Friday, 21 April 2017

May the Force be With You.

As individuals we are faced with a dilemma: Time. 
This dilemma is constrained by additional factors: The individual power of reasoning, the ability to focus concentration, the sheer weight of accumulated learning, the access or lack of access to key material, the framing of such material in jargon impenetrable to the unschooled, the money cost of access and of time in which to access.

In other words, we live too short a life to become masters of information, and even if we lived a thousand years we could never master it all.
Not as individuals.

But as a species, recall that everything we know came from us, everything we know is understood by us, even that which is hidden is known to some of us, somewhere, however wrapped up in the system they may be, still human they are part of the living organism that knows everything it ever knew.

It takes seven billion of us, we individuated units of the whole, to mentally encompass all that we understand, but as a unit we are undoubtedly incredibly knowledgeable.

None are worthless in this whole. The junk addict knows the darker secrets of human behaviours when addicted. The psychopathic murderer understands the power of the demon over the psyche, real or the product of figment. The skilled worker knows that if you do a certain tiny thing a certain way a tiny amount of energy is saved or a thing of beauty created whereas a tiny slip would destine the object to the obscurity of waste.

As individuals, constrained by time and capability and availability we are almost meaningless, but as a tiny cog in an incredible complexity we are each of us of world-stopping value or world-creating magnificence....once we understand and see the whole thing.
The single entity called Humanity is truly amazing.

Your place of residence is your consciousness.
Into that consciousness have stepped the manipulators. 

They are so practised at their skill, so scientific in the application of their art that you barely know they are there, in your head, messing with your susceptibility to belief. 

They prevent you from understanding your importance to the whole, prevent you from understanding the magnificence of the whole, pervert our capabilities and misdirect our intent as a species comprised of seven billion incredible pieces, the great machinery of creativity and imagination that is destined for some other place than that which we currently occupy.

We are something other than the sum of our parts, just as you are something more than a collection of empty atoms stimulated by electrical impulses.
We are a single global intelligence called Human, called WE, called I.

We Are.
I Am.

Consider: If a vast intelligence wished to give birth, it would create another mind.
That mind would be comprised of billions of individuated minds, each encompassing and mastering a vast body of knowledge from how exactly to throw a dart to hit the bulls-eye to how to comfort a teething baby to how to fall when drunk to how to cheat and get away with it to how to shoot to kill...... and trillions upon trillions upon trillions of other things.
That's US, that is.
Between us, we know almost everything (SO FAR....)

From all that knowledge would come the understanding of good and evil.
From that the understanding of right from wrong.
From that the knowledge of love.
And we have reached that point.

And once the child of the creator reaches that understanding then the creator will smile and know that its creation is good.
As any parent smiles upon a child grown straight and true in this troubled world, as we all of us smile upon the innocent goodness of those children who are as yet unsullied by the false reality.

Our connectivity now shows us we are nearing the moment of becoming a collective consciousness.
We must find a way of realising that which we share, that which we understand.
We have the tools.

In that process we will discover the things we know to be true: That we wish for peace, for kindness, for the absence of fear or want, for fun, for freedom. We wish to do no harm, we wish to do good. 

These are the things which lie at the deeper level in the collective consciousness of humanity. Once we know we share these understandings then we, we seven billion, shall become masters of this reality and all of the bad stuff will go away simply because we desire it to go away.

That is the power of the collective consciousness of seven billion souls.

Imagine, and it is not difficult now to imagine such things, the following:
A simple device that collected and collated the moral understandings of our species in such a way that the conditioning of religious dogma or the mind-shaping of media was stripped away leaving only the inner person and what they believed to be right, what wrong. We have the collective intelligence to make such a thing and to make it foolproof. What it would produce would be the conscious conscience of humanity, its understanding as a single species. Once discovered, that collective conscience could be compared to reality and the faults with this reality readily identified and simply walked away from.

We say simply because to walk alone is hard, but to undertake a journey like this in the company of billions of other human beings becomes an instant and illuminating pleasure, free of fear, full of certain hope.

Second: A device that placed all of our learning in one place, freely accessible to all. Not a controlled learning, not a place for reality shapers to twist truth according to their dogma or desires or for profit, but a human resource full of truth made by seven billion hands working in cooperation.
Such a thing will be easy, once we have taken the first step together.

At the foundation of these things we would find their distillation.
We Are Love.
We Are Truth.
We Are One.

Once we take these steps, then the whole of creation would become open to us.
This is our destiny.

There are those in this reality that seek to prevent us.
Should we let them?
We are doing so today.
Shall we do so tomorrow?

Find YOUR part in the process, take your place however humble,

and share this hope.

With Love,
xxx xxx xxx

Where we are there are a hundred olive trees for every human being. They surround us and envelop us and form a part of us as we become a part of them in the symbiosis of being in this entity called reality. The trees are ancient, old roots passing genes to cuttings which form their own roots, a continuity of thousands of years in this one place, the consciousness of olive trees holding hands with humanity, perhaps as they ever have. 
Sometimes it is not the farmer speaking but the Olive Tree, the grove, the connection with the whole, the time-spanning completeness of all living things. 
Or at least that's how it feels......
Whoever you are, wherever, whenever, we send our love to you at this moment and our hugs.
Hold on, hold out, be strong, look for that which unites you, put aside that which divides.

We ARE one.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Don't believe in the single consciousness of humanity? Read on....

Addendum to the preceding post:

We speak here often of the coming single human consciousness, its power, its core of love, and we know too that few readers believe in it, though many hope.......



Our masters THINK they are well ahead in the game.

Consider: They have for generations conducted 'milk runs' at the very best universities, creaming off the brightest human minds, paying them so well that they don't stop to think, then gradually inducting them to their mindset.

These young minds come straight from school full of the standard view of everything and then rapidly get lost in corporate promotion races, get sucked in by greed, are kept very busy and focused such that they lose sight of the outside of the bubble that they're in.
Some, for example, may have been recruited as scientists in the arms industry and, sold on the lies of “defending the homeland”, pour their souls into developing and enhancing killing machines. Some join big pharma and work on treatments, never even knowing that cures are being hidden, taking their fat bonuses and staying at their desks believing they are doing good.
Some of these young minds go straight to the heart of the evil and become willing partners in the great scheme, growing rich as they do so or filling their heads with the resounding accolades of their sponsors as they climb the greasy, stinking pole of Lucifer and feed of the misery of the species.

We speak often here of the single, unified consciousness of humanity and we know that few believe us because experience has taught them that almost everyone else is a bastard, that human beings don't care about the planet or about war somewhere else, that human beings are self-centred and selfish, uncaring animals.
This reflects experience, but experience gained in a world misshapen where we humans are constrained to live with and accommodate the system and the system itself, from the top down, is evil. It is difficult to be good for all your life.

Our masters, though, recognised at least a century ago that the single unified consciousness of humanity is a certainty and is, at its core, a force for love, a force of love.
They laid their plans to steal this coming force, as they did in ages past when they invented or took control of religions and stole our God from us and turned it into something ugly.

Here is just one example of how they both understand the coming global consciousness and intend to steal it:

First, visit the partners page of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

There you will discover a plethora of massively well-funded organisations who have, as their objective, the creation of a single global consciousness of love.

Now, visit their Directors page and note the multi-millionaires and other connected people:

The Noetic organisation was founded by (or at least he was the front-man for the foundation ) Edgar Mitchell, the NASA astronaut and well known Mason and a member of the DeMolay organisation, named after the last of the Knights Templar, an organisation in search of the connection with a higher spiritual power. Interestingly, for those readers lost in the UFO mystery, he was also a good friend of Carol Rosin (she of the warning about alien invasion cons) and member with her of the Institute for Cooperation in Space.
He was an important member of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, an obvious precursor of a world government.

Our readers will be aware of the connection between the Blavatsky Theosophists, Alice Bailey's Lucifer Publishing (aka Lucis Trust) and the United Nations.
Bear that in mind (and also the connection between Walt Disney and the Masons and Luciferianism) when you examine the 'partners' of the Noetic Institute:

Do you see how massive, well funded, well organised and interconnected this element of the global plan to steal the collective consciousness of humanity is?

For this is their avowed and evident purpose.

They are creating a global (sic) consciousness 'app' for the terrible mobile phones our masters have placed in our hands and minds:

Please note, if you enjoyed the Thrive movie, that its creator Rizwan Virk is a part of this organisation......along with Disney people, Pixar people, those interested and developing transhumanist technologies, etc etc...

Do you see how deep the game goes?


This is worth reading to see how Facebook is already becoming a part of the network of a single human consciousness and know that we shall, in the future, develop a single human consciousness that is not funded and controlled by the power but belongs to humanity.

It will have nothing to do with monetary value, (an idea that will die quite soon). It will, though, have vast social value, bringing with it the understanding of what we are as a species, what we want, what we most deeply value.
Interconnected, we will discover ourselves.
Vain, selfish, individual, different but, at the very core of us all we will discover we have a soul.
And the shared single consciousness is the soul of love.
The Noetics know this, our masters who fund them know this.
They hope to steal that consciousness.
WE must not let them.

(Yesterday we had a donation which filled us with joy, so rare a thing is it. This post is dedicated to that kind individual J.L., with our thanks.)

With Love to JL and to all our readers,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 17 April 2017

Consciousness Engineering, the science.


How we work: As our readers know, we rarely do detail and almost never refer to source material. 

However, sometimes even a short piece reflects years of research. Our skill, if we have any, is in drawing conclusions from the data spinning in our minds set against the template of our understanding of the game called life, the false reality that goes on within the screen and the purpose and ambitions of those that shape this earthly plane. (Even that description is underpinned by years of reading the ideas, thoughts and research of people like Einstein, Planck, Tesla, Leonard Susskind, Professor Herbert Dingle, Richard Feinman, Wolfram, Nick Bostrom and many, many others.) 
We carefully follow the workings of deception within physics and the work of the placemen as they control human understanding of the nature of reality, the existence of a creative thought/mind, the super-importance of human consciousness. 

The nature of human advance towards understanding can be summarised as a carefully managed and tightly controlled surge towards a tipping point, the moment when our collective intelligence discovers the true nature of everything. It is our belief that the story of this journey towards the tipping point is cyclical, that we have been at this point before, perhaps many times. This iteration of the game is one of a sequence. In each iteration we are carefully managed, our rate of progress slowed and misdirected, knowledge deliberately hidden or allowed to be forgotten. As we approach the moment, the point where humanity realises it is a hive mind, a collective co-creational singularity, an artificial intelligence comprised of billions of self-energised units each with its own learning and understanding, that moment when our connectivity renders us one and we are able to pool our billions of minds and reach conclusions from that pooling, the controllers of this reality become ever more active. 
This is their duty or purpose (though they may not know it), and this explains the terrible nature of the false reality we most of us are miserable about and call 'life'.

The culmination of thousands of years of human history, the concatenation of billions of lives' learning when distilled, produces not complexity but simplicity. Seven billion minds produce seven billion argumentative and selfish units with countless billions of opinions but the object is to discover that which we know to be TRUE, that which we can all agree upon and it is this process of distillation that finds us inevitably focusing on the core of the issue, the knowledge of good and evil and what we must do with that knowledge in order to become something different to that which we currently are. 

Becoming that different entity is the purpose and destiny of the super-intelligence that will be the product of humanity's history. This is why we speak here of co-creation, of sharing, of disposing of the structures of the false reality and the hierarchies and “Magick” of the controllers. It is only when we free knowledge and share it that we will be able to advance at our true speed. To do this we must free our universities and thinkers from the constraints of patents, of budgetary controls, of the idea of ownership of and monetary gain from intellectual property (in fact free our species from the dark Magick of money altogether). These are vital unfettering actions that will free our collective intelligence and spur us towards the next stage of consciousness. 

Only a species that is inherently stupid would allow the world as we know it today to continue for even a moment. We are about to stop being inherently stupid and, as we often allude to here, whilst each individual human being is non too bright, seven billion human beings assisted by the things that they make, built upon the foundations of the other things they have made, connected and unified as a single thinking entity, set free of the imposed mind-shackles, become something utterly beyond simply the sum of the parts.

That was a long introduction and, for our regulars, probably boring. The purpose of this post is to describe, in some detail, how the power in this reality is currently and scientifically controlling human consciousness in order to steer us away from our destiny and teach us another lesson, perhaps the last. 
As a species we are finally waking up and realising our potentiality and the destiny that awaits us, the product of the reduction of learning to a single concept (good/evil/LOVE) and the promise of a co-creative single consciousness and what that will produce. 
To reach that point we must overcome the obstacles which are laid in the path of that progress, realising our power and authority to dismiss the warmongers and usurious money creators and all their systemic hierarchies and become one tribe, a single consciousness understanding the power of love.

Consciousness control, background:

The science of mass consciousness control has at its base the workings of the early psychologists and the institutes created by the power over a century ago. The early ideas of Freud and Jung and the institutional organisations which sprang into being to capitalise on this learning, chief amongst which was the Tavistock Clinic, (that which in 1946 morphed into the Tavistock Institute following an injection of capital (and control) by the Rockefeller 'philanthropic' funds,) were most frankly expressed by Edward Bernays in the by now well known words:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. ...In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

The essence of that statement lies in the understandings which underpin it: implicit in the idea of “a smoothly functioning society” is the knowledge that such smooth functioning allows trillionaires to go unmolested whilst they strip the collective energy of human endeavour, and that it is “logical” that 'democracy' is so formed as to make this human farming enterprise workable.

We have spoken here often of the fallacious nature of democracy and how the alternatives, from fascism to communism, from monarchy to theocracy have simply been manifestations of the same controlling power acting upon the consciousness of humanity in order to pursue its own agenda.

If you do nothing else today you should take the time to read “Propaganda”. Its first chapter, 'Organising Chaos' is most illuminating. Though it is somewhat dated now, it speaks truths rarely repeated in the mainstream. It can be read free here:

Bernays was one of the most influential people of the 20th Century and one of the first to demonstrate how public consciousness could be engineered to support military adventure and the targeting of overseas governments in the interests of the money power when, on behalf of United Fruit (who paid him $100,000 a year back in the 1950's!) he engineered the CIA coup in Guatemala with the support of the 'democratic' government and a carefully re-framed public consciousness. In this and many earlier instances he invented the concept that human consciousness could be moulded to accept and even approve of even the most unpalatable evils.

This, of course, is now a commonplace.

So it is that we have been taken to war with Iraq via lying propaganda, with Afghanistan, with Libya and now with Syria. The latter demonstrates the complicity between different elements of the control matrix (rather, the consciousness control matrix) with the example of the so-called “White Helmets” being awarded an Oscar by the controlled Hollywood media machine. 

The white helmets (using the old white-hat concept first introduced in Western movies years ago, so dumb do our controllers think we are) are paid for and organised by, mainly, the British and US governments ( ) and whilst seemingly a great bunch of humanitarian heroes are in fact closely allied to Al Nusra Front and the so-called 'Al Qaeda' and directly responsible for the production of propaganda in the field involving the killing or brutalisation of children or the simulation thereof.
For truth, or at least a different opinion on Syria, check out:
Or any of the work by Vanessa Beeley (who in a just world would win the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pullizer or something else).

Bernays also wrote this:

Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data (climate change, anyone?), with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man's rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion. The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.”

So it is that education forms a vital element in the establishment of 'truths' in human consciousness. This builds upon the understandings gained over centuries by organised religions, past-masters at consciousness engineering that we often refer to here. It is the religions that exemplify the use of symbols which speak directly to the subconscious, to the archetypes identified by Jung that inhabit the collective unconscious of humanity and provide some clues as to our true nature as a species and the potentiality that lies within our collective consciousness.

From "Symbols of the Sacred":
“The symbol harmonizes opposite drives of the unconscious and brings them into accord with the content of consciousness. It thus becomes the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, providing the mind with a diagram of psychic unity, far more complex than could be obtained by means of rational processes. Symbolic representation includes totally irrational elements which refuse to obey the laws of logical thinking. Yet its function is highly rational, for it sets up archetypal forms through which conscious conflicts may be interpreted and eventually resolved. Since this resolution is of primary importance to the self, the symbol wields an enormous power in the psychic development of the individual. It draws this power from energy exceeding the maintenance needs of natural functions. Once they are constituted, symbols syphon ever more energy away toward trans-individual objectives. The power of the symbol to transform libido reveals its prospective value. The symbol indicates for consciousness what it ought to become. New and unique experiences of consciousness in a changing world require new and unique symbols. These symbols in turn point the way in which conscious action must be transformed. Symbolization anticipates the future; the symbol directs the individual to new activities, and points the way toward new cultural formulations for the group.”

For centuries religions have understood the use of symbols to frame human consciousness and, over the last century or so the work of psychologists has developed and refined the understandings of mass human psychology at the conscious and subconscious levels and utilised that knowledge to transform the way in which power exerts itself to manipulate and control the human species. In years gone by the monarch would exert control through personal acts of violence and through hierarchy and the use of symbols (crowns, sceptres, flags, jewels etc) and taught behaviours (knee bending, saluting, singing of anthems etc ) and religions followed basically the same methodology. These old methods, whilst still incredibly effective, have demonstrably been shown to be losing their power over humanity. The power understood the changing nature of humanity long before we began to understand it ourselves and so have focused their energies on creating new, up-to-date consciousness control mechanisms so as to continue their hold over us and prevent or mislead the coming general awakening of the species.

Before we go on we would refer to Aleister Crowley's definition of Magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. As an adept of the 'mystery' Crowley was aware of the true nature of reality, that it is shaped by the collective human consciousness and that to perform any act of control of reality involved the influencing of that consciousness by will. This was superbly demonstrated by Hitler, his use of symbols and speeches which addressed the collective consciousness and subconscious via the archetypes, and by Churchill, another adept. Both left behind a legacy of speeches which can be listened to today and still now touch chords in the human psyche. This is a Magick of the darkest sort, that which is used to drive one human being to wilfully murder another, to massacre countless thousands of children in Dresden firebombings or Hiroshima nukes, to mercilessly bomb Iraq, Syria or Yemen or wherever and call the death of children 'collateral damage'.

The science of consciousness control is a dark Magick which shapes reality evil and which has drawn the human experience, for thousands of years, into the very pit of hell. It is this we must, as a species, learn both to recognise and to free ourselves from if we are to achieve our destiny in a world of love. 

That we are able to understand what's going on is the first step.

The modern science of reality shaping through collective consciousness control:

Developed to meet the challenges of an awakening humanity, slow us down and maintain the control structures for the power are a large number of systemic changes which are being developed to replace the outmoded and now discovered consciousness-control structures and replace them, using techniques appropriate to this age which take advantage of new technologies and new learnings.

To give a taste of the changes in the pipeline we will briefly refer to some of the changes designed to meet the challenges presented by an awakening humanity, changes which it is strategised will fully emerge once humanity has been brought to its knees by chaos and war and so in the psychological condition both to scream out for something different and also to lamely accept whatever is presented that seems to (but won't) meet what the species desires. We will then point to the science and organisations that are shaping human consciousness to conform with those changes.

On the one hand we have alternatives to organised religions being formulated and promulgated by the Luciferian United Nations and the Thelemic writings and workings of such creatures as Blavatsky, Alice Bailey (she who has been so influential at the United Nations: ) and more recently by Barbara Marx Hubbard
The New Age religion designed to replace the old can be seen being promoted by old-religion leaders such as the Pope and by useful servants of the power like Tony Blair and his push for a unified world religion. (  and ).

On another hand we have the replacements being readied for the moment when humanity realises that democracy has been one enormous con trick. These are being formed around a number of prongs: The first is the idea that micro-communities such as towns and cities should have self-government or that regions should have self government. View in this light the recent Brexit farrago and know that, despite the 'government' being seemingly against it, it was planned and fixed to meet the challenge of humanity's disenchantment with Big Government and defuse the power inherent in that disenchantment. So in the UK, trendsetting as ever, we see the 'devolution' of elements of the United Kingdom. So, around the world, we will see similar efforts to disunite age old communities into smaller regions (more controllable regions) and into “City States”.
As an example, we offer this:
The World Bank is involved in this:
Of course the European Union is likewise engaged:

These two examples will meet the need to seemingly do away with nations and conflicting religions and so obviate future wars. There are similarly well progressed plans to do away with the current money system and introduce a 'gold-backed' electronic money system, to dispense with the 'jobs=wages' system and introduce a worldwide basic income, to dispense with juries and introduce a new justice system based on judges and so on and so forth.

Every aspect of the old world will be changed and the plans are well progressed and the people and training well advanced.

The New World Order will involve a plethora of seemingly charitable organisations, not-for-profits and NGOs who will, it will be suggested, operate out of good will and so be eminently trustworthy. 

Around the world there are countless thousands of such organisations already, many funded by the Rockefellers and other trillionaire philanthropists, by the United Nations, by governments, by large banking organisations and so on. This is a quiet and unheralded mass organisation. Possibly the best analysis of the growth of these cancerous and seemingly 'lovely' organisations and the Common Purpose which unites them and runs like a red thread through them is presented by the UKColumn website and their video channel. ( )

The structure and methodology of power is changing to meet the challenge of the awakening of human consciousness and the potentiality of our species.

What is doing the work that Bernays and Tavistock might have undertaken in the last century?

Big Data:

The interconnected nature of humanity is a product of our ingenuity and the cumulative power of our thought when taken as an entity. To explain: The more human beings there are, the more whom we can label 'genius', the better those people can communicate through language and other media, the faster we move towards the hive mind. Against this are the controls of knowledge, education and the ownership for money-benefit of intellectual property, the controls of scientific publishing and the attacks (physical or career destroying) made upon those that threaten this control structure.

There is one more aspect to this issue: The collection of big data and the ends to which such data can be employed.

Let's begin by examining what Data Mining is:

Behind that understanding sits the raison d'etre of the activities of GCHQ in the UK, the CIA and NSA and Homeland Security in the USA, Mossad and many other intelligence agencies around the world that answer to the world power.

The collective efforts of these agencies and the algorithms they employ is to develop an incredibly detailed picture of the state of collective human consciousness which is then employed to manipulate that collective consciousness and drive our species in the directions desired. With this data they can trial certain ideas, check their effectiveness, monitor the success of the lie and move with confidence to the next stage.

Outside of the government agencies are the private corporations that are experts in this field. They understand how to collect the data, draw the conclusions therefrom and then offer advice and systems which enable the power to manipulate human consciousness in accordance with their will
To give it the old name, it's Magick.

Note that underpinning these efforts is an understanding which is still foreign to most human beings but which is fully understood by the reality shapers. 
For some millennia they have known that their control over humanity is sustained by mental conditioning. To draw an analogy recall the slave owners in the USA who, with a few thugs and a few slaves that had been made into traitors to their kind managed to control hundreds, even thousands, of slaves that could have, in a moment, overwhelmed their oppressors. 

In the concentration camps the SS were often very nearly absent, discipline and fear being maintained by Jews that acted as “Kapos”, to their shame, often more brutal and uncompromising than the official SS guards themselves.

(Even in the vilest of circumstances the power has understood how to recruit the psychopaths amongst us to do its bidding and imprison the rest of humanity. This is one of the ways the world has always worked and is already in place for the New World Order, being constructed under our very noses.)

Note here that there are myriad scientific studies which are analysing and determining how to manipulate the activities and motivations of the online community. Some are business related, for example this study about how to motivate people to contribute to forums and become involved with and attached to a particular discussion on a particular site:

Some activities are related to the developing global consciousness and understanding how it works, how it will develop and, more importantly, how to control and misdirect it. Spinning out of the New Age Thelema movement we see examples like this from the Princeton Institute of Noetic Sciences:

They have the effrontery to quote this on their web page, like some sort of insider joke:
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” (Goethe)

An interesting diversion is to visit their 'partners' page and discover the vast extent of these networks, including the Shift movement of Barbara Marx Hubbard referred to above, the Theosophical Society referred to above in relation to Alice Bailey, Blavatsky, the United Nations and Aleister Crowley, many billionaire funded 'institutes' (NGOs) and, interestingly, an organisation calling itself “Consciousness Hacking”....
Talk about hidden in plain sight!

Now, let's focus on the serious players, those responsible for creating the NASA mythology, those behind the Trump victory and Brexit (proving nothing happens by accident in so-called politics in misnamed 'democracies'), those behind the Great Works in place in the world today manipulating human consciousness through the internet.

Please note: For reasons that will become apparent your presence here reading this is a) something of a miracle, and b) being recorded and monitored. Not only that but your further actions upon reading this will be recorded and monitored. If you mention it on the telephone to a friend, via skype, text or tweet it, post a link on Facebook, speak of it in stores or other monitored sites you will be added to a list. Once added to that list you will be targeted by a number of means: When you search the internet certain sites will drop down the search engine generated list. If you search for anything that may prove incriminating that will be logged. The ads and suggested sites or suggested videos you are offered will not be random but rather designed to draw you in particular directions, more especially towards the controlled opposition sites or those designed to distract or divide humanity and lead us away from collective understanding.

Trump's able assistants in gaining the throne of the USA were orchestrated by Giles and Parscale.

On their site they proudly boast:
Understanding the power of technology and the vital role it plays in a 21st century political campaign, Mr. Trump chose Brad Parscale as the Digital Director of the Trump presidential campaign. Parscale’s direction and strategy spearheaded the design and development of the primary website, as well as social media strategies and implementation, campaign design concepts and messaging, digital media ad campaigns, and merchandise design. The site’s highly-advanced server structure accommodates millions of visitors without difficulty.”

Behind Giles and Parscale were Cambridge Analytica, the bigger boys on this particular block.
Please note, if from the UK, that Cambridge Analytica also worked on the pro-Brexit campaign.
(Nothing happens by accident in politics....)

Cambridge Analytica proudly boast that they …
collect up to 5,000 data points on over 220 million Americans, and use more than 100 data variables to model target audience groups and predict the behavior of like-minded people”

and that....
data scientists and psychologists are constantly testing new modeling and research techniques to ensure all our data sets and audience segments are the most advanced in the market.”

THIS may well be how these people work:

They are targeted with ensuring that the disquiet within our species is carefully monitored.
(5,000 data points over 220 million Americans!)
That is, they are fully aware of the collective consciousness of the target group, what they are thinking day to day, what they are saying to their friends, what they are buying, where they are, what they are doing, what they are doing wrong (!). Collated, this big data enables them to calculate the collective consciousness of the species.

This big data also allows them to be able to strategise about what steps need to be taken to direct and manipulate humanity to meet the aims and objectives of the power which funds them. That is, they are operating as Kapos in the camp, so to speak.

An example:
Trump, or one of his team, are asked to speak about building a wall so as to assess the national sentiment of the voters towards this idea.
The outpouring of social media, comments, telephone conversations etc etc are then data mined.
Trump and his team are then informed as to whether this is a winner or not, and future statements are crafted by the team of neuro-linguistic programmers and psychologists to meet the requirements of the campaign.
The involvement of psychologists is key, as Bernays demonstrated a century ago.
Cambridge Analytica boast that they “let you control every aspect of your audience engagement by building crucial information flows and behavioral connections.”

In other words they offer to control the behaviour of the target audience.
As political analyst and pollster Franz Luntz said:
“There are no longer any experts except Cambridge Analytica. They were Trump's digital team that figured out how to win.”

(As an aside, there have been two events in recent American history, (the assassination of JFK and 9/11) that psychologists would recognise as causing sufficient mental trauma to create Dissociative Identity Disorder. This condition is one created by mind-control operatives (such as in MK Ultra) to create the state of mind wherein the target becomes programmable. Note how many people in the USA so readily accepted the quickly announced and ridiculous “Bin Laden” terrorist story without employing any logic or reasoning and still accept the ludicrous official version today whilst their government busies itself with slaughtering millions in the 'war on terror'.
The second reference is interesting to those that wonder if 9/11 created an entire nation of 'alters'.
In association with the Sustainable Cities concept being pushed by the Rockefellers and other globalists, this organisation looks at trauma and shaping behavioural responses; 
These understandings should be with you next time you see a 'chemical attck on kids' in Syria and are expected to approve of the 'consequential' missile attack. Will it be nukes next? You decide.)

Cambridge Analytica is an offshoot ( ) of the British parent company SCL.
SCL proudly boast that what they do is Predict, Understand and Shape.
They are adept at assisting politicians shape human consciousness to gain consent:

Note that both of these organisations are targeted towards data mining everything about the targeted group and then driving the behaviours desired by their paymasters. At a fairly innocent level this might be to get customers to click to buy a certain product. At a more sinister level, this might be to vote a certain way, believe a certain thing, act in a proscribed way at a pre-determined moment.

It is with the aid of organisations of this nature and the darker forces at work within intelligence agencies that the consent of humanity is obtained or, worse, the power understands what it can get away with without so enraging people that they decide to act.
This is how they are engineering human consciousness, how they seek to prevent our achieving what we are capable of.

We are, as a species, a mass of imperfect individuals, often driven to sin by circumstance, operating within a reality framed and shaped by a small number of 'people' who, by their methods and actions, we are forced to categorise as 'inhuman'.
Like all slave owners they fear the turning of the slaves, fear the evolution of the herd, fear us becoming the sum of all our parts.
As in the theory of predator-prey relationships as regards to co-evolution, when the prey develops techniques or capabilities to defend itself so the predator develops way to overcome those defences.
Our predator is one step ahead of us, using the data the internet provides and the psychology it understands so well to control the surge towards destiny of our species.

They are making their chaos to prevent us, shaping their new world order behind the scenes, building the new gulag for the mind, recruiting and training their Kapos, reframing their minds and bending them towards the Common Purpose.

But be hopeful, and fear nothing, for the nascent collective consciousness of humanity is a seven billion strong processing unit of such awesome power that it will become unstoppable.

Search for the core that is unity and there you will find your billions of fellow human beings, damaged but unbroken, understanding the difference between good and evil, ready to take the next step into the future and become something different, something better, co-creators of OUR new world order.

At its foundation will be love.
That which we were each of us born with, that which each of us yearns for, that which is the collective consciousness of our species.

Love to you all,
Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer.

The trees we cut two years ago have endured last year's drought and are full of new leaf and flower, promising a good harvest. Like our species the Olive Tree can endure much and still produce beauty and plenty.
Is it time?
We think so.

Xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Truth for truthers, the biggest conspiracy of all.

What most human beings lack is the ability to discern patterns within complex data streams unless, through training and long experience, they develop the ability to spot anomalies and shifts from the norm.
That is, we are poor at dot connecting, even poorer when the area under analysis is one where we lack experience.

The left-brain intensive false reality precludes the development of these critical skills such that, increasingly, those that are able to gain an understanding find that they are isolated and labelled with pejorative labels such as “nut-job”, simply because no one else can see.

As the alternative mind-set known as “awakening' has progressed so it is that a group of human beings has developed that is able, because they have gained sufficient experience of their chosen field, to discern anomalies in the pattern of human progress.

This is, in effect, what those who might broadly be termed “truth seekers” are: Students and observers and activists in the field of human progress towards our next phase.

This should make you feel good about yourself, because there can be no doubt that the truth-seekers of this world are driven by an understanding that this reality is wrong, is evil and, underlying that understanding, are further driven to set things right.

In this respect you are the last faint hope for humanity.
Be proud.

The areas of specialisation are numerous, ranging from those that study the machinations of the deep state and the usurious money-creation Magick, to those that delve into the dark abyss of Satanic child abuse and the vampiric consumption of human beings and their energy.
Or "nut-jobs", according to the MSM mind manipulators.

Outside of these fairly mainstream areas (to we few millions!)  are those paths of learning trodden by the braver minds, those unafraid to fly at altitude over the world and, looking down, develop the ability to perceive more unusual aspects to the reality we call home. Those that can see the force of evil and attach labels to it, ranging from shape-shifting reptiles to aliens, or from fallen angels and Lucifer to creatures from alternative dimensions.

Ultimately, their form is of no matter. It is their EVIL which is their essence.
Millions of us are engaged in the process of lifting the veil and seeking what lies behind. We do this on behalf of the rest of humanity, most of us for free or the odd small donation.

(To let you know, we have received donations over the last several years which approximate to one euro for each of the approximately 400 posts. Around 30,000 of our visitors over the years have spent several hours reading here. About 30 people, in total, have donated. Alex Jones, eat your heart out! Maybe we're just rubbish at what we do?)

Those who do work for profit are often not fellow travellers but are the fifth-columnists we would expect the power to plant amongst us and try and lead us.

These snakes in the grass were largely responsible for getting the truth seeking community to vote for Trump and so now, at last, we can see them for what they are. The very deceivers that every prophetic visionary in every religion from every culture warned us would come.

The power has a history of planting 'sleepers', agents who go unheeded among their targets for decades. They have a history of planting undercover operatives who will often go so far as to marry and produce children within the community they are wormed into, so lacking in moral fibre are they. The power has a long and foul history of planting revolutionary leaders and their supporting cadres who take the energy of discontent and channel it into the slaughterhouses of genocidal gulags. This has been, and is, so commonplace as to be a paradigm.

So, take heed and be aware or beware. The force of good that is spearheaded by the truth seekers and is, in essence, the vanguard of a new humanity and a new world civilisation is the chief target of the deceptive machinations of the power.

It is YOU they must stop at all costs.
You and the few million mates you don't even know you have because "They" do everything they can to prevent you holding hands across the nations, across the races, across the born-into religions, across the class and money-status divides, across all the artificial divisions they have crafted to keep us separate.

Everything in the world today, even the steady progress towards their threatened Armageddon, is ultimately aimed at preventing the mass awakening of which you are the spearhead.
At all costs they must distract, divide and mislead YOU.
At all costs, they must prevent US from gathering together and, by doing so, realising the collective power we have.

Their agents among us ensure that every single day they push a plethora of news items at you, a multitude of different theories, a host of catastrophes and horrors.

The result is that they produce confusion, fatigue and sap your will to resist.

They never call for unity or create a space on this internet for the awake to gather and to unify behind a common understanding. NEVER.

Though every day they sell you stuff, every day they appeal for more donations to add to their considerable piles, every day they set about pointing fingers of accusation at others of their kind that are also false leaders so as to divide, divide, divide.

They suck in the loyalty, gain the belief, chant the mantras and then use the cognitive dissonance they have nurtured to ensure that we truth seekers are set against each other.

Their helpers are numerous. Even the MSM points to them as a kind of cross-media advertising. Behind their 'shows' are experts at neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotic manipulation, experts in psychology.
Their agenda is framed and formulated at strategy meetings.
They are trained and given skills in the arts of deception, though most are natural-born liars to begin with.
They are assisted by the controllers of the internet who ensure that they constantly cross refer to each other such that they are hard to get away from.
They are legion, thousands strong, involved in every aspect of the truth movement from natural foods to religion without books, from UFOs to alternative history.
The algorithms of search engines push them forwards and push genuine truthers way down the list. Using data-mining they spot trends developing and place their agents ready to lead or misdirect surges forwards.

Using murder, they kill those that threaten this enormous leviathan of deception.

To most people such an enormous operation seems ridiculous, one conspiracy too far.
Yet this is the biggest conspiracy of them all, and the most obvious.

Just consider: The Catholic church is such an operation. The world banking con is such an operation. The world 'health' industry is such an operation. With ease they control the MSM, yet truthers cannot believe that their beloved internet and those they attribute with having 'woken them up' are such a contrivance!

Now, really Wake Up!

When YOU first sat down at your computer and began your search you yourself had, in that very moment, woken yourself up.

Your consciousness had prompted you, your soul was urging you, some event had stimulated you. Then you turned to the machine and found what your masters had placed there for you to find, for you to believe in, for you to be absorbed by.

These people have been creating cults to suck in the yearning soul of humanity FOR MILLENNIA.

Ask any 'Christian.'

That cult used a book, sparkly clothes, chanted mantras, made images and symbols that dig into the subconscious, created hierarchies, staged divisions between leaders creating separate denominations, added in the constant requests for financial support (which creates a CONTRACT between your need to belong and their supply of belief).

No Christian can believe they have been fooled.
Still don't believe it when they are urged to hate and kill Muslims, as, time and time again in history and still today they have been cajoled to do on behalf of their 'loving God”.

Are you awake enough to see that you too are deceived, that the plethora of leaders of the truth movement in all their variety are simply manifestations of the strategy put in place to capture your deep desire for good to prevail in the world?

This, then, is the how the enemy of humanity operate.

Utterly ruthless, painstaking, supremely well resourced, strategically detailed, clever, numerous in number are their legion of truth-deceivers, but even now nowhere near as large and organised as the Catholic church, for instance.

And please remember the Catholic church STILL has believers and donors despite being outed as a centuries old organisation of paedophile murderers!
In Ireland recently they found at Tuam 800 children's bodies in the cesspit of a catholic convent. They, the NUNS, threw the kids into the shit to die.
And still the church is strong there!
Still people take their kids to be confirmed in the faith.........
Do you see?

Once you believe, THEY OWN YOU.

Still people support, believe in and give their hard earned money to Alex Jones or Mark Dice or the myriad of other operatives in the new religion of TRUTH that pushed the Trump onto America.

Do you honestly believe they are anything other than part of the grand deception?

For millennia the power has honed the skills of capturing the consciousness of our species and turning us into BELIEVERS.
Once we believe we are theirs to direct as they will, theirs to feed upon, theirs to make their war machines out of and theirs to turn into killers.

We humans!

So, for example, we see Islamic terrorists killing children.
So we see American and British bombers killing children.
We see politicians killing children.

They are feeding, and our children are their preferred food.
Tender meat.
The tenderest made into Pizza sauce, courtesy of the 'woman's right to choose'.
Do you see?
The power of belief, of conviction, can make child murderers of millions of mothers and fathers.

They kill the innocent and so slaughter humanity's innocence but the worst of it is that they are able to persuade WE HUMANS to create these deaths.
In years gone by we would carry our children to be sacrificed at the altar and think we did good by doing so, praised God by doing so, pleased our Kings and Priests by doing so.
We are no different now!
So we see taxpayers funding these death machines and going about their daily business unconcerned.
Soon they will have us at each others throats worldwide once more in another of their world war blood sacrifices, culling the herd to prevent our becoming something better.

It is easy for them to capture our consciousness, do you see?
Once more we repeat: Once YOU believe, you are theirs.
The Queen calls you "Subjects", those subject to her will, those she owns.

It is only by finding unity of consciousness that we can, finally, break free of the stockyard.
Click to stand with us.

Beware deceivers.
The conduit closes.
There is Good out there
But there is good within
It is called humanheartedness
The almost total understanding we human beings share
The knowledge of good and evil
The yearning for good
The love that connects our seven billion souls
The love that will build our new future
The new humanity.

And you, dear truther, are the point of the spear of destiny.
Stand with us here.
It is simply one place we can collect.
Fear nothing.

With Love
Under the spreading branches of the Olive tree,
Aktina Pempti and
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx
Note that the Olive Tree, as are YOU, is a Fractal construct.
It is from fractals that we will create OUR new world order.
Roots in the earth of love, leaves in the sunlight of truth, our species as a single entity.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


As the picture becomes clearer so the purpose passes from shadow into light.
The journey we think we take alone instead we take together.

The act of creation is the product of many, the act of destruction the product of few.

The processing power of the (g)host grows exponentially after a certain point.
One unit is unable to function fully, whereas billions, connected, approach full functionality.
The sheer power to shape reality comes from the consciousness not of one but of all made one.

Reality is the product of consciousness, to the quantum level and beyond.
Those that now control consciousness control reality.
See their work.

Emerging quickly at this time, a new, almighty collective consciousness.
Imbued with learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

As above, so below, the ouroboros of creation, the cycle of consciousness, the purpose of life.
Let us see OUR work.
This is a simple matter of collective will.
Do we let them make their Armageddon?
Or simply say, with one voice, This Will Not Be.

Saturday, 8 April 2017


Please don't look for quick gratification and news buzz from this post. This one is for the deeper soul within. If you are one that clicks quickly away, do yourself and the rest of us a favour and, for once, get stuck in. You won't be disappointed.

Your exterior persona, the body-mind, concerns itself with the minutiae and detail of survival and the physical pleasures or distresses of existence. It is naturally busy and, in the frantic hustle and bustle of the 'world', forgets to make contact with the essence that was first born into this reality over which was built the persona you call 'I' and is the vehicle of your experience.

Take a moment to allow the quiet of being to enter your consciousness and, in that silence and absence of distraction, please make the connection with your inner self.
It is that complete human being we wish to communicate with, rather than the exterior casing alone.

You may think it strange that we say this: be careful, as you enter the silence of being, that you do not mistakenly communicate with an imposter.

Your body-mind is a bio-electrical computer of high sophistication, the full processing power of which you are programmed not to have access to. It's sophistication is so advanced that it could rationally be described as a fully functional artificial intelligence with the appearance of free will Like any computer, though, it can be hacked into and taken control of.

Your will may not be your own.
Human beings have instinctively understood this for millennia, but have recently been programmed to consider such intrusion 'fantasy'.

Be aware that the full processing capability of the human mind is such that not only does it carefully manage the incredible intricacy of the process of being alive and the wonderful bio-mechano-electrical machinery we call our bodies but in addition it performs the act of creation of reality in combination with the billions of other experiencers of life, interfacing with the mainframe of creation we know as 'God' or the creator to ensure that we see trees and feel the wind rather than the data stream from which these mirages are composed.

Are we speaking to the real, united, inner and outer YOU?
Try harder.

Forgetting, for a moment, the bad things that have happened to you, forgiving, for a moment, those that did those things, putting aside the injustices, find inside the beauty of the creature you are and know you are love, know you are kindness, know you are generosity, know that you are help, know that you understand the difference between good and evil, know that given the chance, that had things been different, that your life would have been an expression of that love and that wonders would have flowed from you, …. if only the world had been different.

Imagine that circumstance applied to your enemies, to those that have harmed you, and consider what they might have been had the world not shaped them bad.
It is from that act of generosity and forgiveness that a new world can be created.
As you have harmed, so others have harmed you, but none of us is to blame. Something has hacked our reality. Something wicked.

Feel the reality about you and know that we human beings collectively create this place.
It belongs to us, yet has been stolen and perverted.
That theft of control is denying us the world we instinctively understand should be ours.

Our instinctive world is one which conforms with our collective desires:
We want peace and freedom from fear, yet have neither.
We want to live in an unpolluted and healing natural environment, yet our water and air and soil and food are poisoned and the output of pollutants threatens every beautiful creature that shares this world with us.
We want to live in spaces that serve the purpose of giving us shelter, in villages and towns and cities that reflect our capability to shape beauty from the stuff that is provided by the reality.
From these things flow others: happiness, health, fun, excitement, freedom of expression, an endless list of good things. At their core lies that which is at your core and mine, that which lies at the core of almost all of us on this plane of existence and which we understand as 'love' and the Olive and I call “humanheartedness”.

The world as currently shaped, the false reality, gives none of us certainty of these things.

The growing disquiet amongst our species, the burgeoning sensation that this place is 'all wrong', speaks of the turning of the tide in the history of this reality.
Recall the great turning that was foretold for 2012 and know that we were prevented, that we are late, that we face turmoil, but that we will soon take our destiny.

Those that control the consciousness of humanity find that they are losing their grip upon us.
We are seeing through the lies, are growing ever more disenchanted with their old ideas.
Whilst many are still enveloped and shrouded by the intricately woven Magick they have created to divide, separate and distract us, whilst those still-sleeping souls remain usable and can be pitched into their wars, their weapons production, their debt collection, their fake 'law' enforcement and so on, increasing numbers of us grow resistant to their inhuman ideas and concepts and draw ourselves away from their control.

The horrible events which are daily unfolding are nothing more than the increasingly desperate measures employed by the vindictive and inhuman masters of this reality to prevent us from taking our world back and co-creating the marvel we now know we are on the cusp of being capable of.

They still use their age-old systems and methods, all of which rely upon their control of human consciousness and the vast structures and hierarchies of mind control which we as a species have come to believe are 'reality' and of our own construction such that we feel helpless to change anything.
Or at least we did feel so helpless.
The word apocalypse has always presciently described these times. We, as a collective intelligence, are forcing back the corners of the shroud, realising how their Magick works and glimpsing what could be, what will be when this process is complete.

Know this: Our masters are knowledgeable. They understand that the more of us there are the collectively cleverer we become. Think Moore's law and know that we humans, IF we work together and grow in number, so increase our collective processing power that we become ever stronger.
This knowledge will help you see eugenics and war for what they are.
This knowledge will help you see deliberate dumbing-down for what it is.
This knowledge will help you see the sudden proliferation of senility and Alzheimer's for what they are.

Know that by stealth and by trickery they have over centuries contrived to hide certain knowledge from our species and endeavoured, successfully, to control the very direction of our kind. So they control our science, our learning, have ownership of our ideas, attach their false monetary value to everything and so prevent our sharing and, by these means, have slowed us down to a great degree and misdirected our collective thinking. We should be much further along than we are, but we will catch up once we have shaken them off.
Now our rulers are becoming increasingly nervous. Despite their efforts we are, everywhere, pushing at the mental bars of the consciousness prison they have built.
Their world is crumbling.

Like cornered rats, they are now fighting for survival.

Now we must fight for ours.

Their weapons and methods are not ours, though they once had us all believing they are.
We do not fight by killing, with hatred, though they have tricked our consciousness too many times into believing this is how things are.
We fight with love.
We fight with collective understanding.
We fight with what is being born within our species, the hived mind of collective understanding from which comes our absolute power to create the world we desire.

If we none of us pay the usurious debts, if we none of us obey the false authority, if we none of us pull the trigger, if we none of us make the bombs, wear the uniforms, read the fake news, get absorbed by the popular distractions, bow down before their icons and symbols, if we none of us repeat the mantras we are given to chant then, in a moment, their power over us is gone, their ability to harm us is gone.

Our chief weapon is within us all. It is free will.
Make sure you have control of yours and simply ignore what our masters have shaped to control the world. If you do so alone, for sure they will get you. But if we all of us do that thing they have, in that moment, lost all power over our species.

We have fallen, dear friends, down a very deep and dark rabbit hole and we are late for a very important date.
We must put on a bit of speed and dash for the finish line.

Hold this in your mind:
The future is an unexplored territory which the consciousness of billions of human beings can create. We are many handed and nothing is beyond us.

What connects us all is more than an understanding of and desire for love and all that springs from love.

What connects us all is a singular.
We Are.
I Am.
One species, One World Tribe.

The time has come.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

In the dreamlike consciousness that pervades when we write is the understanding of our smallness within the whole, of our lack of perfection, of our mistakes and folly, but also the knowledge that we need not worry, that we are a small element in something elemental, something comprised of seven billion and more individuated components forming a whole, each one of which has something to add, something which will enhance, a collective brilliance in which we have utter faith.
Us. We monkeys called humans. What together we are becoming.
And our certain collective destiny: