Monday, 22 May 2017

Global answers..

The utterly fake and in your face false alternative media have convinced many that 'globalism' is a terrible idea, that globalism is something that's only good for the ruling elite, that globalism is a danger to nations, to ways of life, to individuals, to you.

They point to the United Nations and its Luciferian agenda, its fake New Age philosophising and its endless and dangerous spawning of NGOs that appear 'good' and are in fact the antithesis of good. Many of these NGOs are involved in 'rescuing' or otherwise 'aiding' kids in far off and less ordered societies. Happy pictures of smiling faces adorn all of their websites....
Evil masquerading as good, the plastic fixed smiles never quite hiding the awful truth that we are now well acquainted with.

So yes, a global government in the hands of the ruling elite is a bad thing. In effect this global government exists already, as the debt manacles have now been fitted to every nation on earth save for Syria, Iran and North Korea.
Watch those places closely now, for the “Trump” debacle will speed up the process of their annihilation and from that will come the fake world war. When that occurs, what will be the reward for the Alex Jones's of this world, one wonders?

We need not ask how many human beings there are that desire such outcomes, for we already know that they are so few that in any proper society they could be swept up into the institutions that could care for them in their sickness and keep them away from the vast majority of us who are sane within days.
We know where most of them live, after all.

Russia and China are players on the team of the bankster criminals, there to provide contrast and, at some point, to help create the war that's needed to reduce our population and, by doing so, lessen the human race's collective intelligence and deny us our destiny.

Understand that there is no nation, no part of any nation, that can survive and be self sufficient alone. When our masters have completed the task of regionalising nations, of foisting independent “city-states” upon us their work will be nearing completion. People will demand some overarching world power to protect them from aggression and nowhere will the collective strength to defeat them exist.

The model is under construction in the UK. Scotland and Wales will demand separation, England will be divided into North and South and probably South-West. City States will emerge: London, Manchester, Edinburgh and so on.
The fake “Brexit” is a part of this process.

The past century or so demonstrates that any nation that by fluke elects a 'rogue' leader ( a leader who is determined to fight the global power) soon finds the collective efforts of governments and intelligence agencies turned upon them with malicious intent.

Internal strife is sponsored, riots manipulated, the shooting begins. Sanctions are applied, medical and other essential supplies dry up, financial and commercial catastrophes engineered.
The rest of the world's population is subject to propaganda condemning and reviling the rogue nation and its leaders such that the rest of the world gives up caring and hopes that at some point political change will happen there.
As we know so well, after a while such propaganda enables the global power to begin attacking, bombing, killing, murdering children in support of the fake 'rebels' they have created.

In the end, perpetual violent chaos is the punishment inflicted upon peoples who dare to vote against the world power, whilst the rest of the world looks the other way not realising that, one day, it will be their turn.

Led by Britain, the seat of the demonic power, the globalists recognise the growing unrest and dissatisfaction in the world and are rapidly putting into place their new world order. More than we do ourselves, they realise that we are beginning to see through every lie we have lived with for millennia. So rather than allow us to break down the false edifices they erected thousands of years ago they are staying ahead of the game and intend to destroy them themselves, having readied the New World Order for those coming events.

They will crash democracy and already have their vast network of NGOs and similar organisations ready to assume power when the species demands a new way. They will crash religions at the same time and have their new version already constructed. Ditto money.

Here's how it goes with money:
We humans have been enslaved by the Magick of money and few lack the intelligence to realise what a burden it is to us nor understand how it lies at the root of almost, but not every, evil. However, increasingly we are seeing through the creation of money from thin air as debt and who owns that creation. The fake alternative media is pushing for “Gold” backed currency and, via the charlatans assisting in this NWO storyline, promoting “Bitcoin” and others. If these deceivers are successful we will wake up one day to a world currency collapse (robbing everyone everywhere of their stored wealth) and, after a time of chaos and starvation, the introduction by popular demand of an electronic world 'bitcoin' currency, backed by 'gold' (which our masters own almost all of) and issued as a 'world basic income' to everyone that complies with whatever strictures come with it. Such an issuance is already under discussion and so entering the consciousness of humanity. Once complete, we will in every sense be owned by those that create and issue that 'money'.

The British “Brexit” was NOT an act of popular rebellion against big government. The vote was fixed such that Britain could become, as is now constantly mouthed by Theresa May (the Prime Minister), a “Global Britain” leading with “Soft Power”.

From this base the last decade or so has seen a number of global 'reframing' organisations spreading across the globe. Ostensibly seeking and then 'reframing' the 'leaders of tomorrow', organisations such as, allegedly, Common Purpose have achieved enormous penetration globally whilst few have heard of them.

These organisations are hugely active within government funded civil organisations worldwide (the police, armed forces, postal services etc etc), within NGOs, within charities (especially children's charities), in fact in every organisation that is being prepared to present the alternative form of 'government' that a war weary and battered human species will beg for by the time the masters of this reality have finished their great work.

As individuals 'wake up' they discover a complex and devious network of false alternative 'leaders' that distract, draw energy from and shift away from unity the great masses now feeling that something must change. This strategy has worked well over the last three decades, aided and abetted by the internet whose existence was born of the US and UK military and the existence of which owes so much to the investments of the power into infrastructure.
The internet is a weapon, pointed at humanity, designed to change our species, designed to form a part of the new control matrix. This technology was designed, from the outset, to ensure that an awakening population could be attacked at the conscious and subconscious levels whilst giving the impression that it provided an avenue for the expression of free thought. It was developed after a period during which the power, seeing the danger to it of collective power and free thought that followed their last world war, had struggled to defeat trades unions, struggled to dampen freedom of expression in universities, struggled to destroy ideas such as socialism. They were pushed to the limits of their capabilities to violently quash humanity, relying ultimately on police and armies but being aware that, at some point, those forces might themselves awaken.

They realised that something new was needed, a more powerful means of mind control, a more certain method. So the internet was born, and look upon it in wonder for the instrument of utter enslavement it has already become.

We yet have the ability to grasp the instrument and turn it against them but, as each day passes, their algorithms and their new laws are robbing us of that chance. Time is short now.

Note that everything that is happening in the world today, from Trump to the Russians, forms a part of an incredibly complex and devious strategy which is wholly designed to maintain the grip on our species by those that own us, whatever their true nature. As we have pointed out here many times the simple growth in human population, analogous with Moor's Law in computing, leads to a blossoming of the collective intelligence of the species.

This is evidenced by the incredible rate of technological advancement, at the moment held back by the power through its control of the creation of money, the direction of the flow of that money, the control of scientific research and publishing, the ownership of 'intellectual property' and of course increasingly through murder.
Occasionally we note that there is a sudden increase in the untimely deaths of groups of scientists. Last year it might have been alternative medicine experts, or astrophysicists, the year before microbiologists or archaeologists.

(Have we decoded the DNA of our species sufficiently to render illness and death a thing of the past? Probably. But that would be the last thing our masters would allow........)

Such killing is common practice for the masters, old hat, something they have always done, all in a day's work. They don't fear the law, owning it as they do, owning the law enforcement organisations as they do. For centuries, lest we forget, they have harvested our children, addicted to the drinking of their andrenochrome filled blood. They steal and kill our human children and we most of us are unaware of it or scoff at the idea when informed, yet in days past we queued up to hand our kids over for sacrifice and have simply forgotten how it goes.

You see we are individually unintelligent, individually uneducated, individually absorbed by whatever fake belief system we were born into or chose, individually lost in our day to day business, individually smug and complacent, individually forgetful, individually short lived.
But together we know almost everything, together we are smart, together we don't forget and are of a line stretching back for all that time. We, our species, know how we have suffered and at whose hands. We, as a species, know what's wrong with the world and whose fault it is. We, as a species know what we should do about this. We, as a species, can see how simple it would be to end the slavery, end the war, end the inequality, end the fear.

Deep down within each human heart beats the certain knowledge of the soul of our species, the caring, sharing, loving essence of our kind, the understanding of how we collectively deal with rogue spirits, the violent, the psychopathic, the bully, the selfish. In our tribal days we banished them from our company and, so excluded, they withered. We were strong in our native understandings of right and wrong and understood the dangers presented by bad apples to the collective whole. Now, those same bad apples find themselves promoted to positions of power amongst us and serve at the devil's table and reap the rewards their ignominy brings them. Now almost every politician, senior civil servant, police commander, corporate head, newsreader, university dean, on and on, is of this kind. There are around the globe a few million of them, so few we could swat them as flies if we once realised what they were and the inherited and born authority we possess to rid ourselves of them.

It is the collective consciousness of humanity that would be our weapon and it is that which the power struggles against and has almost defeated.

There is no way any single nation can stand against these creatures, no way that any democratic process can lift the burden from our shoulders in just one place. What is required is a global evolution, for it will take all of us.

Know from this that any fake alternative voice that despises globalism, that fails to call for a global unity of the genetically single entity that is the human tribe, is an agent of the very power that it deceptively pretends to despise.

We are beautiful in our diversity, and even more beautiful by that which we share, our collective humanheartedness, our shared conscious and unconscious connection with love.
Not each and every one of us.
But an overwhelming majority.
Enough to make the future work beautifully.
Enough to fulfil our destiny.

We currently live short and busy lives, dear friends, and are taught beliefs which sustain the power and are difficult to put aside. These beliefs become a part of the body-mind that operates in this reality and we erroneously think that to abandon them is to abandon our very being.
Yet these beliefs must be shaken off if we are to discover the truth about what we truly are.
They are past their sell by date, and full of holes, and carry with them a vast legacy of cruelty and murder and abuse.
They are “Nation”, “Money”, “Religion”, “Race”, “Class”, “Hierarchy”, “Law” (other than the law we humans all understand: Do no harm. Do good.)

The enormously complex machinations of the power, their entire strategy of deception demonstrates just how afraid they are of the rising humanity now. They know we will break up their systems and hierarchies and so intend, amid the chaos they are orchestrating, to break them up themselves and, in response to the 'populist' demands of the fake alternative leaders, from amidst the chaos, they will introduce their New World Order and it will seem to be ours.......

The fake 'common purpose' world, almost near-term now, will be born.

Unless somehow those of us that are awake seek unity....
Unless we find some place to stand together....
Unless such a collection of millions can suddenly be sprung upon the world as a single, tribal entity...
And by so doing in such numbers, bonded by the humanheartedness we espouse, speaking of good and of love and of sharing and of the collective spirit of our kind, we become the spark that ignites the fire of the collective human spirit.

Our salvation lies in such a global moment.
You are the spark.

Our tribe yearns for this.
We are a moment away.

Let it be.

With Love,
Olive Farmer

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