Saturday, 29 January 2011

2011. Interesting times......

This post is dedicated to those that are becoming aware of the truth and are educated as to the enormously detailed and meticulously organised plans that govern the destiny of mankind. I will of necessity use a broad brush, assuming you are conscious of the volumes that lie behind each statement, drawing conclusions that are dictated by knowledge and logic and intuition and, above all, love.
I will write of two potential futures, one good, one evil. Both are fundamentally different from the present. Both are already forming and have been forming for a century or more. I will write of what I understand of the imminent future, how that imminent future is unavoidable, how it is that a moment of choice will arrive for humanity and that, at that juncture, humanity will be misled into a living hell by great deceivers.
And then of how that living hell will be cast aside and a new world disorder born, a disorder that is harmonious, full of love, marked by the absence of concern, infinite is its beautiful variety, full of the greatest achievements of our wonderful species and the new consciousness that will grow from the ashes of our dead selves.
Some will already see the deception, as you already do, but that may not save our mortal beings and indeed will probably cause its demise. As for the immortal being or beings that reside within the hundreds of trillions of cells that make up what we think of as ourselves, each formed of hundreds of trillions of atoms, each atom a living electrical energy form of vast dimension, I understand there can be no end. But there can be an end to one phase and the beginning of another. It is of this that I write.
This is why I say fear nothing, even death itself, for death is a figment of the fantasy of the reality in which we are currently destined to experience what we think of as life.
We are each of us a vast community of souls, destined by the ineffable thing some call god, others creation, to learn from our experiences the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and to arrive at an understanding that we may take forward into what we think of as the future but in reality is just a place, a position on the great scale of the dimensions.
From this understanding will emerge, after the tribulations which fast approach and for many are already in motion, the utopia that human kind will effortlessly achieve. It will be as nothing to cast aside the errors of the past, errors gifted to us for all time by those that shape us to their will, and step into the light of a human future, a future shaped by the minds of a free humanity, a future of love, of harmony, of incredible diversity, free from fear, underwritten by the certainty of fellowship, the certainty of help when needed and the beauty of the freedom that comes from being able to devote ourselves to giving help, to each giving a hand to others building an eternity of peace and love.
We are all of us one kind, one family, selfless souls living under one roof that is the sky.
And what a family we are, what a family we will be.
The imminent future, scripted and with a foreknowledge deprived to the unknowing, is a certainty that rests upon the great plans of those that rule us. Our masters fear free will above all else, knowing that it is free will that will enable humankind to cast aside the shackles of the great pyramid control system. They have devoted themselves, via their control of that thing called money in which we all believe and then further their control of the science that money can buy, to the grand theft of the ingenuity of our species. They have used this ingenuity to build for themselves great towers of control, great structures that bend the mind and form the egos of the vast numbers of sleeping humanity on which they depend for their continuance. As our numbers have grown and our genius has flourished they have, as ever, kept control of this knowledge and of this burgeoning science. It is this stolen knowledge and science that will be utilised in the coming phase of the unfolding of their plans.
I will offer no detail, assuming you already see the front end of the coming leviathan:
The removal of a variety of fundamental beliefs begins right soon, designed to turn to mud the consciousness of humanity, designed to have us all crying out in our respective wildernesses for a saviour.
The belief in the current money notion. The belief in the current faith/religious systems. The belief that you are relatively safe. The belief in democracy and the general goodwill of humanity. The belief in good as a concept. Happiness. Life. The belief that we are alone in the universe. The belief in the food supply system. The belief that your neighbour or brother or mother would never murder you for bread.
The belief in everything you think you know.
The destructive Armageddon designed to undermine the current false reality of their creation and its replacement by a completely new (and yet age old) paradigm.
Every control mechanism the have ever used, reshaped and re-presented with the aid of science, delivered in a rapidly unfolding series of horrors designed to prevent our evolution.
All of this will be portrayed as a shock, as if by accident not by design. Certainly not by the design of those that will ultimately offer the solution, hard as it will be to stomach but, by then, most of humanity will agree to anything, be willing to kill those that stand against the great tide of evil dressed as universal truth and good. The intent, by such shock and awe, to steal the very future from humankind. It is of course the Awe that will be provided by their stolen science. Here comes the alien intervention. Here comes the saviour of humanity in the form of a messiah. Here comes their dream of a world suborned in perpetuity to evil, dressed in the false sanctity of a sharing, caring world under their “The Christ, The Maitreya.”
All a bit Biblical, fulfilling prophecy, but then what has been the source of that prophecy, what the intent, what arcane and esoteric knowledge underpinning it?

Except for free will we will be lost.
Except for you, my friend, and the path you choose, the humanity you cling to, the choices you make and the souls crying out for beauty and love that dwell within you.
Question everything.
Fear nothing.
Love and cherish the belief in the future that will finally be of our own making.
Commit no harm, even though and especially when your life depends upon it, for it will be upon such example that we build our future.
There is truth and good in the universe. Hold on to that idea, for it may very well be the saving of us and the birthing of the new world disorder, the great utopia that will be our destiny if we hold onto the vestiges of free will, cling to our understandings, fear nothing.
Create a world of love fit to enter the great universality of love that is creation, is God, is us.
Love to all,
Thanks to Justin for the donation (you are literally one in many thousands!)
Olive xxx xxx xxx
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