Friday, 12 February 2010

Tread Warily my friends....

If you seek the truth you will take an uncommon journey, lifting stones as you go, poking around in dark places for that glimmer of light, looking for other soul's hands to hold, feeling a welcome and a fellow feeling when you find a place that seems to harmonise with the feelings you have, the issues you want to discuss, the wrongs you want to see righted.

Be careful out there, my friend, tread warily.

Something dark lurks, something knowing, something gifted with power and money and the intelligence of a thousand of humanity's brightest minds, bought with gold, twisted with uncommon reason, understanding you, understanding what you seek, understanding how to subvert your ideals, twist your sense of purpose, bring you into a place where you become, all unknowing, a little piece of the great strategy of darkness.

Believing the opposite, believing that you see, that you are amongst friends, you fall again into their hands.

Thinking yourself free, your inner soul is inexorably wrapped again in the threads of the spider.
Look at the sheeple, blind and unseeing, see yourself in the mirror of their eyes and wonder: Am I more enlightened, more knowing than they?

Or am I looking through another glass, just as dark, especially designed for me and others like me....

Am I being led down a dark rabbit hole, following the glimmer of a torch illuminating the banner of deceit dressed as truth?

Information overload is a characteristic of our modern world.
Information fatigue syndrome is its outcome.
In some places, mind control is its underlying purpose.

If you cannot see it.....
Perhaps that is because it is working....

In the last few decades much of humanity has been drawn into a state of information addiction with its side helping of loss of attention span.
This barrage of data, at first exciting, later renders us freakishly needful of bigger kicks, greater highs, like any addict needing more and more hits.

At the same time, there is a price to pay.
And as you would expect, it's a high price.
And the dealers know how to cut the drug.

Researchers in this field will tell you that humanity is rendered confused, apathetic, incapable of action, indecisive by such information overload.
It's a condition newly being termed "paralysis by analysis".

Why are there no marches on the streets, no crowds marching on the White House or Downing Street?

Because that segment of society that is stepping into the light of truth is being led by pied pipers down the dark tunnel of indecision, apathy and inactivity by the information bombardment that has been created especially for them.

The world's masters knew we were coming , anticipated the apocalypse, laid their plans years in advance, chose their people, greased the palms, facilitated with their media their early prominence, carefully manipulated their image and their public martyrdoms, grinned slyly to themselves as they saw their plans come to fruition and once more clapping themselves on the back for owning BOTH SIDES.

Their chief weapon is information overload.
A hundred things to get angry about each day.
A hundred horrors, a thousand fears, a myriad of criminals, a race to blame....
They understood and understand the effect of this bombardment, clinically...

They knew what they are doing.
Now you do too.

Tread warily, my friend.
Many false leaders are amongst us, deceivers as ever bent to the will of those that rule over us.
Tread warily.

Love will win.
It has to,
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx