Sunday, 19 April 2020

11:11 The date is set.....Be wise, diarise, 11:11


There is a separation
Not by faith or nation
Nor by race or learning
But from an inner yearning

We are divided, once more
By darkest power, by inhuman law
Come between us all, this incessant lie
That tells us all that we might die

Under the darkness of this hellish cover
The lie-worm eats into every brother
Every sister, every mother
Turning one against the other

Billions believe, and in believing follow
Billions don't, and will never swallow
This evil fabrication, told in every nation
This crass mantra of orchestrated domination

They march in Lockstep, Satanic repeaters
To a hellish future, owned by death-eaters
Riding the wave of created belief
The propagandised billions, yearning relief

Our masters know their human race
Through data mining, set their pace
And people will wait, boiling frustration
Then form queues for their vaccination

And by so doing take their mark, let their poison flood
Through human veins, through human blood
Just so that We might “buy”, or “sell”
In their new, technologic Hell

But wait, but wait, this is NOT our fate
Never cry “Too late, too late”
Our enemy's mistake was to underestimate
Our ability to set a date

That simple thing, done between us all
We free humans, we not in their thrall
In our billions we will choose our Moment
A united humanity, no longer silent

11:11, strange numbers that we've seen
Now we'll discover what they mean
And from that source will come an epiphany
The realisation of our human destiny

Not this world of fear and misery
That has been our inhuman history
But, unfolding in our collective mind
The knowledge that we have been kept blind

That however much we are apart
There is just one thing in each human heart
The shared desire for a world of love
Come from within, not from above

There is work to do, an enemy to face
That age-old enemy of our human race
But remember, We Are billions strong
Standing together, we'll not take long

To shatter the mind-chains that steal our might
And step into a new human light
The past, and all its terrible cruelty
Will fade to nothing in our new reality

Eleven, Eleven
When we show our worth
We will make our heaven
On this, OUR earth

Those now asleep, those under the spell
Will awaken from this global Hell
And in our billions, as a single entity
Humanity will find, at last, its destiny


One of the messages woven into the crops, by who knows whom or indeed what, into the fields of Wiltshire in England carried an intricate message in computer code in the form of a disc.

This code contained some words that encapsulate the coming epochal Moment of our species' history, the Moment when we Evolve and choose an entirely different path, the Moment when we awaken as a species to our true potentiality, our responsibility to our fellow human beings and our world and in that awakening realise our Destiny as a kind: No more war, no more fear, a human-hearted world founded on love.

The words left in that code:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises.
Much pain but there is still time.
Believe there is still good out there.
We oppose the deceivers.
The conduit is closing."

There's a Mayan Shaman somewhere on You Tube, probably hidden from us now, predicting as many ancient tribal prophecies do a moment of evolutionary change. This moment of change is not an evolution into a different form as individuals. It is the arrival of a collective understanding of evil and its source and activity amongst us, and the realisation that we can expunge this evil from our world. It is the arrival of the understanding that, in our billions, We Are human-hearted and that this is OUR world. 

Let's take, it together. 

Amongst the wise and prophetic things he said were these words:

"Let the morning come.
 Let the dawn come for the people to find peace and be happy.
 Don't be afraid.
 Spread this message throughout the whole world.
 Don't be afraid of this change of time.
 It's just a change like passing from night into day.
 Don't believe what you hear from threatening people.
 Thank you.
 Don't be afraid."

11.11 is our moment.

Beware those that would try to steal and to lead this Moment.
They are already in place, already trying to misdirect, to steal the date or make it something else. 

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
From this blog, 22nd July 2010:
Can you see?

'The coming interesting times. May you live through them.Those that govern humanity understand that they can get away with anything right now. The success of their centuries long strategy is now well proven to them. Even the biggest lies remain believed in.

They've just robbed every human being on the planet with their bank heist, condoned and orchestrated by nearly every puppet government, forcing humanity into perpetual tax slavery. They are picking everyone's pockets, every day, and the zombie herd are taking it.

With their fake but deadly war on "terror" they have robbed us all of freedoms we took centuries to win, caused millions to draw up lines that separate humanity based upon the old lies of religion. They are in the swing of murdering right now, soon to get more vigorous, soon to bring ever increasing numbers into their wars.

They've done it so often in the past, what makes you think they won't do it again?

Do you believe humanity to be better educated, more aware, stronger in the face of totalitarianism, freer of mind and spirit, less gullible, possessed of a freer media than they were in the last century, when countless millions went gladly and grimly off to murder countless millions of other human beings?
Of course you don't.

You understand the complexity of the control matrix that for a century at least has worked scientifically to prevent that very condition.

So confident are they, and so possessed of an urgency to get the job finished that we will see an acceleration of the experiment. Boosted by their successes so far, by the enormous instrument of mind control they have built, by this many headed hydra they have conjured from the ingenuity of those they seek to oppress, they will seek now to batter and beat the cornered beast that is humanity into the waiting cages, there to be factory farmed for the rest of time.

This complex system of control will reach its zenith of wickedness within the next couple of years. It has to. If more and more zombies realise what's going on and cast the blinkers from their eyes, or if those mavericks that already do see have the sense and guts to stand together then the evil itself becomes threatened, its servants like monkeys will scatter as the tree begins to fall, the change will finally come.

Who can say what their next move will be?They have such a powerful and diverse arsenal.

Will it be a pandemic? Another, bigger war, mushrooming millions into oblivion? A nicely placed false flag terror event placed squarely at your door and mine, causing the zombies to point at you in the street, angrily beat you and spit at you as the police drag you away?

Look at the films of the Nazi era, see how the sheep can be moulded into violent haters, struggle with each other to be the one that lands the blow on the defiled, the beaten and cowed, the outsider, the non-believer.'

Ring any bells?

From this blog, 29th May 2009:

'Right across the globe the elite and their greedy and pathetic political puppets waste no opportunity to induce fear in the public. Fear of terrorists, fear of global pandemic, fear of economic catastrophe, fear of global warming, fear of terminal illnesses, fear of global nuclear war, the list goes on. Like rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming juggernaut, the sheeple mentally freeze. They’ll agree to anything if they are given something to fear. The loss of civil liberties won over millennia of struggle by our forefathers which now make it almost impossible to publicly protest about governments and the people that run them. The “War on Terror”, that fabulous invisible enemy , giving “just cause” to genocide and baby murder. The list goes on and on. Be afraid, be very afraid, it helps them get what they want.
May you live in interesting times.'

Ring any bells?

Friday, 17 April 2020

The Famous Samosa from "Samosa Saturday"

From Wolverhampton, our old home back in England, comes Manny sharing the secret of Samosas. If you haven't tried them you're missing a real treat. Great for sharing, sharing the making and sharing the eating. The large Sikh community in Wolverhampton are renowned for their good works, feeding the homeless, raising money for charity, and like all Sikhs standing against injustice with great courage and selflessness. Something we can all learn from.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

St Louis Doctor has had enough


Keep Calm, Carry On. A great change is coming to the world. An important message to the world's medical staff.

This, in brief, is how we human beings begin our journey to our destiny.
YOU have a part to play, right now.
It is time to end this lockdown, this destruction of societies, this destruction of the supply chains we humans need, this imposition of unwarranted authority, this last ditch effort of the legacy Power in this world to prevent human beings from setting themselves free.
Here we describe HOW we can do this.

Here we describe how it is that our world wide MEDICAL staff can and must, in fulfilling their Hippocratic Oath and by whatever means they can find, expose and whistle blow and publicise their understanding of the vast lies that are being used to lock down our human species. 

Our future as a species depends now on your effort to make clear to humanity that there has been an orchestrated and vast scheme of lying inflicted upon our species by governments in lockstep across our world. 

Once the lie is exposed, the history of the world will in a MOMENT be changed.
And by that act of bravery and determination and the effort involved our species will enter an Evolutionary Moment.
You know that the media and even the internet will not allow your collective voices to be heard.
But there are other ways to spread the truth.
Do NOT fear the medical hierarchy.
If there is no GOOD in it, then it will not for much longer exist.
Find you spirit, step forwards, end the lie and so change the world.

HOW we will evolve as a species in this Moment of our history:
Every community, every single human being, needs what other human beings can supply to them.
The answer, then,  lies in world-wide cooperation.

Do not listen to nationalists or separatists, for they only advocate division.
We Are one species, and this is our world.

Very soon we human beings will need to Start Again.
This time, we will get things right.
As this restart blossoms, remember that to succeed, and We will, We need only to keep calm and carry on. This will be explained.....

Almost all of We human beings are human-hearted. In our billions we share the same, simple human desires:
To live in peace, to have enough to eat of good food, to be clothed, to have a place of our own, to be cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold, to have work that brings pride and satisfaction and worth, to have fun, to have leisure and pleasure, to raise our children in love in a world free of fear, free of debt, free of injustice, free of polluting poisons.
To help and be helped.

We human beings, almost all of us, desire the love of others, the kindness and care and generosity that come from love.

We Are human-hearted, and We Are love encapsulated.
In the world as it is this is difficult to understand. We do things, all of us, for money rather than for the good that will come of it. This is not a human system, but rather an inhuman system, wasteful and divisive and the root of most misery and the source of most undeserved power.
It is NOW time to alter that state of affairs.

What is preventing us: The Enemy?
The Enemy of humanity is Evil in nature.
It is the very antithesis of human-heartedness.
It is, as billions of We humans now realise, what sits in the dark hearts of those that create by their greed and their lust for power and their actions in pursuit of those ends, what causes almost all misery, grief and fear in our human world. It is, therefore and by definition, INHUMAN.
The enemy of humanity.

They are working together right now in LOCKSTEP, these creatures, to lock humanity down and steal our future from us under the pretence of "saving" us from the "plague".
This lie will be exposed by the millions of medical workers that will SOON begin the task of spreading their knowledge of this VAST LIE. Many are already stepping forwards. Soon, it will become a Tsunami of truth.
And in that MOMENT humanity will, as a single world wide collective consciousness, realise what we MUSt as a species, DO.

The Enemy are those that keep humanity in a state of fear. They start all wars. They deal all harmful drugs. They are behind all harm. They encapsulate and seek to satisfy selfishness, greed, lust for power and control. They keep humanity in a state of perpetual debt. They own everything that we humans work to create, build, grow, distribute. They control the direction of our science and, so often, twist that science into evil purposes. They are behind the development of weapons of mass destruction, bio-weapons, novel and killing viruses, pharmaceuticals that treat rather than cure or do no good at all or even kill.
Their vast corporations are the creators of the pollutants that foul our human air, our human land and so our human food, our human water and so poison life itself. Their vast corporations strip our rainforests, rip up our world to create their poisons.
Evil has Our world and WE humans in its perpetual grip.
But not for much longer.
WE ARE about to evolve.

For millennia we have been afraid of the power in this world, its bullies, its hierarchies, the control over our lives its fake money has given it.
We were afraid of this power, but now there is emerging in the world a new force, the collective understanding of our species and the desire to express this collective consciousness in the world WE create. 
As a species we have arrived at an epochal MOMENT.
We will cast aside that which we as a species understand to be wrong, to do harm, that which we know is Evil.
Every single one of us in our billions know of one such wrong or another in each of the millions of diverse areas in which we have as individuals some expertise.
Collect them together, these harms, and trace all of them to the source and what we find, almost every time, is MONEY and the hierarchies that MONEY sustains, including our world's governments.

THESE are the weapons of control that Evil has in its grip:
Ideas of Nation
The hierarchies that stem from Money and Nation
The justice system and the control of Law
Multinational Corporations
The United Nations
Vast numbers of charities and NGOs
The media
The Internet and its now conforming content and its algorithms that shape our human consciousness
Self serving secret societies
Police, servicemen and women that carry arms, others indoctrinated to follow orders that bring harm and fear to human beings.
Science, university hierarchies, scientific publishing, careers in science.
The intelligence agencies that topple independent governments and assassinate leaders that try to step away from the Global Power.

To Start Again, We human beings must address these tentacles of power.
This seemingly impossible feat is in fact ready of a simple solution.
We need not battle with their laws and law enforcers, need not take to the streets against the military, need not root out and guillotine those that serve in the hierarchies.
We simply, as the human species, need to refuse to accept the instruments of the Power. Ignored, their hold over our species will wither and die, disappear into the history books and become merely the distant memory of a bad dream.

We must do so with peace, with love, and most of all with organisation, with vigilance, with cooperation, with good order, with determination, with planning. WE must Keep Calm and Carry On, introducing some changes quickly, some changes very slowly.

The Enemy expects us to fall into chaos and so be able to "save" us from our folly.
This current "crisis" that is destroying much that we humans hold dear is intended to produce such a crisis.
In fact, so much has already broken down that ONLY the evolution of our species can prevent the planned catastrophe.

Understand THIS: We human beings have had enough of misery and fear. We human beings are more than seven billion strong. Between us we have the intelligence and the muscle and the determination to create a different world. This understanding is blossoming among us now, at this time. This collective understanding is a product of our number and the connectivity we have built between us all. In your heart, in every human heart, this knowledge is growing. 
That WE can do better.
That WE human-hearted collectively want this world of ours to be, very simply, a good place.

In that simplicity lies the key to our Evolution.

This shared understanding between We billions is something ancient, yet something new.
Ancient because individual human beings have always understood the desire for love and peace in a world of certainty.
New because, in this epochal Moment, we are able to communicate that understanding instantly between us ALL and, most importantly, realise that we have ALL of the POWER needed to change the world in this moment of shared understanding.
There are more than seven billion of us.
We can change the world, if we choose.
And we are choosing, right now.

The knowledge that we human beings make and grow and DO everything is now with us.
Those that own the world do NOTHING but control the world, exercise Power.
They don't even manage the world. We do that on their instruction, and those who have climbed their hierarchies create the misery we see all around us across OUR human world.

Look what they have done with that Power.
We human hearted have had enough of that.
Two and more thousand years of war, of starvation, of fear, of debt, of forced competition for survival rather than the joy of competition for fun.

That Moment is coming. What is happening NOW, despite the efforts of governments and media to shape the collective human consciousness, to scare us into our homes, to divide us one from another, to create laws that keep us locked down, to "save" us from the terror the media is trying to instil within each heart, despite the threat of fines and imprisonment and the impending terror of forced vaccinations, despite the incredible efforts of their combined global media to indoctrinate every single human being, despite all of this last ditch scramble to create chaos and so keep Power over our species, our understanding that the Moment is arriving lives NOW in billions of minds.

The collective consciousness of humanity is ready.
It is an Evolutionary Moment.
It cannot be stopped.

THESE are the measures we human beings need to take to et our species free:
If an individual acts alone, they are lost. If a nation acts alone, they are lost.
BUT when we ALL act together, victory is quick, victory is bloodless, victory is certain.

First, IGNORE ALL DEBT, but remember all human obligation.
Simply stop paying debt, stop paying rent, stop paying for utilities, stop paying for essential foods, stop paying for anything.
There's no debt collectors, insufficient courts, nothing to fear if WE ACT together.

Think, for a moment, the effect of such a release on the minds of our species.
That great collective sigh of relief.

Money itself will collapse, and though that might frighten a species grown used to that intruder within our human society know that before there were kings in the world every tribe in every place for countless thousands of years had no such thing as money. They would have laughed at the idea, as we shall again, for it is an imposter in this world, a tool by which we human beings' lives are controlled, our labours taxed, our societies twisted, by which the collective power of our species is controlled and directed by those that we might call, in our most generous moments, simply psychopathic.
In less generous moments, inhuman monsters.

That, if we humans examine the facts, IS our history. 
That we have granted power to inhuman monsters for thousands of years and their chief instrument of control has been money.

If we need the world to change, and by heaven we do, we should as a species simply ignore this instrument of control and by doing so ignore the power of those that control its source.
Almost everything that is wrong with our world has money at its summit. Not merely love of money, but money itself.

Imagine if our species had developed without money, and then one day one appeared among us and said "Let's all use money! I'll make it all, and lend it to the rest of you at interest! If you need more, why I'll lend you more! All I have to do is press this button! O.K., every one of you will forever be in my debt, but you'll soon get used to that. And I'll grow so enormously rich that I'll be able to buy everything of value, every human being I need to do my dirty work, even buy science itself so that I can develop weapons that will kill you all if ever you grow discontent. Won't that be wonderful?"

THAT is precisely what has happened to our species. 

Every human being that follows orders, that by doing so helps sustain the Power in this world, only does so because either they KNOW the instruction to be the right one, or more often than not because THEIR LIVELIHOOD depends upon following that order.

That is something we need to change.
Too many of us help to sustain the Power by agreeing to use this money and rely on it to survive. Most of us now know it is created from thin air by the banks, small and global, that are owned by the Power. Most of us now know that it is this fake money, issued as debt, that enables the power to buy everything of value and direct every human activity.

They think that they can hold us in these imaginary chains forever. They plan to go further, to collapse the organised systems we have and make every one of us reliant upon a digital money without which we will not survive.
WE will not allow this to happen.
Seven billion of us are awake to this evil, seven billion of us now locked into our homes as they destroy small businesses and jobs and make announcements that they will "SAVE US" by issuing their universal income!

Do you see, yet?
This is no global pandemic.
This is a war on humanity, the last act in their struggle for total control.
If you still BELIEVE what the media is telling you, then you are one of the few who still remain under the spell of their massive propaganda campaign.
Soon, thousands upon thousands of medical staff everywhere will begin to speak out, will begin to tell the world that we human beings have been lied to.
THEN you too will wake up and join humanity in the approaching evolutionary change to our world.

By refusing to accept money in our Evolutionary world we instantly end:
All corruption that relies on money.
All hierarchies that depend on money rather than good will.
All controls over media.
All controls over uniformed officers.
Almost all crime, especially organised crime.
All of the vast ownership of our human resources that rests in the hands of a tiny few inhuman monsters.

WE will find that many millions of us are only engaged in work that is for the purpose of making money and for no other purpose. Bankers, accountants, many millions of salespeople, countless office workers, on and on. WE will find that many of the things we make and grow and build are not as good as they should be because there is a drive to cut costs and so make more "money". WE will find that without money ALL of our human species' best ideas can be shared freely. Best practice, patents, intellectual "property", all can be shared freely.

WE will become, over time, far more efficient, freeing the world from unnecessary labour, focusing our energy on what must be done: Feeding, clothing, housing, supplying our species, caring, having fun, following our dreams, always doing the best that we can because there will be no incentive to do otherwise.

The world is created by resources combined with human effort.
Money has enabled a very few to own those resources and to direct and to milk all human effort.

We will need to organise.
We will need to keep calm and carry on.
We will of course need direction and guidance. We will need to find, among us, those best fitted and those with good hearts to ensure we do not descend into chaos.
This will grow from the ground up, where the good are known to each of us, free of the corruption of money and vigilant against the forces of conspiracy in every walk of life.

There is NO civilisation without the urge to good and the vigilance of society.
We have let our world slip from these ideals, but the game is NOT yet over.
Rather, it has just begun, for now we collectively in our billions have grown WISE.

Go to work.
If your boss has closed the factory gates, taken the keys of the supermarket, stopped the supply of petrol to the service station, turned off the turbines, ordered the ships into the harbour, sacked the pilots, ordered senior members of whatever hierarchy to prevent our human evolution, then it is OBVIOUS what you need to do.

Other human beings RELY upon you for something, as you rely upon them.
Our solution is not nation by nation.
Our solution is one for our entire species.

You are not black nor white, nor Christian or Muslim, not American or Chinese. We are, everywhere, pretty much the same. What we want from life, all of us, is pretty much the same. 


Once we END the power of money, we will need to ignore any hierarchy that seeks to prevent WE human beings from doing what we need to do.
Remember, WE ARE many and THEY are very few.

They will have no power to threaten us with loss of wages. They will have no power to take our homes. They will have no power to send in debt collectors. They will have no power to close our factories or shut down essential businesses.


The Power would expect us still to obey their hierarchies, their governments.
We will not.
We will organise, with good will.
We will ensure that we proceed with calmness and good order.

WE will understand that there are simple folk that will try to loot, to steal, to break into homes, to riot, to become insensible.
Those things are in our human natures.
So we will organise, we will apply social pressure, we will police our new world and punish those that create chaos or do harm.

We already rely on our police forces to do much of this work.
During the great change, we will ALL OF US understand our duty to maintain calm.
During the great change, we must ensure that our collective energy is directed to good purpose.

BUT WE MUST NEVER again divide into parties, into gangs of self interest.
Remember, without money there will be little to divide us.
No gain to be had from division.
Everything to gain from cooperation.

WE will come to know what work and what resource use provides the best outcome for humanity.
WE will organise to ensure that best outcome.

There is much that we need to do, BUT BILLIONS OF US TO DO IT.

Our experts, our scientists, those with wisdom and experience and knowledge, those with organisational prowess, once free of the urge for profit and the desire to make money, free of the corruption that relies on money, will instead bring the leadership of good will into the world AND THE PRODUCT OF GOOD SCIENCE.

We will need vigilance.
There will be charismatic people that try to build followings.
There will be characters that rely on old belief systems and allegiances to create division and so grow their personal power, and so try to stop our human Evolution.

Now we are so many, now in our billions, humanity after all these centuries KNOWS how such characters operate. WE HAVE seen them many times, these creatures, have fallen for their mantras and their dogmas and their fiery speeches and hypnotic manner, been terrified of their bullies.

Nor will we fear them, for we human beings will stand together against such creatures.

THAT is how true civilisations are built.

WE will need vigilance, too, to prevent the legacy Power from causing vast harm.

At the moment, they have the keys to nuclear weapons, biological weapons, have the law and the police in their hands, own almost all resources. They will, naturally, try to keep that power or, if threatened, will like cornered rats try to bite us all.


Police officers: Keep our human peace and make sure that our human, common law is followed.
This law is simple: Do no harm. Do not steal.
Arrest those that have broken our human laws and bring them to justice.

Those that work with nuclear or other weapons against humanity: Refuse orders to fire. Disarm the missiles. Destroy the germs and viruses.

Those that work in nuclear power: With great care and with the needs of your community in mind plan and manage the safe closure of the power stations and strive to develop ways of dealing with the vast poisonous wastes that have accumulated.

In many more areas of the current control system there are those that must choose: The future or the past? Humanity or the psychopaths?
Choose carefully.
There are billions of human beings that will not think kindly of you if you do not.

WE ALL have a duty. That duty will no longer be to do what our employer tells us to do. Rather it will be to do what is best for humanity.
We may hate our job at the moment, but if humanity needs us to carry on that that is our OBLIGATION.

By fulfilling our obligations we gain worth and pride, knowing that what we do is needed, knowing that what we do doesn't mean that we are poorer than others or richer but rather means that we are a part of the world wide civilisation that humanity is building.

The legacy power will also try and convince us, using the legacy "science" and "expertise" they have paid for, using their control over those that sit at the top of every hierarchy that have enjoyed vast wealth for doing so, using perhaps religious leaders or political leaders, using old ideas like fascism or communism, whatever they can to divide us and cause disagreement.

They need us to respect those old hierarchies to use this tactic.
We will not respect them.
They will need mass media and the control of the internet to spread this division.

THOSE HUMANS that work in those media need NOT let them control the information any longer.
They must choose carefully which side they will support. The truth, or lies.
And they will be judged by humanity.

Scientists and experts in every field must rush to spread those truths that need to be exposed.
Police officers must catch those criminals that have used money or the threat of punishment or demotion to remain free of justice. Those responsible for the world's current misery MUST face justice.

Our human world MUST begin with truth.
It must start NOW.
Become a whistle blower.
RIGHT NOW begin the job of exposing lies.
If you are in the media or work with the internet, ensure that humanity at large becomes aware of the TRUTH.
When lies are exposed they cease to have power.

RIGHT NOW thousands of doctors, nurses and experts are trying to tell the truth about the virus. 
Governments and media bosses are working to control the spread of those truths.
WE HUMAN BEINGS are being terrified, are being locked away, are having our rights to freedom taken from us.



The media is largely controlled, the internet is being manipulated to prevent your voices from being heard. You as individuals are being threatened with career damaging measures if you reveal the truth.
NOW is the time you must fulfil your Hippocratic Oaths.

Organise locally, organise across countries, type and print your truths and distribute them wherever you can as many thousands of times as you can.

Put your names and qualifications to what you create and your contact details.
Be not afraid.

That action will be enough, at this Evolutionary Moment in the history of our species, to cause the utter collapse of human belief in the fake democracies that are owned by the money Power, to cause the pushback that humanity will win.

You, our medical experts in whom we put so much faith, will by those actions be the spark that sets the evolutionary process alive and will enable our species to at last rid ourselves of the warmaking parasites that have beset us for so long.

Take your place in our new human-hearted world, in our human history.
Media folks, take your place and help spread the truth.
Internet folks, do your duty to humanity.
The world is changing. Those things which you fear WE WILL do away with, in a moment.

Bear this in mind:
However humble or grand, whoever "owns" now the place where you live, the place where a human has had their home is their own. We must all of us defend this human right, to be certain of our home.
This is key. 

Over time, we will as a species strive to make every home as good as we can make it.
Over time, we will find that those billionaires that had many fine homes will no longer have staff to maintain them. They will live in squalor, or have to pick up a cleaning cloth themselves.
Over time, their palaces will become museum pieces or homes for many others.

If YOUR job is cleaning the windows of other human beings, carry on.
If your job is cutting the grass of other human beings, carry on.
If your job is waiting at tables for other human beings, carry on.
But if your job is ensuring the luxury and plenty of the greedy you might want to consider looking elsewhere for something useful to do.

We have been convinced, we human beings, that greed is somehow good, that those that strive for some kind of universal equality are somehow misguided, are "communists" or "dreamers".

Yet we should, as a species, share the desire to house each other well, to feed each other well, such that none starve, such that none are without a home to call their own.
This we know, for we are mostly human-hearted, mostly good in a world gone bad.

THIS is our human-heartedness, this shared understanding.
Our world does not reflect this human-hearted shared consciousness.
Let us make it so.

Free of the past, in our billions, free of the ancient hierarchies and the money that has sustained inequality for millennia, in our billions WE WILL build a human society worthy of our collective intelligence, worthy of our species.

There can be no other destiny for a sentient species.
The MOMENT is arriving.
It is time to START AGAIN.
Our long awaited human evolution is upon us NOW.

Refuse to pay debt, refuse to take money, do not allow hierarchies to prevent you doing what needs doing, organise with your colleagues and your friends, stop believing what the Power is telling you, spread the TRUTH, fulfil your obligations to humanity, especially if your job is to enforce the wishes of the Power in this world.

There is no violence there, no Revolution, only a quiet and determined Evolution of a species that knows its own nature and would shape its world to reflect that nature.

Keep Calm and Carry On and the world WILL change.

With love in our hearts for our fellow human beings,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 6 April 2020



Human and Inhuman:
A human being wishes to live in peace, wishes for true justice to prevail, is willing to share, is willing to do their part, cares for others, desires fun and entertainment, wishes to protect their young and preserve their children's innocence, wishes to protect the wonderful nature that sustains us all, wishes to prosper but will not see others starve or in abject poverty, hopes for a home to call their own, for food and clothing, to be warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. To win the love of others and enjoy the giving of love. 
To live day to day without fear.

These things and more are those that define a human being.
We are largely good.
We share the essential “human-heartedness” that was identified thousands of years ago by Confucius and called by him "Ren" and that Jung mistook for the collective subconscious and that is now understood as the collective consciousness.

It is the collective consciousness of humanity that the Power in this world is now so clearly targeting with its massively co-ordinated attack on the minds of our species under the guise of "protecting" us all from the "pandemic". 

For sure, we human-hearted are all different. For sure, we share this human-heartedness to a greater or lesser degree. For sure, every single one of us has done things which go against our understanding of right and wrong. 

But none of us, other than the psychologically damaged, are purely evil. 
Those that are purely evil lack our shared human-heartedness and, by that trait, can be identified as “Inhuman”.

Visit any nation on earth and what you will find are ordinary human beings, sharing the same types of labour, sharing the same dreams. Yet there has never been a moment in our recorded history when one group of such ordinary human beings has been set against another such group in a terrible "war". And every one of those "wars" has been instigated by those in Power, who gain much by that slaughter.
We human beings, none of whom want war, have for millennia allowed our collective strength to be used by monsters that wish to kill and order or persuade or trick we human-hearted into doing that killing, or dying ourselves in the attempt.

NOW is the Moment when, as a species, we end that history. 

Inhumans care only for themselves. Worse, they have at some point in their lives developed a sense of superiority that manifests itself in an utter disregard for the wellbeing of those they perceive as "lesser" human beings. 

The worst of these inhumans actually develops a distaste, even a hatred, of those they consider "beneath" them. They foster those ideas that were and still are familiar to the Empire building aristocrats that shaped much of our human history: That human beings are stock, as cattle or sheep are stock, to be selectively bred, to be milked, to be herded, to be harvested, to be occasionally culled.

Pause for a moment and consider the history you know, those Kings and Emperors, the Money Kings of today and their puppet governments, and see that this is true.
These Inhumans are absolutely greedy, that absolutism meaning that there can never be enough of anything they desire to satisfy their urge to have power over. Witness the "great" Emperors of history, unceasingly growing their power over peoples and nations, forever growing their great piles of gold, never pausing for a moment in their rush to have human beings killed for whatever fake justification took their fancy or could be caused to happen.

England's Queen Victoria, that tiny, fat little inhuman genocidal freak, grew her Empire until fully 40% of the world's surface physically and in "law" belonged to her. Her armies and navies looted and raped and taxed their way across our human world and those human beings at home in Britain were taught that this was "Glory", that to support this genocidal mania was good, was loyal, was "patriotic", that the sun never set on the "Great" British Empire. 

This sense of greatness still lingers in the minds of some of the British, millions of whom are loyal and respectful towards the current occupant of the throne, descendant of a thousand year long bloodline of mass murderers and inheritor of their stolen wealth. Queen Elizabeth the Second still "owns", in "law", those places that formed a part of the old Empire: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others which appear to be "democracies" but are not, those democracies still overseen by the Queen's Governor Generals. They never let go, these creatures, though now they are adept at disguising their power.

Such has always been the character of the inhumans, such their methods. For them to obtain anything they had first to cower, cajole, motivate, encourage, bring under their sway of control, obtain the unswerving loyalty and belief of "lesser" human beings, then use the lives and courage and blood of those "subjects" to steal nations and murder those that lived there, to impose the laws and rule of the Empire, to suppress their peoples, to milk them through taxation, to control all of their vital production, even to be the chief supplier at wholesale levels of the drugs they were encouraged to become addicted to.
Witness the "Opium Wars" of the 19th Century and realise: Nothing changes. 

 Inhumans have no morals at all, though they are careful to pretend possession of a higher morality and to hone the skills necessary to make that pretence plausible to human beings. 
Such creatures, for example, as Judges given the authority to conduct enquiries into some vast harm that then produce a whitewash are capable of portraying themselves as wise, as just, as honourable, as staunch friends and allies of the truth, as determined to use their vast knowledge of the law and of human nature to truly get to the bottom of things.......and none of that is true.

Inhumans plan and scheme and use the power we human beings allow them to assume to escape human justice for the evil they perpetrate in our world. They enjoy bullying, like to cause harm, will kill when required either personally or through the long consequential sequence of their actions. 

A Chief Executive that approves of a deal that sources materials or goods from a place that uses child labour, or pays starvation wages, or pollutes the environment in such a way that people over time die from that pollution is killing at a distance. That is, most CEOs of large multinationals, not a single one of whom has ever faced punishment for their inhuman crimes. Their Boards are equally culpable. All should be jailed, but instead they float around our world on a cloud of luxury enjoying the respect of we human beings, like minor aristocrats.

Inhumans will walk past a starving child, unless too many human beings witness them, when they will make a great gesture of giving. Inhumans will even orchestrate and give their "patronage" to great charitable efforts, as if they cared. We humans that make real efforts and deny ourselves something so that we might give to good causes are increasingly bewildered by the half million pay packets of the CEOs of all the major charities (and many NGOs) who are, every one of them, inhuman and a part of the matrix of these monsters that occupy the head of every hierarchic tentacle of the world's power structure. WE are always staggered when we learn that only a tiny proportion of the money we human-hearted have given ends up being used to help those in need. We are also, as a species, wondering how it is that 50 years and literally trillions of dollars has gone into "cancer research" and yet Doctors still use the same killing treatments that were used 50 years ago, and cancer deaths have risen in every one of those years. Those of us that are aware of the cancerous tissues used to create the polio vaccine for decades and the availability of that information from such revered medical publications as "The Lancet" don't wonder where this cancer epidemic had its origins, for it was injected into us in our countless millions for decades, even after questions were raised.

Inhumans will commit any act that increases their control over others and their personal wealth. They are never satisfied, but like some kind of dragon will always seek to add to their mountain of gold even when the cost is countless lives of misery and countless painful deaths.

Human beings have, for all known history, been afraid of inhumans and the organisations they build or are a part of. 
WE human beings have always been terrified of their utter ruthlessness and their willingness to kill and their clear enjoyment of killing.

WE are afraid of them still.

Today, we cower in our homes across our human world in fear of a virus that is killing fewer than the ordinary seasonal flu and have let the inhumans take every right we have. 
Worse, we humans are allowing them to frame new laws and rules and by propaganda shape our minds to accept a coming "New World Order" that will lock us down forever. 

When we talk of the "Collective Human Consciousness" be aware that the Power in this world understands, only too well, the science of shaping and controlling that collective consciousness. Do you see how, in just a few weeks, they have locked us in our homes because of this "bogeyman" that's coming to get us? 
And in that fear creation they have created the very crisis in the economic and social life of our species that will create the chaos and havoc our masters desire.
And from that chaos they will emerge as saviours, promising order and safety for us all and a New World Order that addresses the very things we as a species are growing, at last, so tired of that we might act.

The Power is creating a crisis to avert what to them would be a greater crisis, the crisis wherein we human-hearted in our billions decide, in a moment, to ignore every element of the Power's hierarchical structure and every tool of control they use. In that Moment we would choose, as we have never before chosen, to be free of a parasite, and in that Moment the world would enter a new Epoch.

Do not despair, dear friends. That Moment is not lost to us.
The combined intelligence of seven billion human-hearted spirits is at this very time being born.
Nothing can prevent its emergence, nothing stop the change in the world that will come of its arrival.

There are human beings that cannot see this chain of events unfolding, that still believe in democratic government, that still believe that world events are unconnected and not driven by a vast and organised conspiracy between the inhumans to take absolute and utter control of our planet and make we human beings perpetual slaves.

Such "believers", those whose minds are utterly under the sway of a lifetime of relentless inculcation and propaganda, are not yet lost to us. 
One by one they come to understand one or another element of the current world's injustice, and to slowly connect that injustice with the next, then the next, until a picture emerges that is beyond belief, yet must be true. 

In our billions, right now, we are allowing our human species to be completely dominated, just as the Chinese under Mao were completely dominated. Propagandised into BELIEVING, made AFRAID of non-compliance, the most CONVINCED believers stepping forwards to help the dominant power, informing on neighbours and even family members that step outside of the rules or act contrary to instructions.

There have always been such creatures amongst us. They are to be pitied rather than reviled, for their minds are so indoctrinated that they think they do right when they cause harm. An entire generation of our human children are being indoctrinated at this moment to despise their elders that have "caused" "global warming" and so squandered "their" future!
Whilst, as we know, almost all human parents and grandparents would sacrifice everything for their offspring. That is our human-hearted inherent nature. That understanding has been stolen from us by the Power in this world, the inhumans who desire a generation of humans to grow into the belief that their elders should gracefully die once they become "useless eaters". 

Face facts.
This is, in a nutshell, all of our human history.
The Inhumans are in charge, and they scare us and propagandise us into allowing them to be so.

This is even more absolutely true today, despite the supposed “civilisation” of supposed “democracies”.

WE seem to have, as a species, we human-hearted human beings, fallen over the edge of the precipice. But is at this our darkest hour that the greatest expression of our Love for each other, our world, and our love of what is good and just, that human-heartedness that resides in billions of us, will blossom. Have hope, find your strength, hold hands with those you love, and determine with iron resolve to rid our world of the inhuman monsters that are robbing our species of our destiny.

NOW is the Time.

The living hell that so many endured throughout the last century, the endless wars, the massive death camps of Russia, of China, of the Stasi and the Nazis, the constant sufferance of dictatorships, the slow destruction of human social organisation, the total control of every media such that truth is what the Power decides it should be, the constant upwards motion of "money' into the hands of the very few, the control derived from that "money" of everything we human beings consume, of everything we rely upon for life from water through power to help of any kind, that living hell is reaching its nadir.

WE ARE entering the very lowest point in our human history.

THERE ARE STILL human beings that cannot see this, such is the state of their consciousness. They have been taught what to believe in, have spoken of those beliefs and shared the agendas they have been taught and they have woven that unending fakery thread by thread into the very fabric of their lives such that they are utterly blind.

Those humans are in the cave.
WE must lead them into the light.

For WE must understand what WE are a part of.
Understand WHY it is NOW that the inhumans fear humanity so much that they are forcing their Final Solution upon OUR human world.

They saw, perhaps centuries ago, what humanity would become capable of. They realised that, unless they carefully planned, WE HUMANS would suddenly come to realise our true condition and shake the inhumans off us, and in that MOMENT set our species free to become what every sentient species must eventually become.

Masters of their own reality and guardians of good against evil.
That is the destiny of all sentient species.
That they should be victorious against organised evil and take control of their world.

Right now, in our darkest moment, with more and worse planned by our masters, we human-hearted human beings are becoming something different. 

Not just as individuals, but as a growing collective consciousness.

A billions strong collective consciousness that sees what has been done to us and will, in a moment, cry "ENOUGH".

And in that collective moment, dear friends, the world and our human future will change.
Humanity will set its course towards a human-hearted world.
And, after centuries of trial and misery, we will have reached our human destiny. 

YOU have a part to play. All who are alive today have a part to play.
WE, of this Moment, will be recorded in history as those that set humanity free and served as founders of the wonderful world that lies before our species.
Be proud. Be determined. Shake off your fear. Know that you are not alone, that you will be joined by billions. Then, like an irresistible Tsunami of change, we will wash away the terrible legacy of our history and Start Again. 

THE ROUGH GUIDE TO REALITY, for those that still believe in the BBC or CNN, that still believe all scientists are pure of heart and tell the truth, for those that still believe that all cops are good, that all judges fair, for those that still believe that the money that banks lend comes from Granny's savings rather than being created at the click of a key, for those that believe Government spokespeople, for those that still believe........

On Mafias, by way of understanding how the world works:
We've all read the books or seen the movies. They are instructive. We Human Beings understand how the Inhuman Mafias begin, grow, sustain themselves, gain control over human beings, corrupt those appointed by human beings to get rid of them, eventually pass their power down through generations and use their wealth and power to whitewash their image and so gain a more “civilised” outward projection of themselves, whilst still being rotten to the core.

At that core is the Mafia boss. This creature appoints, as his enforcers, those that are totally loyal, psychopathically willing to inflict harm or kill when ordered, work tirelessly to increase the flow of money and the spreading of the net of control of the “family”.
They have no morality, though they feign a type of correctness to do with obligation and duty and the enforcement of their own type of justice, a "code", each element of which serves to sustain the power of the Mafia boss.

The bosses, and their minions, understand that by killing a competitor they have removed a threat from this world.

They manage human beings through creating and supplying want, by creating desire or dreadful need and then supplying the thing the human being desires, regardless of the harm that causes. Gambling, prostitution and drugs are examples. They also control human beings through the use of violence and fear and take “protection money” from those who wish to be left unmolested.
They corrupt officials to ensure their business continues and, once corrupted, those officials enter the system of reward and punishment that the Mafia sustains. The mafia boss becomes untouchable through this process.

Over time, the Mafia bosses obtain the loyalty of the very human beings they parasitically feed off, they gain automatic deference, human beings accept their rule over them and the hopelessness of getting rid of the parasite. So have Mafia families continued for generations. Ask any Sicilian, or any Japanese suffering under their own by now ancient Yukuza mobs, or the Chinese and the Tongs. It's an enduring feature of human existence, encouraged by the true Power in the world that allow these lesser gangs their freedom of action because they serve a number of useful purposes.

All human beings know this is utterly wrong, that these creatures are the source and origin of much that does harm, of much that they fear, of much that destroys life after life. But they see that those who oppose the Mafia are brutalised or die. Each individual human being sees themselves as too weak to oppose the Mafia and, as the Mafia understands very well, is too cowardly to attempt to organise the breaking of the system of control. Mafias rarely fear an organised opposition from those human beings they feed upon, only fearing other Mafia gangs.

Often Mafia bosses will make deals with other Mafia bosses to offset such threats, though of course they never trust each other and in the end a war will always happen between rival gangs, those gang members lower down in the hierarchy of power losing their lives as their bosses scrabble to increase their criminal operations and span of control.

All human beings understand and know of these criminal mobs, know too that they are not human-hearted creatures but are essentially inhuman.
Usually, you can see it in their eyes, or instinctively sense it.

Bear these known methods in mind as you read the next section.

On Royalty and Aristocracy:

All Royal families and their Aristocratic gangs began by first gaining control over a small group of people, just as the Mafia bosses do at their beginnings, then by the exercise of violence and killing grow their criminal enterprise until their span of control covers entire geographic areas and all the human beings within those areas.

The major threads of human history are concerned with the actions of these criminal "Royal" families and the gang wars (ie every war that has ever been between "nations") that have occurred as they struggle to increase their criminal territory.

William the Conqueror, for example, was the “King” of such a criminal gang. He stole a nation, (Britain, in 1066) distributed the land to his gang members who became “Dukes” and “Earls” and “Lords”, each of whom maintained their “ownership” of vast areas of land and the human beings that lived there in the same way that Mafias would do, by killing those that opposed them, by winning loyalty and obedience and deference by granting the use of some of that stolen land for human beings to live on and grow food on.
"Thank you, my Lord".
Protection money was raised, but called “rent” or “taxation”. After generations human beings became automatically deferential and obediently accepting of these Mafia thieves' “Right” to power and ownership, accepting the rule of fear under which they existed, eventually becoming “proud” for being a part of a “Nation”.

The aristocrats enforced a system whereby they could insist, when they decided to extend the area of control of their mafia gang, that they could drag human beings from their lives, put them in uniform and send them off to kill or be killed, or hang them or shoot them for refusing.

They gave those human beings a smart uniform, flags to wave, pipers and bands to play music to stir their “patriotism”, gave young men especially a chance for “excitement”, instilled in human beings' minds ideas like “glory” and “heroism” of “being in the right” of “doing God's work” of “making their mothers proud of them”.
These actions were called “Empire Building”, and of course still go on today.
WE humans en-masse used to believe in this utter rubbish. NOW in our billions we see right through the old lies.

When needed the rulers would invent some reason for these territorial grabs. 
Such reasons became more necessary as human beings began their slow evolution, that evolution which is approaching its final MOMENT right now. If required, as WE KNOW, the masters began to fabricate reasons for war. Many such False Flags have occurred. There are still human beings unaware that reasons for war were and are manufactured, but there are fewer and fewer of those believers remaining. Even those ignorant of the truth of how wars are created understand that the ordinary, human-hearted people in the world NEVER want war. Human beings may, as always, form the armies, but everyone knows that NONE of them want to go to a different country and murder people just like themselves. To do that, they need to be caused to get angry and to want to avenge the killing of their own people.

THAT is how ALL wars are now justified.
For those that couldn't care less about human life, it is easy to provoke such a desire for revenge.
9/11, at a loss of 3,000 lives, gave the "justification" for the "War on Terror" that has lasted 20 years, 20 years in which the Power has slaughtered nearly 3,000,000 Middle Easterners, made many more migrant refugees, destabilised and levelled country after country trying to "defeat" a group of mercenary terrorists whose origins are doubtful (there is much evidence that these groups were created by and are supported still by "the West") and who never numbered more than 50,000.

But that war on terror is "just", correct?
ONLY if you have believed what the media and your government has told you.
Fewer and fewer human beings so believe.
They are not "Conspiracy Theorists", they are now the MAJORITY.

Royalty always created enemies in this way. The “enemy” had attacked their “nation”, was stealing some of the lands the “nation” owned, was threatening the “trade” of the “nation” and so on. 

Even with these excuses they still needed to conscript, and have always killed those that refused, branding them as “cowards” or “unpatriotic” or “spies”. Regrettably, there were and are those that applauded those murders and spurned and reviled those that escaped the death sentence, calling those human beings "cowards".

The same kind of "believing" human beings that, in their ignorance and stupidity or abject cowardice, have always helped the power in this world. Most can be forgiven. Some are inhuman themselves, but of the lowest order of inhumanity. 

Over time, these criminal gangs called Royal families and aristocrats have used their control over humanity to effect a most amazing transformation in human beings' minds. They have whitewashed their image so that they no longer appear to human beings as what they are: The descendants and maintainers of a vast criminal enterprise based on murder, genocide, theft of nations, drug dealing, brutality, every crime you might name.
Inhuman monsters, in fact.

Rather, they appear as our 'betters' even now and many still give them deference and still pay protection money to them in the form of taxation such that the Royals, especially, have lives of incredible ease and freedom from justice for the crimes they still commit.

The Human Divide:

Human beings that still believe their governments are chosen freely and act in the best interests of human beings to “protect” them from everything they fear (from viruses (!!) and cancer to terrorists and “rogue nations”), believe that the media tells the truth, believe that big pharma is trying its best to cure sickness, believe in the idea of “nation” to such an extent that they will encourage their children to join the military, believe in their “justice” system to the extent that they will ignore their own common sense telling them that it is utterly corrupt at almost every level, even believe in the rhetoric of organised religions (homes of organised paedophilia and organised genocide through Crusade or Jihad for centuries, now too the home of charismatic inhuman tricksters masquerading as men of God whilst fleecing their believing flocks), believe in the goodness of large charities and scrape money from their limited resources to GIVE while the bosses of those charities take pay and benefits packages to rival those of the major corporations.

Such believers are rapidly dwindling in number as the collective consciousness of the new humanity emerges.

The Power relies upon them to sustain its control, but knows that every moment of every day fewer and fewer human-hearted human beings remain believers.
Much that is happening NOW is shattering those beliefs, causing the numbers of believers to tumble.
There is a design in this, a strategy.
Humanity needs to be aware that the Power is as devious as a serpent.

The intent is to shatter belief in what was, but then substitute a new set of beliefs that seem to stem from humanity's demands for a different world and our need to be "saved" from the very catastrophes we are allowing the POWER to create, right now, in answer to the greatest con-trick False Flag they have ever created.

This new "enemy" they are creating is not a nation or a group of terrorists.

This enemy is the enemy of humanity itself, a devilish virus, IF the MEDIA is to be believed.
IF bought science is to be believed.
IF governments are to be believed.
(ALL bought and paid for by the fake money that the banks are busily creating our of thin air every day to pay for this vast deception.)

The world is "AT WAR" with this enemy, and so must unite to defeat it!

We will get angry.
We should.
They are stealing our future, our children's future.
But how we respond will, this time, be different to the response our rulers have programmed us to fulfil.
WE will not riot, nor loot.

Beliefs have been inculcated for generations, passed from parents to children, reinforced by educators that themselves believed, re-emphasised by mass media, induced by chanting priests and awe inspiring buildings, repeated by politicians.

Inhumans have a vested interest in keeping the human consciousness enshrouded in a matrix of belief systems that hide from us the true nature of this world: THAT IT SHOULD BELONG TO WE HUMAN-HEARTED, THAT IT SHOULD BE GOOD.

Those beliefs, all of them, are rapidly disappearing right now because we human-hearted human beings, in our billions, are waking as if from a dream. Though few of us yet fully realise what is happening, our Inhuman masters know well that humanity is approaching an epochal Moment. 

Everything that is happening right now is the unfolding of a well rehearsed strategy to prevent this Moment from happening. 

It will not succeed. 
Rather, our masters will have themselves speeded the process.

The believers stand on one side of the great consciousness divide that currently separates our human family. They will scoff at those that stand on the other side of this great divide and call them “trouble makers” or “deniers” or “conspiracy theorists”, just as in the past they called them “blasphemers” or “conscientious objectors” or “commies” or “witches” and then REPORTED THEM TO THE CHURCH OR THE S.S. OR THE STASI OR THE INQUISITIONS THAT HAVE LITTERED OUR HUMAN HISTORY.

For they threaten our collective future, and are either inhuman or merely so cowardly or greedy OR INCAPABLE OF FREE THOUGHT that they will report their own kin for advancement. The Nazi concentration camps relied on Jewish guards, called "Kapos", to make things work (a fact that the history scrubbers try to hide from humanity). Today, "believers" are reporting their neighbours for making "unnecessary" journeys......  

The mass media have planted the idea of scoffing at people that are busy exposing the Power and its utter evil and even the terms and phrases which encapsulate such scoffing (tin-foil hat nutter, conspiracy theorists etc) have been given to believers to use and the media have repeated the many similar mantras that believers are to use when refusing to listen to evidence contrary to the beliefs they have been given. The Power knows that humans are susceptible to an aspect of psychology called "cognitive dissonance", a refusal to listen to or examine facts which are opposite or call into question the "facts" they have been taught to believe.

Religions have, for millennia, relied upon this aspect of human psychology.

Many that have used those mantras will, upon reading this, realise what has been done to them and by whom. Some will dismiss everything here as the work of a conspiracy nut.
So it goes.
(They need not worry, though, because the "authorities" already know of the Olive Farmer.)

Believers were in the past those that built the fires on which human beings were thrown or staked. They manned the death camps, fought the crusades, pointed the accusing fingers at “traitors” for the SS or the Stasi or the KGB to arrest, torture and kill.

Believers can be made so confirmed in their beliefs that they can be manipulated to commit the most terrible of crimes, whipped up as lynch mobs are whipped up, believe they do right when perpetrating pure evil.

As we said, today “believers” in the "virus" are already pointing fingers of accusation at those who are “making non-essential journeys”! 

Like all believers before them, only time and long consideration reveals to them how they were manipulated and used and what evil they were manipulated into committing. That, or they never realised, and only history reveals to the world those monsters that were created by belief.

Our human history is disgustingly littered with examples.
What fools we have been as a species.

Thankfully, that foolishness is now drawing to a close.

They'll always be with us, these useful idiots, but are now dwindling in number as humanity rises to a new state of being.

Common to all believers is the adamant refusal to believe that they have been caused to believe in nonsense, that their world view is entirely wrong, that everything they believe in or approve of is in essence entirely opposite to that which it portrays itself to be, that all of the things they have woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives were created by the inhuman and brutal power that has dominated this reality. Christianity itself was formed into the organised religion that we see now by Constantine, the Roman Emperor, that got together the Council that created what is now known as the Holy Bible. ALL religious hierarchies rely on similar forgeries. Those religions draw in those that wish to be close to Good, to the Love that there is in creation and the universal Love that their God represents. What they get is dogma. What they get is fleeced. What they get is association with an organisation that, in every case, has a long history of evil.  

To see the strength of ceaseless propaganda, ask any “global warming” believer to examine evidence to the contrary!

However, and increasingly so, more and more of human “believers” are going through a process of awakening.

Humanity should be aware that we are each and every one of us a “believer' in one part or another of the reality that has been woven around us, but know that gradually the scales are falling from our eyes as a species.

Believers” that become inhuman:

Some of these “believers" are those that fully understand that their relative wealth and position and their Power over the lives of other human beings stems from the system of control and so will defend that system at every opportunity and in every way. 

Many of these see that their way forwards and upwards in their chosen walk of life depends utterly on professing belief in one aspect of the lie matrix or another. Cardinals and Bishops will profess fervent belief in their chosen hierarchical religion. Generals will display loyalty and belief in the "right' of whatever war they are undertaking. Senior Police Officers will state, with no tremor in their voice, that they are upholding the law (whilst every senior paedophile goes unpunished to their graves). Senior Corporate Executives. Judges. Local Council officials. Bureaucrats. Bankers. Investment Managers. Currency dealers. Senior scientists and academics. On and on and on, the hierarchies of power and control are staffed by inhuman creatures that profess belief and confidence in the system. 

So we have journalists that will lie or not expose truth, scientists that will fake evidence and proofs or hide facts, police officers that will drop investigations when ordered to, Bishops that will cover up paedophiles, those in charge of Government “inquiries” covering up what the power requires them to cover up, politicians at all levels toeing the party line, corporate ladder climbers doing whatever wrong is required to focus more profit to the top and receive their share from that activity as it drips down.

There are many many more examples. 
These human beings sacrifice their humanity and become tainted with inhumanity or are indeed inhuman and so are a part of the problem.

Every one of we billions of human-hearted know these creatures for what they are.
NOW we must deprive every one of them of their power over us.
This is easier than it seems, and the HOW will be dealt with later.

These creatures are traitors to the emerging humanity. They will do all in their power to sustain the current, evil system.
We will discover that they can be easily dealt with, every one of them.
How we do that you will discover as you read on.

All power is pyramidal in nature, hierarchical, the higher people rise the richer and more exempt from human justice they become. 

A Ruler of the World:

The gangsters that rule this world realise that they will squabble between themselves, generation after generation, until their is only one “capo di tutti capi”, a boss of all the bosses.
All Empires existed to try and achieve that aim. 
To be the single ruler of the world.

That age long war for total control by a single criminal family is now almost complete.

Witness the way in which every single nation in the world is imposing the same lockdown, rushing to pass the same restrictive laws, sealing humanity in their homes and using the police to enforce this universal house arrest and, in that seeing, realise that there is already ONE ruler of this world and that we human beings are its possessions, that all those in every hierarchy that support this state of affairs and bury their morality and their very humanity for financial gain and the opportunity to bully (for that is what it is) are absolutely nothing less than traitors to humanity.

Non-Believers, the NEW HUMANITY:

On the other side of the great human divide, growing every day in number, now almost certainly the vast majority are those that understand that the world is run by criminals sustained by their lackeys and, as ever, using fear, murder, war and false division to maintain their grip.

Further, they understand that humanity has had the wool pulled over its eyes for centuries and that the enduring beliefs we many of us hold are weakening in the face of the evidence.

Further, they understand that there is a war now for the minds of our species, to instil a new set of lies for humanity to believe in that will replace the old lies.

The legacy Power saw we human-hearted coming, saw that their old systems could not survive, saw that seven billion people connected as we are would form a picture, between us, of what is wrong with this world and an understanding of who it is that causes us misery and grief and what systems of control they use. It is those systems that we must shrug off, peacefully and easily.

Each and every one of we human-hearted know of an injustice, know someone that has risen that is in simple terms the wrong type of human being, is perhaps Inhuman. We see wrong being done in our neighbourhoods, in our work, see that our media is lying to us, know that our politicians are liars. There are Doctors that know the pharmaceutical companies  are killing people, charity workers that see the excesses of their bosses spending human gift-money on lavish lifestyles, journalists that see stories buried, police officers that see small criminals in jail and the biggest criminals protected, builders that know their employer is dangerously cutting corners, workers that know their owners are dumping poison into rivers or the air, on and on and on we each and every one of us see a small part of the jigsaw of evil. 

Alone, we can do nothing. Alone, we are afraid.
But seven billion of us, this great emerging single mind of our human-hearted species, WE SEE IT ALL, AND WE WILL STOP IT.

THOSE WHO HAVE A CLEARER VISION AMONG WE HUMAN BEINGS ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT THE CURRENT CRISIS is acting as a cover for the Power to orchestrate a new set of lies and beliefs that are intended to completely reorder the shape of this reality.

The Power intends that the “believers” among us will demand or beg for this New World Order out of fear or because they have seen the opportunity or been promised the chance to share in the new power system, to increase their own personal wealth, to extend their power to bully and cause harm.

(There is, amongst us now, a “Fifth Column”, a group of new “leaders” waiting in the wings to form the backbone of the world's new power structure. We have always had such traitors among us. Know that they are there now, sharing a Common Purpose.)

The “virus” is an excuse, a means of achieving an end.

The lockstep actions of the world's governments have another intention in mind.
They intend to institute a period of chaos, and have already begun.

They will not succeed.
A new age for humanity is dawning, and nothing will prevent our emergence.
The actions the Inhuman monsters are taking will speed up that process.

They expect us to fall, once more, for lies, expect enough of us to believe, enough of us to cower in fear, enough of us to join them for their New World Order to emerge.
They have planned, for humanity, a thousand years of abject misery, a return to their dream world of total mastery over a slave race such as their predecessor Kings and Emperors enjoyed.
This will not happen.

What will prevent it is the emergence, already rapidly progressed, of a single human-hearted understanding, a kind of hive mind of our human species, an understanding that all of the wrongs we each as individuals know from our own lives will coalesce into a single resolve.

That Moment is coming.

All human beings should understand that all Power is exercised by inhumans, formed into criminal gangs, pretending to care whilst raping our human world and acting as parasites.
WE human-hearted should, NOW ESPECIALLY, realise the nature of this reality.
The evidence is overwhelming.

We humans dig, we grow, we create, we do all of the work.
They feed off that human effort and take from us the very best that we can produce.

These inhuman criminals have been and are behind every war, every injustice, every genocide, most vast inequalities, behind almost everything that has brought misery or division to we human-hearted folks for all of known history.

They now control all of the Power in this world, every hierarchy, every means by which thoughts and beliefs enter our human consciousness via the media.
Not only that, but they have foreseen a threat to their continuance and have decided to make war upon our population, to reduce us in number and so reduce the threat to them.

YOU are living through this undeclared but evident war on our species.


Welcome to the future.
It will be good.
It will be human-hearted.
It will be full of love.

With love,
Fear Nothing,
There is Good out There,
The Moment approaches,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Next post, coming soon: HOW we will shape the new world.