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The Birthplace of Democracy gives us the Death of Democracy!

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Wherever you live you will no doubt have read of the Greek elections in January of this year when Syriza, led by Tsipras, swept to victory on an electoral platform which pledged to free Greece from the "illegal and odorous" false debt which had stripped Greece of its sovereignty and its assets.
Once elected, of course, Syriza showed its true colours and decided to deal with the Bankster criminals despite the pre-election promises. In most people's opinion, this would seem to suggest that they had been elected under false pretences.

To legitimise this complete u-turn, they offered the Greek electorate a referendum on the issue, expecting the Greeks to vote "Yes" to a deal with the Banksters after months of fervent propaganda in the media.

The Greeks voted "No" deal!

Tsipras and the Syriza government completely ignored this clear instruction from the electorate, and Democracy was rushed into the Intensive Care ward, gasping its last breaths.

To try to gain some legitimacy for this crime, the assassination of Democracy and the theft of a nation state, Tsipras called another election.

Understanding Cognitive Dissonance, and understanding politics, he knew that enough of his supporters would be reluctant to change their vote, having spent months telling their friends and family how great Tsipras was.

So the September election took place.

It was the funeral service for Democracy in the country of its birth.

Here's the numbers:

  Registered Electors  9,840,525  
 Voters  5,566,295 56.6%
 Blank and Invalid Votes  134,445 2.4%
 Valid Votes  5,431,850 97.6%

From this it is clear that 97.6% of 56.6% of Greeks eligible to vote voted.
So 55.24% of eligible Greeks voted, or 5,431,850

Here's how they cast their votes:

 Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA)  1,925,904 35.5%
 New Democracy (ND)                               1,526,205  28.1%
 Golden Dawn (XA)                                  379,581 7.0%
 Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR)     341,390 6.3%
 Communist Party of Greece (KKE)     301,632 5.6%
 The River (To Potami)                                  222,166 4.1%
 Independent Greeks (ANEL)                    200,423 3.7%
 Union of Centrists (EK)                                  186,457 3.4%
 Popular Unity (LAE)                                  155,242 2.9%
 Others                                                               192,850 3.6%

What does this mean?
It means that a party which won 35.5% of 55.24% of the voters won this election.

AS 5,431,850 voted, that means that Tsipras and Syriza now rule Greece with a mandate from just 1,928,307 people.

This represents just 19.6% of eligible voters.

Here is the fallacy and illegitimacy of Democracy exposed for all to see.

A party which sold a lie to the Greek people, illegally ignored a referendum of the Greek people, seized power yet again on behalf of its Bankster masters on just 19.6% support of eligible voters!

Rest in Peace, Democracy.

And what of people's disenchantment with the "democratic" process?

See how the proportion of eligible voters that bother to vote has dipped, after years of corruption and theft by politicians:

April    2000       75% voted
March  2004    76.5% voted
Sept     2007     74.2% voted
Oct       2009      70.9% voted
May     2012      65.1% voted
June     2012     62.5% voted
Jan      2015      63.6% voted
REFERENDUM  62.5% voted
Sept    2015      56.6%  voted.

In just 15 years the comparatively high proportion of Greeks using their votes has shrunk by an astonishing 18.4% in actual terms, by almost 25% in relative terms. 

Only three quarters of those that used to vote now bother to vote.

The biggest fall off happened after the "no" vote resoundingly won the referendum and the Tsipras government completely ignored the legitimate voice of its electorate, its supposed masters.

You can hear "what's the point of voting" everywhere on the streets here now.

Tsipras speech BEFORE the referendum bears reading, considering what he did AFTER.
Here it is, in all its lying glory for all to see:

“Greek citizens,

For the last six months, the Greek government has been waging a battle under conditions of unprecedented economic asphyxiation, in order to implement your mandate, that of January 25th. (LIES START HERE)

The mandate to negotiate with our partners to bring about an end austerity, and for prosperity and social justice to return to our country once more.

For a sustainable agreement that will respect democracy, as well as European rules, and which will lead to a definitive exit from the crisis.

During the negotiations, we were repeatedly asked to implement memoranda policies agreed to by the previous governments, despite the fact that the memoranda were unequivocally condemned by the Greek people in the recent elections.

We never considered giving in—not even for a moment. Of betraying your trust. (LIE)

Following five months of tough negotiations, our partners submitted a proposal-ultimatum at the Eurogroup meeting, taking aim at Greek democracy and the Greek people.

An ultimatum that contravenes Europe’s founding principles and values. The values of our common European project.

The Greek government was asked to accept a proposal that will add new unbearable weight to the shoulders of the Greek people, and that will undermine the recovery of the Greek economy and society–not only by fueling uncertainty, but also by further exacerbating social inequalities.

The institutions’ proposal includes measures that will further deregulate the labor market, pension cuts, and further reductions in public sector wages–as well as an increase in VAT on food, restaurants and tourism, while eliminating the tax breaks of the Greek islands.

These proposals–which directly violate the European social acquis and the fundamental rights to work, equality and dignity–prove that certain partners and members of the institutions are not interested in reaching a viable and beneficial agreement for all parties, but rather the humiliation of the Greek people.

These proposals mainly illustrate the IMF’s insistence on harsh and punitive austerity measures. Now is the time for the leading European powers to rise to the occasion and take initiative to definitively end the Greek debt crisis, a crisis affecting other European countries as well, by threatening the very future of European integration.

"Greek citizens,

We are facing a historic responsibility —and this responsibility weighs upon us (LIE).

Our responsibility for our country’s future.

This responsibility obliges us to respond to the ultimatum based on the sovereign will of the Greek people (LIE).

Earlier this evening, the Cabinet was convened and I proposed holding a referendum, so that the Greek people can decide.

My proposal was unanimously accepted.

Tomorrow, the Parliament will hold an extraordinary meeting to ratify the Cabinet’s proposal for a referendum to take place next Sunday, on July 5th. The question on the ballot will be whether the institutions’ proposal should be accepted or rejected.

I have already informed the French President, the German Chancellor, and the ECB’s president of my decision, while tomorrow I will ask for a short extension of the program -in writing- from the leaders of the EU and the institutions, so that the Greek people can decide free of pressure and blackmail, as stipulated by our country’s Constitution and Europe’s democratic tradition.

Greek citizens,

I call on you to decide –with sovereignty and dignity as Greek history demands–whether we should accept the extortionate ultimatum that calls for strict and humiliating austerity without end, and without the prospect of ever standing on our own two feet, socially and financially (AND WHATEVER YOU DECIDE, I SHALL IGNORE YOU ALL AND DO THE DEAL ANYWAY).

We should respond to authoritarianism and harsh austerity with democracy–calmly and decisively.

Greece, the birthplace of democracy, should send a resounding democratic message to the European and global community... (that you can't fight the world bankster power!).

And I personally commit that I will respect the outcome of your democratic choice, whatever it may be (AMAZING, INCREDIBLE LIE).

I am absolutely confident that your choice will honor our country’s history and will send a message of dignity worldwide.

In these critical times, we all have to remember that Europe is the common home of all of its peoples.

That in Europe there are no owners and guests.

Greece is, and will remain, an integral part of Europe, and Europe an integral part of Greece.

But a Europe without democracy will be a Europe without an identity and without a compass.

I call on all of you to act with national unity and composure, and to make a worthy decision (WHICH I WILL COMPLETELY IGNORE WITHIN A WEEK).

For us, for our future generations, for Greek history.

For our country’s sovereignty and dignity.“

(Bold highlight added, source: Prime Ministry Greece)

Compare the highlighted statements with what happened a few days later, when Tsipras signed the very deal that the Greeks had just instructed him to reject.


All over the world we see the same or worse examples of the highjacking of Democracy, how governments fail to represent the interests of the people and completely ignore their wishes, how governments everywhere weigh down future generations with unrepayable debt created out of thin air, how everywhere politicians are in the hands of the Bankster and Royal elites, slaves to the Satanic Paedophile blood drinkers that rule this reality and increasingly tighten their grip on free will.



Olive Farmer
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

You are made nothing, when you could be something....

Where to begin?

I could begin with one of a million major issues touted by the alternative media. I could address the flat earth issue, I could talk of the Extinction Level Event of Fukushima Daichi, I could discuss the overwhelming in-your-face satanic rituals of Olympic ceremonies or Super-Bowls or pop videos, I could draw you into thought about child abuse and murder, rattle on about the state of the artificial economy of debt, point to jews or Royals or Fascists or Banksters or Sabbateans and Frankists or Satanists or Jesuits, I could write of mind control, I could disparage the Sheeple, I could target Monsanto, or Big Pharma, or the surveillance state, or the illusion of Democracy or the quantum illusion of reality.

I could go on and on, and have.

And that's the point.

You can join a thousand forums, spend years educating yourself, follow hundreds of radioshows or Youtube channels, read as many books and follow as many blogs as you can, learn, learn, learn until you are full of learning and still you must understand that what you are is an empty vessel, as powerless as the day you began, as far from altering reality as you were ten years ago, part of nothing bigger than a few thousand bickering fools on one discussion board or another, all your effort and understanding rendered ineffectual.

You are made nothing, when you could be part of something.

As you will have noticed, the vile excrescences that shape this reality ignore you completely, because they know that they control most of the thought that enters your mind. They built the internet, with their "thin air" money, own the leading search engines, the leading operating systems, scan and crawl over everything there is out there in the aether, own all the major sites both the MSM sites and the alternatives.
You are in their pocket.

Have you noticed them holding back at all?

Or do you see them creating their wars, killing children, holding their fake elections, poisoning the planet and all the rest at an ever faster rate?

The barricade- manning  revolutionaries of the past believed in the false visions and rhetoric and skewed philosophies of their leaders, all of whom were agents of the power. So Lenin, so Mao, so Trotsky, so Hitler, so Ayatollah Khomeini, so the Mormons and the Witnesses of Jehova, so the Christian church and the Muslims, so the list goes on.

To change the world requires organisation, requires leadership, requires courage, requires sacrifice, requires money, requires belief, requires incentive and motivation, requires determination, requires the recruitment of adherents to the cause and the delegation of effort and the instilling of a sense of duty that is prioritised over all else.

There is not one genuine website or organisation that fulfils these criteria, but thousands that focus on specialised areas of the world power's intentions. New Age quasi religious sites and those of doubtful Gurus, the sites of the world's major charities and UN linked organisations drain the good-willed people of the world of their energies as they seek truth or seek to do good or seek to fulfil a sense of duty. The false "political parties" do the same, including all of the third and fourth and fifth "choices".

If, as I am, you are a father and grandfather, or you are a mother and grandmother, your world view is framed by your understanding of humanity as it is, a humanity that is the product of millennia of misrule, millennia of wrong being labelled right, millennia of the robbing of the poor to fill the vaults of the ruling elite such that the ordinary human being becomes tainted and misshapen as they struggle for that thing called life, ever under the crushing heel of the master class and their generational reign. If you are so old, you also recognise and instinctively understand the flow of history and therefore the place we are at today, always assuming you have escaped your indoctrination and have the vestiges of free will remaining and are of reasonable "intelligence".

Of course if you are already a victim of the great war machine, if you are an Iraqi or an Afghani or a Libyan or a Yemeni or a Syrian or a Ukrainian or a national of many more places in this world then you see this thing more clearly, for death and displacement and the end of things are your daily bread, misery the water you drink, the abandonment of hope the air you breathe.

Understand there is no future for humanity if we allow this to continue, this war between good and evil, this great and seemingly eternal battle for the consciousness and soul of humanity. There will be no ascension of our kind, no birth of a new civilisation, no future of beauty and right to replace the present of ugliness and wrong unless YOU do something.

And, dear readers, so very few as you are, do we try here to gather the mass of people in the world that want GOOD rather than EVIL. We have no leadership, we have no money, we have no organisation, we have only a very little courage, we are incapable of instilling duty and have no incentives nor motivators. Almost no readers. Almost never as much as a comment.

But we understand that all of these things are out there, all of these qualities, all of these people and all of that energy and determination. The raw material to change the world is out there.

It simply needs gathering together.

What we do have is an understanding.

That it has to start somewhere, and we will keep trying.

That there are billions of human beings that want the change that will end what is and create what should be, billions of conscious human beings that understand reality can be shaped by collective will, billions that are yearning this day for the heaven on earth that our species' ingenuity and goodwill and sense of justice could build.

We are as close to this possibility now as we have ever been.

The evil masters of this reality understand this.

We will keep trying.

With Love to you few,
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Olive and Aktina
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Sunday, 13 September 2015

All Over Bar the Shouting

When Kings and great statesmen and plutocrats gather there exists amongst them an unspoken and quietly accepted understanding, that beneath them lies a world and a species which is divided between them and exists purely for their own pleasure, whilst behind them stand the serried ranks of those that by their grace and favour occupy every position of authority in every muscle and tendon of the great behemoth of hierarchy that sustains their control and that has taken millennia to build.

Like all great and terrible empires this current empire reflects the weakness that has prevailed at the end of all great empires. Possession passed through countless generations leads to a depth of immorality that few can fathom, save those to whom the ultimate pleasures were something granted by birth and privilege and so cloy and become somewhat boring and so further depravity must be sought to assuage their greed and lust for entertainment.

That they can do no wrong is a state of normalcy for them, understanding as they do that the world and their subjects and the laws all act at their service rather than as brakes upon their gluttony for satisfaction.

Most human beings yearn for nothing more than a safe home and the guarantee of food. I say most, for more than half of our species live on less than two dollars a day. Most humans yearn for nothing more than a peaceful nights sleep. I say most because we live in a world beset by war, beset by greed-driven poverty, beset by drug lords and backstreet hoodlums, beset by debt fear, beset by a sense of helplessness amidst the great swirl of events and the great chaos that is currently inflicted upon us by those inhuman few that control our destiny as a species and care not.

These innate yearnings are not heard by those masters of this reality.

If I call your attention to the emperor Caligula you may gain insight into the mind-set and depravity of the bored and callous souls that are the inheritors of thousands of years of rule. Caligula once, at a "circus", on being disappointed that there were few criminals to toss into the arena to be chewed by the lions, ordered that a section of the audience should be thrown in.

It is explanatory of our current situation that there were "loyal" officers willing to do the throwing, that there were few who raised their voices against that instruction (and guess where they ended up?), that those around Caligula expressed their approval and delight as befits sycophants throughout history, and that the mob roared in pleasure at the entertainment.

Caligula filled his existence with the most bizarre and inhuman sexual predation, including of course paedophile rape and murder and the consumption of the hearts of the victims for the andrenochrome high and the other effect of that natural narcotic, a psychosis of unutterable carelessness of right and wrong, of perverse empathy, and of a sense of divinity.

One must be careful, of course, in examining so-called "historic" child abuse and murder, for generation after generation of our "historic" masters have practiced such horror and it would be a fool who saw a trend stretching back thousands of years right up until the very recent past and believe that at some point just five or ten years ago this ingrained and habitual and ritualistic perversion, as if by Magick, ceased!

Of course, most human beings are fools, or at least are easily fooled.

An entire nation of people stand unmoved by the repeated, in your face, incessant reports of paedophiles in government and the Royal family, within the judiciary and the police, within social services and those appointed to care for the most vulnerable children, case after case after case, with witnesses time and time again being the subject of unfortunate accidents or committing unlikely suicide, with campaigners being arrested and jailed or otherwise shut up, with cases brought to court and swiftly dealt with and innocence of the accused loudly declared, with lengthy and learned articles published denying the existence of such foul satanic crimes and voices of trusted reason raised in Parliament scoffing at such preposterous ideas.

I speak of Britain and the British, though the same tale can be seen the world over. We human beings despise these unutterable crimes, hate the perpetrators with a righteous vengeance for there, but for the grace of the creator, might go YOUR child, raped and buggered and throttled for the pleasure of some foul Satyr who is bored with other, more normal, debauchery. And the common pervert is collared in dark alleys, or has a visit in his cell at midnight and taught a lesson.

And yet there is something that prevents those same British people from doing the right thing when those involved are their "betters", something that prevents from rising from their chairs before the TV and stepping out into the street and calling on their neighbours and gathering up their pitchforks and granddad's bayonet and scouring these vile excrescences from the face of the earth.

Whilst they scream their hatred at the common paedophile they accept with dumb acquiescence the Knights and Lords and famous entertainers and senior policemen and "royal" kiddy fiddlers and somehow, despite the overwhelming evidence and repeated, almost daily exposures, allow their minds to drift away from the facts, allow their gut-feelings to fizzle to nothing, refuse to piece together this jigsaw of horror, ignore it all and daily forget what they read or hear and let it continue unabated as if it is none of their business.

And none of them sit and ponder for a moment why that is, and what could create such indifference to horror, none of them wonder what it is that has debased them so that they stand idly by and let the most wicked evil go unpunished. What it is that makes them not want even to hear about it, or to grow angry with those few of us that raise our voices or inform them quietly of the bare facts and even, as has happened to me, threaten us with violence for speaking of such things or cut us dead as friends.

That, dear friends, is the effect of the Magick, the effect of the same mind control that caused the circus audience in Caligula's day to revel in the gore, now grown more powerful and aided by science.

If you are awake, if you are involved in this eternal war of good versus evil, if you see the end of this empire of sin and its concomitant wickedness, then you too have lost friends, you too have been amazed at the blank stares or the open hostility to truth, you too have pondered the gross indifference to the most evil things imaginable and yet the willingness to debate endlessly the trivia of the world and so you too have wondered how this horror might be finally overcome.

If you have some free will remaining you will know that most of what is called the "truth" movement, most of those that portray themselves as the enemies of the age-old ruling caste, most that call themselves the "alternative media" are part and parcel of the great hierarchy, are deceivers tasked with dividing our attention and with misleading our effort and with confusing our minds. We nowhere gather together on the single issue, which is as simple as life itself, which is simply good versus evil, which is the understanding that the world and our species are made savage, in a world led and structured by evil and predatory savages, and that the next civilisation and the one that will preserve our species and the planet can only be a civilisation based on fundamental love and all that stems from that.

You will have a deep understanding of what Fukushima is doing to the world and that the die is cast and that the four horsemen are striding across the world as our oceans are dying and our very existence is threatened and you have been made helpless and you have been made alone and you have been held separate from those others in the world that, if we once found unity, could make the tipping point, could form the critical mass of warriors of conscience in the war for consciousness, could be the sentinels heralding in the new world order, the global understanding of humanity that must be born from the flames and ashes of the ongoing chaotic inferno.

We are one tribe, we have something worth preserving, we have a future that is beautiful and it is made of ordinary people acting in unity and finding their spirit and finding that their spirit is love.
We have tried, many times, to ask you that understand all of these things to follow here or at the rainbow warriors site linked here or at a number of other places now deleted for lack of response. We don't give up, for we understand that only unity in love and a global gathering will answer, for the power that humanity has lies only in numbers and in the determined resolution to ignore the world's power structures and hierarchies and false democratic illusions and gather together as one people to start again.

As you know, dear reader, something huge is impending. As you know, the extent of the effect of the evil is spreading among the herd after years of satanic programming from Disney to the superbowl or the olympic ceremonies. We believe that there is little time remaining and that something wicked this way comes.

We have had 111 follower here for around two years now, and find that oddly inexplicable.

It's time to see that number change.

1111 would be interesting.

There can be only love, for all else must end in destruction.

With love,

OLive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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