Monday, 31 October 2011

...let your heart beat with its rhythm....

What is the nature of this place?
A place that gives the very finest it has to offer to the very basest of its inhabitants.
A place that rewards the grand liars, the great thieves, the bullies and the murderers with riches beyond belief, with the subservience and admiration of the “people”.
A place that has, throughout history, lauded and applauded and venerated and worshipped the very worst of our kind.
A place that still does.
History books are littered with the names of these great butchers. People bowed to them then. They bow to them now.
In this place.
And so, what name would you give to a place that gives its highest authority to its vilest inhabitants?

In which place could ordinary murder be punished, yet mass, genocidal murderers be called Mister President or Your Majesty? Ordinary muggers be incarcerated yet those that rob the entire peoples of all the world's nations be rewarded with vast wealth?
These are the facts of our history.

What name would you give to a place that is constantly at war, never knows peace, organises its peoples to murder one another? That spends its wealth on oiling the wheels of the killing machines rather than curing the sick, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry?
What do you call a place that is polluted for the love of money, where the inhabitants shit in the nest their children will have to inhabit because its just too much trouble to go without what they want?

What name would you give such a place?


And if a visitor were to gaze upon our spinning blue sapphire of a world from afar, would they ever guess how unhappy are its peoples, how plundered and abused its riches, how sick and soulless its denizens, how subjugated by evil?

And could such a visitor reconcile the gift that is our planet with the hell we have helped to create for each other here?

Or perhaps they would understand that even the most beautiful of places can be infested with vermin, as the noble tiger may be infested by fleas.

Or perhaps they see an entirely different reality?

The search for some rhyme or reason for this state of affairs is rising like a spring tide right now. We can witness its outpouring in a myriad of manifestations.
Humanity is stirring, that vital energy being steered by the same masters we have allowed to orchestrate our affairs forever, those who would drive us like lemmings over the precipice rather than allow us to understand what this place is.
What the nature of this reality is.

That is what these current disturbing events are about.
Preventing humanity from discovering where we really are.
Perhaps what we really are.

And it is, dear reader, a very different reality to that which our dulled senses allow us to perceive.
We sometimes lift the edges, sometimes catch a fleeting glimpse of a different reality, see eternity in a grain of sand, feel the enormity of the presence of the consciousness that has placed us here, created this algorithm, designed this function.

We can glimpse it in geometry, divine it in mathematics, understand its reflection in the shell of an ammonite.
More than that.
We can instinctively know it is there, understand our souls are like the nerve endings on the fingertips of something much larger than we can imagine as it probes its body, searching for hurt, seeking the source of pain.
Or perhaps we are the pain.

Whatever the true nature of this false reality, whatever there is that lies far beyond our current understanding, one thing is now certain. We approach some sort of turning point, some great watershed in the affairs of humanity that will either turn us towards a future even worse than our shameful past or, should we choose a different reality, something infinitely better.

And I guess the key to this great moment lies in that one word: “choose”.
For that which seven billion of us choose cannot be denied.
And it will not come by organising some movement or believing in some philosophy or some bearded and malevolent god that exists in a book.

This choice is one that YOU must make and I must make alone.

The answer is within each of us.

And yet we look everywhere for it but within.

And when we reach that understanding, when we make that choice, when we exercise our free will, when we understand how we can change this reality then an even greater prize will be discovered.
We are foolish for not having understood this before.

We might call it love.

It's calling us home.

Can you hear it?

Focus your heart upon it, dear friends, let your heart beat with its rhythm.
It is the answer we have sought forever.

Love to you.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 27 October 2011


What am I?
I guess a grail hunter.
There is a wound to my consciousness, a wound that binds me to the human and denies me whatever else I am capable of. This is no statement of fact, for who can know? It is, though, a statement of the reality I perceive, the instincts of the heart cajoled by the questing of the mind. This thing I am is not all I am. Let's say I feel it inside. Know it without being able to prove it.
Time, or perhaps the absence of it, will tell.
I believe you maybe feel these things too.
For me, it's the sensation that something I was, a long time ago, is nudging me awake after a long and dream filled sleep. A sleep littered with sporadic nightmares. A dream that has been the sleep of learning about good and evil, tasting the pleasures of both and feeling the effects of both across a thousand lives.
In a way, it feels like a gestation, or perhaps better it feels as if the butterfly is about to emerge from the coccoon.
I shall, of course, be bitterly disappointed if sod all happens.
I kinda feel ready for something new.
How about you?
The old paradigms are so exposed now that humanity is getting the idea, seeing the light, stretching its collective muscle, pitching itself in opposition to the inevitable riot police and their molotov tossing aiders and abetters , furthering the spread of chaos.
First spook the herd. Then stampede them in the direction you want.

The vital energy of this disgruntled humanity, the might of the herd, is organised into disruption and fed a diet of fear to control, at all costs, the moment when we collectively say:
“Er, this is all wrong, isn't it?”

Our masters understand that it is inevitable, and so seek to harness that energy with new bridles.
Many of the top servants of this dark cabal will be sacrificed. They are chasing and killing each other now, these leaders, whooping around like crazed savages, holding up one blood spattered head after another and feeding us a diet of this horrible spectacle and telling us that by this sin so we do good.
And the guilt is laid upon you, for it's done in your name.

It feels to me as if this is going on:
We live in a time where every human being is tainted by association with absolute sin. Our governments murdering children and dropping the prize at your feet.
No heaven for you, then.

And the collective agreement to child murder, calling it something else, making it a right when it can be no other than a wrong, save to save a further wrong.
You collectively agree to these things.
You must, because they are so.
And so they have made us guilty of these things, of a thousand thousand more sins.
And it seems to me that this outcome is perhaps the prize.

It seems to me that this damaging of our souls, this blackening, this smothering in evil is what this is really all about.
And if that is the prize, then a thousand more questions need asking about what is this reality we collectively agree to?

But more importantly, and vital now, is the action we need to take to halt this rapid descent.
We need to collectively decide to wash our hands of any involvement with that which will further bloody our collective hands.
In blunt terms, stop sinning.
To do harm to each other is a sin. It's eating up our souls. We should stop.

But who stops first?

Much of this sin is built into the very fabric of everything. And so to stop is to arouse the anger and whips of our fellow jailer humans. It's hard.
But it would be easy if we all of us decided to evaluate every single thing we do and ask ourselves:
Do we want this?
And if not, shall we stop?
And that is the only way we can take our future from the jaws of hell as, half swallowed already, we kick and claw at each other as if we've forgotten we are human, given up, stopped thinking, forgotten we have free will, are dead men walking.

It means dismantling the very structural pyramid of the control system.
It means trusting each other to produce what is needed to revitalise our spirits.
Profit has no part in that.
It is a place built on a sense of obligation and an understanding of duty: we must never go back to a condition where at the flick of a switch we can mutually destroy each other, where our oceans were poisoned and our kind lived in mutual fear of each other. WE will profit from the technology we procure and free ourselves of pollution, of slavery, of the restriction and binding and damaging of our souls.
Humanity will look back on these dark days and pity us, the souls enduring this torment, knowing we hold the answer in our hands and letting that strength be sucked from us, misdirected at every turn, allowing the dogs of the herders to scare us this way and that, to confuse us, to gift us shock and awe, to press the levers of control and watch us dance to their symphony.

And I'm guessing when they look back they'll see how near we came to being swallowed.
Before we realised what would choke the monster.

The thing it's been coating with shit with its guilt by mute consent to make it more palatable to swallow?
Its name is love.

It is the only possible foundation for the salvation of our species.

Every single one of us is capable of it to a greater or lesser degree but we all have it, even the meanest of us. We are all locked and loaded and have an inexhaustible supply of the stuff, will never run out of bullets.
And each time we use it, we will give more strength to each other, and it will blossom as the flower of life it is. Give love, give strength to another to give love, so it goes.
It's the Answer.

This is a weapon we all have.
It needs no instruction in use.
Just pull the trigger and squirt.
And if the world did this today....
Nothing of their control system would remain.
Ignored, it will wither and die quickly.

We don't take the head of the snake, for like a an evil hydra if you bite one of its heads off, another will grow to take its place, and another. Witness this latest world staging of this ridiculous and worn out circus, this last of the human pit fights, as they prod and poke at the terriers to make us want to fight each other.

We should attack the heart of the beast, its beating heart of evil.
And the killing of it is within each of us.
There need be no organisation.
Think how love would find a way to make this world a better place and trust it.
We are the blossom waiting to burst forth, the very flower of the tree of the knowledge of god and evil.
Our future awaits.
Nervously they watch the spectacle of history unfold, feeling our torment, telling and retelling the story of the birth of a new humanity, of how one day we all of us understood and connected with the answer.
And the evil just stopped, bar the inevitable and wicked lashing of the sting in the tail of the banished beast.
And if you listen to the heart of the beast as I do, you will feel it skip a beat when you think about this weapon we all have, and maybe decide to share this one idea with someone else just in case it works.
For by such viral dissemination can we turn our enemy's communication weapons against them.

And its heart skips a beat because it fears this thing so much.
Knows it is powerless to fight.
Pass it on.

Love to you.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Shit! Did you see that?

Allow yourself the dream of an earthly paradise. The cynicalism that defeats hope is merely the product of the investment in the control of your minds that has persevered for millennia. An investment in blood and sacrifice and the practice of the art of control, handed down generation after generation to those of the line. And over the past twenty years they have begun to show themselves, allow their true nature to be revealed not just to those that have the capacity and sagacity to divine their presence but to the despicable mob. They are allowing their colours to enter the field, proud and haughty as ever, disdainful of the herd they hunt and farm.
And so the question is why?
And evidently the answer is that they wish it so to be.
And so the next question must also be why?
And the answer must be that they follow an agenda, that they have a plan.
And the question must be (prompted by an understanding of the centuries old fragments of the picture that is emerging),
“You mean to say, you've been orchestrating this thing since then?”
And so the trail leads you to the following conclusions:
That there are more things in heaven and earth, dear fellow humans, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.
And so, following their leads, planted and seeded as part of their great work, recognising the enormous power they have wielded and the extraordinary human minds they have forever bought into their service and do so now, (so the better to control us, so the better to understand the various mechanisms of control available to them, improved by our science and abetted by their understanding of things that are occult to us), so we approach their artificially engineered nadir.
We stand at the fulcrum of history.
Confused, disorientated, our natural instincts for love and harmony and peace engineered out of us such that we fear our brothers and sisters and value none but ourselves, for shame.
They have made us weak.
Perhaps to make us easier to control, but sadly also such that we are then easier to kill in this battle they have foreseen for ever and most of us don't know we're in.
It is the battle, dear friend, between good and evil.
It's the biggest game in town, and the stakes are high.
You're the chips on the board, and EVERY throw of the dice is being thrown by them.
I mean every throw of the dice.
They have given us the lash that is faux money and debt, the have corrupted what we know to be right deep inside, we are just the pawns in their game. Like chess masters, they think so many moves ahead that we are completely out-flanked at every turn.
That most are ignorant of this battle for the future is testimony to the absoluteness of their control of the pieces on the board.
Think about it.
Of course it would be so.
They have engineered and manipulated us for ever into fearing and then killing one another whilst they stood on and watched the mighty gore they had created. Like the greasy pole warfare in their corporations, they vie with each other to secure the next level on the corporate ladder.
Rung by rung into lucifer's rectum they climb, all of them of "the blood", scratching and clawing their way into his light, the light that comes from lucifer's arse, the light that is his way of crapping on humanity.
They philosophise about this great work between themselves.
We are just sport for them.
Not a small game, but a big one.
They are big game hunters, and know that the hardest critter to kill is the human.
And that's just one of the games they're in.
More rapidly being herded into despair and ever heightening and consciousness crushing concern, whilst at the same time long fomented schemes are afoot that are pulling us in a thousand subtle ways.
A twitch of the whip here, a prod of the stick there, a carrot for the greedy cattle, so they drive us or cajole us with scraps from the plate of what we can be.
They are trying to win the ultimate prize.
To finally corral the entire herd.
To coin a chess expression; the endgame.
Game Over.
Play Again?

And I guess, if you are awake, you see this.
And understand what you need to do.
You need to spread the understanding.
Such that we might snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
There is little time,
The fires have been lit.

Knowing the complexity and reach of their fore-planning, you understand it's what you think and believe in that is the key to their great work. These are the levers of control, pulled with ever more subtlety as the endgame nears, powerful weapons of mass destruction of the consciousness levelled at you, wanting to order what you think, wherever you might turn for solace or comfort or community, seeking those that suffer in your particular way, re-infecting each other with every word we speak. All within their purview.
We rest in the palm of their hands.
It's time to bite them.
It's time we rid ourselves of this worm.
And see what we can do without them.

They knew that when our number reached this high that we would, between ourselves, discover them and realise what, with love, we could accomplish for us all.
And understand our power.
Which can only be the power of love.
For with what other weapon would you fight evil?

And we know that whatever we believe has been built by them in this great pyramid of control, that we are a product of their machinations, and so conclude that we have one final move to make.
The exercise of free will.
Of a will that is free.
A human mind understanding that we are a great species, a loving and harmonious kind.
And we are many.
And we are clever.
And we can find the freedom we need to build a very heaven on this fine earth, this planet, this home.
Our home.
Let love shine its true light.
Let truth be known.

Olive. Xxx xxx xxx
(Read older posts if you've a mind to. Appreciate your company on this journey.)

Saturday, 15 October 2011


If you have been reading me for a while, you'll understand by now how the great manipulators have been behind every apparent people's revolution for 200 years.
You'll know that their intention is to create chaos in the world.
You'll know they've been fomenting revolutions across the globe, and you'll remember how a couple of years ago and more I said those revolutions would spread to your place, be in your back yard.
And here they are, beginning now almost everywhere.

You'll know that the pied-pipers of the “truth” business have spread the “truth” that the revolutions are using to anger and arouse people, and you'll notice that they now distance themselves from the occupy “movement”.
Careful positioning.

So that when it all inevitably gets nasty and the bullets and tanks and blood happen, and then afterwards as the new dictators arise, they can begin a new revolution as people realise they've been duped.
This is already happening in the colour revolution countries, beginning already in the Arab Spring nations.
Of course, next time folks'll get it right.......???

As you know if you've been here for a while.
There's more.

Chaos will follow. They intend to save us, to put things as they were.....
But “globally” better.
Sure, you were a debt slave.....
Sure, they were slowly poisoning you with their crap drugs and shite food and dirty water and foul air........
But at least there was order.....
Food in the shops......
Gas for your ridiculous car......
You were scared, but not for your life.....
And they'll offer you a new world order.
Or rather, tell you that there is one......
And you'll know there's nothing you can do.

And then they'll give you miracles.
Save you.
Bring you a new god.....
And you'll know who the bad guys are, and in your anger and your spite you'll seek them out and herd them to the gas chambers.....
Don't believe that can happen?
Check your history books........

And the “bad guys” will be the real truth seekers, the good guys.
And there'll be no-one left to say “Enough. Let's Start Again”

Unless you see the reality.
See the manipulation.
Refuse to seek strength in the mob......
Find it in LOVE.
Hug a policeman. Get him to hug you. Forgive. Forget. Start again.
Follow your own star.
Get involved in rEvolution (Read more of this blog, you'll see what I mean.....and see the gate of the future swinging, hanging perilously in the balance, know its all about free will.)

This voice is little known. It's not promoted by the Icke's and Jones' of this world, nor by the major media as the faux “occupy” “movement” is. It's just my voice. It's just one of 6.5 billion voices, and worth no more than that. Take it or leave it, but know it's given with love.

Olive xxx xxx xxx