Friday, 29 May 2020

The enemy is organised. WE must organise.

The end to human suffering does NOT rely on complexity, on detail.
The future will be found in simplicity.
Clear your minds, and think.
This is what WE humans MUST DO.
Share these simple truths.

  • We human beings are at war.
  • Our enemies have locked us down.
  • They are using OUR police to force us into house arrest.
  • Therefore, officers that obey those orders are OUR enemies.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers.
  • They are traitors to humanity.

  • Our enemies have terrorised us.
  • They have filled our minds with lies about how deadly this virus is.
  • Our enemies use propaganda and all media to create a false reality, deleting truth wherever they can.
  • Therefore all mass media owners, editors, journalists, staff, all bought-and-paid-for false alternative media operatives, all those that help bury truth are OUR enemies.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • They are traitors to humanity.

  • Our enemies have taken control of the collective consciousness of OUR species.
  • They employ “behavioural psychologists” to drive that control.
  • They have made humanity believe the biggest lie.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • Those creatures are traitors to our species.

  • Our enemies are pushing OUR human societies and economies into a vast depression.
  • They have already destroyed countless millions of livelihoods.
  • Meanwhile, they have been creating Trillions in fake money, and used it to buy OUR world's resources.
  • Therefore ALL those involved: Bankers, financiers, government ministers, billionaire “philanthropists” are traitors to our species.

  • Our enemies, through data mining and surveillance, know at every moment what WE are thinking, how WE feel.
  • They predicate their ongoing strategy on this understanding of the collective consciousness of our species.
  • They have used these “experts” in technology companies and intelligence agencies everywhere to do this.
  • They are paid “money” to do this, and offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • They are cancerous worms, enemies of humanity.

  • Our governments, in nearly every nation, are marching in lockstep against WE human beings.
  • They are rewarded for their compliance.
  • They are bribed, corrupted, paid a lot of “money”, offered advancement in their “careers”.
  • Governments are the enemies of humanity, charismatic liars, ruthless killers, stealers of hope.

  • Those governments KNOW that many millions will die because of their actions.
  • Their psychologists would have told them of the effects of house arrest and incarceration on human beings: Domestic violence, suicide, abuse, despair.
  • Their psychologists would have told them of the effects of unemployment and loss of businesses and increased debt on human beings: Utter misery, and the desire to riot. WE will not fall for that old trick again.
  • Their economists would have told them of the effects of their lockdown on food supply chains, on farmers, on processors, on distribution chains.
  • In many places, especially less well organised nations where the prospect of food is dependent day to day on a small wage, mass starvation is readily foreseeable.
  • Governments everywhere have effectively closed-down ongoing medical care to “make space” for the millions of Covid sufferers....that have failed to appear.
  • ALL those politicians and civil servants, at every level, that have created this imminent nightmare will face our human Justice.

  • As a result of their action or inaction, millions of human beings will die as a result of illnesses which should have been treated or of starvation.
  • To an extent, many Doctors and Nurses have complied with instructions they understood were both unnecessary and wrong.
  • They have done so for “money”, and for being afraid to “rock the boat”, in case their “careers” were adversely affected.
  • Rather than being humanity's “saviours” those compliant medics have aided and abetted our enemies, and have become traitors to humanity.
  • Thankfully, many are now speaking out, even though their voices are hidden from many of us by algorithms and by censorship.

  • Across the world many thousands of “scientists” and “experts” in many fields have assisted those enemies of humanity by falsifying figures, by creating fear, by lying in many ways, by developing biological and other weapons of death.
  • They have done so for “money” and advancement.
  • Therefore they are Judases, traitors to humanity.

  • ALL of these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY form part of a vast conspiracy.
  • Not a conspiracy theory, but an evident and obvious conspiracy.

  • Every hierarchy of authority that shapes human society has, at its head, those who are a part of this conspiracy.
  • Billions of WE humans now realise this.
  • Beneath them, and sprinkled throughout those pyramids of power, are their replacements, jockeying for advancement in their career and for more “money”.
  • Every aspect of our experience of life itself is monitored, governed, shaped and controlled by these hierarchies.
  • The result is what WE human beings now see: Fear, Misery, Death.
  • Among them are those that simply did nothing, or followed orders when they should have refused. Guilty.

  • These creatures WILL face human Justice.

How can WE HUMANS fight this orchestrated conspiracy?
  • NOT by rioting. NOT through revolution. NOT with violence.
  • Our enemy's power to create this fear, misery and death relies on just two things.
  • Money, and the hierarchies energised by money.
  • Therefore that “money”, those hierarchies it sustains, are the enemies of humanity.

  • Therefore WE must CHOOSE to no longer accept them.
  • WE must choose to do that AS ONE SPECIES.
  • Otherwise, NOTHING will EVER change.
  • THEY will always have the money THEY create.
  • THEY will always be able to use it, as we see them using it now.

  • WE human beings must choose a different world in which to live.
  • IF we do so in our Billions, and we can, the world will change in a Moment.

The alternative is MORE OF THE SAME. In our Billions, we say NO to that.
This has gone on long enough now.
  • No end, ever, to the fear, misery and death?
  • Is that what WE want, we billions of human beings?

  • Now WE humans in our billions must organise.
  • WE must keep calm and carry on doing what WE need for survival, without using “money”.
  • There is NO alternative.

  • THEIR Power derives from the “money” they create.
  • It is this “money” that pays for everything they are doing to us.
  • It is this “money” that the traitors sell their humanity for.
  • DENY them that Power.
  • THEIR Power stems from the traitors to humanity that they reward with their “money”.
  • THEIR hierarchies will collapse if WE choose not to accept “money”.

There is no other way for humanity to take back our world from these monsters.

  • Right NOW there are hundreds of millions, billions of WE human beings that know these truths.
  • The thing we lack is UNITY.

  • Unity can be found, right now.
  • It can be found in the shared aspirations WE humans have, for a world free of fear, free of debt, free of war, free of corruption, free of injustice, free of starvation, free of so many crimes committed for “money”.
  • It can be found in the shared aspirations WE have for a better world for our children and theirs, a world full of love.
  • That unity WE call “human-heartedness”.

It is the destiny of our species to create a world based on that human-heartedness.
  • What other future world would any of WE billions want?
  • Yet more of THIS one, that has given us Millennia of fear, of war, of genocide?

The enemy controls the collective consciousness of our species.
It is time to take that control from them.
The idea that we can deny Power of its greatest weapon.

A simple idea we can ALL understand.
YOU can help to do that.
Please simply spread this message, right now.

There is a reason WE humans see the numbers 11:11

11th November, 2020
20 20

Seven Billion of WE human hearted, we miserable and afraid, we meek and powerless NEED TO SHARE THIS DATE, THIS RESOLVE.


What we do together, afterwards, is build the future that is the DESTINY of our species.

A human world, full of joy.
Full of Love.
A human-hearted world.

NOW share this understanding.
Time is running out.

Given with love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx



    That won't work. They will kill 90% of us before we finish "killing money". They don't need that "money" we use anyway; they have all the resources which is the real money, not the fiat fake money we are given. They must be physically neutralized and eliminated one way or another. Period.

    1. I understand the uncertanity and fear you have and I have to admit, that I have the same feelings, but that will not stop me from at least to consider this solution and trying to imagine it upon reseach if it would be actualy possible and if, in what way, it's effect and so on and on, but imagine. There's no money, people have open minds and are spreading love instead of hate. You need only 2 rules then: 1. Do no harm 2. Do behave to the others the same way as you want them to behave towards you.

  2. Peter Westwood31 May 2020 at 18:15

    There is no joy in killing. Look at OUR human history, at the fake "revolutions". Look now at Antifa and its opposite. Think about the fake "colour" revolutions, about the "Arab Spring". Money is at play here, Soros is at play. Others, darker, are using intelligence to create chaos. To build a worthwhile world, only love will work.

    1. They showed love in Tianamen Square - the CCP killed 10,000 of them. Sorry m8 but its going to be death for these c*nts.

    2. Justice will serve, once we rebuild our human justice system. Mob rule and angry folks with guns, that only creates space for monsters to arise, and we go back to square one.
      Arrest them, try them, mete out appropriate justice.

    3. Look again at Tianemen Square. It is an empire of lies. 9/11 was a pre cooked movie, sold as news to gain consent for mass murder. Stop falling for it. Before WW1, there were cartoon posters of literal gorillas in German uniforms committing atrocities. Murder does not come naturally. They have to incite people, put them in a position where it's kill or be killed. The gorilla cartoon would not work on our media savvy youth but look what they have now at their disposal. This is the information war. We are growing in sophistication faster than their lies evolve. Every war and revolution, in which the same people financed both sides, has been used to flush out and kill the best of us. Stop believing the lies, including the fraud which is money, and they are nothing. Just nothing.

    4. Thanks, Unknown.
      We Are waking up as a species.
      20 20

  3. The lack of justified violence directed towards the demons who who have transformed our friends and relatives into mindless order followers is what has allowed these tyrants to turn our world into the dystopian nightmare we now experience.

    You refer to the fake "colour" revolutions, the "Arab Spring", etc.; I'm talking about NON-FAKE total rebellion! Huge difference!

    Appropriate violence has prevented or limited malicious violence countless times throughout history. If you witness a maniac who goes on a shooting spree and starts killing people in the street, what are you going to do? Get on your knees and pray for Jesus to intervene because you don't have a gun to at least neutralize him, if not kill him? If I was there and had a gun, I know exactly what I would do!!!

    1. You see, right now, "justified" reactions to a murder that may or may not have happened. We are easy to stir to anger. All wars of the last century have resulted from such mind-control.
      WE are NOT a killing species, except when our masters determine that we shall kill each other.
      If we deal with the great change by becoming killers then, inevitably, those willing to kill will rise to leadership. Just the types to deal with the residual power of evil so that it might engineer a comeback.
      What WE as a species needs is Justice, not vengeance.
      That Justice might find those most guilty have sacrificed their right to life, or remain so dangerous to humanity to be allowed to continue living, but such decisions must rest with those we find to be most able to make those decisions, those most just amongst us, those gifted with most wisdom.
      Humanity cannot build a better world on the uneasy foundations of seas of blood.
      WE must start with love, and turn our anger into the firm resolve to see Justice done.
      You will recall the French revolution, the guillotines, the emergence of that great killer Napoleon, the eventual return of the "Royal" family.
      Our rulers know how to come back, know how we can be drawn to killing, know that what emerges is someone they can do business with. They've done this for thousands of years. Don't be so predictable, please. That makes you useful to THEM.

  4. Question, how does not using money stop the source of evil? Sure IF( and thats unfortunately a very unlikely if) all humanity at once rejected the idea of money, it would cause shockwaves and destroy a fundamental base of their power. However, money is a tool, just like a gun is a tool. It is not the source of the evil, it is the one who decides to use the tool for evil. Even if we eliminated the money system they have created, if we do not eliminate the parasitic force that used that money for evil, that same force would quickly develop another system, another tool that would accomplish the same thing. Simply eliminating money, as amazing as it would be, is not the answer. We must destroy the parasite at its source. And thats the problem, we do not know how to do this for if we did, it would have already been done. No one knows how to do this. At least not yet.

  5. The vision we have derives from the understanding that the Power (ie the force of Evil) depends on a number of "principalities" - to get Biblical if you like- in order to shape this reality. Without those principalities it will lose its control over humanity and the world it has stolen from us. In past ages it used merely merciless violence and the fear that generated. As our population grew it added belief systems into the mix, ie it shaped religions to shape minds. It added the idea of nationalism on the same mind control meme. Throughout it has used hierarchies, chains of command that depend on fear for compliance in every walk of life. The unifying bond, the energy that flows through this system, is money.
    When we humans evolve past this money phase then many other of the Power's control matrix will disappear: Their ownership (by theft:What else can you call the dishonesty of creating money from thin air then buying resources with it?), their hierarchies, their control of uniformed bullies, their systems of surveillance, even their "nations" as they appear today.
    They will be left only with merciless violence. In days past that could work, but not in a world of 7 billion vigilant human beings, (though we must be wary, at this time of transition, their using their residual Power to simply push the button or release the bug that will set us back millennia. The "Sampson" option, to get Biblical again.
    THEY will always be with us, but we must evolve into a species that understands that they exist and deals with their routes to Power from which stems almost all evil. Vigilance is a part of the future, the part that will prevent them from returning. In the past we were few and divided. Now We Are many and coming together. A lot of minds and bodies can be put into the work of making this world good, once those "Principalities" are dealt with, for in that dealing with lies the path to true freedom, for the first time, for our species.
    We will evolve.
    Thank you for your comment.
    LOve to you and yours,
    OLive and Aktina xxx xxx xxx

  6. Great article! I agree with everything you say really. The only thing is nobody has come up with something better than the capitalist system really. Not without us all going back to pre-industrial times and trading chickens ect. Which I would actually prefer to working in a modern office lol. But have you considered just going to digital currency like Bitcoin. I've heard a rumor that USA may start their own digital currency backed by gold again like it used to be. There is something very spiritual about the beauty and transparency of those systems if they were to ever by fully implemented into our economy. No corruption as can see everyone's accounts, they can't own the currency and print more, you don't need bankers to move it around, you don't need lawyers to settle financial contracts as the money its self can/will be SMART (pre programmed to go to the right people when certain conditions are met), it will only increase in value if there is a limit on the total amount. These are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. I was so passionate about how Bitcoin could transform our society that I convinced my friends to buy and we actually made money too. It's just pure simple math being enforced without the potential for human corruption.

    1. If an agency "starts" a digital currency then that agency immediately controls its issuance behind the scenes. "Gold" backed currencies give all power to the dragons that sit on hoards of gold. The Roths control the gold markets. The Royals took gold for centuries and no doubt have huge secret hoards.The Roths have been in China for ages building Chinese gold reserves. There is a clear INTENT to collapse the current debt system and replace it with what many truthers have been encouraged to think is the answer: Digital Gold backed world just what our masters have been planning and urging through their fake alternative media from Alex Jones onwards. First they will engineer the chaos we can all see coming. Then the "saviour" will appear to create the new currency and restore stability. You'll need to be tagged to use it. It will be issued to everyone and therefore every human will be enslaved by it. WE will beg for it, they think, ordo ab chao as it goes. Otherwise, we humans can just keep calm and carry on and NOTHING will collapse if we organise and are vigilant. That's evolution, not tweaking what we are given as a form of fake "revolution". Be wise as the sly serpents are, friend.

    2. Yeah I see your angle there and that may very well be the plan all along, as the dragons love their gold. But what choice do we realistically have if they crash the current system. We won't be able to carry on as normal and we will have to accept what the majority of the people trust in or no system will work. I think a lot of people would put their trust in something like I mentioned with USA going digital even if it ends up being worse in the long run, just to keep our modern lifestyles. The only way I see us getting to a better world at this point is the release of hidden tech so we would have free energy and not need to work as hard or aliens coming to help us ascend into light beings. I'm trying to work on that last part myself without the aliens help. I think grace is the only think can save us at this point


  8. It's not gold that will slay the dragon. It's silver. Silver has been disappeared. There is no news or reporting of silver at all. They are changing the meaning of the word 'silver' in most languages to 'money'. L'Argent is the word for silver in French but they have changed that to mean 'money'. Silver is the most important commodity for our modern world by far. Why is there no mention of it anywhere - schools, media, government? One reason : Silver is the key for humanity to forever oust the predator class who rules us through their exclusive 'right' to create all currencies and change us interest on it. They have overplayed their hand and have priced silver at a most ridiculous levels. The all time high was $50 in 1980 and it's under $18 now. Whatcha doing to do? ;-)

  9. I consider you my sister Blog because you are speaking my very same message. I could have written this post. Here is my Blog

    1. Friend,
      There is no "race" we call Jewish. It is a faith.
      Those that rule this reality are not of that faith.
      Some few of them call themselves "Jews" but are not. They are of the synagogue of Satan, something "other", that which indigenous peoples understood as Wetiko, as Djinn, as Daemons, as Archons, human beings that had lost their humanity.
      Israel is being punished more than any other people right now. True Jews of faith feel lost, recognise the sweeping tsunami of evil and fight against it as we do. They are our siblings in this war. Look at what is happening to those people, the mind control, the fascist "peace officers", the vacks passes.
      Evil hates them and deliberately grouped them together, locked into a mind matrix that turned many of them into a false reality that insisted that to survive they must steal and bully to create something called a "nation"......
      We have ALL of us fallen for that narrative, based on a false faith or an idea of "nation" or of "race".
      None of these divisive concepts are real.
      WE are a species, at war, subject to a predatory occupation.
      Everything that divides our species is simply a concept of consciousness, sown into our minds for ages, dividing us, pitting us against each other, causing us to believe in false ideas, causing us to hate when what we humans want above all is a hug, is love, is care, is fun and friendship, camaraderie, a chance to be of true worth and to sleep at night knowing we have done our bit.
      Those that seem to be jews at the second level of power are merely servants of the evil that have risen, have been taken over by the dark essence that prevails. There are many more such creatures that are not of that apparent faith or race, but they are useful fall guys and, all in one place now, easy to wipe out....
      That was always the intent.
      Look at the state of things there and realise those human beings, the jews that farm or run shops or clean streets, are just like the rest of our species.
      Facing the cull.
      With love to you,
      Olive Farmer
      xxx xxx xxx