks Sher***, the only one who heard. Love to you. Come visit one day if you can. Olive xxx)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Naming some of the bearers of false gifts.......

If you are a part of the great matrix of control (and I know that many of them read this blog, as they read all information, take names, build their lists for the camps)...
Listen, eavesdropping scum....

You may share a common purpose.
You share, too, a common destiny.

It's not what you believe it will be, will be not nice.

You may believe that you have the future in your hands, that the winning streak will go on and on, that your destiny is to climb ever further up that greasy pole towards your god, your helper, your master, your lover, that lucifer that has promised you the ultimate in fulfilment.


You have joined the losing side.

I remember you at school, harbouring your hurts, turning them as soon as you were able by might of body or by strength of mind or most usually by slick and vile cunning into the thing you value most, the ability to bully, the ability to make others afraid, the ability to hurt and to belittle and to demean.

Then you found the world of work and by the grace of your master you discovered your real environment, your true place, for at the top of every pyramid that forms a part of the great edifice of control sits a demi-devil that seeks out and rewards your pathetic kind.
And so your true journey began.

As you progressed you found the benefits were more than you could have dreamed of. The material gains, the social position, the feeling of acceptance in this vile club you so value, the ability to exact your revenge upon the rest of humanity for whatever hurt it is that drives you.

We see you in all walks of life.
Watch you slither, hear you hiss, smell the hatred that oozes from your pores, avoid when we can the fickle nature of your psycopathic ego.

You see, we know you all.

We see you in the police. Beat officers that enjoy the beat, detectives that like the framework, senior officers that enjoy cementing their relationships with others that construct careers, pointing trowels in hand, aprons donned.

Amongst you are the real police, the proper coppers. They bide their time, and then will act to prevent your worst excesses, use the true law against you, clean out the pigsty you have created.

We see you in the big corporations, your rapid and undeserved advances, your machinations, your instinctive disloyalty to those who deserve your loyalty, your cunning connivances.
Your staff hate you.
Your colleagues despise you.
All of them see you for what you are, all will grow to understand what the corporation itself is, what it is a part of, how it can be disposed of or changed when the time comes.
You are in people's sights.

Humanity closes upon you daily.

We see you in the media aiding and abetting the great liars, using your skill to manipulate us all. You are in our sights, as are those that guide you and manipulate you. We see you in the military, see the unspeakable acts, witness the fear and misery you gift.

Everywhere you prop up the matrix, everywhere you are recognised by the evil, used as its minor assistants.

The drug makers in big pharma, the weapon builders and designers, the politicians and the tax collectors, the civil servants and the bankers, the list goes on and on.
Everywhere the system reinforces your power and rewards it.

And everywhere you feel confident in your petty power, luxuriate in your ability to use and abuse other human beings.

You are so easy to spot, so easy to mark down for when the time is ripe, will be so easy to round up and bring to the justice that is ours, not the faux simulacrum of justice that is currently yours.

Amongst your kind are the current stars of the alternative internet war, growing corporations of ace manipulators whose design is as wicked as it is clever, whose purpose is to prevent the coming together of humanity, to mislead the awakening, to befuddle the senses, to slow the building strength of the tsunami of change.
What do you hope for from this service?
What will you gain?
Fat wallets you have already, of course. .....

All of you puppets of the Tavistock mind controllers you pretend to despise, using their tried and tested psy-ops, mixing truth with subtle lies, creating a new brand of religious fervour, gifting information overload, linking to each other and co-operating with each other in an effort to corner the market, shear the sheep.

The web of deceit you are building is as intricate and widespread as the mainstream media you pretend to despise. As always, the global scum that you work for build and control their own opposition but please, though it's tempting, do not underestimate the growing critical faculties of the herd.

We are about to turn, and you will not be leading that turn.
You will be, in due course, brought to justice.

Let me wonder aloud who you might be, where you might be found.....
I hope I am wrong.
I guess time will tell us.
You might, for example, be amongst these sites...?
OK, let me know if I'm mistaken and if so I will withdraw......

(If any of my readers are further aware of this deception and those involved with it or have information they wish to share please leave a comment or send me a message.)

There are of course many, many more of them out there.
After all, their masters have all the money in the world.
It is that complex.

I will do the big list one day soon.
From apparently lonely bloggers, through special interest sites (2012, Illuminati, consciousness, witchcraft, shamanism, drugs, 9/11, etc etc etc) via the vast numbers of forum members, everywhere the net within the net operates to control, manipulate, distract, and most of all prevent the important truth from coming out.
Including the most important truth there is.
There are more of us than there are of you.

Your time is about to be over.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx

PS It would be nice, one day, to receive another flipping donation from somebody, somewhere!
I can absolutely guarantee that I am bloody penniless.
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Saturday, 14 August 2010

New driftings in my mind...

This is a long one.

And I know this: I'm becoming self-contradictory.
As I feel around the corners of my mind, toying with concepts and revisiting them, wondering aloud, trying to outguess the designs of the strategists employed by the scum that have got us into this deepening whirlpool of misery I find myself arguing with opinions I'd formed previously.

I hope it's a healthy process. Question everything, even ideas and concepts that you have espoused to others and form part of the thing that is you.

Driving the impulse to think and rethink is the dread certainty that things are about to get a whole lot worse and the knowledge that the great mass of people are still sleep-walking through existence, that they are deliberately engineered that way, that unless they can be awoken there is no hope of critical mass, no hope of ending the spiral of decay.

Understanding that the scum were aware of the coming of the global political awakening that is happening in this new space called the internet and laid their nets and snares and honey traps here, positioned their placemen and fifth columnists and false leaders well in advance, lead their own opposition, drives my thinking now and colours the process of logic.

Well of course they would, and of course they do and of course it does.

Look back and see what the internet has become over the last ten years. Cast your mind 30 years forward, see the speed and universal availability, see the device connected to our minds, see the interface of biologically derived processors and our nerve systems, see the implanted screens, see that humanity will be able to connect with each other and with truth instantaneously, see wisdom coming to the ignorant, all language one language, all knowledge available for all people, see the threat that is to them.
This thing will create a hive mind.

They have to make it a hive mind that they control, a hive mind they fill with useless garbage and lies, a hive mind that they pervert to their ends or it will bring their end.

When I understood that the agents of the elite were promoting the idea of a coming awakening that was not to do with the guessable future but with some form of cosmic intervention logic told me that in fact it was a feint, a new age pseudo religious hoax designed to cause us to wait for this divine or out-worldly intervention rather than do something, anything, ourselves, now.

And so I decided that it won't be along any time soon.

Then I started to think.

Firstly, do not for a moment believe that the scum that control us have as little idea of the future as you or I do. Their vision is quite clear. Something they know is coming is scaring them badly. It may be the projected advances in the relationship between humanity and these miraculous machines and their understanding that the speed of change is exponential, knowledge of which they have gained by perverting the most intelligent amongst the herd with a few silver pieces and picking their brains. It may be their great store of hidden knowledge, stolen from the libraries they have pillaged throughout history, exterminated where that knowledge existed in the minds of human beings......

Which brings me to the tangent...

Throughout history the elite scum bloodlines have made it their business particularly to wipe off the face of the earth the shamanic practitioners that, oddly, were pretty much the same the world over thousands of years before there was any means for that sort of consensus to be arrived at.

That global coverage in those times is strange in and of itself.
It speaks volumes.

From Korea to Tibet, in Africa and in South and North America, in Europe, amongst aboriginal peoples everywhere there has been a global tradition of shamanism and everywhere for millennia these people have been exterminated at every opportunity by kings or governments or the superstitions that call themselves religions in the service of their dark overlords. Even the early christians that retained their shamanic traditions and practices (the Gnostics) were wiped out by their “fellow” brothers in christ.

Now why do you think that the global scum bastards have always been so interested in the shamanic traditions and practices and lore?

They shared one practice, these shamans.

In every place they discovered something in nature that could transport them to another place, interpreted differently as the spirit world, the land of their ancestors, the future, the place where God is, a connection with God in the sense of being a part of God.
Different interpretations, same place.

The stuff they used varied.

St John the divine, he of Revelations fame, used the Fly Agaric mushroom (Amanita Muscara) found aplenty on Patmos.
Hey, maybe he got the idea from jesus himsellf? That alone might explain some stuff.

Others used other magic mushrooms, the Psilocybin.

Some chose the Salvia Divinorum.

Those that could get it locally (in those days locally was where everything had to come from) used the best of the lot, Ayahuasca.

The essential ingredient of Ayahuasca is known as DMT.

Soon you'll be able to find out more about DMT at but until that's ready in October search for the effects of DMT on google.

There are some unusual things about DMT that are fairly strange in that it is a most pervasive molecule, found everywhere in nature, and also a most decidedly unusual molecule.

It is almost as if the bio-engineers that made our world made sure we'd find it, and that when we had the knowledge to decipher it and investigate it properly it would be the clearest signal to humanity that we are not alone, that we are part of something bigger, that this is not all there is but is just a weird and tiny construct. A joke gone bad. A typo.

Look into DMT and all these other spirit plants, I urge you.
This is not some tripper advising you to get off your head.

There is something other in these plants that may provide some sort of answer, some missing piece to the jigsaw of understanding, something that the scum have been hiding from us.

Who knows, maybe we'll find the MOTIVE behind the shit that they do, because it sure as hell isn't money or power because they have all of that and always have. The motive is something else, and it's time we discovered just what that is.

The drifting thought process on this tangent takes one to the Pineal gland, the interaction of these wisdom plants with this organ, the recently discovered crystalline coatings on the Pineal gland that scientists liken to transmitters/receivers and the sense you can make of what people say DMT takes them to, what this then means we are, what then fluoride in water and toothpaste is really all about
( ) and then what chemtrails are all about......

and there's something in this to do with crop circles....

I think this is going somewhere, but it's 3.30 am, I've been drinking Raki and I've got to figure out how I can pay the rent!
Lots of love to you all, fellow component entities of the great matrix that is and will be.

Speak soon, fear nothing.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
Part two:
The great thing about the London Times crossword is its adherence to a particular set of rules that determine what is and is not a good clue, what is and is not pure and incapable of mis-interpretation. For example, the clue "HIJKLMNO" can only produce the answer "WATER".
The great puzzle though, the only one that counts, is the MOTIVE.
The global scum bloodlines and their vile succubuses are known to us.
Their methods and techniques of domination, mind control and enslavement are largely understood, or surmised when they are secret and beyond the realms of published science.
We know how they do what they do. That is the apocalypse, that understanding.
We know enough of true history now to understand the tragedies they have inflicted upon us, the horror they alone are responsible for that has blighted us for ever. We are witness to their crimes, witness to the unending catalogue of foulness that has made humanity what it is, a slave specie, the pathetic simulacrum of what it should be and must at last become if we are to end the nightmare.
But the question remains: Why do they do it?
It cannot be power nor money nor the capability to plunge themselves into whatever foul perversion they feel inclined towards.
They have all that and can do that anyway.
The motive, therefore, must be to procure the results of their efforts. The results of their efforts are, as we understand them:
  • The enslavement of the consciousness of humanity
  • The production of fear, enmity, jealousy, greed, hatred etc.
  • The production of a global misery.
  • The abandonment or misdirection of hope.

These things are what they feed upon, what they wake up in the mornings (if they sleep) determined to do more of. As a human being these objectives seem alien.

We can understand unlimited wealth and power and filthy but unpunished behaviour. That ordinary stuff is what our dreams have been caused to be made of. Win the lottery, buy loads of worthless stuff, shag what we like.

We can understand the psycopathic and sociopathic amongst our kind that get off on a smidgeon of the sort of stuff the scum deal in, know they are sick, recognise how they became so, are growing in our understanding of how they can be made whole again, can forgive them if we have the breadth of heart.

But the scum are in an altogether different league, are playing an altogether different ball game. They are after the very soul of humanity.

More than that, they are accelerating their efforts to keep that soul behind the constructs of the matrix of lies that form the alternative, prison reality because they understand that now more effort is required, that now they have to be on top form, that the danger to them is high.

Another tangent:

However made, the crop circles I often feature here, carrying as they do understandings of mathematics, of biological mathematical formulae, of fibonacci numbers, of chakra and consciousness, the mathematical fingerprint of god, the power of nine (visit www.rodinaerodynamics,com and liken the products of the math with the patterns found in some circles) seem to me to be the happy gifting, the fun gifting of a certainty of a future that is different, a future that is love. They speak to me of surity, of good, and to a great degree that the future will be measured not against what we now understand of life and of consciousness but will be something utterly different.

The main stream media did a lovely job years ago of seeding into the minds of the sheeple that crop circles are just boring circles, made by young and pissed farmers. They knew the amazing stuff was coming, sowed disinterest early on. How did they know? I wonder. Visit if you don't already. Why are they not plastered over the press, these wonders of the world (or otherwise)? No prizes for guessing.

When you consider the experiences of Shaman, the other place that DMT can join your consciousness with, the brave new world that has such creatures in it, the mathematical construct that is the universe and the capabilities that the interconnection with that great whole can bring......

Consider that in the light of what we can reasonably see as possible scientifically in respect of the capabilities of connectivity brought about by developments in computer technology and then take a great leap....what could we make in a hundred years, what in a thousand, what in a thousand thousand?

And therefore what has already been made, what already exists, what is the true power of numbers somewhere either in or outside of the restrictive set of dimensions we currently exist in?

Consider how such knowledge will impact upon the scum....

Consider therefore what is the very nature of them, of what kind are they to know of and recognise and prepare for the threat that approaches and indeed what is the nature of that threat?

Then consider the weapons they are utilising in light of this information and conjecture.

The Pineal gland, that organ which gifts us dopamine and responds to the sacred herbs in the way that it does is the collection point for the lovely fluoride they feed us on. Is Fluoride about masking the receptors rather than keeping us dumb and acquiescent?

Are chemtrails the planetary scale masks, the diffusers of some approaching stimulus? Star Trek shields that are there to ward off the approaching trigger?

Ultimately, from all of this, we realise the game is not as we percieve it. The superbowl or world cup final in the greatest game is upon us and we, humanity, remain largely ignorant that we are both the pieces and the prize in this ineffable game.

And of course, it's no bloody fun at all.

Except for the spectators, wherever and whatever they are.

One can only hope that after it's all over, we can see the funny side of it all.

There is good out there my friends. Let's hope it gets a move on.

Love to you,

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Thanks for some of the insights found via http;//

and the ARC foundation.

Friday, 30 July 2010

For our Christian brothers and sisters.....

In the year 2009 the Axis of Evil (the real one, the United Kingdom and the United States) managed to spend one thousand, one hundred and eight thousands of millions of dollars on the business of killing innocent people.

That's 1.108 trillion dollars.

You may have seen this before, but if not go and see what a trillion dollars looks like here:

If you are a "citizen" of either of these countries your governments, acting upon the orders of those that control them, without asking you for your opinion on the matter, have continued what we all now know is the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, have continued the wholesale slaughter there and in Pakistan and Yemen, have in your name and with your money brutalised, raped, murdered and tortured thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

And if you believe this to be right, look into your soul dear friend.

Every day in your name they create new enemies, new lifelong hatreds, new souls determined to end their days seeking revenge for this crime.

Revenge upon you for the evil you have visited upon them.

If you live in the Axis of Evil you are required to pay tax to fund this nightmarish debacle. It's unavoidable.
This, then, is your war.
You pay for it.
The murders are committed in your name.
Your sons and daughters are the sharp end of the killing machine.
You pay for the bullets and bombs, for the torture camps, for the poor dirt soldiers who have sunk into the abyss and come to enjoy this rape and pillage, want every day to shoulder their weapon and take aim, count life cheap, exercise the power that has been granted to them by the superiority of arms that the cleverest amongst you have developed to make them invincible.

If I believed in religion I could easily use these words:
You are an accomplice to the devil, complicit in his crimes, aid and abet the machinations of pure evil.
The blood and the tears of children drip from your hands.
You buy the bullets, you pay the wages, you allow your puppet governments to do this. This is YOUR watch, and you are letting this happen.

There are no excuses.

If you count 9/11 as reason enough, believe the official storyline, consider the three thousand dead there as worthy reason to have invaded two sovereign nations and caused the deaths of 1.4 million people, then shame on you.

Nowhere in this world can this balance be viewed as equitable.
The scales of justice are called scales for a reason.
And there is no balance in this equation.

This is not an eye for an eye.
It's gone too far for that.
Murderer of children.

And if you count yourself a Christian, as so many of you do, can you honestly believe that this is God's work?
That the lord your god looks down upon this mayhem with a glad eye?
That He watches the child die in the arms of her weeping mother, sees the anger and hatred in the eyes of the father, feels the grief and the overwhelming shock, the numbing pain and rejoices?
You honestly believe that this is what Jesus would do?

You honestly believe that the end-times are coming and that you, the murderers of babies, will be amongst those chosen, those lifted in exaltation to sit at the right hand of God?
You think He wants to spend eternity in the company of people who voted for and paid for genocide? People who spouted the bible whilst frothing at the mouth with hatreds, listened to the weasel words of snake oil salesmen building themselves mighty empires of followers and mighty bank accounts?

Charismatic preachers?
They must be.
They've convinced you to do the Devil's work and grown fat enough from your hard earned money to never be able to pass through the eye of a needle.

I have a gut feeling about the gates of heaven.
You'll find them closed to you.

And yet how very different things could have been.

What a different world you could have created if you had decided to turn the other cheek.
If you had met hatred with love.
If you had reached out your hands in love and peace as your messiah taught you to do.
If you only paid attention to what He said.

I know there are some guidelines for you christian folk in the bible you like to adhere to.
Apparently, those who make peace shall be called the sons of God.
Apparently it says somewhere that you should love your enemies, be kind to those that hate you.
Bless those that curse you.
Pray for those that insult you.
(I thank you now for those prayers).

There was something in there about turning the other cheek.

Isn't this in there somewhere:
"Rather, love your enemies, help them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then you will have a great reward. You will be the children of the Most High God. After all, he is kind to unthankful and evil people. Be merciful as your Father is merciful. "

And "Thou shalt not kill"?

Let's imagine for a brief moment that all you good christian folks out there had got together in your millions, had marched on Washington or London, voted collectively in elections, demanded that the USA and the UK acted, at least in this arena and for once, in accordance with the indisputable loveliness of what your messiah taught you.

If you'd gone on the love offensive, how different would the world be?
Let's begin with that 1.108 trillion dollars.

A hospital built to high standards with operating theatres, intensive therapy, beds for 350 patients was built last year in India for 25 million dollars. It will be staffed and run for a year for another 5 million. I use this as an example, it could be anywhere.
Out of your 1.108 trillion dollars, let's build and run a hundred.
30 million x 100 = 3 billion.

Well, that hasn't made much of a dent in 1,108 billion.
Let's , in Jesus' name, build and run 10,000 hospitals!
That's 300 billion.
Leaving 808 billion.

There would , I believe, be a glint in the eye of your Jesus, and the beginnings of a smile.
How would the world look upon the USA and the UK if, when attacked, they responded by reaching out the hands of healing, by touching their enemies with love?
Is that weak, or is it strong?

But hey, we've still got some money left.

The United Nations World Food programme in 2009 asked for a measly 6.7 billion to feed the starving. Governments promised just 3.7 billion, then reneged and handed over just 1.8 billion. Do you get a sense of the prioritisation of the Devil?
So let's be generous.
Pay for the entire programme, 10 times over.
We had 808 billion, minus 67 billion and we've still got 741 billion.
Five loaves, two fishes comes to mind......

Oxfam do a goodish job at feeding the starving and helping farmers improve yields, drilling water wells etc. They do it on a paltry 385 million.
Let's feed a few more souls by giving them ten times the amount.
Call it 4 billion.
741 billion - 4 billion = 737 billion.

Steady now, with all this love, people might just start to like you.
The Red Cross do good work. They spend just 1.1 billion.
Let's multiply the good they do by ten.
737 billion - 11 billion =726 billion.

There's so much that's wrong with the world, I'm pretty sure that the grunt and muscle of our young heroes could be put to more godly work that slaughtering people.
The UK and US employ some 1.65 million souls in the business of killing.
Let's do some retraining there.
Turn them, if you like, into the Lord's Army.
Roaming the globe giving help and care and advice. Using the planes and ships and helicopters and trucks and field hospitals and organisation and discipline and bravery to go into the toughest places and rescue, rebuild, care and provide a strong arm upon which those who are benighted can lean.
If we paid them 50,000 each for their services it'll cost us 82.5 billion.
726 - 82.5 = 643.5 billion.
Now you could be really truly proud of them, for they would be true heroes, not killers masquerading as saints.

Do you know, it's getting kind of difficult to spend all this money.
We've built and staffed ten thousand hospitals.
We've given the hungry ten times what the UN says they need.
We've made Oxfam ten times as good.
We've made the Red Cross ten times as effective.
We've put 1.65 million young soldiers of love into the field to bring succour to those in most need.
Your Jesus has a big smile now. You've started to pay attention to what He said.

And what would be the harvest of all this good?
As ye sow, so shall ye reap comes to mind.....

And you still have 643.5 billion left.
What would Jesus do with that?

Pay it to the same usurers he expelled from the temple?
But no, you've already given them some fifteen trillion between your two nations.

Boy, you really have been giving the Devil of your generosity, haven't you?

You could, of course, have forsaken the banks and given it to yourselves, along with sharing the 643.5 billion you have left from the killing machine you all feel so damned proud of.

You could have given yourselves, each man, woman and child in your two nations, around 43,000 dollars each.
Money which would pay off debts.
Money which would pay for education and health care.

Money which would be spent within your crashing economies and lift them up out of fthis nightmarish debt your governments have, on the instructions of the Devil, plunged you into.

My dear friends, you believers lost in the fervour of religion, how much longer are you going to do the Devil's work when to do what is right in the eyes of your Messiah is within your grasp, is so easy to see, is so evidently what He would wish?

And those of you who aren't Christians but still believe in the light of love and the beauty of truth (which amounts to pretty much the same thing, but minus the snake oil salesmen), this means you too.
Get off your knees.
Do something.
Do it for Jesus or for love and compassion.
It amounts to the same thing.
It's your watch, and it's time for you to make amends.

(If anyone can post this on Christian websites, please do so).

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx
(See my pledge as to how I try to live my life on