Sunday, 19 June 2011

Greek Revolution, or Greek Civilisation? The choice is theirs.

Ordo ab Chaos: Order out of Chaos.

I hope I will be forgiven for giving a foreigner's view of this Greece, this Crete where I have my home and hope to remain, where I farm my olives and grow my vegetables and teach my language and feel through the soles of my feet the roots of one of the world's earliest civilisations and feel from the souls of the good people I meet the vestiges of something that was once possible for the world and will be again.

The history of this place is the history of invasion, of resistance, of jackboots and brutality fought with stubbornness and indomitable spirit. It's a place with a tradition of sharing, of community, of welcome, of living for the most part without law and yet without lawlessness.

Not perfect, but perhaps better, happier for the most part, simpler, certainly healthier. They lived long lives here then.

It's also a place where the quieter invasion went unnoticed as it did everywhere, the subtle and discrete invasion that has slithered through the corridors of power of the world's democracies, giving the appearance of freedom and choice whilst slowly and inexorably tightening its grip through debt enslavement, through the manipulation of thought via the media, through law and taxation, through the gradual tightening of the bonds of restriction. This serpent of evil has kept its secret manipulations hidden, its servants quietly and over many years entering and usurping every institution of the state, every lever by which the world is moved and turned, shaping and misshaping humanity's destiny.

This is your enemy, may it live long and find the beauty and love and forgiveness that humanity has at its core and so find redemption.

Like everywhere, this Greece, this Crete is a place where the immoral, the undignified, the greedy and the wicked have fastened their lips to the teat of power and sucked noisily, forsaking their countrymen and their heritage and the possibility of a beautiful world for momentary advantage, for a few baubles, to wallow in the false respect and reverence given to them by their fellow travellers on the road to perdition or by the naturally obsequious or by the stupid.

These criminal servants of the kleptocratic global snakes are at this moment engaged in the last acts of the agenda laid down for them by their global masters. Having impoverished their countrymen with the lie that is national debt, this false money created out of thin air and by the tap of a computer key in the banking division of the global conspiracy, they now seek to drive their country to violent revolution.
They are traitors all.

As we have seen and continue to witness across the Arab world the chaos of violent revolution is orchestrated carefully and so easy to recognise once you comprehend the strategy of your enemy.

Firstly, they create the conditions that cause a great upsurge of popular discontent.
Usually, this discontent takes the form of peaceful demonstrations. Humanity has never sought armed conflict, war being the great pleasure of the world masters as they play their great game.

Secondly, they place amongst those demonstrating agents provocateurs that throw missiles at the police, smash what they can, pose for the TV hooded and scarved pretending to be “Anarchists” or religious extremists, throwing their Molotov cocktails at policemen who seem, miraculously and in every case, to be the very ones wearing the flame-proof protective suits beneath their uniforms.
How many times have you seen flaming policemen on the news? How convenient is it that the cameras are always there? It's almost as if it is prearranged! .

Thirdly and crucially, as was and is being witnessed across the Arab world, they encourage the police to become more brutal in their response and at some point begin to kill demonstrators, usually in response to “being fired upon”. As we have seen in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Libya, in Bahrain and Yemen and Syria, in Thailand, in Georgia, in too many places to list the global plan follows the same predictable pattern.

This third stage, the shooting of protesters in :”self-defence”, stirs the blood of the people, creates martyrs, gives cause to the lust for revenge, provokes the violent reaction our global masters desire.

And from the ensuing violent “revolution” comes the chaos they have long planned for.

It is so simple, so obvious, so monotonous in its regularity you would imagine that everyone would see through it, that everyone would understand, that no-one would react in the way they intend us to react, and yet we do.

So far.

Perhaps this place, this Greece, perhaps these people can alter the course of history, perhaps they can shoulder the responsibility of leading the world into a new civilisation.

Why not?
They've done it before.

As a species, humanity is coming to the understanding that we have made many mistakes. As a species we recognise the damage we do to our mother earth and each other. As a species we are at last beginning to understand who and what has been behind so much of this wrong, so much of this evil, and to understand in our heart of hearts and the core of our beings and the very soul of our existence that we are many and the world could be ours if we so chose, ours to build into a place of beauty, of love, of safety and friendship and harmony.

There is much that will be difficult, much that will seem strange, much that we will need to give up and yet the great prize lies within our grasp, a beautiful future awaits us, the opportunity to create a place we are proud to hand on to our children and their children.

So how can we fight this great evil, this serpent that treats us as playthings and manipulates our world into the sick and greedy and jealous and vicious and dirty and polluted place that so suits it and brings ruin to the rest of us?

We can fight it with the greatest weapon we have, the only weapon it cannot defend itself against, the thing it fears the most and the thing upon which humanity can build its future.
This thing is called love.

In practical terms humanity has to begin this battle between good and evil somewhere. The world as we know it is being de-constructed before our eyes and the New World Order is readying itself, using us as its tools, manipulated by the media and its sick servants into following the route to Armageddon that is now so plain to see. We are in that place now, a long way down the path towards the last battle they have planned for us. Our enemy is organised. Its plans are subtle and detailed and organised beyond our comprehension, long in the making.

Humanity is at war, yet until the bombs begin to fall we many of us cannot see it.

Our enemy is within the gates.
Our enemy is people you know.
Our enemy has control of the levers of power that we have, by our negligence, allowed it to take control of.
It has our armies, our law, our police, our bureaucracy, our money, our media, our education system, in many cases our minds and our thoughts. It has swallowed the heart and soul of our brothers and sisters that serve this great evil.

These things we must take back.
Before they make perpetual slaves and playthings of those they allow to survive their nightmare.

For Greece, this is not about their imaginary debts, it's not about their pathetic political manoeuvrings, it is not about the safety and security of your job and your pension, it's about none of these things though they seem vital to you at this moment. All these things are simply pieces of the jigsaw of their strategy, things they are taking from you to make you angry enough to begin to shed blood.
If you can, forget them.
Focus on the real issue.
To be the start of a new world civilisation.
After all, it won't be the first time.

And if you begin and organise and plan and act around the single idea of love, and if you speak of this thing to those who are lost to the great evil, to brothers and sisters and cousins and friends who have been sucked in by the state and its sleazy patronage, if you call them to a greater duty then there will be no riot police, there will be no fingers on the triggers, there will be no liars spinning their falsehoods on the TV and in the press.

They'll be with you, holding your hands or linking arms with you and together you will find the way into the future.

And if you let me, I'll be there too.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer
Feel free to translate and repost.

Friday, 3 June 2011

What's real?

If you scour the net for sites like this you are seeking something.

Think of a monkey, looking through its primate eyes at the world that is the creation of another primate. Some things it will work out, most of what it sees remaining beyond its comprehension.

Its reality is composed of natural things, which it knows better than you or I, and created things which fail explanation.

Such is our condition.
In fact, our condition is worse.
We have been weaned off our understanding of natural things and largely do not understand how the created things that form our reality work.

If your computer breaks, can you fix it?
Your central heating?
Your car?
Can you fix the myriad of societal problems that cause you to lock your doors or pop a poison suicide pill that you've been told will make you better?

We have been gifted complexity, only to discover that it makes us ignorant, makes us sick, and yet it is so utterly complex that we cannot see how to unravel the whole construct and get back to what really matters.

The spider's web has its sticky threads everywhere you look, and its hard to break free.

And you want to.

Most of us do.

Most of us want to live a life that is free of worry, free of fear.

The conditioned herd think they want “stuff”, because what was there in place of “stuff” has been stolen.

Good will.

The conditioned herd equate freedom from worry with money, because what was there before money has been lost in the mist of time and overwhelmed by the false reality.

We live in interesting and confusing times.

Our masters are driving us towards the endgame and the position of the finish line is known only to them. The rules of the game have been devised by them. The knowledge we think we have is knowledge controlled and allowed by them. The sides we take, indeed the very idea of “sides”, are controlled and manipulated by them.

Everything you and I think we know, think we have a grasp of, is the progeny of thousands of years of their close and ordered control.

I used to think I was educated.
Now I know I am ignorant.
The game is fixed.
The table is tilted.

Quite simply, we haven't got a clue.
Our ignorance is monumental.
Our stupidity a matter of record.
We still allow ourselves to be manipulated into hating each other, killing each other, arguing and scrapping over “stuff” and “isms” and “faiths” instead of being what we should be.

If, like me, you ponder the future and have a remnant of instinct you know great things are afoot. The world is in flux, the cosmos is changing, our planet and everything on it is in motion and even those of us that seek knowledge and understanding look for answers in an electronic library that is the creation of those we seek to undo.

Even the idea of such momentous impending change is promulgated therein.

And still we don't know why.

Still we are monkeys, failing to comprehend.
Still we follow whomever is given to us to follow.
Still we seek leaders and hang on to those that offer “HOPE” and “TRUTH” and swallow whatever bullshit they serve to us.

The peasants of France believed in the revolution.
The peasants of Russia believed in the revolution.
The peasants of the USA believed in revolution masquerading as “change”.
Obama the Obamination.

The peasants seeking “truth” believe in revolution.
A committee of other Blavatsky-ites?

These scum are spewing their spunk all over your face and laughing (if you will please excuse my crudity).

The answer?
Taking control of knowledge.
Holding hands.
Starting again.

There is an opportunity now for humanity to do these things.
Can we take it?
We monkeys?

Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

(As the red tailed dragon approached the olive farmer hugged his trees and murmured soothing words:
"The end is just a beginning" he said.
And "Fear nothing".
And the tree was comforted, and bore fruit.
Let those that have three eyes, see.)