Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Thinking out loud.....

Thinking out loud.

In the early morning I arrive at the olive groves, spend half an hour getting myself, the weed strimmer, petrol can, bottled water taken from the spring on the way past, spare nylon cutting filament, lunch, hat, goggles earphones, visor to where I'm to begin. Fill up the petrol tank, put on the hat, goggles, gloves, visor, start the engine, begin.

The deprivation of senses begins then too. Hearing is muffled, just the white noise of the engine breaking through. Sight is diminished by the mesh of the visor and entirely focused downwards on the unending dry stalks of last season's weeds and wild flowers, on the rocks and holes in the ground that serve as pitfalls for the unwary, threatening a twisted ankle or a fall. The hands, even through the thick leather gloves, numbed by vibration after a few minutes.

In this world, there is just me and thought.

I was thinking of the development of supercomputers, and a conversation I had recently had with an Oxford physics graduate (most of which passed me by) in which he was explaining to me the development of biological computers and how, when those computers reach a certain level of progression they will in effect become conscious. Not only that, they will become super conscious.

The similarity between the human mind and this concept of supercomputer is of course a natural progression , but of course we have not yet achieved this super consciousness. We are still stuck in the programming stage, installing the basic software.

This train of thought , one concept leaping to another, caused me to ponder this: If, at some stage in the past humanity was recognised as having the potentiality for super consciousness, perhaps even began to make the leap, what would the universal consciousness of the universe think of us, way back then, as savage as we are today but without the horrifying accumulated knowledge that enables that savagery to be converted into mass destruction?

Only a step in time away from being very dangerous indeed.

What would they do?

The idea of universal consciousness carries with it the idea of the hive mind, that higher consciousness can only be connected, that everything is seen, everything is understood, everything forms a part of the one-ness of being. It also understands the first absolute , the guiding principle of understanding, that all begins with love, that love has to form the basis of all thought, all action. True power without this guiding principle represents a threat to creation itself, a threat to the universal one-ness of being, a threat to to “life the universe and everything” as Douglas Adams would have put it.

And if we hadn't reached that understanding, how could we be trusted with this power? And if we weren't ready, how could we be made so? How, with love, could the universal hive mind coax us to the understanding, train us , ready us, make us fit?

Teach us unforgettable lessons?

Install the basic operating software?

Time would be no barrier, for what is time but a dimension to be moved around in but which we see as a linear progression.

Death , as we currently understand it, is in reality a nothing. The ending of the life span of the biological mechanism that carries the indestructable consciousness. The universal hive mind understands this, would not balk at inflicting death upon humanity as that death is in itself meaningless, if that death caused us to learn something, to value something.

In a past post I considered the un-utilised portion, the far greater portion, of the human mind. The great mass of unused DNA called “junk” DNA by the researchers because they have no idea what it does.

Here's a leap: Imagine if you will accepting the principle that the consciousness is indestructible. Combine that thought with the enormous question mark over that junk DNA and unused portion of the mind. Add to that the simplicity with which the universal hive mind could have stepped in, some time in our past as a specie, and put a block on our rising consciousness, a block that slowed down our progression, gave us time to learn, such learning being passed on, generation to generation, hardwired into our beings.

Am I considering re-incarnation? Probably.

Some friends last year were walking their dog across our groves and the dog ran through a pile of ashes where three days previously we'd had a day long fire. Under a layer of cold ash lay still the deep red hot core of embers, the heart of the thing that gave burning and pain to the dog. To this day, she runs around or leaps over any old fire place, anything that looks or smells of fire, however old. A sharp lesson, a painful lesson, a lesson learned and never forgotten.

To the present.

Here we sit as a species, looking back over millennia of pain and misery, learning the lesson of evil and what evil does, re-learning time and time again the hurt. Perhaps then the only way to fully understand the first principle of love is to fully experience and live its antithesis, evil.

Death is a commonplace, our planet is abused and raped, filth and sickness are spewed over the cleanliness that is nature, misery is gifted everywhere. Self, the “I” mind, the operating system that continues the existence of the carrying mechanism that is the body, bars and prevents our accessing the inner , higher mind. Something placed that barrier there whilst we learn. Something prevents us from accessing the hive mind until we are ready, until the core programmes are installed.

Which causes me to consider the root of evil, the core of it, the millennial bloodlines carrying their symbols with them through time, always advertising their presence, ever telling us their next step, following some core principles, leading us to perpetrate evil, to taste blood and death and the infliction of misery one on another.

Ensuring that we learn.

Perhaps then here is the test.

We have to learn, through wickedness and evil, that there can only be love.

Do we have to understand that those that gift us evil do so out of love for us?

That they are cruel to be kind?

That they are the parent to the burgeoning consciousness, preparing it for adulthood and acceptance into the universal family that is the hive mind?

Do we have to learn to forgive them, even thank them, as we thank the stern teacher in later life when we recognise the good they did with the hindsight that maturity brings?.

Perhaps they are making us ready.

Just thinking out loud........

As the weeder buzzes, the senses dulled, dreamland happening.

Love Olive xxx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Unity of Human Kind.


Dear Friend, old or new:

We Are a group of many millions seen in many thousands of places.
We have no organisation, no leadership, no funding, no political agenda, no head office.
We have no name.
We have no shared religion.
People of every walk of life and from every nation are within our number.
We urgently need you.

Here, finally, is a true purpose for your life.
It is vital that you become involved.
Each day millions of us congregate in thousands of places.
Doctors, scientists, academics, soldiers, policemen, refuse collectors, carpenters, volunteers, an endless variety, as various as is humanity.
We are diverse in a million ways, we differ over a million issues, and yet We Are One.

We share one objective so vital to your survival and to the future that you will bequeath to those that follow that we felt you should be invited to join us.

There is no registration.
There are no fees.
There is nothing to join.
No badge to wear.
No flag to wave.
Only you need know you are with us.

But it will help immeasurably if you have the courage to stand up and be counted.

Your opinions are exactly as important as anyone else's, your voice will be of equal standing amongst us.
As will your quiet deliberation.
We Are Humanity, We Are One.
And we urgently need you.

Dear Friend,
Countless of our number have devoted countless days of research on your behalf, on behalf of humanity.
Sinister and harmful enemies have been discovered.
All the evidences, and they are many, are available to you.
We will give, later, a few of the thousands of sites devoted to our survival.
Once you begin, you will find many more.

About 20 years ago I woke up.
Spying in the distance a tiny glimmer of light I went to investigate.
I found in that moment a tiny piece of the sparkling jigsaw.
My first nugget of Truth.

At first I scoffed, as you might, did not believe that such a thing could be, it contradicted all I'd learned.
But I checked and referenced and researched and found it to be True.

And as the years have past more and more pieces have been found, discovered more and more people are engaged in the hunt than I would ever have believed.
Finally, now , we collectively can see almost of the whole picture.
It is not pretty.

And we see ourselves, humanity, what we are and what we are truly capable of.
And also what we have been driven to and by whom.

This is the first time in history that a critical mass of humanity know the truth.
It is time, for we also know that those that act as our masters are long down the path towards fulfilling their evil plans of global population reduction by war, famine and pestilence.

This is no idle or foolish fantasy.
This is a truth known to probably a hundred million of humanity.
Of your kind.
We will provide you with irrefutable proofs.
The question is, what shall WE do about it?

They intend to enslave us.
They intend to kill us and are currently doing so in a thousand ways in a thousand places.

All of the evidence for this is provided, unequivocally.
Each discovery is examined by us all, debated by us all, the implications laid bare.

These discoveries are the most important issues ever addressed by humanity.
They are fundamental to every part of your life.
Your life truly depends upon them.

You will not hear of our movement through the main stream media.
You will find out why that is when you begin your journey.
This is why we are approaching you this way.

Your politicians and other leaders know this truth and hide it from us.
They are wrapped in this web of evil, serve the sickness that rules over us.

When your journey begins, you will find much that amazes you, much that you will find unbelievable. That goes against the grain. That you scoff at.
Your initial instinct will be to disbelieve, as it was for each of us.

This is something we all have been through.
It is the first test of many.
When you see the evidence and reach understanding, anger will follow.
We have passed, most of us, through anger, too.
And at the end, you will feel a determination and a sense of understanding that will change your life forever. Change it for the better.

We Are approaching critical mass right now......

By finding critical mass, we will find at last the strength and power we need.
And ONLY by finding critical mass.

When enough of us reach that understanding, soon, we will change the world.
For the better, and for good.

We will build the world Humanity is capable of.

This is not about religion, not about race, not about nation.
It's about humanity, and about your part in it, and about your duty to your wider family.
There are a million paths for you to follow.......a million hands to hold along the way.
Start here.

So on this day, 13th September 2009, we will begin a crusade.

I guess as Olive Farmer I should begin by extending an olive branch to you, dear reader, symbolising peace, goodwill, and the strength that we are about to find from Unity.

This is not a crusade of religion. It's not a crusade of race. It's not a crusade of conquest and war. It's a crusade of light, a crusade of truth, a crusade of love and harmony, a crusade determined to end the global control of a wicked elite for once and for all time.

This is what we must do.
If we are to get out of this thing alive.

Put aside every petty difference, put aside every distraction, put aside our fears, realise our vast strength, unite together as one humanity sharing one home and face this parasitic wrong that has blighted our existences for millennia.

NOW is that time.
Before it becomes too late.

No issues shall divide us.
We, humanity, united face this single enemy, this wicked elite and their servants, their calloused hands upon the reins of power in every nation.
Right Here in this place We Are One.

And together we cry:
Let's Start Again."

So together as humanity we begin this crusade of light, marching together towards critical mass, brought together here, united on this one issue.
I can start this thing here, but do not intend to lead.
This is what is meant by this vision of mass.

No leaders, shared vision, shared determination.

Rid ourselves of this evil elite.
Start Again.

Here are some suggestions as to how we do this:
If you come here regularly and wish to stand in front of your fellow humanity and declare your determination:
Become a "follower".
It's free.
That might give 10,000 or more! What a beginning.

Those that work for the dark side know every surfer, where every surfer goes, it makes no difference to them but to us it begins to show this essential unity of purpose.
Stand up and be counted.

When there are a thousand, we will be moving.
Ten thousand, we'll know we are on to something.
One hundred thousand and we have safety in numbers.
One million and we begin to have power.
So it goes.

But each long journey begins with that first step.
Take it, join in.

Treat this as your site. Use the messages. Share your thoughts and ideas.

If you believe we have a chance to pull this thing off, use time to attract new visitors here. Post links on every site you can. Send links to friends, and enemies. Particularly send links to officers of the law, physicians, nurses, civil servants, military personnel , even politicians and journalists.

By numbers and effort we can achieve this thing.

This post has been written to attract the involvement of those currently outside of the truth. To those people, welcome. Join in, it will be nice.

It has also been written to attract those within the knowledge of truth and to say this :
Divided, as ever, we will fall.
United, the world will finally be ours.
So let's get together and do this thing.
One place, one idea.

This crusade might fall flat on its face, and that would be an eternal shame because this might be the first and last chance we get to unite as a species and face the one common enemy we all have.

So I hand the crusade over to you.
Please, make it happen.
We first in the fray are like the fishing boat, heading into the dawn light, leaving behind us an iridescent wake of light, touching all things, passing that light on.

For the newcomer requiring proofs, begin your journeys in these places:
Believe nothing, amass proofs, be wary of distractions and also calls to violence.
Fear nothing. We will have strength in unity.
There is only one issue.

No doubt readers will add their own suggestions. The truth exists in thousands of places.
Find it, return here and join in.

Is this the one place humanity can stand together in unity with one single purpose?
Let's make it happen, starting right now.
Love to all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 4 September 2009

We Are

The Olive tree must be one of nature's finest works.
Find a piece of rocky ground, drop the sapling into a stony hole, roughly kick in some dirt, walk away.
Don't water it. Don't feed it. Yet it will grow.
Through summers of day after day of temperatures in the 30's and 40's, with no rain from April to September, rarely a cloud, it will grow.
Walk back after 10 years or maybe less and there she'll be, gifting you her fruit and leaves, the very essence of life itself.
The olive tree is a survivor.
It does better if you care for it, of course.
Your soul is like that.

We Are.
(It's along one, I'm afraid)

I get the sense that I'm building up to something in these words.
Some instinct tells me to keep writing, some inner part of me nudges me in the direction it chooses.
That's how it feels.
The outer "body-mind" part of me shouts "You can't say that, they'll think you're mad!"

So in it goes.

It's the same when I meet people.
Recently, a good friend of three years standing offered to gift me violence when I started to unfold the truth about the world.
It was too much for him to get his head around.
If I was right, then he must have been wrong all these years....
No Way could he accept that he'd been wrong for all that time.
Ergo I was wrong.

The violence was his "body-mind" defensive systems, going into overdrive.
I gave him a hug.

I'll try again with him, and again, and again until he punches me, and then again.
It is my duty to him, to his inner being of light, to give him this virus I'm carrying.

It's a deadly virus.....

It kills hatred, violence, war, inequality, anger, famine, sickness, pollution, loneliness, a million other evils are permanently consigned to the history books by this virus.

In the future, children will be taught about these times. They'll think them strange. They'll wonder what it must have been like to live in the grip of a monstrous evil rather than the strong and caring arms of love.

Because that is how it should be.
That is how it will be, because humanity wants it so.
And we are, after all, in the majority here.
And what we truly want is what we will get.

Though not without this final struggle.

The Awakening that is happening is spreading light like a slow dawn. One person steps into the light, reaches out to another.
Each one a victory to us.
With technology, with the gifts of our invention, we can speed that up a little.
It is difficult only because we are fighting a five thousand year old lie. A lie so enormous that most folks can't even see it for what it is.
A lie that is strenuously defended.

As each one steps into the light a further piece is added to the jigsaw of understanding and truth, another scrap of mortar is removed from the pyramid of oppression.
If we keep taking the mortar out, at some point the entire edifice will come crashing down.
That's physical law for you, it's immutable.

That is the battle we are engaged in.
It's the biggest jail break of all time.
Like most ex-prisoners, there'll be some adjustment required to conditions outside, some won't be able to fit in.
They are the ones we'll help the most.

The enemy, the evil, is not taking this awakening lying down.
The masons are out with their mortar, shoring up the cracks in the edifice of control, filling in the gaps with new lies, extra fear, madly waving their hands in the air in an attempt to distract the sheep. Evil is fighting for its very survival.
So it will get nasty.
It has to.
That's all it knows.

To get nasty, to harm US it has only one weapon:

Can you see why this is important?
Take humanity away from the darkness and the evil will have nothing with which to implement their vile plans.
No-one will pull a trigger at their orders.
No-one will aim a rocket.
The lies will come to a grinding halt.

The physician will put away his prescription pad and set out once more on the path of curing people.
The soldier will offer his courage, strength, bravery and service , the army its organisation and logistic skill to humanity, to finally end the war on want. Going where it is hardest to bring relief and support from we humans to our brothers and sisters.
There will be no child with no food, no hand to hold.

The evil does not believe we are capable of running the place.

We Are.

There are 6.5 billion of us, and we are very clever. We can do whatever we like.
We're handing in our notice at the workshop of evil.
Starting a new career in the fields of light.

When you plant an olive tree it will do better if you create the right conditions.
Turn over the earth, add some nutrients, provide water when needed, shape the young growth into the tree it will be three or four hundred years from now.
This same nurturing will help to grow the tree of humanity. The shaping of our new tree now will determine its form in a hundred years, a thousand years, longer.

There are trees here 3,000 years old, shaped by mans hand when the Minoans lived here.
If you know your trees, you can see where the first gentle guiding cuts were made.

A good tree, properly cared for, will grow more quickly. But even left to its own devices it will grow. This is what the tree of knowledge of the truth will do. Grow fast if nurtured, but still grow without care.
It cannot be stopped now.
But it can be nurtured.
And in a thousand years humanity will see the cuts we made.
Snipping out an evil branch here, pruning a lie there, adding some love to the rocky and barren soil in which this sapling has planted its roots.
Feeding its heartwood.

We stand on the threshold of a new dawning for mankind.
We are 6.5 billion unique human beings yet though we differ in billions of ways we are one. We are all inescapably united, all of us share a future.

Once we come to the realisation that we are together in this thing, that the fate of one of us is the fate of us all, then we can get down to the real work.
United as one, the realisation will quickly come that we can achieve anything, do anything. We can build ourselves the most beautiful place in harmony and in rhythm with our earth.
All can be provided for and many , many more.

In the spirit of love everywhere that mankind lays its hands will be cleansed, not poisoned. Everything we touch will be restored, made beautiful, not ripped out and sullied. The legacy of evil has been evil and our earth has been raped and manhandled by the greed and carelessness of the few, the mind controlled apathy and sad indifference of the many.
That really is enough of all that isn't it?

We are going to try something here.
By we I mean us, humanity.
We are going to try to build a million human being march into the light, maybe a billion, maybe more, maybe all of us.
If one of the sheeple hears our message once in a month, countered by the hours of daily lies they are fed, that human being will continue to walk in the darkness.
The herd they are in is huge, ours is small.
They feel safer where they are, despite the evidence.

But there something we can learn from the evil:
It knows that an enormous lie, told often enough and loud enough and long enough will become accepted as the truth. The herd will accept it without debate.
The idea of killing other human beings so that a very few can add to their obscene piles of riches is one such lie, gift wrapped in politics, ideas of nation or religion, given "gods" approval (on both sides usually!).
Ludicrous, yet believed.

Every day we raise our weapons somewhere and end the lives of infants.
Good grief.
Do you see what this evil has brought us to?

The key words here are "often enough" and "loud enough".
The truth, told often enough and loud enough will similarly become accepted by the herd.
This is why evil controls the systems of communication.
Why its foul hands are all over this one, the internet.
But not everywhere.
And not here.

There is nothing that influences the herd more than critical mass.
Nothing that ends debate quicker than one idea, one immutable truth that we can all agree on.
The devil, to coin a phrase, is in the detail, which is why you'll find none here.
This is not about debate.
This is about spreading the virus of love.
This is about the future of humanity and the world we need to build.

So do not be afraid to show yourself.
Stand in line with your kin.
Be visible.
Your neighbour may be standing in the light too , and you don't know it.

Find each other, find the next and the next, speak your truth.
Stand together.
In a short time all the sheeple should hear is one person after another, day in and day out, in a million different ways , shouting:
And if we can do that, pretty soon they will.

Silent majority?
Not this time.

In my next post we'll start something.....
Let's see if we can speed this thing up a little....

Love to You,
Olive xxx xxx xxx

(We love it when we get a new follower. It gives us heart. You gift us your strength.
Thanks to those that have already clicked to follow.
Donate if you have plenty, help us keep this thing going, funds are very low or we wouldn't ask.)

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

"Beware the Bearers of False gifts and Broken Promises"

There are two things vital to the success of humanity and our ultimately entering a new world of peace, harmony and love.The first, and paramount, is that we condition ourselves to fear nothing.Absolutely nothing.If we as a specie allow our individual fears to bring us one at a time to a quivering halt then we are lost.
Our courage must come from our numbers and the trust we can develop between our peoples.

We are one, so this will become easy once the scales have fallen from our eyes.

But we are only as strong as our weakest link. The first to run will break the line, place a weakness where there was strength.
This strength will come from an inner, higher resolve. A determination. The future is in our hands.
There is no-one else to break the millennial cycle of evil and injustice.
Just you and I.

The second thing we must remember is to believe nothing.
We should question everything.
We should understand what it is that shapes and sustains our outer, "body-mind", ( "I"; some call it Ego - but it goes deeper than that), and to validate that source against what we feel to be true.

What you read here, for example, in this blog. Does it pass that test?

Johnathon Porrit was an environmental activist in the UK who played a lead role in the early "green" movement in the United Kingdom. A sort of nice, lefty sort of student person. Always on the television doing stuff, green stunts.

Always on the television?

His Dad, Arthur Porrit, "Baron" Porrit, was an ex Rhodes scholar who became one of Her Majesty's (pah!) Governor Generals.I guess , dear reader, you know all about Cecil Rhodes and about Rhodes Scholars.

Porrit junior, now "Lord" Porrit no less, has just served 8 years as the first chairman of the UK government's "Sustainability Commission".He wrote this recently:

"It has been an extraordinary nine years. Back in June 2000, when Michael Meacher persuaded John Prescott to persuade Tony Blair that I would (despite all the obvious downsides!) be a suitable candidate for the SDC’s first Chair, we didn’t really have much to go on. There were various initiatives that had arisen out of the 1992 Earth Summit (a round table, a high-level advisory group reporting to the prime minister, a decent but largely ignored strategy and so on), but zero understanding across government that sustainable development was anything other than environmentalism by another name. Our budget was small (around £350K), our welcome was muted, expectations were low (‘just another government-sponsored talkshop’) – but our ambitions were large!
It’s all a bit different now. We have got a real job, reasonable resources, a good ‘inside track’ with much of Whitehall and with the governments of Scotland and Wales, a genuinely independent persona, the inevitable mish-mash of respect, irritation, disregard and enthusiasm for what we do, both within and beyond government, and a reasonable portfolio of serious interventions, publications, watchdog reports, policy breakthroughs and constructive engagement with departments that has helped make a real difference"

To me, of course, that sounds like the typical twaddle you hear from most lackeys and lickspittles spending the money the global elite can spare for us: Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Tony Blair gave him the job.

Their job, these apparatchiks , is to prevent us getting what we want by obfuscation.By deception and apparent bumbling, the servants of the elite keep us from achieving the agenda humanity has set by appearing to lead it.

The elite are a clever and subtle bunch, quite used to handling the reins, quite used to steering the beasts in whatever direction they choose.

The carrot and the stick, greed and fear, with a little distraction if the beasts get any funny ideas, ( er, like wanting to stop being beasts.)

They put their men into the opposition ranks, assist -as only they know how- to advance these fifth columnists, these Quislings, through those ranks into leadership. And of course they are generally trained in leadership skills at their revolting schools and at the knee of Grand Pa, as it were.
They are rewarded with a seat at the table.
There they dine on babies, drink blood and steal the cutlery.

The global scum elite have for centuries recruited into their dreadful pyramid of evil the brightest minds amongst us. This control over our brightest, this abuse of human ingenuity and the misapplication of our brilliance, affords the elite a head start in the planning game.The elite aren't brighter than us, but they've bought the brightest from amongst us and they are.

The elite know what to expect in the future, the impact any measure of control might have, because our brightest have worked it out for them, have lent their genius to evil.

Human beings with Phd's design spent uranium weapons, I have to add as an aside.
They invent new strains of flu, too.
The drifting upwards of ideas.
The drifting down of bloodstained and filthy lucre.
We pay.

The elite control government and opposition parties in most western style "democracies".They habitually control both sides of any contest they deem important.They like to hold in their oily grip both sides of any war.These people sponsored Hitler and then took their other puppet governments to war with him.They controlled both the USA and Soviet Russia during the Cold War.This is an old game for them.
This Grand Chessboard of human misery.

The brilliance of their future gazers enables them to predict trends in the attitudes of the sheep and so plan their own opposition, even incept and lead it.
There aren't many leaders of "green" movements that aren't now seated at table, snouts in the trough.

Knowledge of this spectacular foresight gives one a deeper perspective of their strategies.

We understand they created the Taliban and that the Bin Laden's were friends and business partners of the Bush family.
The sire of that murderous litter was Prescott Bush, the patriot who channelled money to the Nazis, boosted Hitler into power and continued to profit from both sides of the war with his dodgy banking arrangements and deals with Thyssen, the Nazi arms manufacturer.

What was it I said earlier about learning things at Grand Pa's knee?
Don't mention the Reichstag Fire!

We know , or think we know what happened on 9/11.
We're pretty sure we know who happened on that day too.
We're damn sure we know why it happened.

Dazzling us with their flash and fire they snuck up on us and gifted us fear, stealing our peaceThey stole our freedoms, gifted us new injustices wrapped up in the lie of anti-terror laws.
And we let them, just as we let them when they dazzled us with their "banking emergency", whilst gifting us with eternal usury.

Understanding their duplicity, great foresight and accurate planning would it be hard to conceive of their guiding hands on both sides of the furore 9/11 has left in it's wake? The "For the Fed" and "Against the Fed" arguments?
By doing so, could they not lead us from the truth?
Might the organisation fizzle out?

Our masters know that division amongst us is essential.
So they gifted us with the ideas of nation, of race, of religion.
We have killed each other in vast numbers throughout history for these lunatic concepts.
They are not a good idea, are they?

Thus I begin to worry when I see signs that these old ideas are being subtly promoted by what I would otherwise think of as "anti-elite scum" websites.
And those that decide their content and lead the debate.
Choose the issues.
Moderate the comments.

Sites which blame everything on Jews, for example, from homosexuality to drugs to war.
I've heard that before, somewhere.
Sheep don't learn.
Sheep are prevented from thinking.

Sites which are dominated by a christian or muslim agenda.
Sites which stir up anger and the desire for violence.
Sites which are focused on nation.
Sites which specialise in blind alleys and red herrings.

The leaders of the communist revolution in Russia were in the pay of the elite.Nearly a hundred years ago.
The old magician's tricks are always the best.

In America there is nothing the elite would like better than an armed insurrection by a bunch of people they can categorise as Jew haters. Especially after the elite's terrible forthcoming false flag attack in Israel.
The sheep will believe the lies in the media and will turn away from these lunatic "Jew haters."
The Revolution will fail.
It will end in a shoot out, as they always do.
But if by a remote chance it were successful, who do you think would be in charge of the person in charge?

The elitehave thought this all out.
Or at least, we've thought it all out for them.

One of the messages left by who knows what or whom in the fields of Wiltshire carried an intricate message in computer code in the form of a disc.

This code contained some words:

"Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises.
Much pain but there is still time.
Believe there is still good out there.
We oppose the deceivers.
The conduit is closing."

There's a Mayan Shaman somewhere on You Tube.
(Can someone find the link?)

Amongst the things he said were these words:

"Let the morning come.
Let the dawn come for the people to find peace and be happy.
Don't be afraid.
Spread this message throughout the whole world.
Don't be afraid of this change of time.
It's just a change like passing from night into day.
Don't believe what you hear from threatening people.
Thank you.
Don't be afraid."

Don't believe anything without validation, for things may not be what they seem.
Including these words.

Love Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx