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How consciousness is controlled and other understandings.....

On Complexity.

If you are new to some of this stuff, just search on keywords and take the time to wrap your mind around these facts. As regulars know, I don’t do detail and I don’t give links, very often.

Truth is yours to discover and frame in your own consciousness and this is just a record of my journey through the process.

This post discusses further the nature of reality, new learnings, how data-mining controls you and I and the rest of our human tribe, how Wolfram’s work links these areas.

Wolfram is something of a genius. He comes at reality from outside the box, building on the understandings gained by and questions raised by quantum physicists, exploring complexity via an innovative approach based on the behaviour of simple programmes.

He is, I think, not too far from discovering how reality is being created from information, how this process gave birth to free will and from that discovery humanity will learn how to shape reality in conformity with our collective will.

This process is, as has been stated here many times, the answer to humanity’s nightmarish condition and the key to global transformation.

There is a downside to the work of Wolfram.

His new science and the software developed from his principles have enabled the data mining of humanity and have given the masters of this reality the tools to manipulate the collective human will.

The internet, all electronic communication, what we say in front of our smart gadgets, our buying and selling and viewing and experiential existence derived from the movement of the thing called money, all of these minute behavioural clues are absorbed by the supercomputers we can imagine fill the basements of GCHQ and similar spying operations.

No doubt these supercomputers use some form of Wolfram’s Mathematica or something inspired by it. It would enable the computers to analyse and deduce trends from data in a myriad of forms, from accented vernacular spoken language to trends in clothing fashion and colour themes in home decoration, from the impact of certain words and phrases spoken by politicians to the meta-consequences of the activities of the false opposition in the control of the agenda of the shift in consciousness.

Consider this in the light of the emerging understanding of how the creator is creating:
The universe is the product of simple programmes, perhaps even one simple line of programming that progresses into complexity through its iterative process that we experience as time.

There was no big bang, merely the pressing of an “Enter” key.

Sub-atomic particles are the “light on the screen”.

Reality is a 3-dimensional experience of a 2-dimensional projection. There is an as yet unrealised and undetected force which places each sub-atomic particle in-situ and orders its apparent solidity according to the dynamics of the operating programme and the programming we run by that tells us that what is not solid is.

Perhaps Tesla and Reich were onto this force.
Perhaps it is the Aether spoken of by the ancients.

Certainly, when one throws into this mind-mix the symbols carried by the ruling elite, the Kabbalistic and other ancient “sacred” geometrical considerations, the words found in ancient texts and the allusions made by them, the experiences of the mind enhanced by certain entheogens and the “legendary” control over reality by the ancient Magi and Kabbalists and by more recent Shamans (those the world was rid of by Christianity) it seems as if this understanding of reality was something once known and now lost to all but the controller of knowledge in the world.

Ultimately, there can be only one.

From this comes the conjecture that reality can be shaped, that we just need to learn how to hack the programme, that perhaps we learned that in a previous and now all but forgotten civilisation, that someone used that knowledge to take control, that they wiped the knowledge from the earth by wreaking havoc and bringing destruction, maybe by flood. That they have ever since hoarded that knowledge, destroying libraries and entire peoples in order to be its sole owner.

Now humanity is passing through its era of advance these disparate elements of understanding can be knit together and the sum of knowledge, rising as it does on the sum of preceding knowledge, accelerates our overcoming of bewilderment and presents to us the opportunity and the moment to end all suffering and to co-create a new, much improved reality.

The danger, of course, is that the masters of this reality would rather destroy almost all of us than end their millennial domination of their “subjects”.
This is the process underway now.

Bear in mind at all times that the masters of this reality are careful that they control all aspects of humanity’s collective consciousness. They have had century upon century to structure the world and to put in place their control systems. They have bought the finest minds and paid for the most cutting edge thought throughout our known history.

Therefore we must assume that there is an awakening consciousness of humanity, a great yearning for love and peace and sharing, that our masters have been aware of its coming and have inevitably taken the lead of this process, long foreseen.

Even the words used to frame these thoughts (share, co-create, love etc) have already been stolen and put to use by the dark force and its agents to such effect that they form a myriad of heads to the hydra that is false leadership.

The internet is therefore a weapon.
But humanity can use it too.

There is an inevitability to the birth of a new, human civilisation.

As a species we understand what we are led to do wrong. As a species we can readily understand what is right and good. We now see how the world is shaped to create the circumstances that cause evil to be done and know the controlling hands behind that creation.

Whilst most are still lost in the false reality, increasingly and inevitably we are, as a species, awakening. We approach a tipping point, that point being the moment when all those who are awake realise that unity in single purpose is what must be found, that moment when we stand together and raise our banner on the field of history and count our number and realise that we are strong.

Love, of course, is the single focus.
Everything that grows from that single root the structure we will raise in our new civilisation.

What acts as a dam to this inevitability is the control of thought, the control of knowledge, the control of information, the control of education, the control of world events and so, ultimately, the control of human consciousness.

It is this control system that data mining makes utterly effective.

To be comical for a moment imagine a popular cookery programme gives out a recipe for a dish made of beans. Simple to calculate how many packs of beans would be bought, by what demographic over what time period and through what retail outlets and by what system of payment. Simple to determine when those beans would be cooked, or if they would be cooked at all or end up in a cupboard. Simple to cross check the whole lot via social media, telephone usage etc.

Txt from MOM “Come home, the beans are cooked”.

Simple to determine the effect on overall Methane production. Even how many people will leave a lift before they reach their floor. What the effect will be on the sale of antacids. How many family rows will be had, how many wives leave the marital bed to escape the miasma, how many are put off beans for life, how sales of biological stain removers will increase, and air fresheners, and the microscopic effect on the environment of all those things. And on and on and on.

This is data-mining.
It enables the masters of this reality to flap the wing of a butterfly and know the hurricane will come on the other side of the world.

Imagine, if you will, the devious minds of the uber-class and the sold-their-souls-to-the-devil super minds of the educated elite that work for the money system and sell their goodness for a handful of silver.

Imagine just what data could be available at the touch of a button. They know when you open your fridge. They know what we say to each other. They know everything about us in real time. They have the weapons at their disposal to micro-manage human consciousness via a myriad of different input feeds and to micro-manage the outcomes.

An example is their attempt to manage the outbreak of understanding about the paedophile murderers within the elite and descending downwards through their control grid.

If you examine the Hampstead case, for example, you can see how they managed the consciousness of the herd with their rapid court hearing and the unprecedented release of the contrived police interviews of the children and the unbelievable outpourings of the judge that oversaw the legal fiasco.
Then the media control that reinforced the “nothing to see here” message, the careful humming and ha-ing of the controlled alternative “leaders”, the injection of agents into the fray (eg “Christine Sands” so called) and so on.

The entire process is underpinned by data-mining, each step taken then measured for consequence, the process having the goal of dissipating and watering down the issue until what will be left are a few activists with ever dropping numbers of active supporters, as Icke and similar present other issues, other things to get mad about….

And the memory fades…..

As Icke himself tells us, “Don’t think about that. Look over here instead.”
Magicians call it distraction.

Look how few human beings are aware of the continuing cancerous outpourings of Fukushima and the consequent death of the Pacific ocean and the world disaster this imminently presents to the human food supply chain.

They are silently and slowly murdering us in such a way that we do not even get angry, except in isolated bubbles.

This, of course, is what they most fear and why they act so surreptitiously.
If seven billion of us understood what they were up to and got mad, they’d be finished and the world would change.

And to bring that understanding to the world and get the attention of those billions, the millions of us that are awake have to stand together.
One World Tribe.

Every world event now is staged, every step taken designed to control consciousness, every tiny detail measured and assessed, the state of mind of humanity known and predictable and so as easy to shape as wet clay.

Only the unity of we mavericks under the banner of love can win this eternal conflict…..
All there is.

With Love to All,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(When we cut the olive trees we understand that the root is the plant, not what grows into the light. Cut the tree at the base and, within a few short years, a new tree will have grown. To kill the tree, one must dig out the root and scour it from the ground, every bit of it. This is what we must do with the world systems built by the masters. Money, hierarchy, false law, false authority, false knowledge, false beliefs, deference, debt and so on, all of these things are the roots of evil and must be scoured from our consciousness utterly. It is time to start again.)

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Ricky Dearman Interview Hampstead Case. Angels and Demons...

Angels and Demons.
Sometimes as reality unfolds one is forced to make judgements based on instinct.
These instincts, these gut feelings, are often warnings.

It is the sense that one is in the company of something that is inhuman occupying a human body.

We are taught that such conjecture is the stuff of fantasy, of old legend and myth or of science fiction.

Such ideas are scoffed at by the indentured slaves of the mind control matrix, taught from an early age that such things do not really exist, that they are just stories, that their instincts are not to be relied upon.

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep.
Nothing to see here.
Move along.

I look back upon this iteration of the experience called my life and I recall the moments when I encountered these instincts and trusted in them and knew that I was in the presence of something other than human, something evil masquerading as human.

The bullies and hard men of my youth, the drowners of kittens and the stampers of heads.

The power hungry mis-promoted liars and manipulators and greed motivated corporate ladder climbers I met before I escaped the matrix.

I see them on Youtube as uniformed police officers demanding obedience and enforcing it with savage beatings, relishing and losing themselves in the red mist once their victim is rendered incapable of defence, tazing and punching again and again and again.

I saw them in youth gangs, delighting in kicking the heads of the fallen, glorying in it.

That they are amongst us, these monsters, is beyond question.

The problem is most people think they are just bad humans.

There are so many of them now that they colour our vision of our species.
We think ourselves bad for the evil that is done. 

Here, in this video, I sense two of them at work.
The interviewer gives it off in waves.
My hair stands on end.
My instincts scream “Danger, Danger”.

I looked at Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC podcast page.
Sarah’s story, October 2nd 2014 deals with a girl raped by her father, returned by social services, raped again and impregnated.
Jageer Kaur’s story, 03 September 2014. Beaten and partially blinded by her father in front of her children in an “honour” beating.
Prisoners children, 22nd July 2014, deals with kids in care because their parents are in jail.
False rape accusation, 27th June 2014, deals with the story of a man falsely accused of rape. The accuser is now in prison.
Large families, 11th June 2014 deals with multiple children in care coming from a small number of mothers.
Forced adoption, 27th March 2014 deals with the state seizure of children, focusing on a woman whose kids were stolen because her ex raped her.
Doctor Ault, 5th March 2014. Georgia State Executioner is interviewed about his bad feelings over all the people whose lives he terminated.
NHS Abuse, 13th January 2014. Deals with the rape of a patient by a “carer”, 50 or 60 times, in a psychiatric hospital.
Life on the Line, 25th November 2013. Deals with suicides on the railways.
Troubles Families 29th October 2013 deals with problem families labelled as “Troubled” by the government. No doubt many of their kids are in care…
The Abusers Tale 7th October 2013 deals with wife beaters.
Rotherham, 28th August 2013 deals with a child in care groomed and abused and the police and social services allowed it to happen….(this over a year before the big Rotherham story broke about the organised rape of kids with police connivance).
Stuart Hall 26th July 2013, a victim of the sex offender is interviewed.
Sally Marston 14th May 2013, girl raped as a child interviewed about her attacker’s release.
Bridget Harris, 6th March 2013, interviewed about inappropriate advances by the Lib-Dem Chief Executive Lord Rennard.
SAVILE abuse, 14th November 2012, interviews one of the chief Kiddy Fiddler’s victims.
Abuse, 26th September  2012, Amy, aged 13 at the time, tells our Vicky how she was groomed and raped in Rotherham.
Tina Nash 22nd June 2012 tells how her partner gouged her eyes out and speaks top other victims of horrific domestic violence.
Abortion Clinic 23rd May 2012 interviews women about their abortions….
Teenagers and Porn , 20th April 2012, Vicky speaks to kids about the porn they watch….
Jessica Sayers, 15th March 2012, Vicky interviews Jessica who was sexually abused by a girl who pretended to be a boy.
In a “mini series”, in March 2012 our Vicky interviews PC David Rathband, shot and blinded by Raoul Moat a few times, then interviews his brother after David committed suicide……
Kate and Gerry McCann, 12th May 2011 are interviewed…….

Do you see a pattern here?
Abuse, sexual abuse, rape and murder of children, suicide, executions, paedophilia.     

The interviewee, he accused by his children of being a paedophile, a satanist, part of a group that murders children and then exonerated by judge Pauffley (absent a thorough police investigation of the accusations.)

Judge Pauffley who presided over part of the Hollie Grieg farrago.

The matrix, as we know, is desperate to hide from us their predation.

There is veal. There is sucking pig.

Then there is the sweet and tender flesh of young human beings.
Cooked rare, with plenty of red blood oozing.  

They are amongst us, but not of us.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The time has come to count us good people and begin the change

Anonymous Anonymous said...
“So---How do we start a head count and have it go viral?”

Anonymous, thanks for the question.
I’ll take you to where we’re at, if you have the patience to keep reading (as few now do).
It is an interesting journey.

For what it is worth all I can offer is the contents of the “mind” I have and the questions that arise from the conclusions I have drawn. Whatever these thoughts are, they are nothing in the scheme of things, because they reach so few, touch fewer.

Alternative thinking and writing gets to few eyes, reaches few minds except those sensationalist scrawlers pushed into the limelight by the masters of this reality.

Part One.
For something to go viral in a world changing, epoch making way it must reach the hearts and consciousnesses of billions of human beings, especially those we class as sleepers. To reach them, it must seem to them that a great number of us are of one mind, that there is a bandwagon rolling and they should get on it.

This is a big ask, for whilst there exists a critical mass of discontented humanity the methods of collectivising their efforts and announcing their presence to the rest of our global tribe are entirely in the hands of our masters.

And of course they too are lost in the false reality and it is almost impossible to get them to pay attention and focus on the task at hand.

For this to happen we would need to break through the walls that have been carefully constructed over millennia by our masters, the controllers of the consciousness of humanity and especially those constructs that frame the thinking and set the agenda of the “truth seekers” of the world.

Absent some world threatening event being featured on all the mainstream media and visible to all there is little hope of this collectivisation of human consciousness.

This “great unifying event” option, I feel sure, is already in the minds of our masters as they seek the final piece of their new world order.

To serve as just one example, they have been laying the groundwork of an alien invasion through their Rockerfeller funded Steven Greer and the “Disclosure” puppets for some time.

They have perhaps planted the alien artefacts “discovered” , buzzed incredulous humanity with their black technology vehicles and so on in readiness.
Remember Reagan’s “I sometimes wonder….” Speech at the U.N?

Indeed, their plans are sophisticated enough to provide a million such myths and they can choose to make any one of them real at any time to suit their objectives.

So; it has to reach the masses, yet the masters of reality have all the cards in their hands and have their own strategies for this in readiness.
As ever, they are several moves ahead in the game.

When all seems chaotic and all hope is lost, it seems sure that they plan to unveil their once and future king and to render humanity abject subjects to a God-King.
This is how they prefer to be amongst us and for most of recorded history have been.

There are and have been throughout history countless events in the world that should cause global outrage and the rise of a new way and do not!

They speak volumes about the intensity of the mind-numbing process, the consciousness control of our species.

Currently, to cite just three examples, we have:
A) The artificial global “debt” storm that is wrecking lives everywhere.
I live in Greece, where suicides are now commonplace and a contented people have been rendered discontent.
How is it that nearly every nation owes such enormous amounts?
Who is it that has such money to lend?
Isn’t it patently obvious that this usurious money has been conjured out of thin air? Wouldn’t it be a simple matter to write off all created debt?

This powerful magick has entered the consciousness of humanity, yet it is so blatant as to beggar belief, its continuance testimony to the success of the consciousness control of the masters of reality.

B) The second is the tragedy of nuclear power and the evident link between radiation and the massive upsurge in cancers since 1945.
Our masters have exploded in excess of 2,000 of their bombs, for “testing”.
Every single one of their nonsensical nuclear power stations bleeds death into our environment.
There is nowhere on earth to safely store the hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive waste, a time bomb ticking in the bosom of our earth.
There has been accident after accident.
Chernobyl cost over a million lives.
The head count from Fukushima will be globally diabolical.
The Pacific Ocean is dying.

This is an ELE, yet the only species that can understand this threat knows almost nothing of this rapine horror, such is the completeness of the thought control.
The World Health Organisation spoke of an impending large spike in cancers worldwide, lying that it would be the result of “lifestyle”! That such big lies can be uttered without comment by those who are tasked with protecting our species speaks volumes about the strength and completeness of the control grid.

C) The third, perhaps the saddest, is the missing children.
There is not a police force in the world that collates, counts and thoroughly investigates missing children. Often, as exposed in the UK and the Catholic Church and elsewhere, the police that we pay to protect us instead protect and facilitate the sexual abuse and murder of our children.
There must be trials, when this is over, and these collaborators must be deprived of joy for the rest of their disgusting existence for that crime ranks above all others. They are traitors to their species.

Globally, states take children into “care” via closed and secret courts and, with the connivance of the police and social services and, amazingly and regrettably children’s charities, many of these children simply disappear.
That all of the major religions have a known and sordid history of child abuse yet their churches and temples still attract worshippers speaks once more of the power of the spell over our species.
That politicians and entertainers and royal families the world over have been dipping their demonic snouts into this horror is now well known.

Where is the revolution, where the riots, where the mass police action to round up these perverts?

That they can take our children and rape them and brutalise them with impunity is a measure of the enemy we face, its demonic nature and the strength of its control over the consciousness of the herd.

We let them do this to our children! As a species, this abject capitulation should cause us all to hang our heads in shame.

There are a thousand other global tragedies wrought by these monsters, yet humanity does nothing,

So, we can conclude that the mind control of humanity is such that they allow themselves to be enslaved by false debt, that they allow themselves to be slowly and agonisingly murdered by radiation, that they allow their children to be stolen, raped and murdered.

This consciousness control is so overwhelming and universal that few have grown into adulthood with their humanity intact.

We have, as a species, been engineered to become inhuman.

These are the understandings about the entities behind this control structure that we have collectively arrived at:
Some time ago the ruling elite, (whatever their origins, whatever their names), recognised that the world was about to go through epochal changes.

We estimate this foresight to have been arrived at in excess of a century ago, when for example Queen Victoria of England was absolute mistress and Empress of more than 40% of the globe.

It could, of course, have been thousands of years in the minds of the elite.

(If you cling to the belief that all of this experience is real there are tantalising pieces of “evidence” that civilisations have arisen and been obliterated before.)

As the head of a dynasty that traced its rule back a thousand years in England, much further back across Europe and then even further back to the middle-east, “she” could reach out her hands and kill anyone she chose, anywhere in the world.
She could take any country she had a fancy to.
She could commit, and did, such horrific crimes that Hitler and Stalin and Mao Tse Tung pale in comparison.
And all the time she was worshipped and honoured and deferred to and obeyed, such is the Magick at the disposal of these creatures.

Such power is not relinquished readily, nor has it been.
It is merely disguised now, in light of the rising consciousness of humanity.

Plans were laid and measures taken to meet the threat to this majesty posed by a species taking then its first steps into the light of a new way of being or, perhaps more accurately, awakening an ancient memory of what is humanity’s natural state for we are a stolen species, our consciousness kidnapped, creatures of love and peace and balance corrupted by an evil that seems in human form.

It may seem odd to suggest that such might and power should see a threat to its continuance from such an utterly controlled and mindless herd.
The world then was under almost total control.
Indigenous human tribal societies had been almost totally extinguished.
In more ‘advanced’ countries the populace had been further dispossessed of its connection with the land and the ability to live other than by labour for a master, for false money, in property-less wage, tax and debt slavery.

The relationship between the royal bloodlines and their banker allies had seen the birth of the debt slavery of nations and the personal debt slavery of individuals everywhere.

From such a position of strength was the strategy of the next hundred years formulated.
The last century has seen the completion of the control grid and the enslavement of the entire species.

It was foreseen that force of arms would no longer be enough to stem the tide and flow of humanity’s desire for freedom, for justice, for peace, for security, for a quiet life, for something better. Those yearnings all of humanity share.
Violence would have its uses yet, and fear in whatever form, but it was realised that new chains would have to be forged to bind we slaves, lest we break free.

Subtle chains.
Invisible chains.
Chains we wrap around ourselves unbidden, and smile as we do so.

Chains for the mind.
A prison for the consciousness.

This is where we are, as a species, today.
Ensconced in a prison of the consciousness.
Enchained and entrained by a system of control that is seen by few, believed in the existence of by even fewer and those very, very few are scoffed at by the rest.

In this asylum, the sane are seen as insane.
Tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts!
You and I, dear reader.

Plato’s cave!
Thousands of years on from that first insight into the true nature of humanity’s condition the circle is complete.

The details you all know.
The role of Tavistock, the media, the internet, false education, weapons that we know have been patented that infest our thinking, a web of satellites beaming who knows what, a veil of chemtrails masking who knows what, a thousand twisted elements form this great web that has cost humanity its future.

Explain to your “sleeping” friends what is going on in the world and see how soon they change the subject, witness how quickly they revert to staring at their smart-phones, watch how they need to get away from you.

It is as if you hadn’t spoken your truth at all……

And this is how we know that something is deeply wrong with them.

It is in this bland indifference that we witness what has become of our species, a species only roused to anger at the whim of the masters, directed by more of their controlling methods, putty in the hands of those that mould our false reality, incapable otherwise of anything but fixed staring and muted-ness in response to truth.

Herein lies the root of Jihadism, here the stem of false “revolution”, here in the same place as the flower that is global apathy.

Witness the muted Japanese, showered daily with Fukushima’s deadly rain.

Witness the Americans, ignorant of the radioactive death of the Pacific Ocean, complaining about “climate change” because so they are directed so to do.

Witness the British, exposed in their millions to the brutal fact that their leaders and their beloved Royals have been and are raping and murdering their children, and doing nothing but believing still that an “inquiry” will deliver them the “truth”, that the culpable and equally guilty police will bring the perverts and Satanists to justice (which would involve junior officers arresting their “superiors”.)

Witness the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and many, many more places where human beings are systematically misled into fratricide.

And more to come….

Everywhere in the world our children are being murdered yet the zombified humans cannot give a damn, so enraptured are they and so fascinated by the magick that is Tavistock and the myth called money and its enslaving sister Usury.

So, those that have somehow managed to be immune to this sickness represent the future of humanity and its last chance.

What a pity, for these few too have been rendered mute by trickery and deception.

It is only these mavericks that can awaken the herd from its hypnotic trance and so our masters prepared for such as you and I and readied their strategy to deal with we “tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts”.

They needed to apply a deeper psychology to this battle front.
They needed to distract us.
They needed to divide us at whatever cost.
They needed to dissipate our strength and wear us down.
They needed us to lack focus.

They needed to make sure that we never came together, that we never stood in one place, that we never counted our number and realised that we weren’t mad loners, that there were millions upon millions of us and if, just on one day, we acted together then it would be the beginning of the end of the old world….. and the first day of the new.

Their weapon of choice against us was the internet.
They are confident it cannot be seized from their hands and turned against them.
Perhaps they are correct in this belief.

I have spoken of the need for critical mass and for pushing toward the tipping-point many times, and have tried repeatedly to begin such an event as have others, but to no avail.

Plainly, the mavericks are as controlled as the rest of the herd.

To all thinking human beings this is the fundamental issue.

(Here I draw a distinction between the well qualified left-brain middle and professional classes, those learners by rote that have come to dominate the intellectual high ground and the rewards for compliance with the wishes of the ruling elite: The teachers that teach lies, the chemists that develop drugs and vaccines that do such harm, the physicists that build the nuclear power stations, the gate-keeping failed scientists that run the scientific publishing industry, the developers of increasingly demonic weapons, those that think themselves clever and are not but are merely the possessors of retentive memory skills. I draw a distinction between these especially dangerous useful morons and the true thinkers amongst us.)

It represents the last throw of the dice for our kind.

How, where and under what banner can we stand?

If a banner is raised and we stand under that banner so we become the focus of attention….

Fifth columnists infiltrate the ranks and sow discord.
Black-wearing masked hoodlums appear and do harm so that the movement is painted as black as the provocateur’s hearts.

Normally, those that raise the banners are the agents of the enemy themselves!

Spot them by their well made videos, their scripted and orchestrated speakers, their cross-referencing to others of their ilk and to no-one else, their access to funds enough to travel, to make speeches, to be filmed at the right event, their New Age religion reversioning of what humanity wants.

They speak of sharing when they are richer than we, yet they do not give but ask for more. This alone labels them for what they are.

For the first time in humanity’s known history, (this time around?), we have the technology to make some sort of unity almost instantly possible.

Great changes in the world happen quickly now because, for the first time, we are almost all connected.

So it is time to make something new happen, if we can do so without false leadership and the wrecking influence of the many deceivers there are out there stealing our hearts and our loyalties one by one and rendering us piecemeal.

What cannot be done is more of the same stuff that humanity has always done, and usually does under the controlling aegis of the masters. We can’t have false revolutions like the French, Russians, Chinese, like the “colour revolutions, like the “Arab Spring”.

All of these were controlled oppositions we now understand and witness almost daily around the world.

All of them have led to subjugation, to terror, to demagoguery, to violent chaos.

Witness the Ukraine today, where the vast majority want peace and an absence of fear and to get on with their lives and where the false agents of the global power have seized both the government and the oppositions to the government and have laid the groundwork for decades of horror.

That great majority of loving Ukrainian human beings need to COUNT their number.

With no leaders, with no agenda other than the desire for peace, with no chance for the weasels to insert their provocateurs, to stand together and decide, in that unity, TO IGNORE, AS A PEOPLE the power structures and authorities of the corrupted state and the myriad of phoney oppositions.
The state and its apparent oppositions act as the enemies of the people they purport to serve and defend. AS more lose their lives, SO the motive of “just” revenge will seep into more and more hearts. This is the method of our masters, as can be witnessed in many places now, of foisting perpetual heartache and misery on entire peoples.

The word that describes the taking of power from those who use it falsely is “mutiny”.
Ukraine doesn’t need a revolution.
It needs a mutiny of the people.
For the people.
A leaderless and collective and great booming and resounding “NO” is what is required, and to IGNORE that which says it has power and the civil servants that grant such power the appearance of authority and, ignoring the state’s supposed authority over elections, to choose new governors.

Here is how that might be done. Ignoring government and parties and politics, each three people in a nation choose from amongst that three which they would trust, which they trust to be good. Those chosen then meet and form threes again, and again they choose from those three which they trust and trust to be good. That process is repeated, until, outside of government and its supposed power structure, a new group of leaders is anointed by the peace loving majority. The people then follow those they have anointed, ignoring the authority of the supposed government, assuming what is rightfully theirs, the right to choose those who wield authority in the manner of their own choosing.
The world knows Democracy is finished, is a sham. It is time top try another way, and this should start and must start in those nations so beset by chaos that a mutiny of loving people is all that can save them.

There we could see and prove the well understood truth.
Most of us want peace, want love, want justice, will share.
And if most of us stand together, we can ignore until they wither and pass from our consciousness the minions of the evil force that controls humanity’s consciousness and is destroying our world.

There is of course a problem.
Truth seekers, people of love around the world cannot see the worms in their particular “awakening” and very often have by now given their loyalty and their belief to one agent or another of the false masters. As a result they won’t listen to those who point out that their chosen icon is false and just as believers in Christ or Mohammed do they suffer cognitive dissonance, such that true unity cannot be discovered amongst even those that are awake to the world.

The placemen of the false opposition are legion, catering for every taste. A thousand points of light were promised and now they infest the consciousness of the mavericks and distract, distract, distract endlessly and never once call for a global head count of the millions of us that despise the twisted evil that is destroying our beautiful earth and its creatures.

So engineered are we mavericks, the last and forlorn hope for the species, that we too are as dust under the heels of our masters and serve their purpose.

Witness the Tea Party.
Witness the false Occupy.
Witness Thrive.
Witness the misled Million Mask March.

Witness countless other false starts and false leaders. The Venus project. Zeitgeist.
Shift….etc etc ad nauseam.

I have not time nor the energy to list the minions that are out there, funded generously by the masters and by their duped followers. What each of them does is take some steam from the building-upwards pressure of a species destined for some sort of ascension into a new global civilisation and now held back, as ever, by absolute evil.

It is a massively organised and effective strategy, and we are so easy to fool.

For example, is it not interesting that we mavericks have been taught to despise globalists and so globalism, when anyone with half a brain understands that the new civilisation must be global, that it must be built around sharing and caring and not the competition that has been bred into us, that we are one tribe not many, that we are all human.

If we are to create the new world we must truly awaken to the understanding that we are all globally connected, that solutions must be global, that the mutiny must be global.

There can be no marches, no chanting, no violence, no breaking and smashing.
There can be NO leaders, none that assume leadership and act as if THEY are the voice.
These are old ways, and failed ways, ways that are easy to infiltrate, ways that allow the masters to target individuals with their blackmail and threats of violence and offers of corruption.

And of course, as with Queen Victoria, they can reach out their hand and kill whomever they choose at a whim. With technological efficiency now.

It has to be something new, something quiet, something as powerful as the shifting of the tides, something that is formed of individuals sharing a single, simple hope that cannot be argued with, that offers no policies that can divide, that offers no issues that can draw strength away from the intent, that gives no cracks into which the demons can insert their wickedness, their bribery, their blackmail, their ridicule.

The ability for humanity to connect is world changing. For the first time ever all of the world’s non-secret knowledge is available to everyone everywhere that can get connected.

Imagine the power of that single fact in a world where even the secret knowledge is revealed and shared freely amongst us all.

That alone will catapult our species into a new paradigm, for much now that holds us back as a species is to do with attaching money-value to knowledge.

Money itself and the idea of exchange for profit acts as a great barrier in the flow of the rising tide of our species and our ascension into a new form of civilisation.

This is why I speak elsewhere here of the importance of developing a love based system of exchange. It is not a new idea. Our ancient tribal peoples did without money. Money is a relatively new concept still to our species. Sure, we have got used to it, sure we have forgotten how to live without it, and sure, we can all of us understand that it sits at the very root of all evil and forms the bones and sinews of the master’s enslavement system.

The Bible, as we understand, has been messed with countless times.
If there was a Jesus, I doubt he said “love of money is the root of all evil” for that is simplistic.
Rather I’m sure the words “love of” were added later to suit the money masters.
Money is the root of almost all evil.
In the same way I suspect “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s”, which means pay your taxes to those that are evil, so they can buy soldiers to brutalise you.
That, from Jesus?

These days, things go viral....

But the serious things don't.
The unthinking zombie sheep of the herd click in their billions on kitten videos, such is the condition of our species.

This is by intent, by strategy, by the well laid plans of the masters of the false reality.

As we understand, the false “opposition”, the “alternative media” are by and large controlled by the very masters they pretend to despise.

There are many not so controlled that take their lead from the big names, that re-iterate and copy and rewrite and post such that an entirely artificial alternative zeitgeist has been created.

There is no leadership, but many that pretend to be leading, many that make us think that something IS being done, when NOTHING is being done.

Witness the ludicrous Ben Fulford and those that hang on his coat-tails, like the Hawaiian disinformation succubus.

There are literally thousands of such deceivers and their false acolytes, such that the internet has become the strongest and most potent weapon in the war for consciousness.

So many of we mavericks are entrained by these personalities and their wild theories enmeshed in truth that we have been rendered impotent.

We have become, most of us, believers in one thing or another and are consumed with defending those beliefs as, in times gone by and still now, religions so bind us,
God myths so entrain our consciousness, stealing our hope and our human goodness .

They give us their petty “messiahs” time and time again.
You know all their names.

As they age or wane in popularity, as we begin to smell them for the rats they are, new ones appear.

Hence the revolting Russell Brand, and probably “The One” to come.

We are so easy to divide, easier to sucker, easy to rouse to bloody anger, easy to manipulate, easy to make afraid and easy to bribe.

Our controllers have, over millennia, honed the skills of mastery over us all, cud-chewers and mavericks alike, such that we still go on bended knees to them or their agents of deception.

They have structured an entirely false and inhuman hierarchical power structure such that everything we understand or believe about our species and what we truly are is entirely false.

This false image of humanity has been engendered carefully and with cold deliberation such that we see ourselves as the destroyers, we see ourselves as creatures of hatred, we see ourselves as untrustworthy.

The opposite of course is true.
We are creatures of love and of light, made bad by intent.

Part Two: Reality and Will.

If we are to consider ending this nightmare, waking from the dream, we have also to consider where we actually are, for in that truth lies the realisation of the purpose of existence and in that realisation lies the answer to the riddle.

Here, dear reader, I will take you on a journey outside the mental box you are constrained within by force of daily circumstance, for it is only by thinking outside of the box you are intended to think within that an answer can be found.

We understand now from our scientists and philosophers, now merging by force of discovery into one, that the nature of our reality is in question, that what appears solid is not, that there is a consciousness somewhere that has created this illusion (unless Einstein and Planck and many others were and are misguided or lied), that we interact with this “reality” at the level of consciousness, that we co-create what is real.

If you are a seeker of understanding you’ll know this, but stay with me for a while as I explain how this is significant and has practical, “real” outcomes.

Most of humanity think of reality as “real”, believe in the Newtonian physics that has dominated our understanding of reality for centuries and is still taught in schools and universities.

These physical laws are simply the rules of behaviour of the illusion of “matter”, written into the master programme, that we have observed and measured.

When you play a computer game and crash your car you witness that it explodes. It doesn’t exist except in the processors and wires of the machine that generates it, yet it can be seen and it makes sound and it operates according to the rules of the game.
So it goes.

To us, the most interesting understanding of the nature of this reality comes once you know that you have never touched anything, that your existence floats in the repelling energy fields of the sub-atomic reality.

You are not sitting now but floating.
You never touched your loved ones, never had contact with water when you swam.

Further, the atoms that make what you think of as your body never touch each other. They coalesce and commingle but are, like the millions of individuals that make up the world’s population, separate and individual.

Google "you never touched anything" if you didn't know this.

It is an understanding that more than any other brings the nature of this experience into focus.

We are as ghosts in the machine, believing we touch when we don’t, dreaming of flying when that’s all we’ve ever done.

I believe that our masters have always known this.
“All the world’s a stage”, as whoever wrote Shakespeare’s stuff told us.

Witness the evidence that the Pineal Gland appears to be some sort of transmitter, that consciousness cannot be found within the brain, that the mystery religion displays images of the Pineal Gland, for example at the entrance to the Vatican.

Esoterica is knowledge about the true nature of this creation, en-wrapped in deliberate enigma, obfuscated by language that, before we entered the computer age and commensurately the quantum age, framed that which was understood in the words we had at the time. There is much in old myth and legend and ancient teachings that could be re-written now in a language that has the nouns for things where before there were none.

If you read about the nature of atoms you know that they are 99.999999% nothing.
Your “body” is comprised of 99.999999% nothingness.

You are not solid.
You are not “real”, there is no matter to you, the body is a mirage existing in a mirage serving only as the vehicle for your consciousness.

Your senses are framed and purposed to interact with this false reality and also, by virtue of their inadequacy, to fail to perceive much of what is out there that is ordered by the vast mind that creates this illusion and makes it whole.

You “see” only a very limited spectrum of light, “hear” only a limited spectrum of sound.

This is the box you have been given the senses to perceive.
Plato’s cave.

What you see and hear and think you touch and taste are electronic phantasms created in your consciousness and that consciousness has no location that can be found in your so-called body.

Bill Hicks said it's just a ride.
But it is not just a ride.

The creator used sophisticated thought to create what we think is real.
We begin now to see how it was done, how it is done now.

The next question is “Why?”

This level of understanding is what I call the Personal Revelation, when you see the body-mind as the vessel for this experience and understand there are two of you in there, the participant and the witness.

When you see the world for what it truly is, and so connect with the mind of the creator to ask what is the purpose.

There is no religion here, no dogma, no bended knee nor lowered head nor prostrate body, no wish for a Messiah, no rules other than do no harm, no law other than those we instinctively understand, no regulations but an understanding of obligation, of duty to ourselves and to others and to the creation in which we are currently existing, full of beauty and providing everything.

Read of our ancient tribal peoples, the roots of all of us, and find such understandings there.

We know and instinctively understand this way of being, know and understand the freedom and joy it can bring.

It is in separation from this core that we find the cause of the splinter in our minds, the nagging doubt, the unhappiness.

It is also, in this way, that we can rediscover our humanity and find our path into the next civilisation, freeing ourselves from the burden that is the master class, the illumined slavers that have held us in their magickal thrall for ages.

It is by ignoring all the sinews and bones of their structured prison, their false authority, their manipulated systems, their usurious money, their badges and insignia, their hierarchies, their false belief systems and by finding and trusting the humanity that would emerge from this great unshackling.

As we have said many times here, it is time to “Start Again”.

For the world exists within our consciousness and only there.
The battleground is there.
Consciousness is all there is.
We have to understand that it is the collective will for peace, for good, for love that should order this reality and make it what it should be.
A place of endless beauty and wonder, of fine lives lived from the bounty of our collective effort and ingenuity, of company and fun and the pleasure of life itself.

It is all about will.
If seven billion of us wish to live this way, nothing can prevent that.

And so, finally, to your question : "How do we start a head count and have it go viral?"

First, in some way and somehow we mavericks, we non-believers, we that question everything, we that see the evil in the world must shake ourselves free once more, must clear our heads of the disinformation, of the false leaders, of their false promises, of the barrage of information they lay at our feet to fill our minds and draw us away from action, of their deliberate and careful division of us into camps and factions and believers.

WE have to see that there can only be unity in simplicity.
That at the core of everything there is only good and evil.

We have to choose at that simple level, then raise our hands and shout, as loudly as we can in our millions, that we are for good, that we are against evil, that the time has come to assert our will as a species.

We have to start this thing, for there are only we who have the freedom of spirit to do so, and so this is our solemn duty.
Upon it rests the future of our species, the birth of a new civilisation, the fulfilment of the purpose.

The how is easy.
Pass it on.
From hand to hand across the world.

The olive tree has ever been a symbol for this understanding.
In their bible they speak of two witnesses at the end of times, one being the olive tree.
The Zionists, deluded fools like the rest of humanity to be pitied rather than reviled, rip them out of the ground.

We plant them and care for them.

There should not be one place where we stand.
There should be no leaders.

But it is hard to prevent people from passing on a symbol, a symbol that represents a way, a shared understanding, the will to good that is the heart of our kind.
So to answer your question, take the symbol of the olive tree, wear it, share it, explain its significance, tire yourself out passing it on.
The time has surely come.

With Love from Crete,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thoughts on Hampstead

Now here's an interesting development.

I write often about the false opposition. How their highly professional websites dominate the alternative media and so the agenda and the mindset of the mavericks in the herd. How they feed you haystacks of truth and bury the needle of a lie therein. How they send you down rabbit holes, defusing your anger, diluting collective effort. How not one of them asks for a head count of we human beings that want an end to this false reality and an earth reborn in love, free of the sickness that is evil, for if we counted our number we would find we are many and once discovered we would find we had power. Unity is therefore what they fear. Unity cannot be found in debate, in detail, in protest marches about issues led by mantra shouting disinformation infiltrators.

The only unity that can be discovered is through drilling down to the very core of our being as a species, to ask our billions what we desire at the very heart of our being, then building our new world on that foundation.

There, within us all in our countless millions, rests the desire for peace, for justice, for an end to suffering, for a clean world free of murderous pollutants, for freedom, for an end to debt and a rebirth of obligation, for an end to war and those that foist it upon us and create division amongst us. There, within us all, is the desire for love. We are one world tribe, united in this desire, we are the human race.

And so to the development:
We have seen with mantra chanting false opposition movements how the placemen and infiltrators simply assume control.
It seems that the masters of reality have sent one of their key agents to get involved with the Hampstead thing.
Interestingly, "she" was also right up there with "occupy" and assumed some control of the "million mask march" (and had a very expensive wagon all signwritten for the purpose. She most likely is a great pal of Russel Brand! (See earlier posts)).

Here's where "she" is outed:

And other pages therein. I am amazed at the video outside the Hampstead church when she appears how anyone could even give her a minute of time or listen to a word she says she is evidently such a false creature. But then, they are good at winning over our hearts and minds, these creatures.

And here's the typically well made and exhaustive website she has miraculously created....(approach with caution, for no doubt it is full of nasty tracking and sneaking stuff.....)

In the header she says "Weekly Demonstrations to End Royal Court Paedophilia Cover Ups" as if SHE is the organiser and instigator, when she isn't. Clever, ain't it? She leads in with the video of the ex copper that I featured, thus adding his dignity to her glory.

SO here we see the process of controlling opposition AT BIRTH and can witness it in action and watch it grow.

Or not, if we choose to ignore, for choosing to ignore is one of the most powerful weapons we have.
Imagine. for example, if the human race decided to ignore debt.......

WHAT THIS DOES TELL US IS THIS: That they are afraid of this Hampstead affair. They are afraid it will highlight their baby murdering promiscuity. They are afraid the human race, the herd, might get off their collective arses and actually do something, so they are sending in their agents to control what's happening.

And their agents sites mine the data which reads the minds and collective consciousness of the herd.

It is by the process of data mining that the masters of this reality have their fingers on the pulse of humanity, have their burrowing feelers into our consciousness en masse. For example, at present they are using their own main stream newspapers to steadily allow "historic" paedophilia to be covered and thus take some steam out of the true alternative media. Then they are measuring what people say on facebook, in texts, in phone conversations, in their living rooms in front of the samsung eavesdropping TV etc. They determine their next action based on this datamining.
Another reassuring statement that they will pursue paedos with vigour! (How did that go down? Did they swallow it?)
Their shills go on websites and say "How dare people stick up for the mother when the judge clearly states it is the mother who is the abuser" (Measure the response, feel the temper of the herd).

You get the picture.
They have built the internet and own it and use it to control the awakening consciousness of humanity. It is a weapon. Every move they make is predetermined, every chaos they create planned and at every stage they know EXACTLY how human beings will react, exactly when they will be stirred to action, exactly who to kill and when.

They saw us coming before we even realised there was a problem here in this "reality", and made ready.

It will take all of us.
Love Olive xxx xxx xxx