Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Internet as a Consciousness Engineering Weapon

The internet is, of course, a consciousness engineering weapon fully in the hands of our masters.
We understand, and have been informed by our masters via engineered “whistle-blowing”, that they listen to every phone call, hack every e-mail, check every tweet and monitor every social site.

Once the public was informed of this outrage nothing happened.
Our Masters understood that nothing would happen.

Because they know exactly what the species is thinking at any moment.
This is the power the internet grants them.
Most humans are too stupid to realise this.
This they understand too.

When Obama makes a speech, the data tells him what to say and how to say it.
What words and what phrases to use, what hand gestures and facial expressions, what tone of voice.
The speech thus tailored is then measured for effect against the desired results.
What we think is expressed via media.

The news media are scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.
The alternative media is scheduled to respond in the way they are scheduled to respond.

Active steps are taken to divert people or prevent people from finding pages like this.
So is the consciousness of the herd engineered in such a masterly way.

Make no mistake, friends, they are proceeding with their cull.
Confident in the knowledge that almost nobody knows.
And confident that those who do are being misled and attacked by sophisticated psychological weapons that divert and distress and divide and so render powerless.

Those who can see are witness to the steady destruction of life on this planet.

Our masters have created such a numb and dumb populace that nobody seems to care, nobody seems capable of getting off their backsides and screaming from the rooftops whilst our beautiful world is ravaged by these uncaring monsters and humanity assists them for a dollar of their worthless money.

This is our current condition, this the world we pass on to those that follow, stripped to the bone and empty of resource and sullied and dirtied such that every species is now threatened with extinction. They have filled the world with poisons that will linger for thousands of years. They know, from their data-mining of this consciousness engineering weapon, that nobody really cares.

One draws the conclusion that our masters either do not care for the future, that they are so psychotic that they don’t give a shit about anything except their NOW, or that a world destroyed somehow meets their success criteria……

That begs another question that must be esoteric.

They know who you are, what you look like is fed into their facial recognition data bank and if they so choose they can follow every movement you make. Your phone tells them where it is and so likely where you are. They know what you buy, what you desire, how much is in your bank account, what you watch on TV etc etc etc etc etc etc on and on and on ad nauseam.

They know EVERYTHING about you.
And they use this data.

Forget Gallup polls.
They know EXACTLY what you think.

As they data mine this information they gain an exact knowledge of what crimes they can commit and get away with. They can assess the effect of every action they take and measure the reaction, or more usually non-reactions, of the pathetic grazing herd of dumb cattle that they have made of humanity.

We witness their evil cancerous menace reshaping the world.
We witness the herd responding to their false “revolutions”.
In every nation the edge of the abyss draws near.
For many it is too late and the chaos has descended.

They cause us to squabble and to kill each other.
They divide us into factions and set us against each other.
Their internet is weaponised, stirring hatreds everywhere.
Whilst the really big issues are not even seen by most………..

Do you think this is a game?
Do you believe that your thought cannot be engineered?
Do you believe that their false trillions could not buy enough traitors to humanity to create this monster?
Do you think no-one could be so evil, so diabolically clever, so organised, have so much power, plan so carefully and comprehensively?

Grow up.

Aktina and I understand that few will read this.
Maybe nobody does, and our few “hits” are all from the scumbags.
Probably why we never get a comment……..?
But we know this:
We know that the chaos will deepen, that the agony will increase, that the grief will become unbearable. This much is clear.

We know that the bastards will offer up their God-King to save us………
This they have told us.

And we also see this….

A world of love, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, unstoppable and beyond our master’s power to control, the true nature of our species set free, the god-christ that is in each of us coming to the fore.

And in our grief for the world we smile, for we see the end, and know it is a beginning.

If you are reading this and are a real person
Love to You
Aktina and Olive.
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Global Unity, Humanity's Last Chance Saloon

The fomented chaos continues to burgeon.
The sheep are focusing on keeping their heads down, lest the horror swing their way.
The debt burden imprisons them as surely as bars, and can and will be made heavier. Our masters will steal from the industrious and the careful their amassed hoards and another stilt upon which this creaking reality rests will be kicked from under us.

Thus we are rendered weak and divided and incapable of the global unity humanity requires for its survival and prospering.

The false opposition reviles the idea of globalism. The master of this reality weaves the false and Luciferian alternative mass awakening, its Shift and Zeitgeist and Thrive’s, its Occupy, its Venus and a thousand others.
You can’t get behind them all.
You will begin to find fault in detail with them all.

You will distrust many.

You will notice the relentless and unsubtle money making.
They grow rich.
You begin to smell a rat.
Look elsewhere or grow weary.

Such, of course, is their strategy.

To make a myriad of rabbit holes, to avert the one thing that can stop this horror in its tracks.
Global unity.
A slaves rEvolution.
The birth of a new humanity.
Not from some divine intervention, something which our masters can almost certainly contrive to provide for us and have adverted in their plans which are known to us, their protocols
The Zion name they carry of course was a contrivance, a diverting finger pointing at their most hated target group, but the plans, as we can observe, roll out.

By other subtle positioning of the pawns on the grand table they incite the human to once again choose a part of its family for extermination, according to the strategy of the master.
And so Israel, and those who profess to be Jews, that whole contrivance was to get them in one place and to make us want to kill them.

Most alternative media picks at this particular scab in our subconscious.
Do you see how the game is played, and the field upon which it is played?

Step into the Director’s box and view the turmoil from its rarefied atmosphere and imagine, for a moment in time, that there is no time.
Only from such a superior vantage point can you see the great threads which have run through our collective consciousness and see how and when they were imposed and how they have been maintained over a time span far beyond our limited life spans

You see that much of what we humans have done to each other, and much that we do to each other now has been orchestrated at their hands.

Imagine there is no time for them, that they see the long game as we cannot for they can see their blood and its power through the ages. They do not think of “I”, they think of “we” and speak in that way.
Don’t view them as a succession but rather as a continuum of one consciousness.
As if their DNA is different to ours and carries the collective memory and knowledge forward to each generation.
Insane genocidal freaks to a man or woman.
Alien to us.

Everywhere, for many centuries this consciousness and its bloodline has exercised its power to shape our reality.

All of our “nations” bear the stamp of their controlling division of the spoils of the herd.

All of our religions have been moulded by their hands, the structures of these belief systems riddled with their compromised and perverted and so blackmailed creatures who serve their purpose.
Slowly they nudge religion to the edge of collapse, rekindle again the blood-feuds so to weaken the idea of god further ready for the appearance of their god king.

The very idea of money. The idea of work in its current form. The idea of regulation. The idea that one human being can somehow be superior to another and so be able to instruct that other what to do. These are their ideas, for that structure and the ladders people are forced to or desire to climb serve their agenda in making us seek power over others.
This is not human. This is taught behaviour, so embedded in our collective consciousness as to seem normal, to seem right to many.

We have come to rely on this system of organised bullying to maintain the shallow veneer of civilisation that we all recognise as false. Its days are numbered and our masters understand this better than all those of us who believe we are awakening but are instead sleep-walking into version 2 of reality, the ground for which is under preparation now.
Many bloggers and thinkers and activists have already allied themselves to the new flags that are raised. Our consciousnesses cannot shake off the idea that we need to be led.

So is reality shaped.
So too is our idea of what we are as a species shaped such that humanity believes itself unworthy to have stewardship of this planet, when in fact we have no such stewardship and haven’t for recorded history.
We have ever been in their hands and have been sullied and perverted by them and have come to resemble them.
For shame..

All of the “positions” we hold in society are about this structuring of relative power over others. These structures exist because we are playing a game of their design, with counters called money that they control and even bears their portraits. The idea of management, the idea of working for gain instead of simply doing what needs to be done and done well, the collective blindness humanity has to these controlling structures within the reality, their origin and maintenance, what we call life itself, all these things are by design.

All is entirely contrived.
This is why I call it the false reality.
We have yet to discover the reality we human beings can create.

We are so badly enthralled by this now collapsing edifice, so many of us locked in fevered anticipation of the next soap opera episode to even stop and think for a moment that they fear us not, believing they have won and will always win.

We are so divided.
They are as one.

Everything you will find in every media bears their shaping hand, or is like mine, a weak and feeble voice, viewed by few , easily “disappeared” should the need arise.
Remember, friend, that nothing on this creature of theirs called the internet will have an effect unless they wish it to. It was designed to shape your thought, as all media is, and is the most effective tool we have ever designed for our masters for them to enslave us with.

Please remember, their countless Trillions of dollars or pounds or euros or whatever run through the internet with incredible authority. They are data mining humanity, know by this our every stirring of resentment, can schedule their events with great precision because at every moment they know what, collectively, humanity is thinking.

Their false trail layers prompt and cajole us to expose what we think.
They have the trouble causers, the mavericks and free thinkers, in their sights.
Nothing is left to chance.

Knowledge is power. And now they know everything. Listen to every call. Read everything written. Know what scientists pass between each other. Know what the terrace fan is feeling on Saturday night. Know where you are and what you’ve spent and on what.
Made you easy to find, should they want to find you.

If the wrong thing began to go viral, it would disappear.

Shall we see?
For such a viral awakening is, for those that can see, our only hope.
Rest assured, our masters have their own such weapon in readiness.
They understand that humanity is collectively stupid, that few can see, that those who awaken are still easily trained, that those who prove troublesome can be silenced in a moment from afar using the technology humans built for them and operate for them.
No wonder they are as arrogantly confident as ever.
We are dust beneath their shoes.

Their hands are very firmly on the switches and controls of human consciousness from every media we are presented with, caused to pay for with money, often debt, and so we enslave our consciousness and further their control over us in this clever twisting of reality.

Simply, the internet is a consciousness weapon.
It’s in their hands.
It is pointed at you.

Around the world their structures and belief systems are used to cause us to despise each other, to cause us to believe we cannot trust each other. They constantly bombard us with stories of the horrors they have contrived, to make us feel afraid and untrustworthy and a vile plague upon the earth.
This is one of the purposes of their global warming finger pointing, one of the reasons for their incessant poisoning and wanton destruction.

They are shaping our consciousness to believe we don’t deserve the place and it would be better off without us.

Such a meme makes war and strife easier to engender, makes the ember of distrust left over from the last contrived inferno tinder dry and ready for the spark.

And it is a very sparky world right now by their design.
There are little tinder piles everywhere of their creation and little hurts that will blossom into rage are scattered amongst us.

We must under no circumstances globally unite, do you see?
Please click to follow…….

For that global unity would interfere with their global world order strategy, almost complete and utter.
So do the Ickes and Infowars of their false opposition train us to despise the idea of global unity. So did their servant Lenin cause us to distrust the idea of working co-operatively.

Do you see how this works?

Think long, dear friend, and you will see how many years they have been culling the herd, fearing we might get too large to control or too connected to organise our own freedom.
Fukushima will, eventually, be seen to have murdered millions of us in the agonising and remorseless pain of their creature cancer.
If the oceans are killed, as seems worryingly likely, perhaps billions of us.
They have exploded two thousand nuclear weapons to sow cancer and terror across the globe for 70 years and we have done nothing but allow ourselves to be so moulded and so abused.

Time to wake up?
You would think so.

It has been time for thousands of years and has never yet come.

Our masters see the great turning point , the hinge of history more clearly than we.
They saw long ago the approach of our increased number and the raised collective intelligence that would flow from that and have done all they could to control, to shape, to direct through what we are taught at school and by their false reality and by everything that enters our consciousness to dissipate and divide the power of 7 billion stirring consciousnesses.

They are successful thus far.

We do not see our power.

We can not unite.

But the potential exists…….
Can you feel it?

It is your humanity calling.
The voice of our collective soul.
And it is good.
Shall we count our number?

If you want to find out how many truth seekers there are in this world do you know where to look?
Our masters do.

Yet humanity doesn’t know how many there are out there who want to find the truth.
No-one is counting us.
You could click to follow and so be counted.

And if a million did so we would understand that this new force in the world could be realised, that true change would be possible, that the iron girders of how we do things could be reshaped to suit our needs as a species.

It is simply a numbers game.

So our masters wouldn’t want you to click follow and they hope they have prepared your consciousness not to do so, probably not to trust this site or the motives of the broke
crazy who pens it.

So do you click?
Is there still something of the bloody-minded in you?

If you have got this far, that’s what this is about.

Can we count how many truth seekers there are, and so light a new fire in the world?

The alternative media would have you believe in some nebulous but surely imminent transformation of reality. The churches and temples of our master’s religions have the same meme.
We are being shaped to expect and, as history shows with those swallowed by their messianic creations, expectation can be nudged along for millennia.
The Christ will always appear in our time, but never does.

Thus they corral those that seek a world of love, render them divided and determined to defeat each other’s vision and so weakened as a single force but yet still in their hands should such unity come up from the ground.
They shape similar homes for those who pursue political solutions.

Global unity can only be derived from a single unassailable first principle and if we are to become civilised at all as a species and save ourselves from the unfolding calamity then that unassailable first principle can only be love.
Click to follow if you see this, please.

With that first principle we can find new ways of choosing who should guide us and who should make larger decisions such that the structures that are born of and flow from our collective power are the structures of justice and freedom and love that we all hope for now and pale imitations of which we currently accept..

We can in future grow to trust those that lead us, once we understand how to ensure that the best of us, the most full of love and true humanity, are selected to guide us.

(This, of course, can never be done whilst there is money.
This is why the false opposition push “gold backed” money.
Traitors all, they are the very worst amongst us and therefore our masters ensure they are the richest. Have you donated to them recently?)..

By finding this first principle of love and by finding our numbers, and only by these means, can we end our wars, reconcile our differences, bury our dead and our anger and start afresh with reality.

We can house our family, feed our family, cleanse our earth, free those who are imprisoned by fear, reveal our true better natures to a waiting universe and perhaps an expectant god.

Do you see?
It can only be global.
It can only be love.
Please, click to follow if you want to see our number.
It has to begin somewhere.
It is, as you understand, almost too late for those of us that yet live, already too late for those millions of us that have already fallen in this last battle

Our master’s servants understand this better than most truth seekers do.
They are prepared for it.
Their presence of course occupies centre stage in the false awakening.
You will find many joined hands and smiling faces.
They await warily any sign of our emergence as a new species and have plans ready to deal with such contingency, chaos waiting everywhere, bitter feuds to stir, pied pipers to follow.


Buttons to push.
Buttons made by human beings, structuring their own demise.

Click to follow.
Let’s begin.
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

(If you click to follow it doesn’t mean you support my views. What it does mean is that you would like to discover the strength of our numbers. This post, I guess as ever, is about global unity, our last, best, only weapon in the battle for our souls.
It’s to see if there is some chance of making change in the world from the ground up.
It’s about counting “us”.
You know who I mean.
Do you know how many “we” are?.
So, Please consider clicking to follow, and so perhaps we can find our how many of “us” there are.

If we can show we are many, perhaps even at this late juncture we find the only weapon we have.
Humanity's last chance