Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Propornot Fake News list tells us a story.

You will be.

On the one hand, all those sites you relied upon are accused of being 'Russian' backed.
Fake News sites, one and all.

Here's the list, in case it passed you by:

Just exactly how many of them do you revere?

On the other hand, you can't believe you would have given your trust to them if they were false.
That's human nature.
It's easier to get a human to believe a lie than to get them to believe that what they hold to be true is in fact just so much bollocks.
Cognitive Dissonance rules.

But then, you'd seen them accused of being 'cointelpro' and wondered.
Then you'd read, somewhere, here maybe, how odd it seemed that they all had enough money to build the best sites, to send their representatives here and there to challenge world leaders or whatever.

Then you'd read, here maybe, how each of these sites recommended and referred to and boosted the others.

You'd observed the 'speaking circuit' and had the question raised, here maybe, just how it is that these people can afford to jet about the place as if money were no object.

You'd noticed, of course, or been prompted to notice, how these folks spoke at each other's gatherings. By way of reinforcing each other and cementing their collective prominence.
Don't you know.

Somewhere you'd read how there were thousands of these sites, one for every rabbit hole, several for the deep rabbit holes, how there was an interconnectivity between all of them that could be traced and tracked by the left brained detail folks among us.
Soon it would click that there was something other than a shared ideal, and that particular something other was, in fact, a fucking CONSPIRACY!!!!!

You'd read somewhere that it was a fundamental strategy of the power to control the opposition, and you'd contemplated that and thought “Maybe!”
You'd read, here perhaps, how these lists of “Fake News' sites were in fact acting as an advertisement, a direct advertisement to the Sheeple, no doubt building their visit counts tremendously.
Adding to their diminishing readership at a time when a lot of 'truthers' (you and us babe) were getting really fed up with the endless mind-battering bad news, and, mark this, NOT A SINGLE SUGGESTION ABOUT WHAT TO DO ABOUT ALL OF THIS SHIT.

On each of these sites you'll find their own recommendations for other sites you should visit. As you might have read here, there are thousands all told.
Then you'd ask yourself, if THAT were true, who is it that has the organisational ability and the money to build such a media empire?

You'd note, of course, that;
The meek.


That, we know you are thinking, should tell us something....

If we knew there were a hundred million of us around the world we could get together!

We could organise!

You don't know how many in your street, your neighbourhood, your town, your city, your 'nation' you would greet as brothers and sisters and know that you shared an understanding.

Aktina and I guess now it would surprise you.
Humanity is waking up, and our masters are making certain that we have NO IDEA just how far we have come, just how many of us there are, what power we already represent.


We would, in a moment of realising our number, become a power to be reckoned with.
Upon that realisation depends the future of humanity.

An army of a hundred million without barriers of race, of religion, of nationality, of class.
A hundred million truth seekers determined to change the world.
To end war.
To end debt.
To pursue the bad guys and give them justice.
To begin a new human civilisation.
Two hundred million.
Worldwide, a few billion?
Ask the Syrian meek, hiding in their cellars. There's already a few million that just want to feed their families and take a coffee with friends and walk the street at night free of fear.

Get it?
There are billions of us.

So who funds these weasels?
The Russians?
The Elders of Zion (as they said they would)?
The Chinese?
The Rothschilds?
The Satanists?
The Black Nobility Guelph aristocracy?
The Vatican child molesters?
All of the above?

OR something else?

The solution is:
It doesn't matter.
What matters is the unity of our kind.
What matters is the future of our species.
What matters is love, the foundation of all human spirits, the basis of life, that which is the destiny of humanity to bring to this world.

Love to you all,
Don't be confused,
Seek unity,
Seek human destiny,

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Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Awful truth....really awful what shall we do?

Investigating Satanic child murder?
Expect to be suicided.
Max Spiers, Breitbart....,

Know something about 'orphans' in Haiti being trafficked? 
Could be life threatening...

Then there was Nancy Schaefer, exposing corrupt child protection services' involvement with paedophilia, probably Satanic. Nancy died in a suspicious "murder suicide". 
       Great lady. Great speech.
 What she speaks of is also absolutely true in the UK and across Europe, social services stealing children, with the help of the courts, those children being used for paedophile abuse and murder.


Aktina and I wonder when those of us who understand this awful truth will come to realise that we must
uniting our resources and human capital
to inform the public.
And to get these bastards out of power.

When will we do this, do you think?
With Love,
Aktina and Olive
xxx xxx xxx

Russian Hackers = WAR.

It's Those Terrible Russians AGAIN!

It's comical to see the mind-engineering going on, isn't it?
How our rulers piece together their mind-control strategy, carefully edging humanity towards chaos and war.

Let's begin.

For some time we've been told that 'cyber war' is threatening us.
You can find a thousand more.

So: The sheeple are mind-ready for some 'terrible' cyber attack.
Could this be an attack on Democracy (sic) itself?

Amongst others, the hacker Guccifer said the Democrats would hack the election:

There are many saying that the Trump faction rigged the election:

Plenty are saying it's those terrible Russians:

Merkel, the German, fears the same:

QUESTION: How would Americans respond if it were “discovered” that the Russians had hacked the election?

Would Hillary supporters GO ZOMBIE? (LIKELY SO)
Would Trump supporters then reach for their (many) guns? (BELIEVE US, they're ready!)

There's the false stories of Russians bombing innocents and hospitals in Syria:

(Though the USA might well get their own asses kicked).

(Baroness Cox, following a visit to Syria, gives a different picture of the reality and highlights how the Syrian civilians are grateful to the Russians who, unlike the British and US forces, actually attack the terrorists.

Not that the TV watching public, nor many that are now addicted to false alternative media, would notice statements like those of the good Baroness Cox.)

Meanwhile......, to combat the 'Russian Threat”, US and European forces are surrounding Russia:

And the propagandists are instilling fear in Eastern Europe:

Some Questions:


Please view that video as a documentary of the future.

Remember: Humanity can only be saved by discovering that which unifies us.
The deep desires of the meek for peace, for justice, for love, for freedom from fear, for life free of usurious debt.
We are different, we are diverse, but we share a common consciousness grounded in Love and those things which spring from love.
It is TIME to make our reality reflect that collective human consciousness.
Isn't it?

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Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Recount = Civil War and More

Stirring it up in the USA.

A quick thought provoking mind stream:

We witnessed the incredibly emotional response from Hillary's Millennial Social Justice Warrior LGBTQ2 (or whatever) supporters.

We marvelled at their lack of understanding that the Hillary bitch was up to her neck in criminality, was a staunch supporter and defender of her rapist husband, ripped off the Haitans, filled her pockets from the Clinton Foundation, fucked up in Benghazi and got people killed, broke the secrecy laws with the email scandal, visited Epstein's paedo paradise island, has a career littered with strange and unusual deaths of those close to her, and employed a bunch of dirty tactics in the election, (all allegedly).

We assumed, therefore, that the Hillary supporters were mind controlled, because millions of people can't be that dumb.
Can they?

We assumed that the fix would be in and she would win the election, but the Trump won it.
The Hillary crowd went ballistic.

The Trump supporters were equally dumb.
This is a guy that has so many mafia connections that he could almost be a member, a 'made man'.
His career is littered with bankruptcy and unpaid obligations.
He has a long and dirty reputation in respect of women.
He was a chum of the Epstein demon too.
All allegedly.

More millions voted for him, but this time they were the dumb ass-holes you'd expect to respond to the messages he put out.

The so-called alternative media were firmly behind him. Despite all of them having ranted about the false left-right paradigm for a decade, they played the game as if it were real!

We spoke here in a post that we thought the election wouldn't happen.
We were wrong.
Now, however, we see the results being challenged and recounts being ordered.
Perhaps we were right after all.

How would it be if it were discovered that in those key states Hillary should have won were it not for 'hackers'?

How would it be if those 'hackers' turned out to be Russian?

You know, of course, how the US and its European NATO partners have been lining up missiles and troops on the Russian border.
How the sheeple have been fed bullshit about the Russian threat.
How the Syria thing has been used to paint the Russians black.
All of that consciousness engineering.

You know, of course, that curious training exercises have been going on in the US to deal with civil unrest.
You know, of course, about FEMA camps, and the billions of rounds of ammunition, and the military equipment for a militarised and increasingly pumped-up fascist police.

You know, of course, that if the recounts discover that Hillary should have won that the loud-mouth actor Alex Jones and the rest of the controlled alternative media will be screaming for action.

You know, by now, that there are a lot of mind controlled Americans.
Is this the tipping point?

Civil war in the USA, combined with war with Russia that a divided and internally warring country can't win?

Is this the end of America, of the West?
Is this the false drama that the herd will stampede into?
Is this how our rulers will prevent our upward transformation to a new human civilisation?

It is just those circumstances away, isn't it?
The discovery of foul play in the counting of votes.
Everything else is in place.

And the whole thing, from start to finish, so obviously choreographed by the hidden hands and their satanic followers you'd have to be stupid not to realise.

But then, en masse, we are, aren't we?

Just following the mind stream.........

Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Shock letter from US Ambassador hacked: Pizzagate!

(The following communication was intercepted by our hacking team. Marked Top Secret.) 

From: Her Majesty's Ambassador to the province of America.
To: Whomsoever is appointed as nominal 'President' of the province.
Dated: 26/11/2016


Dear Mr Trump/Ms Clinton,

Her Majesty's Government assume the USA elite understand how to mitigate the effects of paedophiles being exposed within government.

However, to ensure that no errors of judgement are made, it behoves us as Her Majesty's Government to offer timely and prudent reminders to our dear American cousins as to how this type of matter may be handled.

Rest assured that, to quote our much maligned servant Mr Hitler, “The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous.”

Dear friends, follow our example and you need fear nothing!

Firstly can we demonstrate how to set up an enquiry:

To summarise: Lose important and incriminating documents. Then have the head of the enquiry resign. Then have the next head resign. Then the next! Understand that the public will say very little as the months turn into years, for the next episode of a soap opera is far more important to them than someone murdering and eating their children.

Yes, it is so!

While you are at it, have other staff members resign, so that the whole thing is in utter turmoil. So:

These matters are so simple to arrange.

Secondly, ensure that the police officers that investigate any allegations are 'on side'. Here's how we handled one such enquiry:
The words “move along there, nothing to see here” spring to mind!

If you can, (and this is to be preferred) have a paedophile conduct the investigation, thus:

Thirdly, make any report sound awfully convincing and authoritative, for example this one from an enquiry into our Commonwealth kiddy fiddlers:

Do you see?

It is important to shut down enquiries after a while and make categoric statements that the thousands of complainants were utter liars and that, of course, nobody in Government ever touched a child inappropriately, not once, not ever.

(On that note, Her Majesty would care to remind Her servant Mr Joe Biden to please refrain from public displays of his affectionate nature. It simply won't do! Her Majesty was displeased by the following display, recorded on an electronic device:)

We are, Sir/Ms, your most attentive Ambassador,
The Lord Abraxus of Dolphin Square.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Conscious collective will to good

Conscious Collective Will to Good

The evil that dominates this reality does so by dividing humanity.
We witness this every moment of every day in a million ways.
These constant divisive arguments are promulgated and sustained by our rulers.
There may be one single ruler, or there may be a group, vying for power.
Regardless, the power comes from the numbers of human beings held in their sway and willing to do their bidding.
So the Vatican has power.
So the US government has power.
So the banker controlled corporate fascism.

The power is expressed through a hierarchy, each monolithic structure pressing its adherents into the willing acceptance of the hierarchy and the desire to climb higher within its structure so as to gain benefits.
Whether one ruler or many vying for control the simple fact is that without the conscious compliance and acceptance of human beings there would be no power.
Ergo, human beings are the true power in this reality.
Most people don't see this because the power has systemised their hierarchies and has control over the levers that make our societies function: Law, Money, Decision Making, Work, Nation, Religion and so on.

It seems impossible to break our of the false, inhuman reality because these control systems and hierarchies have been embedded over centuries.
And because everyone else accepts them.
Because everyone is utterly convinced that there is no alternative.

Society, reality, has been designed by our rulers to force us to be argumentative, to fight for share and position, to make survival and prospering a matter of competition.
Yet the truth is that the world is composed of two major resources: Nature and Human Effort.
Combining Nature and Human Effort we manage to feed and house and provide comfort for most of our kind.

Consider that fact, and realise that humanity doesn't require money, doesn't need a super rich class that lives off the labour of others.
We do not need our rulers.
We have our labour and the bounty of the planet.
Why, when there are seven billion of us, do we meekly allow our rulers to divide us, to send us to war against each other, to cream from each and every one of us the benefit of our labour?
Simple: Because we fail to find unity.

Our rulers understand this, understand that wherever and whenever we seek to discover unity they simply need to arrange for one of their servants to lead that effort.
Hence communism, fascism, the left/right political divide and the parties that compose it, hence religion, hence corporations for profit, hence organised and hierarchical charities and NGOs. Hence the so-called 'alternative' media.
Our species is simple to deceive, easy to lead astray.

There is no doubt that if once humanity shared one single determination, a unified collective will, then we could as a species cast off that which most of us now recognise as evil and rebuild our reality based on that single determination.

By reduction, if you examine that which divides us, we will find no commonality in ideas of nation, race, religion and so on. Those concepts were established by our masters or adopted by them and controlled in order to suck us in to their control hierarchy. They are so strong still that many human beings adhere with violent vehemence to them.

Three simple understandings should dispel them immediately:
  1. We are, genetically, all from one source. Every human being is genetically related to every other. There are no 'pure' races, just predominant genes. In every white man there are ancestral black genes, in every black man ancestral white genes. This is a truth easily researched if you need to check. We are all of us human beings, one world tribe.
  2. There is no living person that has met God, no living person that has spoken with God, there is no proof that God exists, though plenty of proof that some great consciousness created this reality and there are countless human beings that have felt connected with some spiritual existence. It is demonstrable that each of the books that determine the nature of each religion have been interfered with by kings and rulers through time. It is demonstrable that though speaking of the unity of humanity in peace and love that every religion has blotted its copy book thousands of times and that every religion has a history, and a now, that involves inhuman terror, slaughter of innocents and genocide. As a single species, a single genetic family, we should learn how to put aside the beliefs we have been inculcated with and stand together in our search for the creator. Maybe, when we do, the creator will speak to us again.
  3. There are no Nations, only the arbitrary lines drawn by kings and the feeling, created by generations of living together, of a community of like-minded people we might call “English” or “German” or “Yemeni”. Those communities, those histories, those evolved cultures are amazing, expressing as they do the brilliant diversity of our species. But there is and has never been a reason for one such community to go to war against another. Without kings, without politicians, without the rulers of this reality demanding such horror there would have been no wars in our history. Few human beings will kill unless driven to it or mind-controlled to believe in some fake idea like fascism or communism or Islam or Christianity. The ideas that drive us to war enter our consciousness and we become believers in those ideas and, at a mental nudge from our rulers, a rousing speech, a conflation of lies, we will pick up our weapons and march to the killing fields. Always there is a hierarchy of war, a uniform, an organisation. Once we enter we become a part of the systemised killing machine, believing it is our duty to kill. This, above all else, demonstrates both the stupidity of the individual and the malleability of the collective consciousness. In war time, we turn against the peacemakers. Women urge their men to join up and kill. We become heartless and vengeful. Few stand back and see how we have been fooled, how our enemies have been likewise fooled, how humanity is the loser every time whilst our rulers get richer and extend their power over us.

We see, everywhere, that these ideas of race, religion and nation still endure, even among the community of people breaking free of the mind-control system. The so-called alternative media often align themselves with one or the other mindset, when each of them is so patently a divisive control mechanism implanted by our rulers.

How is it possible to be a truth seeker and yet cling to Christianity or Islam and pray for those belief systems to prevail? How is it possible to be a truth seeker and yet cling to the idea of national strength and preference or racial superiority?

In each case those individuals work on behalf of our masters to continue the status quo, to preserve the structures and hierarchies of difference that have assaulted humanity for so many centuries.

There is only one path humanity can follow if it is to avert the imminent horror and step, united, into a new future of peace and beauty.

We must find our common humanity.
We must put aside our differences and focus our seven billion consciousnesses on a single desire, expressed simply.
This single focus cannot be driven by a hierarchical political system, cannot be sustained if it goes into detail about which we will become once more divided. These are mistakes our rulers can take advantage of and exploit to foil our plan to set humanity free and take control of our reality and shape it good.

Our common desires, the desires of the meek in this world, those with no voice or power, are simply expressed.
You know them as well as we do.
They are the things that stem from good, from love, the things which are opposite to the evil we see dominating our reality.
They are indivisible, these things, and pure in essence.
They are justice, they are fairness, they are sharing, they are freedom from fear, they are harmonious, they are fun, a thousand good things that, reduced to their essence, stem from good, stem from love.

That we have known this, each of us, all our lives, that every human being that ever lived understood this, that our tribal societies once lived by this understanding shows us, more than anything, the strength of the grip on the human spirit held by the force of evil in this world.

Is now the time to unite?
We think so.
It is time for the collective conscious human will to assert itself, time for our species, our one world tribe, to step into a different future.
Are you in?

With Love,
Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti

xxx xxx xxx  

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Olive Tree & Humanity

Here's a list of US government agencies.

Check it out.
It's huge.
It makes you realise what the ordinary citizen is opposed by.
Though their remit is ostensibly to work on behalf of the people, in actuality they work on behalf of the ruling power.

Each of those agencies is hierarchic.
Those that rule determine, through selection, the heads of each agency.
Those people get chosen because they are of, rather than opposed to, the ruling system.
In turn, they select the next tier on the same basis.
And so on down.

In this way each agency is a self perpetuating organ of government, each higher level employee locked into the career ladder that rewards compliance with the top-down system.

In this way 'democracy' loses its worth, because the staff continuity of these hierarchic state institutions ignores elections.

As we know, Presidents are chosen by the secret government, not by the people.
Therefore, Trump is a chosen man.
Alex Jones and the rest are, of course, liars and cointelpro agents.
(Even those you personally trust?)
The people Trump selects to lead the government agencies will be those who are of the system.
In this way, those agencies will continue their work of managing the herd.
We see this already.

As we know, the essence of our rulers is inhuman, is evil.
As we know, they insist on proof of evil from their appointees.
This is expressed through paedophile activity and child murder.

To gain the highest positions we must assume careerists have passed an initiation.
This most certainly involves Pizza.
We can also assume that they benefit in terms of longer life and better health.
See our recent post on the science about young blood.
We can also assume that they are told how to cure cancer, for none of them ever contract this now almost universal disorder.

When we break out of this prison we must find a better way to organise and decide.
A method of ensuring that the good people are our leaders and advisers.
This understanding excludes money, for where there is money there is graft and corruption, there are motives which seek to focus the benefits of effort into fewer and fewer hands.

This understanding also excludes power, for power itself corrupts.
Ergo our new system must grant no power to our leaders and advisers.
Power gives one person rights over many.
The chosen will have to ask, and rely on our good will.

Know that without money we must have voluntary systems and a strong idea of duty, reinforced by the collective consciousness.
We will have to find ways of dealing with the lazy, the greedy, the selfish, the bully.
This is not beyond our abilities as a species.
This is how we did things when we were all of us tribal peoples.
Perhaps for hundreds of thousands of years, before money and rulers.
This is how we can do things again.

Our understanding of true common human values and human nature has been twisted by the onslaught of years of mainstream media brainwashing, by millennia of kings and their wars, by millennia of money and its vile offspring, usury.

Don't be fooled.
Human beings are basically good.
We share the desire for peace, for love, for justice, for freedom from want in our billions.

Take money out of the system, take away hierarchy and most of the root causes of harm are taken away.

It will take a generation or two, but imagine the effects on our state of mind as a species.

Ideas for the new path for humanity are welcome here.
Please feel free to comment.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Here in East Crete our little cottage stands a hundred yards from the ruins of a Minoan village, 4,000 years old. Around here there are olive trees over two thousand years old. They have been cut down or burned by wildfire many times, but the roots survive and new trunks and branches grow. This is why we call our trees 'riezes', roots.
After a few years the trees fruit again.
Two years ago we had a grove infected by a canker and cut the trees. The new growth is free of disease and fruitful.
We liken this to humanity.
Our roots are strong and healthy, but the top growth has grown diseased and ugly.
It seems a big thing to do to cut all that top growth away, but once its done the human tree will grow fresh and strong and fruitful, the new structural branches smooth limbed and free of canker, the leaves green and fresh and wholesome.

And we will bear fruit again.

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Game.

This is a mind bender.
Follow the 'logic' of this stream of consciousness.
We wrote elsewhere that it is likely that this reality was/is generated by a computer.
We also stated that, before too long, assuming our rulers lose control of our progress, we would as a species be capable of developing a computer equal to the task.
We asserted that, in effect, this would put us up there with the Creator.
We wonder if this is the purpose of the game?

We said that in order for humanity to reach this particular stage of the game, things would have to change.
We'd have to quit being tricked into fighting and cooperate.
We'd have to quit messing up our nest and clean things up.
We'd have to free ourselves from every aspect of the false, debt owned reality.
We'd have to build a reality that reflected our collective desire, which we called Humanheartedness.
We'd have to forget all the thousands of years old lies and the institutions and controlling hierarchies built around them and reinvent how we organise ourselves.

We've suggested that the model is there for us, is tribal, with the understanding that we are genetically one tribe.

If we can achieve these things, which we believe is just a step away for humanity, a moment of realisation of our commonality and shared souls' desires, then we could co-create a heaven on earth, or at least an Eden.

We often asseverate that the Bible, though full of falsehoods and the hands and minds of our rulers, contains hints and clues as to the nature of this reality. That we are in an apocalypse now seems certain, that our rulers are bent on some kind of Armageddon seems certain, that they will offer us a false Messiah seems certain, that in the end the meek will inherit the earth seems to us to be the fulfilment of humanity's destiny after the trials of the last few thousand years.

Because no single human being possesses a mind capable of knowing everything, because no nation or race has all the answers, because no country or region can any longer stand alone in the world and be self sufficient, for our species to move forwards we must all of us recognise our global interdependency and our duty and responsibility to all, to every member of our tribe.

This understanding stands first. You are not alone, for every human being is with you.

We assert that human beings are weak, are frail, full of contradictions, that none of us is without sin.

But we also assert that our collective consciousness is not that which our masters have driven us to. Rather, our collective consciousness is good, that good is what we strive for, that good is what our institutions should represent and fail to because our institutions are controlled by an evil force that speaks lies purporting to be truth.

We are not seven billion individuals we are one mind made of seven billion parts.
This collective consciousness is controlled just now, but is yearning for freedom.
When this collective consciousness realises the authority it has, at that moment the world will change.

Look around you, feel it instinctively and you will know: That Moment cannot be far away.

Love is not an emotion, it's a principle, a guiding force, a shared desire, the key to our destiny.
Love to you all
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Mutually Assured Benefit

2500 Years and Counting.......

What is wrong with humanity?

Two thousand years ago the Romans and Greeks were building beautiful cities, had central heating and running fresh water, fostered poets and dramatists, philosophers and historians. Four hundred years before, Plato had founded the world's first University and written a philosophy which to this day has great worth. At around the same time Laozi authored the Tao Te Ching (the Way of Inner Virtue), from whence Confucius and Mencius drew their philosophies. In India, the Bhagavad Gita was probably contemporaneous.

In India, in Greece, in Italy, in Egypt, in South America, architects and builders were creating structures we travel to now to marvel at for their beauty and endurance. Mathematicians were deducing the building blocks of creation and using that mathematics to create buildings expressing those principles as art. In the East humans created temples based upon what we now term Fractals, expressing the infinite. In the West, Phi and the Golden Ratio were employed to build the Parthenon. At around this time, Democritus (“Chosen of the People”) was writing about how creation was made of atoms, with a void between these tiny particles.

In those days ideas of “Republic' and “Democracy” and “Law” were born. The true nature of creation and the Creator were explored. Learning and knowledge became ends in themselves, valued by societies that saw the benefits of such cerebral endeavour in practical outcomes, creating devices that brought ease and building cities that pleased the senses.

And here we are. Two and a half thousand years later and we exist in a cesspool of physical and mental filth, everything fine and noble and virtuous almost forgotten, the world dominated by warmongers, humanity enslaved to usurious debt, the understanding of the benefits of tribal consciousness dissipated, our cities uglified and our environment ruined, the trivial glorified and the deep and meaningful derogated, our search for connection with the creator mummified within ancient, lying religions and their perverse books.

What went wrong?

Money, that's what.

In our tribal origins we human beings shared. We did this because we understood that by sharing when we had stuff to share that others would share with us when we hadn't. This simple understanding created a bond between peoples that understood that 'self' was less than 'tribe', that we worked best and were safer as a community. Better hunters shared their haul because they understood that better gatherers or growers would share what they had, that better bow makers or teepee builders would provide. This was not even barter as we might think of it today. This was a condition of mutually assured benefit. Slackers and the greedy would be frowned upon, but the weak or incapable were supported as it was understood that we all become weak or incapable at some point. From there we developed our first civilisations, but commingled with that came money and kingship.

Tribes had leaders, the wise that advised or decided, selected by common consent. The bullies that might otherwise dominate were shunned or cast out by the whole tribe, banished as the Amish do today. This was a powerful method of ensuring the tribe continued its harmonious, just and fair existence, for it was understood that once a bully is allowed to dominate, everyone becomes a slave.
In exile the bully became a lone wolf and often died quickly, lacking the benefits of sharing and caring that the community provided.

Even in places where bullies dominated and pronounced themselves king the situation wasn't yet too bad. Even kings can only eat so much, only occupy so much space. Their taxation of their subjects was limited. Why take all the grain, when a year later it would be ruined and worthless?

Then money was invented, and kings put their faces on it, and this single event determined the rest of human history. Money is in effect energy. When you labour, your expended energy becomes money. That energy-as-money can be stored, whereas grain or meat have a shelf life. That stored energy can be passed from generation to generation. There are still aristocrats in England living off the stored energy of Chinese opium addicts of the 19th Century.....

As we all know now, it was later discovered that money could be made that had no intrinsic value, that a human being's labour could be bought for a piece of paper. Later still, bought for a piece of electronic data at the tap of a key.
This worthless stuff now controls almost everything we do. It is the electronic expression of all of humanity's real work; its creativity, its invention, its sweat and grunt. Seven billion of us labour in exchange for digits and we allow our modern day rulers to create as many digits as they like from thin air and charge us our energy for it.

This creation of money as debt from thin air is, in effect, the creation of energy from nothing, an act of demonic Magick.

This demonic Magick drives almost everything evil in the world, from the bribery and corruption of all governments and rank upon rank of corrupt government employees, down to the lowest levels, the street corner heroin dealers and the modern day slavers that supply prostitutes to those without a moral compass, the suppliers of paedophile pornography and snuff movies. Every aspect of humanity at its basest is driven by this dark Magick.

We live in a world gone wrong. A world where relatively harmless cannabis is illegal yet harmful alcohol is freely available. A world where war criminals are celebrated and voted for instead of being hung by the neck until they are dead. A world which has forgotten the benefits of community and sharing and where money pits each human being against every other. A world where we build ugly places, where we destroy the very nature that supports us. A world where child murderers dominate our leadership everywhere.
This great machinery of dominance and wrong would stop working without money. It is the oil that keeps the machinery of evil lubricated and functioning, without which it would, like any engine without oil, quickly blow up.

If the world's currencies failed, which we know our masters are intending, we human beings would be plunged into utter confusion. Without money we can neither buy nor sell. Would the bus driver go to work if the company had no money to pay them? Would the farmer grow food if there was no money for him to pay for his fertiliser, the fuel for his tractor, nor to pay for what he or she grew? When money is crashed, the world will be further plunged into chaos. From that chaos we will pray to be saved and our rulers will be able to introduce their final insult to our great species, purely electronic, digitised money as debt, the instrument of absolute control forever.

The world is co-created by humanity's conscious will.
That conscious will is controlled, as we have written about and described here so often.
IF we decided to live, as a global tribe, as a single species, without money......

We would have to determine some way to frown upon the greedy.....
We would have to find some way to decide which of us would get the Ferrari...
We would, millions of us, be released from non-productive work...
We'd need no tax collectors, no bankers, no salespeople, no marketeers, no insurance people....
Millions would realise that they could be doing something USEFUL

Some solutions:
We lotterise what's luxurious, from champagne to executive cars.
We provide exchanges for those items, for all stuff, we swap as our forbears did, we give what we can and we take what we need, sharing a tribal understanding.
We frown upon the greedy and the lazy as our tribal forbears did, punish them by exclusion.

Crime is mostly money motivated.
What crime remains we all of us police, as our tribal forbears did.
Everyone should act as a peace officer, everyone take responsibility for the freedom from fear of the whole tribe....
Do you see?

When the financial crash comes, there should be nothing to fear


What, then, could we do with the next 2,500 years?


xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 19 November 2016

"They Live" documentary

David Icke did a recent video about this movie, which we posted about some time back. It does seem like a documentary, though it's missing the ritual child abuse that would give it more authenticity.
If you haven't seen it, enjoy.

Love to you all,
Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

P.S. and "THEY" do seem to like eating PIZZA, don't they? Best link....


More than a hundred years ago the elite understood that humanity was entering a new phase.
They calculated that humanity would, as a product of increased numbers, stupid though we generally are, finally work out how this reality works.
Their plans, since then, have been to deprive us of the future we should have.
A future of love, of peace, of ease, of balance, of freedom, all those things born of the basic human desires common to our species.
As they understand us better than we understand ourselves they recognised that our natural condition, as a tribe or group rather than as individuals, was one of 'Christ consciousness'.

We use that phrase as a convenience, rather than out of belief in the Christ, knowing that the New Age religion has stolen those words and is using them to build its Luciferian edifice. We use them because in brief they summarise the true nature of humanity as it was and will be again. Perhaps we should, as a species, adopt a neologism, appropriate to the new era we are growing into, some shortened version of “collective human consciousness” that fits what we as a species desire and so, by deduction, describes what we shall have?

Mencius, one of the followers of Confucius, told us that the temple of Heaven in the human heart is founded upon divinely implanted compassion, that which he termed 'benevolence' or Humanheartedness. We always steer away from ideas of the divine, of a God, preferring the term Creator because we see that science and accumulated human knowledge is leaning ever closer to the understanding that we exist within an artificial reality made of information and that this reality was fabricated by a consciousness and mind far greater than we are as individuals, though ultimately no greater than we will be once our science has advanced and our collective learning approaches the summit.

Do you see? If we find our path to the reality we should exist within and on the threshold of which we stand today our ability to create alternative realities will arrive perhaps within a century, less if biological quantum computers and artificial intelligences take some leaps. Certainly by then we will be able to download our 'selves' into the programme.

One human being could never achieve such a marvel, but seven billion over millennia of learning will reach the point of being able to create realities as convincing and real as this one. In this way humanity, individually weak and less than perfect, may collectively become ineffable.

This accumulation we describe elsewhere as the 'Hive Mind', ignoring the definition that alludes to uncritical conformity but preferring that which describes the brilliance of humanity's collective intelligence. It is at the point of realisation of the hive mind that we now stand and which our masters seek to deprive us of through their infernal machinations, machinations too legion for one human to comprehend but easily understood by our collective whole.

So it is that our community of free souls are experts in a thousand areas of wrong. Some know all about the paedophile blood rites, some about Monsanto, some about big pharma, some about usury, some about warfare, some about religious extremism and on and on. It's too much for you or we as individuals, but not too much for our collective effort.

You are not alone, for we are legion and when finally we understand our common desires, our humanheartedness, when we finally stand together then, at that moment, the world will change.

We always remind ourselves when we consider this that the 'Bible' describes such a tower of learning, such a time when we shared a language, such a time when we stood together and knew that we could build something that approached “God” and that we were scattered and the tower destroyed.
This could well be the tale written again for our future generations should our rulers knock us down again and plunge us into a dark age of unreason once more. We feel that humanity has trodden this path before, that the 'Bible' is full of metaphor, that above all we should be wary of that which Itamar Yaoz Kest, the Israeli poet, described when he wrote:
"If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth — let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness."

His words describe the so-called Samson Option, in which the 'Jews' threaten to annihilate the world should they feel the Goy threaten to destroy them, but this power to destroy lies in reality in the hands of those that rule this reality, who are by no means 'Jewish'.

That we are in danger as a species we all of us recognise.
That we must find each other, we that understand this, and reach out our hands to link together and find our strength and power to change the world in that uniting is crucial.

It's time to congregate.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Complex.....Elite Strategy in Brief

Take as your starting point the understanding, often expressed here, that humanity is becoming something different. This does not mean that individuals are becoming different but that the collective whole is changing. This collective change is driven by our number and our ability to communicate. Our sheer numbers create higher numbers of people we could call 'genius'. Our ability to communicate means that their ideas can spread, thus accelerating the building of a shared knowledge base which in turn speeds the rate of advance.

We can all recognise that astonishing rate of technological advance, but few perceive that hanging on to its coat tails are other momentous advances, those which will drive from this reality the misconceptions that have been nurtured by our rulers over millennia and which sustain their hold over our species. These misconceptions are those things which capture our belief, those things we cling to hardest, those things which place division between us and cause us to fail to recognise the beautiful truth: That we are one tribe, one conscious entity made of billions of souls, an entity which can collectively create a heaven on earth and has that power and that authority.

Know, then, that attaching monetary value to ideas, knowledge or intellectual property slows our specie's rate of progress by lessening the speed with which we share ideas. Know also that such a financial mechanism focuses the ownership of ideas into the hands of corporations and governments, both entities which are under the control of the world's usurious money power acting as an instrument of the rulers. Ergo, money is holding us back and stealing our potential, yet this 'money' is one of the faiths or belief systems that we have been taught to believe in and cannot imagine being without. Such is the power of centuries of training of our species.

Go to the deepest jungle and there find a tribe that has no contact with the rest of humanity. Offer them a million dollars for their fish, without which they would not eat this day. They would look at the paper, then look at you, and laugh at the crazy foreigner with their crazy ideas.
Then they'd share the fish with you.
Or shoot arrows at you if they had had bad experiences of the sky-people before.

Our rulers understand that they can control our invention through money and through assassination. They also understand that the time is approaching when we, as a species, will finally see through the old belief systems that they have relied upon for so long to keep us in check and have therefore long strategised to stage a global revolution which will shatter the old systems and usher in a brave new world, a new world order which we humans will believe is of our creation or comes in answer to our prayers.

WE are undergoing that revolution now, and everything is closely scripted, everything is going to plan. Believers in their newly crafted paradigm can be witnessed weeping at the electoral demise of Hillary Clinton, think of themselves as Social Justice Warriors whilst lacking the simple research skills required to discover the vile truth about that woman and how far removed she is from the ideals she spouts and which the SJWs swallow whole.

Our rulers are intent upon destroying their own creation, those things we have come to depend upon and believe in. Democracy is being cast into the fire right now. From the ashes of that conflagration will rise their new Phoenix, their new ruler, their King of the world who will 'save us all' and usher in a period of 'peace' which will be a shoddy and blood-tinged facsimile of the world of peace we humans would build, should build, have the power to build if once we recognise our commonality of desire.

You are aware, by now, of the enormous efforts that have gone into shaping humanity's perception of itself. They would have us believe we are incapable of living peacefully with one another, that we are so divided by faith, by class, by money, by race, by nation, by political leanings that surely we will end all life on this planet by unleashing nuclear weapons.
Those of us that see, however, see that all those divisions are theirs, that all wars are theirs, that all weapons of mass-destruction are theirs.
WE see that human beings are argumentative, fractious, competitive, but we also see that we are loving, are peaceful, enjoy sharing and giving. It is a rare human being that will kill. A rare and sick human being. The idea of war is an idea born of our rulers, always has been throughout known history and evident to even the simplest mind. We meek human beings want none of it.

They would also have us believe that we are polluting the planet to death, are warming the planet to destruction when WE see that it is their factories, their nuclear power stations, their plastics that are messing up our world. Plastics we can make from Hemp, were it not banned. Energy we can get from the sun or the wind or from whatever other inventions we have made and had buried by the fossil fuel corporations owned by the rulers of this reality. All the major pollutants come from their factories, their businesses, the money power shifting their locations to places where WE have fewer laws to prevent them, fewer educated people to protest, places where labour and government can be cheaply bought with their fictional 'money'.

As we write the world is edging towards the great chasm these monsters have readied for us. Years ago on this blog we wrote of this maelstrom's approach and now one third of the world has already fallen into its twisted vortex.

As we witness the destruction of democracy, so also we are witnessing the destruction of religious faith and being given the once and for all understanding that the Abrahamic religions are truly the fount of evil.

At the same time our human understanding that there is something greater than we in the universe, something that has higher ideals, something that hopes we will succeed in finding the power of love and use that power to order our reality, that thing we have been taught to call 'God' is being driven from our consciousness along with the vile creations we call Christianity or Islam or whatever, those foul hierarchical usurpers that have stolen and misdirected our understanding of creation and what we are expected to do with it.

Those who see will know, of course, that our rulers have a replacement religion at hand, a one world religion, a global religion that will, we guess, frown upon non-believers and probably burn them.
That's the habit of religions, isn't it?
The works of Blavatsky, the disgusting Hermetic Orders, Pike's Lucifer, the child buggering and murdering blood sacrifice focused new religion that has already such a vast following among our top politicians, judges, media executives, police forces, social services and children's charities (those latter two groups being the suppliers of the fodder for these feasts of depravity.)

Eventually, of course, we will be taught to accept paedophilia and child sacrifice once more.
We have, of course, thousands of years of experience of doing just that.
Read any religion's book, or any history book if you are ignorant of this facet of our human family's story. Note, too, that the exposure of high-level paedophilia, combined with the deliberate sexualisation of our children, combined with the taught acceptance of any form of gender abnormality or sexual preference as a legal right, all of these things are intended within a few years to create a public demand for the legalisation of 'consensual' sex with kids. Social Justice Warriors will shout names at you if you decry paedos, just as they do now about any of the other deviancies we are expected to cheer about.
Don't misunderstand us, we could never be anti-gay, but realise that there is a war against humanity and part of that war is to do with the destruction of family, part is to do with making us lonely creatures, part is to do with making essentially tribal, communal creatures into creatures with weak ideas of family, of community. We have been made islands unto ourselves, the links and bonds that made us strong weakened. Over 25% of kids in the West now grow up without any father, without any male role model, and are the worse for that loss.

This war on the rising consciousness of humanity is being fought on a myriad of fronts, funded by the inexhaustible amounts of 'money' available to our rulers. They seek to weaken us by controlling education and thereby 'dumbing down' our collective cleverness. They seek to distract us through popular entertainment, entertainment which at one time involved leaving the home and collecting together with others is now funnelled into the home through the TV or the internet. Every aspect of their strategy is easy to discern once you learn to recognise their goals. The ban on smoking has closed thousand upon thousand of bars and pubs, keeping the non-thinkers well and truly separated from those dangerous maverick smokers, those who chose at an early age to break the rules and to sometimes hide while they did it. Such people are the world's lepers now, cast outside in the rain and made to suffer for their individuality.

Our rulers seek to make humanity baser creatures by spreading their pornography and such porn, fed into the minds of children that have access via a laptop or their phone, are growing into a world of sexual dissatisfaction or ennui. Women everywhere are now beginning to understand the effect as their male peers show little interest. At the same time, the paedophile agenda is served by the free availability of pornography and acts as a grooming agency.

As democracy is conflagrated, as religions are exposed, so money will be destroyed. This is something long in preparation. Our rulers have designed the system to fail, meanwhile using their fiat money to acquire vast hoards of Gold, the basis of their new fake money system so vaunted by the false alternative media who encourage mugs to buy gold so that its value is artificially raised, thus further enriching those that own almost all of it.

Right now their media system is being exposed as false, untruthful, biased. The US election is a case in point. Waiting in the wings are their ready made, equally false, alternatives.
Hence, dear reader, understand that the list just published of fake news sites was merely an advertisement designed to push the unwary into the wrong hands.
Can you see that?
Take a look at that list and blacklist most of them, if not all. They are not what they seem.

Underneath all of this there has been a rapid increase in the number of Non-Governmental Organisations worldwide. These NGOs purport, often, to be not-for-profit or charitable, or are funded by 'well-meaning' billionaire philanthropists. Some are very old charities, now taken over by chief executives from corporate backgrounds. All of these NGO's ask for donations from ordinary people. All of them have great websites proclaiming their good intentions. All of them reward their CEOs exceptionally well. All of them, worldwide, have enjoyed 'leadership training' from organisations like Common Purpose. Many of them have been 'reframed' by such training. Common Purpose extends its reframing into governmental bodies too, especially the police and the armed forces and health services, media bodies like the BBC.

When democracy fails and countries are plunged into internecine war by that failure the SJWs and their ilk will seek and find the waiting alternative: NGOs.

The power, seeing and fearing the awakening of humanity, understanding the possibility of our co-creating a heaven on earth, realising the weakness inherent in the systems they have relied upon for so long are, as we write, engaged in crashing the current reality. Underneath, lying in wait, is a new world religion, a new world government made up of not-for-profit organisations they have created and control, a new world money system based on gold. As they crash the old reality many of us will die in the chaos they create. At last, exhausted, we will pray for a saviour to bring order and peace.
Et Voilà!
There He will be.

Unless we meek human beings realise our unity.....

We most of us don't want war, or poverty, or starvation, or torture, or paedophile murder. We like competition, but not when it means 1% of 1% own the world. We don't want debt, especially debt created from thin air that enslaves us. We want a roof, food, time to enjoy ourselves, friendship, family, camaraderie, peace, the absence of fear in our lives.
We want love, for all these things emanate from love.
Every complex issue in the world can be solved by the unity that comes from these simple shared desires. Seven billion of us yearn for these things.

We pray that humanity finds this unity.
It is in every heart.
It is the soul of our species, waiting to be expressed.
It's what the world should reflect, what humanity's collective consciousness should create.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

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Blood thieves and longevity

I often talk about the Satanic elite and child sacrifice and blood taking.
In case you don't know, here's the science:
"The key to youth appears to be in the blood plasma – the liquid part of blood. Several studies have found that injecting plasma from young mice into old mice can help rejuvenate the brain and other organs, including the liver, heart, and muscle.
Could blood plasma from young people have the same benefits? To find out, Minami and her colleagues took blood samples from 18-year-olds, and injected them into 12-month-old mice. At this age, the equivalent of around age 50 for people, the mice start to show signs of ageing – they move more slowly, and perform badly on memory tests.
The mice were given twice-weekly injections of the human plasma. After three weeks of injections, they were submitted to a range of tests. The treated mice’s performance was compared to young, 3-month-old mice, as well as old mice who had not received injections.

New neurons

They found that human plasma does have the power to rejuvenate. Treated mice ran around an open space like young mice. Their memories also seemed to improve, and they were much better at remembering their way around a maze than untreated mice.
“Young human plasma improves cognition,” says Minami, who presented her findings at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego, California, on Monday. “Their memory was preserved.”
“It’s more or less what we would expect,” says Victoria Bolotina, at Boston University in Massachusetts. “The blood of young people must have something in it that’s important for keeping them young,” she says.
The team then examined the brains of the treated and untreated mice. They looked for clues on the birth of new neurons in the hippocampus – a process called neurogenesis, which is thought to be important for memory and learning. Sure enough, the treated mice appeared to have created more new cells in their brain. “Young human plasma treatment can increase neurogenesis,” says Minami.".
 Now you know why the Queen Mother hit 104, why Prince Philip (96) and the Queen (90) still jog around, why so many other rulers of this reality live so long and keep working. Kissinger (93), Mugabe (92), Bush (92), Carter (92), Nathaniel Rothschild (80, a puppy!) and it goes on. Check out Wiki for any name you can think of.......

And why do the monsters crave the eating of the terrified sacrificed child's heart?
From Wiki:

"Several small-scale studies (involving 15 or fewer test subjects) conducted in the 1950s and 1960s reported that adrenochrome triggered psychotic reactions such as thought disorder, derealization, and euphoria.[2] Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.[3] In what they called the "adrenochrome hypothesis",[4] they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome.[5][6] However, these hypotheses have never been scientifically accepted.

These are some of the secrets that substantiate the power cult. A long and healthy life, healthy body and mind, these are riches indeed and much to be craved. In his 70's, Berlusconi slept with eight women in one night.....Bill Clinton loves that Lolita Express, aged 70.....
Add it up.

Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx