Monday, 2 April 2012


Take a blank sheet of paper.
Or open a new document in word processing.
Find a mirror.
Find some peace and quiet.
Begin to look into your own eyes.
Begin the search.

Inside each of us, at our very core, exists the true human being that we were created as and which is hidden from us by an artificial construct we know as “I”.
This “I” is the product of layer upon layer of programming, programming which we think of as “life experience” but which is, in reality, a carefully constructed viral control system designed to pervert and entrap the true beings of love we humans were created to be or are by our innate and natural natures.

Witness the beams of pure love that emanate from the eyes of a new born, then witness the growth of that baby into an adult far removed from its original state, full of fear and anger and guilt.

The eyes are indeed the pathway to this real you, this original and pure creature of love that exists within each and every one of us, no matter how vile we have become. From the basest murderer to the greediest money grabber to the few saints that hide amongst our kind each and every one of us is a creature of love bent and twisted and perverted by the false reality so carefully engineered around us.

The world now witnesses the strengthening and multiplying of the systems of mind control designed to prevent humanity finding its true self. The crescendo of activity we witness in the world and the systems of communicating that mind control are proof of the coming of the moment in time when humanity comes to understand what has been done to it. The vast array of truth sites on the web, of revolutionary movements across the globe, of occupy and thrive and zeitgeist and the new age 2012 phenomena and a million other falsely led movements are evidence of the strategy to pervert the moment, to distract humanity, to stop us finding ourselves.

They won’t work.
The moment will come.
You will make sure of it, if you will it to be so.

That “Moment” is approaching us now. All of the minds and systems of those that create and control the false reality know of its coming, have known of its coming probably for millennia. It is, for them and their servants, the final battle.

Most of humanity don’t even know that the battle has begun, nor that it is the battle that will decide the future of our species. It is the endgame, the battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, a battle that can only be fought with love, for it is love that must form the foundation of the brave new world that humanity must build, love that is our true state of being, love that is the future.

“The Moment” is the point in time when humanity understands what it has been made to become.

“The Moment” is the point in time that those who are responsible for the false reality fear above all else. It marks the end of their destructive and foul control system, an end to their rule over us and the beginning of a new epoch for humanity, a new future of love born from the true natures of this amazing species called humanity and the moment when we step into the universe and take our place amongst the community of sentience.

The universe awaits this moment.
The universe is full of hope for humanity.
WE are about to find our way.

So take your mirror, find some peace, look for Yourself.

When you begin this search know that the creature you have become will seek to prevent you finding your pure soul of love. It will say you’re being silly. It will say there is no pure core to you. It will say “look at the evidence of the world and see how evil humanity is”. It will tell you that there isn’t time. It will tell you that you have no power to change the world. It will tempt you with distractions, that there’s something else you’d rather be doing. It will ask you how humanity can be such creatures of love when there are so many that it/you can never forgive for the evil and harm they have done......

Ignore it all.

YOU are in there, dear friend, hiding from the world.
It is time to shed the outer self.
It is time to step into the light.
It is time to be reborn into love and without fear of ridicule or reprisal to become that being of pure love that you are.

When you first find yourself, usually there are tears, tears of regret for what you have become, tears of regret for what you have done, what has been done to you.

Do not fear.
We are all of us guilty.
We all of us need forgiveness and forgetting.
We all of us can forgive and forget, for this is the true nature of our species, the hidden core, the beings of love and light we were born to be.
Your old “self” will still seek to control you.
“So what now” it will say, and “Go and hide again, for you aren’t equipped to face the harshness and violence of this world. There are debts to pay and things to do. Easier to let me deal with all of this…Nobody else is doing this. You are all alone in this act of craziness. People will laugh….”

It would be crazy if you were alone in this, but the world is a place where one day soon every single human being can be connected at one moment. By spreading this message we can easily make this happen.
In fact there is an inevitability to it.
It can happen, so it will happen.

At a moment in time.
A moment that’s approaching.

There need be no organisation. There need be no leadership. There need be no orators.
Trust none that seek to lead this thing.
There need be no money changing hands. There need be no books read aloud nor no signs nor uniforms nor banners nor any system nor even discussion and conjecture about what this future we are about to give birth to will look like or how it will operate.

Just the understanding that we will at last be free.
And the trust in one another that will be as natural as taking breath.
We are all of us beings of love.
It is our time.

Imagine for a moment that you spread this idea. By making videos, by posting on the net, by putting on facebook and twitter, by writing letters, by telling people. Imagine this thing going viral across the globe. Imagine the world getting ready for this change and know that there has to be a date, a time, a moment that we choose to do this thing.

The first moment in history when we each of us look each other in the eye and understand that this reality is not how our world should be, that these wrongs can be set right, that we can live together in a better way, that we can end fear and want and the control systems that make war and poverty and hunger, that we can be free, that we can make our world the thing of beauty and joy and love that it should be.
We can do this thing.
We can make this moment

Take your mirror, look into yourself and find the being of love, know that everyone else is finding that pure being of love within themselves, that we will together be ready at that same moment in time.
At that moment we will gaze upon each other afresh.
We will look at each other in wild surmise.
“Is it over?” we will ask.
“Has the future begun?”
It will be the moment when we awake from the nightmare and the new world will have begun.

On your piece of paper, in your open word processing document, make your list.
Understand that unless You do this thing, nothing will happen.
Understand that the self you have become will tell you not to bother.
Push it aside.
That “self’s” control over you is over. It belongs to the false reality and has no place in our new world..
It is humanity’s turn.
Make your list of who you will tell, how you will tell them.
Then take action, for without Your action this thing will not happen.
It has to be ALL OF US. The pure heart of love in all of us.
And we have to act quickly.
And don’t let your “self” tell you you’ll be wasting your time. For humanity needs YOU to do YOUR part.

Don’t try to take leadership, nor frame new concepts of systems and structures and organisations, nor relate this thing to knowledge you have acquired from the false reality that is life as we know it. Just spread the word, let people know the date, the time, the moment for this grandest and most ambitious experiment the enquiring minds of our wonderful species has ever undertaken.

The Moment we take control of our destiny.
The Moment We start again

No leaders:
The date and time came to this writer from another place.
It might as well be this than any other.
It certainly should be before the 21st December 2012 that our current masters seem to think would be best for them.
And so it’s 3 p.m. on the 7th of October 2012.
For most of the world this is written 3 7 10 12.
The numbers for some reason have a resonance to them.

It is for this reason that I’ll write no more, dear friends.
The journey here has taken many twists and turns and I have often thought wrongly, often written what is “I” rather than from the pure centre of my being. There should be no leaders, just the moment.
And this has been my part in it, and this has been me spreading the word and having done that thing I will stop.

Please find yourself.
Please spread the word.
Time is short now.
3 pm
7 th day
10 October

Someone has to try.
Why not you?
We are all of us insignificant, but together we own this world and are its rightful inheritors. It is time to make it so.

With all the love in the world,
So long and thanks for reading
This, the last post.

Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx
Do something now.
The baton has been passed to YOU.
Pass it on.
And maybe, just maybe, humanity can make The Moment happen.