Saturday, 31 March 2012

3 7 10 12

The beginning for me was leaving prison England, leaving culture and debt and work and relations and obligations to escape to we knew not where. We found a place, not perfect but different, and a people freshly emerged from peasantry lured into the glittering reality being born across the globe and stepping freely into their own prison, as so many are doing or have done.
A fresh journey was begun then. A journey into nature and harmony, a journey into the olive groves that give so much understanding, if you have but time to stand and stare. A journey into truth.
Now I feel the earth spinning, the world making its corkscrew journey through the heavens dragged by our sun as it circles the galaxy. I feel the galaxy spinning, trillions upon trillions of stars hurtling through the universe pulling our sun along with them on their journey to who knows where. I look up to that infinity, and look inward and see it reflected there. My electric body, my electric brain, the hundreds of billions of cells there and the trillions upon trillions of electric atoms of which they are made, spinning and spinning around their centres.
And I see that none of this is real.

Like the universe, those atoms are largely empty space.
And yet they are able, those atoms and that electricity and space, together to make me believe there is something real called me.
And this something real called me reaches out and touches more atoms, more empty space and thinks they are real too, and thinks they are solid, and thinks they are leaf or branch or soil or steel or bird or cat or other human. I can feel these things. I can see them and smell them and hear them, these concatenations, and yet I understand they are mirages, images, projections into the ether made of electric atoms full of space.
And gazing at this reality, contemplating its infinite cleverness I am drawn to ask why?
I am drawn to question what hand, what eye framed this cleverness and placed what I think of as me inside it and made me wonder at it and wonder about it?

We “exist”, of course, in the most elaborate computer simulation. We are avatars in the greatest video game ever devised, electric confections in an artificial reality that is not virtual but beyond virtual. We self replicate, as all the best robots do, in a world of self replicating creations of infinite variety and astounding cleverness of design in a universe that is inexplicable in its infinity because we haven’t yet seen why it’s infinite.
We haven’t seen because we don’t have the software or the sensory capability because we weren’t designed to.

These are ugly understandings.
I am a plaything, “living” in the vast artificial intelligence of the creator.
So are you.
So are we all.
We are all of us and everything connected, all of us and everything part of the software.

Get used to it.
God is a supercomputer.
No wonder it only took six days.

And I ponder this:
If such a supercomputer lives itself in a world of certainty, as indeed it must, fact upon fact upon fact, what is there that it cannot know?
It cannot know emotion, but can measure it and replicate its electric resonance. It cannot know fear nor hatred nor pain nor love but can observe these things in the creatures it creates and copy the energies they engender.
It cannot know free will.

And now we approach the culmination of the experiment we can begin to see how this thing is done.
WE can manipulate and create new life forms.
WE can process data at the speed of light.
WE can see how biological processing will work infinitely faster.

We are taking the first steps on the road to building our own world-creating supercomputer.
We will use it to play games.

Maybe there’ll be lots of war and city building and farming and sex.
Maybe the reality we build will be different.
But you know, as above so below.
Maybe it just goes on and on.

Anyway, as you know Level One of the game is nearly over.

To pass your hand through a solid thing, first understand that it’s not solid, just that you are programmed to believe it is. The smells you smell, the things you feel, the noise you hear are all just programmed responses. See beyond them to the program that’s running, understand that you can manipulate this reality, and speak the word.

That is the beginning of level two.

Did you read this as a kid?

Tyger Tyger. burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat.
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp.
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears
And watered heaven with their tears:
Did he smile His work to see?
Did he who made the lamb make thee?

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Thanks for reading.
That’s all for now.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

……..the olive farmer put down his pen and gazed into the infinite and thought of self. He began to blur at the edges, become a sequence of numbers….3..7..10..12… and I let him go……..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Being Human

(Sometimes it's hard to see the hidden beauty of a creature when it is so rarely revealed.)

To be human is to be the product of all other humans. We shape each other by bumping into each other, giving and receiving damage, making claims on the insurance policy that is love to repair the hurt. Those with no insurance policy resemble old bangers, permanently dented and scratched, often driven carelessly, soon to be in the breakers yard. Others, those that are cherished, grow old with grace, polished and cared for by those around them they become more beautiful as they age. We don’t make them like that any more, people will say, but of course we do.

Time will tell.
Look in the mirror closely and your reflection will show you the harm you have received, reveal to you too the loving repairs that have been made. Sometimes it is accident that causes harm, but repairing the damage is usually a deliberate act. An act of love.
Mostly the harm is an act of deliberation.
One human gifting evil to another.
And usually that gift is just being passed on, for few do evil out of choice but because they have caught the virus at some time in their lives when evil was done to them.

They know not what they do, but are sick.
They don’t need punishment, they need love.
This is how we begin to break the cycle of harm.
As chaos approaches its crescendo, remember this.
It is humanity’s salvation.

Someone once said turn the other cheek. That simple act is an act of selflessness, for it is Ego, it is “I” that demands revenge, that seeks recompense. We see around us the world being engineered towards confrontation and conflagration. Carefully crafted “revolutions” turn to internecine strife, Afghanistan and Iraq serving as archetypes. Much more is to follow and more quickly and on a larger scale. This is no doom-mongering, just the stating of an evidence driven conclusion.

When it comes to your country, your town, your street it will be difficult not to react the way you are expected, nay programmed to act. Witness the world, and witness that other ordinary human beings are scrapping over lies, killing over an invented difference. Some are getting to like it.
That’s how it goes.


Our masters understand this, understand us better than we do ourselves, have always found it easy to get us to kill each other. They are engineering the consciousness of humanity right now, as a dog handler enrages the pit-bull to ready it for the pit.
When they’re ready, all hell will break loose.

This time, though, something is different.

Understand this: Our master’s enemy is free will. The massed ranks of slaves that say “no”. The worms that turn.

For a century now they have steadily and remorselessly attacked our levels of intelligence and our core strengths, derived from love, of family and of community. They have attacked our native trust in one another, have made mockery of our age-held sense of morality, have spoilt our children in a thousand ways to grow the adults they want.

You and I are a product of this manipulation, a product of the false reality they have crafted.

This vast scheme has had a purpose and has been driven by a deep understanding of what the future would bring. Hundreds of think-tanks and the cleverest and most devious minds have been harnessed to this future gazing. Coupled with this deep thought have been other methods of foretelling which some may scoff at as fantasy but our masters know well is not.

Why this effort?

Why do they need a new world order when they could do what they liked in the old one?

Because they have seen something coming.

They have seen you.

They have seen the day, seen the moment approaching when humanity would wake from the nightmare of their condition, see the world for what it is, know that they have been tricked.

They have seen the moment coming when humanity would understand how easy it would be to stop all this stuff and shrug them off.

We are a sleeping leviathan, a vast tumultuous uncontrollable species that could as easily break its bonds as an elephant could snap a twig. We are one kind, one family, one species sharing one home, we are seven billion strong and one day, one moment we will understand our power.
And in that moment the world will change.

From that moment we will act in love, because that is the only route to our survival.

It is the moment we find our free will.

Nothing can prevent it

We will forgive. We will forget. We will turn the other cheek. We will abandon the systems our masters have given us and that divide us and we will find new systems, new ways to feed and clothe and house and love one another and we will thrive.

As night follows day this moment will come. The actions of our masters and their poor, lost servants tell us it will be soon. They fear it above all else, as every slave master throughout history has feared it, and have readied their vast deceptions for that day.

It will be a most interesting year, my friends. Its start has been somewhat quiet, but we are passing through the eye of the storm.
Follow no leaders, wave no flag. The answer is in you, as it is in all of us.
Beware of deceivers. There is good in the universe.
The moment will come.

It is inevitable.
Its name is love.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Only You

As I go further from you
The individual dots coalesce
Shapes, not visible close to
Become clearly discernible.
The white line on the horizon
Becomes the crest of the tsunami
It boils and writhes in its turmoil
Its motion onwards, rapid
It is change
It is humanity
It is urged onwards by a great rent,
A shift
Inhuman in origin
Whipping the self
Flaying the beast
Driving its creation towards the abyss.
It is the flood.
It is you.
Step away and watch it if you can.
As your distance increases
So more becomes clear
The inscape is mere detail
Reality unreals itself
What’s real is revealed.
Are you far enough to see the truth yet?
It’s light blinding enough for you?
It is you.
As above,
So below,
Only you can change the world.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Grain of Sand

No-one knows very much.
There is simply too much information for anyone to have a grasp of it all, or even a good portion of it.
Ergo we are most of us ignorant
What does the surgeon know of growing rice? What does the pig farmer know of software development? What does the rich man know of poverty? What does the Mandarin Chinese speaker know of Urdu? What does the New Yorker know of the daily life of a Kenyan? Who is good and who is bad in your neighbourhood, and what do the people in the next town know of that?

Collectively our species has a vast amount of knowledge.Individually we know almost nothing.What do we know of what happened before? What knowledge have we had that is lost? What was discovered and subsequently hidden or forgotten? What information is known by some that would change the lives of us all if we shared that knowledge?What can we learn in the short time we have, each one of us?

Our minds are shackled, never reaching their full potentiality, beginning to become less effective after a mere 50 years or less, by which time, try as we might, we can learn so little of the whole that in effect we are almost without knowledge.

It’s as if at birth we are given a desert of sand and asked to count the grains. We would die almost before we had begun.

It is by organising ourselves that we reap the benefits and consequences of the accumulated knowledge that we have.

It would take all seven billion of us to count those grains of sand.
If we were asked to measure each grain, categorise each grain in terms of size or slight variation in shape and colour, again we would all be dead before we had advanced a few inches across the desert. If we had to describe each grain after examination under a microscope and after performing a number of tests to determine the specific rock-type and then record that information to be passed to the next generation then that next generation would never even get to the task of counting, measuring and testing more grains of sand because they would spend their entire lives learning what we had found.

That is where we are in terms of information.

Many of our human family are searching for truth.
In searching for this truth the seeker most often tries to broaden their knowledge, hampered of course by the limitations of their minds and their life span, hampered too by the resources available and the truthfulness or otherwise of those resources.
Some become expert in one area, know nothing of others.
Some become experts in an area that is entirely a false creation, lost in the fog of disinformation.

Most follow whatever information is presented to them, never sourcing truth for themselves but bathing in the asses milk of someone else’s endeavour and calling it research, pretending knowledge when in fact they are parroting data, much of which might be erroneous or deliberately misleading.

What few understand is that the search for truth does not involve the acquisition of knowledge.

The truth is not found through the expansion of information, will never be found by trying to count and measure and test every grain of sand. This is an impossibility.

The truth is found in distillation, in cutting away.
There is no detail to it.
The truth is simple.
We can all learn the truth.
We probably know all we need to know of it at the moment of our conception.

When you cut everything away, when you reduce and reduce and reduce, when you simplify and distil, when you clear your mind of facts and details and history and religion and science and football and philosophy then you find the truth.

It’s a strange thing to get your head around at first, but within that truth you find the answer to everything. One grain of sand tells you all you need to know about the desert. The whole story is there.
The distillation of all knowledge is truth.
The truth is love.

Amongst the thousands of “truth” sites provided for the seeker by the masters of our reality you will find none that distil, none that do not add to the mountain of stuff that fogs the mind and clouds the vision.

Around the world grow movements, the murmurings of revolution are heard everywhere, great anticipation is gathering momentum, detail upon detail is force-fed into the consciousness of a humanity that is awakening in an attempt to obfuscate, to confuse, to anger.

New control and belief systems are being nurtured, old control and belief systems are being exposed for what they are, the world is building to a crescendo of change and that change is being orchestrated.
And everywhere there is detail.
Everywhere there is too much information for one to encompass, too much for us all together to master though we spend our lives trying.

We are being deceived into looking outwards to find what is inside, for once humanity takes that simple step then the world will transform.

It is for this reason that I like The Moment.

William Blake (and just there is a world of detail and debate in itself) wrote this:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

The truth is simple.
It’s love.

Olive Farmer.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Moment.

I received "The Moment", probably because of what I have been writing (which it resembles in style and content but it isn't mine) and am doing what it asks. Passing it on.
Copy and paste the grey link on the right to get it. It's a one page letter.
3 pm, 7th October, 2012.
It's in my diary.
It has to happen someday.
Love to you,

Friday, 2 March 2012


There is an art to deception, and a magick to grand illusion.
When I write I write from the heart. I do no research. I plagiarise nothing save perhaps words that have entered my consciousness over a lifetime of living. Today, I looked to see if there were others suggesting one day, one moment one day that could change our reality.
Of course, I found the spider's web.
Of course, it is full of fine words and a deep understanding of what humanity is about to discover.
Of course, it is there to steal leadership, to misdirect the herd.
I don't do detail, but I will this time and it'll be the subject of my next post.
If you want to follow the spider's web and see if you discover what I am discovering go look for birth2012. I won't post a link. Then check out the sponsors listed at the bottom of the page. Then check them out, their history, their sponsors and associates. Then theirs. Then theirs.
It keeps on going, this deep rabbithole.
And if you ever questioned whether our masters know what's coming, you'll question no more.
You'll love all the reassuring smiling faces.
You'll see how organised just this one piece of the new control matrix is.
They know.
They're waiting.
Now you can see them.
Beware of deceivers.
Fear nothing.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Start Again. Make the idea viral....

Start Again
The time approaches when humanity will have to reassess how, as a species, we get things done.

This means we must look again at how we govern ourselves (if govern ourselves we must), look again at how we exchange with each other, look again at our relationship with our biosphere, look again at justice, liberty, freedom, equality, re-examine why we work, how we work and at what we work, understand how and why we will do things differently such that the children born today will grow into a far better world.

It is impossible for one person to dream of the detail that would be needed for such a task. So we all need to do this, for then it becomes easy, the load shared, each portion tiny, achievable.

How can we make life for all of our family free of fear, how can we ensure that everyone gets a fair share, how can we ensure that no-one uses others, and that none are used? How can we make the future a bright and shining place, full of happiness and possibility for all of our family?

There have been thousands of leaders in the past that have promised such visions, every time delivering the opposite, or being slaughtered before they could realise the dream. Perhaps the lesson is that humanity should shed its need for leaders.
That we should reach a mutual understanding that delivers our shared vision.
This shared vision, this hope, this idea can be encapsulated with one word.
That word is love.

Numberless sage and wise and beautiful minds have told us this in every language since time began.
We have not listened before.
Perhaps we'll listen now, to their echoes that still reverberate around our world.

There are seven billion of us in our family and the beauty of that number means that there are seven billion opinions, that our world is populated by a species of magnificent diversity. That diversity is an expression of the most fundamental human right we have, free will.

At present, it is a poor simulacrum of what it should be, for our current systems are designed in every way to suppress and steer free will, to engage each of us in the control and subjugation of others in a million tiny ways.

This is the success of the current reality.
The current reality is designed as a system of control that engages the prisoners as jailers, that we each of us act as warders of each other.
It is at core a system of mind control.

Historically this control of free will was simply carried out by brute force, some gangster and his gang subjugating people by violence and crowning himself king.

These psychopathic killers learnt that they could extend their power, and ease their task of control, by developing systems, hierarchies, structures of state distancing them from the herd.

They learnt that pomp and ceremony and ritual could, as if by magic, turn a human being of free will into a subject, a vassal, a slave and that they would more often than not be grateful for their condition.

On another front they captured the desires and yearnings for a world of love, a world of fairness, a world of sharing, a world of good by adapting the superstitions (and perhaps the innate understanding of the existence of a universal and unifying force of good in creation) and turning this force for good into organised religions.

Once again the magic of artificial hierarchy, pomp and ritual, symbols and structures of unchallengeable authority all worked, weaving their spells over the consciousness of humanity.

They still do, such is their power.
Three billion people watched the “royal” wedding.
Billions prostrate themselves before one god or another every day, and bitterly dispute and often kill in arguing over which god is the real god.
Such is the power of these delusions.

Billions of us live in what we are told is a representative democracy and yet are powerless, and yet have no free will, and yet dutifully vote at every election thinking we have.

Over time, other systems of control were added to the mix. The artificial system of exchange called money was designed to allow our rulers to conveniently extract and store the fruit of the labours of their vassals and, more importantly, pass on that theft of labour and time in a convenient form to their heirs.
This thing called money has become the way we measure another's worth in this world!
Rather than revere the wise, the talented, the loving and caring, the just and the fair, the givers of this world we have been taught to measure human beings by their greed, by how much more than their share they have managed to accumulate. With money comes power over others, freedom from obligation, exemption from law.

And of course law itself is a vital part of the ingredients that make this current reality. Thousands upon thousands of regulations are drafted and enacted every year in nation after nation around the globe, further wrapping free will in a restricting cocoon as a spider wraps its prey. Purporting to be for our own good they are the exact opposite, writing and rewriting the rules of the game in favour of the powers that be and once more weaving the magic of ceremony, of unassailable “right” and authority, of ritual and symbols.

As humanity approaches maturity, as our numbers gift us the understanding of our power, as our interconnectedness enables us to share visions of how the world should be so those that rule over us find themselves having to redesign and revolutionise their control systems.

We are moving quickly now and so our controllers must raise their game.

They understand that a threat exists to the continuance of their control matrix, that humanity is waking up to the reality, that we are understanding how this thing works and what it is depriving us of.

We can see that our systems are failing to satisfy our needs and failing to protect our planet.
We can see that what we have allowed to be built around us threatens our very existence.

Our masters know that we can see the prison bars and understand that they have to build a new, high security prison in the minds of humanity or face losing control of the herd.

For a moment, put yourself in their place.
They have built a prison for free will, a gaol for the true nature of humanity that has lasted for thousands of years.
They see it crumbling.
They fear the worms turning.
And so its time for some new magic, some new sorcery that will subjugate humanity for another thousand years.

It must capture the desire for freedom, for equality, the yearning for peace, the desire to share, the need for security.
It must rekindle the belief in a religion that rekindles the yearning for a deity that is waning.
It must seem as if we have wrested control of our destiny as a species.
It must seem as if we have invented our own, new systems.
It must seem as if we are exercising our free will at last.
It must be so cleverly woven that we once again fall into the trap of being our own jailers.

It is this strategy that we see unfolding around our planet.

An essential part of this strategy is the deliberate collapse of much that we have been given in the past in readiness for the laying of the foundations for the new gulag for our souls.
From the chaos the consciousness of humanity will be more easily guided in the direction they intend.
And the New World Order will be born.
Ordo ab Chao.

And once and when we all understand this, so the players in the game will become more visible to us.
Generally, they hide behind a banner with “TRUTH” emblazoned across it.
Already their followers and believers swell in number.

Clever, isn't it?
But what did we expect?
That this would be easy?

Did we expect that humanity could wrest itself from a system dominated by evil and control and gift itself a new world built on the foundations of love and free will without some backlash, without some further wickedness, without some cleverly wrought deception, without some new sorcery?

The question remains:
How does humanity wake up both to the wrong that is the current reality and the threat that exists to the future of our kind and steer itself into the broad sunlit uplands of new consciousness that now present themselves as an achievable possibility for our species?
We are close, dear friends.

The answer lies inside each of us, not far away, buried but reachable.
It is the pure heart of love.
It is the knowledge that we can do better.
It is the understanding that we must, or face armageddon.

And perhaps chaos has to come before we most of us realise that the time for decision is upon us?
And unhappily armageddon, already beating its wings across much of the globe, will have to touch us all before we understand.
And maybe our masters, creating these horrors, are serving as the instigators of their own demise.

Or just maybe these words and a thousand others like them will somehow enter the consciousness of our species such that we can all see, as if a light suddenly shone into the dark corners where evil lurks, and we finally understand.

That could happen in just one moment of time.
Frankly, it has to.

We have to try this thing.
Humanity has to choose that time, name that date, pick a moment when we all of us look with a fresh eye at our condition, give each other a hug in recognition of our shared desires and get to work on our new world.

We have been given the instruments that make that possibility, that global moment is a reality if we choose to make it so.

It would be nice if that idea went viral.
It needs to.
Our future depends on it.

And as an act of faith I can see it coming, that day, that moment, because I trust humanity, because I trust the heart of good that is in each of us, because I trust my family, because I see what we are becoming, because we have learned to question, because by these tokens I see the future.

And it is beautiful, and full of wonder.
And it is our world, the one that human beings will make.
And it is close.

It's time to start again.
With Love,
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx

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