Friday, 30 September 2011

"Sea of Blood?", or Love?

The crystallisation of the understanding.

Picture a solution of salt, a swirling greyness. Watch as the first tiny crystal forms, see it grow. Eventually and slowly the whole becomes crystallised, the water evaporated. There are a myriad of crystals. Collectively they are salt, returned to their original form but the new crystals larger than the original, more defined, more identifiable as crystals.

And if each crystal is a truth, then the complexity of the whole is revealed, the larger truths more defined, more visible. You are able to pick up the largest truths and look into them, see how the light reflects within them, gain understanding of the structure, find the spectrum of colour that the light creates, understand the facets of the truth, recognise how the understanding of the truth is a matter of the perspective of the viewer.

And so discover that what we understand of the truth depends upon what we understand as “I', as the viewer. And that “I” is a creation of the programmes we have had input during our lives, programmes installed by other human beings that have been likewise programmed.

Like self-replicating machines.

Thus the truth is perceived by a range beings with a range of understandings that rely upon the programmes that have been input.
Such a range of understandings that , of necessity, are shaped by the programmes we have and preclude understandings of things that we do not possess the programming to comprehend.

Explain the colour blue to a blind man.

So the conclusion is that our understanding of truth relies not upon what we know, but instead is shaped by what we do not know. That which is hidden from our understanding becomes more important than that which we know. The focus of our search for truth must therefore be turned to a conjecture of the unknown, such conjecture limited by our imaginations, such imaginations limited and constrained by the programmes we have running.

Collectively this conjecture is being played out on the internet. Every word discovered shaped by the programmes the author has running. More interesting avenues found where the author has attempted to turn off or ignore the software, or begins the process with the foundation that whatever other human beings think is a product of the false reality and attempts to create that mental space we could call a blank sheet of paper.

To start again.

To discover universal truths born of the heart.

Such is the maverick, one who has always sought to distance themselves from the herd, seeing the herd for what it is, something that can be turned into a lynch mob at the flick of a switch. The maverick reads history and sees it for what it is, the crowd made lynch mob by manipulators. The maverick sees religion for what it is, beauty turned into ugliness at the flicking of a page of a text held sacred or the swing of the incense and the repetition of a mantra. And so politics. And so on.
The maverick won't watch TV, understanding it as the circus for the mob that it is, recognising its influence over the “I” of the viewers, turning them into the “WE” of the crazed beast the mob always becomes.

Eventually this understanding must inevitably lead the maverick to the instrument that is now birthing a new crowd, a new mob, shaping them into what can be readily identified as a new world order, creating the chaos out of which the one world mob will be formed, as dumb as its dumbest participant, turned easily to the lynch rope at the touch of a key.

The qwerty revolution.

And what can the maverick do?
Crystallise the conjecture emanating from the clean sheet of paper, offer it up to the mob.

When the elite bloodline king Constantine pulled together and rehashed the gospels, when his committee reworded the texts and edited the book that was to birth the roman church the intent was to take control of a new religion and to turn it into an instrument of control. The Revelations were forged into this book, to be used at this time to incite the mob called “christians” and prepare them to slaughter and be slaughtered in this final battle.

The same is true of the “muslim”, their nations now being plunged into the chaos that will, as night follows day, culminate in an attack on that place called Israel. The same is true of the ”jew”, whose leaders have forged a nation almost universally despised and against whom are ranged an array of opinion formers not least of which can be found in the “truth” movement. The same is true of other religions, other believers, squared off against each other.
These 2000 year old tinder piles, as dry as dust, need just the touch of a spark.

That money is about to be destroyed is as clear as day. That stock markets will collapse, shares become worthless is an inevitability. Only the timing is in question for the observer of this particular mob. In days past precious metals were a refuge, but the vast sums in gold stolen by the Nazis and the Japanese (research the story of the enormous amounts found buried in the Phillipines by the Japanese and garnered by the US Navy and handed to the Nazi CIA whenever you consider the 9/11 story. Look for where the US naval intelligence that were investigating this were on that day) those market controlling quantities are in the hands of those that orchestrate this world, as are the vast hoards held by the “royal” bloodlines, the gold from Fort Knox. These stockpiles have been built to destroy the value of this metal, the rise in price of and the encouragement to buy having been promoted by the agents of the elite masked as “truthers”.

The effect of course is that we shall neither be able to buy nor to sell, that nothing shall appear to be worth anything, that the efforts and strivings of the mob that loves money will have been as naught, lifetimes of graft and saving destroyed in moments with no safe haven. Property let out for rent is worthless when none have money with which to pay. Items of value become valueless. Only food and water will have value, and the mob will gouge and bite, kill and burn for it. The centuries old strategy to remove humanity from the source of food, our connection with its production, to concentrate us in cities and make us rely on their distribution systems, their stores, their seeds, all are to be brought to fruition.
The mob that starves is the most dangerous of mobs.

From one maverick to another, if you dear reader count yourself as maverick, it is clear that the final solution is marching to its fruition. The scum that rule us have prepared their fastnesses and intend to sit out this great orgy of evil, this great blood sacrifice to their lord and master. They have prepared the mob that is humanity to commit genetic fratricide and suicide and when we do, that will be the time the New World Order chooses to begin its new thousand year Reich.

As Bill Cooper once said,
“But this callous disregard of the right to life of every human on the face of the earth has been predicted before in the New Testament: “Yea the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you think that he doeth God service”. The New World Order, ladies and gentlemen, will sail in on a sea of blood”.

Having understood the power of shock and awe, they will bring “peace” to the world and offer refuge and safety under their master Maitreya, who will of course perform miracles of magick. The rulers of the world will emerge from their towers as demigods, safe and unassailable in their new might, the world and everything in it theirs for ever.
This is their vision. These their intentions.

And what, you might ask, can be done?

The only possibility of preventing this armageddon, of averting this monstrous outcome, lies in the awakening of human understanding to all of this information, in the awakening of a critical mass to the imminent threat and, at the same time, to the alternatives we can provide for each other to the systems we have been taught are the only systems that can be used to organise the world, alternatives to money, to religion, to nation, to tribalism, to everything else that forms the false reality that is entirely the creation of the scum that call themselves masters.
It is to control and avert such an awakening that our masters created the “truth” movement and placed their “adepts” at its helm. Through their “new age” movement, they have stolen leadership of love, of sharing, of a new consciousness, redirecting followers towards the very Maitreya they are preparing for us.

And so how can this “awakening” we are in such dire need of come about?
The emergence of a christ to counter the anti-christ they are preparing for us?
Well, of course they wrote of such a thing in their bibles.
Such are the depths of this strategy.
They most certainly will give us one.

I ponder his identity and call to mind the name of god “I AM”
I ponder the adept Crowley's words about Will:

“Will is a term found within the mystical system of Thelema, a religion founded in 1904 with Aleister Crowley's writing of The Book of the Law.[1][2] It is defined at times as a person's grand destiny in life, and at other times as a moment to moment path of action that operates in perfect harmony with Nature. This Will does not spring from conscious intent, but from the interplay between the deepest Self and the entire Universe. Thelemites in touch with their True Will are said to have eliminated or bypassed their false desires, conflicts, and habits, and accessed their connection with the divine.” (Wikipedia).

And I ponder the age old royal bloodline that sits on its throne in England, and their lust for eternal power.

And so “Will I Am”.
They don't just throw their plans together, dear reader.

And if not from a christ, from where?
Only from within us, dear reader.
Because it is this realisation, and this alone, that gives to humanity the right to a future and the right to the stewardship of this earth we call home. As we are, we do not have that right. We are just a mob.
And perhaps what approaches will be the trigger for this awakening, or by some miracle of communication it will happen right soon and avert it.

I see no sign.

And yet instinct and logic tell me that there is a force of love in the universe. Not a god made of dogma and ritual and lying words. Not a messiah made of science and tricks of magick. A force of love without which there could be no universe, for hatred and anger would have destroyed this realm long ago. We mere humans can destroy a planet. What could other species, far in advance of us do with science? They no doubt exist.
And so there must be love.
And so, as one maverick to another, what I see in the crystal of salt is LOVE.
That is the crystallisation of my vision.
That is our only hope.
Finding love inside ourselves.
Joining with the love that is.
Being love.
Seek it and find it, dear friends.
It has no name but love.

Love to you all,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

(P.S. I don't write for money, but would ask those that repost what I write to pass on some of what they receive from their very popular ad-filled websites. I have had no donations for about six months now, and could use one! Thankyou. I know it will come.)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Know YOUR Enemy.....

Put yourself in their place.
Oh, if only for a day.
Think how they think.
See what they see.
Imagine, for a moment, what they really want.

Like you, they want security and certainty.
Like you when you dream maybe, they want an assurance of a longevity surrounded by all they desire.

They also want a power over people that's unassailable. They want the worship of "lesser" beings.
They want to be gods, striding the earth in perpetuity.
They want to satisfy every whim no matter how crass or perverted or evil, without fear of retribution.

They are nearly there now.
In most of their lives, for most of the time, they can do these things.
The “Royal” families.
The money “Kings”.
The robber barons.
The aristocracy of the New World Order.
The crass wankers and perverts that hang on their coat tails for the scraps from their tables.
The Blairs. The Bushes. The psychopaths you see heading corporations. The reat of them.
We know who they are.......

They own what they like.
They fuck what they like.
They eat what they like.
They kill what they like.
They do whatever takes their fancy.
And lower down their order, they dip thier souls in shit for a pension, soon to be taken from them because their god is an ungrateful bastard and they are just sheep, no matter how temporarily useful they are.

But some things our masters have to hide.
Some things they have to keep a secret.

The eating of babies and the fucking of children.
The torture of souls and of bodies.
And why, they ask, should they?

These days they have to persuade us of some things, have to gain our agreement lest we reach for the sickles and pistols and guillotines and come seeking their heads.
That's such a bore.

In the old days they could do all these things and more.

Witness the lives of the people we learn about via their history books. The Kings and Pharaohs and Emperors and so on. The murder, the brutalisation, the torture. Look at Vlad the Impaler, at Henry the Eighth, at Queen Victoria, at Hitler, at Stalin, at the Bushes. Thousands more.

(As an aside, research “A Charge To Keep”. Coincidence?)

They so love to seep themselves in blood and misery, for such is the beauty, to them, of absolute power.

And so they dream and plot and machinate and manipulate us towards their final solution.
Just as the Egyptian Pharaohs elevated themselves to godlike status, just as the Roman emperors raised themselves high enough to sate every lust without fear of opposition. In their circuses they slaughtered thousand for fun, drinking the blood of the slain, allowing the chosen to sit amongst them and share in the gore. At home, every whim was satisfied, no matter how perverse.
And the people bowed to them, venerated them, rarely stood against them.
You think it's different now?

And it's the “rarely” that troubles them.
For “rarely” is too often.
Never is better.

They need to create a world where no-one EVER stands against them.
So that they, living long and healthy lives, they can pass their ill-gotten gains on to their kids, who will also lead long and healthy lives, full of the foulness that their god lucifer insists is their right.

So what is their “final solution”?

Firstly, when the shit hits the fan quite soon, they must be in such a position that the world sees them as saviours rather than as parasites.

Second, the new belief system must elevate them to godlike positions, as Masters of Wisdom who have been working relentlessly to bring “good” to the world.
Even though they seem to have been doing the opposite.
(Watch "The Event" predictive programming.)

But who are we to understand the ineffable ways of "God"?
Don't we understand that to fight evil, we must first Know Evil?
And such has been their role.
Praise them, praise them.

In such a way will the New World Order be gifted to us, once we have rid the world of those disbelievers that threaten the new heaven on earth.

Me, for example.

Such, with the right “spin” will they be able to weave their web of deceit.

Third, their offspring, the next generation, will already have established themselves as in possession of the “Christ Consciousness”. David de Rothschild etc. Prince William.

Collectively, and doing what will appear to be “the “ “god's” work, they will draft us all into the cults they have experimented with for so long.
We will be expected to become “believers”.
We will be expected to destroy those who fight against this new religion.
Signs from heaven and miracles will convince the sheeple.
Of course.

This is all planned.
The final solution demands the implementation of a vast new belief system that will last for a thousand years. Already believers and supporters are in place. Already a new system, a new dogma, a new structure of control has been forged.

The plan involves the destruction of the entire false reality they have imposed upon us so far, to be replaced with a new false reality, an amazingly intricate, centuries in the making plan they intend to foist upon humanity.
The goal being as described above.

Put yourself in their place.
Oh, if only for a day.
And think...............

You can see the destruction growing daily........
In a thousand ways, we are being readied for the expectation of salvation.......
As things get worse, so we will begin to brutalise each other as we already are.......
Yet the internet offers us "hope", offers us “truth”:, offers us a "new way"......
Their way.

A way of "love"
A way of "sharing".........
All with the controlling hands evident to those that have the eyes to see and the instinct to understand.

Such is their strategy.
The goal: perpetual GODLIKE STATUS for the bastards that rule us.
Their enemy: the FREE WILL of humanity.

They think it's all over already.
Bring to mind Bush Senior and his “New World Order” speech (“When we are successful, and WE WILL BE …...”)

It's not all over.
Because YOU know.
Because YOU are free.

And, if you value the future,......
You will make your stand, draw your line, say “Enough”.

And be ready.......
Free of mind, in love and peace, brave and determined, willing to sacrifice, dutiful to the future of your children and our planet....
Be ready for rEvolution.

(And consider: What have they promised those that serve their purpose?)

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

NWO Shills, Liars & Deceivers: Alex Jones, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, ...

Conspiracy researchers and truth seekers, beware of deceivers.
Although this guy comes at this from a christian perspective, which in and of itself speaks of another aspect of the vast and intricate conspiracy, he identifies some of the shills that are leading you into the New World Order you are being taught to despise and yet are being shaped to form.
Love to you.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Its Name Is Love.

In the contemplation of a new idea the pieces of the jigsaw float before one's mind's eye, coalescing, splintering. When there are a thousand thousand pieces promising avenues open up, are explored, become cul-de-sacs when the logic runs out.
Sometimes, quite suddenly and unexpectedly, a piece clicks firmly into place and fits.
The whole picture is not finished, but the corner is done, the blue sky and the first whispy white clouds are formed, an understanding of the whole of the great work can begin to be realised.
I know that Lenin said that the best way to combat opposition is to lead it.
Well of course he would know, being such a pawn in the game, a piece manipulated by the player to capture a king.
The game, as we understand, is approaching its end-game. The forces are disposed of, the pieces in place in their diverse multitudes, the Knights patting the flanks of their chargers to steady them, the readied ranks of the cannon fodder stolidly chewing their cud and staring blankly on, disguising their fear, ready to be urged to kill and maim or be killed or maimed. This is as it has ever been, and will be again save some miracle.
And it will be of miracles and signs and a magick of a sort that the final episode of humanity's current epoch will be made, a time of wonder and of despond, the great door to the future swinging on the hinge of fate with only the free will of our species standing as a bulwark.
And so little of it remaining, so weakened are we.
And yet such dissipation and enfeebling can be undone, the dark miasma of befuddlement blown away by the fierce wind of understanding. Clarity of purpose and unshakeable determination can enter the minds of the creatures we have been moulded into.
And when it does so, as I know it will, humanity can shrug off the past, dismantle the ugly present, face a future illumined by its own lights, understanding its power to order its destiny as masters of its own reality.
Such a species will we be.
Such potential do we have.
Such is our destiny.

Consider this.
You are the opposition, newly created.
Armed with knowledge fed to you, you bristle with righteous indignation.
When the world and all you understand is plunged into chaos, you will be part of a new army that enters the field, formed and shaped by those that call you to battle.
As the Russian peasant reached for the sickle and hammer, urged from behind by Lenin and his company, never understanding the nightmare that would ensue, seeing only freedom and the destruction of powerful enemies.
Is this familiar to you?
Personalities you have unshakeable belief in pushing you into the fray, identifying enemies, stirring your ire..........................

You are the New World Order, dear friend.
This is the jigsaw piece of understanding.
Click it into place, and you begin to see the whole.
Remember free will.
Beware of deceivers.
The conduit draws close.
Your instinct tells you this, as does mine.
There is a powerful force within each of us.
Let it loose.
It's name is love.

Olive xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thanks, Les Visible.

A quote from the dog poet:
"I don’t care how many governments they control or have compromised and Israel is going to be destroyed because it is anathema and a pestilence upon the world community and it’s ordained. It will come to pass and I won’t give it a thought, I’ll just look ahead to the world to come, for whatever time I have to remain in it, because I’m headed somewhere else as far as I’m concerned and that is all there is to that."

Nazi Germany was bad, but the Dresden bombing? Bad too.
Ditto Japan in those days, but Nagasaki? Hiroshima?
Lots of civilian "collateral damage" when the war was all but won.

Then you think how the Nazis came about, who and what was behind them, behind every war.
The same folks that ordered those final civilian holocausts, the same folks behind the nazi "final solution".

There are innocent kids in Israhell amongst the bastards and nazis, just as there are in what's left of Palestine.

Israel, the country established by the same bastards I refer to above.
They like killing innocents, and love to murder Jews, whom they have set up for a final bashing to meet their weird biblical prophecies and to satisfy their god lucifer.

I'm suspicious of anyone that talks of the destruction of human beings and "won't give it a thought".
Les again:
"At no time will I ever say that all Jews are evil as I know that it is not true."
So why "won't you give it a thought", Les, when they're destroyed?

I'm even more suspicious when they say the same things Hitler (Thule Society Blavatsky follower) and Alice Bailey (theosophist, new age inceptor) had to say.

"The nations of the world should decide now to wipe Israel off of the face of the Earth and hunt down every Zionist wherever they may be." (Les Visible)

Thanks Les.
What a brave new world we would have, formed out of the ashes, the stench of burning flesh, the memory of "just" retribution!

Sure, the Zionists are bad guys. But what does your genocidal ambition make you? What stories would your Zion-killers tell their grandchildren?

"I killed the f***ers, to make the world a better place for you, honey."

You cannot build a world of love and peace on foundations of blood and hatred and vengeance. What sort of "karma" is that?

New Age Karma, I guess.
I know you often refer to Lao Tse, Les.

"The philosophy of Lao Tze communicated itself to me, in despite of the persistent efforts of my mind to compel it to conform with my preconceived notions of what the text must mean. This process, having thus taken root in my innermost intuition during those tremendous months of wandering across Yun Nan, grew continually throughout succeeding years. Whenever I found myself able once more to withdraw myself from the dissipations and distractions which contact with civilisation forces upon one, no matter how vigorously he may struggle against their insolence, to the sacred solitude of the desert, whether among the sierras of Spain, or the sands of the Sahara, I found that the philosophy of Lao Tze resumed its sway upon my soul, subtler and stronger on each successive occasion."
Aleister Crowley, "The Tao Teh King"

Of course, the "great beast" had a bit to say about jews too. As did Alice Bailey. As did Blavatsky. As does Icke. And a thousand other "points of light" in the growing new world order......

Comments welcome. Question everything.
I could easily be wrong.
Love OLive xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

WAKE UP ALERT. Prepare to be insulted, angered, frustrated....

The List.
What's the point of being a conspiracy theorist if you don't question everything?
Great movements that have shifted the affairs of humanity have invariably been instigated, controlled and brought to an awful and terrible conclusion by hidden hands.
This you understand.
We are witnessing and involved in a great movement that will shift our species onto a new path.
This new path is prepared for us, though we can hardly credit such a truth, by the same hidden hands.
This you cannot believe.
This new path will lead to the very end you have been taught to fear and been taught to despise.
You are being prepared to implement this plan.
This you cannot believe.

"I know that most men...can seldom accept even the simplest and most
obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of
conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which
they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabrics of their lives." (Tolstoy)

If you are a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim your understanding of these conspiracy theories is coloured by your unprovable beliefs and by your largely ridiculous, vicious and fake un-holy books and the centuries old organisations of child-molesting snake oil salesmen you revere as holy men, as clergy, as preachers.
Silly hats. Dog collars. Robes. Gucci suits. Ritual. Fear.
They make you feel special. Chosen.
I guess you have been.

You are being taught to point the fingers of accusation at each other, and particularly at the Jew, again.
Even the Jews do it.
May god forgive you all.

And if you are no believer in these old fashioned and outdated mumbo-jumbos then perhaps you have found the true light? Perhaps you know a big secret? Child of the sixties perhaps, drawn to the new age, lover of rock and an amateur musician, striving to open the third eye and become truly conscious for then you might prove to yourself and others that you are truly special, that you are a little slice of the godhead itself, that you will usher in a new world.
But not a new world order.
Oh no, not that, not you............not you.

"Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune! I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centres in vision, and given him the means to communicate with the powers. Do not mourn for me: I shall have influenced history more than any other German." [Satanist, Dietrich Eckart]

Blavatsky's “Secret Doctrine”.
The birth of the new age religion. The creator of the first texts which are meant to form the next “bible”, a century old path to follow, a new bunch of mumbo-jumbos already drenched in blood.
John Lennon. Richard Paige, who bought Aleister Crowley's house.
Imagine that.

JRR Tolkien (Order of the Golden Dawn). Did you read the Lord of The Rings as a kid?
JK Rowling.
Do your kids read Harry Potter (written by the chap with the same name)?
Got them too.

There are more than 15,000 New Age organisations in the USA alone.
Reminiscent of early Christianity.
All you need is a godhead. And guess what? He'll be called Maitreya. (See previous posts!)

Or maybe you are a non-believer, in anything?
The conspiracy world has been created for all tastes, all persuasions.
Maybe you stand on your own two feet and look at the world as a human being?

But hang on.

Are you a patriot?
Still believe your nation is the best?
Are you awake, and see the Zionists as the root of all evil?
As you have been taught.
As Hitler taught the Germans.
And do you sometimes say Jew instead of Zionist, by accident or with intent?
Like those folks that say nigger, or paki?

Or maybe you're an end-timer, a watcher of the skies, a 2012 believer?
Or a 9/11 researcher?
Or a post “Green” vegetarian big pharma hater, head full of Monsanto?
Or a vaccine hater.
Or an anti-cop, anti-law “Freeman”.
Are you investing in silver and gold, as Jones and Icke and countless others suggest you do, when you know the world's metals markets are in the hands of the same families you despise?
And yet failing to make that connection.


There is truth in all these things.

There is truth in the bible and the koran (love, peace, truth, sharing), truth in the 9/11 theories, truth in the evil committed by the “nation” of Irsahell, truth in the potentiality of human consciousness, truth in the idea that love will conquer all eventually, truth in the coming of a new “christ' figure, truth in an alien threat (fabricated aliens, that is), truth in the existence of pure evil, truth in the NWO plot, truth in the deliberate creation of war, of hatred, of sickness, of famine.
Of course there is. You're not stupid.
What you understand is not necessarily wrong.

It is WHY you have discovered this understanding, this knowledge, where from, and who is behind it that you need to question.

You see, the biggest conspiracy is conspiracy theory itself.
The biggest conspiracy is conspiracy theory itself.
The biggest conspiracy is conspiracy theory itself.

One of the following probably brought you into the world of conspiracy theory.
Guess what?

Alex Jones
Noam Chomsky
Greg Palast
Edward Griffin
Aaron Russo
Amy Goodman
Jeff Rense
Bill Deagle
David Spangler
Dewy Kidd
Alan Watt
Jim Tucker
Daniel Estulin
Leo Zagami
Benjamin (Japan's Sinking!) Fulford
Ted Gunderson
Ray McGovern
Webster Tarpley
Paul (NOT CFR honest!) Craig Roberts
Michael Parenti
His Holiness David Shayler
Charlie (Mr Love) Veitch
Dutchsinse and all the Youtube boys and girls
Dog Poet Transmitting
Eric Hufschind
Texe and Jim, the boys from Marrs
Jesse (John Wayne)Ventura
Jordan Maxwell
The Zeitgeist liars
David Icke
Michael Tsarion (and him so clever too, for shame).
Benjamin crème
Zechaliar (sic) Sitchin
Richard Mr Physics Hoagland (Duck, everybody!)
Eckhart Tolle

And THE LIST goes on, dear reader. Et Cetera Ad Nauseam.
Do humanity a favour and look into it.
"I know that most men...can seldom accept even the simplest and most
obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of
conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which
they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by
thread, into the fabrics of their lives." (Tolstoy)
Test those words.

You see, they have prepared a place for everyone, a bait and hook for all mindsets, built the internet as their spider's web, built a haystack of truth and buried their needle of a lie in it.
Well of course they would.
They saw you coming, and knew they must lead you into the new world order.
Otherwise, you'd find your own way without them.
And that would never do.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx
(I told you it would insult you. Time to lift the next veil. There is yet one more.)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I have an old five pound note.
I have some old English coins, old pennies and shillings from the fifties and sixties.
I have a few old Roman copper coins. Not collectable things, just barely recognisable discs of metal.
All of them, in their time, had “value”.
Now, of course, their value has disappeared.
I could blow my nose on the fiver.
Bury the coins in a jar and maybe give some kid a thrill in a few hundred years when he or she discovers these curiosities.
I can't “spend” them. Can't buy anything with them.
They're as useless now as your dollars and euros will be in a year or so.
I cannot eat them.
Can't burn them to keep warm.
Can't make clothes of them.
They won't keep the rain off my head.

For thousands of years coinage served a purpose. Over that time this thing called money has established itself so deeply in our consciousness that we cannot conceive of a world that works without it.
We dream of it.
We fantasise about what it can give us.
We are terrified of finding ourselves without it.
We envy those that have it in plentiful supply.
Most human beings that don't have enough of it lead shit lives.
We pity them.
Or sometimes tell ourselves that it's their own fault, for shame.

Over the past few centuries our masters have worked hard to extinguish human beings that lived without this thing called money, that lived in tight communities of mutual support, that understood that things went well for all if the resources were shared, the labour needed to garner the resources was shared, that the helpless needed to be nurtured because one day you might be the helpless one.

Valuable people with valuable lessons, understanding the relationship we have with our mother earth, knowing the true value of things. Largely exterminated, usually by people acting under the orders of our masters and killing for money.

The work they did was about providing what was needed, leaving time for the important stuff. Playing with children. Learning from those with wisdom. Partying and celebrating. Loving. Doing what you enjoyed. Creating. Caring. Living with simplicity because such simplicity made you rich in time, the most valuable resource there is.

Now, most likely, most people, mostly have none of these things.
Money has impoverished humanity.

We all chase money, this valueless fiction, ever working harder and longer and ever drifting further into this thing called debt, the ultimate fiction.
The thieves of time have you in their treadmill, running faster and faster and getting further behind.

This money stuff.
It's the bars on the cage.
The whip and the cudgel.
It is robbing us of our humanity.

People talk about revolutiion.
The REAL revolution comes from realising what lies at the root of the problem.
Where the deep fires smoulder.
It comes from removing altogether all of the things that chain us, that are tools of control over us. It's not about toppling a government, only to see another bunch of hoodlums step into the void.
It's about changing the very fundamentals of the way we organise ourselves.

And the first brick that needs to be removed from the foundations of the pyramid of power is this fiction called money.

In and of itself it is not evil. Paper and copper aren't evil.
But almost every evil you can conceive of derives its sustenance from this thing.

The heroine pusher does it for money.
The prostitute does it for money, often to buy the heroine.
The pimp does it for money.
Liars lie for it and cheats cheat for it.
Muggers hurt for it.
Soldiers are paid to kill with it.
Bad police intimidate and coerce for it.
The genius physicist that designs nuclear weapons or cluster bombs does so for money.
The folks that labour to make missiles do it for money.
Governments are bought with it.
Petty officials grease the wheels of unfairness with it.
The proud and the greedy use it to satisfy their damaged egos and bully for it.
The schemer schemes for it.
The evangelist guilts you into giving it.
The churches hoard it and build palaces with it.
The starving die for lack of it in a world where food is thrown away.
The sick die for lack of it.
The poor live poor lives for lack of it, in a situation they are invariably born into and will bring new souls into.

The creators and controllers of this thing called money use it to enslave the world. They use it to rob you of your time, your peace of mind, your sense of security, periodically your life.

Money is truly at the heart of all evil.

Let me tell you how rich I am.
I live in a peaceful place. A beautiful place. I grow my own food as much as I can. I give away what I have in excess and get given what others have in excess. I have work and earn about 800 euro a month. I spend 250 of that on rent. Pay for gas and electricity and water. I have about 500 euro in the bank. Every now and again I earn a little from olive oil that helps to stave off the wolves. I've been gifted about 500 euro from readers of this blog in the nearly three years I've been writing, for which I have been truly grateful though I don't really deserve it. Others need it more.
I have no debt.
My life is rich in time.
I have time to read and study and think and dream.
I have time for friends, and little time for fools.
I give love and receive it.
I'm that lucky.

Compared to much of the world's population, I'm well off and I know it.
Sometimes people help me out. Sometimes, I help people out.
Those are beautiful things.

I have no security though.
I have no pension.
I have to pay rent or lose my home.
I have to buy food I can't produce myself or go hungry.
I have to pay for water.
I heat my house with wood I cut, but have to pay for electricity for light and cooking.
And if all these things were free, if there were no such thing as money, would I still work?
Yes, because the work needs doing.

I teach and pass learning to folks that seek knowledge I possess.
I tend my olive trees and other folks need or want the oil I produce.

And would my life be different?

Yes, because I would have security.
And where would that security come from?
Other human beings that make the stuff I want or need.

Do you see?

From the perspective of living with very little, it's easier to see how things could be without this stuff at all.
It's called sharing.
We killed the folks that understood this.

How much fuller our lives would be without it.
How much safer we all could be.
How little crime and bullying and sleaze and war and hunger and want there would be without it.
How much happier we would be.
What a better world we would have.
All of us.

We simply have to agree to do away with it and remember: we are one tribe, we share one earth.
And money is the enemy.

Can you dream a little dream with me, walk softly down the slope into the alpha wave zone, dodge the prancing bears, skirt the re-fighting of old battles and the incredible sex, drift into that white space called nothingness, the blank page?

Dream this: the world's currencies collapse and all existing money becomes worthless.
It'll happen soon anyway.
Your savings (hah!) vanish.
Your retirement pot disappears.
The businesses that supply what you need and want crash. They cannot pay their suppliers. Their suppliers cannot pay theirs.
Shops empty.
Power gets cut off.
Everything stops.
Except of course the debt that you owe.

This is planned. This is how they will sell you the new world currency. They speak of it already, and are engineering the whole thing as you can see.
The whole false reality revolves around money.
Piles of paper.
Electronic digits in the bank's computer.
Imaginary, made up value that can be “disappeared” by the magicians, robbing humanity of what it thinks it has, be it ever so small.

Understand this:
Without it, nothing needs to stop that we need to do for one another.
The farmer grows. The manufacturer makes. The doctor doctors. The supplier supplies.

Things can stop that we don't need.

We don't need bankers. We don't need insurance. We don't need stocks and shares. We don't need stuff that messes up our planet and is wrecking our own children's future. We don't need bribery and corruption and these things are born of money. We won't need childcare because mom or dad will be at home. We won't need soldiers or weapons manufacturers.

Think of the countless millions that live and work so frantically in the big cities. What are they doing that's so important? What are they doing that we really need?
Do they feed us? Clothe us? Make our lives richer?
Or do they move paper around, and get paid in paper, do nothing that enriches humanity and much that impoverishes us?

In the fifties folks dreamed of a world where machines could do the work, leaving everyone with more time. Without money, we can reap that harvest.

When they crash the money thing to rob you, let's keep swimming, refuse their lifeboat, turn their catastrophe into our opportunity.
Shun their filthy lucre.
Look to each other.
Hold each others hands.

Not revolution but rEvolution.

Of course, if you have some of the stuff, you won't even want to contemplate not having it.
That's the strength of the illusion.
Clinging to it causes the dream to become the nightmare humanity is living through.
And we are all the poorer.

Love to you all.
Sleep well.
Dream the dream.
Wake to a new reality.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Final solutions....

Reading William Cooper's “Behold a Pale Horse” I came across what he claims was a discovered SECRET document relating to one of the strategies of the scum that run the world.
Who knows if it was genuine.

It describes how computers in the 40's and 50's were developed to measure and also predict the reaction of the slave herd to certain economic stimuli.

I guess you can lump this technology in with the understanding of the human psyche developed by Tavistock and together gather the idea that the scum that control us realised long ago that there were better ways to manage the livestock than riding around on horses and chopping our heads off now and again.

No doubt it has moved beyond mere economic stimuli, stretching its wicked fingers as far into the soul of humanity as it can.....

It is the science of control, as developed as all the other sciences, almost certainly more so.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
An introductory programming manual
Operations Research
Technical Manual
This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War,
called the "Quiet War/' being conducted using subjective biological warfare,
fought with "silent weapons."
This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies,
and its weaponry.
May 1979 #74-1120


“It is most interesting that, by observing and measuring the economic
modes by which the public tries to run from their problems and escape
from reality, and by applying the mathematical theory of Operations Research,
it is possible to program computers to predict the most probable
combination of created events (shocks) which will bring about a complete
control and subjugation of the public through a subversion of the public

Naturally, it goes beyond “economy” now.

Outside of the black science of the dark “lightbringers” ordinary scientists are catching up.
Nearly 50 years behind, naturally.
Witness this latest BBC article.

Do you still believe they haven't been behind almost everything you believe speaks of freedom and humanity and truth and the ascension of our condition that you find on the internet?
That they don't control their own opposition?

Not to have organised things so would have been careless.
And they are never careless.

An interesting study, I believe, is the comparison of David Icke's pronouncements and those of Blavatsky and her accolyte Bailey and the words of Albert Pike and Manley Hall.

If you do nothing else in the next few days, discover the philosophy of these people, the power that lies behind their pontifications, the links that form the “Brotherhood of Death”, their connections via the German Thule society and Hitler, via the vile Aleister Crowley, through the Skull and Bonesmen and the Nazi CIA that controls the USA on behalf of the ruling elite.

Read and understand what you are witnessing, for you are witnessing the birth of a new religion, already with a new series of biblical texts, mysteries, ascended masters, a new Christ they will call Maitreya and have announced already to the world.

From this understand that the one world government they plan, seated at the United Nations, will have at its head the “godhead” of the one-world religion, likewise situated.

Understand via a study of the Lucis Trust and Share International how the throne is already in waiting for their new lord.

Know this: A one world religion will need miracles and signs and the destruction of the old beliefs and the amalgamation of those that are innately “believers” into one body.

This will happen soon, by my calculation.

Everything else is leading to this final solution.

From such study the seeker of truth can be left in no doubt that almost everything Icke spouts comes from these sources and associated New Age pseudo-religious mumbo jumbo.

Icke's ex wife quotes Aleister Crowley on the front page of her website.

Make these connections and the next veil of understanding reveals itself.
Make these connections and the true purpose of the strategy of our masters becomes apparent.

The acceleration of expectancy amongst those who have pierced this level of understanding and are free of the control matrix is evident.
Something wicked this way comes.

We know it, though we know not its shape and form.

The fear gifted to us by the luciferians is about to enter a new and more disturbing phase.
Their “saviour” must have something to save us from.

If you are across the weird pronouncements of Reagan, know what Gorbachov and Blair are up to, see what the “Disclosure Project” is all about, know that the false threat will “unite humanity”, have been watching the sun, keeping an eye on Elenin, have an “Earthquake Watch” link on your computer, you'll know what I mean........

If you feel this, know this, understand the strength of the enemy and the weakness and ill-preparedness of humanity, have a grip of our enemy's strategy and an understanding of their driving force then you see the onward career of the juggernaut.

How can you fight these forces?
How can your physical self escape what approaches?

Neither may be possible absent some mass awakening of understanding.
Such an awakening that has been anticipated and prepared for by our masters.
And so is already misdirected and misshapen, a parody of what it should be.
Wolves in sheep's clothing abound.
Beware of deceivers, my friend.

You can only remain true to love, and hold to the knowledge that your physical self is but the skin of the thing you might call the soul, the bio-mechanical self replicating machine that gives experience and learning to the consciousness within, that teaches it the wrong that is evil and the right that is love.

Grasp this understanding.
Fear nothing.
Don't give way to evil for the sake of your mortal body.

Understand this:
The universe can only be governed and ordered by love.
Anything other would have led to its destruction long ago in what we humans think of as our time.

You see how our petty species approaches mutual self-destruction now, even with the childish understanding of science that we have?

Imagine what we could and would be capable of with another million years of scientific “advancement”.

The deductions that must be made are as follows:
1. Either WE are truly alone in this universe, however unlikely that may seem.
2. Or WE are not alone, and therefore love must order the universe, because it still IS.

Watch the skies, dear friends, watch the skies.

WE have had enough lessons in evil, though I guess there's a final, lasting, searing one to come soon.
In days maybe.

Then the universe, and the love that there is within it, will say “Enough.”

Love, friends.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Gene-ocide. The Final Solution.

The manipulation of human consciousness continues apace, accelerating daily as we approach the nadir of spirit essential for the implementation of the next phase of the “Great Work”
What has been obvious for a long time is the role of the major media in this project. The daily fear mongering. The long term dissipation of spirit engendered by the repeated daily serving of gloom and doom, interspersed with horror, laced with disgust at the capability of the current generation of engineered and manipulated human beings to inflict terrible harm upon one another, such acts amplified and brought close to home, into the home, made vivid by the newsreaders selected for their voices of portent, their ability to couch a lie in the voice of reason and truth, substantiated with the grisly images that pierce the soul.

When an understanding of as much of the picture as can be has been grasped by the earnest researcher there can be no doubt that ALL media must be likewise controlled and manipulated.

This luciferian cabal has measured in centuries its creeping usurpation of control over the free will and spirit of humanity. It has conjured the present false reality, built upon the foundations of the history which it shaped and ordered to its foul strategy. Using the thing called money, over which it has absolute mastery, it has created this vast structure of misery and mistrust, division and petty hatred that we witness daily and call home, assume is natural, cannot see beyond.

Following my last post some commented that Alex Jones could in no way be a part of this continuing strategy of media control.

Consider the power of the enemy that creates the nightmare. Consider the vast sums invested to create the infrastructures required to deliver high speed internet into every home. Think of the control over the science that has developed this project. Think of the rewards earned by the leading servants of this development, and consider too where they now spend their wealth. Think of the ownership of the players in this game, the providers, and consider the uses to which the information they glean can be put. Witness the twitter revolutions and the evident manipulations, the BBM inspired looter mobs. See the vast number and incredible diversity of the New Age operatives disseminating their vision of the future that is driven by Blavatsky, by Bailey, by the United Nations, by Findhorn, by Zeitgeist, by the ex-Mrs Icke in her Crowley inspired fairyland, by a thousand more that are beating the path to lucifer's door.

Think of the murder the cabal order as if ordering a coffee. Of Kennedy. Of Dr King. Of Gandhi. Of anyone and everyone that proves dangerous to them or exposes them for what they are. Of Cooper. Of Dr Kelly. Think of the vast savageries and blood sacrifices of Stalin's Russia, of Hitler's Germany, of Mao's China. Consider the current swathe of mass murder, the front lines of the third world war that has already started and the edges of which are creeping across the globe.

Put these facts together, add to the pot everything else you understand about the power, the organisation, the control, the mindset, the arrogance, the determination and the beliefs of our current masters, their imminent intentions, their unfolding strategy, then ask yourself.............

Why has this vehicle for the interchange of information been created?
What is the purpose of the “truth” movement in all its forms?
Why are the leading conspiracy sites allowed to flourish?

Probe the interconnectedness of apparently divergent sites. Look at the way they feature and recommend each other. They have the whole thing wrapped up. They are serving a purpose.
When Lenin set sail with his 300 paid operatives and 20 million dollars to destroy the troublesome Tsar and set the scene for the elimination of millions of lives, when Mein Kampf was ghost written and distributed with the banker's slush fund and Hitler rose to power on a wave of those banker dollars no-one at the time suspected the devious manipulations behind these vast schemes. Many if not most are still ignorant of them. Many if not most are still ignorant of the control these same bloodlines had over the words of the Bible and the Koran, and how they have written another bible now, ready for the coming of their “saviour”, have prepared over a century of tradition and lore to support the great lie they are about to try and foist upon humanity.

To believe that there is no intricately structured, powerful, well funded, mutually supportive system of mind control operating through the internet would be bordering on the insane amongst those in possession of understanding. It is as diverse as the main stream media. It has the same faux divisions and distracting squabbles we witness everywhere else.
It has the same murders of those whose voice gets heard that are not inside.

Thankfully, then, I get few readers.
If I got millions, I'd be dead, or at least I would be if I believed in death.

Think of this:
They intend to reduce our number. They intend to create a lumpen mass of short lived mind-controlled burger flippers to do the menial tasks. The intend to cream off what's left of the intelligent amongst us to operate the more intricate stuff and think of new stuff, for which they will be well rewarded.

What they don't want are free thinkers. What they don't want are mavericks. What they don't want are folks that buck against “authority”, that ask awkward questions, that think they have rights, that will organise against them and spoil their intended new world order.
They don't want folks that will refuse to believe in their new “god” once they've shattered belief in the old ones they gave us.

They don't want the folks that see the true potential of a free humanity, understand the power of love, will build in a generation a world free of their foul influence. They don't want those people because they have seen them coming and fear them.

They need to clear the world of the gene that creates this threat to them.
They need to find you.

Well, they have.
That's what the whole thing has been and is about.
Finding you, you troublesome little bugger.
And now they know where you live.
Ask not for whom they have built the FEMA camps. They've built them for you.
It's about gene-ocide. The final solution.

And it will be lucifer's new and evangelical followers who will drive the trucks and trains, fire up the ovens, mark our skin. There are always millions of morons ready to do these jobs.
History tells us this.

Or at least that is what our masters plan for us.
But the future swings on the hinge of fate and, as we are soon to witness, the best laid plans often go wrong.
Call it instinct.
Call it the whisper of the wind through the leaves of the olive tree.
They think it's all over.
But they ain't seen nothin' yet.

Be prepared my friends Fear nothing. There is love in this universe, and it is love that orders and connects and ultimately creates everything, even the purpose that is behind evil. Nothing is as it seems, even death that great imposter itself.
Hold hands.

Love to all from me and the olive tree.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx