Sunday, 28 December 2014

We know nothing....

When you assay what we think we know you realise that we know very little. We have yet to finalise our understanding of this world, have yet to fully grasp the meaning of the discoveries we have made in the fields of quantum physics, of chaos mathematics, of DNA, of a thousand other certainties now questioned. We have yet to fully grasp the meaning of our history, to unpick the reality from the narrative we have been told and sold. We have yet to fully understand the relationship we have with the creator, or indeed if there is a creator, yet to fully comprehend the nature of the religions that have held so many in thrall for so long that we forget, some of us, to question and to dissect and to rely on the faith we are instructed to have lest we veer towards blasphemy. We have no real understanding of the Cosmos, no grasp of its scale or lack of scale, no knowledge of what time is, no knowledge of dimensions nor if they can be crossed. We have no understanding of the consciousness, no real truth about the nature of this reality nor who and what is witness to this story, this unfolding tale. We have no proofs concerning the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrials though we think we know that the universe is so limitless that the likelihood is that there are, yet we cannot encompass the reasons why, if there are such creatures, they have made no contact or indeed that they have offered no help nor sought to trade or subjugate or rob.

That these questions still linger after a few hundred thousand years of our existence as sentient beings is testament to the limits of our intelligence and to the success of the strategy of those that limit our progress, for indeed our progress is limited by the creature called money and its sister profit which corral and imprison knowledge, is limited by the creature called power and the desire to wield it and hold on to it, is bludgeoned and misshaped by the creature called religion that insists that truth is immutably what it says truth is, is held back by caste and status and inequality that either refuses to educate or educates wrongly by design the whole of our people.
So we are dumb, and kept dumb. We are blind, and kept blind. Reality remains a puzzle the answer to which is concealed. Love, the redeeming love, the best thing about us and the thing we all of us share and share a desire for is relegated in our conscious thoughts as if there were something else we should be doing. As if there were anything else as important, as sustaining, as inherently right, as beautiful, as just as love.

What a vast veil has been cast over us, a great black curtain rendering us blind to the most simple truth, a darkness enveloping us and making us sick, making us share in its evil, making us lose our honour, our dignity, our great spirit, forsaking that which is the best thing about us, the knowledge of love.

Now we catch a glimpse of the evil forces that prevail, that create this false reality, have held sway over us for Millennia and ordered our reality and made it bad and made us sinners all and fill our minds with fear and drive us to surrender our spirits to wickedness in order to survive.

We understand that for them to have power over us, for them to enjoy the vast benefits of that power, for them to fulfil and satiate their every desire after thousands of years of such satiation requires them to shape this reality completely, to order every aspect of our lives, to have control over the veins and the arteries of everything we experience, to be the blood that makes the machine function and without which we could not survive, so dependent we have become. Every aspect of our existence, every structure of our “civilisation”, everything we believe in, everything we think we know, everything we think we need is ordered and structured by their money, by their belief systems, by their hierarchies, by their reward systems, by their thought control, by their entertainment, by their corporations and their ownership and by their laws and their courts and by their police and by their killing machines and their intelligence agencies and their dark evil.

We are rendered helpless.
We are their cattle, their herd, dumb unknowing and unfeeling brutes responding to their whips and their dogs, grazing where allowed, being driven over the precipice when it suits them, worse than slaves we are subjects, we are stock.

Their long rule has immured them to what is normal in terms of pleasure.
They have always eaten what is best. Always had their choice of what is finest. Always enjoyed whatever they choose to enjoy. We examine their history and we see what such power leads to, how the ordinary will not satiate, how only the fiendish will do. They have for Millennia enjoyed the killing of us, the raping of us. For Millennia they have taken our babies and raped them and tortured them and drunk their blood. Our history books tell us of their deeds as if these things were of the past, but of course they are not of the past they are of now. If you have everything you can desire then you will take young life for the lasting pleasure in power that brings, for the energy it gives, for the life it bestows, for the pure enjoyment gained from extinguishing life and drinking in the agony of loss as the soul leaves the body corporeal.

They learned, long ago, that power and love cannot live side by side, that to have power one must relinquish an understanding of love and forego the ability to experience it. Generation after generation they have brutalised their young, taught them to live without love and to despise it as a weakness, taught them to feed instead on the anguish and misery of those they brutalise for in such evil lies the secret to absolute power.

As we know nothing we can speculate as to the origins of these creatures that lack that most human of things, the ability to feel love. We can conject they are demonic, can think of them as alien to us, that they are trans-dimensional soul suckers, whatever. Their origins matter not. Their existence amongst us and their control over our reality are the issue.

We can never be free until they are deposed.
We can never discover what our human species is truly like until they are deposed.
We can never build a world of love until they are deposed.

They sense our coming, sense our growing understanding.
Perhaps we have been here before and they reduced us.

It is time, or there will be no time.
Wake up.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

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We are, as we know, but a speck of dust in the firmament that is the universe. Our existence as a species just a partial second in the great drift of time. The dinosaurs ruled the earth for 14,000 times as long as we have been here, even longer when measured against the few thousand years of our educated sentience, longer still when measured against the beginnings of our understanding of the creation.

We are just a speck on a speck in a speck of time and most of us are as dumb as dumb things and never spare a moment to consider this reality but busy ourselves with the trivia of day to day oblivion.

And of these many sink deeper into the oblivion daily with medications or drugs or booze or the next episode of the soaps and think only of the self and the relative comfort of the self and maybe a few close friends or family.

Billions of us face a daily struggle for survival that depends on earning enough of something called money to live another day. This stimulates the fight or flight response in the organism that carries our experiencing witness to this dream. Most of us live at war, constantly in fear when there is no requirement for this.

We need to grow, to make and to share. Each should know that all that is required is to do their share and they will get what they need. This is a simple understanding, an understanding that would in an instant rid the world of much that is wrong, immediately allow the species to rest easy for a while and see ourselves and our planet for what it is, a resource equation that good-will can provide the solution to.

We call ourselves, some of us, God’s creation, yet those billions who do look to money to equate the doing of God’s work with their personal obligation. The tool of evil is promoted as the way that good can be done. Make a donation, fill up the collecting plate, leave a coin and walk away refreshed in the knowledge that you are good and are of God when all you do is oil the gears and wheels of that which is of Satan, that which is the life blood of the evil that courses through our veins.

It has almost all of us in its thrall, this piece of Magick, such that almost none can imagine a world without it, just as none can imagine a world without hierarchy, a world without position or caste or class or the exercise of power by one person over another.

We have no concept of what it means to be free.
No understanding that freedom comes from responsibility, from duty, from the knowledge that we are all in this dream together.

We have simply forgotten this, so age old is our imprisonment.

The fate of this species hangs in the balance and there are few that recognise its imminence, fewer that see the forces at work, even fewer that have escaped deception, even fewer that remain sane in a world of insanity whose minds can encompass the part of the whole that is discoverable, even fewer that know most of the story, fewer still that know almost all, and just one or two human beings that have all the facts.
And they are in charge.

And they will order the world as they see fit and believe they have the right to do so by birth, by blood, because they always have done so and believe they always will.

As we know, they and their acolytes rape and murder and cannibalise our children and bomb and kill us in our millions for their sport.

Yet we cannot unite and address them and their systems and their money and their sick followers, few though they are.

Pathetic, isn’t it?
Call yourself a truther?
Then find unity.

Spread this understanding.
Love to you,
Olive and Aktina

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Something to pass around. A call for unity and action.

Go here, read it and pass it on: It means doing something! Can you?

Powerless without unity, the wakening herd drifts ever closer to the edges of the abyss and the power that shapes this reality understands it has little to fear, knows that it has the mavericks and the intelligent firmly in its thrall, malleable and soft as clay.

The great intelligence and vast planning and strategic capabilities of the power, coupled with its stranglehold over scientific mind control techniques and its command of the media and the alternative media, aided by its knowledge of the occult, renders its ascendancy complete.

Only the unity of the mavericks posed a threat, now all but nullified by deception, and the hatches are battened and the sails furled and our masters feel no storm will come to disturb their agenda unless it is a storm they whip up and serves their purpose.

Chaos, that greatest of sicknesses, is spread by them at will.

They manipulate the consciousness of our species casually and with practised ease.
This is where the war is fought, every time.

See how they turned the artificial banking crisis into the crushing psychological hammer of “austerity” with barely a whimper from the great mass of humanity and divided those who understood with such ease, rendered them so useless, distracted them so effectively that those who are “awake” barely entered the consciousness of the herd.

Where were the ten or twenty million voices shouting WAKE UP at once?

Maybe there are a hundred million, maybe five hundred million wakening souls who could bellow loud enough to shatter the calm and cause the herd to raise their heads from grazing long enough to see the approaching cliff edge.

Alas, there is no unity, there will be no collective action, there will be no huge roar.

We awakened souls simply do not know how many we are!

We could, at this moment, number so many millions that if we spoke together the walls of the illusion would crack, light would enter the spirits of the enslaved and enthralled mass of the herd and it would begin, the great unravelling of what is and the birth of what will be.

Those who have taken the leadership of this crucial maverick element of humanity DO NOT COUNT! This alone should alert their followers to their deception.
They do not call for unity.
They do not call for single focus.
They do not set dates for action and drive for unity of spirit.
They instil no courage.
Pass it on:

They weaken resolve, make armchair evolutionaries of us all, tie us to the screen individually, make us non-joiners, sow disagreement and alternatives and disinformation, point us to racism and especially anti-semitism because our masters, some of them who call themselves jew, like nothing better than to kill jews.

This time they want the awakened to carry the resolve to kill the jew, and have sown this seed most effectively.

Owning all the gold, they also want a gold based currency and have sown that idea in the consciousness of the awakened too.

Do you see with what contempt they treat the intellect of the awakening herd?

WE have enough information.

We have enough information to push aside our politicians, our religious leaders, our nuclear scientists, our weapons company executives, our corporate chief executives, the bastard blue blooded royal demons, the owners of the banks, the police that fail in their duty.

There are crimes against humanity aplenty.

We need courts now, honest judges selected from amongst us, the heads of the pyramid of evil incarcerated and put where they can do no harm, their systems dismantled, their hierarchies nullified, their beliefs analysed and cast away if proven false, their control mechanisms ignored and rendered powerless, their chaos calmed, their wars pacified, their inequalities made equal, their entire false reality blown away by the vast up-swelling of the Human Spirit.

We must take back our planet.
The meek must inherit the earth.
The good guys must act together.
Pass this pamphlet around:

With love,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 8 December 2014

Of Devils and Angels

Of Devils and Angels

This is about proportion, about genetics, about the nature of this reality, about the meaning of life, about purpose, about mission, about the human condition, about now, about all sorts of stuff.

I guess it’s written to me, as judging by the absence of visitors and comments almost no-one else reads this.

If you do, Hi!

We come to an understanding that what we think of as real is simply an illusion.
Albeit a persistent one, as Einstein said. The creator of this reality makes it of atoms, their solidity only registered because of an “agreement” between our senses and the rules of the reality laid down in the core programming.

Think of a car crash in a computer game. The car doesn’t exist. The wall it crashes into doesn’t exist. But there is an explosion, and noise, fire and smoke.
None of it is real, just photons of light interacting to a set of rules, a core programme.

This reality operates in the same way.
We believe it to be real because we exist within it and the core programme carried by the body-mind accepts it as such.

And because most people never even think to ask.

It’s an amazingly detailed reality. Self-fixing, self replicating life forms existing in the perfection that we call nature, which can do no wrong but simply is, in balance, created to self-perpetuate and to tidy up after.

We are made of atoms and return to atoms and are recycled as tree or stone or worm or, one day, star, as we were in the beginning.

The nature of the whole universe is beautiful in its absolute complexity and in its absolute balance. The universe is always a simple mathematical equation, 1=1 and there can be no more nor no less than the whole.

It is a whole, encapsulated, consisting of indestructible elements which are perpetually and eternally recycled, creating the appearance of sentient beings as just one part of its function, or created for those sentient beings as a place for them to experience.

Like a nursery school for eternal beings, perhaps.

We like to think we are the most important function of reality, because we are human and full of conceit, which is of course the main cause of the problem with our species.

Reality could have been made by the creator for insects, we humans being just incidental to the experience they go through.

Squashers and swatters and poisoners, to be avoided at all costs.

We have this terrible conceit because we believe ourselves to be the cleverest things around! Look around you, at the baby murdering scum we have become and ponder the opinion of the creator, or any truly sentient being, of us apes.

It is no wonder truly advanced beings, if such exist, do not visit us.

We are bad animals.

Our made-murderous species offers no opportunity for peaceful tourism.

If an alien appeared our first instinct would be to shoot it, and then dissect it, and then try and steal what technology it had.

Probably, we’ve done this already.

We know, of course, that our consciousness is carried by these atom-made machines, these feelers of pain and experiencers of warmth and of cold, these livers of short lives in the eternity of the moment “now” that we call “I”.

But we do not know the place of this consciousness, cannot find it in our brain, can just conceive of it being elsewhere, transmitted into the body-machine from elsewhere, watchers that are denied the understanding that they are watchers, so to give substance to the experience of reality.

Is this the purpose of the Pineal gland, perhaps, the sender and receiver of information?

(An aside: Do chemtrails limit the ability or function of these transmitters, as perhaps fluoride might? The former acting as a barrier to transmission, the latter coating the gland and limiting its functionality?
Just asking!)

We know that random choices, when made, occur somewhere else before the consciousness of a decision makes itself apparent in our conscious minds. Our muscles are already shaping to press button A before we think we have decided to press button A.

Read this and similar if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

Are we two essences in one? Is their inner mind and body-mind? They say we use about 6% of our brains. What does the rest do?

One questions the purpose of the game.
Did we sin?
Are we greater beings sent here to learn good from evil?
Is this a prison?

Could we spend or have we spent a hundred thousand years or a couple of million continuously re-written into the book of life until we learn?

Until we repent?

Until we understand the fruits of the tree of knowledge of good and evil from every angle, from the giving and receiving of both, as perpetrator and as victim?

Were we once trodden on as ants, dropped live into boiling water as shrimps or lobsters, eaten by lions? Have we lived every life of every creature from bacteria upwards in the food chain? Have we stood as trees for centuries to learn patience?

Did we know what it is to be stone, and have forgotten?

Ponder these questions, ponder the nature of reality, of mind and of consciousness, then seek to find the answer.

If you are looking, then you are looking for the answer.
That is what it is to be a truth seeker.

Evidence is accumulated, doubted, analysed, retained or discarded, checked if checking is possible, sorted from the chaff that is existence seeking the wheat that is truth.

The truth is your purpose, your mission, the reason for being.

We might conject that the purpose is to find good, to find love, to live with love as an absolute.

We might ask why else would the creator design such a game?

Perhaps we have that the wrong way around. Perhaps the creator is evil, and desires us to revel in the cesspool of foulness that this world has been and is.

Or perhaps there are two creative players in this game, the split mind of the creator, God and Satan as our legends have it, in one.

Which brings us to free will and to choice, which brings us to this moment, which brings us to the answer and the prize and the next stage in the game.

Which is an act of collective consciousness that can create.

We have this anyway, and exist in the duality of it, and good is losing.
We collectively make our reality.

Forces condition us to believe we don’t, that they are all powerful, that we have little choice, little free will.

But we do.

Free will is the whole of the thing.

But it is the collective free will, the exercise of our collective power as a single consciousness, the Human Spirit as expressed by us all that is the free will I speak of.

WE can choose to make life good.
It is a matter of understanding.

And then of being.

Just love.

And if we find this cohesion, the core programme that links us, the power that flows from that, can we not create a world of love?

Is that the answer?


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 1 December 2014

Your purpose in the game....

Satanist/Nazi/MI5/CIA/OTO/Thule/Royal Blood/Pilgrims/demons/genetics.

Invasion of the body snatchers.

You dig deep, friends, and the deeper you go the more worms you find, the more rot, the more that is wrong and is inexplicable by any human standards, the more deception you have to see through the insane subtlety of, such insane subtlety designed to make you lose heart or to disbelieve your instincts.

This is the rabbit hole you are delving into, the burrow that makes you question your own sanity, ponder your own reason, debate your purpose and your mission.

You have such a purpose, such a mission, though you may be unsure that it exists because to believe that you have a mission is to accept responsibility without anyone telling you that you have such responsibility.

Do you see?
You believe you lack the authority to believe you have authority?

This is how our free will is taken from us.
How we are disconnected from the purpose of this experience.
This is how uncertainty has been seeded into human consciousness.

Hierarchy, that unnatural creature, holds you back.
Hierarchy is inhuman.
It demands proof when instinct should be accepted as a sense, as an interpreter of reality as reliable as sight in this atom-fabricated mind-interpreted illusion.

Because of hierarchy we act differently to how we would act if there were none.
The false reality makes liars and sinners of us all.
What we know is wrong as children we forget as we grow into adulthood and accommodate the “real world” and deny our ethical and moral responses, our instinctive natural justice.
We do harm and cannot see how we cannot do harm, feel powerless to stand out from the crowd, accept what is being done to us.

You buy, you sell, you earn, you pay tax.
The tax is spent on doing harm, on killing babies somewhere.
Their blood is on your hands yet you dare not say NO!

You fear to live by your instinctive understanding of right and wrong, because everyone else is trapped, because everyone else would think you strange, because the relentless grinding machinery of state would chew you up and spit out the pieces.

That is no excuse.
Find your courage.
Stand out from the crowd.

The false reality depends on secrets that humans are educated to treat as fairy tales or as fantasy.
We are taught of demons as bogey-men, not as living entities.
We think of alien body snatchers, of trans-dimensional entities, as creatures of fancy, creatures of fantasy, as the stuff of dreams and of Hollywood.

Without scientific proofs we knew, long ago, of these creatures.

That knowledge, like the knowledge that comes from guided and careful exploration of our greater minds and our greater perceptiveness through careful use of entheogens, was systematically eradicated by the Inquisition and by the slaughter of human tribes.

They called shamanic understanding witchcraft.
Fires were lit, fat rendered, skin crackled, an awful psychological legacy was implanted.

To believe instinctively in those that are “other” is to be considered naïve, to be thought of as insane.
Such has been the success of the power in diverting our attention from the reality.

We see (last post) that there is a genetic code for violent crime. The result of rape, over millennia, by our reality shapers spreading their seed. If you see a video of a psycho cop, or wonder where they got the guards for prison camps, or the lever pullers for the guillotines, wonder no longer.

We are most of us of mixed blood.
In some it becomes the dominant factor.
I am sure our masters can sense those that have the gene as dominant, bring them into their fold, share the spoils of ownership with them.

Use them to create the pyramid of power.
They are the cattle drovers amongst us.
They shore up the belief system so well that we believe this reality is all there is, that we believe human beings are the cursed wreckers we seem to be if you watch their news or read their history books.
We are none of these things.
We are a species under occupation.

At the summit of this pyramid of power are enthroned those that strive to keep the blood pure, breed for it, produced Will I Am from the brood mare Diana for the purpose.

They, we know absolutely from our history, unquestionably and without doubt, have always been mass murderers, child killers, sexual predators, paedophiles, rapists, torturers and genocidal freaks. They kill and eat our children. Always have. They believe it is their right to do these things. Always have.

Known facts.

Our “royalty” are a multi-generational predatory sub-species that has, for thousands of years, been what we call today psychopathic mass murderers and paedophiles.
Human labels for inhuman creatures.

Yet most of this current generation of “subjects” believe that this current royal generation is somehow different, simply because their behaviour is now hidden.

Well, of course it would be.
We cattle have been wising up, despite their efforts to keep us dumb.

And there are so many of us now.
They need to hide now, or we would get rid of them as we should have centuries ago.

But leopards change not their spots.

The internet allows those that have suffered at the hands of these monsters, if they live, to spread their histories. It allows those that served the dragons to reveal their secrets. The butler, the driver, the maid, the lover.

Some they kill.
Some they ensure the public never read of.

Others get through and speak their truths and the power gathers them and publishes them and hopes you will rely on those false agents that gather and publish to do what is needed, to do your work for you, so you believe something is being done.

When all that is being done is that you are being drawn into a state of learned helplessness, or overexposed and rendered inactive by that.

Remember all those pictures of starving kids and how we gave, then grew unmoved by exposure, then stopped giving?

Those that daily expose the paedophile murderers that form this swarm are agents of that swarm.
They serve a purpose.
They distract you from doing something.

The “tell”, the sign that they are agents, is always and ever the refusal to count the number of humans that are willing to get up and do something.
They don’t even ask.
There is no question “Shall we do something?”
There is no question “How many are we, and are we strong enough to make a difference?”

There is no attempt to unify humanity, even to unify the millions of “awake” human beings who visit their sites.
There is NO ACTION CALL, no organisation, just constant horror reporting and psychological shock treatments that render you bitter but also apathetic.

Their viewers become couch potatoes as surely as the mainstream couch potatoes, but a little smugger.
Waiting for the daily dose of horror, for the horror addicts they have made by this strategy.

And they are everywhere, these false agents, in their thousands, and they do exactly the same as the mainstream.

And most truth seekers have fallen for this and are armchair rebels.

With a very few joining our masters’ prepared action groups, the occupy or thrive or anonymous bullshit.

This is, remember, full spectrum war on the human race.

When we are conceived our mothers eat atoms. Our mothers bodies take those atoms and feed them to the cell manufacturing machine that grows a new biological mechanism for a new consciousness, or maybe for an old consciousness going round again. Each cell carries a complex computer code we call DNA. The whole process speaks of an engineering capability some thousands of years in advance of our current capabilities but which we can now see could be done.
We can see the science of creation.

That veil is now lifted, just a little.

That creative process takes atoms made of almost nothing and sets up a relationship between the senses and the consciousness of the creature created and the atoms that form the rest of reality.

The rules of the game are laid down in this creative process.

The atoms of that wall are not solid.
The atoms of your body are not solid.
Both are created of nothingness.
Only the senses and the consciousness accept them as solid.
And so they “are”, but are not.

You cannot walk through that wall.
Because you believe you cannot.
That belief is programmed into you.
It is part of the core programme, the operating system of life that creates this reality.

What is the purpose of the game?
The purpose of the game is for the players to create, by use of collective consciousness and will, a world that is good, a world that takes the perfection of nature and its bounty and adds to it, a world which is pure of heart and full of the Human Spirit we are each conceived with.

It is not, as the Buddhists would aver, about personal karma, about getting it right yourself.
There can be no self in that sense.
The game is the whole game.
The consciousness of the species is the prize.
Doing no harm, only doing good the object.

Only by understanding this wholeness, this species-wide objective, can we advance to the next stage of the game.

Our understanding of the world, the corner of the veil we have upturned, is limited by the false reality and the system that attaches monetary value to knowledge.
Knowledge isn’t shared.
We should be much, much further down the road to discovery than we are.
Money and its control has held us back.
This is simple logic.

So, we see amongst us these genetic others, these “Mr Smiths” (to coin a “Matrix” phrase), these evil psychopathic bastards that control this reality.
And what are we to make of them?

They act, collectively, to create a species of sinners, bonded slaves bound to a system that is evil.

Their object, it seems, is to prevent our collective consciousness from creating a world of good.
They are the perverters of humanity.
They are winning.
They have almost won.
You pay taxes. Ergo you kill babies.

Christians ready for the rapture take note. You are murderers if you pay into the system and do not work towards awakening our species to the wrong we do. Muslims take note. Jews take note. Buddhists take note.

There are no truths in what you have been fed to believe by the entities that have the function of trying to prevent human consciousness from collectively creating good.

There is only good and evil.
As a species we must choose.

The choice is simple to make, but requires unity of our collective consciousness.

This, and only this, is the route to evolution and the next level of the game.

It requires the abandonment of everything we have made as a species and cling onto out of habit or learned behaviour or belief.
It requires that we start again with love as the foundation.
It requires that we find our Human Spirit.

The entities that ravage us…?
We simply need to walk away from everything they have constructed.
Their power derives from their control of our collective consciousness.
Freedom, evolution, is a short step away from us if we take that step together.

That is the purpose of the game.
This the endgame.

Don’t look back at what was.
Don’t look around at what is.
Look forward to what might be.
And believe in humanity.

Pass this on.
The power hates this stuff.

With great love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

The atoms that make the entire human species, when deprived of the space that they are largely made of, could fit into a wine glass. This is how real this reality is.
Our short lives, measured in that thing we do not understand but call time, are a test for us as a collective consciousness, not as individuals.
This is a false reality.
A game.
It must be won.
That is the purpose of your life, that your mission, to create a world of good when it seems impossible, when it seems as if evil has all the aces, when all seems lost.
It is your purpose and it is all of our purposes.
Want to try?
Wake up.
Beware of deceivers.
The conduit nears.

Friday, 28 November 2014


Chemtrails contain barium and aluminium.

Multiple Sclerosis anyone?

“High level contamination by natural and industrial sources of the alkali earth metal, barium (Ba) has been identified in the ecosystems/workplaces that are associated with high incidence clustering of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases such as the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Analyses of ecosystems supporting the most renowned MS clusters in Saskatchewan, Sardinia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Guam, NE Scotland demonstrated consistently elevated levels of Ba in soils (mean: 1428 ppm) and vegetation (mean: 74 ppm) in relation to mean levels of 345 and 19 ppm recorded in MS-free regions adjoining. The high levels of Ba stemmed from local quarrying for Ba ores and/or use of Ba in paper/foundry/welding/textile/oil and gas well related industries, as well as from the use of Ba as an atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signalling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges, etc. It is proposed that chronic contamination of the biosystem with the reactive types of Ba salts can initiate the pathogenesis of MS; due to the conjugation of Ba with free sulphate, which subsequently deprives the endogenous sulphated proteoglycan molecules (heparan sulfates) of their sulphate co partner, thereby disrupting synthesis of S-proteoglycans and their crucial role in the fibroblast growth factor (FGF) signalling which induces oligodendrocyte progenitors to maintain the growth and structural integrity of the myelin sheath. Loss of S-proteoglycan activity explains other key facets of MS pathogenesis; such as the aggregation of platelets and the proliferation of superoxide generated oxidative stress. Ba intoxications disturb the sodium-potassium ion pump--another key feature of the MS profile. The co-clustering of various neurodegenerative diseases in these Ba-contaminated ecosystems suggests that the pathogenesis of all of these diseases could pivot upon a common disruption of the sulphated proteoglycan-growth factor mediated signalling systems. Individual genetics dictates which specific disease emerges at the end of the day.”

One is called to enquire as to the real reasons for chemtrailing.

Surely not geo-engineering as the Icke/Jones/false opposition cabal claim daily.

Is the effect on the human neurological system merely a by-product of a more sinister strategy?

Understand this: If they wanted to reduce the human population tomorrow, they could.
Just change the contents of the sprays.

The report which I quote above referring to the enhancing of radio waves could, of course, refer to the enhancing of waves of mind-control devices which render the public apathetic (as we see) or stir them to violence when required (as we see).

Or they are blocking something that is out there that we don't know about......

Even in our low-population end of Europe farming area we are sprayed relentlessly.
Climb to the mountain tops and you can see them turn on the sprays, watch them pass over us then turn around out at sea and come back to complete the grid.

As usual, nobody notices, nobody seems to care, point it out to them and they shrug dismissively and view you as crazy.

Time is running out now.
The window of opportunity for the meek diminishes daily, our inheritance is being stolen, the human tribe draws ever further from its evolution.

Only unity can prevent the unfolding of this great tragedy (again).
Love to you.
Xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Darkness Rising.

There are divisions amongst us humans now that are not new but are more apparent.

There are the stupid, always with us, created of atoms in the womb, consuming atoms for the moment we call existence, returning to atoms at the end, then rock or tree or ant or water.

In between times they are believers.

They believe in this reality, take from it what they can, suffer its injustice and cruelty or be a part of that injustice and cruelty.

They are the audience, spectators of life awaiting the entertainment life throws at them, questioning almost nothing, never understanding what could be, responding only to the stick or the carrot. Marx described them as the lumpen proletariat. They are as clay, their consciousness, what they believe in, shaped for them.

The world stage is set for them, the rules written long ago, the chief players using them as pawns in their great game. They were the millions mown down at Ypres or the Somme, they were the train drivers en route to Aushwitz, they are the US Marines, they are the screamers at X factor and were the audience at the coliseum watching Christians supply atoms to lions.

They are bit-part extras in the dream called life, in this persistent illusion.

If our masters require a crowd scene, an angry mob, a dark uniformed cadre or a frothing at the mouth machete wielding horde of true believers, they get the call.

They are easy to persuade of the need for revenge or the necessity of righting a well placed wrong or blasphemy. Mastery of this reality means mastery of the image of humanity and mastery of the plot-line fed into the consciousness of these billions, turning them this way and that, creating of them the lynch mobs.

Oh dear.
The controllers of this reality have all of those instruments of persuasion in their hands, including this internet.

The mob are the dupes that cause the rest of us to cower in fear, endlessly.

What chance a brave new world when we still have such creatures in this one?
Oh man, look at them cave men go!
As Bowie had it.

Then, of course, there are the educated, the learners by rote, those that have a speaking part. Mr and Mrs reasonable that cannot conceive of vast and sinister machinations because nobody they respect the opinion of has alluded to such a thing, they have never seen it the pages of their broadsheet, never watched a serious documentary about such a ridiculous idea, so it cannot be true.

If it was, then surely their government would have referred to such a thing, their police made people aware of and arrested the bad guys, their courts imprisoned them, their minister warned them, their middle class friends spoken of them at dinner or when dropping off the kids at school?

These educated dupes, our betters, form the sinew and gristle of the systems that entrap humanity. They populate the hierarchies established over time that establish the belief that one human can be somehow more than another human. They believe they are succeeding when they grow fat on the work of others, buy the bigger house, wear the better labels, build the bigger pension fund, have the title.

They are the ones that tell the burger flippers when to flip. They are more dangerous, though, because every time our masters give us a new organisation they are the ones who seek to climb its greasy rungs.

In the UK the top accolades for these shits is the Knighthood or the Peerage, baubles from the “queen”. Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, Sir Cliff Richard, Baron Peter Mandelson, Sir Edward Heath, Lord Brittan, Sir Peter Morrison and many, many more in the Fellowship of the Ring.

There are ladders placed for the educated to climb, rewards to be earned at each level, traps baited, promotions to be earned, power over others to be awarded.

Did you ever see those assault courses built for squirrels?

Through school they appreciate that they are better at remembering than others, and that this reality rewards better memories. They become systemised. They collect gold stars. They are told they are better than others. They begin to believe it.

Their assault course begins there, and becomes their very life.

Ever running, ever trying to be first, they yearn to be highest.
Look at me, Ma, king of the world!

Yet at the end, as for all things, lies the cliff edge of oblivion and the inevitability of what is, returning them to atoms via worms.
And then worm shit.

For all their running that’s the reward.

For all their efforts in the moment we call life we know they are just worm shit in waiting, like the rest of us.

Their stupidity lies in their pathetic addiction to the treats tossed to them as rewards for doing their tricks.

Their tricks involve trampling over other people to get more, the rewards tossed to them from the high table for doing the hard work of creating a false reality for the governors of this moment, for making sure that the power can continue to exist.

Promotion is the word that has been coined.
It means getting to stand on other people.
One is reminded of the gas chambers, the pyramids of bodies reaching up to the roof in an attempt to escape.

Who got to the top?
Or who opened the vent and tossed in the pellets?
Who cleared the bodies away for the next file of shower takers?

It is the educated who are most to blame for how things are, for chasing the scraps tossed from the table-top like lap dogs, never for a moment thinking how things might be, how things should be, how things could be if only they were a little bit intelligent instead of being just good learners.

A hierarchy can only exist while there are those willing to fight their way up the ladders, ergo those climbers ensure the continued existence of the power that rules the world, the power that placed those ladders, the power that sits at the top of them all.

Next time you see the headless corpse of a child, understand that the educated are more to blame for that sickness than the stupid, who are, in their way, blameless.

So the world is populated by the dumb and the dumber.
The dumber being those who should know better.

And us.
The Problem.

As many of us now know, there is a darkness rising in the world again.

Now, if you can think, you can see its revelation.

Neither the educated nor the stupid see it, which leaves those who are of an enquiring mind.

We who are the chief focus of those that shape this reality, because we are the only threat to the power.

And what a pitiful and numberless threat we have been rendered.

We are, even so, the target of the greatest deceptions.

The rest are accounted for and around the world are already responding to the orchestrations that will lead to absolute chaos from which will emerge absolute power.

That we are the target of special attention is logical.

Understand the strategy that underlies what you believe is your awakening.

They made truth seekers.

They created a vast lie called 9/11 and, using the internet and their false leaders they searched for and found us, all of us that can see through the lies.
They were looking for us.
Now they have found us.

Our masters understand that at all costs we must never find unity and stand together, nor even discover how many we are.

We might realise we are enough to tip the balance if we act together, and that simply wouldn’t do.

The agents of the power, and they are legion, feed us titbits of truth buried in a raging torrent of information. These are truths we would have discovered anyway, so their agents, their agentur, own the uncovering and control its progress.

The paedophile/Satanist/ child-murdering/Nazi/bankster/organised-crime/intelligence agencies/Royal demons that form the host that shapes our reality are exposed to us now.
They care not.

Even their utter depravity, their child raping, child murdering cannibalism cannot penetrate the consciousness of the mind controlled creatures we call human beings.

But this exposure, now being echoed in the mainstream media they control, doesn’t worry them.

Ergo something is close. Absolute power nears.
You don’t scare them.

Those that expose them, the Ickes and the Exaros and the Aarngirfans and many many more draw us into their webs, drip-feeding us information, granting us learned helplessness and keeping us from reaching for our Spirit.

They all of them lead without giving focus to unity.
That is their function in the deception.

These deceivers are all of the blood.
Let me explain.

Our rulers have always enjoyed the fruits of their labours by raping anything that took their fancy, baby or child or adult, boy or girl. They still do.

Droit du seigneur, jus primae noctis.

In this process they have disseminated their genes amongst us human beings.

Those that have the gene include your local bully, the boss who’s a bastard, the murdering paedos that fill the benches of our various government buildings and church pews across the world and are predominant in our children’s homes and children’s charities..

Violent paedophilic psychopathy is genetic.

In my life I have come in contact with many of these lower beings, strutting their stuff as CEO’s, Lord this and Sir that.

They will have anything they desire.
The higher they get, the more absolute this ability to have anything they desire becomes.
This is the lure for the very best of the gene pool, the most psychotic.

I sense their difference.
It emanates from them like some cold force, stirring fear.
There is something other in them.
We humans recognise it as alien, as strange to us and react sub-consciously to it.

Know this:
In the old days their power over us was so complete that, with their gangs, they could ride up to your door and do whatever they chose.
They raped, they pillaged, they made us bow and thank them for visiting their vileness upon us.

They yearn for the return of those old days.
It was lots more fun.
They didn’t have to hide what they did, nor what they are.

They want it all again.
This is why their agents reveal them to us, because they have planned for and are confident of it not mattering.

We knew our kings and what power they had over us and we were helpless.

There WILL be a new world order, as Bush so confidently informed us.

The precipice draws closer, friends.

In the Ukraine the fascists are in charge, ready to crank up the situation as directed, and as we see the warmongers are pushing their lethal product into the fire:

There the warring gangs, numbering as they do a few groups of ten or fifteen thousands but organised and violent, are cowering the vast majority, whipping up sentiment, arousing old hatreds, making the image of an entire population seemingly at odds with each other.

They are not.

As everywhere where these things are happening huge numbers of the population want NONE of this stuff.

They want to live in peace and normality, not fear and hatred and bloodshed and the fast approaching leviathan of all out war.

There will be refugees, there will be genocide, it will spread like a virus.

This is how wars are made, and have been made, step by step with cold certainty they stir the rage and build the barricades to unity, stoking up old hatreds and the desire for revenge.

The meek, in their vast numbers, cower in fear as always and dream of normalcy, however bleak that normalcy was.

Helpless, because they do not know how many they are, do not understand their neighbour is their ally, do not understand that little courage would be required.

They are so many, those that carry the gene are so few.

We human beings are so easy, en-masse, to draw into these squabbles.
We are generally ill-informed, generally so divorced from our inner human spirit by living out our lives in the false reality that we fail to notice just how many of us there are that could stand against these tides.

There must soon be unity found in all of this, or we are doomed to allow the progress of this piecework Armageddon and the strategy of our current masters will have succeeded.

They will have chaos everywhere, so that their redeemer can appear to save us all….or at least those that remain.

The redeemer will have some tidying up to do, of people deemed not right for his new millennium. Conspiracy nuts, for example, made into terrorists by a few well placed bombs and a Manchurian candidate or two.

The mind controlled remnants will do his bidding.
They will have their zombie apocalypse.
The king of the world will announce himself.

Ordinary men and women everywhere should heed this, though you’ll never read this, for your normalcy will be threatened by these agents of disorder as they spread their global chaos.

No where will be safe from this, I fear, and nobody.

Those who jump on these bandwagons of hate, those who seek to indulge their passion for power and aggression that seek betterment from this chaos will discover, as others before them, that the rope and the lamppost or the gallows or the firing squad are the terminus of these ambitions, every time.

If you live by the sword, so you die by the sword.
If you fly close to the flame, you will get burnt.

Those who drive the situation, the power that sits and has always sat behind these mass killing sprees, care little for their dupes, the fools they allow temporary power to in their bloody chess game.

There are many that view these unfoldings as somehow unfortunate accidents, as shit that happens, lacking the intelligence or the desire to be correctly informed about the forces behind these phenomena.

Our masters have engineered these apathies.

So by logical deduction it falls to those who can think to begin something that fights back, that barges its way into the general understandings, that sets itself in numbers against the tidal flow of history, that challenges the consciousness control of the organisers of mayhem, that enters the minds of the vast numbers of peace loving human beings and offers them a choice they can make.

In other words, those who are awake need to unite, and focus and combine their efforts.

Find the human spirit, and arouse it, and gird its loins.

Because, in case you didn’t notice, this is by way of a final battle for humankind.

Regardless of what the disinformation agents say, our response must be global.
No nation can take itself out of the system and survive.
No leader can lead such a nation and survive.

The message to leaders has been clear: We will have your head.
They took Saddam’s head.
They took Gadaffi’s head.
They like taking heads. Look at the history of kings and see how well the axe features. Look at their palaces and see how the heads of poor animals feature.
They like taking heads.
Look at their French Revolution.
Taking heads is their thing.

The Human Spirit must be found, and unity in it.

The meek must inherit the earth.

It must be Global.

It must have no leadership.

It must be an idea, understood first by those who are awake and so the chief target of the power, then spread by them to become universal.

It must be simple, yet recognised as RIGHT.

It must appeal to human beings across the world, speaking to them of their inner nature, their core understandings, their Human Spirit.

It must unite humanity.

Read and share and pass this pamphlet on:

With Love,
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 28 September 2014


As if some malevolence has been unleashed upon our world the smoke of battle and the stench of death drifts into our nostrils imperceptibly, even when we live far from their origin, even when it is our countries that are doing the bombing and those that huddle in terror or die in an instant dress differently or worship a different deity.

Where they come from, these war makers, what is their essence is beyond us.
We see them as human, may know them to be human, or to have been human once…..
Now, they are far from that.

Now we begin to feel what they are, and yet cannot take the leap of faith in our own instincts, cannot trust our gut feelings, will not put the two and two together to make the four our instincts insist must be the case.

Something inhuman controls our destiny as a species.
Something other.

Now you may think this is old hat, that Icke said this ages ago, that it's not worth your time to continue reading.
I would ask you to consider the vast deceptions at work now, and how those that serve our masters would have prepared such a mindset, would have readied such a pit of apathy and indifference for you to fall into, and ask you to keep reading despite this clever mind control because you are still in control of your will.

Our human tribe is being culled by "them".

They are not Syrians or Libyans or Iraqis that die or survive for another day in anguish, they are not Mexicans or Columbians that live in terror of the drug lords and see their civilisation crumbling, they are not Ukrainians that are being twisted into the vortex of destruction, they are not Japanese that are being continuously and irrevocably poisoned by Fukushima’s foul outpourings.

They are human beings.
They are part of our Tribe.
They are your people and mine.

The minds that shaped their horrors are the same minds that shape other horrors around our globe.

They are not Chinese that are being rapaciously consumed by indifferent capitalists spewing their noxious poisons from unregulated and unchecked chimneys, they are not Africans that are poisoned by this engineered Ebola virus, not Palestinians that are being steadily fed into the pitiless maw of the great steel leviathan.

They are not Greeks that have had their certainty and security snatched from them by robbers, not British that have had their privacy and dignity and freedom nibbled away from them until they become the shadow of their forefathers.

They are not Americans, that have had their intelligence and strength and decency and free will usurped by some monstrous wickedness that invades the mind and packages what is evil and makes them think it’s good.

They are all human beings.
They are part of our Tribe.
They are your people and mine.

The minds that shaped their horrors are the same minds that shape other horrors around our globe.

It is humanity that is under attack.
Our very existence as a species is under threat.

And it is the monsters that shape our reality that cause us to kill each other.

A human being pulls each trigger or drops each bomb, fooled into hatred or tricked into the unquenchable lust for revenge by the words of one of the monsters that drive these events, by the pointing of their fingers at other human beings, by the careful manipulation of events that drive our consciousness from love to hate, from forgiveness to the unforgiving determination to kill.
The third world war is well underway, and it is a war against humanity.

We are all of us brothers and sisters in this, yet with the simplest of tricks they can twist us into hatred and make us want the death of our fellow human beings.

We have always been so tricked, always been so gullible, always been so easy to fool.
The history we know is the history of this dreadful and inhuman manipulation.

Mass murderers have ever been our kings and leaders, genocidal freaks our masters.

They are so now, yet still we hearken to their call, still we fall into line and march, march, march into the very jaws of hell whistling their tunes, succumbed to their hypnotic propaganda, believing all of us that we do to be right when we do such wrong, that we serve God when we serve the Devil, that we kill for good and our created enemies kill for evil.

Those of us that can see witness these masters in their true form, sense their otherness, understand that such wickedness is not a malformation of humanity, not a sick-of-mind human being.

We don’t see psychopaths, we see entities that are alien to humanity taking human form, devils in human skin, body-snatchers of a sort we cannot name nor scientifically identify that may be alien or demonic.

Some of these entities may be your brother, your sister, the leader of your political party, the CEO of the corporation you work for, the holder of your debt, your favourite celebrity, the leader of your church, the holder of your faith in one way or another.

Whatever they are doesn’t matter.
What they are doing to us does.

How they are doing it is a matter of strategy, in that necessary element of strategy that demands that you know your enemy.
But there is no strategy for those that understand our human predicament!
Why is that?
Facing the most intricate and best organised and most well funded and subtle enemy humanity has ever faced is a humanity divided, a humanity leaderless, a humanity robbed of resource, a humanity deceived and carefully mind-controlled into apathy.

Regrettably, most of our human family see them not, most are yet lost in the false reality our masters have woven thread by thread into humanity’s consciousness.
They believe in Terrorists as haters, failing to see the minds that created them.
They believe in the justice of bombing and destroying those that harbour terrorists, failing to see the minds that create such ideas.

They do not see the hand that rocks the cradle….

Most of humanity is mind-controlled.

Not only do they not see, they do not want to see, are driven to scoff at the truth by the careful placement of manipulation, by the demonically clever instruments of mind control they are rendered zombies.

Those that do see are distracted, are made mere witnesses rather than actors, and so the great machinery of destruction rolls on towards the inevitability that looms before us all now.

And they pat themselves on the back for knowing that it is coming, for being expert in the methods being used to set our species at war with itself!
But they are rendered powerless, they follow leaders placed there for them by our masters, are dupes just as much as the sheeple they look down upon.

They are crying “I told you so”.

But soon there will be none to crow, and few to crow over.

We apes are too many and grow too clever.

The master race will kill almost all of us, and this process is well under way.
Each daily increment pushes us nearer to the brink.
Now, it will take a kind of miracle to stop this merry-go-round and get off.

We hope, in our deepest hearts, that humanity will discover somehow its Tribe, its oneness in the face of an enemy that is so subtle and so ingenious, find our unity in the face of adversity, identify our common foe.

Reagan said at the United Nations that humanity would unite in the face of some threat from an alien force.
He was warning his fellow “aliens”, instructing them that they should beware of such unity, prevent it at all costs.

They have been amongst us for millennia, and look just like you or I ….. but are inhuman.

We can recognise them by their perversions, these creatures.
Around the world, in every sphere of influence, in every concentration of power these demons group together and feed.

They feed on the misery and fear of our children and they feed on the blood of our children and they delight in murdering our children.
And we let them.

The Churches of our world religions are infested with them and now we are lifting the veils of secrecy and discovering their utter vileness, their INHUMANITY.

We see paedophile priests and Bishops and Rabbis and Mullahs and Cardinals and Popes, we find 800 children’s bodies tossed into a cess pit in Ireland, we see this across the globe, missing babies and children everywhere, missing in their thousands, yet we fail to see the significance of it, fail to understand how organised it is and the depth and strength of the protection afforded these monsters not just by the churches’ own hierarchies but also by the very instruments of state that should be bringing them to justice and instead brush their vileness under the carpet.

We see our pop stars and celebrities raping and molesting our children, even sexually interfering with our dead, and we witness the broadcasters hiding the evidence, witness the conspiracy of silence amongst the management of these organisations that we rely on to bring us truth in our news. They create a safe haven for these monsters, knowing at the same time that these very monsters are adept at winning our loyalty and love, are the casters of the spell called glamour, are the demon manipulators of our consciousness, can draw our attention like pied pipers.

We see our politicians dipping their filthy snouts into this vileness, protected by our police and our judiciary who enjoy the same sport, are as malevolent as Satan itself, who “lose” evidence and “dissuade” witnesses, express regret when key witnesses die in some tragic accident or other, ruin the careers of honest, human coppers that want to do their job and fight this cancerous wickedness that perverts the very essence of their duty.

Everywhere the false reality has grown its sinews of power we witness this feeding off our children, this lust for humanity’s innocence, this manic greed for perversion. It causes our warmongering elite to smile in grim satisfaction when they unleash their weapons of mass destruction and feel the terror and the anguish as another child is rendered and broken by their malice.

There are those, many of them, amongst our human tribe so lost in the false reality, so dependent on the scraps from our masters table, so desirous of another bauble or the promise of security that they allow themselves to acquiesce to this atrocity or become willing bit-players in the great game. They are like the native bearers that carried our “monarch’s” guns when they sported themselves murdering innocent beasts (and still do).
Our masters use of the glamour of position and the authority of tone of voice and the display of “class” and wealth and power to draw these loyal acolytes in and subjugate them to their revolting practices. They use religion and faith to bind them, money and baubles and sex to pervert them. The promise of luxury and security to wrap them. These servants of evil are a vast cancer amongst us. They are traitors to their tribe. They are quiet when they should speak. They are cowards when they should be courageous. They are servants of Satan, pure and simple. They know it, and care not, so lost are they in their beliefs or so befuddled by the psychological manipulations of our masters, they who speak of ‘loyalty” or “flag” or “crown” or blind “faith” or “duty” to these things, to “country” or to “god” or to “queen” or now even to Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga or Cliff Richard or Jimmy Savile or Lady Diana.

And so it is clear.

We are owned by a species that is inhuman, that delights in mayhem and murder, that fucks our babies and kills them, that does so whilst creating amongst us loyalty to the most monstrous of incarnations, that has built around us a false reality that we are all of us enslaved by, that maintains this awful and most disgusting state of affairs with psychological control over our consciousness that creates the things we believe in that are in fact mere chimeras, are inventions, but that we bow down to and worship whilst they continue to fuck every single human being up the arse and feed on our misery and are now destroying us, wholesale, lest we discover them and destroy THEM.

At stake is all there is.
At stake is our species.
At stake is our future and the beauty a free humanity could create.

We are one tribe, one humanity, and THEY ARE AMONGST US.

Love is our way.
Love our true essence.
Love our future.
We must find our way now, cast off the false enmity, see the brother we hate as the victim of the system, as he must see us likewise.

They have engineered these hatreds, created these divisions with a carefully placed bomb or a carefully spoken word by their false leaders so tasked to stir us to acts of terror or violence.

Beware, my dear fellow human beings, of deceivers.
They want your children’s blood.
Our time is now.
We Are one Tribe, we are human, the moment must arrive soon when we awake to this “alien” threat, these vile manipulators, these body-snatchers that have stolen our world and our minds and use their Magick to create this hell on earth.

Time has run out for many of us.
With love,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

To Veritopian, some thoughts

Hi Veritopian,
I guess what you are involved in is a search for the creator and an understanding of this reality from an understanding of the building blocks your consciousness perceives, formulated into some sort of governing "program". You seek the mind of the creator and the hands that shape reality, the tools employed, the method and the principles. You begin with clues left for us in ancient understandings, in the often mysterious pronouncements and difficult to see through mind-pictures they conjured. Your path is looking at Grammar, at the spoken word (in the beginning was the word and the word was light), others seek this same answer through sacred geometry, through proportion, through numbers. Some now seek it at the very edges of science and mathematics. The geneticists in their computer coded life shaping miracles, the quantum and chaos physicists and mathematicians in their understanding of the relationship between consciousness and the atom and the "other" force which binds the whole and makes what is almost nothing become what is.

For what it's worth, where I am on all of this is as follows:
1. I understand that once you extract the space from atoms the entire human race could fit into an apple, or a similar sized box.
2. I understand that what seems solid is nothing of the sort. We cannot touch solidity, but only sense the repulsion of "our" atoms by the atoms of the "thing" we are touching.
3. I understand that we humans can shape reality. We can plant trees or burn them, we can shape stone to build or throw stones to kill, we can make colours and create wonders of art or use them to make flags that are symbols of division and represent a history of battle. We do shape reality, but there are those amongst us that control that activity and cause us to shape destruction and hatred rather than creation and love.

I suppose what I'm saying is this:
Whatever the nature of this reality, whatever the nature of the creator, whatever the place and substance of the consciousnesses that experience what we think of as life, I believe there is a purpose to this experience.
The creator placed us in this bubble and gave us free will. I guess then it also gave us the yin and yang of good and evil, the ability to shape a reality that is good or the ability to shape a reality that is evil. We are born of love and are creatures of love when born. The test we each face is what we do with our free will when faced with the choices we can make in a reality that is ruled over by the evil we understand.

I think this is not, however, an individual thing. Making oneself a perfect creature of love, living in balance with creation, doing no harm is not enough. Achieved by the 'self' it becomes an act of self, an introspection, an act of navel gazing.

As what is I believe "the game" for want of a better description draws to a juncture I believe the test is to do with the entirety of humanity and what we collectively do with our free will and as custodians of the beauteous reality we have been gifted to shape and form.

As you witness, we are losing. The good we are born to be becomes the evil we all live, driven and herded by the evil force sent to test our will by the creator.

The creator is seeing how we do, and up to now we do badly as our consciousness as a species has been hijacked by the creators of the false reality and as a species we live in a state of almost absolute sin.
This I guess is why I don't look for the nature of the creator but rather look for what the creator expects of us as a species that is capable of shaping the reality we have been given. I know that humanity could build a world of wonder, and weep that we are so distracted from that objective that we create a world of horror, unpicking and destroying the creation that is all we have.

I believe that we live in a time of choice, a great turning point, a "game over" kind of place, but I also know that we have always lived in such a time, that the turning in the road ahead has always been there for us, that we could always have chosen to live with love, that we have the free will collectively and at any time to choose to abandon what "IS" and recreate a world that "WILL BE" based on the simple and understandable principle of love from which all good things flow.

I understand for that to happen will require the conscious choice of almost all of us, for unless we do this together the structures and beliefs of the past, shaped and formed by the power of evil, will draw us back and pull us away from our objective. It then becomes an act of belief: Do we believe we can live as one tribe? Do we believe we can abandon money and replace it with sharing and duty? Do we trust each other enough to try? Do we have the strength of will to draw away from religion and instead be drawn towards the will of the creator expressed as love?

At stake is the future and the nature of the place we would all like to live.
At stake also are our collective souls, the creatures of love we are all born that are so mis-shapen by the forces that currently control this reality.

I guess this is why I ignore detail and don't seek the deep answers you seek and the understandings you are searching for, because I live for the future we might make, and dream of the reality we might create, being masters of this reality and able to shape whatever future we desire.
Being a father and grandfather and teacher I have to do this thing, or at least to keep trying, because that is all there is.
Love to you,
OLive FArmer.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

No rhyme, some reason

What beginning, what end
What in-between
The story of you
Wrapped in tri-fold enigmas

What past, what future,
What now
The story of you
Wrapped in ignorance

What god, what rules
What reality
The story of you
Wrapped in deception

What acts, what deeds
What truth
The story of you
Wrapped in uncertainty

What to think, what to feel
What to do
The story of you
Wrapped in powerlessness

What good, what sin
What duty
The story of you
Wrapped in confusion

They speak of honour in memoriam
They speak of decency in obituaries
They speak of self-discipline in mockery
They speak of sin as ubiquity
They speak of peace as unattainable
They speak of war as unavoidable
They speak of humanity as deplorable

The ruinous species
The unforgivable species
The filth
The squalid
The animal

The story of you
As taught

But not the story of you
As found

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Images of Humanity

Your resistance to trusting others is no innate and understandable self-defence mechanism, built there at the front of your consciousness by experience and “life”.

It is a feature of the software downloads that have been hacked into your mind steadily by the engineers of the false reality.

Your resistance to joining any group that requires you to leave your comfort zone and act is no experience-led understanding of the futility of resistance.

It is a feature of the software downloads emanating from the same source.

Your inability to feel part of something much greater than yourself, to accept that you are part of a hive mind, part of a global consciousness comprised of billions of free entities, is no accident.

See above.

Your understanding of the world and humanity’s despicable behaviour to itself, to other species and to the world itself is an understanding created by design, a carefully wrought alchemical magick striking at the very core of your humanity, at your inner being, at the soul of you.

What you think is you is not you, it is an artificial construct carefully designed and constructed brick by brick throughout your life.

You are not being yourself.

You have never been yourself.

Your consciousness was enslaved and infected with viruses from the very moment of your birth.

Your mind was constrained and inhibited even before that, the DNA passed from your parents already tampered with.
You use probably around 6% of your potential brain power.

The pure consciousness that would be the result of full use of the amazing device that is your mind would give you the power to shape matter in conformity with will, to speak reality into existence.

Matter, solidity, reality are phantasms that exist in your mind, rendered from the nothingness that is the atom, shaped and given form by the thought of the creator and held in place by vibration, held in just the place so designed that your senses can perceive them, those senses designed to perform this miracle and to convert those chimeras into the electronic mirage you think you see and touch and smell and hear and witness the passage of through something you believe is called time.

My contention becomes apparent.

The meat machine you call your body, (source of so much angst and pain) is created by a program we call DNA which orders and places and gives functions to perform to these self-same chimeric atoms, the result of which you call existence and live through, benighted as you are, and witness the passage of via an electro-chemical construct that connects you with this reality and is the interface between this dream and the consciousness which is experiencing it.

Your vessel is almost empty when you are born.

You carry with you no knowledge of anything but love and the animal base programming to seek a nipple and suck and to pull air into your lungs and breathe.

This understanding does not absolve you of responsibility.

You are expected to find your way, expected to discover the deeper meaning of love, to micromanage reality as best you can given your limitations and the forces ranged against you.

You are expected to resist the viruses that attack you from the moment of birth, to do the best with the resources you have been so limited to, to understand the nature of the whole and the consciousness of your fellow experiencers and your collective ability to shape this reality with the love you were born with.

It is not the creator that has this expectation.

It is you.

You have carried this with you and, deep inside, it still lives.
It is called love.
It is the real you.
It is the conscious experiencer of this life.

The odd sensation you have gnawing at the back of your mind that speculates what this is all about and makes you uncomfortable in this reality is that same thing.

We all have it.

It is time to let those voices speak.
They are there at this time in such profusion around the globe because our consciousnesses are becoming aware.
Otherwise we wouldn't all be questioning so much.
This is why we must beware of deceivers.

To lift the veil that shadows our true selves, our true nature, the human that lives within and to communicate with the seven billion other souls that share this reality requires communication and a gathering around core understandings.

Nothing else will do it.

As a collective consciousness we have failed in this simple endeavour.

A child will tell you, almost any child will tell you, that you should live with love in your hearts, that you should do no harm, that you should care for others, that you should help those in need, that you should share what you have, that you should do your best, that you should not walk past a wrong but do something to make it right.

The child that was you knew these things well.

You have buried that child within, strangled its innocence and the beauty of the simplicity that is love, allowed the builders of this reality to take control of your very essence, but it still lives.

The engineers that design this reality have almost completed their great work.

The enslavement of an entire species, taking that which is beautiful and good and perverting it, shaping monsters.

The battle has always been fought in your consciousness, always been about the creation of a body-mind that stands between your true self and the false reality they have wrought.
It has been about belief.

They have sought mastery over what you believe in and what you believe of other human beings.

They have for millennia constructed their psychological pyramid of power, making you believe in gods and kings and money and competition and a million more courses of the bricks they have mortared into place as they walled in your true being.

You have lost faith in humanity.
The image of humanity you carry within is completely distorted.

Around the world, every second of every day, we do good to each other.

Unrecorded and unremarked upon and hidden from our understanding we still help each other, we still give selflessly, we still care billions of times every day.

We all of us feel better when we do these things.
We all of us understand this is how things should be.

BUT we do not know that this is how things really ARE.

Your false image of humanity is created by the continual software downloads that speak to your unconscious, alpha wave mind.

The TV and the internet feed your consciousness an endless stream of examples of man’s inhumanity to man, rarely if ever offering you a scrap of information about the vast amount of good we do each day, the vast yearning for a world of good we all share, the commonality of our understanding of the difference between good and evil.

They dare not let you understand how good we are, the vast quantity of good we do each day all over the world.

At the end of each news broadcast, with a wry smile as if this is an anomaly, they let you catch a glimpse of this truth.
Man dives into raging river to rescue a kitten.
Elderly lady spends all her time making dresses for children in Africa.
Charity donations soar after some orchestrated event.
As if these things were odd, were unusual, were quaint and old-fashioned instead of how things really are.

Your so-called alternative media feed you the same diet.
Evil, evil, evil, evil “wise/lovely saying”, evil, evil, evil.

Look again at your favourite sites and see if this is not so.

Imagine, for a moment, if every news channel everywhere in the world focused each day on stories of good being done, of kindnesses, of unselfish acts.
There are more than enough stories to fill every channel every day a thousand times over.

Then imagine at the end they did a story about some harmful act, some anomalous behaviour, something that had gone wrong somewhere….and how you would react.

Your image of humanity would quickly change, your entire worldview would shift.

Your day to day existence would change, your outlook, your relations with other people, the thoughts that dominate your mind, your expectations from other people would alter completely.

Your outlook and attitudes towards many things would slowly transform into a different worldview.

Your tolerance of acts of war and brutality by your government and its uniformed agents would disappear, your expectations of them would rise to the level of good that you see every day being performed by your fellow human beings and you would expect nothing less of those that purport to lead you.

Everybody would be shocked and horrified by such transgressions.
They wouldn’t last a minute.

Now, you just accept these vile things numbly, as if you and the other seven billion human beings can do nothing to change things!

Imagine, too, that your history books were full of the good we have done for each other, crammed with the acts and deeds of those that have given and helped and cared. Imagine they dealt with the history of foul violence and intolerable cruelty for what they were and are today, the vile machinations of a controlling force that cares not for our species and can only be categorised as inhuman, that force being represented by the same bloodlines that have coursed through our history, forever twisting and mal-forming us and shaping our reality and beliefs and consciousnesses to leave us bereft of our true humanity, swallowed by the maw of evil generation after generation.

Imagine teaching that to your children, so that they knew what to be wary of, so that they understood the true nature of humankind and the evil that has beset us for so long.
Imagine how that would change the classroom, form the young minds passing through into adulthood.

See what is taught now and understand the depth and full-spectrum control of the enemy within, see how at every opportunity they shape our emerging understanding to prevent the discovery of our true nature.

The answer, my friends, is simple.
Many would have you believe it is not, that it is immensely difficult, immensely complex, that the enemy has all things covered, that there is much to fear, that events roll on inexorably and all you can do is witness.

Those are the deceivers, my friend.

Understand the true nature of yourself and of other human beings.

Let it out, this inner you, let it take the driving seat of the meat-machine despite the false reality’s insistence that to do so would make you weak, that others would prey on you, that you would lose everything.

You wouldn’t.
You would gain everything.

Start to believe in humanity.

You’re a fucking brilliant and incredible species!

Shape reality, it’s there to be shaped by you all.

Love will help.

Be one world tribe, and hold hands as you walk into the future.

Or let them kill you.

That’s the moment we’re in.

Xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The things kids say......

A lesson from the less programmed.

I teach English, and I also teach thought, the process of deduction, how to arrive at conclusions that have merit even when the route to those conclusions takes your mind outside of the reality box in which it is contained.

I ask questions, and teach how to question everything.

After every answer I ask: “Which means what?,” for every answer creates a set of further conclusions that can be drawn from that answer, driving down to something immutable.

Programming of the hardware that is our brain begins at birth, begins with the first exchange of love (or otherwise) between the mother and the child.

That programming layers the false reality over the core programming that is born into the human child.

It creates a second self, an alter, the “body-mind.”
No doubt you have read of MKUltra and Monarch mind control and so on?

Yet most fail to perceive the fact that they are the creation of such a system, that they themselves have been programmed from birth.

Which means that…..these systems of creating these “alters” have been around for thousands of years.

Which means that our entire planet is comprised of mind altered beings living in an entirely false reality.

The core programming, at its immutable core, is love and so everything that derives from love.
I don’t need to “prove” this, but seemingly most human beings have been programmed to disbelieve it.

Sharing, giving, caring, kindness, justice, equality and so on are the core programming of every human being.

Observe the behaviours of babies, how they crave love, how they respond to love, how they respond to that which is not born of love with fear and anxiety.

These things are easy to see, and we need no studies nor peer reviewed scientific papers to understand this truth.

Hold on to that understanding.

Observe how babies react to other babies, regardless of skin colour, regardless of sex.

Observe how very small children behave with each other before the programming begins to take a hold of them.

Observe how they share.
Observe how they play.
Observe how they care.
Observe how they create.

Their behaviour is simple and uncompromisingly born of love.
They are human.

This is our natural state of being.

Everything else is a lie born of the programming that is fed down to us via the structures imposed upon us thousands of years ago by our masters and which we are taught to believe in and revere and find we cannot imagine living without.

So are ideas of race, of religion, of money, of hierarchy, of class, of nationality driven so far into our consciousness that we believe in them even though, if we once dared to look, they are all of them ideas unnatural to us.

Not natural.

This is the history of our tribe, the history of a tribe lost in a nightmare, chaining each new generation to the lies WE were taught, serving our masters by unthinkingly accepting their software and spreading it like a virus between us..

We each of us lose sight of this basic understanding, learn as we “progress” through life to ignore our base core programming as being not suitable for the reality in which we exist.

We have learned to distrust each other, and are daily fed information that “proves” that we should.
This is why the news is only ever bad news.
This is why the leading “alternative” and “truth” sites are full daily of bad news, serving our master’s agenda of creating false division between us, of creating mutual distrust.

Imagine, for a moment, a news agency that focused on the good we do.
That every day showed endless examples of the kindness that we show to each other.
That endlessly broadcast stories of unselfish giving, of kindnesses done without reward. Of honesty. Of justice. Of succour given to those in need.

Our world is full of such acts, they are a moment by moment reality that are the summation of the human spirit in its natural state even in this benighted reality.
If they were advertised daily, fed to us through our TV screens, our image of our species would change from the bitter pill we swallow now.

We would be filled with an optimism, filled with a desire to do our part in this whole, filled with self-belief and hope, filled with the natural trust for each other we should have.

How we are fed such stories, usually at the end of each news broadcast, leads us to think of them as anomalies.

Man risks his life to save a drowning dog.
Ahh! Wouldn’t it be nice of we were all like that?

Well, we are.

We Are a wonderful species, seven billion saints twisted into devils, yearning each and every one of us for peace and justice and kindness and hugs and fairness and enough but no more than the best we can do for each other.

WE have been robbed of this reality by forces we don’t understand but recognise are amongst us.

It is time to count ourselves, we humans, see how vast and loving our tribe is, understand our world had been stolen and is being turned into a foul pit of poison and that we are not as we should be.

It’s time for the Tribe to stand and be counted and to wrest our consciousness from the minds that misshape them and make us savage.

The billions of us that become adults and still retain a residual yearning for the true humanity they were born with feel strangers on our own planet.

We can’t understand why the world is as it is.
Are lost in it.
We feel powerless to change it.
We feel afraid.

Some are drawn to institutions that appear to desire a different, more human world.
That advertise themselves as the organisations that will link us once more with the love we understand is at our core.
They roll out ancient texts that they say were given by God and they say are there to save humanity, to restore a world of love.

Not one of them has ever lived up to its advertising.
Never once in thousands of years.

Almost all of them teach difference and bigotry.
Almost all of them have a history of unmitigated horror, of the taking of life, of the torture of human beings of a different faith, of the ritual abuse of children and of paedophilia.

And yet the faithful are still drawn to these false refuges, the yearning is so strong in them.

And they see symbols they do not understand the power of, repeat mantras they do not understand the significance of, follow rules they fail to see the inhumanity of and so their humanity is programmed again by the masters of this reality and buried deeper in the morass of lies.

For each of us as each day passes in this existence the false reality programming gets a firmer and firmer grip on the “body-mind”.

The body-mind is the creation of the programmers, the usurper that tells the child how to live based on the reality programming passed on to it by those amongst whom it lives.

It is an ancient science, this mind control of a species.

As we grow more aware, we begin to see how it is done.

As we grow more aware, we begin see how this ancient art is being added to and refined by the Nazi/Tavistock minds that coldly calculate how to produce the outcomes our masters desire by the application of scientific techniques.

No doubt this more refined knowledge will be utilised to the full if the master’s New World Order takes hold.

Certainly it was carried forward from the last time they culled the herd.

Understand this: We are as beasts to them.

We can see their bloodlines now and begin to understand how their influence has shaped everything, how their structures are overlaid upon the pure love consciousness that is our natural state, can begin to understand how we have been manipulated into believing in a reality which is untrue to our natural spirits and is entirely false.

The herd is baa-ing and moo-ing this message, this understanding.

Some hear it and are drawn into another false reality, one which seems more true, but they do not ask “Which means what” of every answer they find or of every purveyor of those answers and so are lost again, becoming believers again in something that is false.

Once adopted, like all believers, they defend their understanding and share it, becoming recruiting agents, the Mormons of Icke or the followers of Alex Jones and the latter day saints.

Truly, we are as a species as dumb as our masters believe us to be.

By the age of five some kids will call other kids “paki” or “nigger”, or tell other kids how they are better than them, that their Dad drives a better car or they have a bigger house. They’ll call names because they have been taught to.
The name calling hurts and adds to the defences being built around the human being that lives within the injured kid.
It learns to call names back.
The name calling turns to fighting.
Fear enters the soul and takes hold.

The infant is slowly wrenched away from its humanity by this process.
The human baby becomes the inhuman child.

We are, by this route, a species which lives entirely in denial of its true spirit.
Creatures of pure love made savage by the controllers of our reality.
Simply look around you at the world and witness the veracity of these simple truths.

They are the immutable facts which give understanding of the human condition and the mess we are in and the harm that we do.

In the false reality the parents, themselves victims of the programming of their generation, download that programming into the child’s mind as “truth”.

And so the child learns that it is black or white and that the colour of its skin makes some sort of difference.
It learns that it is French or Russian or Greek and that this accident of birth will make a difference to its entire life.
It learns that it is a Christian or a Muslim, and that all the other religions but its own are false or not quite right and that only their religion is the religion of God.
It learns that certain foods are good, certain foods bad, and that those foods that are bad might be perfectly OK for other human beings.
It learns that it is a boy or a girl and that the difference of sex means it will have a life that is different to the one it would have led if the genes had decided it would be the other sex.
It learns about the traditions and history of its “people”, of ancient habits and ancient enmities and the rules of life created by these histories.
It learns what it should wear, how it should think about certain things, who is acceptable and who not.
It learns what class it belongs to, what caste, what level of society.

It learns that it is not free, that it lives in a world of “rules” that have nothing to do with love, with the core programme.
It is instructed that the core programme is wrong.
That it will face hardship in this reality if it tries to cling to that innocent goodness of spirit that is its nature.

There lies the root, the core, of the unease we all of us feel.
That NONE of this is right.

We are fed complications and debate daily to remind us that the reality is vastly complicated difficult to understand and impossible to change.

It is not.
The answer is simple and lies within each of us.
We should not ask God where the answer is but simply understand that the creator, if there is one, gave us the answer from the beginning.
It’s not hard to find.
You were born with it.

No child is born in a vacuum.
No child can avoid being programmed.

The result is that the open, loving soul finds itself in a world where it is divided from all the other souls by one thing or another.
It learns that it is different, those differences created by the accident of where and to whom it was born.
It learns that it must distrust, or fear, or hate other human beings because of these differences.
At kindergarten it meets other kids so programmed, some of whom have been taught that one way to have more is to create hurt and fear and to do violence.
The race begins.

As it grows, it learns that the world is a competitive place, that to live it must scratch and claw all through its life, must fight to get a bigger share or just to keep the share it is due. It learns that every other kid is its adversary in the game of life. It has to listen to the bullshit lies they call education and it has to undergo hours and hours of boredom learning meaningless and useless facts that, once released from the indoctrination school it will never require again in its daily life.

If it succeeds in learning this concatenation of lies and useless information it might win further education at university and become so indebted so early in its life that it will never be free.
From that day forward it will fight for money, jockey for position, do whatever is required to “get on” in life and secure its future.
It may breed.
It will pass on what it understands of the world to its children.

So the prisoners of the false reality become the builders of the prison walls for another generation, never understanding that this whole reality is carefully shaped and maintained by the masters of the world, that our very humanity has been misshaped and buried underneath a vast structure of lies such that our humanity is buried, the instincts that flow from love hidden, that we have become inhuman.

And so:
I set a hypothetical scenario to a class of young teenagers.
I said the world as they know it had gone.
I said there were a thousand of them left.
I asked them how they would build their new world.

The answers were not surprising.

They spoke of equality.
Of care.
Of sharing.
Of kindness.
Of lack of hierarchy, that the waste disposal person and the doctor would be equal, that neither could be done without, that their contributions were equally important.
They spoke of justice.
They spoke of listening to the words of those with wisdom and love and how those most full of these attributes could be trusted to ponder the bigger decisions.
They spoke of there being no money, and that money didn’t matter.
They spoke of focusing effort on that which needs doing.
Of growing good food, of building good homes, of having fun.

They spoke of acting together, of total unity when dealing with those who sought to get more than their share or to make others afraid and so get power over them.
They would all together deal with bullies, such that the bully had no “resistance leader” to privately beat and so defeat.

Kids, you see.

The programming hasn’t fully taken hold.

They hear the call of their innate humanity still and trust it.

The complex becomes simple to solve.

It simply requires unity of intent.

Of the will of the group.

They soon discovered, by asking “Which means what?”, that underpinning everything they believed was the right thing to do was one single thing.


If kids can work this out, why can’t we grown ups?

You can start our one world tribe at the link provided.
In case you are blinded to this fact, there is little time.
Our masters are about to press “reset”.
They have built their seed ark.

Join your tribe.

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina.