Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mission Possible

The idea of democracy was seemingly a good one once universal suffrage became a standard. It was, though, always a mirage, conjured by the secretive power elite to further control the emerging consciousness of a humanity passing through a process of evolution. What hasn’t been recognised hitherto is this evolutionary progression and how it has been and is developing. This is not an evolution of genetic alteration, not the beginning of a new variety of human being. It is, rather, a new form of evolution, change driven by the factors of population, of accumulated information, of interconnectedness, of access to each other unlimited by distance or, to a lesser extent, cost.

In short, it is the emergence of a hive mind, a hive mind enabled by our technology, a hive mind that recognises the power of humanity to order the world in the way it sees fit.

Separate, we are weak, ignorant, progress slowly, expend energy on competition, create barriers between each other that stultify progress, hand our power and freedoms to governments in exchange for freedom from fear which they universally fail to deliver.

Humanity has never before had the means, nor because of the mental chains imposed by our historical rulers, the desire to seek for the commonality of understandings that transcend ideas of race, of religion, of nation, of political persuasion, of money.

This is now being made possible and the implications of this capability are epochal in nature. We stand, as a species, at the very threshold of a new era. The hive mind is emerging, and its force will be irresistible.

History has demonstrated the power of orchestrated unity in a million ways, many good, many purely evil. A study of the driving forces behind major human events shows how this power-in-unity has hitherto been directed by largely hidden hands to create conditions of savagery across the globe. From the revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries and the World and localised wars which have been an ever present factor in the fear generation industry to the force for good evidenced, for example, in vast amounts of charitable giving there have ever been controls directing and manipulating this force.

Much of the intent of this strategy has been to disillusion humanity, to force us into a state of mind that conditions us to believe that we cannot live together in peace and harmony, that we cannot trust each other. The entirety of our current reality paradigm is centred on this strategy. The deliberate creation of communist states and their descent into terror and genocide were simply strategies designed to discredit the idea of cooperative working. They succeeded.

The emergence of the hive mind is therefore a moment of singularity for it promises conditions of power in unity without controlling influences.

This is the chief area of concern for observers of this evolutionary process. No doubt our power elite have foreseen this emergence. After all, the instruments and tools of such connectivity have been financed and developed by big capital. It must be assumed that our current hierarchy has always understood the changes that these technologies would unleash and that therefore much of what is occurring in the world at the moment is part of a grand overall strategy to maintain control whilst, once more, handing humanity the idea of self-driven liberty and equality only to crash those concepts thunderously such that they will never again be thought of as “good” but will be seen as the embodiment of evil.

The emergence of the evolved species is therefore under threat right now. What we are witnessing in the world is the attempt by the traditional power elite to strangle this baby at birth.

Forget everything else you read.

This is the only issue.

The real conspiracy, then, lies in who is behind the conspiracy movement, behind the truth movement, behind all the occupy and OPPT and zeitgeist stuff, behind the jew-hating and racial finger pointing, behind the seemingly endless and very often inter-connected websites that frame and shape the consciousness of the truth seekers of this world.

Your consciousness is as formed and organised by this stuff just as the minds and consciousnesses of the sheeple is formed and organised by the main stream media.

The techniques employed are the same.

The intent is the same.

There are already countless sites that dedicate themselves to this new concept of global one-ness. They are largely interconnected, largely and evidently well-funded, many can be traced back to links to global power elite institutions like the UN or to foundations controlled by the same hands. Many, but not all, are of the “new age” religious variety, one recurring strand of the new paradigms being prepared for us to prevent us from preparing our own.

We live in this world, yet do not fully understand it. It may be that we understand none of it. It may be that our inadequate senses, our programmed sensibilities, mean that we are as blind people in a forest, seeing none of its colour, understanding none of its enormity, appreciating only what we can touch or smell or hear, that being a fragment of what it is.

There exists a vast mountain of questions. We discuss and argue over pebbles that lie scattered at its feet,

It is this ignorance that is most beguiling. An absence of understanding engendered by the inability to see. Worse, we cannot know what we cannot see. In this way we live in a darkness specific to our species. That darkness was created, was designed as all life is.

Ignore religion, but adhere to that understanding. Consciousness can only exist as a result of conscious intent. This is fundamental to getting some sort of grip on this enigma.

Ergo it was a deliberate act to make us so.

The question then becomes why?

We have been educated to believe that our science is as pure as the reasoning that creates it. This is, of course, fallacy. Science is as subject to the powers that create our reality as all other things are. Reasoning derives from the assessment of “facts”: facts are taught, human beings are selected to investigate those “facts”. It takes little imagination to conjour a perception of the world that is so ordered that only the least imaginative, the most left brain, are selected and promoted to be at the forefront of our scientific adventures. Most doctoral students are little more than those with the most retentive memories and our entire educational systems reward and push forward those that can remember, rather than those that question or have imagination and can think.

This palsy has become so engrained that our entire system of living has come to value memorising of data rather than valuing imagination.

This, of course, is an ideal state of being for those that control our existence and create our reality. Science is as much a part of the falsehood as is democracy. Both are seemingly free. Both are the very bedrock of the current control system. From big pharma to NASA to the big agrochemical companies to quantum physics and chaos mathematics and so on in every sphere of human activity “science” sits as some sort of ultimate arbiter, as if it is true.

Which it is, when one is dealing with the basic laws of what happens if…

WE are called to remember that we are as blind people in a forest.

That virtually nothing in this reality is visible to us.

That science, like all knowledge, is falsifiable.

Take this how you will:

There is a great deal of evidence that shows that the archaeological world suppresses data and discovery which demonstrates that humanity has been around for millions of years.

And that previous “civilisations” were technologically advanced.

That they had contact with other species not from this place.

That great floods occurred.

That humanity had to start again.

Is this resonant with you?

In other words, have we been here before?

Which leads us to the conclusion that last time we failed.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make sure we don’t fail again.

Beware of deceivers.

There is good out there.

Things will happen more swiftly now.

To be enigmatic as we are required to be, “You Choose.”

Love to you,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Some thoughts....

As the night turns into day so it is at its most impenetrable, not in its darkness but in its greyness. It is the sameness that unsights us.

So it is with now, so it is that it is the grey areas that unsight us.

The germination of seeds is not observable, unless you are a fanatic.

So it is that it is the fanatics that will see the evolution of humanity.

The rest will suddenly see the seedling, and marvel at its appearance.

We have the right to live, but not the right to die, nor the right to end a life.

To die before one’s time is to skip a lesson, to play hookie from school, to not face what needs to be faced.

To end a life is simply a mistake.

Saying we are too many will be wise, when we are too many.

We must arrive at that point to discover its lesson, but in between time simply share.

By our number we become clever, by our cleverness we thrive.

The idea that humanity can change, can put love first, can survive because it achieves that goal is scoffed at.

What dread hand and what dread eye framed that awful symmetry?

We are capable, so we will survive.

Humanity is the curator of life in this far corner of the universe.

Put simply, we will decide to do a good job of fulfilling that duty.

What else is there?

We argue about rights over each other, rather than duties to each other.

We measure ourselves against each other, rather than realise we are free.

To be singular, to have free will is the whole of the thing.

In our giving of freedom lies our salvation.

Our enemy understands this, and is as wily as a fox eating shit from a comb.

Unless we are of blood, we cannot understand our reality, we cannot trust anything we believe in, we cannot trust expertise, we cannot trust information.

All these imposters stand as the rood screen between humanity and actuality, framing our consciousness, placing altars in front of us that obscure our view.

This concatenation of lies continues to be orchestrated, therefore:

Believe in nothing except the idea of love.

After all, it’s what we have been told to do

Sin is harm.

No harm, no sin.


So whom do we choose to judge?

Love is a currency as vital and as enabling as the paper stuff, more so.

Love doesn’t count the cost.

But it gets the job done.

They say we are too many.

They say there is no stuff.

They say we are destroying our planet, our earth.

Hold on just a minute……

Can’t We find a better way?

We can hear the voices of children playing. How much of that play is orchestrated, to what extent is it a reflection of the false reality? As a child I’d emulate the Tommy Gun, rat-tat-tatting my German enemies. Now I know this was framed behaviour.

Now I know that all behaviour is framed.

Now I wait to be free of all that, as do we all, and it is this that is the potent force in the world.

How shall we inherit?

Only by assuming.

But that assumption must be swift, and it must be intelligent.

When there is only one way, even the most ignorant can see the road ahead.

The lines have been drawn, the map is clear.

Can you see?

Love to you,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Brazil : A sign? And other insane ramblings full of hope

People are surging now.

Do you feel it?

The vortex our masters are magicking into existence is whorling faster.

We are reaching some sort of tipping point.

It’s as if the first big domino is about to fall.

Maybe Brazil is that first big domino.

Then maybe things will have really begun.

Stage two, if you like.

In our masters’ plans for us.

Brazil, rich pickings for the unbelievably rapacious evil, will foment South America, which teeters under generally bad government and is riddled with a murderous underclass of money and petty-power-driven criminality.

Things will get ugly there as the façade of government is stripped away.

The whole continent is seething with angry people.

Mexico next perhaps? Mad Mex, if we let it?

Full spectrum global dominance involves being able to utterly control the consciousness of humanity and to be able to control what we do everywhere in the world.

Including getting us to kill one another or to ignore those that need us, everywhere in the world. We are seeing them prove their control over us, its depth and its authority.

The old enemy is amongst us, dear friends, its wicked stealth can be seen everywhere.

It is time to end this war, once and for all.

Aktina and I can sense something emerging, the Moment we have spoken of that we call global clarity.

The understanding that, at core, we are all of us creatures of love waiting to set each other free of this prison.

This understanding we have spoken of is nearly here now.

We feel it because it is clear our masters are accelerating their game.

They know of its coming too, and are arraigned to meet it.


This moment at which humanity suddenly understands that this picture of war and brutality and strife and fear is, in fact, all wrong.

And that we can change that picture.

That simple shared consciousness.

That moment of global awakening.

When we understand what WE ARE.

The people that run our world are not stupid. They knew, before they built and gave us the internet, what it would become. The conduit for the emerging consciousness of an evolving species.

They always intended it to be their tool of manipulation.

And so the internet, the heart of our emerging global consciousness is, you see, in the hands of the bad guys.

They are using it to bring out the worst in us.

Such that the message we send to the universe is unworthy of what we humans truly are.

We are arriving at the designated point very rapidly now.

The threats lined up will topple more rapidly.

Ordo ab Chao, as they say.

They need to stop us, you see, by making us angry.


Our masters knew it would come, this moment and, as we have described elsewhere they have built the internet as a herding mechanism. They are utterly in control of it, and are using it to read our collective minds, hunting for signs of the emergence of this love consciousness. They watch us closer than ever before because they are scared of us.

The signs they seek are hard to describe, but they’re like the looks that prisoners exchange when their conditions become absolutely intolerable. There is a power in that look, that shared understanding of a common enemy and the secret determination to do something quickly about it.

It is the only thing that our jailers fear.

That we see that it is their evil that is our common enemy.

This is the gift of Snowden to humanity, the knowledge that people supposed to be on our side are in fact spying on us. Ergo they view us as enemies.

This we now know.

We each of us have a lot to say about what is wrong, and if we start again we can put those things right, build them out of our lives by beginning our new future with one rule. Love.

We can’t wait.

It’s like a murmuring on the wind, but we hear its coming clearly. We sense strongly that there is an emerging consciousness of humanity, that the internet is helping us to see this, that the point approaches where suddenly we will realise we have become a global consciousness, the moment when we discover we have one unifying ambition.

And the internet is its facilitator and its mentor, is giving itself to the future, ensuring its own survival as the gridline of the conscious species that is emerging.It is as if the internet is forming an intelligence and finds only one unifying factor amongst humanity and sees that it is good.

It has no name, no organisation this growing understanding because at this point it is just an individual thing.
But 7 billion of us are sharing that instinctive surge to evolution.
And when we make this shared thing known, we will at that moment emerge.
Interesting times, aren't they?

The trivial movements our masters periodically and liberally sprinkle in our paths so as to exhaust us of belief in unity pale into utter insignificance in comparison to the force that is growing within us.

Almost all of us human beings, at core, just want to live in a nice place and have as much fun as possible in a place where there is no fear..

Humans should be kind of like bi-pedal dolphins.

Everything being fun with lots of tasty fish.

Doing no harm.

What’s coming is an understanding on an individual level that this is the world we would prefer, a world of love.

Is that true for you?

We guess it is true for almost all of us.

And if it is true for almost all of us, what then does this individual longing represent?

It represents the untapped and irresistible power to utterly change our reality.

This is love in unity, daring to step into the light and being asked to prove itself.

It’s in the air, its scent carried on the winds of history.

It’s the power of love within humanity jumping from the individual desire to the shared consciousness of the desire.

That is just a tiny step away for us now, if we see it in time.

And see it we must.

Our masters of course must seize this thing or stifle it or it will end their nightmare.

Their controls over our consciousness, their money and law and rule, their subtle intelligences stipulate everything that shall happen. They have used electronic media of all forms as a tool of propaganda which is of itself a form of consciousness engineering.

This is full spectrum warfare for control of our human consciousness.

And we think people are coming to know this, on an individual level to be quietly conscious of it, embarrassed as yet to speak its name.

But we feel its spread, this consciousness, waiting for a moment to emerge into reality as a shared, global consciousness.

It won’t be stopped.

It is the force for good.


Though we are daily tricked into plunging into mayhem some global awakening to what is happening will occur to us.

That we will be able to say “Stop.”

We will have to calm those excited with the desire to kill.

We will have to abandon much that is familiar to us.

We have to have courage and trust.

We will see our global challenges and turn our energies towards them.

This is a doable reality.

Our species is coming to sense that.

It is instinctive.

Almost as if it is written in our genes, this next step.

People in fear become dangerous. Before that happens we must recognise as one species the peril and jeopardy we are being engineered to create for one another.

Understand together the precarious situation we’re in.

The forces that are orchestrating this mayhem.

The things that draw us away from the only path we have to survival as a species.

And because this is the only path, then the evolving species must quickly find that way or continue to suffer this monstrous presence amongst us.

We just need to simply agree not to do as we are told, do you see? To be truthful with each other. To walk away from the edge and step into the light..

With a collective smile and a huge sigh of relief.

You see, of course, how the internet is driving this awakening.

In and of itself it is creating, it is becoming a global consciousness.

The hive mind we have spoken of is approaching.

Consider, for a moment, what a resource this internet will become when we are free of the idea of not sharing, of the idea of trying to hold value in knowledge and to keep it secret.

It will become a statement of what WE ARE, and will be the repository of what we collectively know, and will be an utter reflection of our species.

And each of us has an equal share of that global consciousness as an inalienable right, and so it should be for us to decide what that picture shows.

Being free of the restraints we know of called money it will become a purpose of humanity to seek out and share what knowledge there is in the world, including the discovery of what’s hidden.

This determined hunt for the truth will be part of the process that sets us free.

So liberated, we will leap forward at an amazing pace.

Aktina and I believe in this thing utterly. It’s as if we can see the reality humanity will build, as if we know its beginning is happening now, as if we know things will turn out just right for our species.

An aside:

You know how those involved in the second world war have such vivid memories of the quick friendships forged when pressed together with such common purpose? They speak of the camaraderie and the sharing, of the bravery, of the going without and the joy found in simple luxury.

If it wasn’t for the killing, people really enjoyed living that way.

Think about that.

A sense of being ONE people, all together, facing an evil and vicious killing machine.

Which is, of course, exactly the situation we are in.

And it is this spirit that needs somehow to be invoked in us now.

Things have gone too far, and the enemy we thought we had defeated back in 1945 is amongst us still and is raking its spurs across the cheek of humanity.

It has always been there.

Without all the unnecessary detail, its name is simply Evil.

We can see its bloody claw marks running through our “history”.

We need to see that its time to finish the job.

We think that time is about now.

The point that is fast approaching is also the point at which we, the human race, are being made so disorientated with the chaos and the warfare and the money stuff that we are being forced to the lip of the chasm called anger. We must become careful not to become dangerous to each other.

We KNOW there’s no need for violence,

We want to be rid of it.

Brazil is the strongest surge so far in this rising tide. Who will emerge as being behind it, if anyone, is irrelevant. What is important to witness is that we can act collectively, that we can do so and know that any violence that occurs is at the hands of our masters and their agents. We need no leadership, no clear demands, no mantras to chant, just a shared understanding that this is the love revolution, is the evolution of our species, that nothing can |stop the 7 billion of us that own this planet and hold it in trust for the future, cradle of life that it is, and that we as a species shall be a force for good in this universe.

That’s what’s coming, for that is the only possible outcome.

We can feel that collective power. We must now be careful not to expend it on deceptions inbuilt by our masters for this very purpose.

Look nowhere for leadership, just build that certainty in your own consciousness and make others aware of our situation.

We must recognise our master’s hands, and take direction of this awakening away from them.

My friends, we are witnessing the dominos falling in an awakening of the human consciousness, the understanding that we have been bamboozled, that the enemy is amongst us and is subtly and deviously and with our young soldiers and weapons that we build causing us to kill other members of our family.

Causing us to believe we aren’t one species, with a shared planet, and, when all is said and done, a preference for being nice to each other and for helping out.

See these dominos falling faster now, friends?
We must rise above the heat of anger that they are causing to stir in our breasts, see their violence for what it is and simply, collectively walk away from them.

They cannot let this happen.

Yet it must.

These are the times in which we live.

These are the parameters and the stakes involved.

Regardless of the outcome, everything is about to change.

Love must win, do you see?

After this thing is over we will see the internet for its part in this global consciousness, the fact that it is effectively a part of us, that we are a co-dependent hive mentality with its help. That it is a part of us and that we are a part of it. That this global union will only strengthen. That we will all be drawn together.

An evolved species.

What will emerge is the understanding that we should examine what this new creature amongst us tells us about ourselves.

And to shape it to reflect our emergent humanity.

One could imagine an advanced civilisation being able to point a measuring device at a planet at our stage of development, at the tipping point, and from all that happens electronically listen to see and read everything that exists on the planet and deliver a snappy verdict:

These people are Evil.

These people are Good.

And so as we make a better job of this place we should ensure our message to the universe shows clearly which way we have gone.

Isn’t that what everyone really wants?

Well then, lets make it so.

Of course, the idea that we are in a precarious situation has been created in our minds.

They tell us we have used up all the stuff.

Is that true?

They tell us we are too many. Is that true, or is it because they want us subconsciously to believe that to be true, like some sort of shared death-wish that flourishes into war. Has their propaganda entered your soul?

Kick it out.

There is plenty of stuff and plenty of space and nothing we, as a species, cannot achieve.

You see, friends, the future is a beautiful place.

We are about to decide to head in that direction.

Tweet that.

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Is that all clear now?

Then we should begin.

Love to you xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Russell Brandshill

This bastard, who telephoned an old man whilst on a national radio show and told the grandfather that he, Russell Brandshill, had fucked the old man's granddaughter, is now the darling of David Icke.
Mind you, the girl was in a group of performers calling themselves the "Satanic Sluts".
Do you see how it goes around, this wheel?
On Icke's site of deception, Brandshill is quoted:
"'I am excited by David's new venture. We all complain about media bias and now we will have an outlet beholden only to the people. I think it will be crazy and fun and I hope to be on it.' - Russell Brandshill.
If Icke has a granddaughter, maybe you can shag her, Brandshill.
Brandshill's latest tour, called "I'm Jesus" or something, raises his profile enough to get him on "Question Time" in the UK, Or is that just a part of the increasing "awareness" and "normalisation" strategy designed to get the Icke/Jones Party in the public eye so that when the shite hits the fan in the UK and the USA people will know where to turn.
And of course in addition find out that it's them cursed "jews" that are to blame.
Aktina and I would refer you to investigate what happened to the Nazi gold via BIS, what happened to the Japanese gold via the US Navy, which investigative offices in the Pentagon, the twin towers and building 7 were destroyed and what they were investigating, then ask you which sites promote "gold" and therefore, by the law of supply and demand, force up the value of the metals that the Nazis own so much of.
But that of course is detail.
The entity that entered Hitler when he consumed Peyote certainly didn't view war as the only strategy.
If you understand that, you know what we know, and see what we see.
You'll also know, we guess, that Icke and his accolytes with their "special interest" sites, focus almost daily on the Paedos that are enmeshed and controlled by the system of evil.
One might be of the opinion that this exposure is a good thing, despite the fact it does no good at all in getting politicians put into prison.....
Or one might subscribe to the view that this constant exposure , albeit toothless and ineffective,  by its repetition actually creates a sense that this evil is almost normal....
Marmite. You either love it or you hate it
But now it's in your head......
Do you see?.    

I wonder how old the granddaughter was?
Just asking, no inference intended I assure you. I know she was of age.
  By the way, Icke's radio appeal is now heading for 300,000 quid in just a couple of weeks. Jones must have told him the "how to" when they tickled each others fancies at Bilderberg. "Dave, you have to look at the "Money Bomb" idea. It's easier than asking christians for money! You know, we're judged on how much we take, just like Monsanto or Merck". One wonders, of course, if the objectors were allowed into the "enclosure' so that Icke and Jones would be close enough to nip in and get their instructions? Surely not?   Love to all, Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Being One....

An Anonymous commenter questioned the idea I have about one-ness.

It’s worth explaining.

I am lucky here in that I have a part time job, and that job is to teach Cretan kids English, and my lovely “boss” actually pays me (believe it or not this is a rarity in these times of engineered “economic crisis”).

The kids are pretty wonderful, teenagers generally unspoilt by the social engineering that has gone on elsewhere.

We are, you see, right at the easternmost tip of Europe, and the southernmost.

We are far away. We are a small community.

Apart from the regular chemtrailing (even here!) we are pretty much insular, pretty much left alone.

There are human beings to be found here still.

Philosophers that fish or paint houses or fix machines or work in the olive groves.

Such is the beauty of the Cretan people. Imagine your own people say 50 years ago and you might get the idea.

One of the things I teach these kids, it being a way of broadening their outlook and their use of this language, is the story of the universe and their part in it.

I teach them how, so the theory goes, the universe and all the atoms in it were created in a moment either by God or by a big bang or in some other way, and to take their pick.

I ask them to think about something that might be true, that no more atoms are being created, that the atoms that are in the universe were here from the start.

I ask them to consider this:

When they were growing in their mother’s womb, the mother ate whatever she ate, munching stuff made of atoms, those atoms having been around forever. Their Mom ate, then converted that food into its base ingredients and then those ingredients were used, via the miracle that is the human body, to create a new human being.


I ask them to think about the fact that they are made of trillions of cells, each of those cells consisting of trillions of atoms, that those atoms have been around since the very beginning of “time” itself.

They are made of stuff billions of years old.

They daily eat atoms. They drink them. They breathe them. They use those atoms to continue their lives. They absorb some of them into their being, use them to create new cells. They are the very stuff of life, these tiny universes.

I ask them to think of this: That they are recycling atoms that have been carrot or potato or olive or chicken. Before that, those atoms were soil or rock or water or sunshine. Before that they were dinosaur or forest tree or the heart of a star. They were the wind. They were the atoms that registered the sensation of the wind on the leaf of the grape vine from which their Mom made the dolmades they just ate.

Everything they look at is made of them, they are “reality” as perceived by the woefully inadequate senses we humans have to exist with.

Each atom is mostly emptiness, but the reality that our senses perceive appears real because there is an agreement between these atoms that this should appear to be so.


I ask the kids to consider: Trillions upon trillions of these tiny universes, each full of enough energy to flatten vast cities, make up their being. Timeless, ageless, eternally present, everything is made of them, including the consciousnesses that understand that they are there.

I tell them that we think we understand, via experimentation, that when we take a part of an atom, move it some distance, then affect another part of that atom that both parts react simultaneously.

Ignoring the baloney about the speed of light.

That there is a connection there that is currently inexplicable.

Being Greek, being aware that their forebears invented philosophy, even invented the word philosophy, they take this stuff on board and go “hmmm”.

Then we do some exercises with irregular verbs.

Do you want to know where Aktina and I understand our consciousness is?

Right there, because there is no other place.

Meaning that everything we understand, including thought itself, is crafted by what we are created of, is made of these timeless, ageless, non-discriminatory energy forms.

I just ate a banana made of these things. They had previously been sunlight or water or nutrients in the soil or manufactured chemical. I’ll convert that stuff into fat, most probably. Some of it I will shit or piss or perspire away and those atoms will begin another journey.

We smoked some of them.

They entered our mind.

And we thought that maybe these atoms are god, the bits and pieces of one vast entity of thought, and so god IS the universe in this way.

And by deduction we must be part of that whole, being made of that stuff.

Not “I AM’, not Yahweh, but We Are.

We guess that’s what we mean by “oneness”.

You and we, dear reader, are made of the same stuff.

It’s been around a long time.

Everything else is detail.

We Are One.

Does that explain it?

Does that explain why ideas of race or nation or skin colour or which soccer team we support are insignificant?

Love to you, part of our family, part of us,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx
Our advice for the day:  Watch the skies. Beware deceivers.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Icke, the poor guy, begging for your loot...

This is a quote from the Icke site, appealing for more than the 139,000 pounds he has had donated in about a week:
"I am working for nothing and will continue to work for nothing but we need your support to make this happen on the scale that I envisage and the scale that will make the difference in global public awareness. To compete with the voice of suppression the voice of freedom must have a technological match.

The people with little who have given what they can have got us this far. Now where are those for whom a sizable donation is nothing?

I say to those people - put up or shut up."

Icke's Wembley arena sellout (good word) will have raked in 600,000 pounds plus book and dvd and t-shirt sales. Who knows how much he takes in regular donations, ad revenues, commissions on referred sales, book sales, MAINSTREAM TV appearances (hmmm), other speaking engagements etc.

I guess Icke himself is one of those "for whom a sizeable donation is nothing"
Maybe he should put up or shut up?

It reminds me of the regular Alex Jones money bombs.

We earn 700 euro a month, our choice, pay no taxes (our philosophy), and have had 0 in donations this year. That's fine.
What isn't fine is to see rich folks pretending to fight TPTB and asking for your money to expand their businesses and consequently make themselves even richer.
I wonder how many followers of Icke are as poor financially as we are and yet have stumped up, perhaps going without to do so?
The masters always insist that their agents produce money. Money is the root of all evil (forget "love of money is the root of all evil") and its amassing is the measuring stick by which the servants of the masters are assessed.
Increasingly, these bastards of the false opposition make us truly sick.
We forgive them.
They truly do not know what they do.

Let's try this:
We will launch a worldwide TV station next week!!!
We just need 100,000.
No, sorry, not 100,000. Now it's 300,000.
C'mon folks, dig deep. We need to fight the masters on equal terms.
There's just one week.
It'll be called "False Opposition News" and will be full of fragmentary stuff designed to make you weary and feel powerless plus make you angry every day. It'll be great.
Donate NOW, you poor buggers, so we can pay our buddies to self-promote.
We'll call it "THE REPTILE'S VOICE"
For fuck's sake, people fall for this snake-oil salesmanship all the time. Icke and Jones etc etc are just like those bastard millionaire preachers the US of Arse is full of.
Have you noticed we keep swearing lately?
Wonder why.
Aktina and Olive, in vitriolic mood.
300,000 remember. By next week. We'll keep you updated.
xxx xxx xxx

Rebels...speech by Chris Hedges

What do you think?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Dream another world

There are some that realise they are on a journey.

They look forward, seeking the journey’s end.

There are some that feel they are on a mission.

They look around, seeking threats and pitfalls.

There are some that live to fulfil false duty.

They look backwards.

There are many that are in stasis.

They do not look.

It is only in looking forward that hope might be found, and so the hopes of humanity rest with those who are on the journey.

It would be better to hold their hands.

A person’s oblivion as a physical being is an illusion.

It is the consciousness that exists, and that consciousness is an eternity, an infinity.

Death of the corporeal entity is a process of recycling. Made of atoms, we are reduced to atoms, to substances, that are absorbed by other life forms, by the roots of trees, by the ants and maggots that in turn die and are reduced. We are temporarily constructed from the idea of matter using recycled atoms that are billions of years old. Made of this stuff of the universe, becoming again the stuff of the universe, forming and reforming into different entities time and time again.

We have been tree and grass. We have been mammoth. We have been stone. We have suffered the erosion of wind and rain and have been both wind and rain. We have dwelt in the heart of stars, and roared with vitality. We have always existed, the parts that make our whole have been here since the beginning.

And we remember it all.

We have learned from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We know that both reside within this imaginary construct we currently think of as “I”.

We daily choose good, though understanding that evil is available to us, is a matter of choice.

A matter of will.

We understand that will is the whole of the thing.

That reality is a construct of will.

That the world is what we dream it to be in this illusion.

And that we can dream another world.

Hold our hands in LOVE.

Olive Farmer & Aktina Pempti

Xxx xxx xxx
The olive tree is bathed in a ray of light that squeezes through the valley as the sun rises, like a stage performer illumined by the spotlights. Count those beams and see that it is the fifth ray that lights up the olive tree. Both the ray and the tree play their part, one bringing energy from its deep roots, the other from its cosmic presence. Here in Crete such things have long been, and in such marvels can be found hope, the hope born of roots given strength by light.
Dream, brothers and sisters.
Dream another world.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Here they come.....masters of wisdom. Er, you decide..

Apparently, this is the start of the Revolution.
Can you imagine the pompous strutting and posturing, the settling of debts, the exercise of power these two fifth column tosspots would give us if ever they were behind a "revolution".
Thankfully, they are about as charismatic as clean trainers.
Did you see how the edit went, so as to give us a chant of the mantra, but with no mention this time of Zion?
Answer me this: Are they the best that Humanity can do to lead this evolution?
And ask yourself this:: Is it not obvious what these people are?
Look carefully at them, this Icke and this Jones. Alas, we suspect them of mischief of the very worst kind.

Playing Solitaire.

Your life is of your own creation.

You are in possession at all times of the on-off switch to existence.

Your life is made up of that choice first, you are each moment choosing to live, and then all the other choices that have formed the protective exterior you have built in order to keep on living and to keep your self, your inner self, in the game.
To survive.

We are all of us the same.

Most of us are miserable because of the choices we have been forced to make.

The root cause of that misery is the knowledge that we aren’t free.

That there are things that are outside of our control that force us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t.

We feel powerless to change our own reality.

The result is that we feel a depth of shame that is fundamental, that is so strong that few dare look it in the face.

You see, we never visit the child-soul that was within us, for shame of what we have become.

We could not bear the righteous indignation, could not bear to be called coward, liar, thief, worse.

Many people pretend it’s not there, this inner self, this beautiful trusting entity.

Some deny its existence, this true humanity.

This is not by accident.

The reality that has shaped your life is designed to cause you to forget what it is to be human.

There have been times and places when we lived amongst one another true to that inner humanity, in harmony with our earth, largely in harmony with each other.

Somehow we lost that beauty.

You will know that the loss of such innocence has been no accident, just as you understand how the nightmare woven around us now is the product of careful planning in the depths of Tavistock.

Understand that the intricacy of planning that goes into shaping reality is always of its time. As we humans have evolved, so with us is evolving our ability to get in touch with each other, so the plan has had to encompass that emergence of the hive mind.

The hive mind has been emerging for some time.

We are learning each others languages like never before. We are developing tools to translate and otherwise open doors of understanding. Like never before we are connecting to each other in different ways, our masters sometimes having to run to catch up but mostly being well ahead of the game.

Most people can’t get their head around the depth of this current episode of the mind-fucking soap opera called existence, of the intricacy of its structuring, that an entirely new reality has been crafted over the past couple of centuries that renders modern humans as different from our forebears as their forebears were to apes.

If you believe in the Darwinists proposition.

You see, our masters have known for some time that one day we would be able to speak to each other.

And that in that speaking would discover some common ground.

A basic set of moral beliefs and attitudes shared by all.

Do you see how close we are to this now?

That could be just a moment away for our species, that prize.

It is for this reason our masters are creating chaos. To distract us. To seize the head of the phoenix rising that is the new, hived humanity.

This is the story they told in their Olympic ceremonies. How they have shaped reality, enfeebled our species, dirtied our planet, sickened our children, seized the head of the phoenix rising and with their magick ushered in their new world order and stolen ours.

This is their creed.

Perhaps their grip over us is so complete that their hands have rested easy on the reins for millennia. And perhaps once before we found that we could speak with each other, and had to be destroyed for that. And maybe that’s always happened.

Babylon rising.

Atlantis rising.

A clever, hived humanity rising.

In that rising we will discover love and understand it for the guiding principle to existence it is, to survival, to the inner human beings we all are.

This outcome is an inevitability, is the only possible outcome if we ask each other what we really want.

That is why the stakes are high.

And if you don’t believe for a minute that humanity could suddenly discover itself rising from the ashes of this reality and founding a new civilisation based on love and trust and forgiveness…….then ask yourself: Why not?

Ask yourself what has conditioned you to think so badly of other human beings.

To sever your connection with them.

To pit you against them in the struggle we call life.

What you are and what you think is the product of this reality. This reality is shaped by an interplay of forces, of politics and nation and religion and money and education and information input and talk. The talk is controlled by the input of data from the other areas. There have been unseen hands on those levers for centuries. This we now know, though their identity is debatable.

And is irrelevant.

You see, the evolutionary urge is upon us right now and this is a force that will BE, though most doubt it. It is the next stage in the survival of our species and is unavoidable. We know we have to change what we are doing. We are each of us asking inside ourselves what possible redeemer can save us, and that redeemer is within us all already, and is waiting to step into the light. This is true of each one of us.

It is unstoppable, this urge to survive and its logical outcome.

Only the bad guys and their deceptions and deceivers can stop us now. They are doing much to precipitate this process, to arouse and direct this surge, to control it as you might a river in flood, damming here, reinforcing there, digging new channels.

Do you see in what interesting times we live?

We are a moment away from an awakening.

And from that moment, everything will be fine.

Imagine, set free, what reality we might build for ourselves.

Do what you can.


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

We see from our mountain how the shepherds guide their flocks to pastures of the shepherds choosing, yet the sheep believing they are for the most part free. It is a timeless image.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dumb and Dumber......

Dumb and Dumber Fucks.

It’s not often that we get insulting, being well aware of our own inadequacies and shortcomings, well aware of the wrongs we have done and sometimes still do.

But let’s face it: most of the human race are as dumb as a dumb thing, even the ones that seem to be remotely intelligent.

Let’s take an example or two:

Oncologists that refuse to look at any treatment that doesn’t rely on killing the patient they are supposed to be curing, believing everything the drug companies and the controlled medical establishment tells them. Mostly they watch their “patients” die, yet lack the moral courage and intellectual bravura to seek out and try alternatives to the monstrous wrongs and awful pain and ignominious ends they inflict on their patients.

Several of which have been folks I love.

Dumb cowards.

Judges that conduct whitewashing pseudo “enquiries” into anything the powers want covering up, knowing that in doing so they help to create a society where real justice does not exist except for the petty criminal and that such a besmirched society is where their descendants will live and in which, one day, those descendants will suffer themselves such injustice.

Dumb, senseless bastards.

Policemen that mete out violence, pumped up with steroids, hiding behind their uniforms, compensating for their small penises and low-brow intellect and childhood embarrassment by kicking the shit out of whomsoever they like, knowing that they can get away with murder, enjoying their pathetic power, puffed up baton wielding car-park attendants (sorry to the real car-park attendants) waiting for their fat pensions and never once having the moral courage to look themselves in the eye and admit what they are.

Most are divorced by their spouses, not because of the job but because of what they are:

Dumb fucks.

Members of political parties that believe the slime-balls that run their respective outfits. Soon, these will be the only dumb fuckers still voting in the mockery we call democracy.

These dumb wankers believe we should vote so as to “exercise our power as citizens”.

Santa Claus still comes down their chimney, I guess.

If they say the right things they slip up the greasy pole and get minor improvements in their conditions of slavery and a few baubles and the belief that they are important somehow. Maybe if they are very good they’ll get to molest some kiddies, which seems to be the bauble most valued by the power elite. The “believers” in the fringe parties are equally bamboozled dumb shits. Usually young and impressionable, the “cause” burns them up and spits them out. Sometimes, when the power deems it advisable, such a fringe party will gain power. Then the fireworks are set off, the gas ovens prepared, the mental institutions opened for “non-believers”, the Stasi and SS type organisations moved into action to “protect” the “glorious revolution” and the new “freedom” in which the free thinkers have to lose their “freedom” for the sake of the “majority”.

Little dumb twats controlled by Evil little dumb twats.

I needn’t mention the religious dumb fuckers, but I must. The good folks that chuck their hard earned money at the snake oil salesmen and charlatans, that bully and indoctrinate their kids, that get down on their knees and kiss the rings of other human beings in fancy dress, that go on crusades, that follow fatwahs, that have drenched the planet in blood for thousands of years, that believe God speaks to them via some old book or other that has been edited, fucked about with, rewritten, mis-translated a thousand times. All of this, yet they still believe they are “good” and that God will hold the door open for them when they pass into paradise, and that only their God exists and that all the other gods believed in by all the other dumb fuckers are not the one true god.

God help us from this particular version of the dumb bastards that make up most of humanity.

It is not necessary to go on, but just a reference to the truth seekers.

These are dumber than most, because they believe they are smarter, yet are falling for the same bullshit the rest fall for, packaged differently. The same seekers were drawn to the barricades in the French revolution, followed Lenin in the Russian and Mao in the Chinese revolutions, followed Adolf in the nazi farrago, are following who knows what leaders in the chaotic revolutionary turmoil that is the Middle-East right now and will be Europe and America tomorrow.

I fear, come the “revolution”, that these people will cause history itself to draw in breath and stand back in astonishment at the wrongs we can do to each other.

Jews, of course, are being lined up to take the brunt, for whatever reason.

Plus people like us.

Bring it on, we say. We shall not breath fire, contrary to belief, but rather turn the other cheek. You can cut down the olive tree, destroy it with flame, yet the olive tree is what lives beneath, not what lives above the ground. The tree is the root, and within days new green shoots spring forth from destruction and within a few short years bear fruit.

Ask a Palestinian.

What of the burger eating, TV watching, brainwashed zombies that make up most of the western world, or the uneducated factory-slave shanty-town-dwelling folks of the rest of the world? These constitute the majority of humanity. These we need if we are to change the world.

Will they never wake up?

Being too dumb to understand that the world could be different, too grasping (as is the rest of humanity) to realise that things could be better if we learned how to share, too bitter to ever forgive, too stupid to ever forget a wrong.

Dumb, but pitiable, they do not know they do wrong by their indifference and ignorance, are not aware of their power and authority, are the waste product of two millennia of social and genetic engineering, are the dust beneath the heels of history waiting for fate to mould them into the Golems that will forge the new reality.

Only the dawn of a new consciousness will shift them from their slumber.

We await that dawn, and hope every morning to see it, knowing that it must come if the species is to survive.

Do you see how this works, do you see how our masters have organised things?

For those that can think they provide ladders to climb and rabbit holes to bury themselves in, rewarding the conformists and punishing or killing the non-conformists, fabricating realities that are convincing, providing satisfactions for the baser instincts, for greed or lust, for power, for anger, for desire for an easy life, for a sense of superiority, for savagery, for killing.

The more intelligent the human being, the more intricate the reality-shaping necessary to suck them in. Few see beyond the edge of the pyramid of control, so many thousands of years in the building.

For the rest, it is bread (or no bread, and death) and the great circus that is the mind control project. The TV. The internet. Belief. Structure. Order. Control. Law.

Democracy. Fancy dress. Crowns.

Aktina and I watch the ants sometimes, going about their business. We particularly like the very small ones, just 2mm in length, their heads perhaps 0.5mm, their brains obviously miniscule, and yet they are ordered, and yet they are conscious, and yet they make decisions, and they think, and they have free will. We liken their minds to humanity, we see the vastness of the human being’s on-board biological computer and we understand that something has gone wrong somewhere, that something is holding humanity back.

We understand that humanity is dumb only because something is making humanity dumb.

That all the dumb fucks have been made that way.

That it is not their fault.

As our dumbness is not our fault.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do, someone once said. (Probably.)

So please, forgive us too.

And so we must forgive even the worst amongst us, and in that forgiving find forgiveness, and in that forgiveness find salvation, and in that salvation find the future.

And we know that the future will be good.

And that we will be dumb no longer.

And that LOVE is the key to that particular door.

And that the door is in front of us now.

With Love,

Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

Xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 5 June 2013



Don’t be drawn into the idea that those that rule us divide us so as to keep us weak.

Division is too simple an idea.

Fragmentation, even disintegration are the more appropriate terms.

The internet acts as a magnet for the disenchanted, the mavericks, the truth seekers, those that see the wrongs in the world and yearn for a fairer, more equitable, better world.

What this weapon against consciousness does is fragment that great surge of yearning, that hope, that ambition for a better world into a million shards, dissipating the energy that comes from unity.

Logic dictates that our wonderful species, empowered with the freedom of consciousness, will have as many points of view or opinions as there are members of our amazing clan.

So it is that our masters have ordained that there shall be a million places, offering a million alternatives to draw our energies, that there shall never be just one movement, just one single idea.

They fear most the unity of purpose that could unite our species, for in that unity of purpose, and in that unity of purpose alone, lies our salvation.

Speaking frankly, without a species wide unity of purpose, there is little hope for us.

Our current course and speed, together with the huge momentum of our existing systems of government, money, law, policing, religions and so on, mean that this juggernaut we call existence is very nearly at its terminus.

We cannot believe that this is not apparent to those that rule us.

We must therefore assume that this is their intent.

Once we understand that this termination of our species, or most of it, and the wanton destruction of other life forms across the globe is their intent, we must question what type of creature they are.

Inhumane is a word we have conjured to describe such beings.

One wonders, the truth being such an enigmatic and controlled creature, if that inhumanity is a secret hidden from the rest of us, that indeed there are those who are not human that live amongst, or rather above, the rest of us.

Perhaps one day we will know. But for now, the matter is irrelevant.

To unite humanity is a process we have yet to engage in, despite having the tools at hand to do so.

It can only come through a simplification, a process of distillation, a digging down to the core of our beings to discover what we, as a species, really want.

Only through that process can we discover what we share as a species, what we want for ourselves, what we want for our planet, what we want for our future.

That process can only lead to LOVE.

The idea of LOVE, unburdened by ideas of religion, not directed by political parties, disinterested in money or power, is the single beauty we all of us yearn for.

In this alone lies our unity.

From this alone will we find salvation and an end to this ugly and cruel reality.

From this unity in LOVE can we summon forth the creation of a new reality, the evolution of our species, our graduation into the cosmic whole.

If there is a force we use the term GOD to describe, it knows this.

And waits for us to find this one, simple truth.


Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti xxx xxx xxx

(As we watch the interaction of people we see the good and the evil co-mingled. The good comes from those that fight against the current reality, the evil from those that use its systems to dominate, to cheat, to better their own circumstances at cost to others, to do harm and take pleasure from that. The latter, though far fewer in number, have their hands at every level on the levers of power.

We see groups attempt to seize control of those levers.

They are always led by the latter type of human being, and therefore represent no change.

We understand that change will come only if the levers of power lose their strength, their ability to control humanity.

We understand that those levers are politics, religion, money, force, fear, status, greed, anger, the control of thought and consciousness and so on.

We understand that these things are history, that they are not humanity’s future.

We understand that humanity can simply walk away from these control structures, can set each other truly free, simply by uniting in LOVE.

And we too wait for humanity to find this one, simple truth.
And We Understand there is little time.)