Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Did you see my dive?

I'll never forget that day.
I'll never forget the instant certainty that the event was a charade, a big lie, a travesty.
I'll never forget Bush's expression, nor his gloating grin when he realised that it was working, this enormous fraud.
I knew then that it would become an excuse for more horror.
It has been.
This is in memoriam for everyone that passed on that day, and those that have been murdered since - with that day as an excuse, a justification for infanticide and genocide, for torture and rape.
It's another one for the Sheeple......

"Did you see my dive?"

"Did you see my dive?
Though I say so myself
It was a thing of beauty.
Behind me, certain finality,
In front
A few moments more.
Moments to savour breath.
It was, my friend, an easy choice.

Did you see my dive?
I like to think it was audacious
Full of bravado

You know
When things go really bad
How Time goes so slowly?
It was, for me, an eternity.
I had time for a quadruple somersault
In the Pike position!
Never seen before.

But the "board" was so very high.
I had time.

Time to consider my life's mistakes,
Suddenly clarified for me
By the circumstances.
Time to apologise,
Time to wish,
Even time to hope beyond hope.

Unfortunately, no camera caught my excellent dive.
No lens was turned my way
Which is a pity,
It was such a great dive.
I let out no scream,
I was too busy thinking.

I think I cried,
But not for myself.
I cried for the truth.

In the clarity that comes,
I assure you, my friend,
In such a great moment,
In the eternity of those few seconds,
What is revealed is the truth.

You discover what really matters.
You find what you really wanted all this time.
Right at the end you find
What really matters is love.
What really counts is the truth.

So if you can hear me now,
Even if you didn't see my beautiful dive,
Find the time to find love in your hearts,
For all of creation,
In everything you do.

And for me
And for all the others on that day,
Know it is your duty,
Know it is your obligation,
Not to simply believe
But to find the truth.

Insist on it.
Demand it.

Because of all the truths hidden in this world of lies,
This one truth can set mankind free.

And, because it's unlikely you saw it,
It was,
Dear friend,
A beautiful dive."

Friday, 16 October 2009


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In memoriam for the many slaughtered innocents murdered by our glorious masters with the dumb unfeeling acquiescence of the sheeple electorates of the US and UK.
Particularly one baby, just 8 days old. May his soul rest in love and peace.
Something maybe to print out and stick behind the windscreen wipers of the SHEEPLE as they do their shopping at the fits on an A4.......
Then scarper, because the SHEEPLE get really angry when you give them the truth.
Angry enough to kill another baby, maybe?

"Do you remember killing me, my friend?Surely you must?I was just eight days old.
But then why should you remember me, just one of the many children you have slaughtered?
But I was wrapped in a nice new blue blanket.
You still don't remember me?
I was being carried in the market by my mother.
You murdered her too.
Of course you don't remember, there are so many bodies, so many lives you have ended.
Not you, you say?
Why, it was you that paid for the missile that took my life, don't you remember?
It came from the tax you paid.
Do you remember now?
Money you regretted paying, because you need something else in your life.
Some gadget or toy.
You remember, you paid the wages of the man that aimed the missile at our market that day?
You voted for the man that gives him his orders.
The man you asked to protect you from me and my mother and the other million or so that you have slaughtered.
Do you still not recall?
I had a given name, but you know me as "collateral damage".
Remember, you were gifting us your democracy that day?
Your democracy of depleted uranium.
Or was it in self defence that you murdered me?
Or was it revenge for something I didn't do, years before I was born, knew nothing of in my innocence?
You tell me: Which just cause slammed my body into the dirt?
Did you think of me today as you went about your life, my friend?
Did you wonder what I might have become had you not slaughtered me?
Had not smashed my soft bones and crushed the new life from me?
Did you talk of me with your family?
Mention my murder to a colleague?
Spare me a thought as you filled your car at the station, ate your evening meal, watched T.V., tucked your children into bed?
Did you see my face today?
Did you wash my blood from your hands today?
It's still there, my friend, and always will be.
Did you pray to your God today?
Did you do anything to stop this murder today?
Did you protest? Did you march? Did you withhold your tax? Did you rage against the slaughter of innocents?
Did you spare just a passing thought for me today, my friend?
Remember I had a name?
My name was collateral damage. I was eight days old. Wrapped in a blue blanket.
And you killed me. Don't you remember?"

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

War is Peace

Our history is littered with the pre-eminence of violent despots wreaking their havoc wherever their eyes fall or their sick whimsy takes them, leaving never a generation that hasn't faced the sickness of their blood lusts, never a time that hasn't witnessed the awful spectacle of a nation plunged into horror by some crazed lunatic or another, conjuring their mystic evils into the reality of marching and uniformed zombies who believe themselves right and just as they plunge the sword or pull the trigger, hacking and raping and destroying.

Later, many of these plasticene warriors come to the realisation that this belief was in error, that the lies that substantiated their false sense of moral superiority, of right, were falsehoods derived from evil. With the dawning of this understanding comes mental illness, more murder, or self destruction. Those that live to old age fear death and some final accounting, the ghosts of their sins shining bright through the veil, waiting. They die in fear.

They serve their purpose, these despots and their minions, in keeping the power of love and the beauty of unity buried beneath a desire for revenge and an unnatural acceptance and a coming to terms with evil that scars each generation and perpetuates the great myths, disguising true human nature, making us lose faith in ourselves. Shoring up the walls of the prison with misery and distrust.

They always rise , these "leaders" , these fiends, driven by their sick requirements, absolute in their convictions, learning each day the skills and techniques of the exercise of despotic power, understanding the darkness, noting the power of fear, recognising and rewarding the twisted and subservient collaborators that aid them and provide substance with their sycophancy, taking the helping hand and the enabling dollar from the real masters who grant them their wishes for power and blood and dominance and cruelty providing they follow a few instructions, perpetrate a few crimes, continue the project.

Their sort are not only to be discovered at the very top of the midden, of course. At every level these vile succubuses are to be found, drinking from the teat of mother evil. Some know what they do, recognise the source and fundament of their authority and so rise. Most do not, but simply follow the lessons that other human beings have given to them: That much can be achieved through bullying and violence and the abuse of fear and the misuse of authority.

History gives us our understanding of the nature of these weird simulacrums of humanity providing we know where to look and have the critical faculties to see through the tangled web of deceptions that are presented to us by our "learned" scholars and those that fund them and publish them. If we have not these faculties we believe the lies, continue their existence and the power that is derived from them.

These false histories are being written each day by those that control our reality. So it is that the wickedest amongst us are portrayed as the saintliest. Such mockeries of truth are noted in the annals as real truths. As time passes there will be none to question their veracity, none to bring the awfulness of these miscarriages of justice to the attention (such as it is) of the ignorant and blinkered sheeple.

And so it is that the war criminal and mass murderer tony blair (I refuse to grant him the dignity of capitalisation) has been awarded at least two "Peace" prizes, "The Thomas J Dodd Prize in International Justice and Human Rights" and the $1 million "Dan David prize for outstanding achievements having a cultural or social impact on our world" (and specifically here for his Middle East peace work!)

So it is too that the baby murderer and agenda following genocidal freak obama obtains the greatest Peace prize of all, the Nobel Peace Prize.

Is this the depth to which humanity has descended?
Where is the righteous howl of disbelief?
Where the rebellious murmurings rising on a crescendo to a deafening blast, shaking the walls of the prison, shattering the masonry , splitting the timbers, melting the steel of the bars?
Where the mass gatherings of the righteous, the coming together of the meek, the organisation of the powerless into the powerful, the unstoppable force of critical mass bringing these criminals to the justice of humanity and the absoluteness of truth and love?

Ripping their lies from history.
Shining the light of truth upon their wickedness.

If we do nothing to destroy this incredibly audacious twisting of the truth, this insult to reason, this mockery of justice, if we allow these fiends wrapped in the clothing of the righteous, these wars dressed up as peace we by our acquiescence grant permission to them to take the next step, perpetrate the next crime, conjure forth the next level of wickedness.

As ever , it comes to this:
We must achieve critical mass.
We must unite on one truth, one front, free of division we must stand together as humanity and with one voice cry "ENOUGH".

That one truth is love.
And critical mass will come from the beauty of mathematics and the concept of exponential growth.
This is why I raise this voice and many others raise theirs in this, the greatest war, the last war, the world war of the soul.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Spread the word, and the word is Love.

There are 6.5 billion human beings sharing our mother earth, and consequently 6.5 billion sets of values, 6.5 billion sets of learned behaviours, 6.5 billion sets of opinions. Each and every one of us is different, each and every one of us carries a lesser or greater number of opinions, ideas or values which form part of the matrix of control that has been inflicted upon us.
From our lives we learn hatreds and dislikes that are based upon our own experiences, these experiences being derived from our interactions with other human beings that are similarly affected with their own learnt experiences.
We learn from our parents and siblings and friends, we learn from our governments and from our schools and teachers, we learn from casual encounters and from reading and research. We learn from the media. We learn from life.
We pass that learning on to others by and through our interactions with them and so unquestioningly pass on, to a greater or lesser degree, some elements of the control matrix. Each of us a larger or smaller brick in the wall of the prison.
The depth and power of the false reality in which we exist is derived from subtle and not so subtle powers exercised over us. Some are recent innovations, some ancient, all together forming the cultivation medium for the accepted understanding of humanity shared by the sheeple the world over.
It is largely unquestioned by them. They often don't know that "there is something wrong with this picture". They reinforce the whole by their interactions, as we do that count ourselves awake. The cumulative effect is that they and we are the very walls of our own prison, the preventative mechanisms that deprive humanity of truth and love, in which we cannot believe because we are so programmed.
From such learning and programming does the collective consciousness of humanity currently derive, such as it is. It is a consciousness that is sick, malformed, wicked, lacking in common sense, perpetuating practices and beliefs that are evidently noxious, poisonous to our species.
So we have the learned ideas of separateness. We view each person as we meet them or read of them or see them by an established and personal inculcation derived from the system as currently contrived.
This contrivance is what those of us that consider ourselves "awake" are fighting. Upon the outcome of this war for the hearts and minds and souls of humanity rests and depends the future for mankind. Are we destined to endlessly repeat the wickedness of our past, or can we finally break free, start again, build the utopia that our cleverness and inventiveness and burgeoning mastery of science can give us?
Ranged against us are the superb masteries of the criminal elite and their depth of control. They hold all of the cards in this game. They have all of the money. They have all of the weapons. They have written history for us and conditioned the masses. They control all of the media (and even have control of this medium (the internet) and of key elements in "our" movement). They control virtually all of the governments of the world. They control the agendas and opinions of the sheeple and always have.
They control the law.
They control those that enforce their laws.
They can reach out a careless hand and end the "life" of any of us at any time without so much as a thought.
Their controls of the "black" agencies of powerful governments and criminal organisations are complete. They are above and beyond the law which they created, and can sell us their vileness and wickedness , their treachery and criminality as "for our own good" or "for our nation" or "for our religion", even for "God".
And the sheeple will believe.
This is the scale and measure of the enemy we fight.
Our numbers are small but growing.
Our weapons are the most simple, pre-dating even the stone with which to batter a skull or a stick with which to thrash a back.
Our weapons are love, kindness, understanding, forgiveness, fellowship, compassion, contrition. We stand before the behemoth of evil naked save for the armour of truth, wielding the mightiest weapon of all: Love.
Is it enough?
It has to be.
The endless repetitions of the past have to end.
The time is fast approaching wherein humanity has to make itself ready for the future and all that the future has to offer us. Great times lie ahead of us, but we have to be ready.
The architects of our past are engineering their own demise. As humanity slowly enters the light so the realisation is dawning. The best efforts of their mind controllers, the sick weapons of their lackey scientists, the repetitions of their "dream" messages ever reinforcing the matrix, all of their mastery is not enough to stop the ever swelling ranks of those that know.
Together we count their crimes.
Together we build the evidence against them.
As a specie we will bring them to account for themselves.
And when a critical mass of us reach understanding, so their crimes will count against them, so finally will true justice prevail.
A justice based on love and an understanding of the one-ness of humanity.
We stand at present as sentinels of the future, marking our place, drawing our lines in the sands of time, not knowing what we risk but understanding that we must risk all for all our sakes.
Let our children and our children's children ask us what we did in these times and if we can answer that we stood, we were counted, and we were a tiny part of the whole that brought love into being, then that will be enough.
That will be the measure of our worth.
That shall be our legacy.
And no finer legacy than this was ever gifted to the future, nor will be more lauded by those that inherit the world we will make beautiful by our labours.
Love to each and every one of you,
Spread the word,
Olive Farmer. xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Evil's right hand man...?

tony blair....

(He doesn't deserve capitals...)

I've just spent five minutes on the tony blair faith foundation site.
That was enough.

Here's a man that carried out the orders of the sick global scum to the letter and has the blood of nearly two million innocent people on his hands posing as some sort of leader to the "multi-faith" world, reinforcing all the lies with his patronising twaddle, inventing as he goes along a kind of "Juslimanity".

Read the sycophantic comments and see if you can do so without screaming "He's a mass murderer, you dumb fools. WAKE UP!"

I guess tony wants to be the anointed leader of the new multi-faith religion, the figurehead representing the confluence of all religions when the new messiah comes along (which the scum are no doubt planning for right now!)

Maybe tony is their new false messiah?

He certainly acts in a god-like fashion.
(Not a nice god, of course. More one of those angry gods who like people to do as they are told and wreak vengeance upon them eternally if they don't.)

Now the Irish have been duped into accepting something they rejected previously and have approved the Lisbon treaty a new global power is about to enter the world stage, a massively powerful new Europe.

At its head, un-elected, will sit President Blair, wielding a combined foreign policy weapon backed up by a unified military might, strengthening the links between Europe and the United States, turning these mighty combinations into the bastions of the global elite.

As everyone knows, the EU is a criminal organisation riddled with sleaze and fraud from which billions disappear each year. The powerless elected MEP's are fed a diet of fat salaries and even fatter expenses and pensions so that they do not rock the boat, do not run screaming from their parliaments shouting "It's all a con!"
These shameful hussies are complicit in the vast thefts, aid and abet the globalisation agenda writ large across the front page of the Lisbon treaty.

They should all be taken out at dawn and hugged.

So this is what Europe has become.
A community of dumb sheeple allowing themselves to be governed by thieves and led by a mass murderer, a vile and sinister poseur who has a deeply evil ambition and messianic tendencies.

Nothing much changes does it?

tony is only in his fifties, so I guess he's got plenty of time left to make the next step and become the first and founding president of the world government once the war he will promulgate has taken its toll and , reeling from the horror, the sheeple turn to their saviour.......

Unless of course awakened humanity can get together and say "No".
And that is our job. Yours and mine.
And we do need to raise our game somewhat.


I've been travelling.
It's a sign when the normal becomes abnormal, when the ordinary extraordinary, when the mundane transforms itself into the inexplicable and the commonplace becomes a rare and truly ugly thing.
I'm being judgemental.
In an airport I suddenly realised something:
They do REALLY live in a dream.

I find myself listening to conversations, tuning in to other people's lives, eavesdropping on their reality and peeping through the curtains to their minds.
Cheeky, rude and intrusive I guess.
Irresistible though.
No-one I eavesdropped on showed the slightest sign that anything was wrong......
Not with me (I was unobtrusive, and I shower enough)

With what they were living through.

With how weird, oppressive and controlling things had become.
Their grandparents would have had something to say about that back in the 40's and 50's.
And yet if they still live even they have forgotten how to be free, have been distracted by the slow creeping-in of the sickness, say nothing.
They can't quite see it.
Cannot shape the words, form the ideas.

But they feel something deep down, they know something is amiss.

It shouldn't be like this.
Deep down they know.
For some reason they just can't seem to get hold of it.
The reason, of course, is that it's everywhere.
It's very complicated.
And everything is wrong.

These form the critical evidences of the existence of a pervasive controlling of the thoughts, the communities, the families, the loyalties, the pockets and the fears of the herd.
They don't know that anything is wrong!

So many people, heads down, sitting next to strangers and communicating only with their electric friends.
No shaking of hands, no "Glad to meet you", no eye contact, no searching for points of common experience, no "this one's on me, pal" nor even a "Piss off mate".
Empty vessels, travelling in a cocoon of self, avoiding the potentiality for difficulty.

There used to be in the past strong connections between people that outweighed almost any other consideration. Bonds of love and the idea of one mate for life. Bonds of family and the strength of proximity of kin: Dad's round the corner, Nan lives at the bottom of the street.
Bonds of community and the understanding of who was who, where to go and maybe not go, who the families were and what they'd done over time.
Bonds at work, knowing your job, getting on with or disliking your colleagues or the boss but being a part of something over time, maybe a whole career.

The very idea of acting in unison as a people to right a wrong, flowering only momentarily in history, is gone.
Few students ever object. No rallies. No sit-ins.

Students have had twenty years of television.

Twenty years that have seen the ripping apart of entire communities, many stretching back for hundreds of years. The closure of large industrial works and mines and the export of that production to places in the world where people are grateful, people do as they're told, where people will accept.
Country folk to the cities, rich folks in the village houses and pubs at the weekend.

The fundamental structure of human community has been gradually and piece by piece de-constucted before our very eyes.

No one quite knows where they stand.
Their neighbours remain strangers for years.
Their love for another is impermanent and requires no absolutes.
No commitment cannot be broken , other than debt perhaps.
People have been gradually engineered to become disconnected with other, real human beings.
The smoking bans in bars and at work are just one tiny element of this process.
Healthy for the body, damaging in many other ways.
The expansion of the EU to allow mass migration from poorer eastern European countries. The laxity of border controls in the U.S.
Asylum laws.
New peoples to deal with, strange habits, odd languages. Unsettling to many.
Deliberately and predictably so.

The increase in "bad news" reporting means that every home can be invaded, every man fear a street brawl or a mugging, every woman fear a rape, every parent fear a paedophile, every tax dodger or licence fee avoider fear a knock at the door.

Know your marriage won't last forever. Know your job won't last for long. Know your roof belongs to a bank. Know your community will change. Know your kid's will probably take drugs, move elsewhere, become Christmas visitors.
Know someone close will die of cancer.
Know you're being filmed.
Pay the debts.
Watch the telly.
Play with your mindless toys.

Lose yourself in otherworld, in dreamland. You don't have time to care, you don't have the strength to do anything but keep your head down, keep your nose to the grindstone, pray uselessly that you won't get cancer, try not to think hard about anything.

And have no-one to talk about it with anyway.

Watch the big game. Watch the docu-soap. Watch big brother.
Eat shit and poisoned food.
Drink doctored water.
Breath polluted air in an atmosphere bombarded with microwaves.

Dream of a lottery win whilst across the world the dead babies of the Blair-Bush wars rot in their unmarked graves, their kin dreaming of a bloody and just revenge.

Believe the big lies.
Believe what you see on the news even when it is unutterably nonsensical.
Learn to feel nothing when you see a crowd bombed, a market full of bloodied corpses, a starving child nuzzling at the breast of her dead mother, the shock and awe firework show, dumbing the senses, inuring the outer mind to the sickest evil, bringing it into each home and planting itself on the hearth, sitting like a rabid dog in the centre of their minds.
Preoccupying them.
Making them scared.

Excuse me but....
These f******g Zombies wouldn't say boo to a goose.
They just don't know how f*****d over they are getting.
They may very well be lost.

They are certainly not human in any meaningful way.
Their souls are being forced further and further into the enveloping cocoon of this unreality.
War is peace.
Control is safety.
Fear is good.
Everything is too complicated.
There is nothing they can do about anything.

There is just "I".

And someone is always watching, but the bad things keep happening.

I hugged as many of them as I could, but it wasn't enough.
It's good to be home.