Friday, 31 July 2009

Turn it off, turn it on.

(Pic. Another beautiful crop circle from Wiltshire in the UK.
Another sign, however made.)

Do you think you have no power? Do you think you are so locked into the grid that there's nothing you can do? Are you afraid to do anything that might draw attention?
Thinking like a fish, seeking safety in the shoal, not worrying that the predator is taking some of your fellows because you are OK, safe in the middle here with all the other little fishes, running scared but still alive?
This is the power of fear. It's the power that lets one bully rule a mob, one evil cabal rule the planet. Fear is what is ruining your existence and everyone else's. Fear is what is turning our beautiful planet into a garbage dump. Fear is what will turn mankind into micro-chipped serfs eking out a living from the rubbish heaps of the past whilst the elite continue to sit atop their golden piles, using and abusing us for all time.

So, that's enough of being afraid, isn't it?

And guess what?
If the herd turn on the predator, the predator is finished.
Our planet is dominated by a few thousand at most of these evil scum and a few hundred thousand of their acolytes, with a few million of their indoctrinated muscle brains in close support. It looks scary, but in fact it’s tiny, weak, and beginning to crumble.
There are 6.5 billion of us.
That’s 6.5 billion. What we say goes.
It’s no wonder they are afraid.

So here is something of a strategy which will require YOU to take a stance, you to take a lead, you to cast off fear and become one of the many courageous forefathers of the brave new world. Do you want history to sing songs about you? Well, here’s where that starts.
I should say one more thing: The “body-mind” which controls you has a fear of “death” which is the strongest hold over you that the elite have. Can you cast off the fear of “death”? Because if you can, you are already free, you are already one of the huge foundation stones of the future. Bless you.
Let’s deal with quite a few of the control elements of the false reality grid, and see what the brave amongst us can achieve, and just how quickly. Remember this: If everyone did this, you’d be a fool not to, wouldn’t you?
Fear nothing.

DEBT: This is a fabrication, as we know, just as paper money is worthless.
So: Do not make payments on any money debt you have to a corporation (but repay those debts and obligations you have to other human beings with speed and care).
If ten people stop paying, they’ll repossess. If 2 billion stop, they’ll be powerless.
Stop today. Watch them wither.

HEALTH: Look closely and research the medication you take. If you find it is genuinely helping you, continue. If not, stop it. Go to your physician and calmly ask him to explain why the medication is beneficial, and to give you proof. This is particularly true of vaccines and drugs for mental health. Research alternative cures. A global fall in the uptake of the many evil drugs will go a long way towards changing the attitudes of the sickness purveyors masquerading as your friend.
We will build a medical system entirely free of the motive of profit one day soon, which is so easy to do, and is a no-brainer, isn‘t it?

MEDIA: Simply turn off the television and go and spend some downtime with some people you like. Imagine the anchorman reporting to his boss: “I’ve been telling the lies, Rupert, but no-ones listening!” No viewers, no ad revenue, therefore no TV stations, no propaganda. What did people do with their time 50 years ago? Why, get together. What did they do when they got together? Have fun, and talk things over.
Do the same with the printed media. If you don’t read or see the news, there’s nothing to be scared of other than what happens locally within your circle. And guess what, there’s very little there for you to be scared of unless you’re unlucky enough to live in some mini-hell , (and we’ll sort those out soon enough.)

GOVERNMENT: This is an easy one. Think of yourself as an employer, and the government as one of your employees. That is, in fact, what it is. Remembering that you should do nothing to harm your fellow humans, decline to take instructions from your employee! You’d be mad to wouldn’t you? Government should have its name changed to “services co-ordinator” and that should be its role. Emptying the garbage, cleaning the streets, ensuring citizens are safe (and not by going overseas and murdering, raping and torturing your brother human beings). So; do not pay tax until the “government” spend that tax only on the things you agree it should spend that tax on. Make the required deductions before you pay. Don’t want to contribute to the murder of Pakistani babies? Don’t pay. Don’t want to pay the fictional debt you are imagined to owe the Federal Reserve or whatever your national bank masquerades as? Don’t pay. Don’t want to fund the poison vaccines or take them? Don’t pay, and say no. Don’t agree with something the government wants or tries to insist you do? Then just say NO. You are in charge, you pay the wages, you are the boss and, if you are causing no harm to anybody else, you can do just what the hell you want and it has nothing to do with them at all.
Paying no tax might make the government short of the money it needs to pay for the things you don’t agree with, and that’s exactly how it should be. Almost all of your taxes are back handed to their crooked friends or the world money masters or go towards killing people.
Just say NO.
Can you take on the big bully? Yes, you can (!)
Then replace the whole lot of them with good people and “Start Again”.

RELIGION: This is less easy. If there is a god, he (she, or it) is within each one of us, not in the ordered and structured cult you are currently involved with, nor in the words of some book that was written not by god but by a committee of power freaks designing an instrument of control a few hundred years ago. Research the origins of the book, see the guiding hands of men, not god.
Consider the history of religious violence.
If you need a god and feel a need to worship your god, do so at a personal, man-to-god level. It should be between you and your god, and no book or religious leader or set of peculiar rules should stand in the way of direct communication between your soul and your god. It is the closest you’ll get to him, and you don’t need a building with a funny roof or some guy in weird clothes to get close to god. Funnily enough, if god exists, he’s very close to you right now, and always has been.
Don’t give up on your god, just give up on religion.
If you wish to give money to salve your soul do it personally to a person you see in need or go look for them. That works.

POLICE: If you are causing no harm to another soul, you are doing no wrong. You are a free human being. The policeman is your servant, paid by you to keep you safe and free from fear. He has no right or duty other than that. He cannot insist on you giving him your name. If a policeman breaks this code, smile, remind him that you love him and that he is a beautiful soul too. Remind him that you are his superior as his employer. Ask him to recall his oath and the constitution. If everyone did this, how long do you think they could continue being the muscle brains of the elite? Maybe then they could focus on the real criminals; you know, the baby murderers, the real “terrorists”, the incredibly successful thieves that have robbed your country for generations, the torturers, the local thugs and bullies. You know: Do their job.
Many of these uniformed souls are the most pitiable. Evil has entered many of their hearts and they see no good unless it is clothed in the same uniform of power they wear. To them, the world is “us” and “them” and their conditioning is often difficult to break down. Do not hate them, but love them more because they need your help and mine if they are to come through. When they realise that they are standing outside of the enormous family of man, so will their transformation begin.
To the good cop: now is the time, brother or sister. Join in.

WAR: For goodness sake, whoever invented this thing. Whoever can think that it is ever good, particularly when for the last couple of millennia almost every war has been engineered by those that benefit (and rarely die in them) and fought by those that have no stake in the gains made by the instigators.
The soldier, poor thing, is lost in the maelstrom of fear and vengeance and numbed to the brutality and harm. When we bring them home we should ask them to be our bravest and most devoted servants of good, allow them the opportunity of redemption. A world rescue service might give them that chance, or tough assignments where the world is messiest and grunt and determination are needed to clean it up. Give them laurels for good work, and help them cleanse themselves by rebuilding. Each of us has a soul of good, but some have to dig further and need more help than others.

BIG BUSINESS: All business that is to do with the essentials of life should be not for profit. This is a ridiculous construct and just makes life much harder than it needs to be for everyone but particularly the poor. Drug companies and health care, food, power, public transport, water, sewage, the list goes on. We have allowed the profit motive and the unseemly influence of business to interfere with the very basics of life, and so humanity is forced to work much harder than it needs to. We squander the time we should spend with family and friends and in the enjoyment of life on corporate profit for essentials and in ludicrous misspent taxes. Big business propagandises us into the consumer culture which is creating the enormous polluting piles of rubbish we are gifting our children and grandchildren, much of it harmful, and perpetuating the inequalities of the world. For a species that shares one planet, that’s plainly silly and kind of sad.
Surely we will be able to conceive of a better way to order our lives, a way beginning with and built on the foundation of Love. Not an “ism”, not a pyramidal power structure, just love and what flows from love.
Turning these things off will go some way towards freeing humanity and ushering in the emergence of our higher souls. We will accelerate the disappearance of the evil that has ruled us, and prepare the way for the new future we are about to build built on love and the overwhelming power of 6.5 billion souls, which nothing can resist.
It will take courage, especially the courage to be first. But you are not afraid, are you?

This is easy when it comes from within, from the inner soul, and from love. Reach out and touch everyone you meet with the love you have inside you. Try it ,and see how quickly your life becomes better. Consider every action you take and be motivated in everything only by love. Be the first in your street or business or club or town or group of friends. Folks will find you weird at first, but you will soon meet others who have had enough of evil and would rather help to build a heaven on earth for human kind, thank you very much.
Across the globe, in every walk of life, from the highest to the lowest this quiet awakening is happening right now. Every day thousands more are reaching the understanding that the world is ours and we should take control of it from the foul hands of evil that have imprisoned our souls for so long.
It is the first step to our awakening and transformation.
Soon that growth will be exponential, and the wicked will , like rats cornered, fight with their foulest weapons.
Do not believe their falsehoods. Do not fear.
Our time is now, theirs is nearly over.
Join in.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Cleansing

(Picture: Another crop circle. Make of it what you will. I have...)
The Cleansing.

There will be work to do in the years ahead, and perhaps it's worth thinking about it for a moment or two. It's easier to identify something that's wrong than to conceive of something to replace it that's right. Finer minds than mine will be tasked with finding those solutions, and the awakening will mean finer minds will abound. But we can suggest some principles, and from those principles should flow the solutions we shall need to build the new world after all of this unpleasantness is over.
It goes without saying that we will wrest from the elite the controls they have inflicted upon us in every aspect of human existence and rebuild particularly the distorted and hampered and often wicked sciences, freeing the intelligent and educated from the strictures and restraints imposed by the love of profit and money and the sick lust for war and misery, freeing doctors from the insane allopathic drug company medicine regime, freeing historians from the shackles of consensus, freeing teachers from the regimes of curriculum and examination so that they might teach with a joy and freedom as is fitting, freeing each spark of intellect and supporting each avenue of what I like to think of as beautiful thought, cleverness fully devoted to the betterment of our planet earth and those that share it.
Clean slate, blank piece of paper, blue sky thinking for the creation of a new world at last.
There will be an immediate explosion of advancement that will shake to the foundations many of our preconceptions. Things we have been taught to think of as benign or beneficial will be revealed to be the opposite, to be harmful and wicked. Things we have been instructed to imagine are impossible will be found to be eminently do-able. Secrets and lies will be ripped open, and the beautiful truth will make everything possible. In a brave new world of billions, a world of common ambition and fine intention, no task will be beyond us.
Imagine, for a moment, gathering every research scientist in medicine, every alternative medicine practitioner, every shaman and herbalist and others and putting them together in one (bloody enormous!) place. No big pharma agenda. No profit motive. No secrets and jealousies, no patents and controls.
Just the plain and simple idea of ridding us of what ails us.
How long would it be before cancer was eradicated? Two weeks, three weeks? If like me you suspect that cancer is being inflicted upon us and that cures are being suppressed, maybe sooner. The same applies to many of the modern life threatening and debilitating conditions. How many drugs would be found to be harming us? Many, many of them.
What hideous mind has conceived of such torture and inflicted it upon us all?
There will be much cleansing to do.
The first and initially most difficult will be the cleansing of our spirits. Each and every one of us lives behind a facade, the "body-mind" false projection, a tissue of lies that conceals our wrongdoings, hides our frailties, creates the image we project to the other liars and sinners. This is the mainstay of the false reality we have allowed ourselves to create to the detriment of our specie (and all the other co-inhabitants of the spinning blue globe). This falsity has to be stripped away, or we'll be destined to repeat the sins of the past. We must own up to all of our sins, forgive ourselves, forgive others for their sin. We must make absolutely certain that we know what sin is, not what we've been instructed to consider is a sin by the control matrix, or consider is not a sin when in fact it is. There will be many ingrained and inculcated preconceptions that I am certain our higher selves will recognise and deal with. Some of those cause enmity and hatred, vitriol and violence amongst the "body-minds",where selfishness prevails . We will have the wisdom to deal with those things.
Here's my list of principles, up for debate:
Principle One:
Even a sparrow knows you don't crap on the nest, yet humanity has been crapping on the nest for centuries. Principle one, therefore: Love and respect our home.
We will have to rid the planet of every poison that we have inflicted upon it, from oil based plastics to nuclear weapons and power stations. I could go on for hours and so could everyone else. What on earth have we been doing? How could we have been led so far astray? The clean up will take years, much labour , the sacrifice of baubles and meaningless toys, petty conveniences and certain privileges for some. I believe that we will love doing it, and great stories and songs will come of it with which to bore younger generations in the years to come. The cleansing will be a happy time, the restorative after the pain.
Principle Two:
This is not about communism or socialism, it's not about people not being able to make a success of their lives and become wealthy. Forget all of that. The old constructs of measures of worth, of what we believe to be measures of success, of what we believe will make us happy are all so much baloney. There are some simple rules to happiness that are common to the greater majority and will be common to all in time. To love others and be loved by them. To live free of fear and want. To enjoy friendship and community and solitude in the measure we each like. To have a sense of worth.
Humanity has simple needs. We need food and water, heat or cool, light or shade, a good roof, the love of family and friends, a helping hand freely given when required and as much fun as can be had. Many of the jobs many of us do are quite simply not required. Don't think about money, that too is just so much baloney. Don't think about pensions, insurance, taxes, old aged folks homes and every other ludicrous construct you can think of that combines to make up this den of iniquity we have forged for ourselves at the bidding of our current masters. There is plenty to do, but let's do the right things and into the bargain give ourselves a bit of free play time. That is possible, you know.
Once we are free of fears, we will be free of fears, if that makes sense.
One of those inculcated perceptions is that the world is short of space and short of resource. It is not, of course, it is short of a common will and the application of science. There aren't enough human beings. I love them and want to have more of them as they can be and will be such a jolly and diverse bunch. People who think there are too many need to walk across Australia and then look at the water in the Pacific ocean (from which we know how to extract salt already!). Australia is 7.617 million square kilometres huge. With water, we could hide 7 billion people there at a population of 10 people per hectare. We would just need pipes. The rest of the world would be empty. It just seems like there are too many of us because that is what we are told and because inequality makes an unholy mess of some bits of the planet and the greed of the current lot of usurious bastards that are buggering us over (please excuse the language!) means that profit is king. Their profit. These dragons sit on half of the world's wealth or more. Half of our labour goes into their pile of gold. It is like having a parasite bleeding the planet, sucking our energy into a bottomless pit..
So, principle two: Just Love. Everything else will flow from that.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Pain. Don't be afraid.......

The pain.
The anguish.
The grief.
The sense of powerlessness.
The loss.
You've seen the pictures. Put them into Box "B". You can't bear to look, for fear....

A mother weeps over the still and lifeless body of her child, battered and torn, burnt and scarred, mutilated by some foul weapon.
Their life was poor. A few goats and chickens, scant crops from dry earth, oil from an olive tree or two. A life of simple poverty but a life. A life of family and friends, of making do, of poverty but dignity, of not wishing for the impossible but dreaming of the possible. Perhaps next year some new shoes for the youngest, Maybe some cloth to make some new clothes. Maybe a pump in the village.
It is not a new thing, this crass brutalisation of the innocent. Not a moment of history has passed when somewhere, usually in many somewheres, some poor and innocent soul has been so brutalised.
That's enough of all that, isn't it?
The family of man is a broad and populous family, beautiful in its diversity, incredible in its ability and skill, capable of creating marvels. I like to think of a magnificent building. The art and science of the architects and engineers, the enormous amount of co-ordination, the skill of the many many artisans and the grunt and effort of the labourers. Every one playing a part in the creation of a thing of lasting beauty. I don't like to think of the same skill, ability and co-ordination going into the machinery of death, but there it also is. On the one hand, something of benefit that gives shelter and pleasure to many, on the other something of pure evil.
Both require direction and the willing and usually remunerated participation of the human beings involved. To obtain willing co-operation in the creation of a thing of joy and beauty is easy to comprehend. To obtain the same in the perpetration of an act of evil is much more difficult to understand.
For the latter, the people involved have to be sold the idea that the evil is, in fact , good.
Evil is Good?
Our wicked overlords have for eons honed the skills required to be able to convince ordinary people that killing and brutalising other ordinary people is a good thing. They are so adept at it that many ordinary Joes will volunteer for such service. The wicked have created a raft of different belief systems to support this mockery of humanity. Religion, nation, race, fear of attack, even "business interests"! They have control over and direction of all of the tools necessary, from the education system and educational publishing to the mainstream media and via shills the informal media of the internet (not yet complete).
But not this time.
We are, as a specie, becoming fed up with all of this. The more we talk with people of other religions and races and belief systems the more we realise that we ordinary people have a lot in common. We share an unfulfilled desire for justice, for peace, for caring, for love. We most of us wish to be happy and to raise our children in a place of safety.
This is not beyond the wit of man and as the veil is lifted, and as the truth becomes known by more and more each day, so the end of this ridiculous state of affairs looms ever nearer.
Mankind is finally sussing it all out. The evil ones will try every trick in their book, but will not prevent us now building a brave new world without their influence.
They're finished.
It will not be easy. We have to beware of more lies, false prophets (the "Religion" card), pestilence, war and death. There will be much pain, but we should know that this time nothing can prevent good from prevailing. Hang on to your hats, fear nothing, strive for the perfect world we can create.
There are 6.5 billion souls waiting for the chance to "Start Again".

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Picture: Mountains to the south.

Credit: I watched a short video of Sonia Barrett on you tube , which sparked off a train of thought. Bless you Sonia. Ta.

The Stairway to Heaven on Earth.

If you are new to my blog, welcome. It might be worth you looking at some of the earlier stuff before you read this one, as I may skip over some bits. Or not, it's up to you.
Just lately I've been going on something of a mind journey. To me , it feels like an awakening, and now I feel like I'm waking up more every moment. It's kind of strange, and I promise no drugs are being taken.

Join in, it's nice.

Split Personality.
For the vast majority of human kind, prison starts at home. Don't look now, but your jailer is your body and that part of your mind which your body has control over. As far as most people are aware, that's "I". How they look, how they act, how they inter-relate with other "bodies", what turns them on or turns them off, what motivates them, what drives them, what they desire, what they fear. David Icke and others call it the "reptilian" part of the brain. The bit that's to do with survival. Fight or flight. Eat, procreate, die.
The "body" and its associated mind at some time in our collective history somehow became the dominant element, the expression of what we are. I would ask you to follow Sonia Barrett's example and go to the mirror. Forgetting for a moment the fact that your nose is too big or your eyes a little too close together, forgetting for a moment that you are ugly, or beautiful, black or brown or white or whatever: look into your eyes until you can see your soul..........take your time and... don't be shy.....
Wave hello, YOU have been waiting there all of your life for someone, finally, to recognise YOUR existence. Imagine the poor thing, locked away all these years without another soul to communicate with, in solitary confinement, and suddenly the door is opened, the light rushes in, freedom beckons and a hand reaches down and a voice says "Come on, old friend, lets get you the hell out of this place".
Be your own best friend, go on.

Let yourself out.
This "Body-you" has been doing a reasonable job of keeping the vessel that carries your soul alive for as long as it has but it has got too big for its boots. It thinks that it is all that matters. It thinks that it's in charge. The "body-you" has its own set of priorities that somehow have taken over: It is concerned with breathing, eating, drinking, satisfying urges that the "body-you" has; avoiding trouble, being afraid of things that might harm it, being devious in the interests of self-preservation, desiring comfort and an easy life, staying alive because it fears death. It is not, generally , such a nice thing, this "body-you". It is cowardly, greedy, self centred and occasionally vicious. It has a bad temper and is small minded. It gives and counts the cost, and always seeks for reward. It is as dumb as a dumb thing and will follow almost any distraction, believe almost any lie as long as it sees advantage for itself in some form. In brief, it is animal.
Liken the "body-you" to the dumbest dog with the baddest nature you can think of. You won't go far wrong.

Do you feel like an experiment?
If you would like to, sit now and made a couple of lists. The first list should be everything you think of as vital. Things you can't do without. Start with breathing, end with life itself, fill in the other bits.

All vital to the "body-you"?
The second list should be of everything you want and desire, whatever that need is, good or "evil". All "body-you" stuff? (or are you already on the stairway?)
Most of the things on the first list are likely to be things that prevent death. Death is something feared by the "body-mind", but not by the inner soul which recognises death as the unchaining, as liberation. Witness the serenity of people close to death, after the time of struggle of the "body-mind" for its survival. I'm not suggesting that we should give up our lives to be free, far from it. I am suggesting that we should take control of our lives, extend our lives as far as we can (and believe me, we could do that with such success now that we have such learning and collective skill and knowledge), and enjoy what we could create on earth without being corralled and herded by the fear of death.

Another small experiment. Look deeply into the eyes of people you know and love, searching for their inner soul, trying to bridge the gap from the real you to the real them. Look in the same way into the eyes of strangers. Do you understand the reaction you get? Folks just aren't used to being connected in that way. It disturbs the "body-mind" that's in charge, and the "body-mind" doesn't like it. Not one bit. In fact, as you might expect, it sees such an attempt as a threat and often reacts "appropriately".
A bit of a cheek, really, but there it is.

What's important about this is as follows:
The evil cabal that are currently our slave masters in this false reality of their creation only control the "body-you". They understand that the "body-you" has been in charge of humanity for millennia, they understand what makes the "body-you" tick. They understand how to make it afraid, how to control it. Maybe they were the ones that somehow put the "body-mind" in charge in the first place, who knows? A little like putting a collar on a dog.......
The reason someone would lock up a dog or cage a wild animal is because they are afraid of it. The reason our inner souls are caged by our "body-mind" is because someone is afraid of the real humanity they have caged and sublimated. Thse someones are responsible for everything evil you can think of, perpetrated by the animal "body-mind" on the instructions of or under the guiding hands of our prison warders. It's a time immemorial thing, this evil inculcation, but don't think for a moment that it can't end, isn't about to end soon, that you can't do anything to end it. You can.

Think about some of the most "enlightened" and spiritual people the world has known. Often they are seemingly other-worldly, living somewhere our "body-minds" cannot conceive of, and often in actuality they are hermits. This seclusion has allowed their inner souls to emerge, tentatively, from behind the veil. They have lived away from the far reaching influence of the evil master race, have had the time and peace and freedom from fear that has allowed their real selves to peep out, to emerge blinking into the sunlight and wonder at the world. The body and its "body-mind" serve the secondary role that was its original purpose and is its only true purpose now, to carry and preserve the soul. Very often they are thin, which could tell us something.....

Once we understand that there are two of us in here, and then understand that the wrong one is sitting in the driving seat, and that this bad driver is making such an unholy mess of things and is a chicken-livered scaredy-cat with a side serving of nastiness and bitterness, then it is time to take control.
It may be a good idea to enter into a dialogue with your "body-mind" and try and reason with it, asking it why it is afraid of certain things (all the things on the first list) and why it wants certain things (all the things on the second list) and why it has allowed itself to become so pathetically enslaved (a combination of the two).
Then, firmly but in a friendly way, thanking it for all it has done so far and asking it to continue doing what it is made for, kindly ask it to get the hell out of the driving seat because the higher you is now in charge. Reassure it that there is nothing to be afraid of, that all around the world every other higher soul will soon be doing the same thing. Tell it that all of the things it fears will be attended to, that it need not worry. Rebuke it for being a bad dog and taking instruction from evil masters but forgive it and reassure it that you understand all the reasons behind its actions.
Give it a pat.
Move yourself into the driving seat.
Enter dreamtime.

Dreamtime is I guess something to do with the Aboriginal concept and experience , something to do with the higher, other worldly experiences of shamans the world over from "uncivilised" (ie not yet enslaved) societies, before the shamans and witches were wiped out, before their libraries of knowledge were destroyed or stolen. In some cultures , this has had to do with certain fungi which in some way allowed some of the true power of self to emerge. I wouldn't recommend that. You don't need it. Nor would I advocate years of Yoga and meditation, for who has the time? Humanity doesn't. Things are hotting up.

Dreamtime is about getting to know your higher soul once you've dealt with the other chap. It's about conceiving of a world free of all the sticks and carrots of motivation that have for Millennia driven our poor enslaved species into the cattle trucks and prison camps of our friends the evil ones.

It's about imagining a world free of war and of weapons, free of disease and sickness, free of debt and fear, free of hunger and want, free of pollution and dangerous ideas like nuclear power stations - gifting our planet with unnatural elements that scar its future.It's about devoting science to the common good and not to profit. It's about teaching our children truth. It's about life, liberty, humanity and happiness for the most people for the largest amount of time all the world over.

It's about forgiving yourself for the sins your "body-mind" committed. It's about understanding that you have to forgive others too, for they, like you, knew not what they did.

It's about letting others know the journey you are taking, the stairway you are climbing. Your higher self will not fear communicating with others, even when it meets those still in the "body-mind". Those kinds of worry are things of the past. Humanity is stepping through a door. Be one of the first.It is by no coincidence that we call ourselves the human race, and every race needs a pace-setter. Courage, mon brave.

The Happening.

Critical mass: An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur.

Critical mass is a fabulous thing. Imagine yourself living when people believed the earth was flat and telling everyone that no, it is spherical, like a great blue ball floating in space. The reaction would vary from ridicule to imprisonment. Imagine telling folks today that the world was flat. The difference is critical mass.

Ponder for a moment setting out on this journey. Initial reactions will be as expected, but we are in a headlong rush towards critical mass. In a few short but interesting years it will be almost unheard of to meet anyone who doesn't live by the creed of peace, love, understanding, giving, caring, kindness and happiness for all.

If you think about it, we'd be mad not to, wouldn't we?

And who knows what will follow.......

Friday, 24 July 2009

Tipping the Pyramid

The vast edifice of the control structure now necessary to keep humanity ignorant, subdued, moronic and enslaved, and the huge numbers of human beings required to man the stations on behalf of the controlling elite has become the greatest threat to their continuance as the dominant bloodline. An enormous break in the cycle of history is upon us. We are approaching interesting times, and when the tree falls, the monkeys will scatter.
We must be watchful, lest we let some of them escape
The enormity of the control grid is as evident as it is mind-numbingly horrifying and to the unthinking its very size, power and ordered structure is its strength. But as the old saying goes, the bigger they come, the harder they fall.
Consider that every human being that currently forms a small "cog" in this vast enterprise-machine has a stake in the future of our planet, that stake being comprised of their own life span and thereafter the lifespan of their children and grandchildren. We all of us have an eternal future consisting , if nothing else, of our genetic fingerprint. Most "cogs", of course, are currently unaware that they are perpetuating an ancient and evil control system. They do not understand their role. They believe in the facile and simple lies that explain their work as something reasonable, even noble.
Consider the soldier, dumbly willing to exchange his life for "flag" or "country", imagining that shelling an Afghan village and murdering children is somehow noble! This particular lie, "King and Country", has been told for Millennia. There have always been boys willing to believe this atrocious fallacy, ever been mothers pushing their boys forward, proud of their nobility, beaming with love at their smartly uniformed offspring, weeping with grief at the flag covered coffin or the still-alive husk of humanity returned to her , eyes full of death and wickedness ,shame and remorse, crippled.
Consider the Doctor, the brightest of us; years in college, years in post graduate hospital work, starting out with the burning light of decency and the desire to help others, to bring cure and relief to those that suffer, ending a product of the controlled medical education system dolling out drugs on behalf of big pharmaceutical companies, never really understanding what harm they do, never fulfilling their dreams.
Consider the nurse, working on the production line of vaccination that we'll all see this coming autumn. Does he or she know, for sure, what's in those vaccines? How does she feel about herself? Proud. I'll guess. Intentions that are honourable are subverted by evil at every level. The very best of us are led by the Judas goats of education and fallacious historical narrative into entire careers that are a lie and a mockery.
Consider the policeman entering the academy with the burning torch of justice blazing in his mind's eye, short weeks later plunged into a world of sin, reaching out for support and comfort to his fellow officers and finding there a wicked cynicism, the very antithesis of his intent, and succumbing.
In every area of life, in every occupation, vocation or calling, from the cradle to the grave human kind learns to believe in, accept and promote the pyramidal structure imposed upon us by the elite. Only the maverick stands apart, and boy do the rest of the herd make them pay for their independence. This structure, represented so clearly in the symbology of the elite, is the key to the entire mechanism of control. Without such a structure, it would be impossible to control and manipulate 6.5 billion souls.
Think about that for a moment.
As each young human enters the system so the ancient structure is imposed until it becomes an integral part of the mindset. We all of us accept this concept, and it's the biggest and oldest lie of all. Our governments are run in this way, our local governments, our corporations and businesses. If we attempt to replace any of the current power centres, we organise in this same fashion to do so. The problem, of course, is that it takes a certain type of human being to rise to the top of any pyramidal structure- and there waiting for them are the elite with their blackmail, their money, their uniforms and badges, their flattery, their invitations to the "inner circle", their many "pats on the back for good doggies", their murder, their sexual perversity, their threats and their cajoling, their money and promises.
It isn't that power corrupts, it's that if you become powerful someone will corrupt you, or that the reason you wished for power was because you were already corrupt. Some evil bastard will want you in his pocket and by hook or by crook they'll get you there and if they don't they'll have you killed.
After all, how many of us can resist temptation? Which of us is without sin?
To maintain this complex lie requires increasing numbers of us to fall for the story, to believe the lie, to take the bribe or cow to the threats to shore up the walls of this immense pyramidal edifice. The problem for the elite occurs when all of their controls of education, of media, of governments, of intelligence agencies, when all of their devious mind controls and dumbing down techniques can't prevent the truth from sneaking out. Then they are in trouble. Until the advent of the internet it is fair to say that almost nobody had a clue what was really going on in the world. Now there are millions of us. The cracks are appearing. The cracks are getting bigger.
Remember: it is humanity that holds this pyramid together for them. As more and more become aware, so we are beginning to worry them. They should be afraid-not for their lives- but certainly for their liberty and certainly for the exposure of whatever secrets they have denied us.
If you can, imagine what you would do in their shoes. The apocalypse, the lifting of the veil, is upon them. Their end is in sight but they still have most of us in their matrix of deceit. They will use whatever old tricks and devices they have found successful before, only this time with a vengeance because they are fighting for their very survival. Expect war, expect nasty weapons, expect pestilence, expect famine, expect every trick in the book and every horror they can conceive of but remember this: we pull the triggers, we unleash the plagues: can we reach those people in time? Can we bring them back into the fold? Can we let them know that we forgive them, that they need not do what they think they must? Armageddon can be averted, but only if each of us reaches out to as many people as we can, each of us acts as a carrier of the virus that is truth.
Go forth, as it were, and multiply. A lot depends on your efforts, your courage, your skill, your humanity. A lot depends on you.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Getting out of the matrix...

Picture: The spring sunshine breaking through the canopy....

The world is about to enter its third maelstrom of wickedness, man turned against man in the continuous cycle of manipulation. The impending Israeli attack will be the spark, the combatants are in place, awaiting their instructions from the criminally evil prevalent controllers.
Forgive us, for we do not know what we do.
The intricate control system and web of deceit that governs most people's reality is so pervasive, so embedded, so well oiled and well organised, so intricate in its attention to detail, so well argued for and defended by its witting and unwitting supporters, so audacious in its willingness to tell "the Big Lie", reaches so far back into history and is often so well defended by law (especially the thought crime "hate laws") and law enforcement that it is nigh on impossible to see through the charade, let alone learn to eradicate it from your personal belief system.
Reinforcing this false reality projection are the modern weapons of mind control so unavoidable in Western societies, especially the UK and the USA. From roadside billboards to corporate logos, from the mainstream press to the controlled televisual media, from Hollywood films to the "national lotteries" of forlorn hope, the onslaught is relentless. From lying politicians, from statute legislation piled upon statute legislation, from tiers of government upon tiers of government, from the inordinate system of checks and regulations, fines and punishments, forms and more forms, from cameras watching your every move, police denying the right to free speech, the list is endless of those systematic controls that shape our daily lives, those petty regulations that ever increase our sense of powerlessness incrementally and for many imperceptibly.
Layers of lies upon lies, wrapped in falsehoods, intertwined with deceptions, condition us from the cradle to the grave. Our parents have likewise been conditioned, and theirs before them, and so on back as far as it is possible to perceive. Each generation passes the virus to the next; a controlled, concocted and fictitious reality that expresses itself in learned behaviours and automatic responses, refined in the playground, honed in the university of life, polished by the experience of interaction and, except for the lucky few, ending bitterly muttering gibberish whilst urinating into a chair, out of sight and out of mind.
I don't believe mankind is like this. I don't believe that this is the best humanity can do. I don't believe, not for one moment, that left to our own devices we couldn't do a much better job.
I remember so well my infant children, wide eyed and innocent, full of joy and laughter, unspoilt spirits setting out on the journey of life. I remember too how we tried to shield them from the intricate maze of falsehood, to raise them in a cocoon of truth, to teach them perception and the necessity to question things.
Children laugh on average 400 times per day.
Adults manage 15 laughs.
Somewhere, somewhere in the process of growing up, we lose 385 laughs a day. A baby, unsullied by the matrix, is a thing so full of love, so full of trust, so full of fun and joy, a pure spirit, the spirit of humanity that should be carried forward into adulthood.
It never is.
Most people will say that such a fanciful notion is impossible, that the world will always rob a child of its innocence, that other people will teach the child shocking lessons in reality and those shocking lessons will continue throughout its life, for this, they say, is human nature.
And of course it is.
It's the human nature that the matrix chooses to condition us to believe in, and orchestrates events and circumstances such that the reality is that human nature is so, is a foul and noxious parody of our true selves, a heinous and wicked simulacrum. We have been duped into existing in some crazed and ludicrous prison of violence and fear and oppression. We are the mad dogs of war, the prison guards, the street corner bully, the greedy, the vicious, the thieving, the ungenerous, the petty and small minded. We all of us are party to it, great or small, some struggling to get out, to find their humanity, most sinking themselves into the sticky subhuman morass like a drowning man plunged into quicksand or a tar pit.
Think of some of the oddities of our current humanity.
Hundreds of thousands of our finest minds are employed to find better ways to kill our fellow man.
Millions of us are engaged as murdering machines in the armed forces of the world.
We let millions starve.
We let our societies become unsafe places to live and raise children.
We allow thieves, liars , bullies and murderers to lead us.
We allow greed and selfishness to govern every area of our lives.
We have allowed ourselves to sink into an abyss of artificial debt, owing money created out of thin air by usurers both personally and through our governments which we have allowed to become puppets of an evil force.
We allow killer diseases to multiply when we could cure them.
We create killer diseases and spread them.
We are our own four horsemen; pestilence, famine, war and death are our own instruments and we have allowed those that build the false reality to sell us the idea that it's our fault, that the laughing and joy filled baby would naturally grow into the whore of fear and death.
The system that seems so powerful is not so. It is weak because it is so enormous and so intricate and so very ancient. The system is weak because it takes so many of us to maintain it. When this thing began , this control of our very humanity, millennia ago the tools of control were simple, like a rock dropped into a stream to block its flow and alter its course.
Now it is a great towering edifice, an enormous and complex dam, designed to hold back an enormous quantity of water. The pressures are enormous. The engineering complex.
All it will take is a crack ,and the whole damnable edifice of deceit will collapse and the water will wash over the world in a great turmoil, then settle and level out. That crack is already there, tiny at present but spreading inexorably.
It's called the truth.
And the truth will set us free.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Brave new world...

Oh Brave New World, That Has Such Creatures In It :
Now all we need to do is find them........or become them........

I'm going to take it as read that you understand that the world is , and has been for millennia, orchestrated and controlled by an inhuman and savage elite that think nothing of you, that care nothing for you, that only wish to continue and further their enslavement of you. They want you miserable. They want you poor. They want you ignorant.
And when they have no further use for you, or just feel like a blood fest is due to meet some weird anniversary or deadline only they understand, they want you dead.
They are in a family business, and that business is misery and their harvest is souls.
Why they do it , who knows?
Any investigative forensic accountant would have to draw these conclusions, weird as they seem:
It can't be about power, they have it all. It can't be about money. They have it all. It can't be about control, that's already in place. It's about an undiluted evil with a motive that is beyond our understanding and comprehension in our current state of awareness.

I'm going to take it as read that you understand that they use us to do all of their dirty work. That they use our inventiveness, our cruelty, our sadism, our masochism, our effort, our fear, our self-love, our hatred, our need for approval, our worship of "deities", our beliefs and allegiances, our greed, our sexual appetite, our brilliance. All of these things and more are bent to their will and serve their purpose. We are our own prison walls, are our own jailers, our own torturers, our own murderers. We pull the triggers. We press the buttons. We crush the skulls of babies. We rape their mothers. We brutalise and torture the innocent. We dress up in dynamite and destroy ourselves and our fellows in the market place. We dress in uniform and beat the protestor and jibe at the theorist.

We are the building blocks and cement of their entire wicked and hateful system of control. We are the labourers, building the very prison walls that hem us in.
We are our own worst enemy. We are the embodiment of their plans, the instruments of their evil.

I am going to take it as read that you understand these things.
They have us all categorised and they have us all controlled, each to perform our role in the nightmarish whole.
In simpler days, their control relied heavily on fear alone: "behave or I'll chop off your head and kill your family, rape and murder your women folk, burn your house and crops, slaughter your livestock."
After a while, they found that all that tiresome weapon wielding and torching could be done by us: "Hey you, if you love me and are loyal to me, kill, that family, burn their house, steal their stuff and I'll let you rape their women and keep some of their property". And so feudalism was born.
Later they invented money and its control: " Here's two pennies. Kill all those people, take their country, bring me all their gold, enslave them for me. They're inhuman savages anyway, not a decent person like you. If you are very good, I might also give you a worthless piece of tin and call it a medal, or a fancy but worthless uniform."
This system has a logical outcome. As society and education progressed, humanity got cleverer and cleverer and our masters bent that cleverness to their own ends. We do it all in the service of our masters. Often the cleverest amongst are the most gullible, developing foul weapons and ingenious systems of murder and control for a pocket of worthless fiat money and a pat on the head and a smile from the elite.
Working for them, often unknowingly, often imagining we are working for our "God" or our "Nation" or for "The Benefit of Mankind" or whatever other false reality we had been sold, sometimes working for some of their money, sometimes working for a few grains off the vast heap of power that have at their table, we helped them develop their extraordinarily sophisticated and pervasive system of technological control.
Life now, under this cruel and inhuman micro-managed system of control, is deemed as acceptable by the ignorant and blind majority. It's deemed as acceptable for a number of reasons, but the chief amongst them is that we are mind controlled. We are controlled and ordered such that we only feel safe within the walls of the prison we have built for ourselves under their wicked mastery. It's not our fault!
And yet it is, and the remedy is only ours.
I'm going to take it as read that you've watched this:
This video, absolutely factual and well documented, relates the development of mind control up to the mid-sixties. Since then, of course, techniques have become far more developed, far more effective, far deeper buried a secret.
Understanding what was possible with mind control in the sixties, then imagining its development keeping pace with, say, computer technology, leads one to an inevitable conclusion: Our masters have a new way of making us behave and do their bidding. We can't see it, we can't taste it but its there all the same and is totally pervasive. Only by wresting control of ourselves and of our world, only by truth, forgiveness and reconciliation will we ever find how deep and cancerous their schemes have become, designed by our hands and minds.
You might recognise yourself in the following category-breakdown of "humanity "under the new system. I know I'm in there, and to my shame I'm not where I want to be:

"State of Unknowing Ignorance"
Eat the crap they give you to eat and like it. Watch the crap they give you to watch and like it. Believe. Hope. Take their drugs. Want their vaccines and "medicines". Die as soon as you can, you are useless.

"State of Knowing Apathy"

Avoid eating the crap they give you to eat, avoid watching the crap they give you to watch. Feel a little superior, have a vague idea what's going on in the world. Decide you can't be bothered and that life's too short.
And of course it is.

"State of Enquiring Apathy"
Become interested in finding out what the truth is and in fact find some things out, but never let on to your friends, carry on following orders, keep your head down, do nothing about anything, make fun of people that dare to put their head over the parapet. Occasionally beat them if so ordered.

"State of Controlling Violence"
Sell out to the system or be in a state of unknowing ignorance, then:
Enter a profession or calling that allows you to make up for your inadequacies and inner fears by brutalising others. Be a bully, a mugger, a violent thief, a bad policeman, a soldier, a hit-man, a rapist, sell hard drugs. Be the one that sits in an armchair and guides the drone on to the market place in Pakistan, then go home and cuddle your kids.

"State of Knowing Resignation"
Become fully aware, see the way the game is rigged, give up.

"State of Weary Revolution"
Become fully aware, try to change things, learn that people can't be bothered to help you and that they don't want to listen. Meet the sharp edge of the oppressive system (people in a "State of Controlled Violence"). Become weary of the whole thing. Give up on humanity. Almost certainly lose your job prospects, pension prospects, liberty and possibly your life.
Alternatively, start this journey, then jump ship to the "State of Knowing Complicity" because you "want a better life". (Witness any former "rebel" now in Government. They and we know who they are).

"State of Knowing Complicity"
Become aware. Use the system to get rich or powerful. Allow yourself to give in totally to your baser and most animal instincts. From the kiddy fiddling priest or Rabbi, the nasty little copper, the greedy corporate slippery pole climber, the murdering thieving politician, the civil service clerk with the power of life or death, the whole spectrum of petty nastiness, sociopathy and psychopathy is catered for here. Prosecuting lawyers, ministers of state, bullying landlords, micro-biologists that develop illnesses or bury cures, physicists that develop weapons, the list goes on and on.
Here's a whole nest of the true vipers of mankind, each in their way, great or small, adding to the mortar and brickwork of the prison planet and enjoying every minute of it. "Success and Kudos" is their drug of choice, and they're hooked. They don't give a shit for anyone else. They don't care a hoot for the future.
These are the worst of the lying scum that the rest of humanity have to contend with.
There is one further state.....

"State of Higher Humanity"
This one is difficult to imagine.
(That in itself is an incredible and revealing statement.)
It is difficult to imagine humanity breaking clear of the false reality that has been created for us and by us over Millennia. It is difficult to sift what is and isn't good in a world where evil is good, where thought is crime, where we can't see our enemies and where the word enemy is in itself an age old construct of the false reality.
In a world where all of us have been subjugated and manipulated for all of our lives, where everything that we believe in bears the stamp of the hidden and controlling hand, where none of us is free from the taint and stink that pervades the systems that control us, where almost none of us has ever met someone who embodies and lives in that state of higher humanity, of pure love, of forgiveness, of peace, of humility, of giving, of unstinting courage.
They are such a rare breed, and yet each one of us can become so, each one of us has to become so.
Without us discovering that state of higher humanity how can we ever end this shameful cycle of evil? Are we condemned to endure it until we destroy our mother earth and each other?
Therefore, difficult as it seems, impossible though it seems, we have each of us to become that higher human.
There is no worth or value in finding and following just one such, a "messiah", because history tells us what evil can be brought from the worship of a higher soul, how the wicked amongst us delight in our childish willingness to bow before a messiah and use that naive obeisance to bring us again into the fold of evil.
We have each of us to find within ourselves that State of Higher Humanity, each of us to find truth, each of us to reach for the impossible, each of us to become a tiny part of the critical mass of humanity that says;
"Enough. It's time to Start Again"

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

It's time to pull out the stops.....

Just in case you didn't already know.......

Now is the time, now is the moment.
The apocalypse, the lifting of the veil, is here.
The truth is becoming an unstoppable force for change in the world. The devils that currently own our dear planet can see on the horizon a small ripple and recognise it for what it is: a tsunami of change, coming their way.
They understand the mathematics of exponential growth, understand that the universality of communication is enabling ten thousand people today to begin the journey into truth, twenty thousand tomorrow, forty thousand the day after tomorrow.
As the grand masters of the chess game that is history they have always foreseen the strategy of opponents, have always planned ahead, have always pulled the levers of control, it's always been mate in three moves.
This is where can be clearly seen the vast danger we imminently face.
They have an enormous array of weapons in their strategic armoury, chief amongst which are falsehood (the war on terror, the WMD of the Iraq war, the press and mass media), fear (nuclear weapons in Iran, Korea, terrorism, swine flu, economic collapse), hope (Obama, the new world currency, vaccines, religions), manipulated human desire (consumerism, the desire for safety, the desire for a quiet life), war (here comes another big one) pestilence (AIDS, swine flu, cancer), famine (not just the absence of food, but also the poisoning of what food there is), and death (killing anyone that bothers them, in a targeted way as in the assassinations of Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Dr David Kelly, or with a broad brush like WW1, WW2, and WW111- in which we find ourselves now).
They are sour losers, these bastards, and will stop at nothing.
They invented the concept of "scorched earth" in retreat.
They care nothing for humanity, nothing for love, nothing for peace, nothing for our planet so long as they have the best bits in which to practice their foul amoral behaviours.
So will the greatest swell in the tide of the affairs of mankind produce the greatest reaction from our "masters", the enormous petulant swingeing and careless counter threats of the grand master that sees an error in his game and goes for broke.
We can expect them to ramp up their game, expect them to throw everything at us. We will get WW111 in full quite soon. The plague in whatever form will come. The financial system and so a steady and ordered life will break down. A new "God" will be "revealed" to us for us to bow down to. Weapons of fear and mass destruction will be unleashed and blamed upon the fabled enemy. The internet will go, their media will become the only source for "truth" (lies). We will struggle to communicate. Destruction of an enemies' means of communication is a pre-requisite of modern warfare.
All of their myriad power systems and organisations, their enormous army of psychopaths, lackeys, jobsworths and collaborators (witting or unwitting) will be called into exemplary action, manning the barricades in the last battle between evil and good.
This is all in the pipeline, it's all been announced. There will be other things that we cannot foresee. We are truly living in interesting times, and they're about to get very much more interesting.
Don't think for the briefest of moments that we can act quickly enough to avert this.
Many of us are about to pass. They are going for the mass cull.
Facing this armageddon , alone on the battlefield in full view of the vast army of evil, is the truth.
And 6.5 billion human beings IF we can get the truth out to them.
If you are reading this, then I would beg you to consider yourself at war.
I would beg you to understand that nothing else in your daily routine matters more or counts for more than the spreading of the truth.
It is our only weapon, our mightiest weapon, it is the stone in David's slingshot. The pen will have to be mightier than the sword. the truth will have to be the scythe with which we sever the stem of the crop of evils of the world and remove forever the foul harvest that is the legacy of our allowing ourselves to have been so used for so long.
This is not a war where violence should come from our side. If we use violence we will lose. If we use violence we will build the new world on a foundation of blood and Evil ,once again, will be the victor. Our only weapon should be truth, the foundation of our new world truth, truth the mainstay of our future.
Talk to everyone you meet. Write and call everyone you know. Never miss an opportunity to spread the word. Stand in the street with a placard. Put up a sign in your window. Attract attention to the truth in any peaceful and non-violent way you can. Hold public meetings. If you have skills ,such as the ability to translate web sites into different languages, or are a talented orator or motivator or organiser, use them. If you are wealthy, spend some of it. Hang a sign over a motorway bridge or a tall building. Consider, if we all did this, every day, the rate of growth of the movement for truth will accelerate beyond anything we can imagine.
The time to act is now. The enemy have taken to the field and hold the high ground. Effort, skill, courage and risk is required, and required now. Pull out the stops.
"IF" (Rudyard Kipling)

IF you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,'
Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Human, my son

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Arundhati Roy and democracy, Indian style......

Pictures: All of my pictures are taken locally, this from my balcony this morning. The sunrise reflects what I believe is about to happen in the world, a new dawn for mankind.
I have just now read Arundhati Roy's post on "Information Clearing House" .
For anyone reading this, ICH is a great source of intelligent and cogent debate, offering viewpoints that are not always agreeable to everyone but brilliant because of that. Often they give us a gem, and such is Ms Roy's post, full of wisdom and an alarming expose of what passes for democracy in India. It's a lengthy post, and worth every minute you might take to read it.
Thank you, Arundhati. Bless you.
How can one possibly make any worthy response to such an immense document?
The vastness of India acts as a magnifying glass. All of the world's sicknesses, all of her griefs are there portrayed with crystal clarity.
As a westerner the iniquity and barbarism described seem far away, because we in the west have mostly enjoyed a life free of the extreme and ill concealed levels of corporate violence and political skullduggery you describe, at least for the last sixty years or so. We are also of course denied a press and media that might bring such atrocity to our attention.
Our liars and thieves and corporate and political murderers are more adept and experienced than yours at hiding their evil, at fooling the public.
We are more brainwashed and mind controlled and live in a falser reality. They need to manage us more carefully.
And yet, as ever, it is our liars and thieves that are raping your nation, the western corporations and the capital and banking hierarchy behind them that bleeds your people and finds, as ever, plenty of willing thugs to do the dirty work for them.
There is a conclusion to be drawn:
Democracy, as we practise it and as the baser amongst us allow it to be, has become an open door to the venemous serpent of evil that has prevailed and now owns the planet.
And what a shit heap they are making of it.
As Hitler found no shortage of volunteers to manage his final solution, no shortage of "ordinary" Germans to gather up the "homos", the delinquent, the disabled, the Gypsy, the jew, so it is that the "democracies" in which we live find no shortage of bullies, no dearth of the greedy , no difficulty in finding the psycopathic, the angry, the inadequate and the stupid who will do their master's bidding for a handful of pennies and a pat on the back, no shortage of devils to organise the destruction in exchange for a title, a pot of money and an exemption from the process of law, such that they might bury their snouts in whatever perversion and sickness they favour without fear of just retribution.
Democracy has been hoodwinked.
Democracy has been stolen.
Democracy has been asleep on its watch.
It is no wonder that democracy is "sold" to the sleeping public as the only fair and just form of government. The reason is that democracy is by far the easiest route to the creation of the state of evil, the world government of the meek by the wicked. It is easier to trick people into doing what you want than to force them to, although force helps.
After all, for a few baubles, they'll do all the hard work for you.
We are our own prison guards.
We suffer from a world malaise, the malaise of indifference and apathy. This is coupled with another evil, which is the loss of a true moral outrage , the loss of a spiritual dignity, the loss of what it truly means to be a human being.
The forces ranged against us have been orchestrated for centuries if not millennia and the advent of modern technology has gifted the elite monsters an entirely efficient and horrific toolkit of control, subjugation and usury. Quite simply, they are on a roll, the crest of a wave. Whilst we were sleeping at the wheel the criminal baby murdering swine have tightened their grip.
Their object must now be clear to almost anyone of discernment, and will be denied by the vast numbers of their servants, those sick folk who prefer being a slave driver rather than risk being a slave.
Like the Jews at Belsen and Auschwitz that acted as guards, that wielded the whip rather than face the whip, the cowards (and aren't we most of us?) that swapped dignity for life.
And so we draw our battle lines. And so civil war is upon us. Man against man in the last fight for the preservation not just of mankind, but of our pillaged and raped planet.
We face choices.
The masters that have ever controlled us understand that we are easily manipulated and that they possess the tools of manipulation. They understand that they control the weapons of aggression. They feel that, even if we could cast them aside temporarily, their control of money and its issuance throughout the world will allow them to quickly recover. They look down upon us. We are small to them. We can be controlled. Why should they fear us?
They should fear us because for the first time we can talk to one another. Nation of ordinary people to nation of ordinary people.
And in that communication, a commonality is emerging. In that communication an understanding and a learning is coming about. In that communication, the perpetual lies are being revealed for what they are.
The truth is being revealed, and nothing will prevent its advancement.
When the soldier refuses to shoot, when the policeman refuses to bully and arrest, when the politician states the truth, when the lackeys and lickspittles realise the tide is turning, then will be the time.
The apocalypse, the "lifting of the veil" is upon us. The truth is out. It is incumbent upon us all to spread that truth.
If we can act, and act with peace and love and the force of reconciliation and goodwill rather than the force of violence and evil, if we can act with dignity, intelligence and valour, if we can act with one set purpose to Start Again with our people and our planet, then we will enter a broad, sunlit upland of peace and repose, a golden age of rebuilding and cleansing, a time of hard work and decent labour with a worthy end.
A brave, brave, new , world.
Time to Start Again, brothers and sisters. Our children and a thousand generations of our descendants depend upon us, now, the current guardians of the world, to finish this evil.
Once and for all time, and with all the care, love and intelligence we can muster.
There are 6.5 billion of us.
Lets get together.