Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Something wicked this way comes...

Do you remember, friend, the childhood sport where two kids are tied together at the ankles and run a “three-legged-race”? One false step, and over they went. Life's like that. But it's not two kids tied at the ankles, it's the entire human race. One false step and we're over. We're stumbling along right now, some of us managing to stay upright but many of us already pitching headlong towards the ground, towards the end of the race. Already, wherever you are in the world, your feet are damp from the Tsunami, your pockets emptied by the leeches, your hands wet with the blood of innocents, your future stolen by the thieves, your security lost to uncertainty, your body poisoned, your mind controlled, the agenda of the debate you have with yourself misshaped and misbegotten by the lies you feed upon. You aren't you. You're a fiction. As you trudge the last few yards to work tomorrow, ask yourself why? Unless you feed or house or clothe or bring joy to or bring warmth to or care for others what is it that you do that's so important, so vital that you give your life to it? And for what? Another instalment on the fictional debt, created our of thin air at the tap of a key? To pay for food, which humanity grows to feed itself? To pay for government, as if a prisoner pays for his gaolers? Why do you trudge to work? Because you fear to miss a step. It has been engineered that way. It has been engineered so that the only way you would dare to cease complying with the rulers of the planet is if everyone else agreed to cease complying at the same time. If we all agreed to stand together and reshape reality to something more natural, something kinder, something fitter for our children to grow into and inherit. Of course, if that happened, you'd be a fool not to, wouldn't you? But of course it's you that stops it happening. You and 6.9 billion other yous. Our reality is shaped such that most cannot see the simplicity of the task. Most cannot see the enormous vitality and strength that comes from an easy unity, a concentration of will on the important stuff: happiness, freedom from fear, health, security, fun, companionship. Cannot see the enormous power humanity has to just say “No”. This "something wicked that this way comes", it's here already. This deadly parasite, worming its way into your consciousness, spewing its vomit, this vile and cancerous snake that eats into your soul and causes you to worry about yourself, not ourselves. Listen. The beauty of concern for others, of love for others, is this: You can give only one measure, that which is yours to give of yourself. You get back 6.9 billion measures. Start giving. That's how it will work. This tool that's misused against us, that seeks to prevent our unity, that seeks to turn us to violence and fear, this internet can carry a virus of love as quickly as a virus of hatred. Catch it, spread it. Maybe it's the only weapon we have? Love to you, Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx Please feel free to comment, spread, repost, donate, click to follow, whatever. Are you one of the people that has visited over 1,200 times? (Seattle etc) Do you just like what I write, or are you working for the other side? If the first, lovely, welcome again, hugs. If the second remember your first loyalty should be to the species we call humanity. Nothing else will do, for you are part of we, and We Are part of you. Love to you, Olive xxx.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reading the Signs

Step by orchestrated step we are being led by the anonymous and clandestine forces of evil into the self-destruction they need for their grand plan. The chaos currently unfolding is built upon the shaky foundations of societies made bereft of their traditional cohesion.

After decades of insidious proselytising by academia, interest groups and the MSM we have come to accept as normal the idea of living far away from our families, of killing our unwanted children, of pornography, of a thousand other ideas our grandparents would have found abhorrent. In just about a generation the idea of a decent, cohesive, fear-free society has been trashed.

And we allowed them to sell us the idea it was for our own good, that it was right and just and fair, that it was PC, that it was the modern way. In that sense we are guilty.

Add to this the idea of the city, the deliberate plan to draw people away from rural life, from a direct link with the production of their own food, from a harmonic relationship with nature, from the ability to survive a crisis or even just say no to government, big business or the technology we have become dependent on by feeding and sustaining oneself.

And after the gradual theft through taxation and through the artificial home value farrago that causes us all to pay more than our forebears for a roof over our heads we have allowed them to steal our wealth, steal the benefits of a mechanised and computerised production system that should have given us ease and plenty.

All this debt financed progress we have seen is a myth. It has caused the destruction of the middle classes. In just a generation we have seen families with one parent working being able to clothe, house, feed and find money for leisure time and save 11% of their income for a rainy day transformed into a middle class that takes two parents working, ever one step ahead or behind the next bill.
Literally worried sick.

Just as in the more readily understood form of warfare where the chief objectives are to destroy the communications, the reserves, the supply lines and the morale of the enemy so has this war against humanity progressed.

For communication read the family, the neighbourhood, the union, a free press, friendship.
For reserves read savings, a space to grow food, the support of family and friends.
For supply lines read dependence upon the steady flow of money, read giant corporations providing things we cannot do without, read oil, read debt.
For morale, just look about you.

There are simply no remaining unifying factors binding one person to another from which can be crystallised a new way forward except for a dawning and agent provocateur ignited hatred of an elite that few can identify, many do not see beyond the fall-guys set up to take the anger when it comes.

But one unifying factor remains......
Faux religion.

Out of the vacuum that they have created, out of the chaos that has been ordained for us preparatory to the New World Order, the old fabricated superstitions called religion will become the unifying force in the camps ranged against one-another.
Ask any Muslim right now.
Ask any fundamental Christian waiting for the Rapture.

So religious differences will be cited as the cause of the coming Arab/Israeli war.
So it will be the hope of a God, the praying for a God, the desperate pleas for divine intervention that the impending and massive chaos and misery will foment even amongst the non-believers.

We, all of us that can see, can see the precipice we are poised upon the edge of right now.
Humanity, as ever, responds to the twitch of the whip and the bark of the dog and is allowing itself to be herded into another mass conflagration. More than this, disaster upon disaster are unfolding and will unfold such that, reeling from the unending catastrophes, we will supposedly all go down on our knees and pray for salvation.

Our elite masters will provide this salvation in the form of a new, unifying and irresistable “Christ”.

More than this, truth seekers beware, these new zealots will need no prompting to hunt down non-believers, to round up and slaughter those that do not bear the mark.
A quick look at history with its unbelievable wickedness and an eyes open look at how we are behaving today tells us we are yet capable of torture, genocide, mass injustice, baby slaughter, that on the flimsiest of lies we are willing and even eager to put the boot in, to create our own living hells.

I need not list the nations of the world where the edifice of civilisation has crumbled, nor add to those the list of those nations that are teetering on the edge, nor add to those the nations where life has become a crushing and near unbearable chore with shoulders bent to the wheel of debt slavery.
All together, no place is untainted. Nor will what we think of as normal life be sustainable in any place within the coming months.

Humanity, humanity, how have you allowed yourselves to have been brought so low?
Why is it that you can so easily be drawn away from what you know is a right way of living?
How is it than a species that can reach to an amazing and beautiful future with its genius and its innate goodness of heart can be so readily turned to evil?
Have we forgotten how to share?
Have we forgotten how to help one-another?
Have we forgotten how to forgive, to reconcile, to order ourselves in peace?
Have we forgotten how to be just and fair?
Have we forgotten how to love?

The coming “Christ” will offer these things.
He'll offer “help” to solve all of our problems.
And if we accept, as many will, we will fall into the trap that will cost us hope, cost us liberty, almost certainly cost us our humanity, will cost us our souls.

How can we prevent this slide into the abyss?
Only with unity.
Only with critical mass.
Only with love.
Only by spreading the word.

Maybe, at this late juncture, only with help.

At this moment I see little sign of humanity stepping into the light of a better future absent some revolution of the spirit, some massive and unbelievable surge of love, something wonderful that stays the hand raised in revenge and turns it into arms open wide to hug. In my way, I pray to my god....
See, it's started already!

All of humanity's problems can be reduced to very simple formulae. We need to eat. We need to have a roof that is suitable our our needs. We need to clothe ourselves. We need warmth in winter and shade in summer. We need a clean planet. We need the comfort and joy of family, the fellowship and fun of friendship, the security of belonging, the absence of fear. There is enough and more in this world for all of these things and our currently known, currently hidden and future science will sustain many more of us and for longer than we can dream of right now.
We need to trust one-another.
We need to love one-another.

These ideas aren't impossible. This is no pipe-dream. Humanity has lived this way before.
We just need to remember how.
The instruments of great unity are in our hands, gifted to us by the Luciferian elite, stolen by them from our genius, currently used by them to sow discord, to disseminate hatred, to be a platform for their new age religion, to fill our heads with a million nonsenses, to divide that which they fear into six billion fragments of individual beliefs each defended, each unmovable, each deadly in its strength, most when the time comes willing to kill.
It's happened before. It's happening now.

A united humanity is the only thing they fear.
Destroying that unity has been and is their battle strategy.
It is, truly, time to Start Again.
By holding hands.
No discussions, no “isms”, no detail, no platform, no policies, no leaders.
Just hold hands and do what is right.
Surely 6.9 billion of us can achieve that one simple thing?
It's called love.

Love to you,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Grand Deception

What is nationhood? Born from the land grabbing war machines of the ancient bloodlines, ideas of nation were born to give reason for war, reason for enmity, reason for walls and borders and ideas of difference and separation. Truth is, we've been taught to like it. The idea is an outgrowth of the natural human instinct to form communities and to defend those communities against outside threats. Those outside threats have ever come from the same source. The leadership of other communities. Go far enough back and look deep enough and you'll see the birth of these threats, see the manipulation.
On the other hand, find isolated communities still (where they haven't yet been wiped out) and you'll see a different model. A model of co-operation, of mutual assistance. Where I live, there are still people who lived, just 60 years ago, a subsistence life, growing their own food, cashless, untouched by the hands of civilisation. A foreigner was welcomed for the interest and difference and colour they brought, as the Pilgrim Fathers were welcomed by the aboriginal tribes. They were fed, offered a roof, gave cause for parties. Some came carrying the sickness of war. Nazis, following the creed of Blavatsky drawn from Hitler's learning at the Thule society brought the evil into the heart of these communities. Yet you hear stories. Stories of villagers feeding and assisting the Italian fascists when the Italians gave up on the idea of world domination and the Nazis came hunting for them. Villagers risking the most awful retribution to assist soldiers who had been occupiers just weeks before.
Ideas of nation are false. Ideas of community on the other hand are born of shared heritage, of shared understanding, of family ties, of history and tradition, of dialect, of commonality of outlook. This should be the model for the future, a world of a myriad of communities, a scintillating effervescence of difference, a world without lines drawn arbitrarily on a map that divide us, a world where like minded people can congregate where they will and live how they wish and build their homes in the understanding that, though amazingly and brilliantly different, we are all one.
Brothers and Sisters in the same family of humanity.
The idea of global unity is presented by the fifth columnist new-agers and “truthers” as something to be despised. True, the global government they discern as the ultimate goal of the Luciferian world manipulators is awful in its conception. Layer upon layer of regulation, strata upon strata of crushingly inhuman enforcement. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Global one-ness just makes sense.
Consider this for a moment: The Russian Revolution, sponsored by the Schiff banking family, turned the ideas of sharing and community inter-reliance, of communal ownership of production into the monster that we now see communism as. The germ of the ideas were genetically modified to produce the mutant slaughterhouse of Stalinism. Ditto in China. A neatly sponsored discrediting of some nice ideas.
Paint a picture of global government that's repellent and you can manipulate humanity into hating what inevitably lies in their future, fighting what is as certain as the sun rising rather than working collectively to shape that reality into something of beauty.
The human body is a collection of trillions of cells, each a living entity in its own right, each unique, and yet each forming a part of the whole that is so amazing. True there is a brain, but neuroscience at the quantum level tells us that this is not the controlling government of the body in the way we previously thought. The body we imagine is a community of entities, working as one being, leaderless. Just try to order a red blood cell what to do, or to make your hair change colour or your nails grow faster or your bowels to behave as you tell them and see how far you get. It works, this community, because it is. And we are.
Take an idle moment and ponder a single example of the mind manipulation that forms part of the current false reality......
Blavatsky and Pike and Bailey and Crowley Manly Hall and all the rest of them gave birth to the idea of a new ascendant consciousness for humanity. This new-age vision has been picked up and carried by the vast army of hopers, people disenchanted with organised religion but seeking something more, seeking God. The internet has spawned an incredible array of strange new philosophies, odd beliefs, together forming a spiders web of deception awaiting the unwary and the gullible. Masters of Wisdom, channelled voices from superior aliens, you name it. Some lead the cavalcade, unwittingly others repeat the stuff. I used to be a Christian myself. Taught Sunday School, was confirmed in my faith in late life. As I got deeper I discovered the historical facts about how the Bible was manufactured, how religion was manipulated, how the Gospels were edited, what was left out. I learned of the Gnostic texts, learned of the deliberate shaping of the faith I had acquired and wondered why God would allow such a thing, why God would let his word be shaped into a weapon of mass destruction, began to doubt.
The problem, I guess, was that I had been looking outside when all the time it's been here with me. I think they left the bit in where Jesus told us that.
So here's the convoluted deception:
These Luciferians have spawned a new religion, given it a history, given it a form and a shape and a philosophy, given it mysticism, given it a unifying concept that can serve all believers, drawn from eastern and Judaic and other traditions to create this monstrous amalgum of babble worthy of the name Babylonian. The next step they'll take is to prove it's “true” once they have softened us up enough with the plan you witness unfolding in your life-time and on your watch. They'll prove it's true with miracles and signs..Soon.
When we have reached the nadir of misery they are gifting us right now.
And yet...
Remembering how they sullied the ideas of working together and sharing and created the monster Stalin and the demon Mao, remembering how many millions in Russia and China fell for the lies, became upholders of the regimes, slaughtered their fellows, destroyed their commonality, remembering this lesson we can see how they take a truth that is dangerous to them and lead those that hope for a better world into a catastrophe of fear and death and hatred....
Which leads me to conclude that what I have come to sense is true, that what a great surge of humanity is coming to sense is true is indeed true. Our Luciferian masters foresaw this dawning understanding and have grasped its leadership, shaped it to their own ends and will destroy it utterly in the minds of humanity.
If we let them.
That truth is this.
We can love one another.
We can care for one another.
We can trust one another.
We can multiply and yet do so in harmony with our earth.
We can be amazing.
We can live long and prosper.
We can live free of fear.
We can evolve.
No-one can stop us if We Are one.
These truths are in and of themselves a new consciousness. Not some miracle, just understanding. But imagine for a moment a hundred years of living that way. What we could do in that time. What wonders we could unfold. What wonders we have already that are hidden from us.

There's something else.
We cannot be alone in this multi-dimensional vastness that we conceive as creation.
In the dimension we think of as time there must be others that have advanced far further than we have. (This is not difficult, considering a species that kills and abuses its own kind as we do, that builds bombs and designs viruses specifically for the purpose of destroying itself, that lets its children starve....)
You would imagine they'd be keeping an eye on us, in case we spread......
And so it's important, when we open the doors that lead to the future, that we choose well.
Some lead to a very short corridor indeed.
This much logic dictates.
We have opened a good many doors to the future which, right now, we can see lead nowhere, no-time.
But when we come to the point where we understand we are not alone, beware again the convoluted deception, those that will steal the truth and make us hate it.

There is only one way forward, to Start Again in love.
It is this realisation they will try to steal, have planned to steal and utterly discredit.
That's the game they play.
They think we can't organise. They think they can manipulate us. They think We Are stupid.
So far, they're right. They think it's all over......
It's not.
We haven't even started.
In the meantime, be careful of deceivers, believe there is good out there, fear nothing, evolve.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The devil is in the detail...

Let's follow a convoluted path of reasoning and deduction, mixed in with a few old maxims.
“If it ain't broke, don't fix it”

Why would the masters of the world seek to introduce a new world order when they have got away with murder for thousands of years?

Why would they seek to replace the money thing that works so effectively as an instrument of slavery and usefully rewards the sick of mind for aiding and abetting the monstrous evil that governs us?

Why would they seek to replace the religion thing that steals the hearts and minds and souls of those that yearn for a better world, turns those that seek a world of love into the most bigoted and virulent of haters, provides sanctuary for the organised theft and abuse of our children, sustains a host of great lies underpinned by the most engineered tools of organised oppression known as the “Holy” bible, the koran or any number of other useful fabrications?

Why would they seek to replace the race thing, that stupidity of reasoning that pits one human against another based on the flimsiest of differences?

Why would they seek to replace the nation thing? Stupid as it is, it still works. Still gives rise to armies. Still manages to stir the lump-in-the throat patriotism that causes boys to volunteer to kill other boys or be killed by them because they're French or German or Afghan or whatever.

All of these bulwarks of the false reality, all of these great dividers have pitted human being against human being for all of history quite successfully.

We have happily killed and oppressed one another, vilified and heaped calumny upon one another, made each other the fountains of misery upon which our masters feed for all of recorded time with barely a murmur.

We have allowed ourselves to be led and misled, to live entire lives without objection, to exist as entire peoples bearing vast guilt, to walk past our starving brothers and sisters, to rape and pillage and concentrate and bomb, to befoul our mother earth, to allow our families to be shattered, our unions and social cohesions to be sundered....Barely a murmur of protest.....Never a real new beginning.
Nothing seemingly has changed.
We still do as we are told, spewing horror upon one another.
It's happening now, with these orchestrated revolutions.

So why bother with a New World Order, when the old one is working so well?
Even better than ever.
We're being globally fucked, and still we do nothing about it.

In a nutshell, and without detail which you can find everywhere if you look, the fast approaching system being set up to replace the old, unbroken system does the following:
No more money.
No more religious differences.
No more racial divisiveness.
No more nations.

Through a thousand pinpricks of “light” new trains of thought, new concepts, new leaders, new bullshits are emerging via this “internet” that they control, the world-wide spider's web of new manipulation . Regrettably, there are many human beings that respond to this stuff and repeat it as if it is gospel.

And Gospel is what it is about to become if we let it.

The great unfolding of the master plan is intended to steal from humanity the ideas which are about to occur to us.
The ideas that we can live without money, religion, race, or nation and especially that we can live without the great vampires that have visited these divisions upon us and feed upon the misery they generate.

The idea that we are many and they are few.
The idea that we can build a world of loving partnership and, within a generation, use our multitude and ingenuity to create a heaven on earth, a place free of fear, a place of beauty, a place of health, of longevity, of peace, of love, of happiness, rejoicing in our differences not hating one another for them.

After all, such a place is what we most of us want.

And as there are 6.9 billion of us, who can deny us?

Which is why they plan to cull the herd.

So this is the reason for the long-time seeding of the new world order.
The reason for Blavatsky and Bailey and the United Nations and Icke and Jones and the Venus Project and “truthers” and the imminent destruction of currencies and the “revolutions” and the coming middle-east religious conflagration and hunger and all the rest of it, this vast intricate centuries long plan to break up everything they have given to us to believe in and replace it with something they know we're about to go looking for.

They are shaking the world, literally. And when you cry out, they await you.

They foresaw, somehow, the coming of our realisation. Realised that the old machine wouldn't cope with so many of us stepping into our own light, not Lucifer's.

Realised they had to carry the torches themselves and lead us into yet another tunnel of misery and steal the future from our yearning souls. Offer an end to money and race and religion and nation and replace them all with new systems of control, world systems, all of us and everything answering to the voices of a whole host of new masters. Behind whom will be...?

The strange thing is this: there are so many of us that defend the old lies. So many Muslims and Christians attacking the great plan, so many people buying gold and silver and believing (as recommended by so many disinformation deceivers), so many arguing for nation, so many believing in the race lies, so many new anti-semites......

Like a battered wife leaving her husband and marrying another wife-beater, like an abused child becoming an abuser in turn we have been taught to receive and to give hurt and to pass that hurt on or queue up for more. It's an addiction. It's a taught behaviour. They count on it.
And it's working still now.

Their intention, of course, is to rescue us from the misery they are plunging us into (and who that can see does not realise we are well on the way?) and the rescue will be seemingly miraculous.
We are about to live in interesting times.
They will use the science they have kept from us (and of our invention) to bring abject misery and then the hope of redemption.
Men from outer space.....
God and “The Christ”.....
Massive earth changing events.....
Everything you believe in will be shaken to the core.....

And those that don't want to believe in their new redeeming saviour, their new world order, well they plan to have the sheeple turn on us.
It would be too much hard work for our masters to kill us all.
They'll just get us to kill each other.
After all, it's what they usually do.
We're doing it already.........

Remember this: Much of what they say is true. WE ARE indeed something greater than we now know. WE ARE approaching a great change. The future will be one that WE create either in ignorance or in knowledge and that future relies upon our free will.

Buried in the haystack of truths is the pin of a lie.
It's name is Lucifer.
Not everyone can see these things. If you do, pass them on.

Olive xxx xxx xxx
We've been cutting trees again. We cut out the diseased branches, use them for our fire. Within days the first new growth appears. After a year the tree is lush and luxurious. After another year it bears full and heavy fruit.
It's time to Start Again.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

We're all Sheeple now.

We're all Sheeple now.
It's just that there are new shepherds.
Is that, then, our perpetual destiny?
To need to be led?
Have we been brought to fear one another so much that we bend our knees to monsters rather than trust one another?
To seek out and pray for a kindly master whilst forever accepting an evil one, but better that than trust each other.
And never pause to ask: Who taught us to be this way?
And when we see light ahead, rush towards it without asking who is holding the torch?
When our history teaches us that the light bringer, the saviour, is always just another parasite, feeding on our misery.
With the odd, always murdered, exception.
This taught yearning for leadership divides us rather than uniting us. It splits us into camps.
So the new world we build should do without leadership, and replace it with trust.
And love.
In the coming months, beware anyone that offers the light of leadership.
This is not how things will be. It is the old way.
The last lesson of history through which we are living now will teach us that. Finally.

We're all Sheeple now.
You count yourself a maverick, a truth seeker. You stand out from the herd.
But you still cling to rocks in the great stream of life.
You defend these bastions, seek refuge and comfort in the certainty they offer, know that you are right to do so because you, at least, see the truth.
Some of these rocks are ancient, some are new, all of them require faith or belief in one form or another. Most are unprovable. The best lies are those which can neither be proved nor disproved but rely on you to sustain them. Often at the cost of your life or someone else's.
So the new world we should build should be without faith, without belief in the unprovable, but reliant upon the truth and mutual trust.
In the coming months, question everything. Even the rock to which you cling should be examined.
And if, as seems likely, you are offered new certainties, new opportunities to believe, resist them.
This is not how things will be. It is the old way.

We are all Sheeple now.
The mainspring of the machinery of domination is fear.
Fear is a symptom of the disease that grips your mind called “self” or “I” or “ego”, the thing that pretends to be you, the observer, and is just a fraction of you, the being, the soul.
Fear is the wellspring of callousness, of insecurity, of bullying, of greed. Fear gives birth to the “self”, and allows the self to be manipulated.
We fear pain. We fear loss of security. We fear the loss of a loved one. We fear death until we look it in the eye and see it as the fraud it is.
So the new world we build should be a world free of fear, for how can we live in trust and love if there is still fear?
And if we, as a species, decide to do away with fear, what is there to prevent us?
Whose planet is this, after all?
In the coming months, fear nothing. Not pain nor loss nor insecurity nor death itself but begin to open your hearts to the love that will be our future. Without fear, our spirit is indomitable and we cannot lose our future. To begin, examine that programmed fraud you think of as yourself.
Fear should not exist. It is the old way.

We are all Sheeple now.
We seek the truth and find a thousand, a million truths, a daily plateful of new and disturbing facts each in and of itself sufficient to cause the demise of the system of evil..... if only we could act together, all 6.6 billion of us.
Some are true, some are lies and we discuss and argue and defend what be believe and attack what we don't. We think each other wise people or fools. We ride our particular hobby-horses, flog them though dead.
Allow ourselves to be divided again.
The internet has given us this freedom to be manipulated whilst we think ourselves liberated.
Let those that have eyes to see, see.
Nowhere will you find focus. Nowhere cohesion. Nowhere is there a single issue platform where all can stand united.
The single issue is a world of love. It is that simple.
Nothing else matters.
It just requires critical mass.
In the coming months more true lies will be discovered. Some of Biblical proportions. And the divisions will become more palpable. Believe none of them except the idea of a unified humanity stepping into a future of its own making full of love.
Individuality is humanity's most beautiful flower. It blossoms on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the understanding of the single, unified consciousness that comes from love.
A divided humanity is a weak humanity that serves as prey for the predators.

It is the old way.

And if we can learn these lessons, the day will come when we can say:
We Are all People now.

Love to all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Today we pruned some old and diseased olive trees, cutting back to the healthy wood. The new sprouts will come in just a few weeks and in a year or so the trees will be rejuvenated, their canker forgotten. Our labour brought us fuel for the stove which is our only source of heat. In our future we should not forget the beauty and peace that can be found in working hand in hand with nature, in producing for ourselves what we eat and share and use in our communities. Our technology should be there to give us the freedom to do just that, to take away the harshness and discomfort and need and leave us free to build on our love affair with our mother earth and our beautiful species.
We should never be slaves to technology, but ever the masters of the fruits of our ingenuity.
Which is, of course, denied to us at the moment. This will change.
May you sit one day under the olive tree, catching the rays of light that filter through its leaves.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beware the deceivers

If I may speak bluntly, and I mean no offence.
You're a fool if you believe, as I did when I started on this path, that the internet is the new bastion of freedom of information, of truth.

It has been designed so that you do.

Ask yourself if you might, perhaps, have fallen for yet another big lie?

In the information war, the one Hilary Clinton pretends to be afraid of losing, there are now many millions of voices.
So how could it be that you could have been led astray?


Imagine you were in at the birth of the internet, saw its potentiality from its early scientific data sharing and military use, were able from your vast resources to fund think tanks staffed by brilliant people to look into this new weapon (for that is what it is).

Were able thereby to envision the threats and opportunities it presented.

Measured those against your game plan.

Saw that it could be of use in forwarding your agenda.
Perhaps was vital to your plans.

So you put your considerable financial weight behind it.
Made the computer cheap to buy via companies you own.
Made them easy to access via companies you own.
Made the internet accessible via companies you own.
Bought up the clever new entrants and the operating systems.
Put your muscle behind new ideas like Twatter where dumb people could chat to other dumb people and stir up all sorts of shit like “popular” revolutions.
(Some of those people are real. As we witnessed in the Iran Twitter business, some are not).

Imagine you were one of the cabal of evil that orchestrates this false reality.....
You're sitting comfortably on your Main Stream Media Mind Control Machine when this new, potentially very devious information weapon makes its appearance.

What do you do?

Let it be?


You use it.

Thousands of leading sites.
Thousands spouting new ideas.
Thousands discovering the “truth”.

All following your agenda.

They even squabble with each other, pretend enmity and present differing views. Like, er for instance, er, the Republicans and Democrats (substitute the two parties of your particular nation).

But you'll get to the truth, won't you?

It goes as deep as the pockets of these plutocratic luciferians.

They managed to sell you “democracy”.
They managed to sell you imaginary fiat money.
They managed to sell you patriotism.
They managed to sell you religion........
and are selling you the next religion right now.
They've sold you debt and deference and class and war and sickness and death and fear and consumerism and pollution and any number of other lies.

For all time.

Many still believe that the main stream media tells the truth. Ho ho.
Many still believe that the truth can be found on the internet. Ditto.
But the latter is the more dangerous.
Because those seeking the answer look there.
So there the spider spins its web.

We dream of change. We dream of love. We dream of peace. We dream of living without fear. We dream of security. We dream of longevity. We dream of free will. We dream of good health and clean waters and bountiful and unsullied nature. We dream of raised consciousness, of growing a future built on the certainty of these things.

They know these dreams.
They have always stolen and misdirected them into avenues of evil because it is these dreams they fear.

As they, right now, are stealing everything they have previously set upon the table called reality and inventing their new paradigm of truth, ask yourself:


Why would they change systems that have worked for thousands of years?

And where are the new paradigms being seeded?

It is because they see our future and fear it.
Because they understand that the game has changed even if we don't, yet.

And they are rigging the game.
And the internet is the seed bed for their lies.

Well, of course they would and of course it is.

Believe nothing but love.
Beware the myriad deceivers that are giving you new beliefs, new religions, new promises of heaven, new promises of power. These things will come, for it is within the power of humanity to achieve these things.

Don't let them steal this future with their subtle wiles.

Love is the only reality we need.

As millions have discovered over the past few years, war, revolution and death aren't things that happen to other people.
Allow yourself to be incited to hatred and the result will be....?

In your back yard.

May you rest beneath the olive tree and feel the ray of sunlight gift you health and warmth and love and peace.

Love to you from Crete,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Look a friend in the eye and ask......

A hug for you all, dear readers, as we slip inexorably towards the unfortunate realisation that we are living in times that will become interesting to history students and make you and I say “I was there” when we have our grandchildren sitting at our knee.
Be there for that, my friends.

You will have noticed the speed at which these world altering events are unfolding with such orchestrated rapidity. The plan unfolds as does a flower, revealing petal upon petal, bursting into stamens of malignancy.

The murderers in Iraq have been dropping “illegal” bombs, “made to combine cluster and penetrator munitions”.
They killed 60 “civilian” human beings.
Ruined the lives of the those in the root systems of their existences, from mothers to casual friends, for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, there is no difference between a civilian human being and a military human being.
We all share one future.
We are one kind.
We live under the same roof.
If you cut us, do we not bleed?
We have all to stop hurting each other.

So we can make this place a nice place to be.

You military types and bomb builders and greedy careerists that provide the structural steel work for the pyramid of power, please look at those you love and ask yourself the questions “What future do I truly want for you” and “How do I make that place for you?”

“Your specie needs YOU!”, kinda thing.

As an aside. What, literally “in hell”, is a legal bomb?

And why are there such things in this place we call home?.

Some nice guy with a wife and kids goes to work every day and designs these things. A really clever guy.
For money.
Maybe he goes to church, is in the PTA, grows his own vegetables and is a lovely dad.

Many of the guards at the concentration camps had the same said about them.
“Nice guy, Hans.
Wouldn't hurt a fly.
Very tidy.”

How beauteous mankind is!
Oh brave new world, that has such creatures in't.

Other folks supply food to the military. Drive trucks for them. Build buildings.
People sell stuff other people buy, and other people make it and deliver it and buy a Coors on Saturday and watch TV.

The enforced movement of peoples into camps by totalitarians everywhere through time has involved the common participation of a nation in such movements.

Fear prevented many from standing against the evil, profit fuelled the rest.
From the train driver to the uniform maker, the button manufacturer and the nail maker to the maker of the hammer and so on and so on and so the guilt seeps into the blood of a nation, so the blood seeps, inexorably.

The tax payer is red with it.
The beguiled and the engineered witless are red with it (I.e. all of us).

All share in the guilt and therefore the blood and the shattered child.

This is why changing small things will never achieve anything.
Bloody revolution is not change, it's just more of the same, another helping of blood and anger.

The revolution of love and in love and with love and by love, that thing is change.
Change, maybe, we can believe in, hope for, create.

We have to start again at the very root and core of the thing, rip out every single wrong from our world, cure ourselves and our planet, do it in a way that shows what creatures we can be.
Full of love.

This will be a change of consciousness in and of itself.

The tentacles of guilt spread like the roots of a mushroom. And like those roots, we are in fact the plant,..... the mushrooms just the flowers, as our mushrooms are the flowers of our “civilisation”.
The ones that go BANG.

allow this reality.
All of us.
We still continue to do so.
You're doing it now, and so am I.
Is it moving too fast for you to do one simple thing?
Like ask a friend?

Through fear and stupidity and petty meaningless greed and via the massive engines of deception we allow our masters to shower themselves with gold and blood as they goad or cajole or force or inspire our youth to cast their lives away on bloodied fields, or saturate their futures with the memory of terrible sin committed for a dollar and a uniform and the ability to swagger for a while. The cop and the soldier, props of the fear machine that bulldozes our humanity into the required shape.

As they trick the rest of us, into meaningless and miserable unnatural lives.

This false reality has to go, to the very roots of the thing in each of us.

Ask yourself “How do I help to create this?” and “What will happen if I don't?”

We all stop paying on loans.
We stop working if our job is unnecessary or sick or silly or pointless or evil.
We get together somehow somewhere in peace and love.
We collectively find what needs to be done by building some new way of ensuring everything grows from this love.

The future that grows from from such a seed and with such nurturing will be a marvel to behold.
It's there for the planting.

Look a friend in the eye and ask if they'll try.

Don't let them make rioters nor killers of you, though there will be many that rush through the doorway marked “Freedom!” to find instead slavery and they will try and pull you through.

We are of course already killers, but are scared to look that truth in the eye, for to look that truth in the eye would mean, if you count yourself human, you would have to act.

And we don't, enough of us, want to act.
Well, not until we become desperate.
And then of course we act in anger, and the war is already lost.

We will dance to the tune of the piper forever unless we do this thing right, my lovelies, we'll dance to his miserable dirge.

There are surely too many of us now for that?
How much more indignity will we suffer now the tipping point of the world's history marches inexorably closer, as their sick and morbid flower unfolds?

There was during WW 1 a recruitment poster with some death freak pointing at the mug punters and saying “This country needs YOU!”
Uncle Sam did the same
Well, “Your species needs YOU”.

And how will we be judged by a future that looks back on us if we do not wake up from this nightmare? If we are too cowardly, despite our vast number, to shrug this repellent parasite from our shoulders, what will their judgement be?
Do we leave this thing for others to clean up?

How will they judge every one of us now in possession of this earth who sleep on our watch and are complicit in a thousand tiny ways in the creation of this monstrous simulacrum of how we should be, how we will be.
This age old calumny we call reality is ours to change, ours to recreate, ours to work with and cleanse, ours to pass on in a better condition than we found it and have made it.

We have the gift of creating life.
We should develop the gift of making a beautiful future, and pass this gift to our children.
It truly is time to start again.
Look a friend in the eye, my friend, and ask them "Will you try?".

Love to all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx