Friday, 30 June 2017

A Sense of Separation.

Don't despair of this sense of separation.

What has driven your study is not mere curiosity.

Rather it is your innate understanding of wrong.
Which has made you determined to find our how and why it exists.

And to share the understandings you arrive at.
In the hope that, in this war between good and evil, good will prevail.

As you have learned more, so the gulf has widened between you and the rest of the tribe.
It is as if you are sighted, they blind.

They cannot see how our tribe is destined for something beyond this reality.
You see the ease with which we could reach out our hands and force open the door into a different future.

You see the opportunity drifting away.........

You see the arrogant frenzied blood lust of the inhuman monsters that feed upon us growing daily and swelling towards the final chapter of the book.

You want to scream “WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!” until your voice grows hoarse and your body-machine falls, exhausted.

Do so.

But, do not despair.

Your consciousness has taken a path and there is a purpose to that journey.
You have changed.

You are now someone different to the person you were.
Now some thing different.

And you are not alone.
Scattered across our world there are millions like you.

You have a purpose.
Collectively, you are a force for good, for justice, for truth.

A force which awaits its moment to reveal itself.
That Moment will arrive.

Then you will understand what this has all been for, and know that the price you have paid has been worth it, and realise just how important your tiny piece in the collective whole is.

Ready yourself, dear friend, store up your energy, open your soul to the universal love.

You have a purpose........
Be happy in that knowledge.
And smile.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

The Olive Tree has stood side by side with humanity for thousands of years. Within its fractals lie truths about the nature of this reality and clues as to the way forward for humanity, how to organise an entity where each element is essential to the whole, where abundance is created through mutuality and shared purpose.

The Olive Tree speaks its silent truth into reality and, as we tend ours and sit beneath their branches, we hear in our hearts their whispered understandings.

Love to all our readers.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

No truth...

There is no 'truth' movement, merely the assumption of control of rising consciousness by the masters.

The 'truth' movement is designed to obfuscate, divide, create weariness, prevent cohesion, debilitate.

The internet was created with this in mind.

Our masters foresaw the rising discontent.

From this prescience they determined their programme:
Lead the opposition and thereby destroy its power.
Ensure future generations were/are suitably nullified by distraction (Social Justice Warriors etc) and by resentment (student debt, house prices, lowered incomes), and by simply reducing the capability to think and the desire to get involved (Education, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter etc,: Weapons of mass separation).

All of humanity now sees the wrongness of the world, its terrible injustice, its cruelty.
All of humanity now sees the dominance of the very few and their inhumanity.

All of humanity now feels incapable of doing anything, simply because they feel alone.

Yet, deep down, we recognise each other and our hopes, our dreams, our understanding that seven billion of us could make a better job.

This recognition of shared understandings is the greatest weapon we have.

What's needed is to COLLECT TOGETHER.....

Not to discuss detail, for the Devil itself loves detail.
But to find simplicity.

In simplicity we find agreement.

By distillation we find that we agree that things should be good, be fair, be equal, be free.

By distillation we find Love.

The cornerstone from which we must build the future.

As we have been warning here for the last ten years, only the unity of those that understand can form the rock standing proud from the incoming tide.

We Are the breakwater.

We Are human.
We Are amazing creatures.
We Are love.
Together, We Are more than the sum of our parts.
We Are the collective consciousness of a species at the threshold of discovering our destiny.

It is not more war, more hatred, more bigotry, more division, more greed.
Our destiny is something much finer. 

Time to coalesce?  

Love to you all,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Nature of reality, or of humanity?

So: This is the most interesting group of scientists out there. 
They approach the idea that collective human consciousness is a creative force, whilst in a typically right-brain way ignoring or just not getting to grips with the questions that stem from their understanding of the building blocks.
What is the purpose of the 'game'?
Why is there evil?
What is humanity's destiny?
How do we find that destiny?
Where does love come into the equations? 
Is the Golden Ratio a mathematical representation of love?
Co-creating our past, from the future, so that we learn...?
Littering the 'present' with clues.

We are individuated parts of a single consciousness, growing into a unity as 'time' passes, becoming ONE  

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A new APP needed?.......

Our masters operate at a heightened state of awareness, by virtue of being in control of almost all scientific research and publishing.
What WE know, from the physics they have shaped and presented to us, is that.....
We kind of 'know' that, at the quantum mechanical level, everything seems connected by some kind of probability field, that matter is 'entangled', that affecting one elemental particle affects, instantly, another elemental particle in no time at all.....
That is, faster than the speed of light....
So there's this interconnectedness in reality....
Between the nothingness occupying 99.99999% of the 'space' of an atom with all the other absences of stuff.....everywhere.

And none of it exists unless WE look at it or try and measure it.....

At which time the thing we are looking at acts just as we expect it to....
Most of the time.....
And when it doesn't, it's because we haven't deduced exactly what to expect yet....

And somewhere, underlying this conformity with expectation, there's 'information'....
Though nobody knows where that information is....

And we witness these miracles via a bio-electrical computer, yet only get to use a tiny fraction of its power, because of some kind of barrier that must have been built into the DNA programme that operates the bio-systems that our consciousness resides in for the 'duration' of that machine's functionality.
That is, until the machine breaks and your 'go' is over.....

And we don't know where the being we call “I” exists, have no idea what consciousness really is other than the awareness of being 'alive' in the game.....

What we do know is that we share certain things, even the basest among us:
We share a desire for love, to give and receive it.
We share a desire for the game to continue, provided it stays good......
We share a desire for the essentials of life that bring comfort and sustenance....
We share a desire for freedom, that freedom built into the framework of obligations that exist between us all...
We like to enjoy the fun things we like....

But these shared, instinctive natures get buried as each 'life' progresses through 'time', buried by the necessities of surviving in a reality which is shaped by those that have no such basic and innate instinctive desires.

These 'inhuman' masters of reality create a world in which it is almost impossible for our species to sit collectively together and realise just exactly what it is that we share and so, from that collective understanding, shape the world to reflect this most basic of human traits.

Oh what a world, if full of care, we have not time to sit and share.

By their careful nurturing, over all of time as we know it, their systemic controls over human interactions, our reality has become utterly inhuman.
Our humanity itself is contained within a box.

Remember, every atom of nothingness in your body is connected to every atom of nothingness in mine.
Remember, we are operating together in a field of information and that there is no maximum speed at which things can affect other things.....
In essence, we are one thing....

So: It is no wonder that we share the most basic instincts.
So: What are we waiting for?

This: The moment when we finally get to sit together and share our most innate understandings.

We have, of course, the technology.
We simply need the WILL to do it.

This is not about arguing over detail, rather the opposite:
It's about distilling the fundamental nature of our species, finding those things which we all agree on.....
Or rather, the 99.99 % of us.

Once that collective consciousness is discovered, every system and method we develop from that will reflect that shared understanding.

Olive and I see no room for war, for money, for treachery and deceit within that new system.
We see no room for the masters that sit back and cream off the results of human effort and endeavour through a pyramidal system designed to focus gain in their hands.

In this way the world can and will change beyond recognition.
Because our reality will become human.

We simply need the will to sit together and find what we share.
Then shape our reality human.

Is this, we wonder, the purpose of the game?
For us to become what we are, in essence?
And for love to win?

We think so.

Please share, comment.
With Love,
Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx