Thursday, 4 February 2021

Send us some love

Can you help?

We've blogged here for over ten years, always had a 'donate' button but rarely received.

That was not important to us then.

Now, speaking frankly, we are in a bit of a hole.

Literally a cent from every visitor would keep us going.

For the last two months we've picked our olives, backbreaking work for people in their 60's.

The results will earn us about a thousand euro, when we get paid......

If you come here often, as we know thousands do, will just some of you please just reach in your pocket and tip us?

(Not, if like us, you are broke.)

But if you aren't, send us a hug please, no matter how small.

A euro or a pound or a dollar each from our regulars would make a huge difference.

Love to you,

Fingers crossed,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx


  1. Where is the button? Can't see it.

  2. I found it, only se bit on desktop site view.

  3. Donated - with Love. Your voices are important and you are doing a great job. Namaste xx

    1. Thank you, Rainbow Sophie, much appreciated
      Love to you too.
      Ride the waves,.........
      Olive and Aktina
      xxx xxx xxx

  4. Hello. I can't see a donate button on my Chromebook.

  5. I found it. I had to select web view.

  6. Hello both - how are you doing ? Did your harvest come in OK ? It's been a long hard busy summer here as well with added complications, but seeing the light again at last ... Namaste x

  7. Please could you bring your website up to date or remove it?

  8. Ten years ago we posted that they would use a virus. Twelve years ago we posted that the only way they could achieve their intentions was through their continued control of the creation of what they call "money". For 15 years we have told of how these inhuman monsters have distorted this reality and perverted we human beings. We don't need to delete anything.
    Do you see that olive tree?
    Can you hear the words?