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Extract from a history book which is in our possession

Extract from a history book which is in our possession.

“What came to be understood as 2013 progressed was that the vast unease that was bringing disorder across the globe was a symptom of something far greater than was previously imagined. There had been no comparable period in humanity’s history. Whilst there had always been strife amongst our species, times when great revolutions had occurred and when warfare had encompassed the globe, there had been no period hitherto in which the ability to share opinion had been so universal and so instantaneously available.

The interlocking web of control that had been so carefully structured by the power elites was at this time undergoing exposure, as were the enormous efforts being made to utilise new technologies to “alter the programming” of our species, (as discussed in folio 7 of this series). These new understandings, which had been steadily growing over the previous century or so, found new impetus through the internet and the simple forms of hand held portals which were becoming for the first time universally available. Information and disinformation became the battleground in the new warfare, control of the consciousness of the species the prize. The steady increase in the preference to seek news and opinion from the rest of the world, rather than from the controlled media, became an avalanche as the year progressed and the turmoil increased in both spread and in the levels of violence being orchestrated by the forces of control as they sought to adapt to the new reality.

The development of the first true opinion app became the tipping point. “You Choose” was innovative in a number of ways. Firstly, it asked twenty questions in the set up stage which were designed to drive the user to a meaningful understanding of their own core principles. (See Appendix 11.11) The user was then shown a graph indicating the totality of the user base and the numbers that shared those core principles and where differences existed. Interestingly, the app measured other users in the locality and pointed to those that shared the same core principles.

Lifelong friendships were born of that feature.

A matter of no surprise to us now, it came as a revelation to humanity at that time that most of our species shared the same core principles which, with little difference, we would instantly recognise as the Rules. In fact, although the term “rule” had been in use for centuries with a variety of different nuances of meaning, it was the “You Choose” app which first established the word rule as an opinion self-regulator, which quickly became a group and then a species self-regulator.

It was nothing less than the birth of a new human consciousness, and became the touchstone of the awakening.

“You Choose” was developed such that every user had the ability to ask a question of every other user. Users could field random questions, or answer questions that were the leaders in the “most asked” areas, or choose to answer questions only in specific fields. There was one further requirement of the system, which was that users had to answer one question weekly which dealt with a world issue, selected by the popularity of similar questions amongst the entire user population.

As a result it quickly became understood, in the first global phenomena of its kind, that the human species felt it could do without war and without weapons of mass destruction. The effect of that phenomena was in itself game-changing for the history of our species and marked the beginning of our current civilisation.

The app was innovative in that it refused to allow a user to select an answer which was at odds with the core principles they had established when they acquired the app. It showed, in a variety of functions, how users were open to influences which caused them to act against their own instincts.

Intellectuals were quick to point out the import of such experience, causing first a massive shift in the sources people trusted for information, then a growing sense that the world’s power systems were not aligned with our species’ core principles.

The promotion of the app by a number of “celebrity” users assisted its almost universal take up, but it was the underlying and prevalent sense of unease which was its chief driving force. As events unfolded, so “You Choose” became much more than a toy. It became the very first element of the Freedom, which was at this point barely a year away but its epochal roots were already forcing their way in to the cracks and fissures of the old world, prising them apart irresistibly. Amidst the turmoil of the time the birth of the Freedom couldn’t have seemed further away to the first generation, suffering as they were the trials and anguishes of an orchestrated chaos, but the seed had germinated and once this had happened there was no turning back.”

(Extract ends).

We are not allowed to publish more than a few extracts, nor to publish extracts which name individuals, nor to publish details which might alter the course of certain events.

Readers should understand that the nature of “time” and the multiverse is such that events described in the history may or may not occur in your particular stream of consciousness. However, if you are reading this the likelihood is that they will, for by that very act you are allowing a possible future to enter your particular field of determination.

Is it real, you might ask?

How is it possible that such a work as this could be sent back in time, which is clearly impossible?

We can add this short explanatory piece from the book itself:

“By 2150 the incredible scientific surge created by the absence of monetary value in knowledge and the immeasurable benefice that the Freedom had created meant that, for the first time in our human history, a deep understanding of the nature of reality was perceived. The Freedom was chief of these two causal factors, enabling the exponential multiplication of human beings’ mental capacities. It was about this time that the first forays into the past began with the Groundhog experiments (named after a 20th century iconic film entertainment which dealt with time in a populist way) with thought-groups co-creating simple pass-backs of small objects to themselves. Time surfing was still a way away and the …….. …………only a conjecture.”

Is it real?

Don’t be silly.

Of course it’s real.

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