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Tuesday, 19 January 2021


Our world's societies are false and inhuman.

They are formed of memes, those memes serving as programmes shaping individual consciousness and by aggregation society as a whole.

They have existed for ages and shape our reality for the benefit of our rulers.

These old beliefs are dying, being seen through, exposed.

Believers are those human beings that, having being born into a society of established memes, lack the ability, vision or will to penetrate the veils of illusion and so see reality for what it is.

Believers conform and in that conformity serve as transmitters and defenders of those memes.

Evolved human beings have within them a spark, an inner will, a determination to fully open their eyes and see the truth of the world.

We are growing in number exponentially.

As such we have become a threat to the Power that created and maintained the memes which have for ages misshaped human societies.

To extinguish that threat new Believers must be created and taught to identify and kill the Evolved.

This has been a feature of our human history and explains those incessant outbursts of inhuman cruelty, blood-lust and misery-generation perpetrated by believers upon non-believers.

The great mass of humanity lacks the cognitive skills necessary to recognise that their minds are controlled and that their beliefs were manufactured and, indeed, are now being re-engineered as the Power seeks to meet the challenge of the evolved humanity by installing a new set of control memes.

Evolved human beings represent the potentiality for the species to change the nature of reality. That potentiality is close to realisation, despite efforts being made to disguise how widespread the presence of evolved human beings is, how many WE ARE.

The evolved represent a threat to the established meme structures installed over millennia to ensure the continued dominance of certain vile creatures.

WE have simply stopped believing.

This is the ambition of Evolved human beings:

To change at a fundamental level the memes which control the shaping of societies and hold Believers in thrall.

The legacy Power in this reality, which is inherently evil and so inhuman, has understood this threat to its established memes for some time.

It, too, is undergoing a kind of evolution.

This evolution relies upon its ability to cast off the ancient memes which have controlled the shape of reality and are now being seen through and install a new set of controlling memes.

Technology has been harnessed to this purpose.

This explains what we are as a species fighting our way through right now.

This new set of memes serve as a kind of simulated evolutionary process, mimicking and faking that which evolved human beings might yearn for, installed in the great new societal matrix being refashioned at this time as the Power tries to maintain its grip on the collective consciousness of humanity.

Their “Great Reset” refers to this process of re-engineering societies to install “new, improved” memes which seem to have good intentions: Fighting inequality, Global Warming, racial injustice and so on.

They hope to maintain, through these new memes and those that fall into believing them, their mastery of the collective human consciousness, from which mastery they derive their Power.

The evolved SEE that the world's wrongs and harms do NOT stem from humanity but rather from the various arms of the tentacular control grid of Power. Which organisations create pollution, drive the unremitting exploitation of resources, deliberately place humanity in perpetual debt, perpetuate injustices, create wars, starve populations, design vast inequalities?

Not humanity, but rather those that rule over humanity and shape this reality.

The grip held on the collective consciousness is, of course, what Power is.

Power is that which controls the collective consciousness of a species, such that the controllers exist as untouchable demi-Gods, worshipped or feared by believers that will kill those that stand outside of the great societal matrix.

Our human history tells this story, repeatedly. WE have yet to learn from those errors.

For millennia Power has shaped the collective consciousness by the insertion of durable memes and used the believers so created to kill non-believers (those that had learned to see the societal matrix and the wrong, the harm, the evil inherent within the matrix).

So our history has been of well-intentioned human beings believing in the inserted memes so fervently that they will kill those that do not so believe.

So Stalin found enough bullies to round up 60 million dissenters and kill them.

So Mao was able to cause the deaths of 100 million.

So Christians went on crusades, so Muslims Jihads.

So decent Germans applied for the good jobs at Buchenwald.

So British pilots were persuaded to fire-bomb Dresden, knowing the place was stuffed with children.

Belief in implanted memes creates fervent monsters that believe they do right when doing the very worst of wrongs.

Look at the USA today, polarised human beings being brought to bloody conflict, believers frothing at the mouth just waiting for the spark which will ignite the flames of a “holy war”, both sides believing in their righteous justifications, those carefully implanted memes reaching their inevitable and intended final conflagration.

It is not easy for Power to perform this miracle, to take loving human beings and turn them into monsters. It requires a deep intelligence and an understanding of the true nature of reality which derives from understandings which are hidden, are occult, are in nature that which could be described as Demonic.

The death of the “democracy” meme now underway was intended. Evolved humanity was beginning to see through the cracks in the fake system. So the Power must kill democracy and install a new meme.

Nations, those groupings which if we had true democracy could unite and stand against the global Power, must also disappear. The Power created nations but foresees that it will lose control of them. Better to destroy them, split them into smaller parts, remove their threat to Power.

Now there is the most dangerous new meme being installed by the Power.

It has got the great masses to believe it faces a common enemy, the deadly “Virus”.

They wear their uniforms of conformity and faith across their faces, these new believers.

They'd have worn the hammer and sickle or the Swastika in times past, these morons.

The meme is causing them to believe that those who do not wear these masks are “murderers”, thoughtless selfish killers spreading the “virus”.

Those who refuse the jab will be so accused.

The believers will act as they have always acted........

Already camps are being made available for the evolved, described as terrible refuseniks and “deniers”. Ordinary human beings will clap for the “heroes” that burst down doors in the dead of night.

Believers will feel no guilt as they round the deniers up, snitch on them to the police, refuse to serve them in their corporate or government safe employment positions.

Already the believers grow angry.

Easy to see how they might turn nasty at any moment.

So, by creating a meme and inserting it into the reality of collective consciousness the Power gets humanity to go after and kill those that represent the species' greatest hope.

Those that can see.

Those that are the greatest threat to Power.

What can prevent this?

In the forthcoming chaos planned for humanity, designed to destroy the core societal and ancient memes that shape reality and install a new set of memes, the world mind of our species will suffer an attack on the connective “neurons” that have enabled so much truth to be shared by so many that the veils have been lifted.

Our connectivity speeds up our ability to create our own new memes and to share them.

That connectivity creates the evolved human thinking machine, seven billion souls connected and sharing truth. A new ideosphere ( is forming, one which will evolve and in that evolution identify and destroy that which causes humanity harm.

Taking that connectivity away (selectively) will slow down or prevent our evolution.

This is planned, of course, and announced by Schwabb as a “potential threat”.

It will be a time for communities to step up, for hierarchies to be reformed, a time to Keep Calm and Carry On.

The evolved must step forwards to ensure the transition.

This is your time.

The evolution of our species depends on we human beings becoming aware of how our reality has been misshaped by Power, how that process has been and is behind so much of the evil that we do, then by developing between us all a new set of memes and rebuilding our world based on these essentials.

They will, as must be, be based on the idea of love and all that stems from love.

They will, as must be, be based upon the shared, instinctive and universally understood qualities of humanity that we call human-heartedness.

They must be practicable.

To be practicable they must be durable, they must be vigilantly preserved, they must without chaos replace the old memes that form our current misshapen collective consciousness.

Old beliefs must pass, new human-hearted beliefs come naturally into being.

We must kill the fake money that sustains the current hegemony and which funds almost everything we do as a species and so misdirects, controls and holds back our advances.

Money can create new and deadly forms of virus, and does.

Money can create bullying police states controlled by agents purporting to be governments, and does.

Money can build death camps, and does.

It buys and controls media, and does, so controlling the spread of ideas and the revelation of truth as we can all see.

Everything we fear as a species owes its existence to this stuff.

This is a meme we must replace: That money has value.

It only has value because we have been caused to use it and to believe in it.

Once we drop that belief a great shackle will be lifted from our reality, a great sigh of relief will rise to the heavens as the weight of debt and the uncertainty created by money vanishes, as those that used that fake money to buy everything we humans need and so control our existence are denied that ownership, that Power, that dark energy source.

What has true value is resource and the human intelligence and muscle required to repurpose that resource to feed, house, clothe, care for and entertain our species.

Our species does not need the intervention of money to make the new system work.

Just organisation, and the care and vigilance needed to ensure that no new Power arises out of that organisational endeavour.

This is the new meme that must spread between us.

That the wrongs we witness, the war against us as a species, are made possible by the creation from thin air of “money” by Power.

In the future we will laugh at ourselves for ever allowing the stuff to be created from thin air and used against us.

Hindsight is a wonderful gift.

Perhaps, for the first time, humanity will learn from its mistakes.

Nobody said this great time of change would be easy.

This will take billions of us, working in cooperation, organising, remaining calm.

Working ceaselessly to break the new memes being created by Power, discrediting their fake facts, discrediting their bought “experts”, debunking their false theories, showing them for the corrupt, evil bastards they are.

We tire of talking to believers, but must not.

There is a crack in the dam that has held humanity contained for so long and through that crack truth flows, every day widening the gap, weakening the structure.

One day, soon now, the dam will burst.

When it does, stand for order, organise for carrying on, prevent chaos, speak of human heartedness and our potential future....

Then watch the flower of humanity blossom and know that you did your bit and were courageous in the face of evil.

Thank you.....

With Love xxx xxx xxx