Sunday, 15 July 2018

Upgraded your phone? MURDERER

We live in an interconnected world (I hesitate to use the word global...) and our human answers MUST be as one tribe, therefore must be 'global'. The fake alternative media push against this idea, because it is plain to see that the current 'globalist' demonic savages are to be feared, so it is easy to accept the 'nationalist' concepts that are actually a part of the cabal's plans.

Duped again, do you see?

These old fake ideas keep us separated.
They also let the richer 'countries' piss and shit on the poorer, your brother and sister human beings.

Changed your phone recently?
Got a new laptop?
Chucked out an old DVD?

Then you, and to my shame I, did this:

Let's see our guilt. Grit your teeth.
We have killed, but there is a new way, a global human way, a way that does without money, from which almost every evil stems.
Only a unified humanity, free of money, can stop this murder.
Open your mind to a moneyless world.

Friday, 6 July 2018

With love....

Concomitant with this great surge towards technical accomplishment comes a deeper yearning, something we human beings are estranged from yet grows within us, a yearning for simplicity, for connection with our world's nature, for good company, for a deep and lasting understanding of justice and our duty to justice, that which stems from love as an absolute.

This is why we are disgruntled, this great disconnect between how we want to be and how we are shaped to be in this fake reality, that which robs us of our deepest understanding of commonality, of sharing, of fun, of love and sets us one against the other in a perpeptual battle for survival. And we see now and we know that we are relying upon those that would rather kill us, that we are trusting those that would poison us, that we give respect to those that desire our children's blood and andrenochrome for their fun and their youthfulness and their longevity.

Few enough understand this, yet our number grows. The great mass, though, sits at the tipping point, weighing a lifetime of disinformation against the rising consciousness of instinct. The slave masters, those 'others', strive to steer human consciousness towards war, towards self preservation in the face of imminent death, that which they have learned long ago to engineer.

What their strategy does is dehumanise us, for we human beings survive through cooperation.
Divide and rule.

So we exist in a time between times, a moment between epochs, a space wherein the dichotomy between that which we have and that which we have lost sight of but yearn for has been filled with an inhuman distraction, a great attractor, that which appeals to our basest instincts, that which denies that our finer instincts can prevail.

This is the single lie.

There seem to be a million lies, from fake government to fake 'money' to fake religion to fake hierarchy through fake 'medicine' to fake ideology and so on, but there is only one lie, one lie  to rule them all, one lie to find them, one lie to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
Most do not recognise the journey we are each of us on, the trip we chose to take, the test we volunteered for. This ignorance of the nature of this reality is something we accepted as part of the deal, something we understood would be a part of this game. Even the simplest life form is programmed with an understanding of that which prolongs life, that which averts death, that which offers ease, that which fits the life form into the great fabric that the creator has woven to make this reality function.

Yet we human beings are born in utter ignorance. The spider's DNA tells it how to weave the miracle of engineering that is its web, the giraffe can walk ten minutes after birth, bacteria need no schooling, yet we human beings are born the most ignorant of all creatures, the most needful, the most empty of that which is required to survive.

That survival depends on motherhood, on fatherhood, on society, on organisation, on sharing and preeminent above these things on love. To live we require love. to live well we require an abundance of it. This is the first lesson our empty minds learn, the first lesson the fake reality urges us to forget, the understaniding that the great and devious lie has taught us to forget, to dismiss. We are schooled to treat as fantasy the idea that we can cooperate, when this very cooperation gives us all that we have.

We can live without money. It is a part of the lie.
We can live without hierarchy. It is part of the lie.
We can live without organised religion, without dogma, without fake books, all part of the lie.

All that we think we know has been fed to us. All that we believe in has been fed to us. All that makes this reality  'real' forms a part of the great lie, that which makes our lives short and, unless we are very lucky, makes them brutal or miserable.

We lie to survive in this false reality.
The truth will set us free.

Love is human.
Love is what we were intended to find.

Now is the Time.
With great love to all human beings, rotten or pure, base or high,
Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti