Monday, 12 December 2011


This is a very long post.
It will get somewhere you may need to go, so please be patient.
Paths to interesting places sometimes meander.
If I focus on what I can hear.......
A man hammering something somewhere up above in the village.....
Another hammering a way off, or perhaps beating a rug....
A small dog yapping at something....
The soft patter as I type....
A bee possibly hidden somewhere in the Jasmine, still flowering as it has done since March...

From the rough herb filled area down towards the sea the bleating of sheep and the clank and tinkle of their bells....

More bees, a steady humming now...
The whir of the laptop fan.

It's a still, warm day, the sea flat and calm, friends have set out for the Two Islands to fish and hunt rabbits and camp and barbecue and drink beer and smoke long cigarettes and talk and laugh.
Wish I'd gone.

A cockerel crowing from one of the many chicken pens down in the area where the village grows its vegetables. People have grown their vegetables there for thousands of years.
I kid you not.

The rapid whir of the beating wings of a small bird, its dull brown and green feathering making it near invisible as it flits through the lemon tree and the old vine.

Such is the soundscape of this reality.

I can't hear the Minoans chatting and exchanging banter and gossip, though 4,000 years ago they might well have been sitting here all around where I'm sitting now, enjoying the day's warm sun, contemplating a night full of stars and the bright Autumn moon waltzing with the planets across the dance floor of the sky.

The Minoan's reality and mine occupy the same physical space.
Why can't I hear them?
Why can't I see them?
And if by some quirk of fate over the vastness of the time difference we share a genetic link, why can't I remember them, their every word and movement and thought and emotion and experience?
The human brain has the capacity for such recall.
DNA has the space available for such data.
We've simply, somewhere and somehow, lost the key.
Lost the password.

Access Denied.

That's the Holy Grail.

And I suspect that someone, somewhere, knows where it is, that nugget of information, that piece of science, that password.

And if you are sentient, if you have somehow avoided the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and survived to this day with a mind not corralled by chemical coshes and debt and fear and the ridiculous farce of the current reality you will realise that the truth, that thing we seek, is so hidden that we may never find it, even if humanity at last seizes control of its destiny and steps into its own light.
To find this enigmatic thing called truth could take a thousand lifetimes and more.
Maybe it has already.

As we go digging deeper and deeper down the rabbit holes of deception, seeking endlessly for the secret, the answer, following a thousand thousand scents, a miasma of deception, on and on and on, still it may be denied us.

This internet aids the obfuscation, serves as the hare laying everywhere false scents.
Perhaps that is why it was created.

No, that IS why it was created, to furnish us with a million paths to follow leading nowhere near the thing we seek: enlightenment.

Between us all we have some of the truth, and each piece of the jigsaw serves only to divide us, to send us tumbling and rolling and careering down different paths, each step we take serving to convince us more of our truth, and therefore divide us further from their truth, the other seekers.

And so again we are enfeebled by division.

Made to be incapable of the conception of unity, unless somehow and from somewhere some great leader emerges that ties us together.....?

It is in such a state of consciousness that we are at our most vulnerable, for history and experience show us that humanity ever seeks the certainty that comes from following, rather than the uncertainty of leading.
Bleat, clank, tinkle.

And of course that leadership is planned for us.
As the “revolutions” and “occupations” and “wars” and “terrorist attacks” and “debt” and “international crises” accelerate so we will plunge into further chaos, so we will be readied for our new saviour.

The mind controllers have been preparing humanity for the next great shift, before perchance we stumble by accident upon the password. They are spreading the discord and chaos and fear even among the sentient and perhaps especially amongst the sentient.....

For I guess it is the sentient at whom will be targeted the new leader and his cadre of wise men.
The new agers, the truth seekers and their champions acting as John the Baptists for the new great mystery.

If you have the time you can look back and see how it has been so carefully crafted.
The truth seekers and the sentient will step into the vast trap that has been prepared, thinking they are destroying the world order and instead becoming the world order.
The new world order.

And for that to be true, then we should right soon see a leader emerging.

Bringing HOPE to a sundered world.

And I guess coming in a blaze of glory and signs.
I hope that through it you might see more clearly what is happening to our species, which hands are shaping the future, what that future will be like if we continue to allow ourselves to fall for this grand deception.
If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I believe humanity must reshape the very nature of the reality in which we currently exist, that we must shed the structures that form the control pyramid and step into a new future of our own design. Ideas like money, religion, nations, tribes, politics, forms of government, work, education, the substance of what we think of as knowledge, law, history, medicine, these and many more elements of the structure of our current world must be re-examined, cast aside if found unworthy of a world built upon the founding principles of love, of doing no harm, of building a lasting and beautiful future for our species.
In short, we must “Start Again”, create a new beginning and build upon that beginning with a shared desire to improve the lives of all of our family, creating a world of beauty, free of fear, free of slavery in its many guises, free of ugliness and perversion of the spirit, a world worthy of our inheritance of this amazing planet. We must step into that new future together, right soon, or else face the cataclysm that we see unfolding day by day and that I have been foretelling for some years.

These desires, these yearnings for a different way of being lie at the core of each of us and our master understands this, knew that as our number increased we would communicate this to each other, knew that our number could not be denied were we ever to understand our power and see our own nobility behind the awful facade of the reality our master has built for us, layer upon layer of bitterness and anger and stupidity, layer upon layer of structure that we, like unthinking ants, maintain and force feed to each other.
Knowing this day would come, our master and his servants have laid long and intricate strategies to seize the initiative, to lead us where we think we want to go. It is the final battle for them. Most of US don't even know we are fighting it.
Part of this strategy has been to organise the opposition, to set up a thousand organisations that speak of love, that speak of sharing, that speak of a new way of being, that speak of a world without money, that speak of a new spirituality, a new consciousness. Within all of this, at every turn, we see the worm of the old world festering and infecting the new wholesomeness. From Zeitgeist to Icke and almost everything everywhere you can see and read you will find the shadow of lucifer, the maggot of the old way chewing into the flesh of the new..
The faux revolutions, the occupy “movement”, the leading “truth” sites, all are servants of the evil. Apparently at times alongside or leading, apparently at times opposing you will find the religious snake oil salesmen, the Whites of this world, preserving the ridiculous fantasies of book lore.

So clever is this strategy that few can see through it, few can accept that they are being duped, cannot believe that the thoughts they have taken from their favoured apostles of the new world and woven thread by thread into the fabric of their lives and have explained with patience to their friends have been given them by the very enemy they despise.

You will know that lucifer is behind the united nations, that his new proto-world-government sits there awaiting the chaos being manufactured.
Within a year I guess the world will be crying out for salvation, and the UN will be pleaded with to help us poor human beings to end the catastrophies that surmount us...

Here's a link that shows the link of the master's poodle new government to the “occupy” movement so featured on the main stream media.
More interestingly, I now give you the latest from “Share International”, an organisation born of the United Nation's Lucis (Lucifer) Trust.
Hopefully you will see what I've been rambling on about, see more clearly the strategy, understand what it is we need to do...........:
Extract from Share International's website:

Future modes of living – a compilation

We present a selection of quotations on the theme of ‘Future modes of living’ from Maitreya (Messages from Maitreya the Christ), Benjamin Creme’s Master (A Master Speaks), and Benjamin Creme’s writings.

An entirely new possibility of social relationship opens up for humanity. As man stands on the threshold of the Aquarian experience, altogether new levels of awareness will manifest themselves in this coming time. This will lead to the creation of new forms through which man can express his growing sense of the interrelatedness of all things.
At first, these new structures will be slow to form as man carefully finds his way out of the present morass; but, gradually, a fresh impetus to change will be given by the Masters forming the first group of the externalizing Hierarchy. New ideas will sweep across the world, relating men to each other in a new way, and a new approach to social living will begin....
To begin with, massive aid for the poorer areas of the world must be given the highest priority to alleviate the suffering of many millions. The redistribution of the world’s resources according to need should then proceed until a more equitable balance is achieved. This will take two to three years to implement. Concurrently, a far-reaching programme of education must be inaugurated to deal with the growing problems of unemployment and the ever-increasing demands for a correct and more creative use of leisure. A gradual restructuring of society will take place with the minimum of cleavage; men’s hopes of a society based on sharing and love will gradually be fulfilled, and the new era will guarantee to each his rightful place. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A new approach to social living’)

The return of Maitreya and the Hierarchy will show men that there is a way out of their problems, and that when we take the first steps and change the direction of our political, economic and social life, we have the possibility of building a civilization greater and more spiritual than the world has known.
For the poor, undernourished and exploited masses of the world, the return of Maitreya and Hierarchy will be the beginning of true living. For the first time in recorded history, the produce of the world will be shared among all men. For the advanced, developed nations of the West, that third of the world which today grabs, exploits and wastes most of the food, raw materials and the energy of the world, a new experience – the “wilderness experience” – will become necessary. We will have to learn to live more simply. But the Masters will show that it is possible to live a simpler life, a happier life, when the wherewithal of that life is shared with all men everywhere. (Benjamin Creme, Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

All that I say tonight pertains to the creation of a new living structure for mankind. A new civilization must be built on the ruins of the old. That which is precious and worth preserving will be so preserved, but all that hinders the manifestation of man’s true greatness must be discarded. A time is coming, My friends, when you will see around you cities of beauty, glowing creations of Love, and all the manifestation of man’s dreams of himself as God. Thus will it be. (Maitreya, from Message No.58)

That men will choose for life and further progress is Our earnest hope and expectation. That they will awaken to the folly of their present modes of living is Our heartfelt desire. Our task is but to advise and guide; on humanity alone falls the choice of direction.

Many may imagine that this choice will be an easy one to make but this could well be otherwise: men fear change above all else and suffer needless pain in its avoidance. Nevertheless, the stringencies of the time will focus their attention on the new priorities and galvanize to action a myriad hearts. Soon, the overwhelming mass of men will recognize the need for drastic transformation and an end to the outmoded institutions of today.
Men will begin to breathe more freely, joy and hope will spur them on to experiment with new forms and structures, and from the present chaos will arise a new harmony. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Humanity must choose’)

Advice and guidance will be man’s for the asking but men must be prepared to change the present modes of living to ensure the planet’s future and the future of their children. The resources of the Earth are finite but with good husbandry and sharing, adequate for the needs of all.
Men must, therefore, redefine these needs, and enter into a new and truer understanding of the meaning and the purpose of their lives. This will come when a measure, even, of sharing has replaced the present destructive competition, and led man away from the precipice edge. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘The choice is man’s’)

Each nation will be asked to draw up an inventory of all that it possesses and all that it needs and this will be made over to the United Nations. All goods and all produce will have to be made over. I say “have to”; it is up to us to endorse this. Nothing will be forced on us. But the advice of Hierarchy and Maitreya will be to do this – to make over, in trust for all men, the produce of the world – to be held by United Nations agencies in trust for all, so that no country owns anything. Then that will be distributed among all mankind according to need. This will mean for the developed third of the world an entirely new and simpler living which will be seen to be a great deal happier, for there is nothing easier to bear than something shared. (Benjamin Creme, Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

Almost imperceptibly, over the last few years, great changes have been taking place in the world which herald a new dawn, a gradual transformation of society and its structures on a scale hitherto unknown. Soon, the first outlines of the new structures will be seen. Before long, there will be set in place the initial ground-plan on which the new civilization will be built.
All of this depends on the acceptance by humanity of the principles of sharing and justice, brotherhood and love. Without such acceptance naught can save this world. For this reason, Maitreya has named these principles as the foundation of all progress for man. When you see Him, He will call for the implementation of these basic and divine concepts so that all men may live in harmony and justice for the first time. Soon, men will see that there is no alternative to sharing, that all else has failed, and with united voice will call for the restructuring of the world along more just lines. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘A new era dawns’)

I am taking you into a New Country. Close your ranks around Me and allow Me to show you the glories which await you. The framework of this future time is now constructed. The blueprint of the future becomes clearer. Let Me take you with Me into that future and clothe in radiant Light that structure. My Blessings go with you all. (Maitreya, from Message No.48)
We are all seeking balance. We are seeking unity, equilibrium, however we define it. It is that which allows us to be creative and happy. It allows the wheel to turn again and again, and create out of itself, and again out of itself, that which is created. In that way the civilization of the future will demonstrate qualities we cannot even begin to talk about. We do not have words for what we will see and know. We do not have words for the quality of that civilization. Nor for the feeling, the experience, of that relationship when all people see and experience themselves as brothers and sisters of one home, one planet. That will take people back to the experience of childhood. Home was home. Your brothers and sisters were the staff that kept you on the right track. So it will be.
We will truly depend on each other. An interdependent world will be a reality. It is today a reality, but we do not recognize the fact. In this coming time the constructions, the inventions, the extraordinary discoveries latent yet just beyond us at the present moment will become realities. We will unleash them through correct relationship, leisure, education, recognition in the world for the first time that we are souls in incarnation on a journey of exploration together, creating the artefacts of that civilization and demonstrating that we are Gods. (Benjamin Creme, The Art of Living)

We shall have to learn to live much more simply, not geared to this great mechanical civilization we have built around ourselves, especially in the industrialised West. Maitreya and the Masters will show that we can live perfectly happily, even more happily, in a much simpler way, with fewer things. But those things will be beautiful. They will be made because they are needed, and they will be made with the creativeness of man behind them, whether they are man-made or machine-made. A completely new attitude will take place in relation to work. Through the power of sound, man will build and create the artefacts of his civilization and control his environment, relating it to his real needs. (Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom)

Ours will be the task to oversee the development of the new society along paths that preserve correct balance, and naught that infringes human need will receive Our recommendation. Beauty and sense of fittingness will be the touchstone. All that is ugly, mechanical, and harmful to the human spirit will be eschewed. The aim will be to maintain, in full freedom and harmony, a right relationship between man and his environment; to ensure that every technological and scientific advance is seen as serving better man’s needs and knowing better the nature of Reality….
The time is coming when man will develop a new relation to his environment. In keeping with his sense that man, nature and God are One, he will build forms which allow him to manifest that truth. The closest contact and free interchange between all aspects of the Whole will be achieved; a sure knowledge of the meaning and purpose of life will replace the present confusion and lead to a demonstration of beauty hitherto unknown. The true, the good and the beautiful will become a reality in men’s lives. (Benjamin Creme’s Master, from ‘Life in the New Age’)

Voice of the People

Occupy Wall Street, the “American Autumn”
Occupy Wall Street, the democratic awakening inspired by the Arab Spring, and dubbed by some the “American Autumn”, began on 17 September 2011 with several hundred people from all over the United States who set up base in Zuccotti Park, a privately owned piece of land near the heart of Wall Street in New York City formerly called Liberty Plaza Park. Day after day, night after night, the loosely organized group chanted slogans and waved signs protesting social inequality, bank bailouts and corporate greed. The leaderless group transformed the park into an operations centre and made decisions by consensus in ‘general assembly’ meetings. They called themselves the “99 per cent”, a reference to the percentage of Americans who have suffered while the 1 per cent have grown richer. They received almost no media coverage at first.
Then two weeks into their ‘occupation’, with a major surge in the number of people joining the protest and a march across the Brooklyn Bridge in which 700 people were arrested, the media began taking the movement more seriously.
As more unions, including transportation workers, teachers and nurses, and community groups became involved, culminating in an October 5th march by thousands of people from the Occupy Wall Street encampment in the financial district to the courthouse in Foley Square, attention was finally paid. With all major television networks reporting and front-page coverage by the New York Times, Occupy Wall Street’s anti-greed message began to be heard.
Their official statement outlined many grievances including the perpetuation of inequality, the bailouts of giant banks with taxpayer money, the blockage of alternate forms of energy, the alliance of special interest groups with the politicians regulating them, and the purposeful dissemination of misinformation through the control of the media.
Introducing these statements they said: “As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.
“As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the co-operation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.”
Regarding the message of the protests, columnist Betsy Reed wrote in The Nation magazine, “What do these wan, angry young people want anyway? If you spend an hour or two down at Liberty Plaza, as I did with my eight-year old daughter this past weekend, it’s clear enough.” She got the point, at least: especially from the signs that read: “You should teach your kids to share.”
The movement has spread to dozens of cities across the United States. People rallied at City Hall in Los Angeles, outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, at the JP Morgan Chase bank building in Houston as well as in St Louis, Dallas, Philadelphia, and many other locations.

Democratic lawmakers have begun to embrace the Occupy Wall Street protests, with endorsements coming from Representatives from Arizona, Minnesota, Vermont, Ohio, New York and Connecticut. Said one: “The silent masses aren’t so silent anymore. They are fighting to give voice to the struggles that everyday Americans are going through.” Even President Obama said he has been monitoring the protest movement and commented that the protests show a “broad-based frustration” among Americans with the United States financial system.
It remains to be seen if the movement can channel its energy into real political power. Cornel West, American philosopher, author and Princeton University professor, seems to think they can. “We’re talking about raising political consciousness…. It’s a democratic process, it’s a non-violent process, but it is a revolution.” Perhaps as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrote: “If the protests goad some politicians into doing what they should have been doing all along, Occupy Wall Street will have been a smashing success.”
The enormity of the growing movement was perhaps best expressed by Katie Davison, a protester involved with the Occupy Wall Street Media Center, who has been there from the first day of the protest. In an interview with Russia Today TV, she said: “More than anything, I think that there is that feeling that this is really going to be something that could be groundbreaking, that could really change … the world.”


So you see, my friends, how they are stealing our future yet again?
They believe that they have this thing won.
They treat us as fools, as indeed they have made most of us.
Our world is spinning in a vortex of their making and the rafts and lifeboats of hope we swim towards have their hands upon the tiller. When most of us are drowned they will be the ones rationing the water and the food to the survivors, and they intend that we should feel grateful to them for that, that indeed we should worship our “saviour”.
Or humanity will see.
And with love and care throw our new captains into the sea of oblivion, and take command of this ship ourselves.
And the universe, be in no doubt, awaits that day with joy.
For it is then, and only then, that we shall ascend.

Believe nothing, even these words.
Beware of deceivers.
Live in love.

And still the bees are humming. A butterfly settles on the Jasmine. A mother sheep bleats a warning to its lamb. Chemtrails grey the blue.
And I can feel the Minoans gazing at me, wondering what I will do.
OLive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Read and Share.

Most people cannot believe in the idea of a perfect world. They look about them at the mockery of civilisation we call home, see the greed and callousness permeating all levels of society, understand because they have been programmed so to do that humanity cannot be trusted, feel helpless to affect the reality in which they exist because they are relentlessly instructed in a myriad of ways that they are just that.

From the days of kings our master and its servants have understood that our tribe would increase. They foresaw our burgeoning and understood that in that growing and swelling of our kind lay the inevitability of a slaves revolt. They understood that as our numbers grew so would our genius, if only as a ratio but nevertheless. They grasped the concept that this genius would reshape the world, might even challenge the rule of the slave-master and its minions great and small.

For many thousands of years we were small in number, divided and easy prey for those that thrive on us, the parasites. Our knowledge and invention progressed as a snail progresses. By the year 1700 there was almost nothing on this earth that hadn't been there 2,000 or 10,000 years before.
Witness what has happened since then. See the world now and compare what we have devised since 1700 to that which was devised in the ten thousand years prior to that time. See how now, as our numbers grow, we share our ideas at the speed of light. See how fast the world is changing.
And what might we do in the next few years? What perhaps have we already achieved that is denied us?

It is not rocket science, this inevitability of the quickening of invention as our numbers grew. It has been foreseen and planned for for hundreds of years. Attempts have been made to stem the growth, to get us to cull each other. Those attempts continue apace. What we see of the world right now represents another of the strategies of our master, an entirely false reality built with craft and wickedness for centuries, a reality which so clouds and obfuscates our vision that we cannot even dream of a world made perfect, that we cannot believe in ourselves, that we cannot see our strength and what we are capable of, that we cannot imagine ridding ourselves of the systems that prolong our misery.

We cannot believe in our own nobility.

More than this, our master understood that a time would come when the truth of our condition would begin to be seen by some of us and that we would share that understanding, and that a tsunami of truth would be unleashed upon the world and seven billion hearts and minds would bring themselves to bear upon the problem that besets us. We would see the beast for what it is and shrug it off and with it the systems that form the bars and locks and chains of our servitude to evil and step into our own pure light.

And so long and detailed and intricate plans were implemented to subvert and mislead this great apocalypse, this great unveiling.

And if you have eyes to see, this strategy is as plain as the nose on your face.
With sadness you might also see how successful it is being.

And if you don't understand of what I speak, yet count yourself a truth-seeker, then the likelihood is that you have fallen for the deception and are already a tool in the hands of the master, doing its bidding even as you believe yourself to be battling with it.

The monster that governs our reality is a many headed monster, cunning beyond all reckoning, ancient as time, stretching vast and ordered tentacles across the globe, seemingly beyond humanity's power to destroy even though it relies upon humanity to sustain it.

Foreseeing a great surge in the tide of history, our master determined to place its hands upon the tiller and have its servants lead humanity into a new hell.
See how the eastern bloc colour revolutions have turned already to ashes in the mouths of those that took to the streets.
Witness the Arab Spring and the false green it has sprouted.
See Libya, “Occupied” and heading for further monstrous disaster.
Look anywhere you like across the globe and see change in the wind, then look deeper and see the same hands guiding that change.

Those that wielded the hammer and the sickle to rid themselves of a tyrant never believed that they were giving birth to a new, more horrible monster, gestated by the same master that birthed Hitler and Mao and countless others that furthered the control of the beast.

As I said a while back, dear truth-seeker, the New World Order is you.
Can you see it now?
Occupy something, and you do its bidding.........

The master is crumbling the edifices of its old world order, breeding resentment and hurt across the globe. It is its intention to collapse money, that great glue of its old system, believing that we would rather starve than do for nothing what we already do for money!
It might be right.
We do that now.

But I suspect, when the time comes, that our master will have underestimated us.

It has weakened and enfeebled us with its strategy, filled our glorious bodies with poisons, filled our amazing minds with fallacies, battered our souls until they lie cowering and fearful behind the protective wall of “I”, and the instinct for self-preservation makes cowards and sneaks of us all.

And yet.
There is in humanity something indomitable, something pure even within the foulest and most perverted of us. Deep down, we have not forgotten. The memories of how things should be are there within each of us no matter what stake we have in the empire of evil, no matter what power the sickness wields over us. It calls as a yearning to us now, as a shard in the mind it calls and will not be ignored.

There is a better way.

Join no movement, follow no leaders however anonymous they might be. Most if not all of the unfolding history of these greatest and foulest of times is being written by the unseen hands.
Find your inner strength.
Commune with your soul.

Humanity needs no leadership, no systems, no money, nothing but itself and the belief in a perfect world made perfect by love.
And the beginning of this new world is found within.
We just need all of us to understand.
And once we do, the nightmare will vanish overnight, will wither and starve in the face of our indifference to its systems, its servants, its rule.

And a breeze will rise across the globe, bringing the scent of true freedom to a species long enslaved, and a light will shine forth across the universe that is ours, humanity's, free at last, free at last, free at last.

And so, beware of deceivers.
The answer is within you.
And together, We Are One.

With love,
Fear nothing,
Olive Farmer