Monday, 18 November 2019

Destiny? (Edited and reposted)

Do you realise what a mess we human beings are in?
But, do you realise that humanity is on an Evolutionary path?
That nothing can stop us?
That the power that has shaped human society for centuries is weakening?
That the power is using every weapon it has to distract humanity from its inevitable Evolutionary path?
It cannot win, this time.
We Are like a great tide, unstoppable, as powerful as only seven billion minds can be.
WE now see that We Are enslaved.
WE now see HOW we are enslaved.
It is only a matter of time before everything changes, before We Start Again and rebuild our reality.

This is the best of all times to be alive and to be human.
Your duty calls.......

As human beings We Are driven away from thinking about the fundamentals of this existence.
What we should be as a species.
How we should live.
How we should transact.
How we should interact with the creation that is the world.
These fundamental questions are rarely addressed because we live according to the system that has been woven around us over the centuries.
This system has been woven by the powerful and operates to the benefit of the powerful and serves to preserve that power. It serves to keep humanity in a condition of helplessness and of perpetual confusion, whilst maintaining the illusion of freedom. 

At present, and for all of our known past, when we humans do consider the fundamentals of our existence we are driven towards examining these fundamentals in the light of false concepts, false ideas, lies built upon lies, layer upon layer of falsehood, each untruth cementing the last until we are, as a species, lost in this false reality that is in essence a matrix of evil.

For example, you might consider an action which will have a financial consequence. You might hate your job, loathe your employer, feel guilty that what you do helps make a plutocrat even wealthier whilst you struggle to pay your usurious debts, but those very debts ensure that you go to work every day. In years past, slaves understood they were not free and were kept in their chains by the threat of or the actuality of violence. Since manumission the power has used more convenient tools to create a condition of bondage, tools which produce profit rather than incur costs. It costs money to keep slave drivers and paid bullies, whilst money is earned from the interest on debts. 

What else can you call this reality but a false reality?
It is a reality framed by false debts created by banks at will and from thin air and enslaving every human being in almost every indebted nation.

(That as a species we allow a few people to create money at the touch of a key or the click of a mouse is an act of collective stupidity that beggars belief. By accepting this fake exchange medium we are granting perpetual power over all of our lives to the money creators. If they told us leaves were currency but only allowed themselves to grow trees we would soon see the great infamy, but they wrap their infamy in complex economics, in jargon, in laws, in mortgage agreements, in the compliance with this great Ponzi scheme of almost every government everywhere. THEIR fake money frames this reality and governs almost all human interaction. It is so ubiquitous that we forget to question its existence, forget to ask what impact it is having upon us, forget to examine how almost all crime has money at its source and so how much crime would be reduced if we chose to do away with the stuff.)

It is a reality framed by hierarchies that derive in the most part from the power of money or from the power of patronage handed down from the scions of 'Kings' that gained their power from the theft of nations and the genocides of tribal peoples. We allow the descendants of mass murderers decide who shall have power over us! 

It is a reality framed by religions that have been crafted and shaped by the hands of the powerful over centuries so as to capture the human urge for connection with the Creator and the human instinct for Good and to periodically turn that yearning for Good into the Evil of crusades, of fatwahs, of burnings at the stake, of excommunications and of death for blasphemy, of inhuman morality shaping our very sexuality. In many places and for many people religions have captured the great moments of our lives and drawn us into their influence and power by this means. They are there at the christening or naming, sometimes they cut the foreskin or otherwise mutilate the genitalia. They are there at the joining together of marriage. They are there at the death...and often in our past have been the cause of it.

It is a reality that has continuously found we human beings driven to slaughter one another en masse in wars, every single one of those wars being squabbles for more territory or more riches or the control of more people between the powerful. 
The fake and orchestrated 'revolutions' that have always scarred human lives, always ended in 'disappearances' or death camps, always divided us, all of them were not true revolutions but were the consequence of decisions made by the power to reshape and reorder the chosen nation.
Do human beings really WANT to kill 'foreigners' or people that believe differently to themselves?
Normally only when we believe that those 'foreigners' have attacked and killed some of our own.

The consciousness engineers that busy themselves rewriting history and the media busy reshaping the present would have us believe that false flag events are mere conspiracy theories. Some few of we human beings believe this drivel. Most of us, now, know that the powerful are absolutely capable of and guilty of staging events that cause human beings to want to go to war.
9/11, the Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Polish invasion of Nazi Germany.......The consciousness engineers would try and have us believe that these are mere conspiracy theories believed in only by nuts. They might think that they have won that battle for the minds of our species. They have not.
We KNOW, vast numbers of us, that the genocidal freaks that own this world create wars for their own dark purposes and that We ordinary human beings fight those wars, kill or be killed like chess pieces in some grand game of chess.
And in that spreading 'knowing' lies the end of wars between we human beings forever.

Sometimes we become 'racists', when those of different backgrounds and cultures come to live amongst us, but rarely does this turn to killing. The most virulent and dangerous form of racism is that produced by the propaganda of the powerful, that racism created to serve a purpose.

Some have suggested that Hitler's anti-'semitism' and subsequent death camps owe much to the desire of certain powerful people to lift one section of humanity above ANY condemnation for ANY crime for all of time. If that is the case, it seems to have worked.

We should recall that every single human being is a genetic mongrel. The worst white supremacist will have some black blood in there somewhere, the worst black supremacist some white blood. Our DNA tells us a story, a long and geographically interesting story of the movements of peoples throughout thousands upon thousands of years, the inevitable mixing of bloods, the mongrelisation of our human tribe.
We Are one.
Sure, we are a variety of different shades, heights, features.....but We Are Human every one.

Our human story, our journey, is a thing of great sadness. It is a story of a species in the hands of a force of Evil that controls our actions and our interactions at every level in every way. Hierarchy, money, faiths, laws, governance derive from this Evil and shape our human society in its wicked image. We, our human species, live in an utterly false and inhuman reality.

Something better awaits us.

Where has it come from, this Evil?
Not from the meek, not from the dutiful, not from the normal, not from the children we once were long ago before we were assaulted by fear, but from a small number of creatures that have dominated our world for centuries and whose actions can only be termed 'inhuman'.

Every motive for every action we human beings take that is not of our instinctive nature but depends upon some inhuman falsehood. We Are now so far removed from our instinctive nature, from our human way of being, that we have forgotten our humanity, our human-heartedness.

Sure, there are those among us that have decided to become evil. It's very tempting to the sickest amongst us, the puppy drowners and the rippers of wings off insects, those that carry a deep and vicious desire for revenge stemming from some childhood embarrassment.
We all of us know such beings.
They have seen the way the world works and have forsaken their humanity for the dribbles from the plate of those that hold Power here.
But they are few.
They are as dust beneath the heels of the vast majority.

We Are the power in this reality, we mostly harmless, we good hearted, we loving.
We just have to realise our strength, understand our commonality and what we billions of us share that unites us rather than divides us.

This is a unity and a strength that derives from the common sense and the innate goodness of our kind, our human-heartedness.
It's not a strength drawn from the fake rules and dogmas of fake religions, from corporate stipulations and the drive for 'profit', from the falsity of fake 'democracy' and the 'rule of law' that has nothing to do with the rule of what is right, what is just.

It is a strength drawn from our human-heartedness, an understanding of both 'do no harm' and 'do what is right', an understanding of what it is to be human.

The so-called Christians that burnt other Christians at the stake. The so-called Muslims that murder children with their bombs. The so-called Western 'democracies' that have killed innocents for centuries and kill babies every day. The so-called Communists that killed so-called Fascists. Left and Right, Christian and Muslim, Hindu and Zoroastrian, rich and poor, black and white, on and on the fake differences are made real to us by the orchestration of events and the memes that pass into our consciousness through the whole of our lives.........

Divide and conquer is familiar to all of us, we human beings.

Reality is a divisive construct, made by the powerful, used to make we human beings something less than we could be, than we shall be, than we must be if we are ever to make this world the place of beauty it should be. It is designed to weaken our billions, designed to prevent us from realising we can cast off the power as easily as we change our clothes. The slaves ALWAYS outnumbered the slave owners, thousands to one. They just had to realise their power, break the mind-chains that held them in place. This is true of humanity, and in that truth lies a great promise, the promise of a different, of a human-hearted future, of a world built on the foundations of human Love. 

This is our destiny.
What other outcome do We wish for, we human beings?

We human beings.
We human-hearted.
We that want something useful to do, something good to eat, somewhere nice to lay our heads, some hope, some love, some hugs, some comfort, some fun, some laughter, some idea that we have been of use and are of use, some nice sex, some sense of fulfilment however humble, a safe place for our children to grow and share their laughter with us, the preservation of their innocence, the understanding that what we will leave for future generations will be an improvement on that which we inherited.

This is what billions of our human tribe desire, what we share.
And in that sharing lies our power, our unity, and the understanding of what we MUST do.

We Are currently denied this actuality, this reality, that future, that destiny.
It is time for an Evolutionary step.
Time to start again.

There is, amongst us, an age old and systemic malaise. It is the Power derived from our natural human fear, our natural disinclination to kill, our natural urge for simplicity and pleasantry, our desire for normalcy.
We Are, as a result of our instinctive goodness, easy prey.

We can none of us imagine creatures that would kill a child for pleasure or for gain.
So we are disinclined to believe that others would be so Evil.

And yet they are.....and we know it now.

Every so-called 'war' that the Power has forced we human beings to engage in has involved massive loss of children's lives.

THEY, those that are the Power in this world, intended this.

We KNOW, now, just how regularly the Powerful are associated with paedophilia and child murder, though our fake 'justice' systems always fail to make these creeps pay for their crimes against humanity. In our billions, we know these things now.

Churchill, that scion of the 'great' aristocratic house of Marlborough, ordered the destruction, by fire bombs, of Dresden, a city where the Germans had sent their children to be safe. Dresden, being a place of no military value, a university city, a place of learning and beautiful architecture, a small city.... full of children.
Incendiary bombed and annihilated, the fake historians covering up the numbers of dead children....

These child slaughters have gone on for millennia.
Our human children are now and have ever been a target for those that have preached the benefit of sacrifice.
We know this from our history, yet cannot believe it of our recent past or indeed of our present, even though we see the Epsteins and the Saviles and all the rest pandering to the bloodlust of the POWER.
We cannot believe it because we are HUMAN, because such crimes are unthinkable, because we fear to look them in the face, because we are human-hearted.

Think of us as a species, not as separate races, not as generations, not as left or right, not as the winners and the losers, not as Muslim or Catholic, not as of one nationality or another, but as a kind, as an entirety, as humanity. 
WE know child murder is the very worst of crimes, yet our leaders have ordered the bombs dropped, even once orchestrated the Child's Crusade, today have created 'Extinction Rebellion' to persuade our children that they should suicide to save the planet.

Think of how our minds, our collective consciousness, is so manipulated by propaganda, by what is surely mind control. See how our children are manipulated to believe in 'global warming' and how they believe, in their very hearts, that humanity is destroying our world. 

So beliefs have ever been inculcated. 
Begin with the children. 
There are few Christians that began as Jews, few Muslims that began as Christians, few Socialists whose parents were Conservatives, few Americans that don't believe their country is the best place on earth (despite the evidence to the contrary), few Brits that don't think they're the best, few Frenchmen (or women) that don't believe that La France should rule the world. 
So they go on, these beliefs. 
They are born of the natural human instinct known as tribalism, that desire for communal togetherness, that instinct which the Power understands so well and knows how to use to drive division between us all, to create hatred. To use to make us want to kill.

And they know how to make us want to kill, to take what is one thing, the human species, and fragment us into warring parts.
Ideas of 'nation' and 'religion' and 'economics' and 'hierarchy' and 'race' and so on.

To make a war, they only need a trigger.
The slow build up of consciousness engineering propaganda (The 'Russians" did it!)....
And then the event. 
We now call these things 'false flag' events.
WE KNOW their game, and can see their tactics.


Know that we are a mixed bunch, we human beings. Mixed in terms of genetics, mixed in terms of outlook, mixed in terms of what we have chosen or been taught to believe, mixed in a billion ways. We Are a vast agglomeration of difference, some of that difference stemming from the history of any given place, the circumstances of our rearing, the belief or disbelief in what we have each of us learned and what we have each of us in varying degrees decided to unlearn, the chances offered to each of us or those we have each decided to take and the reasons for those choices.

Within this matrix we understand that there is influence and Power, shaping the growing minds, exploiting the natural tendencies, using for advantage the beliefs that have been implanted in young minds, shaping opinions, shaping reality itself.
Within this matrix we understand there are two forces: Good and Evil.
Within this matrix we understand that all of the Power to shape opinion and shape minds and drive the herd that is humanity in one direction or another is held by a force of Evil that uses its fake money to sustain that Power.

All of our known history and all of our present, and therefore unless and until we decide otherwise all of our collective futures, have been and are in the hands of this Evil.
Its Power appears mighty. Its Power stems from control. Its Power encompasses almost everything we humans believe. It controls Money, it controls therefore all trade and all human interaction, it controls through the Power of money all hierarchies, it controls religions, it controls the new religion of science, it controls justice or its lack, it controls the agenda of every thought and every opinion we human beings are taking in the unrolling of our story.

It fills our minds.
Consider that for just a moment.
It fills our minds.
But its power relies on our human compliance, our fear and our reluctance to face it.
Without our compliance, it is nothing.
We can ignore it to death at a Moment of our choosing.
That Moment is approaching, despite the apparent arrogance of the Power, despite its actions and strategies to reshape our world that are ongoing because it SEES our RISING, sees the EVOLUTIONARY path we are on even if many of us do not yet see that reality.

We are weak. We are easily fooled. We are short-lived. It takes us decades to mature, decades to rue the mistakes we made as children and young adults, decades to learn that we have been lied to, decades to realise what is the true nature of humanity, decades to remember the collective spirit that unites us all.
When we were teenagers, we thought we knew it all, or that everything was just unknowable.
How wrong we were.
When we entered our twenties, we thought the future was ours.
How wrong we were.
In our thirties we saw the way of the world, and mostly conformed.
What alternative was there?
In our forties we became a part of the very system we despised as teenagers, because in that conformity lay the fake idea of normality and the potentiality of prosperity, of promotion, of future security in the form of a 'pension' (now being denied, the age at which you might get one pushed ever back)...
In our fifties we got sick, and started to depend on fake pharma in the hope we might live healthily.
In our sixties we realised what was important, but too late, too late......

We 'die', we human beings, and only at the end of our lives do we realise, finally, what is truly important to us all.


All of these things apply to the individual human being, kept separate from all the others by a strategy of division. They do NOT apply to our species. 
Our species knows everything that there is to know, between us all.
Our species is the power in this reality. 

Because of the nature of this reality, because the controlling Evil has for so long shaped human interaction, because we accept what has gone before as normalcy we have, as a species, forgotten how wonderful We Are and how vital Love is to our species, how love underpins EVERYTHING we see that is of true value.
Love is our collective dream.
It is our solace.
Love is what we most value, above everything else.

There are many that are rich, fewer that have in their hands the means of creating from thin air unbelievable 'wealth' and the Power that comes from that, yet those at the very top have no understanding of Love, lack the riches that love brings, are bereft of that simple joy that lives in the hearts of humanity.

To know you are Loved is worth more than trillions of fake money, of digits in a 'bank account'. 
What we humans most desire is to be loved.
To be thought of as worthy.
To go to bed each night with a smile, knowing we have been of value, knowing someone cares, knowing we have done good.

This is our human-hearted destiny.

We have forgotten what we learned about sharing, about how sharing is fundamental to human society and that we all of us benefit from being a part of the greater whole, world-wide.
We have forgotten exactly what that greater whole IS.
It is the enormous beauty of a caring and loving species and what that species can create.

We have forgotten joy, we have forgotten laughter, we have forgotten duty, we have forgotten obligation, we have forgotten honour, we have forgotten decency, because inhumanity has shaped this false reality.

We need to remember.
We need to understand the nature of our species.
We need to re-discover our collective human-heartedness.

We need to look again at our morality.
We need to look again at our sexuality.
We need to look again at our idea of justice.
We need to look again at the way we preserve the innocence of children.
We need to look again at our science.
We need to look again at our systems of exchange.
We need to look again at hierarchies.
We need to look again at authority.
We need to look again at our laws.
We need to re-examine everything in the light of our human-heartedness.

We need, as a species, to Start Again.

To begin with the fundamentals we ALL understand.
The fundamentals of justice, of right and wrong.
The fundamentals of care.
And the fundamental understanding of the ease with which humanity can be bamboozled and the vigilance we need, as a species, as a one-world-tribe, the vigilance we require to take possession of our future and collective destiny.

The destiny of our species.

Ask yourselves: What legacy do you wish to bequeath your children and theirs?
A legacy of perpetual war, of untrammelled greed, of undeserved power, of disgusting pollution, of a diminished world, of perpetual debt, of all the continuing trends that you witness fed to you as 'normal' and 'unavoidable' by the machinery of endless propaganda?

Our human society should and will be built on the guiding principle of love, of good, of wisdom and justice.
What other future would almost all of us wish for?

Is that not what we almost all of us desire, we billions of meek and afraid human beings?
That Good should prevail over Evil?

And so the steps we need to take as a species are the steps that every slave in every moment of our history should have taken.

In the knowledge that THEY are few, and We Are many.

Just tell them to stick their fakery where the sun doesn't shine.

Hierarchy gives us orders that we feel we must follow, because we fear the consequences of refusal.
Money substantiates that hierarchy and we fear its absence, even though we might understand that it has been created from nothing, and that its creators are granted huge power over us by our meek acceptance of this vast trick.
Other beliefs that have been sown into the collective human consciousness, bad lying science and dodgy religion amongst them, fake democracy and the rule of false law, a myriad of other beliefs that have for centuries stemmed from the Power, stemmed from Evil and now, for all of we human-hearted to see, strive with a bloody determination to keep we human beings enslaved.

We are arriving at a great turning point in our collective human history.

It is the relatively simple matter of casting off the fake reality we exist within.
It does not seem simple to YOU, as an individual.
But it is simple for ALL OF US.
Billions of other human beings are WITH YOU.
The future is ours, humanity's.

We just need to realise that We Are one tribe, living in one world, and that We Are Love.

Now, spread this, for as you know the Power is Adept at confusing the issue.
They are adept at dividing Us.
They rely, now, on the messages that enter the collective human consciousness.
It is up to humanity to discern what is right.
It is not easy, for they are devious.

Our human destiny lies in simplicity.
There are no politics.
There are no conflicts.
There are no divisions.
We few of us would walk past a starving child.
We few of us would bomb a community of strangers that want exactly what we want, a simple life, free of fear.
We few of us would seek to profit from someone else's sickness.

We Are One.
We Are human.
We Are human-hearted.

You might wonder where we start?
We start everywhere.

You might wonder when we start?
Why, now, of course!

You might ask, who is the enemy?
Why, what your human-heart tells you is wrong.
The enemy is NOT the powerful. The enemy is the systems the powerful have built.
We need no gallows nor guillotines.
We simply need to ignore the systems the powerful have built, and Evolve our own.

You are just a part, a single element of a great whole, powerless and weak, meek and afraid as a single human being but nevertheless a part of something greater than the sum of those parts.
You are destiny unfolding.
You are the world put to rights.
You are the very foundation of the future of our species.

This, with love,
Aktina Pempti and the Olive Farmer,
High in the mountains of Crete,

Tuesday, 12 November 2019


The wisdom and courage of rural Irish people that understand who runs their fake politicians and know where the fake money comes from.m Let them win and humanity's future is terrible.
We were in Strokestown earlier this year. Lovely people.

Monday, 11 November 2019

What is Life?

What is life?
It is the experiencing of an electronic 'reality' that exists within your mind and is interpreted by your consciousness, ....... wherever that is.

You have never touched anything, only interpreted the resistance of the electrons surrounding the atoms of the thing you think you are touching. Take that further and realise you have, quite literally, floated through life. Keeping your feet on the ground is absolutely just a figure of speech. You have never paddled in the sea, never lain on your bed. There has always been a distance between you and everything else. 

You are an entity that floats through 'reality', experiencing 'life' as a continuous stream of information presented in electronic form.

When you taste, marvel at the design of the biological entity that can differentiate between the differing energies of repulsion of molecules of chilli or cheese, which then converts that information into electrical impulses, sending them down a biological wire to the processor you call your mind which then presents that information in a form understandable to your consciousness, the witness of this reality.

When you smell, when you see, when you hear, again marvel at the cleverness of the biological design that can interpret minute amounts of airborne chemicals, interpret and differentiate between a plethora of energetic waves that disturb the air around you, sort out a vastly complex number of light waves and make of them the world you exist in, converting all of this data into a continuous stream of information for you to experience.

It's a very immersive experience.

Then understand that all of the things you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, all of these things are made of atoms, tiny things made mostly of emptiness. Nothing is 'solid' in the way we think of solidity. The chair you think you are sitting on is mostly made of emptiness.
It has the appearance of a solid thing, but is not.
You think you are sitting on it, but are not.
You think you can see it, but what you are really doing is experiencing a stream of data representing that thing.

You think you experience all of these things in a one-way street called “time”, yet the apparent passage of time is just another construct of your mind.

You think your life is experienced in a 'now' that is at the bustling and busy point of a history stretching back millennia, yet cannot truly know that. 
History is a data input, nothing more.
Some of it may be true.
Much of it may not be true.

You think your life is happening in a world shared with billions of others, yet you have never seen with your own eyes more than a few thousand of these others at some sporting event or in a city at rush hour or similar.

Understand that there is another source of information that flows into your mind and colours your experience of life.

That other source of 'reality' is what you are told or shown by others.

Some of those others you know well, most of them you do not know at all and therefore have no idea if what they are informing you of is true.

You understand, of course, that they may be passing on something they 'believe' to be true but is not, or that they know to be false but present as truth.
You know, of course, that so much we call 'News' that fills your consciousness with concerns and fear has no tangible impact on the normalcy of your life.
Giving meaning to the expression 'Ignorance is Bliss'.

You pride yourself on being able to tell the difference between truth and lies, whilst recognising that everyone else is more easily fooled.

Billions of Christians know that billions of Muslims have been lied to and fooled by those lies.
Billions of Muslims know that billions of Hindus have been lied to and fooled by those lies.
Billions of kids are growing up believing that human beings are changing the weather by being responsible for pushing CO2 levels too high, but are never told that CO2 is 0.0391 % of the atmosphere and that human beings are responsible for only 3% of that less than half a percent.

Billions of human beings, floating through life in this electronic dream, believe that life is all about having some 'money'. Almost all of them don't know that all money is made out of thin air at the click of a mouse and lent to humanity, at interest, by a very few 'human beings'.

You live in an electronic dreamland, a false reality, subject to the data streams placed in your mind by others which form and shape the world around you and fill your consciousness with absolute nonsense. 
All politics is fake. 
All money is fake. 
All religions are fake.
Most 'news' is fake, intended to distract and concern you, to sow fear and discord and bring horror to your door, to your mind, to our human collective consciousness.

Through these things we have been forced, century after century, to fight in wars and to kill each other.
They make enemies of friends, fiends of human beings. 

They are just information streams entering your consciousness, put there by liars or those that have believed lies.

The collective consciousness of our species is framed and misshaped by these fake data streams. They have made this world of abundance and love something terrible, something fearful.

Know what you are, know where you are, understand the power of the collective consciousness of humanity.
It's time to take back this reality.

With Love,
Aktina Pempti

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Our Human Journey

The consciousness of a crowd is comprised of a number of inputs. The base programming of each individual, what they learned from their parents, at school, from the media as they grew, from other humans in the echo chamber of existence, from the experience of their particular life is only one of those inputs. This is the input that made "you" the individual, but be aware that many of those early inputs were designed and delivered by the state. A look now at the prevalence of the global warming lies within learning media in many subjects, at the prevalence in almost all nation's syllabi of gender bending mind engineering and the teaching of abnormal sex to infants is information enough to tell you that "you" were targeted long ago. Religions mostly rely on such child mind stealing for their continuance.

The second input, that which shapes the crowd's behaviour, comes from the sense which we humans are caused to believe does not exist. It is the hive mind. It is the interconnected nature of all of our subconscious minds, shaping the consciousness of the crowd, of humanity as a whole.

The expression "We Are ONE" that we use and refer to here repeatedly speaks of this almost unknown collective hive mind.

If you are a church or temple goer you will have felt the collective will-to-good and would describe it as a spiritual experience, a connection with God. In a sense it is. If you were ever present at a lynching you would be aware of a collective will-to-evil, the false justice of the mob. At a football game you feel the collective hive mind. In battles. At your workplace. Everywhere. What most are only vaguely aware of is this continuous presence of the hive mind, growing stronger as we human beings grow in number. Think of it humanity as a single mind, each individual a brain cell and realise that the hive mind grows stronger as more cells are added.

Now we have a plethora of devices that make us all a part of the crowd most of the time, acting as neurotransmitters. These devices serve a dark purpose, which was their intent, yet could and will be turned to good. This use of our interconnectedness for good will come as a surprise to humanity, although it will last only a short time before our controllers realise what's happening and turn off the internet and the phone networks. It will, however, be available for long enough for humanity to realise that the hive mind exists and that We have a will-to-good which unites us in our billions. 

What is evident is that there is currently a coordinated and intricate strategy to use that connectivity to shape the hive mind. One example that is still fresh in many minds is the attack of 9/11. In that example "Shock and Awe" were used to ready the collective consciousness for the implanting of certain 'truths'. That it was done by 'Bin Laden'. That killing people in far off countries would be 'just'. The power of this mass-suggestion was strong enough to cause hundreds of millions of human beings to willingly set out to murder two million and more people that had never done anything other than be born in the wrong place, of the wrong colour, and been programmed to believe in a particular fake religion. Their countries are now smouldering ruins, their peace and normalcy destroyed, their hopes and ambitions wrecked, their lives full of fear. Still the killing goes on.

These new devices that shape the collective consciousness have built upon the first, simple methods. The First World War saw posters, newspaper articles, impassioned speeches that reached few ears but were spread by the print media. The Second World War was witness to the use of propaganda films at the cinemas and, famously, radio broadcasting. Churchill's speeches were notably memorable. Hitler used mass rallies, torch-lit columns of marching black shirts, great banners and flags and symbols. Extinction Rebellion uses the same techniques today, their symbol (so like the swastika and its encirclement) entering the subconscious minds of our young everywhere - as other symbols have done for centuries.

Nowadays our devices make the collective consciousness of humanity much easier to shape, much easier to misshape.

We are bombarded by this mass assault on our collective consciousness. It comes at us every moment of every day almost. The purposes of this mass assault are many. One has been and is to create and direct fake 'revolutions'. The 'Colour Revolutions', the 'Arab Spring' and many more currently are so created. In each and every case these fake revolutions were easy to cause and to shape because they represented anyway a bubble of the collective consciousness just waiting to burst.

As we awaken to the injustice of the world so that awakening is harnessed and directed to serve the purpose of the Power.

When you consider the massive amount of surveillance and the enormous computers that listen to every conversation, read every email, monitor every blog and every comment, film every action in every city, watch every click of every mouse everywhere in the world so you must understand that the Power now has a deep and detailed understanding of the collective human consciousness from this massive data-mining, day by day, second by second. Events are manufactured, causes devised and spread, speeches made, proposals spouted, documentaries created, films made, political issues created, crises initiated, tweets spread, thoughts and ideas censored, books 'burnt' by algorithm, fake leaders publicised, fake alternative leaders martyred or jailed (usually briefly!) and so on.

The Power recognised, more than a century ago, what the power of the mass consciousness could mean for their continuance and set about devising methods of controlling humanity's rising hive mind. 

The collective human consciousness is a force, a power. It explains, if you think deeply enough about it, the great acts of co-creation we human beings treat as ordinary when they are anything but ordinary. We take the very stuff of this world and reshape and repurpose it to create something else. No other creatures do this to any great extent. We excel at it. We even unpick the fabric of this creation and make entirely new things. We meddle with DNA and create new life forms. We meddle with atoms and create new energies.

The world as we know it is of our creation. Everything that is made. Everything that happens between us. Recall that everything that is built, grown, distributed and made in this reality is so procured by human muscle, human skill and knowledge, human intelligence and organisation, human brilliance.
Atop this effort witness those that do none of these things but that contrive, through the exercise of Power and the use of fake money conjured out of thin air to obtain the best of everything we create and to evade justice for the most heinous of crimes. These murderous creatures have fed upon human misery for centuries. They disguise their activities now by hiding behind detail which few individual human beings can understand but that the rising hive mind is coming to know is entirely fake. The fakery of 'democracy', the fakery of 'finance', the fakery of 'debt', the fakery of 'position' and 'authority'. All of these things we are coming to collectively understand exist only to perpetuate the Power of a parasitic entity.

Like all forces of Evil, the Power will do anything to retain its control over its slave species. It has come to understand what we human beings think of it and the institutions and beliefs it has got away with using to control us for centuries. Now it believes it can harness the collective discontent and disbelief of the rising hive mind to engineer a period of great chaos. Recall the fake 'Revolutions' and understand that these were dry runs, experiments in controlling the hive mind and purposing it to create chaos.

Know that every hierarchy, every money-created lattice of the control matrix, everything that shapes our current human societies can be whisked away in moments by the Power. The fake bank collapses and ensuing 'austerity' were a dry run for the collapse of money itself. The replacement has been tested already. The 'seperatist' movements dividing nations are of the Power's instigation and shaping. The evident unsuitability of the useless greedy politicians they have foisted upon us. The ignoring of referenda. The creation of new 'enemies' everywhere. The building of an entire generation that believes humanity is bad for the world and should be diminished. All of these things and many more are not accidental.

The Power is preparing its offensive against the rising human consciousness, the deep human understanding that NOTHING needs to be the way it is. That we can live in peace and love and abundance. That We Are better than we are portrayed. That We Are Human, and We Are Good. 

Know that there is Love out there.
The conduit is closing.
Fear nothing.
The great creative hive mind of our species is nearing the Moment.
The future is good.
Believe in "We".

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
PS to those that prevent visits and comments here, recall that your bosses' boss, the head of the pyramid of power and control that pays your fake wages, that parasite relies upon human beings to sustain its dark power. The time is upon us each and every one of us to stand and be counted, to reach out our human hands to each other, to do our duty to our fellow human beings. We Are One. Be brave. Be good. Be human.


Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The Exercise of Power. 11.11

This is a long, but worthy, post. Please stick with it. Comments are welcome, but if you try to comment you'll get an error message.......naturally!
The post script describes a threat made upon us and ours recently by a member of the scum class, that is a creature of the Satanic slime that coats this reality. The threat would be effective, if we could be made afraid. We have taken measures to protect ourselves and ours, and the energy that we think of as Love will always be around us.

{Later edit: You should know that this blog has had a SUDDEN drop in readers SINCE this post was made. If you are fortunate enough to read this it means that, for some reason, you have managed to get through where others have found only 'Error' notices or "Not Available". 11.11 . YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THE NOW WEAK POWER SEEKS TO CONTROL EVERYTHING THAT ENTERS THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. IT IS FAILING, BECAUSE THE OLD NORMAL IS DYING, THE NEW HUMAN NORMAL RISING LIKE AN IRRESISTIBLE TIDE. THIS CANNOT BE STOPPED. The thoughts here will become known through the collective consciousness whether these words are read or not. WE can't be stopped.}

(“We” refers to the human tribe. “We Are” means the human collective, what we are as a species rather than that which we are told we are by those that seek to control humanity. “We Are” good. We yearn for good. We dream of Love. Everything we count as worthwhile comes from Good. We Are Human-hearted, that which Confucius called 'Ren'. We Are a species of Good held in the thrall of Evil. We create this reality, together, yet a force of EVIL that SHAPES AND FORMS THAT COLLECTIVE ENERGY has taken control. The product is what we see around us and KNOW, all of us, is WRONG.)

Most of We that think ourselves awake are not. We are most of us drawn into a miasma of perpetual distraction. The theatre of reality is scripted, directed, edited. ALL of the players dance to an intricate and orchestrated tune and through that music a dark Magick works its spell upon your consciousness. This dark Magick is a science, a science that has been studied for Millennia, a science that is now aided and abetted by such creatures as the Tavistock Institute. It is the dark Magick/Science of control, not merely of nations nor of finance, but control of the great entity that is the collective human consciousness.

Its ambition is to harness the power of billions of human minds.

You can see, we guess, what the collective power of billions of human intelligences is capable of?

You know how the Power of control of nations gives the controllers a weapon with which they can KILL. The control of the consciousness of a nation, making its people BELIEVE they do good when they do evil, is a weapon. Such weapons built every Empire known to us, powered by human soldiers that believed themselves 'patriotic' or 'for God'.
Still now, if you have the sense to see.

What, then, of the control of ALL of humanity.
The more of us there are, the more pure Power there is to direct.
But the harder it is to maintain that control.......
Which is the story of NOW and the unfolding of our human destiny, there for those that have eyes to see to see.......

Already we have created everything you know of that is not of simple nature, created vast cities and minute nano technologies, created great computational machinery, tinkered with the unleashing of the huge energies buried within atoms to create weapons of destruction. By our human WILL we shape reality, repurpose its component parts, take rock and build cities, take sunlight and create usable energy, shape soil and plant to create food and in a billion ways, every day, together we CREATE.
That energy also has the Power to destroy.

To own that destructive Power, to direct its destructive force has ever been the ambition of our owners. Ask any historian with half a brain to sum up our human history in a sentence and that's what they'd have to arrive at. (Though of course they'd go unpublished if they did.)

The more human beings there are, the more powerful that collective consciousness grows, just as more and faster processors make our computers more powerful. For centuries this power of the collective human consciousness has been known, the control of that Power squabbled over and fought for.

This is the prize.

All of the wars and fake revolutions that caused and cause human beings to murder other human beings, to commit genocide, were and are simply the playing out of the strategy of world kingship.

There is only one pyramid of power at the end of this game, will be only one king of the world, only one owner of this reality. Watch the movie 'Highlander', in which many truths are revealed.

Understand that to cause human beings to disbelieve something that is obvious the very best way is to weave a fairy tale and make us believe it is simply that, a work of fantasy.

Demons that possess human beings are just in movies and books, right?
Just fairy tales.
The historical evidence that we have ALWAYS known they exist, why that's just the superstitious ramblings of simple, stupid tribespeople, right? Or religious nuts. Right?
Magic is all fakery, right? Just children's entertainment or a Saturday night's bit of fun.

Dark Satanic Magick is just a joke that has never existed and those that believe it does, those that believe it involves the sacrifice of children, are terrible people that wrongly accuse fine, upstanding billionaires, Royals, politicians and other very worthy people.
It says so in Wiki, so it must be true. It's just “satanic panic”. Nothing to see here, so move along humans.
Such accusers should be in prison, right?
And of course they are, those that still live.

You see, We are caused to choose to lose, to give in, to fall for the Magick that is consciousness control.
We choose to lose because we are afraid.

Remember: To be a slave is always a matter of choice.
Every slave that there ever was feared the alternative, so chose to be a slave.
Religious slaves are those that believe and believe their souls will suffer if they don't.
Though we're sure that the creator doesn't care if you wear a funny hat or cover your face or switch on a light on Saturday or whatever. We're sure the creator only wants you to be good, to be fair, to Love, to share, to be happy, to care. To be human-hearted.

That wouldn't be difficult, won't be difficult, once we rid our world of the monsters that have Power.
That's our future.
We Are the power, and We will create a world of Good.
That is our human destiny, despite what the current reality tells you.

One day (and who knows how far secret science has progressed towards this goal?) the collective mind that is humanity will have built the tower of its knowledge and its instruments of creation and destruction so high that such knowledge, such a collective intelligence, will be able to challenge the great mind that created THIS reality and placed humanity in it.

THIS reality.

We can choose that power to be good, or evil, creative or destructive.
We KNOW what humanity will choose.
The question is WHEN?

We know, all of We that call ourselves awake, that the battle for humanity is a battle fought between an organised, sophisticated, devious force of utter Evil and the force of Good that resides within almost all human beings. To place this within the terminology of religions, We, each of us, is a tiny part of the God Consciousness called Love.

Our subtle and strong adversary is the force of Evil that religions call Satan or Lucifer. Each human being that buries their morality for a bigger share of what that force of Evil has at its disposal (money, position, title, authority, freedom from justice, a longer life....) becomes a traitor to humanity. That is not to say that every human being that is successful in their endeavour is so tainted, but only those that bury their morality in order to do so.

Though it seems that they are legion they are very few, are mere ticks on the back of the mighty creature that is the collective consciousness of near 8 billion human beings. What they do have is possession of the levers of control that we have chosen to allow them to possess.
Remember, all slaves chose to be so, fearing the consequence of not so choosing.
We Are debt slaves, because we fear refusal to pay.
We Are slaves to money, because we fear that without money we'll all starve.....(though WE grow and distribute ALL the food there is. WE do that, not those that create money from thin air, who have caused us to believe that without money we will starve......)

This understanding has not been arrived at by most of our human family.
Their minds are enshrouded, the third eye of their consciousness is closed.
We human beings create everything.
Money has nothing to do with that.
Lack of money should have, will have, nothing to do with that.

The Satanic Power has ever warred against our third-eye, seeking our tribes wherever they were, conquering them, slaying our Shamen and our Wise, burning our ancient libraries, killing those who were keeping our oral histories, outlawing the use of entheogens that our human minds have specific receptors for and are intended to make use of, stealing our tribal children and educating them in the false religions, shoving missionaries down our throats and burning 'blasphemers' at the stake (who can still believe in a faith that kills by fire?), those evil beings have ever sought to rob us of our understanding. Which is: That we human beings work better when we work together. That we human beings 'do our bit' to make everything better. That we human beings care. That we love. That we can share, do share.

That loving and sharing is what We Are, and that is Good.

The three 'Abrahamic' religions foisted upon us by the Power and pretending a direct connection with “God” have a long history of control of the collective human consciousness. A long and bloody history, full of severed heads and genocide and the despoiling of innocents, the rape of innocence, the theft and sacrifice of babes and the eating of human hearts for the Andrenochrome that fear has filled them with. EVERY ONE of these fake religions has such a history. Most of them such a NOW.

This War We humans are in is a long and bloody one. We are as dust beneath the heels of the force of Evil. It cares not for us, only for the Power we can bring it at the end of this long story.

It is for Us, We human beings, to bring this war to an end and to Evolve.

Recall that for all of our history the Power, the Evil, has dominated our world. Everything that enters your consciousness of our human history is moulded and shaped by that power. The winner has written ALL the books. Those 'facts' of history, repeated and repeated, We have allowed to become 'truth'. Those academics and researchers that dispute any meaningful part of that history are silenced, their works ignored or banned, unpublished or burned.

This is just one strand of the great hempen noose that strangles the truth from the world.

The internet, which so many are by design addicted to and which promised so much truth, so much divergence from the false narrative, has become the biggest funeral pyre for truth and knowledge in our human history.

If we let them continue with this digital censorship then within a generation there will be no truth at all left remaining in the world. We human beings will forever be lost, for truth is the beacon we must follow, the beacon that will lead us into Our future.

We already exist within a story that is entirely false, framed for our collective consciousness by the Power. That history forms the backdrop to our present and creates a false narrative that the Power can call upon to justify the horrors it is forcing upon us today.

That narrative, that fake story-line is today being written by the mass media and the fake alternative media that focuses on the issues that are directed by the power. The intent is to produce chaos and confusion in the collective human consciousness whilst weaving a narrative of 'enemies' that will need to be attacked, wars that will need to be started, great plagues that threaten us all, climate armageddon, fear, fear and more fear.

Do you see?
Most of our lives are lived in peaceful normalcy, bad as it has been made, yet most of us let our minds consider and worry over the perpetual and all-consuming horror that our masters create and then blame on us.

We Are being made to be the villains of reality, we billions of good-ish human beings.
Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the 'truth' has become what our masters say it is.
Many of us still believe, but MORE and MORE of us every second of every day know what bullshit smells like......
We could awaken at any moment.
As a species.
We human- hearted.
“We Are” makes sense when you consider that. We Are coming. We Are evolving.
The future is ours.

The human story goes untold in the consciousness engineering programme we suffer under, the news focusing on all that is vile we humans do to build a mental picture of our species that is utterly false while every day billions of us do No Harm and Do Good.

Billions of human beings every day do small acts of kindness that go unreported. Billions of human beings are utterly sick of our 'politicians' at every level, of our twisted judicial systems, of our bent police, of the criminals that perpetrate the worst of crimes and avoid prosecution (and these are not the small time hoods, the criminals that perpetrate the worst crimes are the warmongers, the arms manufacturers, the child stealers, the amoral rich that destroy livelihoods at whim and care not for the consequences, the bankers that create money from thin air and use it to grow their power over our debt-enslaved species).

The image of humanity that would be in our collective consciousness were these billions of acts of kindness reported every day, ten times a day, would be of a kind and loving species, a species that cares, a species that is mostly harmless, a species that suffers under the rule of criminals and monsters. THIS truth is denied us.

This truth would set us free.......

You can see that the chief object of the Power is to control the collective consciousness of humanity. In that control lies its true power. Once they have your mind, they can wield you as a weapon. So it always was with religious faiths. So it always was with kings and 'their' subjects, the nations they owned and the people they could wield as a weapon. Control the consciousness of the masses and they become a weapon of mass destruction.
THIS is what many call 'globalism'. It is the intent to control the consciousness of our entire species and to use us as a weapon.

Against “God”? Against good.
They are not far from achieving this goal, and have planned a period of chaos in which they will genetically engineer our species to make us perpetually compliant. The time for humanity to stop that from happening is,.....NOW.

If you are a Maverick, if you are one that refuses to be a slave, that fears not (or rather that will not allow fear to determine your actions but will do what is RIGHT despite the fear) then YOUR time has come.

Let us explain: In the days of more open and 'legal' slavery, slave owners would regularly castrate or hang those slaves that weren't compliant. They knew that by doing so they were genetically engineering troublesome strains from the herd, just as beef farmers might do, just as dog breeders have done for centuries to turn the wolf into your puppy. The opposite is done by breeders of pit-bulls that intend them to fight, breeding from the most aggressive.

In Hitler's Germany “Gauleiters” were appointed in every area, in every street, to monitor and report on trouble-makers who were then taken out. Every totalitarian regime does the same, has its own force of sneaks. Kings always took the heads of the troublesome, and of their children more often than not. All of these things are genetic engineering, breeding programmes designed to make slavery easier by breeding out the Maverick gene.

NOW we have the surveillance state, now we have the internet and its devices spying upon us all at every moment.

Bring in a period of chaos, control the levers that shift the collective consciousness and we will find the power having 'justification' for the arrest and murder of countless millions of human beings. The herd will agree, the 'justification' will have been written into the script of the story of life and millions upon millions of 'traitors to humanity' (ie decent human beings that have the courage to oppose Evil) will disappear from the gene pool.

Leaving only the compliant.
Leaving our species an empty and eminently controllable shell.

History gives you this lesson. It is easy to see.
Look at it.

There are those that think such ideas ludicrous.
Evidently such idiots cannot pick up a book and read of the 'Cultural Revolution' and the 100 milion that were murdered, cannot pick up a book and read of the Gulags of the USSR and the 60 million that were taken from the gene pool. They know nothing of the Stasi. Know nothing of history if they cannot see that the Power has always slaughtered troublesome slaves in their millions.

THAT is the story of humanity. A long history of a selective breeding programme, leaving a compliant herd that can be easily driven.

But that work goes unfinished, and we should never let THEM write the last chapter in our human story.

We humans need to take the narrative from them and write our own story, full of love and pleasantry, full of good times and laughter.
That's how the story should always have gone, that's how the story will go once our species wakes up.

Knowing that all the major religions stem from the force of Evil brings the understanding that we humans, in our billions, seek some form of communion and understanding with the God force, the Creator's intent, that we should live through Love and all that stems from Love.

The yearning for this connection has been harnessed, for Millennia, by the great tricksters and twisted into something ugly, something unforgivable. As individuals we lack the intelligence to see through this trickery. Lured by the incense, the chants, the beauty of church or temple, the images, the 'word of God' delivered by the deceived (or the knowing and evil), the mantras, the swelling of the collective yearning for God as we worship, the inner sense of 'something', some sense of connection that the Evil knows well how to create, summon, and manipulate and pervert.

This, you understand, is a form of Magick, a spell woven over the collective consciousness of billions of we human beings that yearn for God, for Good and creates from this will to good a force of destruction and division between our family.

Billions of devout Muslims believe their religion is the religion of peace.
Billions of devout Christians believe their religion is the religion of peace.....

It is NOT the religion that is of peace.

It is those billions of human beings that seek connection with “God” and that sense, when they are together, the force of the collective yearning for good, for peace. That is the force of “God' within us all, felt stronger when we collect together and bring it forth.

That is the force of peace.
Billions of human beings wishing for it.
It is more powerful than we realise, which is why Kings have always controlled religions.
To harness the collective yearning for good that is the God Consciousness and to make of it a force for evil, for division, for crusade after crusade, for inquisitions, for the burning murder of 'blasphemers'.

This is one of the tricksters' greatest successes. To turn the yearning for good into a force of evil and thereby to corrupt billions of good human souls over millennia.
It has worked for Millennia, but its trickery now grows less powerful. The Power knows this, is wrenching from believers the last vile acts it can persuade them “God” desires of them BUT has readied, waiting in the wings, a new religion that will unite those that yearn for God and put them all in the hands of Satan, of Lucifer, in a 'one world religion' coming to your neighbourhood sooner than you think.

YOU SEE: They that rule us know that their old systems and structures have been seen through by the rising collective consciousness of humanity. They know that we value them not. They know that We hate them and their perpetual wars, their fake lying politics. They know that time is short and so have planned a NEW WORLD ORDER that they anticipate we will beg for once they have plunged we human beings into chaos.

We will not fall for that.
Their chaos will come from the collapse of what is and the proffering of something new that will 'save' us.
The collective intelligence of our species sees that strategy, and sees also that WE make everything, WE move everything, WE police everything, WE grow everything. Nothing in this world happens without our agreement and compliance. NOTHING.
This world is OURS, We Are its masters.
This is a story as old as humanity itself. Our human journey stretches back to the beginnings of time and has ever been a test, ever been a trial, ever been an act of choosing. The choice has always been “Accept slavery or die. Accept slavery or lose everything you have.”

Do you see? Slavery only exists because of cowardice, the unwillingness to take yourself out of the slavers' control by taking your own life. That is a choice available to every slave there has ever been.
Ergo we are a slave species by choice, our choices driven by fear.

Fear nothing.
The slaver paid human beings to whip their slaves.
If humanity says “NO” then there is NO WHIP.
If there is no money, there is no 'pay', is no whip.

We Are slaves to debt now because we fear the consequences of refusal to pay. As individuals we should be so afraid, but if our species decided that it Will Not Pay then there is NO force that can refuse

We Are seven billion human beings. Nothing can resist the combined intelligence and muscle and determination of our great species.

Do you see?
We Are an almighty force. An almighty force for Good.

This world is ours by birthright, we meek and afraid and bullied billions. Like all slaves, in every time, we vastly outnumber our owners. Only the control of our consciousness and the FEAR keeps us subjected to the vile and Evil whims of our owners. It would take just a moment of collective understanding between we human-hearted people across our world to render the Power as nothing.

If you are awake, then this understanding is all you need to know.......everything else is merely distraction......everything else is a distraction placed into your mind by those that control the information that enters your consciousness.....EVERYTHING else is a side issue, a rabbit hole, brought to you by liars and puppets to prevent YOU from understanding what YOU are a part of and what We can together become.
Everything else.

All of the politics, all of the issues, all of the fake news, all of the rantings of the fake alternative pundits and 'leaders' (though not one of them lead anyone anywhere except into the rabbit holes they choose, adding new ones every day: “Don't look at that, look at THIS” they cry, bringing calumny after calumny to your attention so that YOU don't see how EASY it would be for humanity to break free of the mind-chains that shackle our species.)

Question everything, question everyone that purports to show you the light, know that behind all of it is a deep and long considered strategy bent upon winning the prize: Control of the collective human consciousness and wielding that weapon against the force for Good in creation.

In other words: Wake Up.

The force of Good which created us and this place has ever had an intent: That we should come to a deep understanding of Good and Evil and that, despite the Power that Evil possesses, despite the control it has over our collective consciousness, We should at last come to understand what We Are and why we are here..... and choose Good.

We must be valiant. We must be courageous.
We must be Good.

We must come to realise that, weak and frail as we are as individuals, together We Are an irresistible force for Good.

Recall, if you have watched them, the great rallies of Nuremburg staged by Hitler's wizards. The vast Nazi banners stirring in the wind, the swastika sigil circled by blood red, the long lines of uniformed followers forming a brotherhood, carrying flaming torches, swearing allegiance together and becoming a single consciousness, a weapon that could be wielded, a force. Recall Hitler, his words and his gestures weaving a spell, raising the collective spirit, inducing a fervency.

Recall, if you have witnessed such, the great churches of charismatic 'religious' leaders. The chanted mantras, the burning incense, the symbols and icons that enter the subconscious mind as Archetypes always have, the Mother, the Martyr, the Prince of Peace, the Betrayer, the Stern Father. The words of the preacher, whipping the faithful into a collective fervency.

Bring to mind everything that enters your consciousness and know that all of that consists of hearsay yet is delivered to you as truth, though you have no way of knowing what is true, nor what is deception.

Your eyes and your ears convert these messages into electricity and your mind processes what has been delivered. This is true of everyone you know and everyone you don't. What enters our collective consciousness is a programme, a virus, as detailed and purposeful as any computer virus you can think of.
Your mind is a super-computer. Our collective mind something unimaginably powerful.
Remember this.
You may be small and inconsequential, but We Are something else entirely. We Are the creators and shapers of reality, currently controlled and misdirected, but soon to be free. Nothing will prevent that long awaited and yearned for Evolution and our destiny, to be united with Love and to create from Love.
To be humanhearted as a species.
To be Good.
While recalling that to be Good does not mean to be boring, does not mean to be ordinary, does not mean to obey rules other than the ones WE KNOW we should obey. Do no harm. Do good.
You must realise that the enormous power of unlimited money funded, long ago, the forging of a strategy. This strategy encompasses every element of the control matrix, every method honed and practiced over the millennia, every nuance and subtlety that many many bright minds could dream of.

There are those that scoff at such notions, the idea that a small group of bloodlines have conspired for thousands of years to own humanity and our minds.
(Ignorant individuals will always be with us. They only lack knowledge of the truth. Once they have that knowledge, they will no longer be ignorant. Example: do a genetic heritage check for a racist and let them see they are mixed race, like all of we humans are.)

Then think of “Queen” Elizabeth and the fact that she can trace her lineage back through centuries of Kings and Queens, Emperors and Pharos, centuries of arranged marriages with other 'Royals', all of whom were stealers of countries, enslavers of tribal people (human beings) and builders of bloody empires.
Understand that from their earliest moments they were/are still taught of this lineage and of the methods used to retain power and to wield it so that their line might grow ever more powerful long into the future.

Those that shape this reality are taught the way.
Do you believe that such a longevity of absolute power continues without detailed and orchestrated strategies? Strategies that very few individuals can see, but that the collective consciousness of humanity knows is self evident.

Remember: We Are a collective intelligence. A single mighty mind. We see everything between us all. Every fact, every moment of life is witnessed by one or another of us.

The first lesson these 'princes' learn is that of Glamour.
Glamour resides not just in the evident frippery of the power, the castles and grand mansions, the fine clothes, the crowns and jewels, the swords and maces, the ever present line of obsequious retainers and 'important' followers that do their bidding, the casual expression of the threat of violence represented by 'loyal' guards and long lines of soldiers that will kill when told to for whatever reason. Nor simply in the 'great' ceremonies of Glamour where their Power is expressed through the evident subservience of the invited guests of importance and the fake great ministers of “religion” that grant the blessings of their fake 'God' on the serried ranks of the monsters and their kin and the great audience of invited guests, psychopathic human beings dressed in silks and ermines and wearing badges of rank. It also resides in the assumption of greatness, the giving of orders in a voice that will brook no refusal, the making of demands in a way that assumes they will be met, a voice taught through millennia.

It also resides in Politeness. If a human being asks for something and utters 'please' or thank you then this is taken as normal, yet if one of THEM deigns to ask politely then that politeness is spoken of and spread far and wide through word of mouth....”Oh, she was so GRACIOUS to say 'please' to little old me. What a wonderful ruler we have”.......
Politeness from the mouths of the mighty is taken as Grace and adds to the Glamour. Watch videos of Hitler in his times of relaxation. Warm, friendly, approachable, POLITE. So gracious.....

Glamour is a form of Magick.
Magick is the art and science of controlling the minds of human beings, that which not only makes them believe but also obey.

Magick has many forms.

At the knees of their parents each generation of this long line of genocidal freaks is taught the Magick of fear.

They are taught that they have in their loyal soldiers and the other uniformed followers in law and order, in justice, in religion, in the secret societies and many more an unlimited power to cause harm and to bring death wherever they choose. At their whim nations are brought to war and reduced. At their whim leaders are assassinated. At their whim they may reach out and bring death to whomever they choose wherever they are in our world. They can scrub from life anyone that threatens them: Politicians that rise from nowhere and try to free their nations from the bonds of debt slavery, great men or women that preach of peace and love and harmony among our species, leaders that try to wrest control of more than one nation from the grip of the power.

You know their names, and they are all dead or destined to die. Each and every one of them is squashed. Wherever possible, they are beheaded or publicly hanged so that a lesson is taught to others that might wish to break the Power's foul control over human destiny.
That dark art, that Magick of Fear, is taught early. It is taught through a casual relationship with killing, in the hunt, and be in no doubt that there is one prey that is most prized. History tells us of our Kings' delighting in battle (surrounded by their most able fighters and horsed and armoured in the finest that can be bought) swinging their mighty swords and lopping off heads and arms and drenching themselves in blood.
A battle is a man-hunt, is sport for those that enjoy the art of killing, especially the killing of human beings.

In the “Queen's” bloodline we find a thousand monsters, a thousand genocidal freaks, a thousand rapists and home destroyers, a thousand great thieves and all of them enjoying the hunt.

We find, for example, Vlad Tepes, the “impaler” that enjoyed setting up sharp stakes next to his seat at dinner and having a child thrust on the stake, to wriggle and squirm to a slow screaming death, the great man reaching out his cup to drink of the blood. Old habits die hard, though these days they are hidden and protected by those that occupy seats of authority in our legal and policing organisations, and their desire for young blood is quietly and secretly fed by the likes of Savile and Dutreux and Epstein.
In Britain, such are Knighted and we human beings forced to call them “Sir” or “my Lord”.

The Magick of fear is a mind control instrument. Few human beings will not respond to the threat of violence, to the promise of pain or the promise of an ugly death or the theft of their normal life. It takes many forms. Fear is what makes blackmail work, and so our rulers are taught the Magick of blackmail as a control instrument. They are taught that most embarrassments are just that: To be caught with your hands in the till of state, to be found to be homosexual whilst pretending not to be, to be discovered adulterous, to be found to have accepted bribes, all of these are of some small use. But the power understands that blackmail works best when the crime committed is, to humanity, absolutely unforgivable.
So it is that children are offered as sexual playthings and as lives that can be snuffed to the psychopathic or demon possessed human beings that climb the greasy pole towards the flame of power. Such are creatures like Jimmy Savile and Jeffrey Epstein, creatures that attract, ensnare and enslave those that rise to power through the sick Magick of fear of being exposed as a child abuser, a child rapist, a child murderer. So were the 'Loyalist' Protestant leaders enslaved that created the counter force to the IRA in the Irish 'troubles', bringing decades of misery and division and daily fear to a nation of lovely people. So at the knee these creatures are taught the ways of Fear and the power that Fear brings them.

So long as they can exercise that power they need fear nor obey any law of humanity. This absence of the threat of justice adds to the expression of Glamour, as does the deep understanding that whoever they choose might die at their whim. Such understandings imbue their voices and their eyes and their movements with a powerful Magick, such that they become difficult to refuse. Lesser creatures of their ilk develop some of this Magick. The Mafiosi capos. The psychopaths that rise and take power in many areas of life. Even the school bully has a taste of this Magick, and the bad cop.

Millennia ago the 'Royals' learned that Bribery was another useful Magick, that one could buy the minds of human beings both individually and en masse. At first they bought muscle, to enable the exercise of Fear Magick. They bought this muscle through offering a certainty of food and the promise of a share of the spoils of theft and, to the most wicked, the offer of Position (Position being an aspect of the exercise of Power and another form of Magick).

Back in those days when no money existed the bribery was paid for by the goods that could be stolen from the human herd, the food and wines and made things, the women and children that could be taken and raped and murdered at will and for sport. The King's hold over others was weaker then and their future less certain. Crops might fail or food spoil and even the mighty might face hunger or be forced to take their band of followers to another place and kill and enslave another tribe so that they might enjoy life better. If you know of the Vikings you will see this picture more clearly. The 'Queen' counts many Viking kings among her antecedents.

Then 'Money' was invented. Its invention allowed the King to store the energy of the herd and pass it on from generation to generation, to tax their subjects rather than simply take their food (with its limited shelf-life). It meant that a King could sap the energy of every human being through taxation and store that energy to pay for whatever evil occurred to him.

The coin was minted with the King's head on it, adding to the Glamour.

Later on some bankers gained some influence with the Royal rulers, but you should know that they were always clever enough to see that their lives and that of their children could be snuffed out at a whim by the monsters that hold the true power in this reality. After all, these monsters reached out their hands across the world building their Empires, their human slaves killing millions to steal countries and drain the gold and other wealth from them.
Bankers understand their place, understand that the Royal power is merely disguised these days.

The bankers are NOT the Power, are merely the servants of Evil. The bankers are tolerated so long as they are useful, but are ever aware of the true power in this reality.

Nowadays, these house bankers work directly to the power, helping to create the Magick that is Unlimited Money and the power that gives the rulers, power in the form of an unending flow of digits, created at whim and at the click of a mouse and lent at interest to every nation, to every human being that seeks a roof over their heads or clothes on their backs or food in their mouths. The bankers Magick is merely a continuation of and an improvement upon the Rulers' minted coins and printed notes. Their services are retained so long as they do the bidding of their masters and help to enslave humanity and drive the engines of war and misery that bind humanity to the Magick of perpetual Fear.

This Magick money also oils the wheels of the great machinery of control. It allows the power to reward those psychopaths and sycophants that climb the greasy poles of power and seek rewards for helping to enslave humanity. It rewards them with fine houses, with fine clothes, with fine foods cooked by others. It rewards them with the pathetic baubles that so puff-up their greedy egos. It rewards them with slaves of their own, wage slaves that clean their houses and manicure their gardens. It grants them a level of untouchability in courts, for justice can be so readily bought.

It allows them to polish their vanity by mingling with the other wealthy creeps in 'exclusive' places, places where there are many wage slaves to cater for their pathetic whims. Best of all the Money Magick goes hand in hand with Position, a place in the hierarchy of evil that allows them to make or destroy human beings lives. In big corporations it allows them to condone the cutting of staff levels to make those that remain work harder for their crust of bread. It allows them to condone the manufacture of goods by slaves in sweat shops halfway across the world. It allows them to revel in their own importance and the power they can exercise over the lives of others.

The higher they go, the more harm they can do, the better these psychopathic creeps feel. It may be that your boss is human, even his or her boss, but once you get to board level in major corporations and NGOs all you will find are the lowest, foulest, cruelest examples of diseased psychologies, human beings that should be behind bars, the last residue of the killing animals we had to be once, people we no longer need. This current reality is heaven for the truly evil psychopath or the demonic entities they have become.

“Position” is another form of binding Magick. ALL position derives from the Power and from the dark money energy that the house bankers create for the Power to wield. The Power controls the hierarchy of almost every corporation and institution that exists within this false and inhuman reality in almost every nation. Hierarchies sustain the Power and do its will, everywhere, in every nation, in every government save in those few places where humanity has found itself a leader that promises freedom from those that rule (and those leaders all understand what is at stake, that the murderous servants of the Power are intent upon killing them and theirs).

The Magick of position is easy to wield. The Power surrounds itself with dark and venal creatures that sit at the top of every hierarchy and every arm of the control matrix. Very few are needed, each of those requires very few similar creatures that will do as they are ordered and so the pyramid of power extends its darkness down through a myriad of levels until every aspect of life is directly controlled.

Close to the power, always, sits the instrument of death, one that sits atop the pyramid of violence and injustice, the Secret Service that's not so secret and controls the high level assassination and blackmailing and the other dirty work that the power requires.

“Queen” Elizabeth's dark machinery of violence has a history stretching back to the first “Queen” of that name and its founder, the necromancer and demon summoner called John Dee that signed himself “007” in his secret communications. That they have ever been involved with demonic Magick is known. Churchill was no stranger to Aleister Crowley. As Hitler had his own Magickians striving to control the dark energies we human beings are taught are mere fairy-tales, so too did the “Allies”. As Hitler sent missions to Tibet and Iraq to try and discover some ancient source of power so too did the allies, so too did the murderous Bush Presidents as soon as they had bombed Iraq into submission.

That Antarctica holds some secrets is understood. These secrets are protected by treaties between 'nations' that we humans are expected to believe are independent but of course are not. China, Britain, the USA, New Zealand, Russia and more are all signatories to that treaty, fake enemies otherwise. All contribute to the war machinery and forces that patrol Antarctica's perimeters and refuse anything other than contrived and controlled exploration. A vast continent, rich in resources that no country mines or extracts!

Something other is there.
Some truth perhaps that would collapse the matrix.

Just as the fake religions derive their power from Belief Magick, so it is that all forms of power rely on the effect they have upon the human consciousness. Each of them forms a part of the mind matrix that holds the human species in its thrall and prevents us from being what we are intended to become.

This Power has held us so tightly in its grip for so long that we have become used to its burden and we cannot, as a species, imagine a human world, a world of goodness, of fun, of ease, of good health and long life, of absence of fear. We cannot imagine a world built on the foundations of Love and yet Love is the strongest and most widespread human characteristic. Love between two human beings to bind them. Love between a good mother or good father and their children. Love of our world and its beauty. Love of peace. These aspects of love stand in opposition to everything that forms the structure of power in this world. Love has no room for killing, no space for blackmail or bribery. There is no granting of power over others in love, rather its reverse. There is no violence or fear in love, though there is sometimes in its forsaking.

Our species is a slave species. There is no free will except in those increasingly fewer remote places where the power hasn't bothered, yet, to extend its control. Ask yourself why the Rainforests are being bulldozed and find not greed but the desire to encompass every single human being in the dark web of power, to destroy what remains of our ancient human understandings.

Also find the desire to destroy everything of beauty that the Creator has given we human beings, for it is evident that not only do they not care but that they are intent upon the destruction of the creator's work and on blaming US for that destruction .
See how at the moment the Power is creating Extinction Rebellion, getting its devious fingers into the consciousness of a new generation of children, using the Money Magick to spawn its growth, using the Position Magick to appoint its fake 'leaders', targeting “Human Made” CO2 as the fake bogeyman, creating an entire generation of human beings that will grow to BELIEVE that we are too many, that the world would be better off without humanity........And all of the time the real destroyers of our world are the big corporations that poison every environment they touch, that fill our world with vile radiations that the Creator never intended, that rob our species of the joy and wonder of the natural world and sicken and kill us all, slowly and in agony, and make us all fear the plagues of cancer and other sicknesses these vile pollutants create, new diseases, new illnesses, new scourges to diminish our species and rob us of the wisdom of the aged.

Know these things:
There is a growing understanding among we human beings that this reality is inhuman, is fake, is sustained by beliefs, is governed by a consciousness control that can only be called Magick, and that this force and power is utterly EVIL, in direct opposition to almost every human being's innate desire for Love and the good things that grow from Love.

Though it seems that the Power is irresistible and almighty, it is weak.
Those that extend its control across the world are few in number and their control over YOU is only gained through your agreement, through your fear of the consequences of going against it. If only your fellow human beings would stand besides you, you would be less afraid. IF we all of us stand up to this Power, then its control over this reality would wither and die in a Moment. They are few,
We Are more than seven billion human beings.

This world should be ours, and will be ours.

Ours to end injustice. Ours to end wars. Ours to end the power of money to buy and corrupt and blackmail and to reward the psychopaths that occupy the ladders of hierarchy. Ours to end pollution and remove the poisons that have salted our biosphere. Ours to find cures rather than expensive treatments for the slowly dying. Ours to decide the future of our species, the road we shall take to the future, what we human beings shall become over time.

Left alone, free of these monsters at last, what would most human beings desire in their heart of hearts, their human-hearts? A world of love and of peace, of justice and of fairness, of plenty born of cooperation, of free will so long as no harm is done, a human world rather than the world of fear that is inhuman, not of us, and stems from the control system that seems so pervasive and yet is frail, is weak, is ready to collapse.
See the instruments of power and see how easy it is for we human beings to evolve beyond them.

Ignore Glamour. Ignore THEIR hierarchy and find our own chosen worthies to guide us. Ignore their fake and made-from-thin-air Money Magick and so destroy so much of the control system. Ignore money debt, as a species, yet never forget the obligations we have and the human debts we should repay.

The world can be ours, dear fellow human beings, and freedom beckons.

Post Script:
We personally were recently threatened, the threat extending to all of our kin.

The threat was delivered subtly, by a vile entity we know to be an insignificant and pathetic servant of the Power, a puffed up and self-important nonentity reveling in its closeness to the lower demons of the disgusting and perverted Empire of Evil, an inflictor of mental child abuse, a petty piece of demonic scum of the lower orders floating in the cold and inhuman waters of the toilet into which Satan pisses and shits. This creature and its crass succubus thought to threaten us and ours. Their failure to make that threat work will surely count against them.

This was a threat against those we Love, something the Power knows how to deliver, knows the strength of to loving human beings, has always known.
WE who stand against the Power as we do may not fear for themselves, for life is a journey and its end will come in one way or another, yet do out of love fear for our loved ones.

But if we once give in to fear, any of us, then we will as a species remain under this terrible Power for all of our futures.

Its a choice we make as individuals, BUT NOT a choice we need make if we stand together.

Power is derived from the control of human beings.
Take that away, and there IS no power.

Their time is drawing to its inevitable close.
We Are coming, billions of us, and nothing can stop us.

For thousands of years, Empire after Empire has risen under these monsters and sought dominion over the whole of our world and every single human being.
It's time we stood proud and fearless and shook off this parasite.

Remember: Every single one of these Empires crumbled and died, and in its dying became utterly corrupt, utterly evil, absolutely depraved, careless of the grief it caused as it fought for continuance.

We are living in such a time, the collapse of an Empire that has lasted a thousand years or more. It is a time of grief, a time of absolute depravity, for the cornered rats still have their teeth.

And the power in those festering jaws, all of that power, derives from YOU, from human beings that continue to Believe in their money, their hierarchy, their Glamour and from the sycophants and psychopaths and sick human beings that currently wield power on the ladders of control, they that will lose everything they have when we human-hearted human beings finally realise that it is We that have the power in the world, we human beings, we creatures of Love that mean No Harm.

This is our world.
It's time to take it.
It's time for our species to Evolve and become what we are intended to become.

This will require courage, intelligence, organisation and Love.
We have these qualities.

There is, we know, a power in creation that is Good.
There is another, which is pure Evil.

We know which we prefer.
Do you?
Will you stand up for humanity against Evil?

This with Love from Aktina Pempti

From our small olive grove high above the sea in Crete,

and from the Olive Farmer.