Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Little time, Warriors, but time enough if WE get busy....

BEFORE they mandate compulsory vaccinations........

BEFORE they start mass arrests.......

BEFORE they make all opposition illegal.......

Do you see?

There is now very little time........

Can we stop them with a few marches?

Can we stop them with a few legal challenges?

Can we stop them by remaining divided?


WE must become a single, world wide and vast body of humanity.


The date: Wednesday 11th November 2020.

Our colour: WE will wear white.

Our name: WE are Warriors of the Rainbow.

Our symbol: WE will carry our number. Our number is 11:11

Our intent: WE will take evil from power in this world.

How: Simply by becoming billions strong and deciding that it will be so.

Leaders: WE have no leaders, just a shared intent.

BEFORE they mandate compulsory vaccinations........

BEFORE they start mass arrests.......

BEFORE they make all opposition illegal.......

In a few weeks, it will be TOO LATE.

Decide to give this idea a try.

That's all it takes.

Use all avenues of social media to spread this idea.

Link to this.

Please, leave a comment.

Please join us.

Please share.

The Warriors of the Rainbow were prophesied by your ancestors and mine.

In Native American prophecy we are human beings of all colours and creeds of every nation that suddenly emerge on the world stage and set our world right again.

In Norse prophecy we formed a rainbow bridge between the old dark world and a new world of good.

Every tribal people had a similar prophecy.

Now WE must make those prophecies come true.

It is a simple as YOU deciding to say YES to our shared intent.

Then YOU sharing.

“Gangnam Style” reached two billion people in a few weeks................



YOU are a Warrior of the Rainbow.

YOUR number is 11:11

YOU shall wear white.

BEFORE they mandate compulsory vaccinations........

BEFORE they start mass arrests.......

BEFORE they make all opposition illegal.......

The Rainbow Warriors will appear on the world stage.

And in that MOMENT, on that day, WE WILL change the world and make it GOOD.

What other future do you want?

If you are already a Warrior, please get busy now. Time is very short. Share and share and share again and, quickly, WE WARRIORS will begin to get noticed.

That's all it will take to change the world.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

If we are to WIN this war, this is essential understanding. Make time to read and understand.

11:11 Warriors of the Rainbow.

This is the CALL.

11:11 is a date, just a few weeks away.

All of us that stand in opposition to this evil know that WE must stand together across our world.

All of us know that we must become a single, vast body of humanity.

If we are divided, as we already are into a myriad of smaller groups, we will lose this war.

All of us can see that the Power intends to have its second wave and use that lie to begin mass arrests. This is beginning already. They are using the “casedemic” to create this.

If we are not a huge number of humanity seen to be acting together by November WE will be too late.

In this post we describe the various tactics put forward by various groups and how those tactics are ill thought out and destined to fail and show that it is possible that those groups have been set up to fail. We would expect, wouldn't we, the enemy to create its own opposition? After all, this is a well practiced tactic of our foe.

We then propose a way that we can become WE, a single world wide gathering of humanity so quickly and so overwhelmingly formed that WE become a great force in the world. A great force that will not just set back the plans of the rulers of this reality but actually deprive them of all of their power and become the foundation of a new epoch for our species.

Many of us have felt the approach of such a time, many feel it is long overdue.

For a humanity beset by so much that is systemically wrong it seems sometimes that there can be no escape. Within these few words you will find the way we can create this evolutionary change with ease. It simply requires YOU to be a part of the group we describe here, and YOU to work actively to spread the message. You will find no requests for funding here, no Patreon accounts, no carefully worded marketing appeals. We offer no leadership, for what is coming needs no leaders. All we offer is an idea whose time has come. All we ask is that you join what we hope will become an evolutionary surge forwards for our species. Whatever your race or nationality, whatever creed or lack of creed you have faith in, whatever status you hold and regardless of the colour of your skin

you are a human being that deserves a better world than this one.

Together, let's create that better reality.

Finally, after all of these ages, let's banish evil from our world.

The date is 11:11 2020

Time is short.

Share these understandings.

Become a Warrior of the Rainbow.

Our number is 11:11

The enemy's bullies wear black, as they always have.

WE shall wear white.

Understanding strategy:

1. Useless Marchers.

There is now in the world a growing number of opposition organisations that encourage us to demonstrate, to march. At the risk of offending those that do march, brave as they are, WE should grow up a little.

They march, but not yet in great number. In Victoria, Australia, the pattern for police control of such marches is being established, patterns copied from expertise developed across the world that include “kettling” and targeted arrests. Few reach the march because police target those traveling to the march, then the marchers are corralled, they are fined or brutally arrested, they are discouraged. If the demonstrations grow in size there is tear gas, rubber bullets (deliberately aimed at the eyes to blind as the French Yellow Vests discovered) and, no matter how large the demonstration or how regularly they are held, none of them ever achieve anything except to waste the marchers' time and eventually fill them with a sense of futility. That is unless the Power is behind the movement (as it so often is) and it serves the Power's agenda. There are myriad such examples. The original “Green” movements (they that stole the Rainbow Warriors concept but were, at their heads, false) were such an example, laying the path towards Agenda 21 and the Global Warming scam that the fake Extinction Rebellion is continuing with their “demos”, conveniently ignored by the police. Let's not forget those other “demos” orchestrated by the power to create racial division under the BLM banner, rammed down our collective throats whilst our sportsmen and women and our police “take the knee”.

Some persistent marches, once the authorities decide to make the next move, will meet and engage in violence against opposing groups. At some point that violence will become bloody. So will civil unrest be generated, unrest that the power has on its agenda and has practiced for decades. So was the former Republic of Yugoslavia divided and turned to bloody mayhem. So were the “Colour” revolutions orchestrated and the “Arab Spring”. In the USA so are the Democrats and Republicans being manipulated. In every nation we who oppose this global menace must come to understand that humanity is being divided. All ideas of “us” and “them” are the continuations of artificial divisions between a single species set up ages ago and still persisting now. From nation states through religions to divisions engendered by class or political beliefs created by think-tanks over the years the power in this world has always had us at each other's throats over artificial divisions between our single kind. WE are all of us human. At an instinctive level WE share something called “human-heartedness”, a common understanding of right and wrong, the innate desire to live free of fear, the caring that we use the word “humanity” to describe in a world full of the inhumanity that our rulers force us to exist within. The “pandemic” itself is simply an organised tool of division and the excuse for the creation of a period of chaos in the human story. It is there to create a schism between human beings, between those that believe what their governments tell them and those that see through the lies. The power in this reality needs great numbers of believers so that they will stand by whilst the troublesome human beings are eradicated from the gene pool. 300 million human beings were put into death camps in Russia, China, Germany and elsewhere in the last hundred years. WE, our species, will stop them doing that again.

So, in this way, has disaster and chaos been sown into this reality. It is an age-old game practiced time and again and brought to its manipulative perfection in this age of mass propaganda and devious psychological crowd control. So we must understand that we are being played by masters of the game, that many of those leaders that have suddenly appeared in this fight and we are caused to believe in are “agentur” (as such creatures were described in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - fake or not). Already that leaderless and formless group of free thinkers that emerged as the “pandemic” progressed is suddenly finding itself with “leaders” and “spokespeople”. In the UK these are such characters as the brother of a leader of the Labour Party, or a multi-millionaire from the Rich List with a tropical island home (!), or old established “conspiracy theorists” like Icke that have for decades prepared the ground in the mass consciousness of humanity so that WE can be dismissed as a lunatic fringe rather than the rational and moral majority WE are. Other “new faces” are being fed to us, each one draining us of unity, each one sucking up our belief and hope, not a single one addressing the real problem.

2. The real problem, the Elephant in the Room.

WE should all understand the real problem, and it is NOT the fake pandemic.

It is that a certain group of people have the “legal” right to create all money everywhere at the pressing of a computer key.

This is the root and branch of almost every problem assailing humanity but particularly those problems which we see stem from abuse of power. NONE of the systemic evil we all see would exist were it not for this fake money and its limitless availability to those that create it. In the last few months they have created many TRILLIONS of this stuff, lent it to their friends so that humanity's resources can be snapped up whilst they kill decent hard working folk's businesses. Only billions of WE human beings acting together can deny those creatures this unwarranted power over our world. If we do not then, whatever successes we have in fighting them this time, they will still have that Power and be able to use it against us again and again forever. WE have suffered for hundreds of years from the mass stupidity of allowing a very few to create all money from nothing, first as paper now as digits in a computer. Now our species must take back what their fraudulent money scheme has given them and find, between we billions of human beings, a different way to transact between each other. In this way will WE lay the foundations for a world free of most of the concerns and injustices and fears which currently and for as long as our history records assailed us. Killing money is an evolutionary step, but one our species must take. As individuals many find it difficult to imagine such a world, but rest assured we are a species that has great skill and great technology and seven billion minds working together will find a way to create that different reality. WE must, or we will be destined to have more of what we have now, perpetual debt and perpetual war and perpetual fear in a world where human beings scratch and claw each other for an entirely fake commodity. Human beings shouldn't die because of money but in a million ways every year our family suffers unnecessary death through its lack, whilst we HAVE the food, we HAVE the pharmacies, we HAVE the hospitals, we HAVE the energy for heating. There is in this world resources and human effort and ingenuity. Money intervenes in every transaction and through that intervention we have allowed a tiny few to OWN our world and to shape it how they will. This is clear now. Also clear is that they choose to shape it so that our entire species is miserable and afraid. It is time to Evolve beyond that. That evolution begins with becoming ONE species in opposition (not a thousand different groups). Here we describe how that can be done.

Those few people that have the “legal” right to create fake money have used it to build and sustain a Global power base in the world. They own all the things we humans need to survive, from power generation to communication to food supply and medication. They use their fake money to “lend” to “democratic” governments and so own those governments' agendas. They use it to bribe, to corrupt (just where exactly did Epstein obtain his “billions”?), to reward those that do their bidding. This system has prevailed in our world for many generations, allowing these creatures to build secret armies of cash-driven acolytes in every hierarchy of power such that at any time they can require those creatures to march “in lockstep” and create misery in our world. This is what we see in our world now.

WE should understand that they are acting now to avert what they have seen coming. They anticipated such a movement as we describe here and the arrival of this evolutionary urge has forced their hand. They are making mistakes. They have underestimated our species. WE are now seven billion connected minds and that “world mind” is coming to some long awaited conclusions about the great lies that sustain their power. The Power in this world is now desperate.

11:11 2020 will see their final demise, if WE, the human species, decide it will be.

Unless we rid our world of these monsters AND their ability to create money from thin air then NOTHING we do now, no successes, no “wins” in this battle will serve any long term purpose. Leave them with the Power to create money and they'll be back, time and again, until eventually they win and we humans are reduced in number to their stated ambition and those that remain are mere mind-controlled slaves.

Therefore ANY opposition you give your faith to that does not target these money-creators, that does not focus on the real Power to do harm in this world, is either naive, misguided, OR an agentur of the Power.

(Please note that the use of the word Agentur does not suggest that something called the “Jewish” race is behind the Power. Sure, many of the bankers that create money from thin air call themselves Jews (though it seems more likely they are of the synagogue of Satan), but don't let that make us jump to stupid conclusions. The Power in this world rests above those few bankers that serve the useful purpose of creating the dark energy called money that drives almost all the evils that are assaulting our family, including those of our family that call themselves Jews.)

When at war, as WE are now, the most important thing to destroy is the enemy's supply chain. If it has no food for its soldiers it loses. If it has no bullets for its guns it loses. If it has no fuel for its ships, planes or tanks then it loses. The supply chain for the evil we see in this world is this artificial money. Leave them with that and WE cannot, EVER, win.

Take it from them and the world will change.

Nothing else will win this war.

3. Other forms of Opposition tactics that will NOT work.

Legal challenges, new political movements, petitions, “writing to your representative and complaining” are as useless as useless things. Useless to us, but very useful to those that run the world for they suck up energy and focus and money (that which the Power understands as an energy form even if most do not). Examine for example the legal challenge instigated by a UK millionaire (worth 200 million) which has just been put back a month because someone in Government is “on holiday”! Despite his 200 million, that guy still asks supporters to crowd-fund the useless challenge. WE know how long legal challenges take, don't we? WE know that those that set the laws and run the courts are in the pockets of the world Power, don't we? Some petitions to government has simply been removed because they “don't comply” with the rules written by those who are in the pockets of the Power! Such things are not “tactics”. Rather they are a waste of time and energy and creators of false hope (and a source of money to those behind them.....possibly....)

There is ONLY one way WE can win.

To become a world wide unified human force billions strong as quickly as WE can.


The representation of UNITY. HOW we become WE.

To become a recognisable single force such that WE enter the mass consciousness of humanity and through our sheer number become a force of attraction requires a us to adopt few simple ideas. Think of a football crowd, how supporters identify themselves. Think of armies in the same way. There are simple ideas that once adopted by great numbers of human beings will make WE the biggest single force for GOOD that the world has ever seen.

Black and White.

The police in every nation have become something alien to their original purpose. Now, everywhere, they wear black. Now, everywhere, they have been trained to see themselves as enemies of ordinary civilians, taught how to bully, encouraged to believe that they can act above the common law which humanity understands at an instinctive level. They have taken to beating, to stamping on heads, to dragging pregnant women from their homes for saying the wrong thing. They have become inhuman, as the SS were in Hitler's Germany, as the freaks in Soviet Russia and in Communist China were, those that enter people's homes and drag them off to death camps.

The 20th Century saw over 300 million human beings murdered by black clad thugs claiming a “legal” right to arrest, detain and eventually murder anybody that disagreed with the power in this world. In losing their humanity they become enemies of humanity. When they brutalise and kill they show their demonic core, the “Wetiko” spirit that has taken control of their egos. We should not dismiss lightly the idea that these people are possessed of some dark spirit for, as most of us now see, WE are engaged in a spiritual war, the war of Good versus Evil, of black versus white.This is not a religious war. No belief is required to understand Good and Evil, only the instinctive human understanding of right and wrong.

A few “opposition” groups in each nation will do nothing to stop these thugs.

This is no longer about nations, about races, about creeds, about politics.These are all ideas of division, created by our masters and used by them to drain our species of unity and cause us to kill one another. THAT is what our human history is. Consider this when you are drawn to any movement that focuses on race of nation or faith because each, by its nature, works actively to prevent unity of our species against our common enemy.

This is the war of Good against Evil.

The battle for the survival of our species.

There can be no division, no detail, no leaders.

No leaders because leaders can be Agentur, frauds, liars, because leaders can be frightened, bribed, corrupted, because leaders that avoid these pitfalls can be assassinated. Where there is no focus there is no point at which our enemy can target its corrupt Power.

WE need no leaders, but WE do need a shared understanding, a common intent and from that the desire to build our world differently according to better principles. WE dream of world of peace, a world free of debt, a world of harmony, a world free of fear and these ambitions represent the Evolution which WE will usher in to our world. All of those things depend on ridding our world of those that have the power to create money from thin air. None will happen if WE leave those monsters the energy that drives their machinery of domination and sits behind almost every evil in this world.

Whatever country you are from, whatever colour your skin, whatever faith you hold or lack of faith, whatever your political leanings of habit, whatever your “status” in the games of “money” or “class”, whatever “beliefs” you have been given during your experience of life here in this twisted reality, this is one thing that unites you all. This unifying essential, when boiled down to its beautiful simplicity, is the opposition you all share to the EVIL that you now see clearly. It is the heart of our species, our human-heartedness. If black is the colour of bullies, then white is the colour of GOOD.

We know that black is the colour of evil, of darkness, and that white is the colour of good, of light. We should remember our early physics lessons, that white is what you get when you combine all the colours of the Rainbow. So, if WE choose white WE are showing that WE are those that stand in opposition to evil, that WE are from every race and creed and colour, that WE are a single united entity in this world. The colour of WE Warriors of the Rainbow is not the rainbow. It is white.

SO comes our shared NAME, the name of our world wide assembly of humanity.

Warriors of the Rainbow.

We should remember that many indigenous peoples shared a prophecy, that one day, when the world was at its most dangerous, when a dark Power threatened all life on our world, there would emerge a mighty host of peoples of every nation, race and creed that would be called the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. A prophecy like that deserves to come true, and so WE shall make that happen.

WE ARE Warriors of the Rainbow, and WE wear white to represent GOOD wherever and whenever we gather together.

Imagine now the police wearing their black and every single demonstrator wearing white. See how that would resonate with those watching on TV or through the internet. Understand the psychology of that symbology and recognise its power.

Our banner, our flag, our number, our symbol, the date:

In demonstrations every person seems to carry a different banner. Imagine countless thousands of banners carrying our name and our number. White banners with 11:11 repeated thousands of times carried by thousands of human beings wearing white, opposed by the thugs in black.

Do you see how this would impact on the collective consciousness of the mind-controlled masses, what a win it would be in the propaganda war for the emerging world mind of our species?

This, then, is our strategy:

Across the world we all become Warriors of the Rainbow.

White is our colour, representing good against evil.

We have NO leaders, but a shared intent, to rid our world of unwarranted power.

Our number is 11:11

1:11 2020 is when we appear in the world in our billions.

Don't wait for your “leaders” to tell you to do this.

They will not.

This must come from YOUR heart.

What should you do?

Share “I am a Warrior of the Rainbow, my number is 11:11” all day, every day, everywhere, as often as you can.

Share a link to this post, repost it, copy and paste it, spam comments with it, use social media (the neurons that connect our human minds together to form the world-mind).

Do these things all day every day if you have the time. This is war. Let's get together and win it. It's time to push forward rather than push back.

Wear the colour.

Wear the number.

Display the number.

Share the number any way you can.

Add a link to this explanation.

Hope, because there IS good out there and WE can see light at the end of this dark tunnel.

You don't have to click to follow but it warms our hearts when you do.

Please leave a comment saying “I am a Warrior of the Rainbow. My number is 11:11

This, given of our hearts and with love,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx

Now please share, Warrior.


Thursday, 10 September 2020


 To stop the impending slaughter of you and yours, WE must become something much more powerful.

WE must stand together.
WE must share a symbol.
WE must share an understanding.
WE must attack the sources of the Power that make evil happen.
WE must collapse the world's money system, so that THEY cannot use it as the fuel that drives their killing machinery.


A step too far? Something you can barely imagine?
Something you don't believe WE can do?
Why, you have grown to like money, can't see how things would work without it, have become used to it, would miss it, would feel lost without it, would lose that dream you have of suddenly acquiring mountains of the stuff and living in luxury!

AND YET: You know they make it out of thin air. You know they buy everything of essential value to our species with their fake money. You KNOW that most human beings are in debt, or have so little that their lives are a daily struggle for food, for shelter. You know that millions die from lack of the stuff. You KNOW it is the energy behind organised crime, drug dealing, prostitution, child trafficking. You KNOW it puts Power in the hands of Evil. You know that it puts THEM above the law. You know its lack creates uncertainty and misery for billions of YOUR species. You KNOW it is the stuff that bribes politicians, pays for blackmail, for corruption at every level. You KNOW it funds every hierarchy in every walk of life and those hierarchies march in step to the murderous music of the hidden pipers. You know that all debt is fake and the misery that stems from debt. You KNOW it locks we human beings in servitude to usury.

Get over “money”.
Our world WILL be so much better without it.
WE need resources, we need effort, we need organisation. These things we have, in abundance.
That is the key to the world we humans will co-create.
Kill money.

 WE are Warriors of the Rainbow.

                                               Our number is 11:11

   One name, one symbol, one intent, one ambition, one future.

                                       The world mind is being born.

                                                         WE ARE.


Sunday, 6 September 2020

Isn't this interesting?

I have somehow "lost" my email connection to this site's creator (!!??) and would like to tell him that I was unable to post a comment as it didn't seem to work. Hope you see this, friend. I had the same "problem" for ages.....

Fascinating find.

Saturday, 5 September 2020

The World Mind, the new Power in this world.

This is a message of hope. Few human beings realise yet that a new power is emerging in our world, a power made up of billions of human beings forming a new world wide unity. A unity undivided by race or creed, a unity of shared understanding and shared ambition, a species at last deciding to shape its future good and to banish evil from its world.

Be of good cheer, Warriors of the Rainbow. 11:11 2020 is the date the World Mind is born.

Please, spread this good news.

It is the world mind that will provide the impetus for this new epoch.

The world mind is in simple terms the sudden realisation among our species that billions of minds are now connected and through that connection WE will come to fundamental understandings that represent

a)what the species knows,

b)what the species wants most,

c)what the species does not want,

d)what the species intends to do.

WE are a part of this forming world mind. WE are living at the time of its birth into reality.

Our world is passing through an epochal change because of this birth. The power in this reality is desperately trying to kill this emerging world mind. This explains everything that is happening right now, indeed everything that has been happening these last few decades. Forget “politics”, forget the supposed differences between “nations”, forget the differences of faith or race or sexual preference, forget all of those differences that are given to we human beings to divide us and seem to be the “agenda” or “narrative” of our world in these times.

The true narrative is this:

The world mind is emerging. The power is trying to kill it.

a) What the species knows

It should be understood that “what the species knows” is currently the single most important issue in our world and the issue which is causing greatest concern to those who currently own our species. They see, better than most of humanity, that the world mind is forming rapidly. As a result they are employing the traitorous energies of clever minds at a rate never before seen. Within the media of all kinds a vast flood of effort is concentrated. Almost all news media is tightly controlled and more than ever before “singing from the same hymn sheet”. There is no longer a truly free journalism except among the free-minded amateurs or those few professionals that have decided to forego their salaries and offer an independent voice via the internet. There is now a vast effort to control all information, with intelligence agencies and military organisations in every nation concentrating the efforts of thousands and thousands of “human beings” on the task of censoring information and on “shaping” the world mind by flooding social media, using fake accounts, to spread a consistent message or to denigrate those who tell the truth. The vast social media organisations and powerful internet corporations are engaged in a censorship war against anyone that questions the official line, engaging in “book burning” at a rate never before witnessed even in the worst of totalitarian states. Not only this, but the intense levels of surveillance and data mining being conducted through the internet and communication devices, using wickedly clever algorithms and the world's most enormous computers (including quantum computers) gives those that rule the world a moment by moment complete understanding of what our species is thinking.

It is this information that drives, moment by moment, both their psychological warfare strategy and their other strategies, from lock-downs to, increasingly, targeted arrests.

Targeted arrests, it will be seen, will soon become a commonplace, usually under the cover of regulation breaches (failure to comply!), social media “misbehaviour”, targeted arrests at rallies or demonstrations, for “quarantine” reasons to “protect the public” or, in a very near future, for vaccine evasion.

What the species knows is key to humanity's victory in this war. Chief among these shared understandings are certain absolutely key elements, the prevention of the emergence of which are focussed intently upon by the power.

The first understanding they seek to prevent emerging is that there IS a world mind. The world mind is formed of billions of human beings now connected by the neurons of electronic communication. Every single human mind is itself an incredible miracle of biological engineering, each one different. Just like in computing, the connection of those minds together creates a processing engine greater than the sum of its parts. Between WE human beings WE know every single piece of information that exists in this world. WE are a vast source of information. There are, somewhere among us all, human beings that know truths which disprove every one of the lies we are being told as a species.

Some, if not most, of those human beings that work to hide truth are traitors to our species. If they were not they would have spoken their truth to the world mind already. Our enemy rewards those traitors or otherwise controls them with great intensity. However, we are now a vast species. Even with their control and surveillance operations in full swing, even with their police forces and hit squads working at full speed, controlling the truth must be like managing a very large herd of very annoyed cats. For example under the current assault on human consciousness (the “pandemic”) more and more statisticians are questioning the numbers we are being fed, more and more Doctors are speaking out about the lies, more and more “experts” are getting together and speaking their truth into the collective consciousness of our species. The world mind WILL fight back against those who seek to destroy it or control it. Eventually, when the world mind emerges on the world stage, the traitors will abandon their paid-for allegiance or step out from under the blanket of fear which controls them and our species will witness a miracle.

At some point, quite soon, a vast tsunami of truth will flood our mass consciousness. This vast tsunami of truth will burst over the world and, in that Moment, end the thousands of years of imprisonment our species has suffered. The world mind, billions of connected human beings, will come to know the truth that millions of coerced individuals have been forced to conceal.

Each and every one of us knows a lie that we keep quiet about, knows a wrong that we keep quiet about. Some of those lies, some of those wrongs are trivial. But some, known to human beings that are currently too afraid or too well paid to speak out, are of vast importance. The world mind will give birth to a wholly different reality because of this great dam-burst of truth, changing in a moment our understanding of the world and what is required for our collective future as a species.

We should be aware that within the world mind, within each human being indeed that is a part of the world mind, there exists a virus, a mind worm. Our forebears, the ancient tribal peoples from whom we are all of us descended, understood this virus well. They gave it a different name everywhere in the world but this writer prefers the Native American word “Wetiko”. Jung understood the Wetiko and called it the “counterfeit spirit” among other names. Christians call them “demons”, Muslims “djinn”. The Wetiko might be seen by some as the propensity for evil which enters a human consciousness and steadily grows in power over that consciousness until it becomes the driving force of that individual's existence. Others see the Wetiko as something alien, something “other”, something inhuman that occupies a human mind and is in its nature demonic. This Wetiko exists in all of us but most of humanity fight against its influence and suppress it. In some, however, the Wetiko possesses the human being fully. They are the traitors in our midst.

To give this creature a name and describe its effect allows us to understand how it is that the world power has such vast numbers of acolytes in so many diverse hierarchies of power currently engaged in this surge of totalitarian oppression which, most of we free minded agree, is intended to culminate in some form of population culling exercise (perhaps beginning with the coming “mandatory” vaccination, or the “next” pandemic which Mr Gates tells us we “will notice”, or indeed an engineered world war. The enemy, remember, couldn't care less about humanity.)

How is it, we ask, that so many traitors to humanity have been organised together in this world, traitors willing to engage in a campaign of terror against their own kind, traitors that know full well that they are a part of a programme that will end in the huge cull of our species that, under cover of the breakdown of economies and the consequent interruptions to the food supply chain, will soon bring mass starvation to our species?

To give them a name that matches their behaviour gives us understanding. They are no longer human as you or I are human. They are demonically possessed.

They are Wetiko.

So “what the species knows” is of vital concern to our masters.

Chief among the essential knowledge that the world mind is coming to understand is, to put it bluntly, how utterly stupid we have been as a species.

WE, as a species, have allowed a tiny few individuals the sole, exclusive and “legal” right to create, from nothing, at the click of a mouse, ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.

Think about that for a moment.

Imagine a cruise liner being wrecked and the survivors washing up on an uninhabited island. On that island among all the many green leaved trees there is one tree that has yellow leaves. Imagine one person deciding that yellow leaved tree is THEIRS. Imagine that person then convincing everyone that the yellow leaves are CURRENCY. That one person could then come to own everything of value, everything essential to life on the island because they have unlimited leaves. They would soon pay the wages of bullies and killers to make sure they kept the magic money tree. They might even see that there were other islands a few miles away and send their bullies to take over those islands and force the people there to use the yellow leaves and buy everything there, too.

Why, over time, such a simple system (paying bullies with fake money to spread the use of fake money) could put the entire world in the hands of the owner of the yellow leaved tree (or their descendants).

Nobody would fall for that, would they?

Yet, as a species, WE have!

Once a stupidity has been recognised it is a small step to the realisation that mistakes can often be easily rectified. To take the power off the owners of “the yellow-leaved tree” is a simple matter. WE, the world mind, will simply refuse to have anything to do with those “leaves” and decide to find a different way to organise as a species.

The immediate and world changing effect will be that those who currently run our world will find they are suddenly powerless. They will have no way of rewarding their bullies.

We should be very consciously aware that the Wetiko spirit among us thrives on this fake money. Money serves as the instigator of so many immoral behaviours that it creates the openings through which the Wetiko spirit enters our souls and encourages wrongs and harms. So long as money accumulates so the human being is encouraged to do more harm.

It is not difficult to see that almost all organised criminality (and much disorganised criminality) stems from the very existence of money in this world and the way it stands between us all. Once we step away from money, which could be done en-masse in a moment by the world mind, almost everything that assails our species will disappear in a moment.

Quite simply, there will be NO power in the world other than the world mind.

From that fake money almost everything that is wrong with this world emanates. At the top it corrupts countless leaders and the heads of countless hierarchies. It enriches the worst among us, the most wicked. Like a dark energy coursing through the veins of our species it corrupts at every level. A beggar will kill another beggar for a tiny amount of the stuff. It stands between every human being, divides us all, serves as the energy which governs almost every human transaction. It makes “I have more of this than I need, and you need it, so I will give it to you” (a human transaction) into “I have more of this than I need, but you can't have it unless you give me money, even if you starve because of that” (an inhuman transaction).

Money is an indication of the collective insanity of our species.

Soon, the world mind will see this and correct the mistake we have made.

b) What the species wants.

WE exist in a reality that has been false, has been inhuman, for as long as we have recorded history. WE have for all of that time been a species under an occupying power. A history that has been the history of kings and emperors minting their own money and forcing humanity to use it and so taking ownership, through paid killers and bullies, of the entire planet. More lately these creatures and their allies have given themselves the sole right to create digital money at the touch of a key on a computer and so massively expand their power over humanity. This stuff has been around for so long, we as a species have fought over the stuff for thousands of years, such that many of us have come to believe that what we want is dependent on money, that what we want is simply lots of money.

This is a key element of the fake reality.

Shared between we human beings, emerging into our collective consciousness as a species as the world mind emerges, is an understanding of what we really want. These things are the fundamentals that unite humanity, shared by our species in its billions.

In these shared understandings lies unity at this time, dear Warrior of the Rainbow.

WE want a home of our own, a decent home, that is ours absolutely.

WE want to live free from fear, of any sort.

WE want to live free from debt.

WE want to do work that is of worth, that others thank us for doing, that improves our world, that we are proud of doing however humble.

WE want security of food supply.

WE want security of energy supply.

WE want clothing suitable to our needs (which include dressing up!)

WE want fun, happiness, laughter, joy, those things our rulers strive to deny us.

WE want to provide a world of safety and fun for our children.

WE want to protect the nature that gives us life, our biosphere.

WE want love. Not just emotional love, but the love that comes from a world built on love's foundations.

WE want freedom, but recognise that freedom must be constrained by obligation.

WE want justice in this world that none shall stand above.

WE want truth.

WE want an end to war.

WE want peace, a peace that can never be broken, a future of peace.

Given this list, almost all human beings will tick every box. The emerging world mind will come to this understanding and recognise that WE exist in a reality which deprives almost all of us of any of these most fundamental desires. The source of that deprivation is the world power now engaged in a massive assault on our species to prevent the world mind being born. The source of energy of that malicious world power is money. The world mind will soon realise that to create a world that satisfies humanity's fundamental desires is a simple matter of removing the energy source of the current power, which can be ignored into non-existence in a moment.

Let's call it “The Moment”.

Let's give it a date: 11:11 2020

Anything later will be too late.......

c)What the species doesn't want.

WE don't want perpetual worry about a great plethora of concerning issues that have beset our species forever and are getting worse by the day.

(WE need to deal with those things together and rid our world of them.)

WE don't want to be perpetually bullied, live in a world of fear.

WE don't want to be perpetually fed propaganda and lies by an organised and malicious power.

WE don't want to be judged by how much money we have managed to get hold of.

(WE want to be judged by what good we do, by what we bring to the world, by the goodness of our character, by our courage in the face of those that seek to bully us, by doing our duty and fulfilling our obligations, by how we raise our children, by how we together shape our communities and our greater societies.)

WE don't want any human being to starve, to die of need of any kind, to be “managed” into death because of “budgetary considerations”

(Control of the flow of fake money deliberately kills millions of human beings every year: “There's no money”,..... while there is the “stuff” that money buys in plenty! Hospital Doctors, every day, decide who shall get care and who shall die simply because “care” is dictated by “money”.)

WE, the world mind of humanity, have a very extensive list of the wrongs we see in our world. WE know the important good things we all think we should share, and between us all we know the terrible things we all think we should expunge from this reality.

The world mind knows everything and in that knowing finds commonality, finds unity.

In finding that commonality the collective consciousness of a species emerges, the world mind. The world mind realises that it has ALL the POWER in this reality and can readily deal with those things which need fixing, and see those things which need fixing QUICKLY.

11:11 2020 is The Moment, if the world mind so chooses.

d)What the species intends to do.

Simply, once the world mind emerges, our species will set about creating a human-hearted world. A world free of money. A world that satisfies those instinctive human desires and rids our reality of those things we do not desire.

This epochal change must be carefully managed.

WE as a species must recognise the need to Keep Calm and Carry On so that the supply of essentials of life are calmly distributed.

WE must be intensely vigilant.

There will be fools among us that seek to loot or steal. WE must all of us police those fools.

Worse: The Power we will have unseated is demonic in nature and WE have allowed its servants to have their fingers on the buttons of nuclear weapons and other, possibly worse, chemical and biological weapons. They have also sown our world with hundreds of nuclear power stations and other ticking time bombs that WE must ensure are not sabotaged.

There are many human beings that currently fulfil roles in the empire of control on whom WE must depend on not to follow orders, to take actions that prevent malicious entities from causing chaos or destruction. WE depend on decent police officers to quickly arrest the criminals that hold such power to order such crimes, wherever they are in whatever deep holes they have secreted themselves. WE must depend on those human beings not consumed by the Wetiko spirit in intelligence agencies to rapidly deal with threats to our species. THEY have all the data, all the phone taps, all the computer files. If they do not act for humanity at this time these creatures must know that WE will deal with them. “Following Orders”, as we know, is no excuse in law.

What can YOU do to bring these changes into reality?

Simply be a cell of the emerging world mind.

Use the neurons of connection the world mind depends upon.

Simply share this:

I am a Warrior of the Rainbow. My number is 11:11

Add a link to here.

When this disappears, as it will, be ready to repost it somewhere else.

Bloggers, feel free to repost.

When you see that everywhere, every day, know that the World Mind is born.

And that humanity has Evolved.

This, with Love,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

xxx xxx xxx

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Some initial ideas for the Moneyless Future?

Some people find it difficult to imagine a world without money. These are some suggestions of ours, but WE are seven billion connected minds and this world mind will find our path to the future.


All mortgages and loans will cease to exist. No rents will be payable. We will grant ownership of the home you have now to you. If you have more than one home, you must choose (adult children may take residency so long as that residency is permanent.) Unused homes will be allocated via a fair system to be determined. Each community will assess its housing needs and act accordingly. Across the world we will assess what is required to give each of our human family a home of a decent standard. We will do so with an eye to durability and to beauty. Our built environment must, over generations, strive for lasting beauty. Old skills might be revived, new skills developed to achieve this end. WE shall all have a home to call our own. This is a shared and deep desire of our species, something the power has largely prevented for centuries.


Many things classed as luxurious represent the finest artisanal skills humanity possesses, from the creation of champagne via high art to Rolls Royce motor cars. WE must not lose those skills, for our world would suffer for their loss. We now have the technology to be able to “lotterise” those things, every human being standing an equal chance of owning something “luxurious”, of “winning”. We also have the technology and the distribution capability to swap things that aren't desired for things that are or to give things no longer wanted. A sharing economy will develop. WE may wish to make allocations within that, for example when a family has a special event (marriage, birth of a child, funeral wake as examples, more will arise). These are problems of organisation and of systems and of vigilance ( some families might “invent” such an event every week!)


An organised society requires bureaucracy. Though there will be no “money” for bribery or corruption there will be other avenues for those that find themselves in positions where there is opportunity to act unfairly to do so. WE must guard against this with great vigilance. WE must raise the next generations to view such actions as among the worst of crimes and ensure that no secret organisations flourish to enable such criminality and protect those who commit the acts. Humanity has always had thieves and those who use position to create opportunity for theft. The moneyless world will reduce such opportunities but never eradicate them. WE must simply reduce them as far as is possible, and much more so than we did in the old world.

“Stuff” accumulated under the old system.

WE will not allow stealing or looting. An individuals possessions are their own. If WE condone any acts of theft (even the vast stores of finery accumulated by the criminals that created money from thin air) then our societies will crumble into anarchy. Those with vast amounts of “stuff” will face a new reality. They will, of course, be allowed only one home. But whereas previously their “money” enabled them to have gardeners, cleaners, chefs, yacht crews, pilots, chauffeurs, security staff and so on in the moneyless world most of those human beings will choose to find other employment. Not all, but most. A gardener who lives in a cottage in a stately home and has tended a garden for 30 years may not wish to walk away from their creation. Their cottage will, by law, become their own. They may wish to continue their labour of love. But overall the great benefits that huge quantities of money brought to those who amassed it will be gone. They will have to clean their own windows. As a result, over time, some great houses will fall empty and WE will find other uses for them.


All health care will, of course, be free in a moneyless world. As a species WE will embark upon a great revision of our health care systems, from the training of new generations of Doctors and nurses through the way we organise hospitals (and there is much that we had in the past that could be revisited) to the re-examination and testing of the products of pharmaceutical organisations. WE anticipate that there will be a “revolution” in the way humanity treats the illnesses that prevail once the profit motive has been removed from the world.


Every community and every citizen must play a role in the desired end product of policing. Over time WE will create a new police system, free of the corruptions that riddle our current organisations (many of which will wither anyway once we rid our world of money.) The object is that our species must live in a world of free of fear as can be created through our common efforts. WE do have bullies in our world, the violent that seek to create fear, those that seek to grow powerful and through that power cause harm or gain personally. WE must frame our laws and conduct ourselves collectively in such a manner that we rid our world of their threat. This must involve us all. Over time we will reshape our justice systems and our punishment systems and our rehabilitation efforts to ensure that we catch and punish those that do harm. In the old money world there were those that committed truly awful crimes that were protected by the hierarchies of the money system, people in high places that evaded punishment. WE know there were those that created wars, that sat atop great heroin empires, that supplied arms to terrorists, that laundered vast amounts of illegally obtained money, that aided and abetted such activities or that used their positions to pervert the course of justice. Those “master criminals”, many of them in trusted positions within governments and hierarchies or within great corporations or banks WILL be brought to justice, and quickly.


The great companies and corporations WE human beings operate will become the responsibility of their employees who will, in effect and in actuality, take the keys. It is vital in our moneyless world that WE human beings maintain the great organisational capabilities WE have worked so hard for so long to make work and to make work efficiently. Within those organisations staff will select leaders who best produce the results required by humanity. If staff select a team leader because they think that person will let them work less or help themselves to the stuff the business handles this, obviously, goes against the spirit of our new world. WE will learn how to manage such situations as a species, because as a species WE rely upon each other. If the farmer chooses to be idle and not grow their crops then someone, somewhere, will grow hungry. This applies to everything we do and is why, when the change comes, WE must Keep Calm and Carry ON so that WE prevent chaos and ensure the steady continuation of supply to our family.


In a moneyless world millions of jobs will become redundant. Remember, there will be millions of new jobs created. We imagine, for instance, that WE will move over time towards a fully organic food supply chain. This might involve a lot more human beings growing and tending, rather than relying on machinery and chemicals. Some of our great farming areas will see a revival of villages and small farms and small rural towns as this transformation takes place. Accountants might find themselves fruit growers. Many human beings might benefit from a closer connection to nature, helping to transform the way we feed our family once “profit” is taken out of the equation. Remember, all of these great changes must be conducted in a careful and organised way with the ultimate object always being the most happiness for the greatest number of people. That should be and will be the prime objective of our human-hearted world, that which motivates activity and encourages innovation. Human beings, for the most part, enjoy having something to do which is of value to others and in which activity they feel they have worth. A street sweeper is of the same value as a Doctor if both spend 30 or 40 hours of their work week “doing their bit”. Time is the currency we humans have. One human being's time in worthwhile labour should be of equal value to another's time. In the old money system people were rewarded for having being born to particular parents, were paid more for having been born intelligent or because they benefitted from a better education and so on. Some benefitted because they chose to work harder than others and WE will have to find some way to make sure that those who choose to go the extra mile are in some way rewarded in thanks by societies as a whole. WE will find a way to do that. What will be gone from the world are all the money-related harms that people have done too enrich themselves. The backstabbing of those wishing to rise up the ladders of hierarchies. The producer that sprayed excess poison on their crops to make more money, careless of the harm they were doing. The researcher that accepted a cancer cure they'd developed being buried to protect the income flow from less effective treatments for their employer. The manufacturer that built in obsolescence. Millions of small harms of this nature will disappear.

Patents and intellectual property.

In the moneyless world all knowledge will be free to share. If there is a patent on a safety device for cars, for example, then all car makers will be able to introduce that safety device. If there is a patent on a drug that actually works then pharma corporations (recall how the staff will be in charge) will be able to produce that drug to meet needs. Over time it can be seen that great improvements and great time saving will emerge in our world community. All manufacturing will become the most efficient it can be. Ditto all food production. Ditto home building.

Great “Guilds” will develop so that human beings involved in all activities will meet and share best practice and new developments. For example, our most efficient “supermarket” organisations have superbly tuned distribution methods which will be shared, via the guilds, such that all supply chains benefit from their model.

Guilds and World Co-operation.

We are one family. A person going hungry somewhere or not having a home is OUR responsibility. WE might choose to organise across the world such that the Guilds take on the challenges that our world presents. The Food Guild might ensure that we grow the right amount of the right stuff for all of our family. The Distribution Guild might make sure we supply what we create. The Home guild might see to it that we give our family a decent roof. There will be many guilds, many interlocking, all working with a high level of coordination. There will be a Guild of Rescuers. A Guild of Peace Keepers (one of whose jobs will be to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction or smaller weapons that could be used by a group to inflict harm in an organised way. That does not mean ridding the world of guns. It does mean ensuring that guns don't fall into the wrong hands or get used in the wrong way.)

Communities across the world will shape themselves how they choose, ensuring the great diversity which brings colour to our world. But WE must always be vigilant in case any such community takes it upon itself to leave the system of peace and mutual cooperation and set itself apart in such a way that it threatens what WE will have gained. Our history is littered with charismatic leaders rising and enthralling a people then turning them to no good. WE must be vigilant against such threats to the harmony and peace and absence of fear of our world. Our world organisation of Guilds will in effect act as a kind of preventer of such potential disasters.

WE will never have “Presidents” or “Leaders” that have in their hands the power to create laws. This would be an error, as history instructs us.

WE will never have a World Government that could create the opportunity for power seekers or groups of power seekers to gain control of our world again and destroy what WE have created. WE know there are such creatures among us. WE know there are families that can trace their Royal family back through thousands of years of Empire and the murder that created those Empires or Kingdoms. WE know there are others that have created lineages of vast wealth. Such people will regret the loss of their power and privilege and, over generations, will seek to restore to themselves their lost powers. This we must guard against, generation after generation. The removal of money as the engine that drives the reward systems of corruption will be a great weapon against such types, but WE know from history that some devious and cunning human beings exist that lust after power. They WILL find a way, though it takes generations, so WE must find a way to ensure that they never do.

Share any ideas you have. Please comment. Please click to follow as it warms our hearts.

Thursday, 3 September 2020

World unity against this evil.

                                          WE are Warriors of the Rainbow.

                                                  Our number is 11:11

One name, one symbol, one intent, one ambition, one future.

                                        The world mind is being born.

                                                         WE ARE.

I am a Warrior of theRainbow. My number is 11:11

I am sighted. I am awake.

I see a great web of evil enshrouding humanity.

I see its intent, the horror it is unleashing.

I see its cohorts of demonic acolytes, marching in lockstep.

I know them by their works.

They are no longer human.

They are Wetiko.

I see that dark energy which drives the machinery of evil.

I know that without that dark energy those creatures will wither and die.

It is the Magick of money, for which human beings will sell their soul.

The door opens and the Wetiko storm in.

Shrouding their humanity, killing their human heartedness.

I see the terrible mind-worms of the Wetiko.

Creating a strong belief among humanity.

Causing our species to cower in abject fear of an invisible enemy.

I see humanity's enemy dividing our human family.

Stirring hatred.

Those that believe shall seek to destroy those that do not.

Before then WE will win this war.

Those that do not believe have been the target of the Wetiko forever.

For centuries they have sought to genetically engineer unbelievers from the herd.

Free thinking is not desirable.

It threatens the existence of the Wetiko.

Whenever they have risen to power they have built camps.

Of extermination.

I see the birth of the world-mind.

Warriors, around the world, awakening.

Warriors for peace, for love, for restoration of our biosphere, for the future.

Saviours, not destroyers.

Warriors that are the core of the world-mind being born now.

The collective consciousness, linked now, forming, understanding.

The consciousness of a species emerging for the first time.

I see the Wetiko trying to abort that child of our species.

For the world-mind is born of love.

Is born of human-heartedness.

Is born of the deep and instinctive understanding that we humans share.

WE choose to live in a world of Good, rather than Evil.

Billions of human souls yearning for that world.

A New Power in this reality.

Seven billion human beings acting as one to end Evil, everywhere.

The neural network of that world mind is forging connections every second of every day.

The threat to humanity is accelerating that process.

The urge for Life is driving it, relentlessly now.

WE will be born.

Nothing now can prevent us.

This is the inevitability of Evolution.

A force of nature.

Imagine the power of our species set free.

Imagine the power of good and the works it could do.

Free of the systems and hierarchies of the Wetiko and the dark energy of money.

Free of war, free of division, full of wonderful diversity.

A species set free.

A species reaching its evolutionary destiny.

The world-mind must grow now.

Cell by cell, neuron by neuron.

WE must recognise each other as a part of the new humanity.

WE must be seen.

WE must be recognised.

WE must become the great host we are intended to become.

The enemy seeks to divide us.

WE will unite.

Every camp, every column, every unit, every Warrior.

Every nation, every faith, every race, all classes and castes.

Different, every single cell, yet together as a single world mind.

This is how WE, our species, will evolve.

This is how WE, humanity, will sweep the Wetiko from our reality.

Simply by BECOMING a mighty host.

One name.

Warriors of the Rainbow.

One symbol.


One intent.

Sweep them from our world.

One ambition.

A world built on the foundation of love.

One future.


Simply share this, relentlessly.

WE are the midwives.

WE will NOT lose this child.

                                     WE are Warriors of the Rainbow.

                                               Our number is 11:11

   One name, one symbol, one intent, one ambition, one future.

                                       The world mind is being born.

                                                         WE ARE.