Monday, 7 March 2016

What's Really Going On?

Those who have dreamt know that reality can be conjured by an admixture of chemicals to the computer we call a brain, know that eyes closed they see, know that in a room filled with the absence of noise they hear, know that they witness a truth they waken and call a fantasy. Our third eye is the receptor, that organ that shapes the connections and guides the electrical energy to create the movie.

Those who have added DMT in its different plant forms to this process know that our minds are capable of acts of creation that are far beyond what we believe is possible. Most awaken unable to find words to describe what has been witnessed, for there are no words, our language too animal and simplistic to describe the higher things we are allowed a glimpse of. We are gifted with the death of self, receive the benefice of an understanding of creation that is fundamental, know that we matter in an interconnected whole, awaken to a deep sense of spirit and of soul.

Through history the significance of the pineal has been foremost in the hidden knowledge denied humanity yet its importance has always been displayed, there in hieroglyphs in ancient tombs, there in the Vatican, there in the symbols and mantras of the secret societies. In the bible we hear of annointing with oil, are told it has little meaning and yet, to those who dig deeper, we find it is a reference to an entheogen. Throughout the world the imbibing of entheogens has been a rite of passage, a welcoming of young human beings into the adult world of knowledge of the creator and the wondrously interwoven nature that surrounds us and gives us the ingredients of the experience of life.

The devious and wicked power that operates this earthly  reality spent centuries destroying this practice and knowledge, calling it satanic, murdering the "witches" and shamans that guided young humans through the passage into adulthood. The tribes that knew these old ways have been all but wiped out, the remaining human beings more easily controlled and rendered more stupid by the absence of this vital piece in the jigsaw of life. In this way we have been disconnected from our true state of being, have been beaten down into a lesser, more savage condition. These entheogens are here in this reality for a reason, there to be discovered and, with care and guidance and a full sense of their importance, experienced to provide a wisdom otherwise unattainable.

There are dangers in these things, too. There are plants that open doors best left unopened, doors to places and things yet to be defined by "science". Hitler had his third eye opened by the demonologist Dietrich Eckhart with Peyote, letting  a space open in his mind for something other to enter, something that could inspire terror, something that could capture the hearts and minds of millions and bend them to its will, something evil. Before this experience, Hitler was just a diminutive and mundane creature. Afterwards he inspired fear and love in millions and held them in his inhuman thrall.

In our current worldview, one that scoffs at the idea of Magick and of transdimensional demons, there is no explanation for this transformation. And yet we note that scientific geniuses such as Newton, Jack Parsons, Carl Jung and many, many others spent entire portions of their lives knowing of these dark entities and summoning them to this reality. We know that many of our authors of fantasy, J.R. Tolkien, C.S.Lewis and many more (L.Ron Hubbard in sci-fi), were deeply involved with satanic ritual and demonology, members of Golden Dawn and confidantes of Crowley. We know that the world's intelligence agencies were founded by demon summoners like John Dee, that today the British intelligence agencies encourage satanic paedophilia and child sacrifice, that the CIA was founded by and staffed by such creatures, fetching SS satanists over from Germany after the war and adding them to their ranks. It is now these agencies around the world that are the grease on the tracks of the dreadful Leviathan heading our way. They blackmail and murder and manipulate with impunity, above and beyond the common laws of humanity, each agency in divers countries united in an occult wholeness that goes beyond national boundaries.

So it would seem that there is one truth for the powers that be and their agents, another truth for the rest of us. Disney was within their cabal and his organisation was given the task of ensuring that every child grew up knowing absolutely that such things as Magic were just fantasy, just fairy tales, that anyone believing in such things might just as well believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy.

Though there are many left-brained rote-learners amongst human kind now, those who are absolutely certain of the science or the religion that they have been indoctrinated with in our crass and controlled education system and our psychologically orchestrated cult religions, those who can yet think understand that humanity is in an unknowing state right now, that neither science nor belief systems can go unquestioned. Thinkers see that we stand at the gateway to an entirely different understanding of this reality, see that our finest minds are now questioning every understanding we have, those questions giving rise to a completely different knowledge of everything that will alter humanity's worldview and shake the current reality to its foundations.

This new understanding of reality and of humanity's true nature within it is something that our current controllers are and have for some time been seeking to stifle. Their strategy is multi-pronged. It concerns itself with controlling scientific teaching, publishing, research and the careers of scientists. It concerns itself with growing the numbers of people absorbed into demonic satanism and subverting police forces and judiciaries everywhere such that humanity is denied justice and revenge upon the elite child murderers. They control our media and thus our consciousness, guiding us away from the mass rage that should be evident everywhere now as these evil excrescences spread their chaotic kill-fest across the planet.

With all entheogens used properly there is ritual, there is psychological scene setting, there are wise guides we called and call shamans who ensure the right path is followed. The masters of this reality have perverted and distorted the use of pineal gland stimulants for their own purposes, opening doors few of us believe exist. The CIA brought LSD to millions, knowingly perverting minds and souls at a deeper level, creating and twisting the flower-people into unconscious servants of Lucifer, drinking the false honey of rock music, imbibing Crowley's sickness, becoming the bewildered acolytes of Lucifer's New Age, stealing ideas of Peace and Love and turning them into a dark philosophy. They await awakening, these ageing hippies, mostly ignorant of the seeds that have been sown, of the doors opened.

Since the 1960's there has been a vast assault on the consciousness of our species, a vast increase in the programming of the sub-conscious mind, a vast increase in the control of conscious thought, a huge drug-fueled door opened into this reality. Occult knowledge is flaunted everywhere, signs and symbols displayed with increasing prominence, all of our festivals now openly dedicated to their cause and their staggeringly obvious satanic rituals. They are at such strength now that they mockingly display and strut their foul stuff in front of our eyes. Witness the olympic ceremonies, the super-bowls, the Grammies and many others. Many of us see this, many knowing that we are experiencing some kind of crescendo, that some turning point for our species is approaching and that unless humanity awakens from its somnolence and its hypnotic trance there WILL be a new world order,.... and it will be like nothing we can imagine.

And it isn't far away.

There is much to suggest that this reality is information based, that the illusion Einstein called reality is engendered by the great thought that Planck saw everywhere in creation. There is much to suggest in our innate, untaught and unstructured sense that there is a creative force, that intuitive knowledge having being captured and coralled by organised religions and called "God" and used as a tool of manipulation, turning the yearning for good into bigotry and divisive hatred. The entheogens, the activated pineal gland, teach us that we are one, that we are an integral part of this creation, that we are co-creators of it and that it is our consciousness that is doing the creating. All that we experience, all of what we call "life" is contained in the electric maelstrom we call our brains, feeding the picture of reality into our minds.

A place of beauty and safety was made, full of wonder, in which could dwell in harmony and joy creatures of love and peace, consciousnesses experiencing this thing we call life, this fulfilling sensate sentience. This reality was made and walls were built around it to keep out entities that would despoil it. It was built of numbers, firewalled and virus protected, programmed to produce novelty.
Our place has been hacked. The hackers have entered via our consciousness and have sought and increasingly are seeking to completely destroy what we have collectively created. Many of us have fallen under their sway. Many of us have lost our humanity. Many of us fail to love. Most of us now fail to live with love as the foundation of everything, yet that was our original intent and purpose.

All of our ancient understandings speak of forces of good and of evil, of the eternal battle between darkness and light. Those who believe still in these mysteries are mostly believers in one organised and perverted faith or another and are busy killing each other as we write. There is another faith growing among us, the vile satanic faith that will soon emerge from its state of secrecy and flaunt itself openly having grown to such power that it will openly take our children to feed its sacrificial requirements rather than secretly as now. Please remember, before you disbelieve, that for most of human history there have been those that openly sacrificed our children and demanded in the name of one god or another that we hand them over.

And we did.

Later, those sacrifices of our young were undertaken under the guise of war. We then, and we do now, encourage our young to enter these killing festivals in the name of misguided patriotism or religious zeal. What utter fools we are to undergo millennia of this and not see it for what it is.

What utter fools we are now.

That we are a collective consciousness called humanity has become clear over the last few decades. We are entirely co-dependent across the world, can glory in our differences and the beauty of individual strangeness and yet can both understand and share our similarities. It is those similarities that make us a whole, for underlying the outward expression of self we each of us have in common a desire for peace, a desire to end want, a desire for love, a desire for fellowship and companionship, a desire for freedom and for fun so long as we do no harm. There are few of us that do not enjoy this commonality, though their number is growing rapidly and dangerously. They have been absorbed into the system or are occupied by entities that are other than we are. All of the structures of power and control that we mutely accept are so occupied, meaning that if we are to prevent the impending horror that is seemingly inevitable, we must learn quickly how to ignore these structures and replace them with giving, with sharing, with truth and with justice, with honour and with human decency, acting as one family across the world.

The door to the future swings open as we write and the direction humanity takes will be the direction that we choose by the expression of free will and the knowledge that we are indeed one single entity, one family, creatures of love and rightful creators of the reality we experience.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
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