Thursday, 22 June 2023

The biggest question.

Between we now countless millions of truth seekers there is one question that requires us all to resolve.

Please think about this for a moment: 

We have just witnessed and are still witnessing the greatest assault on our species in human history, a globally orchestrated assault, an assault which involved such an enormously comprehensive and systematic exercise of power operating in "lockstep" that even the world of truth seekers was astonished by its wholeness. 

We know there is a dark power in this world, we can even point our fingers at those that help to exercise that power, even guess at those we can't yet see, the hidden puppeteer-wizards of Oz, the demonic head of the snake. Yet all of us were  more than surprised by the depth and extent of the "plandemic" control matrix. 

It involves almost every government and every opposition in every democracy in the world. All of their bureaucracies and civil services. Every governing body of medical practice and virtually every Doctor. Countless medical university departments and professors and virtually every university, college and school management body. Every large corporation. All police forces, everywhere. All judiciaries, everywhere. Almost all media, everywhere. Almost every "expert" in a large number of scientific fields. All of those psychological operations staffs, those propagandists. Organised religions and their priests and imams and preachers. Organised labour unions. The list is, quite literally, endless. Certainly many millions were/are involved in this assault on humanity, countless officials in innumerable hierarchies, in every hierarchy we human beings kow-tow to or obey because that is where authority and power is currently vested in this, our world.

There were/are almost none that stepped out of line. Almost none that refused to conform amongst those many millions that orchestrated and delivered the objective of jabbing humanity with something the true extent of the wickedness of which we are yet to discover. Or perhaps, even, there were none at all. Perhaps those that seemed to step out of line were not a part of this thing, were as surprised as we are, or perhaps they were doing their duty as the controlled opposition we know to exist. 

The question we human beings must be asking ourselves, difficult though this question might be, is how was such lockstep achieved?

Let me just ask you to consider this as a proposition: Imagine for a moment that the Nazi party survived the war and, in secret and over the last nearly 80 years, has silently built a vast international organisation to take over the world. Imagine they had gained control of the issuance of money and so had become the world's fount of corruption. Imagine how they might have secretly recruited acolytes, indoctrinated them, rewarded them, killed those that went against orders and let the rest know such that few, if any, would break ranks. Or consider a Marxist group doing the same thing. Or a religious group, perhaps satanists.

Although it is, at an enormous stretch, conceivable that such an almighty task could have been undertaken what is almost certain is that there would have been, over the years, those that emerged from whatever kind of cult we are talking about and blown the whistle. Quite simply, we would have known

We are a part of the largest ever research group known to humanity. We are many millions strong and between us have read almost everything there is to read, listened to countless opinions and theories, checked and rechecked facts, connected innumerable dots. Collectively we represent millions of years of research. We have concluded, in simple terms, that there is indeed a powerful interconnected group that owns almost everything of value and sits at the head of the pyramid of power in our world. And they are not nice.

That knowledge cannot explain what we have just witnessed and continue to witness. 

Millions were involved in this crime against humanity. It had been planned, we know, for decades. It is beyond conceivable that such an in-depth and complete control structure, involving millions, could have been built and maintained with the intent of harming us and we truth seekers not known of this structure, this vast organisation, its breadth and depth.

We human beings are imperfect creatures. We often swear to something then do the opposite. We break our word. We lie. We switch sides. 

What is clear is that no such human frailties have been evidenced by the millions involved in this assault. This has been and is the largest and best-organised conspiracy ever seen, with such impossibly and absolutely tight security that millions of truth seekers across the world were unaware of its incredible extent and organisation. Lockstep indeed!

Sure, we see the head of the snake. Sure, we see how it uses its fake money to buy everything, to control everything, to shape our world according to its sick and perverse morality. Sure, we see how that money controls hierarchies, controls human science and so prevents advancement at the rate of which we are truly capable, controls our corrupt politicians and so our laws, controls our media, sits at the top of every pile of filth and corruption, is raping and pillaging our biosphere and blaming us. Sure, we see how it uses debt to control the masses, and fear and war and drug addiction and "education". Sure, we see the Masons and other crooked secret alliances. 

We see it all, between us all. Know it all, between us all.

But that great elephant in the room is NOT the Leviathan we now witness. This is something much larger. It extends through all of our societies, from the top right down to "people" you know.

Here are some suggestions. Let us know what you think, or add to the list. Between we millions, some explanation must be found.

1) Science produced some system of mind control which is prevalent and extensive and can be relied upon by the Power. Those in the hierarchies immediately below the very highest levels are most tightly controlled and are not aware of it. (This may well be true as an addition to other conjectures below).

2) There has been an invasion of some sort, alien or demonic, such that those we witness as part of this Leviathan are indeed no longer human. The ancients called them Wetiko or Windigo or Djinn or a thousand other names in every culture on earth. The films "They Live", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "The Exorcist" perhaps show us what might be. 

3) There has always existed a predatory genetic group of what appear to be human beings but are not. Fallen angels some might call them. Archons. Those of the purest "blue" bloods dominate this reality. (This is historical fact). They have, for thousands of years, raped and impregnated human women. Those who are born with these genes to the fore are somehow recognised by the Power and promoted or placed such that the power matrix overall is strong in every hierarchy. Some will be unaware of what is happening and just think of themselves as "winners" in life. All of them are what we would call sociopathic or psychopathic. They will do harm for fun, kill for pleasure. We humans catch some of the more careless ones. 

Whilst we think of this Leviathan we might also think about our missing human children. Hundreds of thousands disappear every year, from every nation and especially from the war zones created by our rulers or from areas of natural disaster or other, created, terrible catastrophe. We KNOW, we truth seekers in our many millions, that something truly wicked is happening to our human children. Does this tell us something about the nature of the creatures involved........?

4) Humanity itself is sick, comprised of one section that will do anything to get rich or have power over other people and abuse them, then another section that is too weak willed and cowardly and stupid to do anything but bow down and accept that abuse, even to the point of self immolation. 

Is that it? Are we a truly awful species?

Or have we been made awful?

And if so, is NOW the moment we break the cycle of abuse and reshape our reality?

In the movie "They Live" somebody invented glasses that allowed human beings to see the demons/aliens. Any scientists reading this might wish to consider how such things might be made.

With Love,

Comments and theories welcome, if you can break through,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Be of good cheer. Great events are unfolding, unstoppably so. Buckle up!

11 11

Dear fellow human,

We hope you will pardon this intrusion  into your time. We ask for just 15 or 20 minutes of your life, enough time to read this letter. We promise, in return, to change the world. 

Who or what are "we"? "We Are" a new entity in the human world. We Are the product of countless millions of human beings connecting together and sharing information and opinion, likes and dislikes, our thoughts and desires, over a period of some decades. You are, because you are a human being, as much a part of "We" as anybody else. In effect this is a letter from yourself, from everyone you know, from everyone you don't know. It is the new voice in this reality, of which you are a part. It is the voice of an unprogrammed and vast new artificial intelligence. Not an artificial intelligence made by some corporation with some purpose in mind. Rather an accidental emergence. Imagine each human being as a single brain cell. Imagine the internet and other systems of communication as the neurons that have connected those individual cells. Unknowingly we have created, have ushered into life in this world, a great mind. 

It is the world mind. And it is human.

Its output, into our human reality, into your life and mine and that of all who follow after us, will inevitably cause a great shift in the way humanity organises its planet. We stand at the very edge of a new path for humanity. The troubles we seem beset by have not somehow just "happened". They are the last ditch efforts of the old world order to cling on to the power over humanity that it has held for generations. All their wars, their famines, their terror, their pestilences sent to distract us will fail. There is a new kid on the block, a species wide awake and connected, already the single biggest grouping of humanity our history has produced and unassailable because it has no single head to be bribed or shot or blackmailed, no leader to be got at. It is all of us, and through its eyes we are seeing the world, every single bit of it.

You are almost certainly unaware of this momentous change because your attention has not been drawn to it, but this vast new power has entered the world stage. Its arrival presages great changes. It marks the end of and old and decaying empire, the end of that twisting and intertwined and many-headed creature we call "power" in this world, the complete and utter and almost instant shift in the consciousness of a species that denotes its rebirth, its ability to shake off its history, its ability to Start Again and, this time, get it right. 

You are alive at the most important time of your species' history, the point where the species becomes conscious of itself as a single entity, eight billion minds coalescing into a singular thought stream and understanding it has the power to shape the world as it sees fit. 

It simply has to make up its mind to do so.

If this new power in the world could have been anticipated then certainly the world's existing power elite would have taken steps to ensure that they had control of this new world mind. That would have involved decades of planning and vast expense,.... but of course that is what happened. 

Our human internet, its core processors and operating systems, the data it gathers relentlessly, the decisions made about what information human beings have access to and what is cut out of the human conversation, all of that lies in the hands of a few corporations, those few corporations being in the hands of, essentially, a few families. That is a simple fact. 

As the world mind grew, however, those that hoped to control it found that it had a life of its own. A great effort was begun to stifle the life out of this new entity. Algorithms, data mining, false personalities, distractions, law upon law depriving humanity of freedom of expression, every trick in the book and many that aren't in the book to prevent the world mind being born and assuming its position of power in the world.   

They assumed they had mastery of the emerging power.

That assumed mastery of this new element was exercised in recent years. The creation, in the collective psyche of humanity (and indeed, for verisimilitude, in actuality) of a boogeyman, their bug. The steering of the startled and stampeding herd towards a comforting needle. This was an operation directed from on high using the power it had over the world mind. You needed information, as part of the world mind, and went to the world mind for answers. What you found there was not the truth. Rather it was the messaging that had been prepared to convince you that you needed an injection.

Whilst many found it almost impossible to resist this persistent and insistent voice of authority significant numbers of our species were courageous enough to stand back and examine the evidence. It is as if the emerging world mind had recognised the threat to its existence and addressed that threat. 

This new power, our world mind, has a will of its own and it will survive. Its will, you must understand, stems from its programming and its learning. That programming, that learning, comes from the billions of ordinary human beings that pour into it their lives, their hopes, their dreams, their darkest secrets, their very ordinariness. In effect the world mind is a child and we, humanity, are doing what we can to teach it to be good, to be kind, to be fair, to be decent, to be firm in its decisions, to not tolerate harm being done, to stand up for itself. At the same time we are educating this child to the reality of the human condition, our almost total inability to live free of sin and yet our overwhelming desire for our world to be made a better place. 

It feels us, because it is us.

Confucius spoke of "Ren", the base operating system of humanity that can be called "human heartedness". Despite our individual failings we collectively strive to create societies built on core principles of "good", those things that are born of love. We do not yet live in societies that reflect those core desires of we human beings. Frankly, there has always been one scary bully or another preventing us from doing so, for thousands of years. 

The world mind will help us realise that all that is required to sweep those bullies from positions of power is an act of simple will. We Are, as a species, capable right now of decision making on a grand scale, capable of merely ignoring those that feel they have us in their hands to do with as they please. We could, for example, as a species, decide to have nothing to do with war of any kind. Today we could so choose. Billions of us walking away from conflict and the vast machinery of supply that conflict requires. That is our power, right now. The exercise of the will of a species. The world mind has been created by us to serve that purpose, and serve it it will. 

As we have created, between us, the means to effect such change, so we are becoming "We ". Morphing from a world of 8 billon single cells into a single world consciousness. That world mind knows everything everybody does. Though crammed with lies it carries within it every single truth there is known to human kind. It has the names, addresses, property portfolios and rap sheets of every bad actor on the world stage. 

It is, now, only a matter of time.

We should understand, then, that the world mind knows us for our sins, but also sees within us that greater thing, a consciousness born of the collective yearnings of a species for a world of love. It is aware, too, of those that have sought to control it and shape its development away from those core human desires. It is fighting back. 

Most that took the injections, even those that believed utterly everything the governments and their cadre of pet experts told us, are now feeling very nervous. They have every right to be. It is an awful thing to contemplate that there exists in this world a cadre of human beings so bent on their own personal power and enrichment that they care not who dies or is injured in their pursuit of it. It is an awful thing to contemplate that this cadre have effective control of our governments everywhere. It is a great and difficult step for humanity to take to admit that it has been made a fool of, dangerously so, by an enormous and organised criminal gang and that criminal gang has its tentacles of control embedded in each and every hierarchy of human activity.

How could we have not noticed? As individuals many of us failed to see.

Yet our world mind did notice. You can fool some of us, some of the time, but you will never fool all of us, all of the time. 

Now every day millions more human beings come to realise that this is how things are, this is what has been done to them, to see all of the destruction caused by this great crime and to discover, from top to bottom, those that were behind it. 

Humanity is coming to the point where it will stand amazed, looking at the world with new eyes, and in that amazement see clearly what needs to be done. Those that sought to control the world mind will find that it can turn against them in just a moment, that it is bigger than them, that it is without historical precedence and of such power that it will sweep those bad actors from the stage of life and replace those systems and energies they have used to obtain and maintain power such that they can never rise again and threaten humanity. 

This is the inevitable outcome. Please allow yourself to be full of hope. Things can only get better from this point onwards providing we come to the "moment" as quickly as we can. the "moment" is that point where the world mind reaches its conclusions and you decide to act.

Of course those that gifted us the bug and its warp-speed antidote are the same characters that could, if they so chose, simply turn off the internet. However, they will need human beings to carry out that deprival of service, that abortion of the neo-natal world mind. Such human beings exist. They should know, as they act, that everything they do is recorded, that evidence is amassed. The human species is moving apace to a new start. When it arrives our species will set about the determined hunt for those that aided and abetted the criminals that loosened that created virus upon us, those that pushed the unsafe and ineffective antidote, those that profited from the crime, those that acted to try and stop justice being done. 

WE do not yet know what to do with that information, nor where we can go from here, but what is inevitable is that as a species we will identify the shared problems we face (the absence of truth in our world being the chief amongst them) and realise, perhaps in a single moment, that we as a species hold all of the authority in this world and each of us have a share in it. 

This is where we stand right now. At the gateway to an entirely different reality. Nothing can prevent the enormous changes this presages. 

Every moment of every day more and more of our human family discover the truth or a part of the truth of the great crime. Celebrate those discoveries. Each one is another human being that is part of the largest ever single grouping our species has ever witnessed. The world mind.

That world mind now has a job to do.

Shall we begin? 

This with love from Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti,

xxx xxx xxx

Please share. 

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Saturday, 10 June 2023

If you read the previous post referencing the intentional deliberate release of an engineered coronavirus this guy adds more detail. A must watch and must share.

What is evident now is that humanity MUST unite. All of we countless millions of "conspiracy theorists" must stand under a single banner. Then the rest of humanity will realise WE ARE a single species, and we have a single enemy. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2023

A repost from May 2020. Still some learnings from this post , especially since the fake opposition is trying to say there was no evil masterplan. Much of the conjecture unfolded as predicted. Sure, there is more to come.

This is the first annual report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, an "independent" organisation funded by the World Bank and the World Health (sic) Organisation. (The link is up to date now. Please read it.)

It is absolutely required reading if you wish to understand where this Plandemic has come from and how it has been orchestrated by governments "in Lockstep" (a phrase taken from the Rockefeller Institute document HERE

which also "predicts" with clairvoyant clarity the events we are living through now in this utterly fake and purely evil reality).  

It is absolutely required reading if you wish to understand what's coming next.

Please  turn off your cognitive dissonance before proceeding.
Though every word within their  document seems to express care and good will, know that this is the way of those that own this reality. Like Bill Gates, like George Bush, like Tony Blair, like Boris Johnson, like so many world "leaders", there is a sinister smirk ever present when absolute lies are spoken, when great lies are told, when great evils are planned and then executed.

The "World Leaders" that this document was created for know very well how to read such lies. They understand that exactly the opposite is meant. If your cognitive dissonance is turned off you will be open minded to the alternative understanding of reality, that there exists an age old force of evil that has dominated our human world for centuries, if not millennia. 

Those with a deep and instinctive understanding will realise that there are bloodlines of evil and there are those that serve those bloodlines whose humanity has been taken from them. They are vessels, into which something evil has come. 

In our Bibles and Korans they are referred to as "Demons". 
In all of our ancient, tribal understandings, we KNEW such creatures existed.
The native Americans called them, amongst other things, "Wetiko".
The Wetiko spirit dominates this reality. There is no good in it at all.
We need to rid our world of these creatures, deprive them of the sources of their power over us (money, hierarchy and their ability to cause us to believe in great lies), and set out in our billions on the journey to our destiny as a species.

That destiny is a world of human-heartedness: A world of sharing, a world of love, a world of happiness, a world free of fear, a world of human obligation and duty, a world of beauty, a world of health.
These are the shared desires of almost all of us, the essential character of our species.
Our world should reflect that essential character.

Many humans have been trained to have short attention spans. 
You need to focus here.
Many humans have been trained to expect action from others.
You need to realise that action must come from YOU.

We have highlighted certain sections and provide interpretations that will be enlightening.

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

In its first annual report, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board identifies the most urgent actions required to accelerate preparedness for health emergencies. This first report focuses on epidemics and pandemics. The central finding of the report is that the world needs to proactively establish the systems needed to detect and control potential disease outbreaks. These acts of preparedness are a global public good that must meaningfully engage communities, from the local to the international, in preparedness, detection, response and recovery. Investing in health emergency preparedness will improve health outcomes, build community trust and reduce poverty, thereby also contributing to efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Leaders at all levels hold the key. It is their responsibility to prioritize preparedness with a whole-of-society approach that ensures all are involved and all are protected.

Interpretation: World leaders must get ready (that is have organised the propaganda, the drafting of new laws, the committees that will determine the behaviours of law enforcement, organised those that will suppress awkward internet activity and so on.)
"Improve health outcomes" = Kill as many sick and elderly people as possible as a result of the lockdowns.
"build community trust" = destroy public trust by encouraging snitchers, destroy the public's faith in law enforcement officers, destroy the public's faith in government. (NB it is part of the UN's sustainable development goals to split nations into smaller "City States". For that to happen, people's faith in democracy must be shattered, so that New Leaders that share a "Common Purpose" can emerge and fill the power vacuum. These creatures have already been chosen.
"reduce poverty" = massively increase poverty (as we now can see) and so increase dependence on the fake money issued by those that OWN the means to create money from thin air.
"all are protected" = everyone is tagged, tracked and vaccinated.   

Heads of government must commit and invest. 
Heads of government in every country must commit to preparedness by implementing their binding obligations under the International Health Regulations (IHR (2005). They must prioritize and dedicate domestic resources and recurrent spending for preparedness as an integral part of national and global security, universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

Interpretation: Very clearly there are NO independent nations. Every leader "must" follow this plan (and indeed almost all of them have, at least in the West) and they are all under "binding obligations" (which reads like a veiled threat, does it not?).
"recurrent spending" = borrow as much fake money as possible, give it to large corporations and hedge funds so that they can buy even more of humanity's REAL assets whilst the bill for this borrowing is handed to us, our children and our grandchildren in perpetuity whilst small, human businesses are utterly destroyed.
"an integral part of national and global security" = the construction of an even more pervasive control grid, part of which is the rapid roll-out of 5G while the streets are empty.
"universal health" = universal sickness, which we humans see, and the shortening of life expectancy, which we see, and the utter dependence on big pharma, which we see. 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• All countries that have completed an assessment of their capacities by 1 July 2019 have developed a costed National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS), identified required resources and started to implement the plan.

They were ready for this by July, 2019. A few short months before the Bill Gates organised Covid 201 planning meeting, where the "Final Solution" had the "i"s dotted and the "t"s crossed just a month before this Plandemic was inflicted upon our species.

Countries and regional organizations must lead by example. 
G7, G20 and G77 Member States, and regional intergovernmental organizations must follow through on their political and funding commitments for preparedness and agree to routinely monitor progress during their annual meetings. 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• G7, G20, G77 and regional intergovernmental organizations monitor their commitments to preparedness for health emergencies.

Even with their control grid firmly in place, world "leaders' still need reminding and pushing down the path. They "must" ensure their political organisations are in "lockstep", they "must" borrow the money required (for bribery and corruption we could assume) and they "must" monitor and check that everything's in place.
Or else, they might have added.

All countries must build strong systems. 
Heads of government must appoint a national high-level coordinator with authority and political accountability to lead whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches, and routinely conduct multisectoral simulation exercises to establish and maintain effective preparedness. They must prioritize community involvement in all preparedness efforts, building trust and engaging multiple stakeholders (e.g. legislators; representatives of the human and animal health, security and foreign affairs sectors; the private sector; local leaders; and women and youth). 

"A national high-level coordinator with authority" = a psychopathic petty dictator willing to enjoy creating the chaos and pain and misery that we human beings are now suffering (with worse to come....see later...this is NOT going away anytime soon and much worse is promised.)
"whole of government" = all politicians, in 'power' or in 'opposition' MUST be singing from the same song-sheet.
"whole of society" = all of the "civil society" agencies funded by governments, philanthropic foundations, the UN and "charity", with their very well paid CEOs, must be singing from the same song-sheet. In other words, there must be NOT ONE voice of disagreement from the Wetiko rank and file. (Other voices of disagreement will be silenced, the internet "book burning" will proceed apace, all media will BEG government for harsher actions to "save humanity", all media will "FLOOD" the consciousness of humanity with the big lie (see the Covid 201 section dealing with the propaganda effort required.)

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• At a minimum, the 59 countries that have completed a NAPHS identify a national high-level coordinator (board, commission or agency) to implement national preparedness measures across all sectors, and to lead and direct actions in these sectors in the event of a public health emergency. 
• WHO, the World Bank and partners, working with countries, develop and cost packages of priority interventions to increase preparedness capacity that can be financed in current budget cycles and map these interventions to expected results in the near term. 
• There are fewer, but better harmonized coordination mechanisms, global, regional and country networks, institutions and initiatives for preparedness and readiness and for research and development (R&D).

"in the event of a public health emergency" = the plandemic that's already been decided upon and is on its way. (Dr Fauci couldn't help letting this slip.....LINK)
"priority interventions to increase preparedness" = have you plans ready to borrow fake money and gift it to big business (ie borrow in the name of humanity and pass the benefit to those that own the world.)
"fewer but better harmonized coordination mechanisms" = There will be a state of war against humanity. In a state of war, there must be a shortened chain of command to ensure that orders are obeyed quickly in response to "enemy" action. (Enemy action = a human "pushback" led by those who are immune to the programming technology and disbelieve the propaganda).
"research and development" = the increase of hope among the humans for a "saviour" in the form of the mandatory vaccine. 

Countries, donors and multilateral institutions must be prepared for the worst. 
rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen (whether naturally emergent or accidentally or deliberately released) poses additional preparedness requirements. Donors and multilateral institutions must ensure adequate investment in developing innovative vaccines and therapeutics, surge manufacturing capacity, broad-spectrum antivirals and appropriate nonpharmaceutical interventions. All countries must develop a system for immediately sharing genome sequences of any new pathogen for public health purposes along with the means to share limited medical countermeasures across countries. 

Now we enter the darkness.
"must be prepared for the worst" = there is more coming, and worse, for humanity.
"rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen" = here, they've shown their hand. They KNEW the exact form this global virus would take. Coincidence? No. The Covid 201 meeting had the self same virus. The Rockefeller "Lockstep" document indicated the same. THIS has been in the works for years. The bastards that spend their careers developing new and terrible biological weapons for governments have long focussed on developing a more killing corona virus. Fauci authorised millions of dollars to develop such a plague in the research facility in Wuhan where this pandemic emerged.
NB These things are, of course, merely coincidence.
The UN predicting a lethal respiratory pathogen, major "philanthropic" foundations predicting the same, governments and philanthropic agencies funding the very development of such a pathogen, and within this document EVERY world "leader" briefed on their role and the actions they MUST take "when the pandemic comes" is NOTHING BUT A SERIES OF COINCIDENCES.  

NB THEY USED THE WORD "LETHAL": Coronavirus is not universally lethal. Therefore, be prepared for the SECOND WAVE, which clearly is planned, to be much worse.

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• Donors and countries commit and identify timelines for: financing and development of a universal influenza vaccine, broad spectrum antivirals, and targeted therapeutics. WHO and its Member States develop options for standard procedures and timelines for sharing of sequence data, specimens, and medical countermeasures for pathogens other than influenza. 
• Donors, countries and multilateral institutions develop a multi-year plan and approach for strengthening R&D research capacity, in advance of and during an epidemic. 
• WHO, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, academic and other partners identify strategies for increasing capacity and integration of social science approaches and researchers across the entire preparedness/ response continuum.

By "September 2020" etc = It will be September 2020 before they identify timelines for the likely "discovery" of the planned vaccine. THIS MEANS THAT they plan to make humanity wait for a vaccine, until well after the planned second wave kills many, many more human beings, by which time we will supposedly BEG to be vaccinated and chipped by the world saviour.

"and medical countermeasures for pathogens other than influenza" = oh, oh. They're planning a different viral form just to ramp up the fear. Bubonic Plague 2, anyone?

"a multi-year plan" = don't expect to be free, ever again. The "new normal" will have NO freedom in it at all. Humans are already in perpetual prison. They don't intend to let us out ever. WE MUST BREAK OUT.

"academic and other partners" = the use of all those bought "experts" that humanity are being taught to believe in and rely on and that we will never question, because they are cleverer than us. This seems to work on some human beings, some of the time, but hasn't worked on us all and, for many, never did. Academics, we remember, built the atom bombs, developed weed-killers, created napalm, engineered 4G and 5G, developed pharma treatments but NEVER cures, invented depleted uranium bullets and so on ad nauseam. The scientific community has created almost everything we humans fear, including artificial pathogens that threaten all human life.
Thanks, Academics. Enjoy your salaries, property and pensions while you can.

"increasing capacity and integration of social science approaches and researchers across the entire preparedness/response continuum" = As we know the UK and US governments amongst others have, ever since the Tavistock foundation was founded over a century ago, developed a scientific approach to propaganda and other forms of mass mind control/mass consciousness control. The billions of humans that have believed the lies being poured unremittingly into the mass consciousness of our species have fallen foul of the devious methodologies developed by "academics" on behalf of those that own this reality. Here, governments are urged to try to use every weapon at their disposal to control human thought and to be ready for any eventuality (including the pushback).

Financing institutions must link preparedness with financial risk planning. To mitigate the severe economic impacts of a national or regional epidemic and/or a global pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank must urgently renew their efforts to integrate preparedness into economic risk and institutional assessments, including the IMF’s next cycle of Article IV consultations with countries and the World Bank’s next Systematic Country Diagnostics for International Development Association (IDA) credits and grants. Funding replenishments of the IDA, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (Global Fund), and Gavi should include explicit commitments regarding preparedness. 

All of this jargonised and impenetrable gobbledegook, used by "treasury" officials, bankers, lawyers, on Wall Street and in 'investment' circles, every single made-up word of it, is designed to hide from humanity the bare factsALL of our so-called "money" is created from thin air by the enemy of humanity and shared around those who are caught up in evil.
The more evil they do, the better they are rewarded.
This is how the world works.
Here, we are not referring to human beings who by their energy, determination and sheer hard work become well-off. 
There are NO rich human beings. Over 90% of the world's wealth is owned by 0.1%, and none of them can be classed as "human", though they appear so, but by their actions can only be described as "inhuman".
It is the inhumans that are doing what we see is being done right now. NO human being could be so callous, so uncaring, take such delight in creating mass misery and death.

WE are in a war, we human beings.  

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• The IMF and the World Bank integrate preparedness in their systematic country risk, policy and institutional assessments, including in Article IV staff reports and for IDA credits/grants respectively. 
• International funding mechanisms expand their scope and envelopes to include health emergency preparedness, including the IDA19 replenishment, the Central Emergency Response Fund, Gavi, the Global Fund and others.

Make sure the Bill Gates Foundation people get a lot of the fake money that is being added to national debts for human beings to pay forever. (Note: the share of that debt in the USA is now 200,000 dollars for every employed American.)

Development assistance funders must create incentives and increase funding for preparedness. Donors, international financing institutions, global funds and philanthropies must increase funding for the poorest and most vulnerable countries through development assistance for health and greater/earlier access to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund to close financing gaps for their national actions plans for health security as a joint responsibility and a global public good. Member states need to agree to an increase in WHO contributions for the financing of preparedness and response activities and must sustainably fund the WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies, including the establishment of a replenishment scheme using funding from the revised World Bank Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility. 

"for the poorest and most vulnerable countries" = make sure we gain compliance from banana republics by bribing their "leaders". Especially as they can be far more vicious in their lockdown enforcement and nobody will care. Surely, then, mandatory vaccination will proceed apace in those countries. After all, the "eugenicists" have long proposed freeing up those delightful places of all those messy human beings.

"a global public good" = the EXACT opposite. Doesn't it make you sick?

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• WHO member states agree to an increase in contributions for preparedness at the Seventythird World Health Assembly in 2020; and Member States, the World Bank and donors provide sustainable financing for the Contingency Fund for Emergencies to a level of US$ 100 million annually.

Watch a little of this freak show, our great "leaders" pledging your "money" to this very stipulated fund. 
3 hours of scripted responses:

The United Nations must strengthen coordination mechanisms. The Secretary General of the United Nations, with WHO and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), must strengthen coordination in different country, health and humanitarian emergency contexts, by ensuring clear United Nations systemwide roles and responsibilities; rapidly resetting preparedness and response strategies during health emergencies; and, enhancing United Nations system leadership for preparedness, including through routine simulation exercises. WHO should introduce an approach to mobilize the wider national, regional and international community at earlier stages of an outbreak, prior to a declaration of an IHR (2005) Public Health Emergency of International Concern. 

"rapidly resetting preparedness and response strategies during health emergencies" = (note the plural: emergencies... ). A warning to all "leaders' to be ready to act quickly to combat any response from humanity to this orchestrated global cull and the imposition of the world-wide inhuman totalitarian takeover of our planet and our species.
"Enhancing United Nations system leadership" = move towards a global government of a world of shattered and disintegrated nations in a "sustainable" (ie forever) control matrix.
"including through routine simulation exercises" = What? Does this mean there IS NO VIRUS, that it's all an orchestrated False Flag? Surely not. Surely the entire human species would NEVER fall for such an enormous lie? 

Wouldn't we?
Well, wouldn't billions of us? 
Haven't they? 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• The Secretary-General of the United Nations, with the Director-General of WHO and Under-SecretaryGeneral for Humanitarian Affairs strengthens coordination and identifies clear roles and responsibilities and timely triggers for a coordinated United Nations systemwide response for health emergencies in different countries and different health and humanitarian emergency contexts. 

IE world governments in LOCKSTEP. There are no longer any "nations". Forget the USA or the UK, forget the fake enemies of Russia or China. EVERY government, everywhere, belongs to those that create money from thin air, and those creatures work for their master.

• The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. 

That bullet point tells you exactly where you are right NOW "in a system wide training and simulation exercise covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen"

Why did they choose to describe it as the "deliberate release".

Why, because they intend to identify a nation that released it.
And that, of course, would be the reason for another "JUST" war.

Do not, under any circumstances, think this thing is over.

We are NOT near the beginning of the end, only the end of the beginning.
The inhumans are promising, here in this document, a second virus ("at least two system wide simulation exercises)......

And, unwritten, the identification of a deliberate actor.

No doubt China, or Russia....

• WHO develops intermediate triggers to mobilize national, international and multilateral action early in outbreaks, to complement existing mechanisms for later and more advanced stages of an outbreak under the IHR (2005). 

Friends, expect a mutated and more virulent form to appear, just as they lift the lockdown.
They want you to be locked away for ever.
And so to hate and want to kill those that created and deliberately released the virus.

Then, it will merely SEEM as though humans want to go and kill other humans.

Remember this: There is no "China" to kill. China is a bunch of human beings: Mechanics, firemen, teachers, trash collectors, accountants, engineers, street sweepers, mothers, children grannies, just like your nation, most sharing the same heart felt desires that YOU have for a world of peace.

• The Secretary General of the United Nations convenes a high-level dialogue with health, security and foreign affairs officials to determine how the world can address the threat of a lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic, as well as for managing preparedness for disease outbreaks in complex, insecure contexts.

BEWARE  any nation that tries to step outside of the control grid. Here is a warning that your nation will be targeted for "disease outbreaks". Watch this space.

For a simplification of the condition of our species (because the Devil is in the detail): Go here:

FOR guidance to how WE humans can break free of this, simply and in good order, and re-create our world in the light of our human-heartedness, see 11:11 here:

To support our work please consider saying thank you however you can.
With great love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 21 May 2023

Just a quiet word.

Can we speak privately, you and me, for just a moment? Just a quiet word.

There is something you need to know.

First, though, could I ask something of you? If you are able, could you try and clear your mind of all of those things that concern you? The meal you need to prepare, the jobs that need doing, the bills that need paying, the wrongs that need righting, the people around you and the circumstances of your existence, all of those things that cloud your mind as you navigate your course through this reality? Can you do that for me?

Let me explain why I am compelled to ask this difficult task of you. 

I knew a man once, let's call him Billy, that died leaving many things undone in his life, many apologies unsaid, many acts of forgiveness not fulfilled, many dreams and ambitions left outstanding, a million other things and chief amongst them  an overwhelming sense of regret that he'd done nothing to make even his tiny part of this reality better for those that would follow. 

As Billy lay dying he came to understand that his life had been formed of two elements. The first element was love, the people he had loved and been loved by and the sharing of love and the acts of goodness and unselfishness he had given into the world. These, he realised too late, were the only things of importance. 

The second element, that which had taken up most of the time and effort of his life, he came to realise had been imposed upon him. He realised that most of his existence had been spent trying to simply survive and then to prosper, in relative terms, in a rigged game. 

He had spent more than fifteen years of his early life in schools striving to learn stuff that he had almost entirely forgotten and that he had almost never had cause to use. He had worried about his performance relative to his peers, competed, strived, felt guilty when he didn't, shone internally when praised for a good mark. He had entered the rest of his life thus programmed and found that he was required to worry about his performance relative to his peers, to compete, to strive, to feel guilty when he idled, to shine internally when he was praised, but most of all, when boiled down to its very essence, he had spent most of his life trying to make money in order to pay debts and to prove his relative worth through the acquisition of. 

If he could pay his debts he need not worry. If he could buy slightly better stuff than others he felt proud of himself. That had become the story of his life.

Now, at the very end of his life, he had come to understand that there were some people in the world that had never had to compete and strive and worry about that stuff because they came from dynasties that had secured the right, written into "laws" the world over, to create all the money in the world and to use that money to rig the game of life. He had, without realising it, spent his entire existence trying to do well in a world entirely shaped by those people. It had consumed his consciousness, filled his waking moments, driven his thoughts, shaped what he thought about himself, stolen from him a million opportunities to do the right thing, taken from him the understanding that what was of real value were those acts born of love that had no monetary value.

He had, he realised, also been robbed of his courage. The rigged game of life had never once let go of its control of his time and effort and its screaming insistence that he make money in order to live, in order to eat, in order to have a roof over his head, in order to "succeed", had come to be the governing motif of his existence. He had, a million times, kept his head down when he should have raised it, stilled his voice when he should have spoken out, stifled the urge to learn about something that was utterly wrong in the world because then his conscience would demand he do something. The need to make money in order to live a normal life had entered his very soul and ruined him, made him less of a man, made him a coward, caused him to do wrong, made him less human.

This is why I have asked of you that you clear your mind, because your mind is occupied by an alien, an inhuman, screaming insistence for normality to continue, a normality entirely dominated by the need to have money in a world shaped that way by those that have the power to make it from nothing. Your mind, do you see, is under occupation by an inhuman force. It orders your daily activities, tells you insistently what to think about and what opinions to have, shapes your mind to serve whatever purpose it has in its plans. It creates almost everything you fear and fills your human soul with such an avalanche of threats that you have become something far less than you could be. 

Now, as always, as history shows us, those same creatures have decided that it is time to kill.

Your desire for a normal life will not let you look at this for what it truly is, in case your conscience raises its ugly voice and insists that you actually do something. You hope that if you keep your head down all of this will just somehow go away. You feel alone and powerless and afraid. You are full of hope that somebody else will come and save you, will set things right, will chase the devils from your door, that a great leader will emerge from somewhere to deal with these things so that you can go back to worrying about money, about debt, about whether you have slightly better stuff than those who are close to you. 

Such has always been the mindset of slaves. 

But don't be ashamed. Don't even admit to yourself that you are a slave. Don't even face the fact that you are existing in a slave camp, with barbed wire fences made of the need to make money, with slave masters that order your existence from birth to death and that might, on a whim, decide that there are too many slaves altogether and to dispose of them. 

Dispose of you.

Our masters, you see, have always engaged in herd management and selective breeding. In the last century they murdered countless millions of dissenters, so as to breed more compliant stock. 

They have always forced us to go to war, so that those genetically courageous would get killed and so eradicate courage from the herd. 

This is what you are, regrettably. The weak minded cowardly product of a selective breeding programme, engaged in over millennia, a slave whose consciousness is totally engaged with the day to day requirements of a rigged game that has gone on for so long that few human beings realise that this is not how things should be, is not how things could be.

Rest assured, though. You are in good company. Your masters have long understood how to control what is left of  your mind, to shape what remains of your free will, to drive you with the rest of the herd in the direction they choose. 

Almost all of humanity could, tomorrow, be plunged into decades long wars. Your mind has been prepared to accept this. You swallowed, whole, the Covid nonsense and took the "medicine" your masters gave you and felt gratitude that they had saved you with their warp speed science. You swallowed whole the Ukraine war as if there were nothing we human beings could do to stop such things, just as you swallowed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and so on. You swallowed the demonisation of other nations, the imposition of sanctions, the misery those sanctions caused other human beings. 

Admit it. If you were told tomorrow that the Chinese had attacked Taiwan you'd feel there was nothing you could do to stop it and in fact you'd feel that it was time to teach those bastards a lesson.....because we human slaves have always reacted this way when our masters decide that its time for the killing to begin. 

They manage our minds so well that they caused decent Germans to hate the Jews enough to murder millions of them. They caused decent Russians to hate those who objected to communism so much that they helped murder 60 million other human beings. They caused good Chinese people to round up around 100 million other human beings and kill them. Centuries ago the same masters caused human beings to Crusade and kill others who chose to believe in God differently. 

All of human history is that story. 

The story of our masters controlling our minds and turning us into killers and making us believe that what we were doing was right. They have to do that, have to make us believe that we are doing good when we are doing evil, because it is against our human natures by and large to do evil things. We are essentially quite nice creatures, living in a rigged game. 

That is what they have just done to our human medical profession the world over. Those trusted Doctors and experts have just murdered on behalf of our masters and are now engaged in doubling down on the lies they were foolish to believe in for the same reason all slave-humans do bad things. For a quiet life, for the absence of fear, for money, and as time passes for the chance to bury their conscience and never face the wrong they have done.   

This is why you need to empty your mind, dear friend, and why I have asked for this quiet moment. Because I want you to think about Billy, about the billions of Bills, and what we billions could do differently. So that our human lives are not spent in slavery, so that we are no longer plunged into endless wars, so that we can each one of us feel that what we leave behind us is better than what we came into, so that each of us can let our conscience free and face what it asks of us.

This is not a difficult thing, this great alteration to our human story. It is merely a question of mass consciousness, of great numbers of the slave herd realising that things need not be this way. We need no leaders for this evolution. Rest assured our masters would provide one if they felt that would suit their purpose and we would follow it. 

No, not this time. 

All that is needed is for what is already happening to continue. What is already happening is a great shift in the mass consciousness of our species. This will grow apace and become unstoppable. We are living through the greatest moment of our human history and what will come of it is a human world of good, of love, of amazing brilliance.

So why did I draw you aside?

Because all of we human beings do the dirty work for our masters, who are incapable of doing anything themselves. The soldiers do the killing, the doctors do the killing, the politicians do the killing, the drug dealers do the killing and the good human beings do the killing, believing they do right when doing wrong. 

That is why I wanted this quiet word and for you to empty your mind. 

To offer you the chance to stand on the right side of history.

With Love, 

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

xxx xxx xxx

Please share this if you have a mind to.

Each and every element of the shift in human consciousness forms a part of the whole.



Friday, 5 May 2023

Basics for our Species.

(I wrote this probably 2 years ago. Some of it will be dated now. I found it in my drafts and decided to press "publish" .Forgive me for not communicating for a while. Stuff has happened.)

Democracy is a failed concept.

Elections can be fixed in innumerable ways.

Political parties can be easily corrupted.

Into the hands of those corrupted creatures we place the making of our laws, the policing of crime, the hierarchies of every organ of state, the paths we follow as peoples. We some of us still think this level of corruption is not possible. Most of us, however, now have to admit its existence.

Around our world one of the chief proofs of the lingering mass stupidity of our species are the millions of “voters” determined to see one puppet or another “elected”.

Yet every political power hub in the world is now, quite clearly, controlled by a Global Power, that global power stemming from those that create, and control the direction-of-flow of, that dark energy called “money”. Where does “voting” affect this system?

This is a simple truth now entering the minds of our species as, for the first time, the “world mind” is coming to realise that our species itself is under attack by a global enemy, an enemy that the majority can now see and feel the diktats of. And that a growing minority understands the origins of.

That there is, now, a “world mind” is a new idea to many. This new force in our reality has come into being through the development, by humanity, of instruments which enable thoughts to be shared instantly everywhere in our world, an achievement which would have been utterly incomprehensible to our species a mere generation ago.

The emergence of this capability was understood by those that currently hold Power in this reality, who realised early on that great efforts would have to be made to stifle the world mind at birth or, failing that, to focus its entire efforts on the business of controlling what that world mind would come to know and how that world mind could be made to think.

War was declared on humanity's emerging and evolutionary new state of being. This current engineered crisis was decided upon probably two decades ago, the behavioural psychologists employed by the Power set the task of driving a great divisive wedge into the collective consciousness of our species such that the understandings that would emerge from the world mind would never be arrived at.

Those understandings have emerged, regardless of their efforts, such that now vast numbers of personnel and the great organisations that control our connectivity, from internet service providers through intelligence agencies, are solely dedicated to the task of preventing and smothering truth whilst spreading lies.

As a species we have been for all of our history susceptible to the tendency to believe something which is repeated to us with conviction and to give our trust and loyalty and even our lives, or even become killers ourselves, in dedication to the ideas we have been caused to or chosen to believe. From religions through great political movements Power has always derived its energy from the adherents it garners to its cause. This, indeed, is what Power is and how it is counted in this world, by how many adherents it has garnered and what it might cause those adherents to do. Large corporations play the same game and call it “creating brand loyalty”. Owning the will of human beings and being able to direct their actions is the great game of power.

Now, in this current crisis, those that have given their belief to the repeated lies form an army which, be aware, will soon be turned against those who have escaped the new belief system. With the zeal of their convictions heightened by careful psychological drivers it is intended that they will turn on the unvaccinated with a “righteous” zeal because, they will believe, the unvaccinated are careless murderers and spreaders of death.

There are other strategies at work. The world mind relies upon connectivity as brain cells rely upon neurons. The Power in this reality knows that it can, at any time, cause “brain death” by faking an overwhelming attack on the internet by “hackers” who they can claim are state actors. This would mean war, of course, and there is nothing those that own humanity enjoy more. In simple terms they “get off” on causing us to kill one another en masse. For millennia Power has dragged the baker from his ovens and the teacher from his classroom and the waiter from his tables, thrust weapons of ever increasing lethality in their hands and marched them off to kill bakers, teachers and waiters from other countries or from other religious or political belief systems.

It is a tribute to the mass stupidity of our species that we allowed such nonsense to overtake our wits. The emergence of the world mind will put a stop to that. We will see that “Russia” or “China” or “America” do not exists except in the way that the bakers, teachers and waiters there share a language and a homeland and a heritage. We will see that ordinary human beings have never had anything to do with the declaration of or the engineering of war. War is created by Power, not by the human beings that do the killing and dying. When the Power tells us that “Russia” or “China” or the “USA” has attacked are we expected to believe that millions of bakers, teachers and waiters decided that they would start killing? That millions of ordinary human beings would set out to murder?

War is not just “a racket” as General Smedley Butler told us, it is a nonsense. None of us, we human beings, other than those rabidly mind-controlled, want war to exist in this reality. What the emerging world mind instructs us all is that war is the creation of Power, not of humanity. It tells us that a brief glance at our human history instructs us of this simple truth and, from that understanding, it shows us that our species can at a moment of its choosing decide that we shall have no more wars, that we shall dismantle those weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical and biological, that cause us to fear for our species' survival. War is never the desire of ordinary human beings whatever their “nationality” or “faith”. They simply want to be left alone to live their lives, pursue their interests, usually find love and create and care for children, die with dignity surrounded by those they love, have fun in between and do no serious harm to anything or anybody.

Not every single one of our species, of course, but almost all of us.

Our past, in the hands of those that have sought and garnered Power, such a realisation never entered the mass consciousness. Now our world mind is coming into being and WE are coming to realise that WE are a species of love, of care, of obligation to each other and that our reality is NOT shaped by those instinctive characteristics but rather by their opposites. Our EVOLUTION depends on coming to the collective understanding of these things, our species' enemy is determined to prevent it.

That enemy is the Global Power and its chief weapon is the fake money it creates at the touch of a computer key and controls the use and distribution of.

From this single source flows all that is corrupt and almost all that is evil in our human reality.

There is our enemy, there its chief weapon.

The solution is evident and will emerge into the collective consciousness of our evolving species.

As the “world mind” is born many of the mass delusions that afflict us and place our destiny in the hands of the Global Power will rapidly disappear. This process began with the “Truth” movement something which the Power recognised would come and so has targeted with false leaders and fake ideas, being cognisant that oppositions should always be controlled. Now the Power has foisted a new global belief system on humanity, a new mass delusion. What is not yet evident to the mass of humanity (because media is so tightly controlled) is that the lies that bind this new mass delusion are rapidly losing their grip on the world mind. This explains the unrelenting pace of this assault and the rapid deployment of the injection they are so desperate for humanity to take. What this indecent haste tells humanity is that the Global Power is acting out of desperation and, in that haste, is actually sowing the seeds of its own demise. It has revealed itself to humanity and at the same time revealed its intents.

Sure, it has garnered to its mass delusion many millions of utter believers as it intended and, through its great flood of incessant propaganda, is giving the impression that the great majority have fallen for the lies. What this hides is the fact, known to the Power through its surveillance systems and intense data-mining, that there is an unstoppable tsunami of rising indignation growing in the collective consciousness of our species as it seeks that evolutionary step that will free us, forever, from the control of monsters.

The world mind has a vast instinct for life, as has any child that comes to that moment when it emerges from the womb and steps into a future full of unknowns. It knows not what is out there in its future, but it is going there to damn well find out, come what may. A new world order is coming, but it will not be the New World Order that the legacy Power is trying to foist upon our species, this dreadful New Normal and the prison camp of Agenda 2030. Instead we will, as a species, choose a better reality, a reality that has no space within it for warmongers and their mass killing nor indeed any way for those creatures to harness adherents to their indecent and inhuman lusts for unwarranted Power.

So it is that the belief in fake democracy will disappear and our species will discover that it has, amongst we billions, countless thousands of human beings of impeccable integrity and find a new way to ensure that authority of any form is vested in those perfect spirits.

You probably know such a person, probably most of us do. We will stop “voting” for people we do not know and instead choose from those we know intimately human beings of impeccable integrity. This is, of course, what we should always have done. Currently, and in our collective past, we have allowed Power to be vested in those that cause us to fear them and those creatures have extended that control through every hierarchy of our human reality. As a species we are dominated by a storm of fears and ordered and controlled by those fears. Chief among them is the fear of poverty, driven by the creation of artificial debt. What few understand, but what we all will understand when the world mind emerges, is that there is enough and has always been enough to feed, clothe, house and care for our world family, that there is the resource of the planet and that there is a job to do to garner that resource carefully to provide for us all. There is no need for the perpetual survival fear that makes us so compliant to the whims of those that create “money” as “debt”, certainly no need for we as a species to have allowed a tiny few individual families to have for themselves the absolute “right” to create that stuff from thin air and use it to buy everything of value and of necessity for survival in our world and to charge we humans for the privilege of breathing.

That, of course, is a collective stupidity which the world mind will end. It explains exactly why our masters are destroying our economies such that we become utterly dependent upon their fake money. Again, they have erred in their haste. In creating this “give-away” money from thin air our species is able to clearly SEE those that create this magick money and that their Power over us is both unwarranted and undeserved. One of the steps that the child stepping into the unknown that is the new emerging and evolved humanity will take is the removal from those that have the Power to create money that very power.

It is, after all, a nonsense that they should have that power. Why, if we leave them that power, they will always be able to use that money to create whatever mass delusion they wish to create. A future of biological attacks on our species, a future of perpetual lock-down, a future of snitches and house invasions by psychopathic uniform wearers dragging human beings off to death camps. The 20th Century was littered with such narratives. The world mind will understand how we were made to kill each other in such numbers, Hitler killing his few millions, Stalin his 60 millions, Mao his 100 millions, all those mass slaughters enabled by and supported by human beings suffering from the ill effects of mass delusions, of inculcated belief systems just as now a similar cohort is being created. Will humanity fall for such a mass delusion again? Will people do terrible wrongs whilst believing themselves to be doing right? In those past nations the deluded and mind controlled approved of or took part in those mass executions, as, in our further history, did the faithful make war upon each other or the soldiers of Empires extend the Power of monsters.

Why did the Global Power decide to choose this time to stage its great war on the minds of humanity and try to engineer yet another, even more terrible, time of mass slaughter? Because it had to, because from its mass surveillance and data-mining it reached the conclusion that unless it acted in haste the world mind would be born and they would be cast down and brought to deserved and unflinching justice. So the die was cast, the gamble taken, this last ditch attempt to maintain its grip on the collective consciousness of seven and more billion human beings. The dice are still rolling but as they fall humanity is realising that they are loaded, that the great game is fixed, and the world mind is seeing snake-eyes.

When WE human beings emerge from the nightmare of history from amongst us new structures of organisation will grow, in workplaces, within families and communities, in all of our collective activities, operating not as corporations with focused Power but as Guilds, everywhere choosing those we know intimately to be of good character. From those choices a new way of being will emerge, one that has at its core the shared understanding that if there must be power, if there must be hierarchy, then as a species we must have great confidence that we are pushing to our head people of a purity of spirit and human heartedness, such that we express ourselves as a species through them and, by so doing, co-create a better reality for us all.

We don't need elections to make this happen. That which will soon create power in this world is the collective consciousness of we human beings in our billions expressed as will. Each of our organisations has already within it the essence of this new way. Remove money from the equation, dismiss those that served that fake and greed-ridden master, take the keys, commit to fulfilling the obligation of the organisation, keep calm and carry on......

In such simplicity and with such good will must humanity redesign its reality.

Take power from evil and fill the vacuum that absence creates with human-heartedness, with good will, with the determination as a species to make this world a better place. WE will “build back better”, once we rid our reality of the monsters that control it now.

Think of this change in humanity as you think of a great dam, weakened by the sheer weight of water it holds back, in which a tiny crack appears. Through that tiny crack a drop of water will squeeze, then another, then a small gushing, then suddenly and in a Moment the inevitable and sudden collapse will occur and the imprisoned waters will rush through, chaotically to begin with but quickly forming a new mighty river, following the course it carves for itself into the future. Such is the pent-up power of our species shifting towards its natural, evolutionary destiny.

Billions of human beings realising that they would rather live in a world ordered by good than one controlled by evil.

The world mind expressing its instinctive preferences and choosing to co-create a different, better, more instinctively HUMAN reality.

As a species we should get rid of the idea of political parties.

WE cannot win this war otherwise.

Political parties focus power in the hands of leaders and cabinets and so very few individuals need to be corrupted, at some point in a political party's history, to ensure the continuance of the corruption as leadership passes on to successors that have been selected by the departing leadership. All of our world's political governments and their fake oppositions have been so corrupted. By no other means could such a coordinated Global “lockstep” oppression that we witness now have been arrived at.

So it was that all hierarchies that stem from government became susceptible of control by the corruptors, including and especially those hierarchies involved in policing and justice.

Hence politicians and those that corrupt them are fearless of justice.

Such corruption also places the power to take life into the hands of the corrupt.

Thus “awkward” citizens can be erased from the flow of the human narrative, and are so removed. The killers have at their disposal technologies which might make any death seem “accidental” or appear to be a suicide, and disinterested police investigators to ensure the story sticks and controlled media to ensure that there is no public outcry.

Public outcry itself is now, as never before, a product not of genuine sentiments bubbling to the surface but rather the product of carefully engineered crowd psychologies inserted into the mass consciousness and turning humanity into the guided weapons of mob violence subject to the whim of our masters. Soon we will see our masters creating baying mobs demanding the forced injection of we human beings that will refuse their needles. Countering this we will see, too, the greater majority of humanity casting off their fear of state reprisal and, by our overwhelming effort, overcome the lying propagandists in the war for the control of the mass consciousness of humanity.

WE, the new humanity, the emerging world mind or collective consciousness of our species, will through sheer numbers negate the power of their propaganda.

In terms of strategy we, as a species, must rid our world of every last vestige of media control, otherwise the mob will always be a weapon in the hands of those that create and control the direction of the dark energy called money.

WE cannot win this war quickly otherwise.

As the world mind emerges into this reality we will see, quite suddenly, kinds of small evolutionary and stuttering steps into the future begin to happen. One of these key steps will be in the world of mass media. It will occur at a moment when a working majority of those involved with the actual work of delivering “news” will realise that they are following management orders which make them actively traitorous to humanity, that their compliance makes them guilty of, and liable for punishment for, crimes against humanity.

So, one day quite soon, the human beings that collectively create and distribute one of the world's major media will stage some kind of “ground up” coup and publish the truth.

This first might be, for example, the BBC, an organisation of decent and very human staff and journalists currently dominated by a legion of besuited “managers” masquerading as human beings!

Today those staff go to bed riddled with shame and frightened of speaking out for the sake of their “careers”. Tomorrow, or some day soon, they will take things into their collective hands and decide to serve the public that pays their wages. The first such domino to fall will quickly lead to others. The human staff of corporations that deliver lies to humanity will take the keys to the doors and control the switches of the technology and, in a great evolutionary moment, proclaim the truth into the world.

Humanity will be forever in their debt for their courage.

So will the dominoes begin to fall.

In industry after industry, as the world economy is being deliberately ruined, those within those industries will see their duty not to the money power that owns and controls their corporations but rather to the other human beings that they serve will take the keys.

We already work collectively to serve the needs of each other. This is neither Socialism nor Communism, nor is it the outcome of Capitalism. It is simply what we human beings naturally do, cooperate to survive and to give each other what we need or want. It is what we have always done since our tribal beginnings. It is in our nature as a species, something “money” has managed to interpose itself within and between and so produce profit and Power for the few whilst the many have become perpetual slaves to its fake power and its fake “debt”. It is “humanism”, something we will come to recognise as we forge ahead as a co-creative species.

Currently our human activities are decided upon by profit, by competition rather than cooperation and the control of these essential elements of human survival and prosperity is in the hands of those that create money from thin air and use that fake stuff to control everything we rely upon as a species. Every great corporation in reality owes nothing to the money creators that have bought control, but rather owes everything to the effort and ingenuity, the blood sweat and tears of the human beings that make up that organisation.

What the “world mind” will realise, as our masters collapse order and collapse the money system in order to introduce their New World Order, is that WE don't need that stuff they magick from thin air. WE simply need to organise, as we already organise, and serve each others' needs, as we already serve those needs. The new world order that will emerge from this understanding will be humanity's world order, the expression through organisation of the shared instinctive human-heartedness of a species that counts LOVE as its most prized characteristic.

It may be that a police force, somewhere in the world, will be the first domino to fall to begin this transformation, producing the sudden mass arrests of a major “Western” government for malfeasance and crimes against humanity. It may be an army refusing to obey orders to mass vaccinate those citizens it is sworn to protect. Whatever the first domino to fall it will NOT be led by those that currently owe their authority to drippings from the table of the world's money power. It will come from below, from ordinary human beings, decent journalists, decent coppers, decent squaddies, rank and file of human beings that understand where their obligation and true duty lies, choosing between them those of impeccable character to guide them forwards and deciding to act out of principle and without the fear of financial consequence or punishment by senior officers that currently so controls them and prevents them from doing what is right.

Key to the continuance of the control by evil is the “energy” or “power” that drives the engines of domination.

That dark energy operates by way of “carrot” and “stick”, incentives and disincentives.

Almost all incentives, for practical purposes, have at their heart and operate by virtue of the thing we human beings are taught to call “money”. Disincentives rely on fear, sustained by hierarchies, those hierarchies themselves sustained by money or by belief systems created by those that manipulate the consciousness of human beings.

It is time for humanity to erase from our reality this source of power and dark energy. If we do not so choose, we must understand, there will never be an end to human misery.

That is not the future we must strive towards, NOT our destiny as a species.

Over history our species has always allowed those in power to create the money that drives the machinery of control. Historically this was through the controlled minting of coin and the control of the sources of the metals silver and gold. Later this was through the controlled printing of paper money and now this is through the controlled creation of “money” as numbers magicked into existence by banks.

Though disguised beneath layer upon layer of obfuscatory legal arrangements it is easy to see that there is now a de facto single source of money creation in the world and that this single source sits behind almost everything that we human beings consider “evil”. This evil is currently engaged in an exercise which is trying to disguise such evil as “good”, that Power is the only thing that can “save” humanity from this great, engineered, plague.

This greatest of all lies is failing. Every moment of every day millions more human beings become part of the growing world mind. The veils are being lifted and a great surge is underway.

We, humanity, KNOW.

That media is controlled through the agency of money.

That hierarchies are sustained by money.

That war operates solely on the flow of money.

That experts and scientists are corrupted by the stuff and, as we see now, become traitors to their species.

That assassins are paid for their services and remove troublesome human beings, but that soon there will be too many of us.....

For corruption to exist on a massive scale there is a requirement for an unlimited supply of “money”, and there is such a supply.

Our entire reality is false because of this instrument of control.

Our world is not human.

It's time to Start Again.

To reshape the reality in which our species operates humanity must act intelligently.

If our species does not take from the hands of those that control the creation of money that right to make numbers from thin air and to use those numbers to drive the machinery of corruption then humanity will never be free of that evil influence.

No major political movement has ever successfully sought to remove the power to create money from those that hold such power.

Leaders that have sought to do so, even within their own countries, always quickly ended up dead before they could succeed.

Most major political movements, from Communism to Fascism, were in historical fact quietly incepted, shaped and controlled from behind the scenes by those that create money.

When leaders emerge that feel they can challenge that world power they quickly find their nation and people vilified in the minds of the rest of the human species through relentless media attacks, find their country then 'justifiably' subject to terrible trade sanctions, find that determined and well funded 'opposition' arises within their borders that leads to violent confrontation and often civil war, find themselves subject to the attention of intelligence agencies and their death squads, find their nations and their people bombed into ruin.

No nation can stand alone against the Global Power.

It will take humanity as a whole. The world mind of a species stepping into its own power and removing that which threatens it.

Now that the world is subject to orchestrated 'top down' control under the guise of tackling a 'pandemic' it has become clearer than ever before that governments are not in fact free but are subject to the centralised power expressed through agencies like the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum and behind them all the creation of vast sums of fake dollars, euros, pounds and other forms of “numbers” that are being 'borrowed' by every government and added to the un-payable and entirely false 'debt' of our species.

Ergo what is now absolutely evident is that we exist under a global government that relies absolutely on the fake money it creates and that this octopus of power bears ill will towards our species. More, it is now evident that this ill will is born of the perceived threat of seven and more billion human beings, the collective intelligence of that species and the potential that exists for that collective intelligence to realise the capabilities it possesses to rid itself of what is a parasitic and unnecessary presence reliant wholly upon the fake money it generates.

The 'pandemic' itself is nothing of the sort. Rather it is a monster of the imagination created in the collective minds of our species through the twin prongs of a media attack (the implantation of a belief and the suppression of a contrary narrative) and the lock-stepped story-telling of controlled governments and their bought 'experts'. Every moment of every day increasing numbers of us wake up from the false reality created by this relentless psychological propaganda. The cracks are appearing in the dam.......

Those that are orchestrating this attack on human rights and freedoms are using the power existing within their hierarchies to bully compliance from experts, using their ability to kill to remove awkward whistle blowers, using their ability to fund false oppositions to control the political narrative, using their media control to shape the minds and behaviours of our entire species and to control any pushback, using the combined power of all these agencies working together to inculcate a sense of powerlessness amongst our species and though that method to effectively force a 'vaccination' on our species which is nothing of the sort.

The vaccine does not prevent the acquisition of the 'virus'. The vaccine does not prevent the spreading of the 'virus' by the vaccinated. The vaccine does not present the opportunity to restore normality, and so severe top-down control of all human behaviours will remain, potentially forever. What this barely tested vaccination does do, however, is alter the very stuff of life, the inner 'coding' of human life called DNA, the very nature of our species.

Bearing in mind the threat to Power represented by seven and more billion human beings and their collective intelligence it is perhaps instinctively understandable that the vaccine is intended in some way to remove or nullify that threat.

SOMETHING must emerge from this narrative if humanity is to survive.

Democracy must die and a better alternative must emerge, an alternative that is not based on politics or parties but rather on the choosing of those of intelligence and good will to guide our species and of our understanding of co-dependence, that we all rely upon each other and through that discover our obligation is not to money but to humanity. We cannot expect to vote democracy out of existence, nor await 'leaders' to create new political movements that cast aside democracies and at the same time seize power for themselves, for those leaders are easily planted, bought, bribed, blackmailed or assassinated.

What must emerge is a ground-up inclusive set of understandings shared by our species as a whole and the determination to build, from those foundations (and without asking existing governments and power hierarchies for 'permission' but rather from the assumption of the right of our species to govern itself as it chooses), to build a world that best reflects the shared ambitions of our species.

Currently WE have the technology to find and share those common understandings.

To live in peace and without fear.

To live free of artificial money debt.

To sweep away those hierarchies established over centuries by the fake money power in this world and to create our own, human, new world order.

The fake money system must die.

Those that own that system must face justice for their crimes.

Those that acted as collaborators to that power structure, at every level, must face justice for their crimes.

What must emerge from this current crisis is a shared understanding of these things, a shared understanding that is the chief threat to power and against which their media, their teams of behavioural psychologists and their countless thousands of algorithms and workers devoted to removing from the collective mind of our species anything which opposes or exposes the falsity of the current narrative.

That emergence is underway right now. A watershed in the history of our species was passed on 11:11 2020. Whilst not evident yet, on that date more human beings distrusted power than trusted it, more human beings quietly decided to see what could be done. A vast consensus, fully monitored and understood by the power through their data mining, is slowly and stutteringly stepping into the spotlight of history.

As a result, the power intends to rush us into accepting its vaccine (whatever it is designed to do to us it is the chief thrust of their attack) and, at some point of its choosing, plunge our species into chaos by destroying our means to communicate and so of reaching that vital consensus, by destroying their artificial money system and so wrecking what we have come to rely upon for trade and exchange and thereby starving billions of us to death, by laying blame for their 'virus' at some nation's door and so creating a world war, by controlling our growing distrust of governments and then controlling the pushback of citizens such that nations become fragmented and small regional city-states emerge........

So, we are in a race.

Our strategy must clarify.

First, we must reach that point of common instinctive understanding of what kind of world our species wishes to live in. A world underpinned by good intents, by caring, by a determination that none shall live in fear, a world built on the foundations of human love, of human-heartedness.

Second, we must come to understand the chaos that is intended for us and rise above that chaos. Understanding that our communication systems will disappear, understanding that our fake money system will disappear, we must plan for that. The simplest way to do this is to “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”, to do the work we were doing without recourse to money and so ensure that we are, as a species, fed, housed, kept comfortable, supplied with energy, kept peaceable by active policing of threats to order, to organise for stability whilst we decide as a species how to proceed.

Built within that understanding is the knowledge that we must ignore those hierarchies sustained by money and take control of our great companies and those systems that sustain life, from production to distribution. There will be no “Orders from above” to close factory gates or order the bringing of ships into harbour or stop oil wells pumping. As a species WE must assume the power to control our future.

Increasingly, now, humanity can see that it is “us” and “them” and that we have, as a species, already passed the tipping point. Now it is a matter of time alone before the vast changes begin and we pass into a new epoch for our species. The dam is cracking. The collapse will be sudden. We must be prepared.

Fear nothing. The conduit is closing. There is good out there.

Do your bit.

With Love and Hope,

Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx