Friday, 29 May 2020

The enemy is organised. WE must organise.

The end to human suffering does NOT rely on complexity, on detail.
The future will be found in simplicity.
Clear your minds, and think.
This is what WE humans MUST DO.
Share these simple truths.

  • We human beings are at war.
  • Our enemies have locked us down.
  • They are using OUR police to force us into house arrest.
  • Therefore, officers that obey those orders are OUR enemies.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers.
  • They are traitors to humanity.

  • Our enemies have terrorised us.
  • They have filled our minds with lies about how deadly this virus is.
  • Our enemies use propaganda and all media to create a false reality, deleting truth wherever they can.
  • Therefore all mass media owners, editors, journalists, staff, all bought-and-paid-for false alternative media operatives, all those that help bury truth are OUR enemies.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • They are traitors to humanity.

  • Our enemies have taken control of the collective consciousness of OUR species.
  • They employ “behavioural psychologists” to drive that control.
  • They have made humanity believe the biggest lie.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • Those creatures are traitors to our species.

  • Our enemies are pushing OUR human societies and economies into a vast depression.
  • They have already destroyed countless millions of livelihoods.
  • Meanwhile, they have been creating Trillions in fake money, and used it to buy OUR world's resources.
  • Therefore ALL those involved: Bankers, financiers, government ministers, billionaire “philanthropists” are traitors to our species.

  • Our enemies, through data mining and surveillance, know at every moment what WE are thinking, how WE feel.
  • They predicate their ongoing strategy on this understanding of the collective consciousness of our species.
  • They have used these “experts” in technology companies and intelligence agencies everywhere to do this.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • They are cancerous worms, enemies of humanity.

  • Our governments, in nearly every nation, are marching in lockstep against WE human beings.
  • They are rewarded for their compliance.
  • They are bribed, corrupted, paid a lot of “money”, offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • Governments are the enemies of humanity, charismatic liars, ruthless killers, stealers of hope.

  • Those governments KNOW that many millions will die because of their actions.
  • Their psychologists would have told them of the effects of house arrest and incarceration on human beings: Domestic violence, suicide, abuse, despair.
  • Their psychologists would have told them of the effects of unemployment and loss of businesses and increased debt on human beings: Utter misery, and the desire to riot. WE will not fall for that old trick again.
  • Their economists would have told them of the effects of their lockdown on food supply chains, on farmers, on processors, on distribution chains.
  • In many places, especially less well organised nations where the prospect of food is dependent day to day on a small wage, mass starvation is readily foreseeable.
  • Governments everywhere have effectively closed-down ongoing medical care to “make space” for the millions of Covid sufferers....that have failed to appear.
  • ALL those politicians and civil servants, at every level, that have created this imminent nightmare will face our human Justice.

  • As a result of their action or inaction, millions of human beings will die as a result of illnesses which should have been treated or of starvation.
  • To an extent, many Doctors and Nurses have complied with instructions they understood were both unnecessary and wrong.
  • They have done so for “money”, and for being afraid to “rock the boat”, in case their “careers” were adversely affected.
  • Rather than being humanity's “saviours” those compliant medics have aided and abetted our enemies, and have become traitors to humanity.
  • Thankfully, many are now speaking out, even though their voices are hidden from many of us by algorithms and by censorship.

  • Across the world many thousands of “scientists” and “experts” in many fields have assisted those enemies of humanity by falsifying figures, by creating fear, by lying in many ways, by developing biological and other weapons of death.
  • They have done so for “money” and advancement.
  • Therefore they are Judases, traitors to humanity.

  • ALL of these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY form part of a vast conspiracy.
  • Not a conspiracy theory, but an evident and obvious conspiracy.

  • Every hierarchy of authority that shapes human society has, at its head, those who are a part of this conspiracy.
  • Billions of WE humans now realise this.
  • Beneath them, and sprinkled throughout those pyramids of power, are their replacements, jockeying for advancement in their career and for more “money”.
  • Every aspect of our experience of life itself is monitored, governed, shaped and controlled by these hierarchies.
  • The result is what WE human beings now see: Fear, Misery, Death.
  • Among them are those that simply did nothing, or followed orders when they should have refused. Guilty.

  • These creatures WILL face human Justice.

How can WE HUMANS fight this orchestrated conspiracy?
  • NOT by rioting. NOT through revolution. NOT with violence.
  • Our enemy's power to create this fear, misery and death relies on just two things.
  • Money, and the hierarchies energised by money.
  • Therefore that “money”, those hierarchies it sustains, are the enemies of humanity.

  • Therefore WE must CHOOSE to no longer accept them.
  • WE must choose to do that AS ONE SPECIES.
  • Otherwise, NOTHING will EVER change.
  • THEY will always have the money THEY create.
  • THEY will always be able to use it, as we see them using it now.

  • WE human beings must choose a different world in which to live.
  • IF we do so in our Billions, and we can, the world will change in a Moment.

The alternative is MORE OF THE SAME. In our Billions, we say NO to that.
This has gone on long enough now.
  • No end, ever, to the fear, misery and death?
  • Is that what WE want, we billions of human beings?

  • Now WE humans in our billions must organise.
  • WE must keep calm and carry on doing what WE need for survival, without using “money”.
  • There is NO alternative.

  • THEIR Power derives from the “money” they create.
  • It is this “money” that pays for everything they are doing to us.
  • It is this “money” that the traitors sell their humanity for.
  • DENY them that Power.
  • THEIR Power stems from the traitors to humanity that they reward with their “money”.
  • THEIR hierarchies will collapse if WE choose not to accept “money”.

There is no other way for humanity to take back our world from these monsters.

  • Right NOW there are hundreds of millions, billions of WE human beings that know these truths.
  • The thing we lack is UNITY.

  • Unity can be found, right now.
  • It can be found in the shared aspirations WE humans have, for a world free of fear, free of debt, free of war, free of corruption, free of injustice, free of starvation, free of so many crimes committed for “money”.
  • It can be found in the shared aspirations WE have for a better world for our children and theirs, a world full of love.
  • That unity WE call “human-heartedness”.

It is the destiny of our species to create a world based on that human-heartedness.
  • What other future world would any of WE billions want?
  • Yet more of THIS one, that has given us Millennia of fear, of war, of genocide?

The enemy controls the collective consciousness of our species.
It is time to take that control from them.
The idea that we can deny Power of its greatest weapon.

A simple idea we can ALL understand.
YOU can help to do that.
Please simply spread this message, right now.

There is a reason WE humans see the numbers 11:11

11th November, 2020
20 20

Seven Billion of WE human hearted, we miserable and afraid, we meek and powerless NEED TO SHARE THIS DATE, THIS RESOLVE.


What we do together, afterwards, is build the future that is the DESTINY of our species.

A human world, full of joy.
Full of Love.
A human-hearted world.

NOW share this understanding.
Time is running out.

Given with love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 22 May 2020

11:11 Unstoppable.

Who are the authors of the crop circles? | Listen to the Earth

Written in binary code, the Crabwood crop circle carried this message:
Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.

There is a moment of choice arriving for humanity.
It will happen on 11:11 2020.

When you do your research, ask yourself: “Is the information I find, or are the pundits I look to, suggesting a strategy that will enable humanity to break free of this tightening noose that will choke the life out of our species?”

“Or are they, all of them, merely commenting?”

How many are calling for unity in opposition, so that we humans might stand and be counted?
How many are proposing actions which can rapidly take the source of power from the Predators that have engineered this fake crisis (so that they can create a real crisis that threatens humanity?)

What we need, as a species, is to act.
Such actions need to be peaceful, for we cannot build our human future on the foundations of bloodshed and violence. Those are the tools of predators.
But those actions need to deal, in a moment, with the source of the Power in this world.

This post deals with the actions we need to take as a species.
It's a long read, but the times call for effort.
When you've finished reading, ask yourself if there is Any other way?

Those that dominate our species are forcing this moment of choice.
They believe that we human beings, in our billions, cannot stop them.
They believe they are in total control.

They believe they can completely control the consciousness of enough of humanity to be able to carry out their plans.
They are using data-mining and algorithms and the vast surveillance system they have built to gain a deep understanding of the collective consciousness of our species.
They KNOW what we are thinking, moment by moment.
They know how effective their propaganda is.
They know what we will stand for, and what we won't.
They are using artificial intelligence to determine what they can get away with at any moment.

Their strategy is in place.
Step by step they will carry it out, guided by what WE collectively will accept, because we have been made afraid, all seven billion of us!

In their own documents, discussed and linked to in an earlier post, they describe the launch of a coordinated world-wide “pandemic simulation”.
They also tell us that the virus would be discovered to have been “deliberately released”.

What if, tomorrow or next week or next month the governments of the West announced that their “intelligence agencies” had absolute proof that the “virus” was deliberately released by China?

What if every news media, including many of the fake alternatives, bristled with pretended outrage at this “crime against humanity”.
What if a “coalition” of “the good” decided that WAR against China (and no doubt its ally Russia) MUST happen, both to punish “China” and to prevent a “recurrence”.

If you are human, you will understand that it is impossible to “punish China”. It is only possible to punish the farmers, the mechanics, the nurses, the mothers, the children, the bakers, the bus drivers, the waiters and waitresses. Only possible to bomb homes, factories, hospitals. Only possible to destroy entire cities and all the souls that live in them. And for them to do the same to you and yours. And NONE of we ordinary human beings have anything to do with the actions of our “leaders”. All of our nations, as is evidenced by the “lockstep” actions against this fake virus, are governed by the servants of a Global predatory group.

EVEN IF it was “true” that “China” released the pandemic virus, just how many of its billion and more human beings would have been involved with that decision?
That decision would have been made without their knowledge by the Predators in Power in that nation.
This is true of all wars.
The ordinary people that die had nothing to do with the creation of the war, unless and only unless they had been overwhelmed by propaganda and faked “just causes”.

The USA and 9/11 spring to mind.
But history is littered with false flag attacks. It is how wars are instigated. Once the killing begins and your loved ones die, war is sustained by the desire for vengeance.
It is THAT easy to push we humans into mass killing frenzies.

If “China” were “proved” to have deliberately released the virus, how many human beings could be caused to froth at the mouth with “righteous” indignation and DEMAND what the predators want them to demand?

We human beings have short memories.
Many have forgotten that the UK and USA went to war against Iraq because they had “weapons of mass destruction” and could nuke us in “45 minutes”.
Many will have forgotten, or be ignorant, of the “heart attack” of the British Foreign Secretary who said Al Quaeda was an organisation created by the CIA?
Many will have forgotten that the United Nations weapons inspector that said Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, who “committed suicide”.

Many will have forgotten that, once Iraq was taken, NO weapons of mass destruction were found.

A war that cost millions of Iraqi lives was begun, by “democracies” on false pretenses.
Yet the citizens of those nations did NOTHING, and the killing continues.

Do you finally see?

As a species, we are meek and afraid and so attached to “normalcy” that few of us are willing to DO anything about the world.
This is because we are generally stupid, generally lack courage, generally lack the imagination to realise how things might be done differently, generally have been turned into sofa-riding apathetic idiots.

That describes us as individuals.

But it does NOT describe us as a species.
NOW our world is connected, our species is connected.
NOW, for the first time in human history, WE as a species can share what we understand of the nature of power, understand the source of that power, come to know what WE SHARE in terms of our desires and needs and REALISE that this world is NOT the world we human beings want.

From that understanding, in the collective consciousness of our entire species, will come the knowledge of how we can change this world.
It will happen in a Moment.
It will happen on 11:11 2020.

Now YOU know what you must do.
Spread this understanding.
That's how we win.
That's how we take our world back.
By arriving at a point of collective consciousness.

There are two distinct forms of human beings: Predator and Prey.

There is a further division among the Prey: Those that know they are Prey, and those that are foolish enough to believe that there are no predators, or those that refuse to acknowledge that there are.... out of self interest.

This group of “human beings” is as dangerous to our species as the Predators are.
Some call them “sheeple”, some “cattle”.
What they are is ignorant, self-absorbed cowards.
Useful tools in the hands of the dominant predators.

But what you should understand is this:
To a greater or lesser degree every human being, regardless of whether or not as prey they understand their condition, contributes to the systems and beliefs that enable the predators to maintain their absolute control of our species.

They have either succumbed to the charms of the Predators, become believers in the matrix of lies the predators hide their true natures behind, or are simply too dumb to understand.

Or they see where power lies and are afraid, consumed with self-preservation, lacking any form of moral compass but determined to find “evidence” that absolves them of guilt.

They hear of 3 million dead in the Middle East, and justify those dead mothers and children, those dead mechanics and shopkeepers, by talking about “terrorists”..... And so they can sleep at night, having absolved themselves of guilt.

They use “money” and are so lost in the fake reality created and controlled absolutely by that imposter that, “awake” or otherwise, they simply cannot see or even imagine what our human world would be like without it.

And yet, as we as a species are being so easily herded to the brink of the cataclysm that billions of us can see approaching, even at this dark moment in our history when most of us can see the dark clouds of a terrible storm threatening our survival, few of us realise the source of the Power that is driving we humans to the slaughterhouse, even fewer understand the simplicity with which we could deprive the Predators of their most destructive weapon of genocidal destruction.

Many have been killed by money already, for it was money that created this world panic, money that bribed the fake “experts”, money that controlled the propaganda of fear porn, money that controlled the “politicians” in country after country, fake money that is being printed out of thin air and given to the vast corporations and the fake banks and the “investors” so that the Predators can take “ownership” of whatever is left in the world of value that is not already theirs.

Humanity needs a shared understanding right now if it is to survive and then prosper.
That shared understanding is that we need to let go of money.

Between us in our billions We human beings, every single one of us, know of evils which would simply not exist in our world if money itself did not exist.

Every one of us can point to the source of almost all evils.
It is not the “love of money”.
It is its existence.

If, as a species, we do not between we billions find a different way to organise our human societies, then we leave in the hands of the Predators that which is the source of all of their Power over our species.

And this shared understanding needs to arrive in the collective consciousness of we human beings right now.

Nothing that the predators are doing to our species right now would be possible if we, as a species, decided simply to ignore money.

If we, in our billions, choose to ignore money then its power to create misery, its power to herd us to the abyss, will be lost. In a Moment.

Take a moment to think about that.
It is the only way our species can prevent the Global Power from doing what it is doing.

Take a moment to consider the domino effect of we human prey deciding that we will NOT ACCEPT money.
Some examples:
Which wage slaves would continue to make bombs, if not for money?
Which street corner dealers would sell heroine, if not for money?
Which journalists would toe the globalist line and spew propaganda?
Which violent robber would rob, if they couldn't sell what they stole for money?
What bribery of politicians at all levels could continue without money?
What ownership of vast corporations could be obtained and retained by the Predators, if not for money?
Who would get evicted for non-payment of debt, if money didn't exist?
Who would lose their homes for non-payment of rent?
Who among us would sleep better, were our artificially created “debt” simply erased?

Consider that all government prioritisation of effort is dependent on budgets, on fake borrowed money, when it should be dependent upon what resources are available from the world and what available human energy there is?
Money does not enable.
Rather it stands between what needs doing and the actions required.
We can't “afford” to house all the homeless.
Yet we have the resource available, the materials, the human effort, existing housing stock, even second homes.
We can't “afford” to pay pensions, but we DO have the food and electricity and carers enough to do the job of caring for those that have done their bit.
We can't “afford” to maintain our cities, roads, bridges, infrastructure, build hospitals, improve and beautify our built environment. But we do have the “stuff” needed, we do have the people needed.

We have allowed money to be the deciding factor on who should live or die in our medical institutions, everywhere. “Budget” determines whether you live or die, the “cost” of drugs, whether that “money” would be better spent on a younger person.

War requires vast quantities of “money”.
There is an incentive to create wars, because wars produce an enormous amount of profit for arms manufacturers.
There is an incentive to create wars, because wars force governments to “borrow” vast amounts of “money” from those that create money from thin air.
Look now.
The “war” on this “virus” has caused every government in the world to “borrow”, between them all, many Trillions of dollars.
It's being doled out to financiers, bankers, vast corporations and “favoured” businesses.
YOU, your children and theirs will repay this fake debt through taxation for generations.
WHERE does this “money” come from?
From the touch of a key in a computer owned by the world banking cartel, servants of the Predators.

Understanding this, understanding that wars are created by the powerful and fought by the powerless, ask yourself: How many of the unending streams of wars would human beings have inflicted upon each other had it not been for Kings, for Emperors, for Dictators, for the paid-for propaganda that entered the consciousness of we human beings?
It is the Predators that create wars.
It is “money” which then makes them possible.
Soldiers need paying.
Weapons manufacturers need paying.
Propagandists need paying.

If we, as a species, simply ignore money, then where and how we choose to expend our energy enters a completely different realm.

We will know what needs doing, and organise to do those things.
We will know what we should not be doing, and organise to ensure that those things don't happen.
And in that world, coming soon, the power that money has to dictate the actions of an entire species will disappear.

The artificial “banking crisis” a few years back caused “austerity” across the world.
Pensions cut, hospital budgets cut, social services cut, misery increased EVERYWHERE.
YET we still have the same resources in the world.
WE still have the available human energy.
Money, and money alone, creates this misery.

Those that dominate every hierarchy and so are enforcing the will of the Predators do the things that they do so that they might obtain money and, with that money, buy what we human beings make or what we supply.

Those that occupy the rungs of the ladders of the control matrix and fear the loss of their jobs if they do not follow orders do so for money or for fear of its loss.

No oppression is possible without the dark energy of money.
Many millions more will die in the fast approaching future as the world economy plunges into artificial chaos, as food supply chains collapse, as shelves become empty,

Cognitive dissonance is their preferred state of being, a condition of absolute willful ignorance.

Yesterday it was anthropogenic global warming.
Today it is the “pandemic”.
Were their compliance not so dangerous to our species, it would be almost comic.

Of course, they can be relied upon to vote for whichever Predatory creatures they are given to choose between, and even develop a love for their chosen monster.

Tolstoy summed them up:
“ “I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

These creatures are susceptible to propaganda of any sort.
Somehow, somewhere, they lost their ability to think critically about anything of importance.
They buy products because of advertising.
They buy off persuasive salespeople.
They believe what the preachers spout and put cash in the plate of their little all so that the preacher might buy himself a new plane.
They vote for politicians, those transparently sick puppets of the predators that hold true power in this reality!

Some believe in fake alternative media leaders strewn about the internet, believing themselves “awake”whilst they are just as controlled as those dummies that still believe the mainstream media.

They love to jump on bandwagons, never swim against the stream, are cowards.

It was they that joined the Nazis, or just kept quiet.
It was they that helped Stalin round up 60 million, or just kept quiet.
It was they that helped Mao round up his 100 million, or just kept quiet.

They are helping, or just keeping quiet, right now.
Right now, as our entire species is being imprisoned, as our ability to feed each other is being quietly disrupted, as our ability to maintain a world free of chaos is being undermined.
They'll accept “the New Normal”. They always have.

The Predators rely, absolutely, on these stupid and cowardly believers.
Without them, there would never have been a death camp.
Never a “Crusade”.
Never an “Inquisition”.
They are the lynch mob, the burners at stakes, the snitches and finger pointers.

Even in “protests” they are those that repeat the mantras of self-chosen wielders of loud-hailers.
They love Greta.
They love Hillary.
They love Obama.
They love Jesus.
They love Allah.
They love the Kardashians.
They love themselves, or hate themselves, so long as it's about themselves.

They vote out of self-interest or through believing propaganda and cannot face the truth that some monster gained power because of their stupidity or greed or the ease with which they can be caused to believe.

Look at the Trump believers, those slobs that gave their hope and dreams so easily to an orange creature with a history of unbelievable self-interest and greed.

What elections everywhere demonstrate is the ease with which these creatures can be caused to believe, caused to give their hope and so their collective power to charlatans.
The mega-churches evince the same unhappy truth.
Mecca the same truth.
Catholicism the same truth.
Look at them now, poor slobs, in their paper masks, believing everything they are told to believe.
Driven by fear and the desire to be safe they look for saviours and find those saviours in the crooks that populate the echelons of power everywhere across our world, the lying “expert” mouthpieces of a Predatory Power.

Raised in a false reality, this great prison that enshrouds humanity, they accept and they adapt - just so long as the bad things are happening to somebody else.

Worse, these utter cowards seek greater safety by abandoning their humanity altogether. They ignore the millions dead in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen. They choose to believe that Venezuelans need punishing for choosing a leader willing to fight the Global Power. They walk past the homeless. They ignore police brutality. They never investigate the truths in this world, preferring instead the comforting lies fed to them by the Power that controls their collective consciousness.
Worse, they become the prison guards of this reality, just as those Jews that became “Kapos” in the death camps became prison guards, helping to unload the trains and to pull the gold teeth, grateful for and delighted by their power.
They are comforted by the fact that others of their ilk share their ignorance and indifference. Their entire lives are spent breathing poisonous air, eating poisonous food, drinking poisonous water, believing poisonous lies.
They grow sick yet believe that sickness is inevitable, never asking why, never asking how it is that in these modern times humanity is sicker than it was 60 years ago. Most of their existence is spent in barely affordable debt, crushing the joy out of their lives, yet they never question who it was that created that fake money and how it can possibly be that a very few people can create all of the debt in the world at the touch of a computer key and so collect interest off an entire species.

They are the enemy of that species, just as much as the demonic predatory creatures that own this reality and deprive humanity of joy.

They are a fifth column among us.
Throughout history they have been with us, helping Power to create misery, snitching, creeping, fawning, filling their pockets when they can, ignoring the horrors endured by others.
They are Traitors and Judases through ignorance or with intent but always with a pathetic self-interest.

None are excusable in our understanding of human law.

These creatures buck for promotion in the hierarchies dominated by the Predators, so that they might take the crumbs that fall from the tables of the powerful.
They are like lapdogs, whining pets that accept a slap just as happily as they accept a pat from their masters, wetting themselves when their masters pay them any attention at all. The most successful of these whining cowards get to become bullies in their own right, get to punish people, get to create misery by their own actions.
And if they hurt enough people, if they descend to the abysmal levels of their masters, they get a medal, a gong, a title, a prize, and of course some fake money to spend on nice things.

They never bite, unless ordered to or encouraged to by their masters, but are trained never to bite the hand that feeds them.
But they can be vicious, as vicious as only true cowards can be, when ordered to do so.

Predators have relied on these excuses for human beings for millennia.
They rely upon them now.

It is they that scoff at “conspiracy theorists”, as they have been taught to scoff, or if they are “awake” to find difference and disagreement so that they might feel superior or a part of something somehow “better”.
They will Q up for the chance.....

It is they that snitch on their neighbours for breaking “social distancing”.
It is they that have made this “lockdown” of our species possible.
It is they that stand outside “clapping” for our health-worker “heroes”.
Aren't they pathetic?
Yet they are dangerous, because there are many of them and their cowardly and deliberate ignorance and their selfish indifference is making it easy for the predators to wreak havoc in our human world.

The creeps delight in learning what they are given to learn, but never question.
The sheer magnificence of their inability to question authority makes them ideally suitable for positions of responsibility in the matrix of lies that enshrouds humanity.
Those that remain after the coming cull will be ideal for the future planned by our masters.

They become “experts” if they can swallow enough bullshit and commit it to memory.
Self-satisfied and smug “experts”.
Often, lying “experts”.

They are well paid for their “expertise”.
They become climatologists that lie about global warming.
They become oncologists that lie about cancer.
They become Doctors that lie about pharmaceuticals.
They become the creatures that develop better atom bombs, that develop and manage polluting industries, that create biological and chemical weapons and poison vaccines, that make your computer or your phone the spy in your bosom.

These creatures gave our species Monsanto's chemicals, depleted uranium bullets, plastic bottles, you name it. If it's bad for we humans and derived from science it is they that accepted the fat salaries and the promise of a fat pension and did the bidding of the Predators.

They become lawyers that are no friends to justice and, if they do well, Judges that deliver injustice where the powerful are concerned.
They become civil servants that make a profession of callous indifference.
They become journalists that repeat what they are told to repeat and bury what they are told to bury and so sustain the lies.
They become the propagandists, the repeaters of lies, at every level.

They become small-time politicians, for the corruption alone.
They rise through the ranks of well paid “charitable” NGOs, to support and surround the Predators that run them, depriving humanity of the good that our contributions should do.

NOT ONE of them has any form of moral compass, though all of them grow capable of pretending that they do.
They develop this fake persona because, deep down, they fear the disapproval of other human beings, fear the shame, fear the shunning which is their due, fear the utter ostracising that their actions deserve.

Every one of them passes through this life behind a screen of lies, hiding behind a fake persona. They are strangers to the truth.

When we lived as tribal peoples, we humans, we knew how to deal with the Predators.
WE had names for their dark spirits, recognised them as Wetikos, as demons, as creatures that appeared human but had no human-heartedness. We put them outside of our tribes, shunned them and, like lone-wolves deprived of the pack, they would die.

WE also understood how to raise our children, to identify the creeps, to teach them that the tribe depended on sharing and not on selfish self-interest, that the tribe survived collectively, that the tribe didn't need skulking cowards who would give away their humanity and rat on their fellows just to survive or to get more.

We also valued truth, and took pride in it.

For millennia now those that OWN this reality have done so because these pathetic excuses for human beings have allowed fear or self-interest to bury their humanity, blanket their pride, swathe their dignity, rob them of their courage, set them apart from other human beings in a bubble of callous self-interest.

They have no honour.
They have no sense of obligation.
They have no courage.
They have forgotten what it is to be human.
These sad creatures are little different from cattle or sheep.
They are farmed, their energy drained from them through profit or tax or interest on fake loans. They believe they are free, but are slaves.
They believe in voting and in their fake democracy but disassociate themselves from the killing machines those “democracies” have become.
Ask any Syrian.
Ask a Yemeni child.
But ask a “Trump” voter and you'll get a blank stare, as you did from those that voted for Obama.
Ask any of these creatures and you'll get a blank stare.
They cannot, try as they might, understand that those THEY voted for are mass murderers, and that the mass murder lies at their door, and so blood is on their hands.

Ignorance is bliss, they say.
They often believe that centuries old books are the “word of God”.
Periodically, they'll kill humans that believe in a different “word of God” and think they do God's work by doing so.
Always, they'll condemn billions of other humans that believe in a different book.

Yet, despite the contradictions inherent in any organised religion, depite the foul histories littered with torture, with killing, with genocide, they believe they are God's chosen and are doing God's will.

They believe in their “nation” and will don uniforms and go and kill other human beings when ordered or persuaded to do so by propaganda.

The last century, like all the other centuries before, witnessed the predators having fun on the great chessboard of existence while their pieces, the human beings, squandered their little allotted time and threw away their lives so that the game might be played by the powerful.

You'd think, after thousands of years of this dark comedy, that we'd learn as a species, that we'd evolve somehow, that we'd become resistant to whatever it is that allows the predators to convince us that mass murder of our own kind is the right thing: For “god”, for “country”, for “liberty” or, worse, because we are ordered to do so and were too cowardly to say “NO”.

They live in a fantasy world that tells them there is no vast conspiracy, when even the very meanest intelligence can see that there is, and that the conspirators run the world.
Or they can see the conspiracy, yet can't see the source of the power because they have let themselves be distracted.

Surrounded and bombarded by an unending stream of cruelty and callous indifference to suffering, in a stream of history that has never been anything other than the predatory powerful murdering the weak, they exist in a “normalcy” bubble which never allows these evident truths to enter their poor excuses for minds.
Because they never DO anything about anything, unless they are LED to action by some charismatic fake and can follow the mob.

So long as they're OK.
So long as they can keep their heads down.
So long as they can bury their minds, their very humanity, in the sands of deliberate and willful ignorance.

So long as they learn to turn off their minds when talking to “conspiracy theorists”....or those that believe in a different lie to the one they have chosen to believe in.....
Then their blissful ignorance will be protected.
They can live their pathetic, indifferent, selfish lives in the bubble of their choice.

These creatures are the reason our species has suffered these long centuries of misery.
Our species has suffered century after century of the wars of Kings and Presidents and the predators behind them.
It was not the Predators who were to blame.
It is not the Predators now.
Nothing the Predators have inflicted upon our species could have been done without the willing cooperation of these weak, cowardly sheep.

They are utterly ignorant of what might have been had they had some backbone, had they been less compliant, less selfish, less cowardly, less gullible, less willing to follow false leaders.
See the dummies following “Greta”?
See the dummies following “Q”?
Same dummies.

There can be no war without compliant human beings.
We would have no weapons of mass destruction without selfish and greedy “experts'.

The world, our human world, would be an utterly different place were it not for them.

It will be.
For a change is approaching.
A change in the nature of these creatures.

The emergence of the true humanity.

YOU, dear reader, will cause that to happen.
11:11 2020 is the Moment.

And so, in the great struggle for mastery of our destiny as a species, do not look to these creatures for help, for assistance, for courage, for clear thinking, but know that they WILL be a part of the change.

They will gladly follow whichever side wins, and during the struggle will support whichever side seems most powerful.
The Predators know this, and fear it.

Their propaganda and mind-control is there to create the illusion that We Are just a lunatic fringe, that We can alter nothing, that We are dangerous conspiracy theorists and should be behind bars or in psychiatric care.

But We Are legion.

The Great Change is approaching, indeed We Are going through the Great Change right now.
You feel it, though the propaganda and the arrogance of the Predators and the compliance of their lackeys might edge into shaking that belief.

Do not give up.
Try harder.

Be hopeful, humanity.
Be glad that YOU are a vital player in this battle for the destiny of our species.

Though the Power of Evil seems to be winning, We Are witnessing the beginning of the end of its Millennial rule over humanity.

List those things that WE share and find in that list the things that WILL UNITE our species:
A desire to end all wars, and not be made war upon ourselves.
A desire to feed the hungry, and not go hungry ourselves.
A desire to contribute something useful to society, to the best of our ability, and not be let down by others that don't.
A desire to live in peace, and to be left in peace.
A desire to be free from fear, and not cause others to fear.
A desire for freedom from debt and for the absolute certainty of a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, not just for us but for all of our human family.
A desire for justice that treats all people equally.

An understanding that love should be the foundation of much that we do, impossible in this current reality, but a certainty in the world WE will build.

The desire for a world fit to hand on to those that follow us, that we will be proud to have bettered through our struggle against the Predators, and for a world that is better for us, right now.

A desire for fun, for laughter, for pleasures shared and for solitude when we need it.

These things and more are the commonality of We human beings.

Aktina and I call this “human-heartedness”.

What we human beings MUST come to understand, and quickly, is that despite the many differences between us WE must find unity if We Are to alter the terrible course of our blighted history and step together into a human-hearted future.

The Power in this reality has salted human consciousness through its many deceivers and liars and fake leaders. They ask you now to investigate this or that rabbit hole of worthless knowledge, to spend your anger here or there, to agree or disagree, to focus on one or another wrong, to allow your humanity to be cowered by fear of this Pandemic, to be divided one from the other.

NONE will focus on the truth that will set we human beings free:
What unites us so that WE can see how STRONG WE ARE. Our human-heartedness.
What is the only SOURCE of Power in the world. The Money they create and use to control everything we have and everything we do.
It makes the stuff.
It uses it to buy the services of the creeps.
The “experts” that lie.
The politicians that lie.
The media, on all sides, that lie.
The uniformed bullies that oppress us and cause us to fear.
The medics that lie.
The top tier of every hierarchy everywhere that issue orders and expect us to OBEY.

Owning the power to create money allows them to buy humanity, to buy everything we depend on as a species.

When they choose, and they intend to, they can collapse money.
They have done this already in many places over the last century or so.
They can do it world-wide at any moment and have created just the circumstances for such a collapse under the cover of this fake pandemic.

Already many components of our human food supply chain are straining under the pressure of this faked and orchestrated economic collapse.
They can starve humanity any time they choose.

Yet the magick of “money” has been like a habit forming drug for our species.
Just like heroin addicts we cannot imagine living without the stuff.
And, like those addicts, we have placed our lives in the hands of the dealers.

Hard though it is to imagine, the habit is SIMPLE to break.

In fact, your life and our species' future depends on breaking that habit.

Farmers, right now, are destroying crops. Fields are being ploughed over, milk put down the drains, meat producers finding they can't get their animals processed.
What will happen when “money” collapses?
Because the same applies to every area of human activity.
When “money” collapses human beings will stop working and utter chaos will ensue.
All order will disappear.
Chaos will prevail.

Make no mistake.
Our predatory masters are a way down this road.
They are issuing fake money in the trillions, to every government, to “investors” everywhere, so that THEY CAN BUY EVERYTHING before money is collapsed.

Keep calm, carry on.
Ignore money.
Remember that every human being that works is providing something that other human beings need.

If YOU stop doing your bit, YOU will create shortage for someone else.
If THEY don't do their bit, YOU will suffer.

As a species our survival depends on each of us doing our bit, calmly, and regardless of money.
Our imminent survival depends on it.
And, thereafter, our freedom as a species.

Money has, for centuries, granted its creators power over us.
It has been behind every war, every death camp, every injustice, almost all crime.
It buys corrupt politicians.
It pays for fake media and liars in every walk of life.
It grants control of the top positions of every hierarchy, those hierarchies that issue ORDERS.

Though the simple minded cannot imagine a world without money, though our arrogant masters believe that through their control of money they can enslave our entire species, WE HUMAN BEINGS can now see clearly what we must do to win our freedom as a species and to avoid the chaos which will cull the world.

Keep Calm, Carry On, do your duty.....
And simply forget money.

By doing these simple things we will avoid chaos.
Sure, the creeps will try and fill their trolleys, will try and get hold of “stuff”, will try and riot, will act like the fools we know them to be.
So We will organise to prevent them.
Our future as a species depends on it.

But once the Moment has passed, 11:11 2020,
Once that moment has passed we will all of us realise that we are FREE as a species.

The world functions because of two commodities:
The resources we have as a species here on our planet.
The human labour needed to harvest and process those resources.



A world of human beings living without money deprives the Predators of all of their power over our species.
Sure, we need to organise.
Sure, we need to understand our duty and fulfill our roles.
Sure, our societies will have to learn to make sure the creeps do their bit.
Sure, we'll need law and order.
Sure, in the changeover, we'll need to understand that the “owners” of our big corporations and the heads of all those hierarchies need ignoring, need to be denied their authority to close businesses or disrupt the supply chain.
Sure, we'll need to choose folks to keep us at our jobs, team leaders to encourage and motivate, peace officers to keep the peace, all those things we KNOW make human societies function.
In other words, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Do you wonder why it is that so many of us have seen 11:11 so often, with such regularity?
Do you wonder why suddenly “Keep Calm and Carry On” started to appear on mugs, T-shirts, all manner of things?


We Are approaching an epochal change in the course of human development.
We Are going to become an entirely different species.
A species whose societies reflect the human-heartedness inherent within us.
A human world, not a world dominated by Predators.

Ignore their money or its lack.
Ignore the hierarchies and ownership that fake money has allowed them to buy.
Step, in a Moment, into a different world for humanity.

Keep the peace.
Do not steal.
Do no harm.
Be vigilant.
Follow NO leaders, but organise.

11: 11 2020
Keep Calm and Carry On.

And PLEASE do not worry about the creeps.

You see, we are ALL of us such creatures to a greater or lesser extent.
Each of us has done wrong through self interest or greed or the lust for something.
We have all bullied, all been bullied.
We have all mistakenly given our belief and loyalty to charlatans.
Every one of us has lied.
To err is human.

But NOW we know.

It's time to Start Again.
Make it happen.
Do your duty.
Fight for the collective consciousness of our human species.

The future of humanity depends on YOU.


Given with Love
From our tiny olive groves, high in the mountains of Crete,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Coronavirus: Will social distancing be permanent?

Sunday, 10 May 2020


This is the first annual report of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, an "independent" organisation funded by the World Bank and the World Health (sic) Organisation.

It is absolutely required reading if you wish to understand where this Plandemic has come from and how it has been orchestrated by governments "in Lockstep" (a phrase taken from the Rockefeller Institute document HERE

which also "predicts" with clairvoyant clarity the events we are living through now in this utterly fake and purely evil reality).  

It is absolutely required reading if you wish to understand what's coming next.

Please  turn off your cognitive dissonance before proceeding.
Though every word within their  document seems to express care and good will, know that this is the way of those that own this reality. Like Bill Gates, like George Bush, like Tony Blair, like Boris Johnson, like so many world "leaders", there is a sinister smirk ever present when absolute lies are spoken, when great lies are told, when great evils are planned and then executed.

The "World Leaders" that this document was created for know very well how to read such lies. They understand that exactly the opposite is meant. If your cognitive dissonance is turned off you will be open minded to the alternative understanding of reality, that there exists an age old force of evil that has dominated our human world for centuries, if not millennia. 

Those with a deep and instinctive understanding will realise that there are bloodlines of evil and there are those that serve those bloodlines whose humanity has been taken from them. They are vessels, into which something evil has come. 

In our Bibles and Korans they are referred to as "Demons". 
In all of our ancient, tribal understandings, we KNEW such creatures existed.
The native Americans called them, amongst other things, "Wetiko".
The Wetiko spirit dominates this reality. There is no good in it at all.
We need to rid our world of these creatures, deprive them of the sources of their power over us (money, hierarchy and their ability to cause us to believe in great lies), and set out in our billions on the journey to our destiny as a species.

That destiny is a world of human-heartedness: A world of sharing, a world of love, a world of happiness, a world free of fear, a world of human obligation and duty, a world of beauty, a world of health.
These are the shared desires of almost all of us, the essential character of our species.
Our world should reflect that essential character.

Many humans have been trained to have short attention spans. 
You need to focus here.
Many humans have been trained to expect action from others.
You need to realise that action must come from YOU.

We have highlighted certain sections and provide interpretations that will be enlightening.

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board

In its first annual report, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board identifies the most urgent actions required to accelerate preparedness for health emergencies. This first report focuses on epidemics and pandemics. The central finding of the report is that the world needs to proactively establish the systems needed to detect and control potential disease outbreaks. These acts of preparedness are a global public good that must meaningfully engage communities, from the local to the international, in preparedness, detection, response and recovery. Investing in health emergency preparedness will improve health outcomes, build community trust and reduce poverty, thereby also contributing to efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Leaders at all levels hold the key. It is their responsibility to prioritize preparedness with a whole-of-society approach that ensures all are involved and all are protected.

Interpretation: World leaders must get ready (that is have organised the propaganda, the drafting of new laws, the committees that will determine the behaviours of law enforcement, organised those that will suppress awkward internet activity and so on.)
"Improve health outcomes" = Kill as many sick and elderly people as possible as a result of the lockdowns.
"build community trust" = destroy public trust by encouraging snitchers, destroy the public's faith in law enforcement officers, destroy the public's faith in government. (NB it is part of the UN's sustainable development goals to split nations into smaller "City States". For that to happen, people's faith in democracy must be shattered, so that New Leaders that share a "Common Purpose" can emerge and fill the power vacuum. These creatures have already been chosen.
"reduce poverty" = massively increase poverty (as we now can see) and so increase dependence on the fake money issued by those that OWN the means to create money from thin air.
"all are protected" = everyone is tagged, tracked and vaccinated.   

Heads of government must commit and invest. 
Heads of government in every country must commit to preparedness by implementing their binding obligations under the International Health Regulations (IHR (2005). They must prioritize and dedicate domestic resources and recurrent spending for preparedness as an integral part of national and global security, universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

Interpretation: Very clearly there are NO independent nations. Every leader "must" follow this plan (and indeed almost all of them have, at least in the West) and they are all under "binding obligations" (which reads like a veiled threat, does it not?).
"recurrent spending" = borrow as much fake money as possible, give it to large corporations and hedge funds so that they can buy even more of humanity's REAL assets whilst the bill for this borrowing is handed to us, our children and our grandchildren in perpetuity whilst small, human businesses are utterly destroyed.
"an integral part of national and global security" = the construction of an even more pervasive control grid, part of which is the rapid roll-out of 5G while the streets are empty.
"universal health" = universal sickness, which we humans see, and the shortening of life expectancy, which we see, and the utter dependence on big pharma, which we see. 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• All countries that have completed an assessment of their capacities by 1 July 2019 have developed a costed National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS), identified required resources and started to implement the plan.

They were ready for this by July, 2019. A few short months before the Bill Gates organised Covid 201 planning meeting, where the "Final Solution" had the "i"s dotted and the "t"s crossed just a month before this Plandemic was inflicted upon our species.

Countries and regional organizations must lead by example. 
G7, G20 and G77 Member States, and regional intergovernmental organizations must follow through on their political and funding commitments for preparedness and agree to routinely monitor progress during their annual meetings. 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• G7, G20, G77 and regional intergovernmental organizations monitor their commitments to preparedness for health emergencies.

Even with their control grid firmly in place, world "leaders' still need reminding and pushing down the path. They "must" ensure their political organisations are in "lockstep", they "must" borrow the money required (for bribery and corruption we could assume) and they "must" monitor and check that everything's in place.
Or else, they might have added.

All countries must build strong systems. 
Heads of government must appoint a national high-level coordinator with authority and political accountability to lead whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches, and routinely conduct multisectoral simulation exercises to establish and maintain effective preparedness. They must prioritize community involvement in all preparedness efforts, building trust and engaging multiple stakeholders (e.g. legislators; representatives of the human and animal health, security and foreign affairs sectors; the private sector; local leaders; and women and youth). 

"A national high-level coordinator with authority" = a psychopathic petty dictator willing to enjoy creating the chaos and pain and misery that we human beings are now suffering (with worse to come....see later...this is NOT going away anytime soon and much worse is promised.)
"whole of government" = all politicians, in 'power' or in 'opposition' MUST be singing from the same song-sheet.
"whole of society" = all of the "civil society" agencies funded by governments, philanthropic foundations, the UN and "charity", with their very well paid CEOs, must be singing from the same song-sheet. In other words, there must be NOT ONE voice of disagreement from the Wetiko rank and file. (Other voices of disagreement will be silenced, the internet "book burning" will proceed apace, all media will BEG government for harsher actions to "save humanity", all media will "FLOOD" the consciousness of humanity with the big lie (see the Covid 201 section dealing with the propaganda effort required.)

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• At a minimum, the 59 countries that have completed a NAPHS identify a national high-level coordinator (board, commission or agency) to implement national preparedness measures across all sectors, and to lead and direct actions in these sectors in the event of a public health emergency. 
• WHO, the World Bank and partners, working with countries, develop and cost packages of priority interventions to increase preparedness capacity that can be financed in current budget cycles and map these interventions to expected results in the near term. 
• There are fewer, but better harmonized coordination mechanisms, global, regional and country networks, institutions and initiatives for preparedness and readiness and for research and development (R&D).

"in the event of a public health emergency" = the plandemic that's already been decided upon and is on its way. (Dr Fauci couldn't help letting this slip.....LINK)
"priority interventions to increase preparedness" = have you plans ready to borrow fake money and gift it to big business (ie borrow in the name of humanity and pass the benefit to those that own the world.)
"fewer but better harmonized coordination mechanisms" = There will be a state of war against humanity. In a state of war, there must be a shortened chain of command to ensure that orders are obeyed quickly in response to "enemy" action. (Enemy action = a human "pushback" led by those who are immune to the programming technology and disbelieve the propaganda).
"research and development" = the increase of hope among the humans for a "saviour" in the form of the mandatory vaccine. 

Countries, donors and multilateral institutions must be prepared for the worst. 
A rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen (whether naturally emergent or accidentally or deliberately released) poses additional preparedness requirements. Donors and multilateral institutions must ensure adequate investment in developing innovative vaccines and therapeutics, surge manufacturing capacity, broad-spectrum antivirals and appropriate nonpharmaceutical interventions. All countries must develop a system for immediately sharing genome sequences of any new pathogen for public health purposes along with the means to share limited medical countermeasures across countries. 

Now we enter the darkness.
"must be prepared for the worst" = there is more coming, and worse, for humanity.
"rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen" = here, they've shown their hand. They KNEW the exact form this global virus would take. Coincidence? No. The Covid 201 meeting had the self same virus. The Rockefeller "Lockstep" document indicated the same. THIS has been in the works for years. The bastards that spend their careers developing new and terrible biological weapons for governments have long focussed on developing a more killing corona virus. Fauci authorised millions of dollars to develop such a plague in the research facility in Wuhan where this pandemic emerged.
NB These things are, of course, merely coincidence.
The UN predicting a lethal respiratory pathogen, major "philanthropic" foundations predicting the same, governments and philanthropic agencies funding the very development of such a pathogen, and within this document EVERY world "leader" briefed on their role and the actions they MUST take "when the pandemic comes" is NOTHING BUT A SERIES OF COINCIDENCES.  

NB THEY USED THE WORD "LETHAL": Coronavirus is not universally lethal. Therefore, be prepared for the SECOND WAVE, which clearly is planned, to be much worse.

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• Donors and countries commit and identify timelines for: financing and development of a universal influenza vaccine, broad spectrum antivirals, and targeted therapeutics. WHO and its Member States develop options for standard procedures and timelines for sharing of sequence data, specimens, and medical countermeasures for pathogens other than influenza. 
• Donors, countries and multilateral institutions develop a multi-year plan and approach for strengthening R&D research capacity, in advance of and during an epidemic. 
• WHO, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, academic and other partners identify strategies for increasing capacity and integration of social science approaches and researchers across the entire preparedness/ response continuum.

By "September 2020" etc = It will be September 2020 before they identify timelines for the likely "discovery" of the planned vaccine. THIS MEANS THAT they plan to make humanity wait for a vaccine, until well after the planned second wave kills many, many more human beings, by which time we will supposedly BEG to be vaccinated and chipped by the world saviour.

"and medical countermeasures for pathogens other than influenza" = oh, oh. They're planning a different viral form just to ramp up the fear. Bubonic Plague 2, anyone?

"a multi-year plan" = don't expect to be free, ever again. The "new normal" will have NO freedom in it at all. Humans are already in perpetual prison. They don't intend to let us out ever. WE MUST BREAK OUT.

"academic and other partners" = the use of all those bought "experts" that humanity are being taught to believe in and rely on and that we will never question, because they are cleverer than us. This seems to work on some human beings, some of the time, but hasn't worked on us all and, for many, never did. Academics, we remember, built the atom bombs, developed weed-killers, created napalm, engineered 4G and 5G, developed pharma treatments but NEVER cures, invented depleted uranium bullets and so on ad nauseam. The scientific community has created almost everything we humans fear, including artificial pathogens that threaten all human life.
Thanks, Academics. Enjoy your salaries, property and pensions while you can.

"increasing capacity and integration of social science approaches and researchers across the entire preparedness/response continuum" = As we know the UK and US governments amongst others have, ever since the Tavistock foundation was founded over a century ago, developed a scientific approach to propaganda and other forms of mass mind control/mass consciousness control. The billions of humans that have believed the lies being poured unremittingly into the mass consciousness of our species have fallen foul of the devious methodologies developed by "academics" on behalf of those that own this reality. Here, governments are urged to try to use every weapon at their disposal to control human thought and to be ready for any eventuality (including the pushback).

Financing institutions must link preparedness with financial risk planning. To mitigate the severe economic impacts of a national or regional epidemic and/or a global pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank must urgently renew their efforts to integrate preparedness into economic risk and institutional assessments, including the IMF’s next cycle of Article IV consultations with countries and the World Bank’s next Systematic Country Diagnostics for International Development Association (IDA) credits and grants. Funding replenishments of the IDA, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (Global Fund), and Gavi should include explicit commitments regarding preparedness. 

All of this jargonised and impenetrable gobbledegook, used by "treasury" officials, bankers, lawyers, on Wall Street and in 'investment' circles, every single made-up word of it, is designed to hide from humanity the bare facts. ALL of our so-called "money" is created from thin air by the enemy of humanity and shared around those who are caught up in evil.
The more evil they do, the better they are rewarded.
This is how the world works.
Here, we are not referring to human beings who by their energy, determination and sheer hard work become well-off. 
There are NO rich human beings. Over 90% of the world's wealth is owned by 0.1%, and none of them can be classed as "human", though they appear so, but by their actions can only be described as "inhuman".
It is the inhumans that are doing what we see is being done right now. NO human being could be so callous, so uncaring, take such delight in creating mass misery and death.

WE are in a war, we human beings.  

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• The IMF and the World Bank integrate preparedness in their systematic country risk, policy and institutional assessments, including in Article IV staff reports and for IDA credits/grants respectively. 
• International funding mechanisms expand their scope and envelopes to include health emergency preparedness, including the IDA19 replenishment, the Central Emergency Response Fund, Gavi, the Global Fund and others.

Make sure the Bill Gates Foundation people get a lot of the fake money that is being added to national debts for human beings to pay forever. (Note: the share of that debt in the USA is now 200,000 dollars for every employed American.)

Development assistance funders must create incentives and increase funding for preparedness. Donors, international financing institutions, global funds and philanthropies must increase funding for the poorest and most vulnerable countries through development assistance for health and greater/earlier access to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund to close financing gaps for their national actions plans for health security as a joint responsibility and a global public good. Member states need to agree to an increase in WHO contributions for the financing of preparedness and response activities and must sustainably fund the WHO Contingency Fund for Emergencies, including the establishment of a replenishment scheme using funding from the revised World Bank Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility. 

"for the poorest and most vulnerable countries" = make sure we gain compliance from banana republics by bribing their "leaders". Especially as they can be far more vicious in their lockdown enforcement and nobody will care. Surely, then, mandatory vaccination will proceed apace in those countries. After all, the "eugenicists" have long proposed freeing up those delightful places of all those messy human beings.

"a global public good" = the EXACT opposite. Doesn't it make you sick?

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• WHO member states agree to an increase in contributions for preparedness at the Seventythird World Health Assembly in 2020; and Member States, the World Bank and donors provide sustainable financing for the Contingency Fund for Emergencies to a level of US$ 100 million annually.

Watch a little of this freak show, our great "leaders" pledging your "money" to this very stipulated fund. 
3 hours of scripted responses:

The United Nations must strengthen coordination mechanisms. The Secretary General of the United Nations, with WHO and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), must strengthen coordination in different country, health and humanitarian emergency contexts, by ensuring clear United Nations systemwide roles and responsibilities; rapidly resetting preparedness and response strategies during health emergencies; and, enhancing United Nations system leadership for preparedness, including through routine simulation exercises. WHO should introduce an approach to mobilize the wider national, regional and international community at earlier stages of an outbreak, prior to a declaration of an IHR (2005) Public Health Emergency of International Concern. 

"rapidly resetting preparedness and response strategies during health emergencies" = (note the plural: emergencies... ). A warning to all "leaders' to be ready to act quickly to combat any response from humanity to this orchestrated global cull and the imposition of the world-wide inhuman totalitarian takeover of our planet and our species.
"Enhancing United Nations system leadership" = move towards a global government of a world of shattered and disintegrated nations in a "sustainable" (ie forever) control matrix.
"including through routine simulation exercises" = What? Does this mean there IS NO VIRUS, that it's all an orchestrated False Flag? Surely not. Surely the entire human species would NEVER fall for such an enormous lie? 

Wouldn't we?
Well, wouldn't billions of us? 
Haven't they? 

Progress indicator(s) by September 2020 
• The Secretary-General of the United Nations, with the Director-General of WHO and Under-SecretaryGeneral for Humanitarian Affairs strengthens coordination and identifies clear roles and responsibilities and timely triggers for a coordinated United Nations systemwide response for health emergencies in different countries and different health and humanitarian emergency contexts. 

IE world governments in LOCKSTEP. There are no longer any "nations". Forget the USA or the UK, forget the fake enemies of Russia or China. EVERY government, everywhere, belongs to those that create money from thin air, and those creatures work for their master.

• The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. 

That bullet point tells you exactly where you are right NOW "in a system wide training and simulation exercise covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen"

Why did they choose to describe it as the "deliberate release".

Why, because they intend to identify a nation that released it.
And that, of course, would be the reason for another "JUST" war.

Do not, under any circumstances, think this thing is over.

We are NOT near the beginning of the end, only the end of the beginning.
The inhumans are promising, here in this document, a second virus ("at least two system wide simulation exercises)......

And, unwritten, the identification of a deliberate actor.

No doubt China, or Russia....

• WHO develops intermediate triggers to mobilize national, international and multilateral action early in outbreaks, to complement existing mechanisms for later and more advanced stages of an outbreak under the IHR (2005). 

Friends, expect a mutated and more virulent form to appear, just as they lift the lockdown.
They want you to be locked away for ever.
And so to hate and want to kill those that created and deliberately released the virus.

Then, it will merely SEEM as though humans want to go and kill other humans.

Remember this: There is no "China" to kill. China is a bunch of human beings: Mechanics, firemen, teachers, trash collectors, accountants, engineers, street sweepers, mothers, children grannies, just like your nation, most sharing the same heart felt desires that YOU have for a world of peace.

• The Secretary General of the United Nations convenes a high-level dialogue with health, security and foreign affairs officials to determine how the world can address the threat of a lethal respiratory pathogen pandemic, as well as for managing preparedness for disease outbreaks in complex, insecure contexts.

BEWARE  any nation that tries to step outside of the control grid. Here is a warning that your nation will be targeted for "disease outbreaks". Watch this space.

For a simplification of the condition of our species (because the Devil is in the detail): Go here:

FOR guidance to how WE humans can break free of this, simply and in good order, and re-create our world in the light of our human-heartedness, see 11:11 here:

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