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Due to popular demand I now produce nicely printed copies of this piece to fit an A4 frame.
Each one is personally autographed by Olive Farmer, and is something that always starts conversations with awakening spirits.
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In memoriam for the many slaughtered innocents murdered by our glorious masters with the dumb unfeeling acquiescence of the sheeple electorates of the US and UK.
Particularly one baby, just 8 days old. May his soul rest in love and peace.
Something maybe to print out and stick behind the windscreen wipers of the SHEEPLE as they do their shopping at the fits on an A4.......
Then scarper, because the SHEEPLE get really angry when you give them the truth.
Angry enough to kill another baby, maybe?

"Do you remember killing me, my friend?Surely you must?I was just eight days old.
But then why should you remember me, just one of the many children you have slaughtered?
But I was wrapped in a nice new blue blanket.
You still don't remember me?
I was being carried in the market by my mother.
You murdered her too.
Of course you don't remember, there are so many bodies, so many lives you have ended.
Not you, you say?
Why, it was you that paid for the missile that took my life, don't you remember?
It came from the tax you paid.
Do you remember now?
Money you regretted paying, because you need something else in your life.
Some gadget or toy.
You remember, you paid the wages of the man that aimed the missile at our market that day?
You voted for the man that gives him his orders.
The man you asked to protect you from me and my mother and the other million or so that you have slaughtered.
Do you still not recall?
I had a given name, but you know me as "collateral damage".
Remember, you were gifting us your democracy that day?
Your democracy of depleted uranium.
Or was it in self defence that you murdered me?
Or was it revenge for something I didn't do, years before I was born, knew nothing of in my innocence?
You tell me: Which just cause slammed my body into the dirt?
Did you think of me today as you went about your life, my friend?
Did you wonder what I might have become had you not slaughtered me?
Had not smashed my soft bones and crushed the new life from me?
Did you talk of me with your family?
Mention my murder to a colleague?
Spare me a thought as you filled your car at the station, ate your evening meal, watched T.V., tucked your children into bed?
Did you see my face today?
Did you wash my blood from your hands today?
It's still there, my friend, and always will be.
Did you pray to your God today?
Did you do anything to stop this murder today?
Did you protest? Did you march? Did you withhold your tax? Did you rage against the slaughter of innocents?
Did you spare just a passing thought for me today, my friend?
Remember I had a name?
My name was collateral damage. I was eight days old. Wrapped in a blue blanket.
And you killed me. Don't you remember?"

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  1. Do you want to make me cry Olive - I actually can't read all of what you wrote - it is too upsetting.
    People in our countries are pathetic - they refuse to realize and internalize what you wrote - in some ways I want them to suffer in this downturn that is coming as they deserve it allowing their crimminal governments to do evil wars and great harm to children in many countries.
    It is unbelievable how people can be like that - many are no better then the revolting politicians that represent them.
    I cannot think about that or I would be in despair.

  2. Thank You for your beautiful poem and for all of your thoughts. We need them all if we are to end this Hateful Madness all around us: this Hateful Madness which we've been taught to think of as NORMAL...NECESSARY...INEVITABLE. Thank you so very much for having the courage to leave your land and find a simpler and more truthful way to live. I am still trying to figure out if I need to stay in the U.S. and fight, or if I need to leave in order to fight...

    Thanks, again, for your poem - I will DEFINITELY PRINT IT OUT AND DISTRIBUTE.

    Where I last lived was Indiana. There, I had a truck and on it's side I painted: Whom Would Jesus Bomb. I hope that it helped to wake folks up. It definitely angered many folks...I guess that the answer was too obvious; especially for the 'christian right' who were thick in the area.

    blessings to you, Olive Farmer
    may we find a way to stop this mad, banker/governmental/military world take over,


  3. Master Piece! Olive!

    Many (give or take 10) years ago, I remember my wife having written a similar piece in more or less the same style wich was about an orphaned Fox Cub and her poem however aimed at a large public eventually shocked our local hunters organisation in peticular.

    Almost like her story from back then somehow found its way into your mind.

    Aint life miraculous?

    Collective Consciousness P'haps?

    Who knows!?!

  4. Phil Restino - Central Florida Veterans For Peace17 October 2009 at 02:14

    Hello Olive Farmer,

    I found your blog from a comment you left below an article today "Photos of Military Deaths in Afghanistan Banned" posted on

    Your column "Remember" is extraordianarily powerful and it could get a lot of attention and reposts on the internet.

    My name is Phil Restino and I am with the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace. If you were agreeable to reformatting your "Remember" column and include your real name and some sort of "tag" such as "Real Name is a such and such, currently resides in such and such working as an olive farmer and maintains and contributes regularly to the Olive Garden Blog at" then I would like to submit it to a number of on line and hard copy publications here in the States ... for instance the War Crimes Times, the Rock Creek Free Press, Idaho Observer, American Free Press,,,,, a few radio show hosts to hopefully read on air, our own Veterans For Peace national newsletter, etc. ... and of course some of the mainstream media which will most likely not run it as they are in the business of propagating the lies to promote and continue these genocides.

    I also was moved and appreciated your column "War is Peace" and totally agree with your outrage on the war criminals Blair and Obama getting the peace prizes.

    Please email back to me either way at Thank you.

    Phil Restino
    Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136
    Central Florida Veterans For Peace
    Member, Military Families Speak Out - Florida
    Member, WeAreChange - Florida

  5. Master Kirpal once said, "If weren't for the few humble souls the world would go up in flames"

    Glad to know your'e out there Olive

  6. People arn't ashamed.

    This morning all these people rang up on the talk back financial show asking if their shares in Arrow, Origon, Rio Tinto etc are doing well - all they care about is their money , bugger killing children in Afganistan or farmland here , they're not worried about that.

    They don't care.

    I can understand people becoming so called 'terrorists' - the coporation everywhere has all the rights.

    I could become a so called terrorist too if I had the guts because the gas corporation are out here on our boundary taking over and digging up our neighbours farmland , setting up a big camp and threatening to takeover the whole area. If I had the guts and knew how to I would blow up their equipment. '
    My husband says you would only be blowing up a sub contractors stuff , poor old sub contractor he says - you can't get to the main people and the uncaring shareholders pour their money in wanting a big return. SICK

    Are these people who think like this primitive or what ??

  7. @Von Curtis
    Hi Von,
    It's easy to succumb to thoughts like that I know.
    I think this is how humanity has been driven so easily over time into violence. I iamagine if I were an Iraqi or Afghan I'd be reaching for my Kalshnikov each morning.
    The strength we have comes from recognising this endless repetition for what it is and learning a peaceful and loving response to everything that is evil. Sure, if just a few of us do it they'll walk all over us as usual, but if ALL of us learn to act with love, or even just a critical mass, then humanity stands a chance of moving forward at last.
    The person that feels anger but still holds to the principal of love is a true hero in these times.
    On a personal note, thank you for your kind words and the leadership you are showing over there on outlawjournalism and truthmovementaustralia. The world need more like you.
    Love to you, and hugs,
    Olive xxx

  8. Love and hugs to you Olive - thank heavens we have people we can talk to - wonderful people in the past have had to face it alone and have suffered greatly.
    I was talking to a friend tonight whose son in law in the defence force is to be posted to Afganistan early in the new year. He is going into training next month.
    She said that he said that we have to fight them over there or they will be over here. ( same stupid garbage ) He is fully brainwashed , he's about 34 Apparently they have been told that you can't trust the Afgans because they might be taliban sympathizers - they may be two faced. He is learning an Afgan dialect.
    Its a secure job and money for these young people - this is how robotic , uncaring and programmed they are.
    Its very hard for me to convey this to this friend - not that she can stop him - he'll go .
    Its madness alright and they can't see it.
    Thank you for your great blog site as you say we will keep caring and trying to help, we have to . xxxx

  9. Like our late great friend, John L. said "...all you need is love... love is all you need..." We certainly don't need any more acts of violence and terrorism. Von's husband is correct... you're not going to get to 'them' by blowing up some sub-contractors stuff. Gandhi had it right, and it ultimately worked. So, Olive is right and hopefully his message keeps spreading until we have a global movement reminiscent of what Gandhi did in India so many years ago.

    Peace and Love...

  10. Your posts keep getting better and better! Keep it up!

    Daniel Bland

  11. What a powerful post Olive! Makes me want to cry. I will print it out and use it. Thank you!

    I watched a video this morning that really wore me out. It's called The Empire of the city (Ring of Power) So full of history. Is there any family on earth more evil than Rothschild?

    I've been trying to make a connection in my head about the USA and Israel. Why do we support them? This video did more to help me than anything else I've read or listened to. America has carried out pure evil against innocent people for so long that all I can say is I'm ashamed. No wonder the world hates us.

    Anyway, after I finished the video I headed to the grocery store. I ran into one of my old clients. We hugged and talked for several minutes. I told her part of what I had been studying and she looked simply terrified. She wanted my email address so that she could stay in touch with me. Hopefully she will. Maybe I started waking one up today? I hope so! love and hugs to all of you!

  12. One by one, KathyM, one by one.
    Love to you
    Olive xxx

  13. 'America has carried out pure evil against innocent people for so long that all I can say is I'm ashamed'

    Kathy be very careful saying that becaue I believe that is what they want you to feel - they wish to break the true christians who love God/Nature and Jesus in America , they want to make them weak and subservient - it is all a massive mind game through the media, movies and books and a lot of people fall for it. I believe there is no higher then the jesuits/vatican the Rothschilds are further down the order.

    Remember it IS the Vatican's plan to destroy all traditional religions for the easy transition into their new world, new age religion. This includes the destruction of Roman Catholicism......And in particular the destruction of the Protestant religion and nations, because historically it has been BIBLE believing Christians who have stood up against the Jesuits and their Counter Reformation

    'The Jesuits wish to cut all men down to the SAME LEVEL, so that NO MAN can become great and hence no man can oppose them.'

    And they want to make Israel into the terrible villain and move the UN in their so they can take control of Jerusalem.

  14. Thanks Von. I appreciate what you're saying about being careful because that's what they want people to think and feel. But in my case of feeling ashamed it comes from this: All the people from the small farming community that I came from are hard working honest people. If you were here they would feed you, give you a place to sleep and give you the shirt off their backs if you were in need. I know they are good hearted people. But when it comes to war that's a different story. America nuked Japan and killed thousands of innocent people and the reaction here was that "oh well collateral damage happens in war" "The Japanese government should have thought about their people before they came over here and bombed Pearl Harbor."

    Viet Nam, we used chemical weapons on those people. Again, "Oh well war is hell and collateral damage happens!"

    And now, it's bad enough that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan but we are using depleted uranium on them and I can't find anyone near me in my life that thinks we should stop. To me it's a shame when otherwise good people are so hypnotised about war that they think collateral damage is just okay!

    I have no doubt about what you say in reference to the Jesuits/Vatican wanting to use the mind games against us but in this case it's just in my heart to know that all humans have to wake up and know that it's not okay to commit this collateral damage.

    That last video I watched went into some detail about Vatican city, London city and Washington DC. Vatican being the spiritual power center to bring us all into the one world religion as you said, London is the financial power center and DC is the military power center. Each power center is not connected to the country in which they are found. Each trying to bring us under the one world rule with one currency, one military and one religion.

    I studied a bit about Jesuit priests back in the early 80's but I need a refresher course. All I really remember is they are secretive and evil. My father when he was alive always believed that the Roman Catholic church was the great whore of Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelation. I will be researching all of it again as I go along.

    For now I'm learning all I can about the Jews. Zionism and Khazars? All new to me. World history wasn't taught here like I think it was in your country so it's up to me to find it on this internet somehow. I'm just thankful to people like you and Olive who can put out information and give me clues as to where to look next. Love to all of you, kathy

  15. Please help me make this one spread.

    Daniel Bland's Open Letter to Charlie Sheen

  16. 'I know they are good hearted people. But when it comes to war that's a different story.'
    Yes Kathy we have plenty of them here too , its terrible and very hard to understand. Lucky we can talk on the internet or we might be in despair with this BIG PROBLEM.

    People do not realize that ABSOLUTE EVIL exists and they are in powerful positions.

    "Does God exist?"

    I hope I have a very overactive imagination because this thought scares me - On the country hour today they said people who are working at piggeries have been having the vacination today. I have an awful feeling about this vaccination business - I hope I'm wrong and it is just a money making buisness - what if people are being injected with the 'spanish flu' or something similar and after a long incubation period it will develop and then be very contagious.
    I hope I am very wrong about all that.
    Big HUGS for you Kathy - love from Queensland , Australia.

  17. Good morning all. I'm headed back out to the country today. My youngest brother still raises tobacco and he raised 35 acres this year so last week I started helping him strip the leaves off the stalks. (First time I've been inside a barn in 32 years) So I'm up at 4 in the morning and on the road to drive 45 miles to start early.

    My brother has two children ages almost 4 years and 8 years old. Little Lani Grace just had her regular flu shot in spite of all the vaccine information I've printed off and given my brothers and sister all summer. I just found out that because her weight is so small they have to give her half a dose now and the other half in a few weeks. Within days of the vaccine she came down with something that her Dr called hoof and mouth disease or in that family of diseases. But the Dr told her parents (my brother and sister in law) it has nothing to do with the vaccine. Yeah right! Von, I have an overactive imagination too. I don't trust these vaccines at all. The regular flu shot has a strain of H1N1 listed on the packet insert ingredients too so why do they need to give additional swine flu shots this year? Maybe it is about money but I don't trust the whole set up. Something wicked this way comes!!

    I've got to run but hope you all have a wonderful day. Love from the USA...kathy

  18. That is very interesting Kathy that they still grow tobacco , it was banned in North Queensland and it was a very succcessful industry before TPTB wrecked it.
    Interesting chat about smoking on - I have re thought a lot of my ideas about smoking

  19. changing mindsets
    Susan on said

    'IMO - it's the puppet masters who are to blame and should be made to pay.... however we can't make them. But - until money stops being a measure of 'how great you are' and also 'how powerful' then it seems we're doomed to repeat the cycles.'
    "war is a great leveller' meaning anyone - irrepective if race, colour creed or background can be equally affected..... what a great shame on society that it has to be the one thing which seems to join everyone....I truly detest those who manipulate for personal gain in whatever way, inlcuding using unashamedly for their own ends any person and thereby destroy them.
    I unfortunately know many who wish they had been killed rather than comtinue with the 'pain' of their existence.'

  20. Hey Von,
    I went over to the smoking thread and I tried to register so that I could comment. I can't type in the code because it doesn't show me a code. There's a little red "x" to click on and I tried to get it to show me the picture of the code but it wouldn't.

    So I will elaborate a little here.

    Raising tobacco in America is still allowed. They have banned the smoking sections in public places like restaurants and hotels here in Tennessee..also government buildings and many work places. You can still smoke in clubs where the attendants are age 21 and up.

    They used to have outdoor smoking areas at the hospitals but not any more. Also no smoking on school campuses even if you are in your car!

    My brother was able to have 44 acres of tobacco last year but the government cut him down to 35 acres this year as all farmers were cut. My mother and I were talking about it today wondering how long it would be before they ban it completely. It hasn't been banned yet because there has always been a strong tobacco lobby in congress.

    Hemp used to be a strong crop in America but if you research the marijuana tax act of 1937 you will see how it became illegal in America.

    Sorry I got off topic here Olive. Love to all from the USA

  21. Very interesting Kathy - I placed your comment on TMA site

    We in western countries are suffering hugely from way too many regulations , controls , no common sense and too much political correctness and loss of our rights and power - its absolutely stupid and ridiculous and WHEN will people make a stand against the madness.
    Urban people generally don't worry about farmers - its great you are out on the land with Nature - only place to be I believe.

  22. This is a bit off topic, but I thought this email I received from the company I work for was interesting in light of the fact that so many have been warning about the H1N1 vacine and what's really behind it. Check this out (I took out my company's name, for obvious reasons):

    As you may be aware, the vaccine for the H1N1 (swine) flu virus has been approved and will be available in the coming months from the U.S. government at no cost to health care providers. However, health care providers may charge fees for administering it.

    xcompanynamex, has aligned with Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) to offer the H1N1 flu virus vaccine for all xcompanynamex members covered with BCBS PPO and HMO-IL. Moreover, BCBS will cover the administration fee without applying it to affected members' deductibles, coinsurance, office visit copays or wellness maximums.

    Those eligible xcompanynamex associates and their covered dependents who are participants with BCBS PPO and HMO-IL, who receive the vaccination from BCBS's network providers will be covered for 100% of vaccination costs. Those who use providers outside of BCBS's network will be subject to out-of-network rates.

    This communication relates to the H1N1 flu vaccine only. Coverage for other vaccines will remain in accordance with the xcompanynamex medical plan.

    If you have further questions regarding... the H1N1 flu vaccine, you may contact BCBS directly at 800-xxx-xxxx or xemployeenamex. in the xcompanynamex Human Resources Department at xxx-xxx-xxx

  23. Yeah, smoking is good for your health. Go support the cigarette manufacturers and start a habit, if you haven't already.

    Sorry, but I'm extremely resentful that my mother smoked every day of my life in close proximity to her while I was under her roof.

  24. Olive and everyone... I thought you might like this video that speaks of the love that Olive talks about in his posts...


  25. Dear Olive Farmer,

    If your beautiful poem touches only one hard heart we will have made progress towards slowing down the Evil that has come upon us.
    Many thanks.

    P.S. the cows asked me to say "Hay" and send their warmest regards.

    Peace to ALL (eventually).



  27. This is what happens to "Leaders" who have no obligations to those who hold the purse strings. They don't last long...

  28. shut off the television

    Join the peaceful resistance of awakening.

  29. The whole swine flu push is extremely suspicious. I wonder how long the incubation period could be before it affects people.

    And so it starts - Obama declares national emergency!

    They do appear to have speeded up .

  30. Now that Obama has declared a national emergency I wonder how far he will take it? George W Bush signed PD51 giving the president dictatorial powers in the case of a declared national emergency and congress has no say in the matter.

    The constitution is supposedly suspended when a national emergency has been declared. I think things are about to get interesting here! Love to all from the USA.

  31. Hi Olive-

    I have been forcing people to read this post, sometimes just reading it to them off my iPhone. I actually think it is more power when narrated. I think we should start a YouTube Video Contest for whoever can produce the best video of "Remember", instead of offering a monetary reward, you should offer the gift of a massive, critical mass level awakening to the truth. Certainly those who are dedicated to truth and justice will put truth before money, right? Let's get this message viral on YouTube ASAP! In the meantime, on with your next posting already!

    Daniel Edd Bland III

  32. Hi Daniel,
    Thank you, the You Tube thing would be great. Let me know , anyone, if you post a video.
    "Remember" is the first of a group of things I want to do in different "voices" that I hope will help to break through the consciousness of the sheeple. The second is not coming easy, which is part of the reason for the delay. The second and major part is that we are moving home (slowly) having found a cheaper rental in a village which hopefully will help us eke out our dwindling funds until the olive harvest is in and our oil sold.It comes, like many Cretan village houses, with five cats.
    It would be a great boost to us to see Remember on You Tube. Thanks for the idea.
    I read your last post at blandyland full of admiration for your friend and for your fiance's granddad. I was reminded of a time when I had a grand job and got to meet some "grand" people, including the heads of some major charities. I remember lunching with them at the poshest hotels in London, drinking expensive wine, seeing them off in their chauffered limos and thinking.....
    Quite a few were either retired military generals or higher or had come from the aristocracy. All were greedy and smug. I never gave to an organised, well known charity again and never will. The chairpeople and executives of these organisations are no different from the corporate scum who fulfil the intentions of the elite.
    Love to all,
    Olive xxx

  33. Yes Kathy there could be some very weird stuff going on soon - these people up the top and many in our society believe lies and more lies.
    Keep positive , confident and strong no matter what they throw at us - at least it is better for us ladies then in the old days - they would have burn't women like us at the stake.
    We are still fighting and we will keep doing so.
    xxxooo love Von

    Ciggy on typed some really good info today

    'Beware the dialectic. Nature really is being harmed, but then that's the point of making little children apologize for it when obviously they have nothing to do with it. The innocent are made scapegoats while military industrial contractors spew benzine and toluene into fisheries and laugh as species die out. They threaten to tax people for breathing while the rich are rewarded for clearcutting forests. They create a paradigm of false dichotomy between the proposition that nothing is harming nature at all, on the one hand, and the opposite extreme, equally ridiculous, that a small child breathing is single-handedly killing Mother Gaia. False dichotomy is their favourite, and most effective, operative fallacy.'

  34. The problem with using words to represent concepts is that those singular words, such as Love and Truth, have different meanings for different people, and can be easily coopted and usurped to serve nefarious and insidious purposes.

    For example, many people believe that all humanity should "love" God, or a God(s), before all other things. What does "love God" mean for these people? And, I don't even agree with the edict, and that's what it is, that humanity should "love" a God(s) before all other things, including life.

    Instead, we should drop the meaningless words of "Love" and "Truth," and be more specific in what we hold dear as basic core principles, preferably leaving deities out of the mix.

  35. When I read remember it hit hard. When I made my mom read it to me, I cried. It was the last time I can remember crying. Since it hit me so much harder hearing someone else read it, I thought it might have the same effect upon others.

    Daniel Bland

    P.S. I will be posting a new, ground breaking piece soon to further the progress of the 9/11 Truth Movement! Just giving my family a few days to offer feedback on my idea first. Stay tuned!

  36. Do yourselves a favor and watch this all the way through...

    The internet has awakened so many and continues to give a voice to many more to come... all in the name of truth and eventual freedom:

  37. And this one...

    It may seem like old news, but it's pieces to the puzzle that lead us to now and beyond.

  38. So Morocco, when you say words are a problem for us what do you suggest we use instead of words when we express ourselves? I haven't developed mental telepathy skills yet. Words are all I have.

    I do understand the concept that if I say I love my children you might not see love the same way as I do. Therefore you might not get it. So should we strike the word 'love' from our vocabulary? What is the replacement for words? Would you rather I type that I hold my children dear? Would that even hold the same meaning for you as it does for me?

    I noticed that you are extremely resentful of your mother for smoking around you every day of your life while you were under her roof. Sorry if you got a second hand disease from it. I had to face both parents smoking around me. 5 of us kids born and no low birth weight babies. No asthma, allergies or lung diseases in the process of the exposure. In fact I grew up surrounded by smokers who lived to be very old. Might there be some other factor(s) that go into the making of lung cancer and other so called smoking related diseases? Propaganda is everywhere. I hope you've been able to drop the resentment of your mother. She probably loved you or "held you dear" very much!

  39. Let me get this straight, Kathy. You are actually advocating smoking because you believe it is a conspiracy that smoking causes deadly health issues?

    How am I to take you seriously about anything else you say on this blog if that's your position?

    Your second hand smoke is likened to a deadly fart, Kathy. It's a disgusting habit. If one wants to engage in this habit, have at it, but don't make the rest of us suffer through it.

    You completely missed the point about "love" and "truth," Kathy. I hear those idiotic words my entire life and yet we live in a world so utterly dispossessed of both. Enough of the words, and more action, I say.

    How would you know whether my mother "loved" me, or "held me dear" her entire life, Kathy? Is that what you were taught to believe? If she didn't drown me in the bath tub when I was an infant and allowed me to sleep under the same roof with her, does that equal "love?"

    One person's "truth" and "love" is another person's "deceit" and "hatred," meaning the words represent highly abstract and subjective concepts. Nazis purged the Jews because the Jews were a blight upon the purity of the Germanic race. They engaged in their behavior out of "love" for their race. There you have it. Their "truth" and "love" are quite different from your "truth" and "love," wouldn't you say? Yet their "truth" and "love" were every bit as real to them as your's is to you. It's best to articulate values and principles you believe in as comprehensively as possible rather than delusionally thinking everyone adheres to what you generally refer to as "truth" and "love."

  40. Oh Morocco, I wasn't advocating smoking at all. I was stating my curiosity at why some die from it and others don't. I had one uncle on my mom's side who died in his
    60's of lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker. It was a bad death. I had another uncle on my dad's side who died of lung cancer in his 70's. He had never been a smoker nor was he around second hand smoke. He was exposed somewhat to asbestos in his job. That could have caused it. A connection has also been made to SV-40 found in some vaccines as an adjuvant, and certain lung cancers.

    While I think that ingesting smoke into the lungs can't be good for you, I also wonder how much difference it would make if all the chemicals weren't added. I think that 'natural' anything is better than processed with chemicals added.

    I think I have more tolerance to the idea of tobacco because I grew up around it. My dad would break open a cigarette and take the tobacco out and wet it to put it on a wasp sting. It took away the pain. Earache? Blow cigarette smoke into the ear and the pain goes away temporarily. When my daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis disease, one method used to treat that was to place a low dose nicotine patch on the patient. In some patients it caused a temporary remission and others a permanent one.

    Any way, there's probably a right way to use tobacco and the way it's manufactured right now it's not correct. (not the highest and best use)

    But if I did advocate using tobacco and it meant that you could no longer take any of my posts seriously, that's okay too. It's just not a requirement whether you take me seriously or not.

    I'm sorry and I do apologize about statimg that your mom probably loved you. You're correct. There is no way I could know that so I was out of bounds in assuming that. But I hope she did! And I hope it was the good kind of love...not the Nazi theory of love. I agree with you that different people put different values on words. I used to think love was the opposite of hate. Now I believe it is the opposite of fear. But hey, I'm a work in progress. Much more to learn. Trying to get my ego out of the way so that I can just learn. I'm glad I stumbled upon you on my path. I wish you everything good that is the opposite of fear. (all the good emotions) All the good health, good wealth, abundance at every level. My love to you, Kathy

  41. Thanks for your last post, Kathy. That clears things up for me in regards to your position. I agree with you about Tobacco and its positive uses. I also believe chronic abuse of any substance is not in harmony with nauture. Take Marijuanna, for example. A wonderful herb, in my opinion, if used properly, as is Ayahuasca. But there are those, many, as a matter of fact, who have to turn such wonderful treasures into a cesspool of addiction and misery. That I can't stand.

  42. Love to read your blog! Thanks for posting some valuable post.


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