Monday, 30 July 2012

Last Post Script

Last Post Script, for Johnf.
Thank you, friend, for your sharing.
You ask me to what I refer when I say (in the comments to the last post) “big day today”. The answer is as you intuited. The ritual summoning, 1000’s of years in the making, occurred at the opening of the “Olympics”.
In response to the creation of the egg and its fertilisation in Beijing the “arrival” of their King is imminent. Referred to in the protocols, the king that was and will be again, the once and future king, “He” referred to in their works of fiction called “bibles” by whatever name, the culmination of the psychological entrapment and disfigurement of humanity, the new mystery, the 1000 year Reich.

Anticipate the 4th of August, the date I guess will bring us shock and awe and cause us to marvel.
Or not.

I witness humanity being ever edged towards the lip of the abyss. Many have fallen already, many are lost to the false reality and cannot see, few can hear, fewer still are conscious, yet fewer have sought to cast off the spell that is woven about them by the magick and those that do are assailed, those that do are known to the all seeing eye that the internet has created and will be reviled, will be sought out, as the jews were scoured from the nations of Europe by this evil in a prior manifestation.

And as we dream of heaven on earth know that only we, humanity, can make this heaven, a place born of love and made in our own, simple image, born of forgiveness and of forgetting, born of our inner core, our soul, that which reflects and emulates the good that is out there.

When they sounded their great summoning bell I couldn’t hear it.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

"If the olive tree is burnt in a wildfire, cut down and break up the charcoal branches and scatter them around the roots. In just a season, new growth will appear and, within a decade, a new fruiting tree will have re-grown from the ashes of its dead self. The root is the tree, not that which emerges into the light, and the root will live a thousand years or more despite that which chance throws at it."

(Hello Seattle, I see you as you see me. It is hilarious here in Crete xxx. Ray Pende sends his love).