Tuesday, 28 July 2015

In the end the choice was made for us...

In the end the choice was made for us.

For a century we had possessed the technology. The advances in bio-computing had created artificial intelligences of such vast capabilities that they could hold in their databases entire universes, accurate to the sub-atomic level when required to be (in other words when someone was interacting with that specific area of the new reality) and capable of generating apparently entirely random natural environments. In them, smoke would rise from a burning ember and then, in the still air, roil and billow seemingly chaotically, such was the intense accuracy of the mathematics involved. The way a wave crashed against a rock, the spray smashing its splatter into the void then falling, regrouping, surging back into the ocean again was a wonder to behold.

Better, often, than the real thing were the marvels they could create. Sunsets to die for. Night skies littered with marvels of twinkling lights, offering symbolic clues to those in the know, mysterious conjecture to those outside of the inner circle.

Scented breezes wafting into lovers hearts, romancing and fondling the senses. Birds rising on the ebb and flow of thermals, filling skies now blue, now darkling with the auspices of pleasure and delight or of the approach of danger.

Silk and leather and cold hard iron to touch.
Leaf and bark to caress.

Simultaneously we had developed the technology that provided a seamless connectivity between the human mind and The World, the universe the AI had created. A totally immersive experience was to be had and, as Rob Grant and Doug Naylor had envisioned in their prescient "Red Dwarf" works as a game called "Better Than Life"  came to be known as  "The World" and created the most worrying narcotic to infect the human species since time began.

What made things worse was that, once the human consciousness had engaged with The World then The World became the reality, the human consciousness downloading itself into the artificial reality and remaining there, despite what happened to the meat machine we call our body.
People began to die, in their millions, World junkies being found plugged into their machines, living on in The World as their carcass rotted and blackened and the ants and worms turned it to featherlight simulacra of the living person.

Humanity had at last found immortality, so long as the batteries lasted.

Each turn in the game of life was, as life itself, begun randomly and without recall of previous incarnations unless there was some random glitch in the machine. This time born into an ultra-wealthy 21st century family as a boy, growing into adulthood with an expectation of the best of everything at all times and a complete absence of potential legal consequences to any action, next time being born a girl in a 12th century peasant family, raped by the landowner and discarded by the family when falling pregnant to a bastard child, dying young and hungry in an unforgiving winter.

Such variety, such random lives offered perpetual interest, perpetual engagement because, once The World was entered, people utterly forgot that they were, in fact, in an artificial reality.

It was all there was, it was life.

The first space-based AI, built to last, powered in perpetuity by the energy of the universe, alive to the threats and dangers of meteorites and other space detritus, was launched in a fanfare of marketing and aggressive sales targeted at the terminally ill, at the aged, at those for whom reality itself had cloyed or offered no hope, at those for whom love had been shattered or had never been  found .

It was called "Hope Eternal".

It was the brainchild of a dark and secretive eugenicist group who felt that its allure would go some way towards ensuring that reality left them enough land uncluttered by other human beings to make hunting big game once more a worthwhile and pleasurable pursuit. This had been their particular dream down through the millennia, now nearing fulfillment.

Hope Eternal, though, became something else.

Forever shadowing humanity's existence had hung, like a biological sword of Damocles, the threat of some pandemic for which no cure had been found or would be found. This 100% fatal incurable ravaging sickness had appeared amongst us and within weeks the streets were littered with the dead, no-one being available to clear away the vast numbers of cadavers, humanity reverting to savagery as civilisation rapidly crumbled.

Worse, unattended nuclear power stations the world over slipped inexorably into meltdown, filling the air with killing isotopes and rendering our planet uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.

It was game over.

But there was still "Hope Eternal".

In the end the choice was made for us.

The corporation that had created Hope Eternal, the money men behind it, the directors that controlled it, created a special version of the experience for themselves and for themselves alone.

In their new reality, they would always be princes or kings amongst men, always take whatever they wanted, always have room to hunt.
They would own the World and make slaves of the other consciousnesses in perpetuity.
They would, unlike other entrants, have knowledge life after life of their previous incarnations, knowledge that if they died they would be reborn, reborn again and again for all eternity into positions of vast wealth and power and the ability to treat with utter contempt the laws they made to give order to the lesser inhabitants on whom they fed their urge for pleasure.

In time, of course, ordinary pleasures would cloy, would become commonplace and boring and so they would seek out increasingly strange satisfactions.

Having a man impaled whilst you enjoy lunch.
Raping and strangling a boy child in front of its mother. Forcing her to eat the boys face whilst in turn you raped her.

These things had been done in the real history of the real world by real kings and Hope Eternal inevitably created such monsters amongst its ruling elite.

And so it goes.

Floating silent in the aether lies Hope Eternal, gazing down upon a world devoid of life, ruined for an eternity by the arrogance of science.

Corralled within are kings and subjects, existing in perpetuity in an endless cycle of misery and joy and of hope eternal.

That tomorrow The World will be a better place.

Made of love.

And so it goes.
xxx xxx xxx

This just appeared on my Blogger home page....

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Not really understanding all such stuff, I can only sense that it's somewhat sinister, appearing for the first time like that.
Go figure.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Greeks are now Slaves to Usury. What can they do?

Having suffered occupations before, by the Turks and the Nazis to mention just two, the Greeks know how to recognise such creatures and, eventually, shrug them off.

They recognise their autocratic demeanour, their riding roughshod over the desires and wishes of their subjects, their punishment of dissenters, their rapine theft of everything of value.

Occupiers loot everything, break down every door, seek and find every hiding place and discover every hoard. They do all of these things with scant regard to the human suffering so engendered and with an arrogant belief in their own superiority.

The Greeks now understand what has been done to them.

For decades they have suffered under a Kleptocracy, brigands and fraudsters masquerading as men and women of honour and calling themselves politicians and Ministers of state whilst cramming the wealth of a nation into their overseas bank accounts buried in tax havens.
For decades the Greeks, seeing what side their bread was buttered, sought favour from these thieves and brigands, making accommodations with them in the hope that a few morsels might fall from the table in their direction.

People of honour, people of dignity, people with self respect became powerless to fight this organised malaise, drifted to the extremes of the theatre called politics to find kindred spirits with whom to air and share their sense of disgust and their loathing of the status quo.

The saga of national indebtedness, beginning with the entry into the European Union made possible by the connivance of crooked politicians, crooked employees in the office of national statistics and crooked "advisers" from Goldman Sachs, is the story of the slow but irresistible theft of the sovereignty of a nation and its peoples and the steady cross-border creep of a new, hardly disguised, army of financial occupation.

They say that a Vampire cannot cross the threshold without invitation. Greek politicians, Greek so-called "Civil Servant"s opened wide the doors and let the blood-suckers in, like a mother inviting  rapists to have their choice of her children for a dollar.

It was this sense of utter betrayal, along with the increasing inroads made by the government on behalf of the Bankster Mafia now in charge of the country into the private lives and private financial matters of the people, that gave rise to the great yearning for freedom and the upsurge of hope that created the miracle of a win for Syriza in the election and, for Greeks, the glimmer of light through the prison walls that let them believe there was a different world out there, a world they could find if only they pushed hard enough.

It was, of course, a naive hope.

History is littered with examples of the masters of this reality providing false leaders who tap the upswell of hope and turn it into a force of evil retribution. We have referred many times here to the history of banker involvement with revolutionary forces, from Lenin to Hitler and in many other instances, how people have squandered their power by gifting it to a false leader who, once the reins of power and the instruments of state are in their hands, completely disregard the very electors or barricade fighters that gifted them their authority.

Those who fought for this leader, those who spoke well of him to their friends, those who thread by thread wove him into the fabric of their lives are rendered numb by the betrayal yet cannot, because of cognitive dissonance, believe that the situation has taken such a turn. They will, such people, continue their support and their disbelief that they can have been fooled until, in the last days, the gates of the concentration camps and Gulags are opened and they witness the harvest of their foolishness.

Often, still, they refuse to relinquish their belief, as the Christian fails to recognise the faith's history of organised genocide and institutionalised Satanic paedophilia.

Such is the history of humankind.

We are easily fooled, and are so foolish as to believe that to admit we have been fooled is to somehow accept that we are less than the image of "self" our consciousness has created for us as we pass through the programming experience we persist in referring to as life.

The actions of Tsipras are no less than we would expect of one of the number of modern Dictators hiding behind the electoral systems and authorities of Government that have been slowly but surely implanted into a system we have been taught is beyond reproach but which is in fact now past its sell by date and does not any longer serve its stated purpose. I speak, of course, of Democracy, that great hope of liberty and equality of opportunity and rule of just law that has been undermined and co-opted by the criminal powers and is now no more than an illusion, a piece of increasingly unconvincing theatre.

Tsipras ignored the voice of the disgruntled people and bowed down and stuck his head so firmly up the dark place of the Banksters that it will take a miracle to remove it, or at least a major operation. To most of his own people he now stinks.

Typical of a modern "Democratic" dictator he skillfully and ruthlessly removed anyone in Syriza that had the dignity and honour to say no to his actions. The rest, typical of the political class and by now getting used to the pleasantry of a good income, the exercise of power, the deference of the public and no doubt the grateful hand-outs in small envelopes from the Banksters, stuck their heads up there too.

May they enjoy the company up there, and the perpetual and noisesome aroma that will surround them forever, for make no mistake and like many before them a stigma is attached to their family name and they have joined the ranks of those who might fairly be called "traitor".

So the hopes and ambitions of a people, so the dreams of a nation for freedom from the shackles of enslaving usury, so the dreams of a future for their children that is free from the burden of unrepayable debt has been smashed and ground underfoot by a talented deceiver.

So, in this fair nation from whence the very idea of democracy found its well spring, this place that gave the thought its name, this place where democracy began we are now provided with  clear and unequivocal proof that, in the West, democracy has died.

It is obvious now that the Syriza project was a false flag operation. Our Bankster masters, having enchained and enslaved the Europeans, having wrapped them in Euro legislation and Euro diktat, having stolen their freedom of thought and action, having reduced the Europeans to a mere shadow of their former selves saw that the final nail needed to be put in the coffin, the final link in the shackles forged and put in place.

Around Europe there were voices of dissent being raised, alliances made between people, a growing surge of humanity brave enough to stand and say "NO". These mavericks, these worms that dare to turn, these sheep that heed not the bark of the dog needed to be deprived of hope, to be given an example that cried "Resistance is Useless, Resistence is Useless" and forced, once more, back into dumb and uncomplaining obedience to the masters of money, those wizards that Magick money from thin air and use it to enslave an entire species.

So Syriza was created, so Syriza was set up as an example, so the hopes of Europe were staked out and put to the torch.

More sinister a strategy may be that the Greeks, aware of the duplicity of their politicians, aware that they have been made utter fools of, aware that they are now occupied and that the rape of their country will continue and even accelerate will surge into disorganised and violent unrest.

The Banksters created this monster in the Ukraine, and before that in Libya. They play with people's consciousness as virtuosos play their instruments, with subtlety and with such skill as to make it all seem effortless. They may have in place agents who stir unrest, agents who throw Molotov cocktails, agents who will choose and kill just the right person to stir a nation to internecine bloodshed.

They would be stupid not to, for they are no strangers to the levers of control of humanity's mind and understand well, from their experience of centuries, how war and chaos lead to opportunities for power and wealth.

So, be steady, my Greek neighbours and friends,  those with such big hearts and such a love of life, those who value family and children and fun and the pleasure of company.  Let none divide you into differing camps of left and right, let none trick you into seeking revenge for some arranged murder. Now, in this time of greatest trial,  understand that only unity will win back your country, only wisdom and a steady hand and above all the grace of love and peace will wrest this beautiful place from the hands of the occupiers and begin again the story of this great nation.

Follow the example of Gandhi. In your millions fill the squares and avenues in quiet but unmovable protest. Call your brothers and cousins and children in the army and the police to stand by your side, for this is their country too and there is no dispute between you. Banish from your company those who see gold in this betrayal, for they are not worthy and will act as serpents.

It is time, though you are weary of trying, for one final effort.

The Turks had to leave.
You never bent to the Nazis.
It's time to throw the occupiers once more from your country.
It will take all of you, for this is a battle that cannot be left to the few, cannot be done by a faction, requires an entire people.

And when you are successful, so the world will follow, and once more the world will owe a debt to the Greek people.

Fill your squares.
Do so in peace.
Take back your nation.
Do it NOW!

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

REPORT: Tsipras and Syriza acted illegally in refusing to abide by the referendum decision:

Saturday, 18 July 2015

How in "debt" are the Greeks, really? Less than most.

Found via http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/

A useful graphic, demonstrating how every man woman and child has been increasingly indebted by the global bankster criminals with their "Magick" money, conjured from thin air and "borrowed", on our behalf, by sleazy politicians the world over.

Go to the Bloomberg link above to view better, as I can't seem to resize it to fit!
Of course this is only "national" debt, and doesn't include the vast mountain of personal, student and mortgage debt that has also been made out of thin air to saddle the poor mule that is humanity with this usurious nightmare.

Magick is the shaping of reality in accordance with will.
Whose will?
Our rulers, of course.

Tsipras has just boosted this false "debt" for the Greeks, instead of doing as his people/employers/electors instructed him to do in the ignored "referendum".

Notice: If Tsipras gets booted out, Varoufakis is waiting in the wings. Has Varoufakis stated that this debt is imaginary, created at the touch of a button in the bunkers of the Bankster mafia? Not likely!
Nothing happens by accident in "politics", the theatre people are entertained by in this illusion of democracy.

Slaves evolution.

It is the well spring of hope that our masters employ to gather and direct the spirit of a nation's people, and feeding in to that powerful stream are the tributaries, tributaries such as anger at what has happened before, distrust of those that went before, the instinctive understanding that change must come, that the world cannot continue in this way, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way humanity is organised.

Such hope, left to its own devices and allowed to flourish un-managed would lead to the long overdue shrugging off of the systemic malaise which humanity has, for millenniums now, been afflicted by.

Clearly, then, those that hold the reins of power in this reality must, through their hierarchies and implanted belief systems and laws and regulations, through their less palatable willingness and ability to kill and to create circumstances in which we kill each other, prevent at all costs the rising up of a mass movement over which they do not hold sway.

In this way it becomes clear that it is control over the hearts and minds of their subjects, control over their subjects' understanding of this reality, control over the consciousness of the species which is the ruling force's primary field of operations.

Those who have mentally encompassed what is available to be encompassed, bearing in mind the utter and complete control over information which the ruling power has ever wielded, now understand that there is a shift approaching in the consciousness of the species.

Our ancestors foresaw this birthing of a new consciousness of the species, information about which may be found in the Rainbow Warriors link on this site. We ignore at our peril the words passed down by those wise human beings that preceded our own iteration of the game called life.

This shift in consciousness is simple to explain. Its understanding does not stem from the "New Age" religion promulgated by our masters from their "United Nations", but instead is born of simple statistics.

12,000 years ago our species numbered between 1 and 10 million. We were scattered, we were divided by distance and by language, we had few ways in which to record information, few ways in which to effectively communicate.

At the time of Christ there were no more than 400 million of us, probably more like 300 million.
One thousand years later, as a result of plague and famine, we had not grown in number at all.

By the year 1750 we had moved forward, we were somewhere between 629 million and 961 million in number.

Something changed around this time as a direct consequence of this number and the small advances we had made, as a species, in the ways of communicating with each other and recording that information.

Since then, which interestingly coincides with the founding, on May 1st 1776 of the  Illuminati, the human race has grown almost exponentially in number and, because of our ability to share and communicate information, exponentially in terms of technology.

That this progress has been hampered by the control of knowledge, the placing of monetary value on information,the control of scientific research and the removal of human beings who invented things that would upset the flow of money to the ruling power is well understood by the thinking human being.

If we assume that we give birth to one genius in every ten million of our family, then 12,000 years ago we had no more than 1 genius. Now, as our family numbers 7,200 million so we must have among us 720 geniuses. The number may be greater, but the effect on our rate of progress is instantly and readily appreciated.

That most of these clever souls work in foundations and universities for grant money funded by those that control the issuing of money in our current reality should be a great sadness to our species. Many of them develop nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction out there at the edges of science for a pay check.

It might be postulated that the foundation of the Illuminati coincided with the understanding in the ruling power that the ways in which their power was maintained needed to be modernised to face a new reality. This power, previously relying on fear, hierarchy, symbols and myths needed to become less obvious, less visible, more secretive as the population of their subjects grew.

Imagine, if you will, a slave owner and his gang of 10 overseers, having just 40 slaves to control. The whip, the odd hanging, some casual brutality and the job is done.

Imagine, though, the slaves breeding and there being no market in which to sell them.

Imagine they grew to 400 in number.
Now they could readily and easily overpower the owner and his lackeys.
What stops them?
Those among their number that by habit and learning cannot overcome their fear, those that believe that the master is good for them despite the obvious contrary evidence and those that, for an increase in rations and a room that leaks less when it rain,s have put themselves into the service of the master and reinforce the control system.

This is an oversimplification, but yet it describes the human condition accurately. Throw in to the control mix the master's provision of education, the teachers teaching what the master instructs them to teach from books the master has printed for the purpose, the provision of religious leadership and the apparent connection of the master with God and the control of birth, marriage and death and also behavioural norms and memes, throw in the provision of a weekly newsletter full of licentious gossip and some puzzles and entertainments and you begin to see how it might be done,

Add to this mix the master "freeing" his slaves and paying them with notes he prints himself, spendable in the store he owns, and allowing them to choose leaders from candidates he has selected to give the further illusion of freedom and the picture becomes clearer.

Imagine, though, comfortable and easy as this system is for the master to retain control, he foresees that at some point there are going to be 4,000 slaves, then shortly afterwards 40,000, and he begins to be concerned.

If once they began to see through the phony stuff they were taught, if once they began to distrust what they read in the newspaper,if once they began to question the religion he had provided and the authority over the stages of life that the religion had, if once they began to question the value of the money he printed and even the system of exchange itself, if once they began to see how their supposedly free elections were fixed and that those they elected were the servants of the master rather than the slaves elected representatives then, by sheer numbers they could cast him aside, throw his systems and beliefs away and set themselves free.

This would be a slaves revolution.
The world awaits such an event, and our masters understand it is coming, try as they might to control it.

And if you seek an understanding of world events right now, of why we are being plunged into orchestrated chaos, then this is the simplest way to conceive of things.
The devil is in detail, the truth is always simple.  

The Greeks, the Ukrainians, the human race as a whole needs to gain this understanding, for in this understanding lies the key to a new world order, ours, not theirs, and a species free of the malaise which makes it sick and is destroying life itself in all its wonder on this wonderful earth.

MARCH IN PEACE and in our millions.

With love in our hearts,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Tsipras leads the Coup in Greece (video)

Now it's clear what's really happened in Greece. For a while there, I was fooled by this guy.
It's a coup.
But it is not over.
10 million Greek March anyone?

Gold Currency anyone?

There are many in the "alternative" media that push the idea of a gold based currency.
There are many that carry ads for bullion sales.
Some are indeed bullion traders themselves.
There are many that boost the BRICS, as if they were the answer to anything and not just more of the same.
This article shows the link between the Chinese and Gold and the Rothschilds.
I may be mistaken, but a crash of the Euro, followed by a crash of the Dollar, rendering the savings and pensions and property equity of the West valueless and the impertinent and demanding Westerners penurious beggars would be desirable to the freaks that run the chicken house we call home.
Then an electronic, "Gold" backed in name only, new BRICS currency will become world wide.
Issued by the Rothschilds, of course.
I can think of 666 reasons why this might be a bad thing for humanity.
I like this, the link sent by a deeply thoughtful friend in Canada:
"In 1964 the comic strip “Wizard of Id” was launched with Johnny Hart as the primary writer and Brant Parker as the primary illustrator. On May 3, 1965 a four-panel strip presenting the satirical golden rule was published in “The Dallas Morning News” and many other newspapers. 1
In the first panel the diminutive tyrannical King character addressed his subjects from the balcony of his castle and emphasized the need for “peace and harmony”. In the second panel the King continued by stating “We must all live by The Golden Rule”. This caused some confusion in the third panel because his listeners were uncertain about the nature of The Golden Rule. In the fourth panel the troubadour character delivered the explanatory punchline."

As ever, Love to all
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The "OXI MARCH". Greeks will march into the history books and set themselves, and the world, free. Pass it on.

For those of you who count themselves human and still, despite the best endeavours of the masters of this reality to rob you both of your power to reason and your will to take action, some perspectives on the Greek drama and how the Greeks might set themselves free and in doing so give an example to the rest of the world once more.

As usual I ask my readers to recall that the Devil is in the detail, where lies confusion and endless debate about the hair on the elephant's hide, with no mention of its towering presence in the room.

This detailed obfuscation is the badge of the modern "politics" of the global usurious masters, seen everywhere on a TV near you in glorious technicolour HD.
In other words, the world's politicians lie, by omission, every time they open their mouths and "debate" the minutiae of whatever scrap they are tossing to you today to keep your mind occupied.

It is worth noting, first and foremost, that there have been no references made by any member of Syriza (including ex Finance Minister Varoufakis) of the true nature of "money".

None have alluded to the way money is created as debt.
Not one has stated that the "bail-out" billions did not exist until they were created at the touch of a computer key.

Since fooling the Greek populace into voting for them, where oh where has been the determination to repudiate the fake debts?
Iceland serves as a partial example of the benefits of forcing banks to cancel debt.


Hugo Chavez of Venezuala set an historic example by cancelling the debts to Venezuala of Haiti.


What happened to Chavez?
Chavez of course, unlike any toe-the-line political leader, member of a "royal" family or global bankster master, died of cancer.

No one can "give" someone cancer, right?


The US of A said that was "absurd", but then they would, wouldn't they?
The Guardian ran an editorial on the proceedings of the US Senate Church Committee, (the chairman's name was Church): 



The most telling outcome of this US Senate investigative committee is entailed in this statement in its report, which must ring the warning bells to all Americans:

If this government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.
I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return

The government of Rafael Correa of Ecuador, having found that the debts "owed" by that country to the Bankster mafia were created with many irregularities and were in essence illegal, repudiated those false debts and bought them back at 35 cents on the dollar, despite being oil-rich and having the wherewithal to service those debts..


Of course, if you upset the usurers, they'll find a way to get you,and if they miss first time, they'll keep at it:


And: http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_65294.shtml

Greece, of course, is saddled with similar irregular and illegal false debts.


This statement, from the Greek debt truth commission, sums it up:

All the evidence we present in this report shows that Greece not only does not have the ability to pay this debt, but also should not pay this debt first and foremost because the debt emerging from the Troika’s arrangements is a direct infringement on the fundamental human rights of the residents of Greece. Hence, we came to the conclusion that Greece should not pay this debt because it is illegal, illegitimate, and odious.
It has also come to the understanding of the Committee that the unsustainability of the Greek public debt was evident from the outset to the international creditors, the Greek authorities, and the corporate media. Yet, the Greek authorities, together with some other governments in the EU, conspired against the restructuring of public debt in 2010 in order to protect financial institutions. The corporate media hid the truth from the public by depicting a situation in which the bailout was argued to benefit Greece, whilst spinning a narrative intended to portray the population as deservers of their own wrongdoings.

So where, understanding the illegality of these loans,are the following actions?

1. A repudiation and refusal, ever, to "repay" these false debts.

2. The arrest and bringing to trial in open court of those officers of the National Bank of Greece,the Office of National Statistics and the members of previous governments (many of whom still sit in the Greek Parliament enjoying fat wages courtesy of the Greek people)?

3.Where is the nationalisation of the Greek banks, the creation of a free currency NOT issued as debt, the revitalisation of the Greek economy along the Icelandic example?

I do not doubt for a moment that the frighteners have been put on those members of Syriza that yet hold their heads up high and are not such cowards that they refuse to fulfil the promises they made to their people when seeking their votes, that refuse to ignore the democratic voice of the people expressed via referendum.

In Libya, the now decapitated leader of that democracy, decided to lend money to poor countries, more often than not those loans being interest free.

 Naturally, the lackey governments of the bankster mafia could not tolerate anyone lending money without interest. It might become popular, after all."Off with his head" said the Queen.And it was so.

Those who are still determined to stand for what they believe is right and to uphold and fulfil their duty to their country are few indeed. In politics, all is not as it seems, of course.

Some, perhaps Varoufakis amongst them, voted "No" with an eye to their political future. Right wingers who hope to benefit from a swing in their direction ditto. But revealingly and above all only 39 of them voted to do what the people of Greece had just a week before by referendum instructed them to do.

Here's a list of them   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EAZVy4bC0YDOceksy7BpdypRgMf-sPTu_M_OAMvxnoc/edit#gid=0

Sadly the false hope of Syriza and the earnest promises they made to the electors that pay their salaries lie as dust on the floor.

We can draw only two conclusions:
The first is that Syriza were. from the outset, a false opposition made of liars and thieves and those suffering from an excess of ego whose task has been to take the wind from the sails of the growing European resistance movement to the global bankster mafia.

The second is that, through bribery, coercion, blackmail and a thousand other dirty tricks the global bankster mafia had managed to take utter and complete control of Syriza.

Now, as we see, the vindictive, vicious and ruthless bastards that are our rulers have punished the Greeks and will make them pay, generation after generation subject to overwhelming debt slavery. They have wiped the smiles from Greek's faces and the future is bleak.

To paraphrase Orwell:
"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a Greek's face forever".

What can be done?
We well know how quickly the masters of this reality execute their strategy, and how remorselessly.

I have shown in previous posts how the Bankster's agent Churchill forced civil war upon the Greeks in the 1940's (and how the current Syriza Finance minister is related to one of the Generals that helped orchestrate that internecine bloodshed).

In videos in the previous posts I warned of protests being taken over by violent extremists who are in fact agent provocateurs. This is a regular tactic of the elite. In fact it already emerges that the violent protesters arrested  many of them are not in fact Greek (25 out of 38)! (I can't find the article now at 

 http://www.ekathimerini.com/ but it was there.)
Read into that information what you will.


The Banksters have stolen, from the place where it was born, democracy.
They have stolen the future of every Greek child.
They have stolen hope from millions of Europeans, all of whom suffer under this usurious mafia's rule.
They have their people in place to create disorder at demonstrations and discredit them.
They have a history of creating civil war here and in other places.
They have installed fascists in the Ukraine, and fascists wait in the wings here.
Like everywhere, many if not most of the population have lost the understanding of their right and prerogative to protest and their bounden duty to dispose of undemocratic government so as to preserve the freedoms of their children.


Something must be done.As I have said before here the eyes of the world are on the Greeks and so the Greek people have an opportunity to lead the world, once more, into a new form of civilisation.

They have said NO before to fascists.

At the referendum, despite the threats, they said NO again, just to be ignored by their elected "leaders".

They are not a fearful people, and though one might fairly say easy to fool into accepting the rule of corruption they understand what occupation by a foreign menace is and that they have to fight, get knocked down but stand again and fight and keep fighting until that menace is banished.

It is this spirit they must find within themselves now.

In the past, revolutions were things of blood and gore and violence, revolutionaries the pawns and puppets of the usurious global masters. See previous posts here to read more of these grand deceptions.

Violence is the chosen field of play of those that hold the disposition of armies and police forces and intelligence agencies, those that are safely ensconced in their towers and castles (still now!) whilst the streets fill with battle and the gutters run with blood.

Violence is not the way.

There have been examples in history when peaceful civil disobedience defeated vastly more powerful occupying menaces.Gandhi's "Salt March" is an historic example, the Wiki entry recording the names of the first 80 marchers for posterity.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salt_March

The great Martin Luther King followed Gandhis example:

This, then, offers some hope to the Greeks and the future of their children.

It is a way forward.

To march, but not in small groups, not in small bands allied by politics or workplace, not in a divided and piecemeal way, 


To march.

Ordinary Greeks from every village, from every town, from every walk of life.

Mothers and their children.
Grandmothers and Grandfathers.
Farmers and lawyers, chefs and teachers.

Every man, woman and child of conscience taking themselves to the streets and roads and marching together to Syntagma Square.

It will not be a march of "isms", no communism nor fascism.
It will not be a march of "democratic" parties. We have seen what use they are to a nation.

It will be a march that simply says "OXI".

So, Greece, set a date.

At stake is the future of a country, the future of every Greek and, relying upon this example, the future of the rest of the world that sweats and suffers and bleeds at the hands of the global Bankster mafia.

Pass the word.

And, when you are ready:

Place the "OXI MARCH" into the history books.

With Great Love for our adopted country and its beautiful and embattled people,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

The future v. usury - Univ Pablo Olavide

Simply a better way than rioting, especially when those at the front of the riot work for the bastards you're rioting about.
In Bank Santander's offices.

Walk in peace and silence in our millions
Like a slow tsunami.
Unstoppable, yet quiet.

Thanks for the link to Luis, a reader from Spain.
Love to you, Luis xxx xxx xxx

Greece: Molotov cocktails fly, clashes erupt in Athens

These scenes play out the world over. The vast majority of protester are, inevitably, peaceful in almost all events. I say inevitably because human beings are, largely, peaceful except when herded into wars by the masters of this reality.
The psychologists who input to the strategy of the ruling cabal understood many years ago that a few hooded or masked young men (usually fit, square jawed young men on analysis- they even look like police or military) senselessly smashing public property or shop windows, throwing molotov cocktails at the police and starting fights achieves a number of objectives:
First, they deter mass street demonstrations of ordinary people who fear or don't wish to be associated with such acts.
Secondly, they discredit the protesters and by association what they are trying to say.
Thirdly, they escalate the levels of violence and control its direction according to what outcome the rulers desire. This may involve bombs or shootings if the rulers seek chaos, as witnessed everywhere lately, but Libya serves as a pertinent example.
The Greek people must protest their traitorous government, those who have ignored the democratically expressed will of the people and those in opposition groups in Parliament who support the traitors in their crime BUT they should protest with peace and dignity, protesters themselves discovering and filming and pointing out and unmasking and preventing the violent agent provocateurs.
Only in this way will disaster for Greece be avoided.


How police Agent Provocateur frame people

Agent Provocateurs Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20 Pittsburgh 2009

Police Provocateurs caught inciting Spain protest voilence

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Secret Bank Bailout German TV Award 2013

The ordinary people across Europe, as indeed across the world, face hardship and worse in the interests of Bankster profits and fat pay cheques. Greek and Irish pensioners are impoverished, entire peoples are categorised in the media as lazy and unproductive and spendthrift whilst their elected representatives do deals with bankers and ride in limos and look forward to a revolving-door job with their bankster friends at some point in the future.
This documentary exposes the fraud. What is more interesting is the way the politicians and banksters writhe and squirm under questioning and claim to have no knowledge of where all these billions have gone.
Great documentary.
German media rants on about having to save the lazy Greeks, when it was the Greeks that bailed out the Germans.........er, pass the sick bag, I'm about to throw up.

What's next for Greece?

What next for Greece?
We have seen, many times over the last century, false dawns arising,those false dawns having been sponsored and orchestrated by the bankster controllers of this reality and their "royal" co-conspiritors.

Most innocent communists are completely oblivious to the false leadership of Marx, who never referred to the creation of money out of thin air by his bankster cousins the Rothschilds.  http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Karl_Marx

Nor are revolutionary communists for the most part aware of the bankster sponsorship of Lenin and his Bolsheviks

Most nationalists are unaware of the bankster sponsorship of Hitler and the involvement of the Bush family

Most fascists are unaware of the dark presence that "illumines" their leaders.
In Greece now there is a new "Golden Dawn":

Most Americans are unaware of the links between these dark satanic organisations and their very own NASA, the organisation that created the myth of the moon landings:

Today, in Greece, this beautiful country and its beautiful people, we see perhaps the beginnings of another dark conspiracy, a conspiracy involving false leaders, a conspiracy involving a duped and manipulated people, a conspiracy the purpose of which will become clear only as each careful step is made by the controllers of this reality.

It seems intricate in its planning and the theatre of its execution, involving as it does false hope, the charismatic leadership of a sociopath who betrays the will of his people and the voters in the recent referendum and by doing so forces Greece into perpetual debt servitude, almost surely in order to provoke a reaction.

Warning: The banksters and their governmental allies have been found guilty, time and time again, of initiating terrorism and then creating absolute chaos in the countries they target for this treatment.
Most citizens of "democratic" countries of the west are unaware of Operation Gladio:

The British government, agents of the bankster criminals, fear not involving themselves in regime change in Europe:

We all now know what happened to Libya:

The bankster controllers of this reality move relentlessly and ruthlessly towards their total dominance of the human species through national and personal debt, through torture, war, terrorism and false revolution, through assassination of leaders that dare to oppose them, and through the long planned and carefully constructed control of events that lead to disastrous consequences.

Witness the Ukraine, plunged into chaos and handed to fascists in the thrall of the banksters and now giving away the wealth of their country to their bankster controllers:

And so what's in store for Greece?
Perhaps the people's resentment of being sold out by Syriza will erupt on the streets, perhaps this was the plan all along.......
Perhaps among those protestors will be Agent Provocateurs who will instigate violent acts
Perhaps the police will shoot rioters that throw molotov cocktails at the instigation of these Agent Provocateurs
Perhaps somewhere a bomb will go off
Blood will boil
Vengeance will be sought
Irreconcilable differences will be forged
Brother will face brother across an artificially created divide
Perhaps people will be encouraged to take sides in the false drama that's created
Perhaps the fascists will ally themselves with the military and step into a power vacuum
Perhaps the Greek people are about to be sacrificed,and  as they have been reviled and mocked and cursed by the bankster controlled media for years no-one will care.

And behind all of this will be the string pullers, the nation destroyers, the murderous dark forces that gave us Stalinist Russia, Fascist Germany and a hundred more travesties that have cost countless millions of lives and have darkened humanity's spirit and drenched our wonderful planet in blood.


And this is a prayer

The Greek people, strong in family, strong in morality, having understood and suffered the kleptocracy of the fakelaki (little envelope) politics of the last decades, now growing wise to the manipulations of politicians and the media, will hold themselves steady and hold their heads high and take the next step for humanity, the evolutionary step that will be marked by an understanding of the need to rid the world of the bankster criminals and to do so by peaceful and quiet determination, by understanding the need for total change not aligned to any "ism" like communism or fascism, by deciding to work together as a people and a nation towards creating a new path into the future.

This Greece, the home I have adopted and which has adopted me, has given the world the direction it needed many times.

Now, the Greeks should step forward again.
With love, with forgiveness, with a strong will, with unity of purpose.

The world is waiting.
Others will follow.

Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Syriza's strangely connected finance minister and Greek people's voice ignored

In my last post I spoke at some length regarding the opportunity for the Greek people, in voting "NO" (OXI) to further austerity, to stand proud amongst the world's peoples in defiance of the illegal Ponzi scheme that is world banking.

It's the next post down, and worth reading before this post.

Having given the world Democracy, they could give the world another lesson, a lesson on how to be courageous against a vast and well organised force of dominance.

They had done this before, saying "OXI" to the vast force of Nazis crowded at their border, and had paid in blood for their pride and never regretted it.

"OXI" Day is a national holiday here, when a people remember their stubborn opposition to a vastly superior and aggressive force, when they remember the people they lost, when they remember the cost in blood and grief, when they remember that their courage and their honour was unsullied, that they didn't give in, that they weren't cowards, that they stared into the eyes of and fought the monster that sought to dominate the world.

Of this they are justly proud.

Immediately after the Nazis left Greece, Winston Churchill realised that the anti-Nazi resistance movement in Greece, largely left wing, was a threat to the British and bankers' plans for the future of this beautiful country and its brave people. He and his banker cronies thought little of the decision to kill whoever stood in their way, however courageous and honourable, whatever the debt owed to them for their stalwart resistance to Nazism.

Few people understand or know of this revolting and murderous episode in history. Update your understanding by reading this article in the UK's Guardian newspaper. It has great relevance: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/30/athens-1944-britains-dirty-secret

What followed was a civil war, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Civil_War during which the Greek army, backed by the hegemony of Britain and the US, fought and eventually defeated the partisans that had for years struggled against the Nazis and sought a free, fair, just country fit for the children of the heroes they were.

A commanding General of the UK/US-supported Greek Army which put down its own people was one Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrasyvoulos_Tsakalotos

The incumbent Minister of Finance for Syriza, the one that, along with Tsipras, completely and utterly ignored the democratic voice of the Greek people as expressed in the referendum, is Thrasyvoulos Tsakalotos' grand-nephew, one Euclid Tsakalotos!

What a privileged life Euclid has lead, no doubt somehow benefiting from the connections and money handed down through his family. with its history of cuddling up to and taking benefits from one political leader after another in the history of the Greek kleptocracy. He was educated in Britain at the privileged St Pauls School, London, the same school at which George Osborne the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer was educated!

He continued to benefit from the elite's education system at Oxford University where he obtained his Doctorate.

Interestingly his doctoral supervisor was one  Włodzimierz Brus (Born Beniamin Zylberberg....).

What an interesting life this influence on Euclid has lead, particularly in reference to Mr Zylerberg/Brus's good wife, who it is said was a prosecuting counsel  "fired from her job as a military prosecutor accused of violating the rule of law in staged trials of Polish officers which <b>frequently resulted in executions</b>"  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C5%82odzimierz_Brus

Nice girl.

Old Euclid has been getting around the circuit a little bit. On 7 March 2015, Tsakalotos spoke at the Sinn Féin ardfheis, saying that both Sinn Féin and Syriza are "part of a great realignment in European politics". He also met with Gerry Adams, the President of Sinn Féin.

We know some things about Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein:
And about the IRA:
Some more on this subject:

Not that Sinn Fein and the IRA are one and the same, of course.

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, by the hands he shakes, by the smiles he gives to the people he greets.

Euclid's wife is Heather Denise Gibson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_D._Gibson an expert in exchange rate mechanisms.
This may well become an interesting speciality if Greece exits the EU and launches a "New Drachma" linked in value to the Euro "to avoid confusion". See what I mean here:  http://www.forexfraud.com/forex-articles/pegged-currencies.html

She has published in the Journal of Macroeconimics, owned by Elsevier.
Most people don't know who Elsevier are. They are a global "knowledge" gatekeeper, controlling scientific publishing and legal and accountancy publishing almost everywhere. They are huge, and form a part of the false, mind controlling mechanism of our reality.
Elsevier provides web-based, digital solutions — among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligenceand ClinicalKey  — and publishes over 2,500 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and more than 33,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works. Elsevier is part of RELX Group plc, a world-leading provider of information solutions for professional customers across industries.


Elsevier is part of Relx, who most have never heard of.
Here we see Relx's puff about the need for UN enforced "Rule of Law". Read between these lines...

The UN is, of course, nothing to do with the Luciferain elite....

Heather, of course, works for the Bank of Greece as a "Director/Advisor" and so has almost no influence, I feel sure, on the "left wing" politics of her husband. In each of their three houses, as they discuss perhaps investments they may have in JP Morgan and Black Rock (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euclid_Tsakalotos ) one wonders if they discuss the role of the banks in the humiliation and impoverishment of the people of Greece, and if they discuss such things as
FIAT money https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_money
Fractional Reserve Lending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractional-reserve_banking

One wonders also if they discuss who owns the Bank of Greece,which by law the Greek government cannot own more than 35% of and which is, of course, like all central banks, controlled by the banker rulers of this reality via their agent companies and anonymous funds.


This man, this Euclid Tsakalotos, was chosen by Tsipras....

And the Greek people's voice in the referendum has been ignored....

And the bankers triumph...

There will be more debt...

More assets, including the ports, will be given away....

Next, one would assume, there will be chaos.
Chaos, after all, is what the bankers desire.

All across Europe its peoples suffer the pain of debt slavery.

Most are blind to its root causes, most blind to the complicity of their elected politicians.

In a country once plunged into Civil War by the British and US governments on behalf of their banker masters there arose a great resentment and a great desire to say OXI, to say NO, once more.

And perhaps those bankers saw it coming years ago.

And perhaps they placed their own people to lead such an uprising.

And perhaps Syriza will sell out the Greeks...........or have already done so.

(After all, all of the previous governments have sold out their people and become rich doing so it is commonly believed).

And by such a sell out they will dampen the rising spirit of anger across Europe and the world against the global usury system.

By example, demonstrating that nothing can be done.

We have not heard a single Syriza politician speak about how this "debt" was made out of thin air, how it does not represent the savings of other Europeans, just as the German, the French, the Italian, the Spanish, the American, just as all the world's so called national debts are created.

They are created on a computer screen, where a number is typed and enter is pressed and an entire nation's people and its children's future are mortgaged to the usurious private banks that are national banks, the IMF, the European Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements.

These banks are not owned by nations and their peoples but by private corporations:
Who owns the Bank of Greece

Love,and please hold Greece in your hearts.
Olive Farmer