Monday, 30 July 2012

Last Post Script

Last Post Script, for Johnf.
Thank you, friend, for your sharing.
You ask me to what I refer when I say (in the comments to the last post) “big day today”. The answer is as you intuited. The ritual summoning, 1000’s of years in the making, occurred at the opening of the “Olympics”.
In response to the creation of the egg and its fertilisation in Beijing the “arrival” of their King is imminent. Referred to in the protocols, the king that was and will be again, the once and future king, “He” referred to in their works of fiction called “bibles” by whatever name, the culmination of the psychological entrapment and disfigurement of humanity, the new mystery, the 1000 year Reich.

Anticipate the 4th of August, the date I guess will bring us shock and awe and cause us to marvel.
Or not.

I witness humanity being ever edged towards the lip of the abyss. Many have fallen already, many are lost to the false reality and cannot see, few can hear, fewer still are conscious, yet fewer have sought to cast off the spell that is woven about them by the magick and those that do are assailed, those that do are known to the all seeing eye that the internet has created and will be reviled, will be sought out, as the jews were scoured from the nations of Europe by this evil in a prior manifestation.

And as we dream of heaven on earth know that only we, humanity, can make this heaven, a place born of love and made in our own, simple image, born of forgiveness and of forgetting, born of our inner core, our soul, that which reflects and emulates the good that is out there.

When they sounded their great summoning bell I couldn’t hear it.
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

"If the olive tree is burnt in a wildfire, cut down and break up the charcoal branches and scatter them around the roots. In just a season, new growth will appear and, within a decade, a new fruiting tree will have re-grown from the ashes of its dead self. The root is the tree, not that which emerges into the light, and the root will live a thousand years or more despite that which chance throws at it."

(Hello Seattle, I see you as you see me. It is hilarious here in Crete xxx. Ray Pende sends his love).

Monday, 2 April 2012


Take a blank sheet of paper.
Or open a new document in word processing.
Find a mirror.
Find some peace and quiet.
Begin to look into your own eyes.
Begin the search.

Inside each of us, at our very core, exists the true human being that we were created as and which is hidden from us by an artificial construct we know as “I”.
This “I” is the product of layer upon layer of programming, programming which we think of as “life experience” but which is, in reality, a carefully constructed viral control system designed to pervert and entrap the true beings of love we humans were created to be or are by our innate and natural natures.

Witness the beams of pure love that emanate from the eyes of a new born, then witness the growth of that baby into an adult far removed from its original state, full of fear and anger and guilt.

The eyes are indeed the pathway to this real you, this original and pure creature of love that exists within each and every one of us, no matter how vile we have become. From the basest murderer to the greediest money grabber to the few saints that hide amongst our kind each and every one of us is a creature of love bent and twisted and perverted by the false reality so carefully engineered around us.

The world now witnesses the strengthening and multiplying of the systems of mind control designed to prevent humanity finding its true self. The crescendo of activity we witness in the world and the systems of communicating that mind control are proof of the coming of the moment in time when humanity comes to understand what has been done to it. The vast array of truth sites on the web, of revolutionary movements across the globe, of occupy and thrive and zeitgeist and the new age 2012 phenomena and a million other falsely led movements are evidence of the strategy to pervert the moment, to distract humanity, to stop us finding ourselves.

They won’t work.
The moment will come.
You will make sure of it, if you will it to be so.

That “Moment” is approaching us now. All of the minds and systems of those that create and control the false reality know of its coming, have known of its coming probably for millennia. It is, for them and their servants, the final battle.

Most of humanity don’t even know that the battle has begun, nor that it is the battle that will decide the future of our species. It is the endgame, the battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, a battle that can only be fought with love, for it is love that must form the foundation of the brave new world that humanity must build, love that is our true state of being, love that is the future.

“The Moment” is the point in time when humanity understands what it has been made to become.

“The Moment” is the point in time that those who are responsible for the false reality fear above all else. It marks the end of their destructive and foul control system, an end to their rule over us and the beginning of a new epoch for humanity, a new future of love born from the true natures of this amazing species called humanity and the moment when we step into the universe and take our place amongst the community of sentience.

The universe awaits this moment.
The universe is full of hope for humanity.
WE are about to find our way.

So take your mirror, find some peace, look for Yourself.

When you begin this search know that the creature you have become will seek to prevent you finding your pure soul of love. It will say you’re being silly. It will say there is no pure core to you. It will say “look at the evidence of the world and see how evil humanity is”. It will tell you that there isn’t time. It will tell you that you have no power to change the world. It will tempt you with distractions, that there’s something else you’d rather be doing. It will ask you how humanity can be such creatures of love when there are so many that it/you can never forgive for the evil and harm they have done......

Ignore it all.

YOU are in there, dear friend, hiding from the world.
It is time to shed the outer self.
It is time to step into the light.
It is time to be reborn into love and without fear of ridicule or reprisal to become that being of pure love that you are.

When you first find yourself, usually there are tears, tears of regret for what you have become, tears of regret for what you have done, what has been done to you.

Do not fear.
We are all of us guilty.
We all of us need forgiveness and forgetting.
We all of us can forgive and forget, for this is the true nature of our species, the hidden core, the beings of love and light we were born to be.
Your old “self” will still seek to control you.
“So what now” it will say, and “Go and hide again, for you aren’t equipped to face the harshness and violence of this world. There are debts to pay and things to do. Easier to let me deal with all of this…Nobody else is doing this. You are all alone in this act of craziness. People will laugh….”

It would be crazy if you were alone in this, but the world is a place where one day soon every single human being can be connected at one moment. By spreading this message we can easily make this happen.
In fact there is an inevitability to it.
It can happen, so it will happen.

At a moment in time.
A moment that’s approaching.

There need be no organisation. There need be no leadership. There need be no orators.
Trust none that seek to lead this thing.
There need be no money changing hands. There need be no books read aloud nor no signs nor uniforms nor banners nor any system nor even discussion and conjecture about what this future we are about to give birth to will look like or how it will operate.

Just the understanding that we will at last be free.
And the trust in one another that will be as natural as taking breath.
We are all of us beings of love.
It is our time.

Imagine for a moment that you spread this idea. By making videos, by posting on the net, by putting on facebook and twitter, by writing letters, by telling people. Imagine this thing going viral across the globe. Imagine the world getting ready for this change and know that there has to be a date, a time, a moment that we choose to do this thing.

The first moment in history when we each of us look each other in the eye and understand that this reality is not how our world should be, that these wrongs can be set right, that we can live together in a better way, that we can end fear and want and the control systems that make war and poverty and hunger, that we can be free, that we can make our world the thing of beauty and joy and love that it should be.
We can do this thing.
We can make this moment

Take your mirror, look into yourself and find the being of love, know that everyone else is finding that pure being of love within themselves, that we will together be ready at that same moment in time.
At that moment we will gaze upon each other afresh.
We will look at each other in wild surmise.
“Is it over?” we will ask.
“Has the future begun?”
It will be the moment when we awake from the nightmare and the new world will have begun.

On your piece of paper, in your open word processing document, make your list.
Understand that unless You do this thing, nothing will happen.
Understand that the self you have become will tell you not to bother.
Push it aside.
That “self’s” control over you is over. It belongs to the false reality and has no place in our new world..
It is humanity’s turn.
Make your list of who you will tell, how you will tell them.
Then take action, for without Your action this thing will not happen.
It has to be ALL OF US. The pure heart of love in all of us.
And we have to act quickly.
And don’t let your “self” tell you you’ll be wasting your time. For humanity needs YOU to do YOUR part.

Don’t try to take leadership, nor frame new concepts of systems and structures and organisations, nor relate this thing to knowledge you have acquired from the false reality that is life as we know it. Just spread the word, let people know the date, the time, the moment for this grandest and most ambitious experiment the enquiring minds of our wonderful species has ever undertaken.

The Moment we take control of our destiny.
The Moment We start again

No leaders:
The date and time came to this writer from another place.
It might as well be this than any other.
It certainly should be before the 21st December 2012 that our current masters seem to think would be best for them.
And so it’s 3 p.m. on the 7th of October 2012.
For most of the world this is written 3 7 10 12.
The numbers for some reason have a resonance to them.

It is for this reason that I’ll write no more, dear friends.
The journey here has taken many twists and turns and I have often thought wrongly, often written what is “I” rather than from the pure centre of my being. There should be no leaders, just the moment.
And this has been my part in it, and this has been me spreading the word and having done that thing I will stop.

Please find yourself.
Please spread the word.
Time is short now.
3 pm
7 th day
10 October

Someone has to try.
Why not you?
We are all of us insignificant, but together we own this world and are its rightful inheritors. It is time to make it so.

With all the love in the world,
So long and thanks for reading
This, the last post.

Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx
Do something now.
The baton has been passed to YOU.
Pass it on.
And maybe, just maybe, humanity can make The Moment happen.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

3 7 10 12

The beginning for me was leaving prison England, leaving culture and debt and work and relations and obligations to escape to we knew not where. We found a place, not perfect but different, and a people freshly emerged from peasantry lured into the glittering reality being born across the globe and stepping freely into their own prison, as so many are doing or have done.
A fresh journey was begun then. A journey into nature and harmony, a journey into the olive groves that give so much understanding, if you have but time to stand and stare. A journey into truth.
Now I feel the earth spinning, the world making its corkscrew journey through the heavens dragged by our sun as it circles the galaxy. I feel the galaxy spinning, trillions upon trillions of stars hurtling through the universe pulling our sun along with them on their journey to who knows where. I look up to that infinity, and look inward and see it reflected there. My electric body, my electric brain, the hundreds of billions of cells there and the trillions upon trillions of electric atoms of which they are made, spinning and spinning around their centres.
And I see that none of this is real.

Like the universe, those atoms are largely empty space.
And yet they are able, those atoms and that electricity and space, together to make me believe there is something real called me.
And this something real called me reaches out and touches more atoms, more empty space and thinks they are real too, and thinks they are solid, and thinks they are leaf or branch or soil or steel or bird or cat or other human. I can feel these things. I can see them and smell them and hear them, these concatenations, and yet I understand they are mirages, images, projections into the ether made of electric atoms full of space.
And gazing at this reality, contemplating its infinite cleverness I am drawn to ask why?
I am drawn to question what hand, what eye framed this cleverness and placed what I think of as me inside it and made me wonder at it and wonder about it?

We “exist”, of course, in the most elaborate computer simulation. We are avatars in the greatest video game ever devised, electric confections in an artificial reality that is not virtual but beyond virtual. We self replicate, as all the best robots do, in a world of self replicating creations of infinite variety and astounding cleverness of design in a universe that is inexplicable in its infinity because we haven’t yet seen why it’s infinite.
We haven’t seen because we don’t have the software or the sensory capability because we weren’t designed to.

These are ugly understandings.
I am a plaything, “living” in the vast artificial intelligence of the creator.
So are you.
So are we all.
We are all of us and everything connected, all of us and everything part of the software.

Get used to it.
God is a supercomputer.
No wonder it only took six days.

And I ponder this:
If such a supercomputer lives itself in a world of certainty, as indeed it must, fact upon fact upon fact, what is there that it cannot know?
It cannot know emotion, but can measure it and replicate its electric resonance. It cannot know fear nor hatred nor pain nor love but can observe these things in the creatures it creates and copy the energies they engender.
It cannot know free will.

And now we approach the culmination of the experiment we can begin to see how this thing is done.
WE can manipulate and create new life forms.
WE can process data at the speed of light.
WE can see how biological processing will work infinitely faster.

We are taking the first steps on the road to building our own world-creating supercomputer.
We will use it to play games.

Maybe there’ll be lots of war and city building and farming and sex.
Maybe the reality we build will be different.
But you know, as above so below.
Maybe it just goes on and on.

Anyway, as you know Level One of the game is nearly over.

To pass your hand through a solid thing, first understand that it’s not solid, just that you are programmed to believe it is. The smells you smell, the things you feel, the noise you hear are all just programmed responses. See beyond them to the program that’s running, understand that you can manipulate this reality, and speak the word.

That is the beginning of level two.

Did you read this as a kid?

Tyger Tyger. burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye.
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies.
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand, dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat.
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain,
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp.
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears
And watered heaven with their tears:
Did he smile His work to see?
Did he who made the lamb make thee?

Tyger Tyger burning bright,
In the forests of the night:
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Thanks for reading.
That’s all for now.
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

……..the olive farmer put down his pen and gazed into the infinite and thought of self. He began to blur at the edges, become a sequence of numbers….3..7..10..12… and I let him go……..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Being Human

(Sometimes it's hard to see the hidden beauty of a creature when it is so rarely revealed.)

To be human is to be the product of all other humans. We shape each other by bumping into each other, giving and receiving damage, making claims on the insurance policy that is love to repair the hurt. Those with no insurance policy resemble old bangers, permanently dented and scratched, often driven carelessly, soon to be in the breakers yard. Others, those that are cherished, grow old with grace, polished and cared for by those around them they become more beautiful as they age. We don’t make them like that any more, people will say, but of course we do.

Time will tell.
Look in the mirror closely and your reflection will show you the harm you have received, reveal to you too the loving repairs that have been made. Sometimes it is accident that causes harm, but repairing the damage is usually a deliberate act. An act of love.
Mostly the harm is an act of deliberation.
One human gifting evil to another.
And usually that gift is just being passed on, for few do evil out of choice but because they have caught the virus at some time in their lives when evil was done to them.

They know not what they do, but are sick.
They don’t need punishment, they need love.
This is how we begin to break the cycle of harm.
As chaos approaches its crescendo, remember this.
It is humanity’s salvation.

Someone once said turn the other cheek. That simple act is an act of selflessness, for it is Ego, it is “I” that demands revenge, that seeks recompense. We see around us the world being engineered towards confrontation and conflagration. Carefully crafted “revolutions” turn to internecine strife, Afghanistan and Iraq serving as archetypes. Much more is to follow and more quickly and on a larger scale. This is no doom-mongering, just the stating of an evidence driven conclusion.

When it comes to your country, your town, your street it will be difficult not to react the way you are expected, nay programmed to act. Witness the world, and witness that other ordinary human beings are scrapping over lies, killing over an invented difference. Some are getting to like it.
That’s how it goes.


Our masters understand this, understand us better than we do ourselves, have always found it easy to get us to kill each other. They are engineering the consciousness of humanity right now, as a dog handler enrages the pit-bull to ready it for the pit.
When they’re ready, all hell will break loose.

This time, though, something is different.

Understand this: Our master’s enemy is free will. The massed ranks of slaves that say “no”. The worms that turn.

For a century now they have steadily and remorselessly attacked our levels of intelligence and our core strengths, derived from love, of family and of community. They have attacked our native trust in one another, have made mockery of our age-held sense of morality, have spoilt our children in a thousand ways to grow the adults they want.

You and I are a product of this manipulation, a product of the false reality they have crafted.

This vast scheme has had a purpose and has been driven by a deep understanding of what the future would bring. Hundreds of think-tanks and the cleverest and most devious minds have been harnessed to this future gazing. Coupled with this deep thought have been other methods of foretelling which some may scoff at as fantasy but our masters know well is not.

Why this effort?

Why do they need a new world order when they could do what they liked in the old one?

Because they have seen something coming.

They have seen you.

They have seen the day, seen the moment approaching when humanity would wake from the nightmare of their condition, see the world for what it is, know that they have been tricked.

They have seen the moment coming when humanity would understand how easy it would be to stop all this stuff and shrug them off.

We are a sleeping leviathan, a vast tumultuous uncontrollable species that could as easily break its bonds as an elephant could snap a twig. We are one kind, one family, one species sharing one home, we are seven billion strong and one day, one moment we will understand our power.
And in that moment the world will change.

From that moment we will act in love, because that is the only route to our survival.

It is the moment we find our free will.

Nothing can prevent it

We will forgive. We will forget. We will turn the other cheek. We will abandon the systems our masters have given us and that divide us and we will find new systems, new ways to feed and clothe and house and love one another and we will thrive.

As night follows day this moment will come. The actions of our masters and their poor, lost servants tell us it will be soon. They fear it above all else, as every slave master throughout history has feared it, and have readied their vast deceptions for that day.

It will be a most interesting year, my friends. Its start has been somewhat quiet, but we are passing through the eye of the storm.
Follow no leaders, wave no flag. The answer is in you, as it is in all of us.
Beware of deceivers. There is good in the universe.
The moment will come.

It is inevitable.
Its name is love.

Love to you,
Olive Farmer
Xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Only You

As I go further from you
The individual dots coalesce
Shapes, not visible close to
Become clearly discernible.
The white line on the horizon
Becomes the crest of the tsunami
It boils and writhes in its turmoil
Its motion onwards, rapid
It is change
It is humanity
It is urged onwards by a great rent,
A shift
Inhuman in origin
Whipping the self
Flaying the beast
Driving its creation towards the abyss.
It is the flood.
It is you.
Step away and watch it if you can.
As your distance increases
So more becomes clear
The inscape is mere detail
Reality unreals itself
What’s real is revealed.
Are you far enough to see the truth yet?
It’s light blinding enough for you?
It is you.
As above,
So below,
Only you can change the world.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Grain of Sand

No-one knows very much.
There is simply too much information for anyone to have a grasp of it all, or even a good portion of it.
Ergo we are most of us ignorant
What does the surgeon know of growing rice? What does the pig farmer know of software development? What does the rich man know of poverty? What does the Mandarin Chinese speaker know of Urdu? What does the New Yorker know of the daily life of a Kenyan? Who is good and who is bad in your neighbourhood, and what do the people in the next town know of that?

Collectively our species has a vast amount of knowledge.Individually we know almost nothing.What do we know of what happened before? What knowledge have we had that is lost? What was discovered and subsequently hidden or forgotten? What information is known by some that would change the lives of us all if we shared that knowledge?What can we learn in the short time we have, each one of us?

Our minds are shackled, never reaching their full potentiality, beginning to become less effective after a mere 50 years or less, by which time, try as we might, we can learn so little of the whole that in effect we are almost without knowledge.

It’s as if at birth we are given a desert of sand and asked to count the grains. We would die almost before we had begun.

It is by organising ourselves that we reap the benefits and consequences of the accumulated knowledge that we have.

It would take all seven billion of us to count those grains of sand.
If we were asked to measure each grain, categorise each grain in terms of size or slight variation in shape and colour, again we would all be dead before we had advanced a few inches across the desert. If we had to describe each grain after examination under a microscope and after performing a number of tests to determine the specific rock-type and then record that information to be passed to the next generation then that next generation would never even get to the task of counting, measuring and testing more grains of sand because they would spend their entire lives learning what we had found.

That is where we are in terms of information.

Many of our human family are searching for truth.
In searching for this truth the seeker most often tries to broaden their knowledge, hampered of course by the limitations of their minds and their life span, hampered too by the resources available and the truthfulness or otherwise of those resources.
Some become expert in one area, know nothing of others.
Some become experts in an area that is entirely a false creation, lost in the fog of disinformation.

Most follow whatever information is presented to them, never sourcing truth for themselves but bathing in the asses milk of someone else’s endeavour and calling it research, pretending knowledge when in fact they are parroting data, much of which might be erroneous or deliberately misleading.

What few understand is that the search for truth does not involve the acquisition of knowledge.

The truth is not found through the expansion of information, will never be found by trying to count and measure and test every grain of sand. This is an impossibility.

The truth is found in distillation, in cutting away.
There is no detail to it.
The truth is simple.
We can all learn the truth.
We probably know all we need to know of it at the moment of our conception.

When you cut everything away, when you reduce and reduce and reduce, when you simplify and distil, when you clear your mind of facts and details and history and religion and science and football and philosophy then you find the truth.

It’s a strange thing to get your head around at first, but within that truth you find the answer to everything. One grain of sand tells you all you need to know about the desert. The whole story is there.
The distillation of all knowledge is truth.
The truth is love.

Amongst the thousands of “truth” sites provided for the seeker by the masters of our reality you will find none that distil, none that do not add to the mountain of stuff that fogs the mind and clouds the vision.

Around the world grow movements, the murmurings of revolution are heard everywhere, great anticipation is gathering momentum, detail upon detail is force-fed into the consciousness of a humanity that is awakening in an attempt to obfuscate, to confuse, to anger.

New control and belief systems are being nurtured, old control and belief systems are being exposed for what they are, the world is building to a crescendo of change and that change is being orchestrated.
And everywhere there is detail.
Everywhere there is too much information for one to encompass, too much for us all together to master though we spend our lives trying.

We are being deceived into looking outwards to find what is inside, for once humanity takes that simple step then the world will transform.

It is for this reason that I like The Moment.

William Blake (and just there is a world of detail and debate in itself) wrote this:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

The truth is simple.
It’s love.

Olive Farmer.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Moment.

I received "The Moment", probably because of what I have been writing (which it resembles in style and content but it isn't mine) and am doing what it asks. Passing it on.
Copy and paste the grey link on the right to get it. It's a one page letter.
3 pm, 7th October, 2012.
It's in my diary.
It has to happen someday.
Love to you,

Friday, 2 March 2012


There is an art to deception, and a magick to grand illusion.
When I write I write from the heart. I do no research. I plagiarise nothing save perhaps words that have entered my consciousness over a lifetime of living. Today, I looked to see if there were others suggesting one day, one moment one day that could change our reality.
Of course, I found the spider's web.
Of course, it is full of fine words and a deep understanding of what humanity is about to discover.
Of course, it is there to steal leadership, to misdirect the herd.
I don't do detail, but I will this time and it'll be the subject of my next post.
If you want to follow the spider's web and see if you discover what I am discovering go look for birth2012. I won't post a link. Then check out the sponsors listed at the bottom of the page. Then check them out, their history, their sponsors and associates. Then theirs. Then theirs.
It keeps on going, this deep rabbithole.
And if you ever questioned whether our masters know what's coming, you'll question no more.
You'll love all the reassuring smiling faces.
You'll see how organised just this one piece of the new control matrix is.
They know.
They're waiting.
Now you can see them.
Beware of deceivers.
Fear nothing.
Olive xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Start Again. Make the idea viral....

Start Again
The time approaches when humanity will have to reassess how, as a species, we get things done.

This means we must look again at how we govern ourselves (if govern ourselves we must), look again at how we exchange with each other, look again at our relationship with our biosphere, look again at justice, liberty, freedom, equality, re-examine why we work, how we work and at what we work, understand how and why we will do things differently such that the children born today will grow into a far better world.

It is impossible for one person to dream of the detail that would be needed for such a task. So we all need to do this, for then it becomes easy, the load shared, each portion tiny, achievable.

How can we make life for all of our family free of fear, how can we ensure that everyone gets a fair share, how can we ensure that no-one uses others, and that none are used? How can we make the future a bright and shining place, full of happiness and possibility for all of our family?

There have been thousands of leaders in the past that have promised such visions, every time delivering the opposite, or being slaughtered before they could realise the dream. Perhaps the lesson is that humanity should shed its need for leaders.
That we should reach a mutual understanding that delivers our shared vision.
This shared vision, this hope, this idea can be encapsulated with one word.
That word is love.

Numberless sage and wise and beautiful minds have told us this in every language since time began.
We have not listened before.
Perhaps we'll listen now, to their echoes that still reverberate around our world.

There are seven billion of us in our family and the beauty of that number means that there are seven billion opinions, that our world is populated by a species of magnificent diversity. That diversity is an expression of the most fundamental human right we have, free will.

At present, it is a poor simulacrum of what it should be, for our current systems are designed in every way to suppress and steer free will, to engage each of us in the control and subjugation of others in a million tiny ways.

This is the success of the current reality.
The current reality is designed as a system of control that engages the prisoners as jailers, that we each of us act as warders of each other.
It is at core a system of mind control.

Historically this control of free will was simply carried out by brute force, some gangster and his gang subjugating people by violence and crowning himself king.

These psychopathic killers learnt that they could extend their power, and ease their task of control, by developing systems, hierarchies, structures of state distancing them from the herd.

They learnt that pomp and ceremony and ritual could, as if by magic, turn a human being of free will into a subject, a vassal, a slave and that they would more often than not be grateful for their condition.

On another front they captured the desires and yearnings for a world of love, a world of fairness, a world of sharing, a world of good by adapting the superstitions (and perhaps the innate understanding of the existence of a universal and unifying force of good in creation) and turning this force for good into organised religions.

Once again the magic of artificial hierarchy, pomp and ritual, symbols and structures of unchallengeable authority all worked, weaving their spells over the consciousness of humanity.

They still do, such is their power.
Three billion people watched the “royal” wedding.
Billions prostrate themselves before one god or another every day, and bitterly dispute and often kill in arguing over which god is the real god.
Such is the power of these delusions.

Billions of us live in what we are told is a representative democracy and yet are powerless, and yet have no free will, and yet dutifully vote at every election thinking we have.

Over time, other systems of control were added to the mix. The artificial system of exchange called money was designed to allow our rulers to conveniently extract and store the fruit of the labours of their vassals and, more importantly, pass on that theft of labour and time in a convenient form to their heirs.
This thing called money has become the way we measure another's worth in this world!
Rather than revere the wise, the talented, the loving and caring, the just and the fair, the givers of this world we have been taught to measure human beings by their greed, by how much more than their share they have managed to accumulate. With money comes power over others, freedom from obligation, exemption from law.

And of course law itself is a vital part of the ingredients that make this current reality. Thousands upon thousands of regulations are drafted and enacted every year in nation after nation around the globe, further wrapping free will in a restricting cocoon as a spider wraps its prey. Purporting to be for our own good they are the exact opposite, writing and rewriting the rules of the game in favour of the powers that be and once more weaving the magic of ceremony, of unassailable “right” and authority, of ritual and symbols.

As humanity approaches maturity, as our numbers gift us the understanding of our power, as our interconnectedness enables us to share visions of how the world should be so those that rule over us find themselves having to redesign and revolutionise their control systems.

We are moving quickly now and so our controllers must raise their game.

They understand that a threat exists to the continuance of their control matrix, that humanity is waking up to the reality, that we are understanding how this thing works and what it is depriving us of.

We can see that our systems are failing to satisfy our needs and failing to protect our planet.
We can see that what we have allowed to be built around us threatens our very existence.

Our masters know that we can see the prison bars and understand that they have to build a new, high security prison in the minds of humanity or face losing control of the herd.

For a moment, put yourself in their place.
They have built a prison for free will, a gaol for the true nature of humanity that has lasted for thousands of years.
They see it crumbling.
They fear the worms turning.
And so its time for some new magic, some new sorcery that will subjugate humanity for another thousand years.

It must capture the desire for freedom, for equality, the yearning for peace, the desire to share, the need for security.
It must rekindle the belief in a religion that rekindles the yearning for a deity that is waning.
It must seem as if we have wrested control of our destiny as a species.
It must seem as if we have invented our own, new systems.
It must seem as if we are exercising our free will at last.
It must be so cleverly woven that we once again fall into the trap of being our own jailers.

It is this strategy that we see unfolding around our planet.

An essential part of this strategy is the deliberate collapse of much that we have been given in the past in readiness for the laying of the foundations for the new gulag for our souls.
From the chaos the consciousness of humanity will be more easily guided in the direction they intend.
And the New World Order will be born.
Ordo ab Chao.

And once and when we all understand this, so the players in the game will become more visible to us.
Generally, they hide behind a banner with “TRUTH” emblazoned across it.
Already their followers and believers swell in number.

Clever, isn't it?
But what did we expect?
That this would be easy?

Did we expect that humanity could wrest itself from a system dominated by evil and control and gift itself a new world built on the foundations of love and free will without some backlash, without some further wickedness, without some cleverly wrought deception, without some new sorcery?

The question remains:
How does humanity wake up both to the wrong that is the current reality and the threat that exists to the future of our kind and steer itself into the broad sunlit uplands of new consciousness that now present themselves as an achievable possibility for our species?
We are close, dear friends.

The answer lies inside each of us, not far away, buried but reachable.
It is the pure heart of love.
It is the knowledge that we can do better.
It is the understanding that we must, or face armageddon.

And perhaps chaos has to come before we most of us realise that the time for decision is upon us?
And unhappily armageddon, already beating its wings across much of the globe, will have to touch us all before we understand.
And maybe our masters, creating these horrors, are serving as the instigators of their own demise.

Or just maybe these words and a thousand others like them will somehow enter the consciousness of our species such that we can all see, as if a light suddenly shone into the dark corners where evil lurks, and we finally understand.

That could happen in just one moment of time.
Frankly, it has to.

We have to try this thing.
Humanity has to choose that time, name that date, pick a moment when we all of us look with a fresh eye at our condition, give each other a hug in recognition of our shared desires and get to work on our new world.

We have been given the instruments that make that possibility, that global moment is a reality if we choose to make it so.

It would be nice if that idea went viral.
It needs to.
Our future depends on it.

And as an act of faith I can see it coming, that day, that moment, because I trust humanity, because I trust the heart of good that is in each of us, because I trust my family, because I see what we are becoming, because we have learned to question, because by these tokens I see the future.

And it is beautiful, and full of wonder.
And it is our world, the one that human beings will make.
And it is close.

It's time to start again.
With Love,
Olive Farmer.
Xxx xxx xxx

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Something tells me this matters, and I am filled with hope.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Pass this on.

People assume they are born with a personality, that what they later come to think of as “I” was there from the start.
It wasn't.
The mind human beings are born with is a blank canvas, wrapped around the pure love that is the centre of our being.
You can see this, almost reach out and touch it, as the new-born baby gazes into the eyes of its mother.
The baby's eyes are not yet fully formed and cannot focus, yet it is able to communicate, both to give and receive pure love.
You can see this connecting beam of love energy, though not with your eyes.
It is the essence of humanity.
The thing we have lost.
It is human nature.

Second by second, hour by hour the experiences the child receives act as input data, forming and shaping the program that becomes the ego, makes “I”, the observer of this experience we call life.
It forms the connections between the neurons as the brain grows, shaping the understanding of what the child has to deal with.

We become the product of the reality we experience, as do those around us, measure and judge all input data against the reality we have formed, pass the shape and form of that reality on to those around us and eventually to our own children.

And all that time the core essence of love is pushed further and further into the recesses of our being as the reality we live through moulds us.

So it is that we learn fear, give and receive this terrible instrument of our torment, the weapon that sits at the heart of every system of control ever known. Naturally, it is the “I” that gives and receives this hurt, the ego that ever struggles to maintain its control over the biological mechanism we call our bodies.

Watch a child grow and you witness this process, see the instinctive love and giving diminish as reality imposes its harsh lessons and ego begins to dominate.

This process advances at varying speeds, according to the life experienced, the quantity and quality of love received, though it is almost unknown for a human being born of love to escape the process altogether and emerge into adulthood a creature of love.

When such humans come, the rest of us tend to kill them.
In fact, we always kill them.

Every human being exists in their own reality, for every life is different, but together we share one home and, now that we have “advanced” enough to create systems of assured mutual destruction, it behoves us to examine what we have done with our planet and done to each other and to consider our future as a species.

This is an inevitable process, and it is now our duty.
Our survival depends on it.
This is that time, that time that deep down each of us knew must one day come.
It is the reckoning.

Humanity is coming of age and our family is vast, our technology advancing at an astonishing pace. In effect, we are collectively evolving and that pace of advance means that we need to re-assess much of what we do and see if together we can find a better way forward.
Or have no way forward at all.

This examination of our reality is a journey that many millions, perhaps soon billions of our species are making.

It is the reason you are reading this.
The reason someone who loves you sent you the link to this page.

As the world teeters on the edge of catastrophe, the catastrophe that all but the blindly ignorant can perceive is unfolding, more and more of us are seeking the reasons for this calamitous state of affairs.

We wonder how it is that so much of our planet, so many of our family are engaged in bloodshed?
We wonder what lunacy has led us to stockpile weapons of mass destruction?
We ask how it is that every nation on earth can be in debt, and ask to whom?
We consider our violation of our biosphere, and question how it is that we have allowed ourselves to despoil our planet and glibly continue to do so, passing the ruin to our heirs?

We wonder why it is that we feel powerless to alter things, that the job seems so difficult.

It is because we think of ourselves as “I”.
And we forget that we are “We”.
And so we don't see our power to change things.

There is much that is good in our world, and everything that is good is an act of love.
That much is plain.
There is too much that is bad in our world, and everything that is bad is an act of evil.
This is self evident.
And so the answer lies in shifting the balance.

In fact there is no future at all for our species unless we do, unless we build a reality centred and focused on love.

This is no hippy mantra.
It's fact.
We have no choice.

If we fail in this, armed as we are and behaving as we do, our extinction as a species is inevitable.

Indeed, it could happen tomorrow.

There are still many of us so consumed with “I”, so embattled with the daily struggle, so distracted by minutiae, so willingly or unwillingly ignorant of this circumstance that, to an outside observer, it would seem as if a mass insanity prevails here on this pale blue dot we call home.

And of course it does.

That same observer would witness the systems we have constructed and see how those systems fail our species, see how they benefit so few and kill so many and wonder when we will wake up to the reality of the imminent danger we face and understand how simple it would be to alter this unhappy state of affairs.
It only requires love.
That thing we are each of us born with.

And to start again.

Those many millions of us now that understand this situation, those that are walking the path on behalf of the rest of our family, recognise the historic shift in the tides and affairs of humanity that is under way.
Each day more and more human beings step into the light of this understanding and seek to remedy our world.
Like some beneficial virus our numbers grow each moment.

And one day soon we will reach critical mass.
And on that day, everything will change.
Because it must.

We recognise that the age old systems and beliefs that humanity has allowed to shape the current reality are fighting this virus, that those structures and the few that sit at their pinnacles must stem this swelling tsunami or lose the control they have over us, the control they have over shaping the reality into which each new human being is born.

We understand that we are picking a fight, but overwhelmingly believe that it is a fight that can only be won by love, for violence is a symptom of the very reality we seek to change.
Violence has no place in the future we must build.

Those of our family who do not perceive this great shift in the consciousness of our species see their world slowly crumbling around them and wonder why.
War is stretching its arms across the world.
Revolutions are daily news.
Nations somehow are bankrupted.
The fabric of civilisation is crumbling.
Chaos threatens everywhere.
The future has never seemed so uncertain.

This is no accident.
Nothing happens on the global stage except by design.
Powerful people seek to distract humanity at this critical moment, seek to prevent us discovering our unity and the strength of our common desire for peace, for a life free of fear, for a world free of want, for a new paradigm of existence.
Frankly, they will stop at nothing.
And yet they are so few.

And more and more of our family each day see them for what they are.
And when we most of us see, their power over us will disappear in a moment, for we shall just ignore them.
It will be that simple.

This great moment requires no leaders, no marches, no banners, no riots, no war-planes, no armies, no gulags.
It needs no detail, no theories, no beliefs, no heavenly intervention.
It needs no path to follow other than the path that leads to love, and that path is short for love is within each and every one of us.
It needs no accusing fingers pointed, no lynch mobs, no wreckage, no dispossessions contemplated.

It just needs us to ignore what we no longer require, and to do so together.

The future will find its own way, with love as its guide.

And so, dear friend, do not fear the future.
Just pass this message on.

And remember:
Those that control our current reality also understand that the best way to fight this threat is to lead it. That is their endgame.
That is the deception known as the New World Order.
It's not so clever a trick when you see how its done, nor is it a new trick.

With love, what else,
OLive Farmer.
xxx xxx xxx
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(Dedicated to John F from Australia. Thanks for sharing.)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Do you see it like this?

Serpent. Egg.

We should thank our masters....
They are becoming the instruments of their own demise.

Hatching the phoenix which will devour them.

They have encouraged and designed and lead their own opposition, hoping to capture once more the souls of humanity.
In their new. improved prison.

They are like a drug, many of the leading conspiracy sites, deliberately so.
Their dominant position in the market (for that is what it is) is no accident.
It is by design.
They are the inevitable and well prepared landing place for millions that set out on the journey for truth, taking that first step into the void when the pebble in the shoe becomes too insistent, when the itch just must be scratched, when its time to wake up.

Our masters knew it would come, this dawn of an epoch, and have prepared because they fear it, risking all on these last casts of the dice.

Their “agents of truth”, their “thousand points of light” bombard the innocent with their tales of horror, their mountains of information, their daily instalments of wrong, repeating the tactics of the main stream media, pouring data into the hearts and minds of the truth seeker, obfuscating the single truth with a thousand different things to get angry about, mixing their careful lies in with the blend, shaping the minds, preparing the seedbed for the growth of the new world order that they pretend to despise but represent.

Thank you Tavistock.
It's a clever ruse, worthy of Crowley himself.

But, for the first time, you underestimate the creatures you seek to control.
Because we are evolving.
And the old tricks just won't work.
Though even now it seems that they do.

You have opened Pandora's box and seek to pit your strength against the great tide of history, thinking you can guide humanity into another of your prisons with your deceptions.

And we understand that the next phase of this deception is well under way.
And we know that the game is about to get very much more interesting.
That you are about to add another twist to the rack and increase the torture, driving the herd in the direction you want.

It will work for a while.

We will stampede when you show us your latest magick, when you dazzle us with your hidden science, when you panic us with your blind fury and your mass destruction, when you give us global SHOCK and planetary AWE.

Just about now, most probably.
For our time approaches fast, and the endgame is here.

The collapse of money, therefore trade and exchange, will lead to the mass starvation you plan.
The Iran farrago will spill into the nightmare of violence you plan.
Your pet hate, the jews you despise, will face the next instalment of the holocaust you began centuries ago.
Millions will march.
Billions will cower.
And then your special magick will begin, and your wonders will unfold, and humanity will feel it is waking from the nightmare you are gifting us into a new dawn, the dawn of the time when God will walk amongst us.
A God that you will give us, as you have done so many times before.

And your internet stars will have readied us for this deception.
And we will believe that the nightmare is over, for a while.

You know, “problem, reaction, solution” again.
You even tell us, through your agents, that this is how you control our free will, believing we are so stupid that even in knowledge we are incapable of seeing deception.

But you have erred.

The force which you hope to deceive will prove too strong.
The bad dream you are crafting will not be enough.
The awakening of humanity is above and beyond your schemes and artifice.
It is a force of love with a strength you cannot reckon with.
And, unlikely even to our species as it seems right now, it will overpower you.

We will understand that we can overcome the evil that dwells within us.
We will understand that all we have to do is STOP what we are doing.
We will see our future.
We will know that our future will be built with love.
We will see our destiny.
We will see how easy it is for us to cast you out, that it is only a matter of free will.

And we will see where the answer lives.
That it is within each of us, and always has been.
So near.
So simple.

And this will happen at a moment in time.
Some day soon.
Some day soon we will understand that the evil is not the banksters, not the masons, not the bloodlines of power, not lucifer, none of these enemies you expose to us.

That the answer is not some saviour you prepare for us.

We will see that the evil sits in our own hearts.
And we simply need to cast it out, this parasite.

And this realisation is inevitable.
And nothing you do will prevent it.
The great tide in the affairs of humanity is turning.
Humanity is about to Start Again.
With love.

And so, in anticipation of that moment, can I say farewell to you, dear masters?
You have taken pains to teach us evil.
And now we have knowledge of it we understand how to live without it.
The lesson has been learnt.

You are dismissed.

With love,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

And if you do see it like this, please let others share this simple truth.

And this is dedicated to David from Canada, with love, who has sustained us at those times when without sustenance we could not have continued. And who trusts.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just one day to change the world.

Truth is a mystery.

Its absence from our lives shrouds our existence and veils our perception, creating the creatures we have become, causing us to hide from each other the beings we are.

Our understanding of our world, and born of that our understanding of ourselves, is the product of our history. Everything that we think we know or believe in stems from what has gone before, on an individual level and at the societal and then the global level.

And all of it is an artifice.
Reality is a lie, built upon a foundation of deception, girded and walled by secrecy, capped by the greatest untruth of them all.

Our every thought, our every action is a construct of this great edifice of untruth, is born of the false reality we exist within. From the basest crime to the most compassionate act everything we do is done within the parameters of this vast and aged deception and is made of it. Every aspect of our lives is governed by it. Every system we have built works within its walls.

What we think of as human nature is its mutant child.

Our science is created by it. Our philosophies and religions built from within its enclosures. Our thoughts and waking dreams shaped by it. Our imaginations constrained by it. Our achievements held back by it.

We are as caged birds, born of a thousand generations of caged birds for whom the world and everything in it exists within the bars of the cage.
That there is nothing else.

But maybe now its time to break free from the cage and see what we can do.

We are grateful for our food and our water, and die if it is forgotten.
We know of no other reality.
And that must change.

As a species, living within this false reality, our short lives are spent repeating in a seemingly endless cycle the mistakes of those that went before us. And so we scratch and tear at each other still as if our survival depended upon it.

It no longer does.
We can do this thing called looking out for each other.

Our ingenuity, slow in its early development, held back by the false reality, is rising now in a crescendo of brilliance as we escape the confining strictures that have worked to limit the speed of our advance. We have the ability and the knowledge to feed, clothe, house and care for all of our burgeoning family. We need no longer fight for survival, for a share.
All we need do is share what we have.

And yet we don't.

Old taught differences divide us still.
Age old enmity fuels today's strife.
Our reality causes us to distrust each other, to despise each other, to fear each other, to bully and torture and kill each other,

This squalid state of affairs prevents our species from living in harmonious and plentiful wonder, denies us the world which should be the harvest of our million years of effort. It is a travesty. It is an injustice.

We have, somehow, allowed ourselves to arrive at the position where our collective lunacy threatens our very survival as a species. We have amassed a vast arsenal of nuclear and chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. We poison our air and our land and our seas. We poison our bodies. We poison our minds. Nuclear power stations ring the globe like a ticking time bomb. We are, at any moment, only moments away from annihilation.

Any sane and reasonable human being can see the idiocy of this situation, and yet collectively we have watched, with a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, the prospect of our mutual self-destruction grow daily more likely.

Is this really all that we are capable of?
Is this truly the best that we can do?

Look about you.
LOOK about you.

Every moment of every day is a moment full of a million possibilities.
Will you live, or will that moment be the moment when you die?
You cannot know.

So we live in hope of a further moment.
All of us, save those that have given up.

And for each of us those moments are full of hope.

We hope for our fair share of this experience we call life.
We hope for a life that never knows need.
We hope for a life full of health and vigour.
We hope for love.

And all of us, at some level, understand that love should be what we do.
And that's the truth.
And the way.
And at the end we will find light.
Our light.
Whatever the test.

And there are and will be more great tests, tests we all of us sense approaching.

And it already seems overwhelming and irreconcilable in the world, like we are too far gone down this path to stop.
And its getting worse.
The current flows swifter.
And the way ahead has rocks and eddies and currents in the stream laid before us by the owners of this stretch of water we think of as our planet, where they hope we will capsize. .

And can we see them for what they are, our owners?

And can we ever share one dream, and make that dream what we live, and change what is real?
Shrug them off?

It's a group thing.
We all have to do it.
A flash-mob for the whole of our family.
The first thing we ever do together.
So we better get it right.

For if we can do this, it will mark an end.
And begin the beginning.
And we are lucky to be here for this, for we are the generation that gives birth to this.

We know, all of us know we are committing biosphericide.
We teeter on its edge.
And we are inflicting it upon ourselves, as we are prodded and herded by the fools gold we have been sold as reality.
And we are snarling and biting at each other like dogs in the pit, ready to be released upon one another for their enjoyment.
Those that own us.
Yet again.
And to settle some bets those gentlemen and ladies are having at the table.
After dinner.

We are the true 99%, we that want this change, that yearn for this opportunity that presents itself to us.
And yet, as evidence that all is not as it should be in the world, something prevents us from looking into each others eyes and saying: “Is this what we want, this reality?”

And if the answer is “No!” then ask yourself why it is so, and what needs to be done to change it,
for shouldn't WE be in charge?

And can we shake on that, and make that pact?
One chosen day.

And that, of course, would be an act of love.
And an act of faith.
In each other.
The first step on a long journey.
For the first time all together.
A small step for one human. a giant leap for humanity.

It just takes the understanding that this is all that we need to do, this simple thing.
Look each other in the eye and ask the question.
One day.

Maybe somehow all of us know that we are going to try this crazy experiment one day soon.
All of us doing a particular thing together at an appointed hour.

Whatever happens to distract us, this could still be done..
Whatever fights or squabbles or jealousies or wars we are involved in.

On that day we declare ourselves and our desires for this world.

We need to see if we can do this.
Probably the future depends on it.

A world of trust, where things are as they should be.
As we are capable of making them.
And if we can all conceive of that moment when we can together express our free will then the world is ours.
The past, and the malignancy it has infected us with, can be forgotten.
All of it can be forgiven.
For we knew not what we did.

And when we all see this.
And when understood how powerful we are.
That full of wrong as each of us are, we all know we can do better.
That will be the day that the world changes.
Maybe forever.

Can't we agree on that one thing, and flash-mob the world, and end this ridiculous dark fantasy?

And that moment in time?
Some day, some date, some time?

Possibly that date is already written, for our masters know some great test is coming for them, and have prepared hard for this battle for the future.

You see the results across the globe as they tighten the belt of fear and spread their mayhem.
And all along, maybe, they have known the date....?

For things are building to a head everywhere, in every sphere of life, the threat of chaos broods like a dark cloud of the gathering storm that approaches.
Its murderous wings have swept across the desert countries, and its strong eddies threaten Greece then Italy and Spain and who knows where as the invented dream called money that we are all taught to believe in is exposed for the conjurer's trick it is.

And it is in our controllers plans to suddenly leave us bereft of this fantasy they have created called money.
When they do, they will rob us all of what we have, and ruin our systems such that collapse into chaos must ensue.

They assume that we will tear at each others throats.
And at the moment it seems they're right.
For we are tearing already.

So will we do what they expect and conveniently kill each other, self-cull for their amusement and benefit?
As we have so often been cajoled to do in the past?

Whatever issues you debate know that the very quarry we have in our sights understands how to control communication.
They understand how to frame the reality we are allowed to believe in, to shape the way we think.
It's a kind of Magick.
To make this work, we have to ignore everything and focus on this one thing.
All together.
One day.

And we could debate about justice and peace and liberty and a thousand other wrongs we can set right with a collective will once we agree on one thing.
One word to symbolise the standard we raise in the struggle to take back what is ours.
And to make this place what it should be.
And there can be only one word.

It really is all we need.

Can we see it in time?
I believe so.
I believe in love.
I think I can see it coming.


Choose a date.
It could be that simple......

Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Absent the dawn of a new species, the birth of a new consciousness we can barely understand, the interconnected oneness we should maybe expect from our unused brains and our unused DNA, that vast memory bank and incredible computing power that we barely access, absent that miracle of godlike ascension spoken of by those that follow the new age ramblings of luciferians like Icke and Spangler, absent the special events of united consciousness no doubt lined up for us maybe this year by the black science gangsters of the Maitreya fraud scam which will fool most....absent all of this......
what future lies before us?

How can we dream of a better world, a fairer world, a kinder world, a world free of war and violence and greed and Ego? A world where we work for each other and our home rather than a world where we scrabble and scratch and bite and claw for a bigger share than our neighbours?

How can we dream this dream when the evidence of “human nature” is all around us?

How can we dream this dream when the false reality in which we exist has its tentacles so tightly bound around us, its systems so ancient and all pervasive and so entrenched in everything we do that few can see it for what it is, that fewer can see that it must end, that even fewer can rationally conceive of its replacement with something which reflects the beauty of the souls we are born with, that shines with pure love, that is the only way our species can survive and prosper in the new future which we witness birthing and which our masters are seeking to strangle at birth, or rather to mutate into a foul simulacrum of what it should be?

We are at the point of having to navigate our species through the maelstrom of wickedness which we witness unfolding.
We know that this tribulation is intended to draw us into internecine strife spreading across the globe.
We know that it has already begun and that those that perpetrate these grand plans of evil intent are succeeding.
There are no “popular uprisings”, there are no movements of any size and import that do not bear their stamp. From the new age religion through the Arab Spring via the Occupy farrago, the Venus project, Zeitgeist, Thrive, Icke and Jones and a thousand others from all spectra of opinion in every nation their agents and fifth columnists lead and pervert the growing swell that is a shift in the tides of the affairs of our species.

Most of them, naturally, grow rich. They fly around the globe patting each other on the back making videos for the new world order herd that think they are awake but are just hypnotised, blinded by the light.

Each of these elements of deception carry a torch of truth. They speak of a world rid of money, of a commonality of spirit, of sharing, of an end to war, of a new consciousness (born usually of some form of godlike ascension). So clever is this arrangement that there are some out there who point out the same things I do but one from a “christian” bible quoting perspective, the other from a “muslim” koran quoting perspective lead the pack.
Their insight appears to give credence to the lies woven into their old books, books so well designed that any atrocity can be justified, any unfairness deemed right by selection from their “god given” words.

For some, it is difficult to accept the awful truth and incredibly intricate duplicity of this scheme.

Just, I guess, as the Russian peasant, sickle in hand, would have reacted with incredulity and guffaws of laughter if someone had told him or her that their communist leaders had been foisted upon them by the very capitalist bankers they were being taught to despise.
The Nazi would have reached for his pistol if you had suggested that Zionist bankers had funded their Fuhrer. The Londoners would have scoffed if you told them that American luciferians had put in place the monster that was behind the planes that were wrecking their homes, killing their children.
So it goes, this business of truth.
In the end it becomes self evident, but the journey is long.

And so, though most see it not, the turmoil prepared for us and in progress now will give birth to a world revolution born of the “truth” movements.

Like all revolutions there is and will further be violence.
Like all revolutions those involved will believe they do good, only to discover too late that they have been the tool of further, deeper evil.

And the New World Order will be born, with “truth” as its midwife.

And a new “god” and a new “religion” and new “money” and new, “ascended” masters and all manner of weird and wonderful science and gadgets to make people believe they have stepped into a new future when they have in fact been herded into the perfection of a prison that has been two thousand years in the making, designed to milk humanity of its fear and misery for all time.

At least that's the plan.

And the understanding that this plan exists will be the chief cause of its undoing.
And spreading this knowledge becomes crucial.
Against the tide of disbelief.

And know: In a world that at some point will lose its connectivity......
When our masters see fit to dispossess us of the instruments of communication they have placed in our hands and which they currently use to stoke the fires of this coming revolution they've planned for us the world will be plunged into a darkness, a void, a vacuum.
They plan to dispossess us of communication, as any military commander would plan to do, when the time suits them.

So how and why will this knowledge spread?

Deep seated in all of us, even those most afflicted, those most embedded in the false reality there lies the nagging and persistent understanding that there is something deeply wrong with this picture we call reality. Like a small pebble in the shoe, like a splinter in the finger it cannot be ignored much longer. Its capacity to irritate grows every day.

We are born with it, this feeling, this deep seated understanding that something is wrong.
It causes a baby, that sees only truth, to cry.
For millennia we have been schooled to disbelieve it, to ignore it.
For millennia we have been distracted from it by the Magickians and their sleight of hand.
But it just won't go away.

Now it grows ever more persistent.
This pebble in the shoe is truth.
This splinter in our fingers is love.
It is our destiny, waiting patiently in the wings and folds of what we think of as time.
And its time has come.

Nothing will stop it, not even the best laid plans and the grand new deceptions planned for us.

And when it comes it will sweep across us like a tsunami of understanding and it will be like a flood in its power.

When that day comes our future will begin.
We need not plan. We need not design.
Everything will make sense.
Reality will be shaped by love.
And humanity will take its place in the universe, having come of age.

And if you don't believe it, search for the pebble in your shoe.
It's name is love.
Share it.

With love to you,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

(There is no detail in my dream. I prune away the old wood from our trees, leaving the bare scaffold of branches that are hundreds of years old. In joy, the trees send forth a brilliant profundity of new growth, fresh and green and fruitful, bathed in the light of the sun which shines upon them.
Sometimes, if the tree has become too decrepit, we cut everything away and the roots, which are the tree, start again. In a few short years a vigorous new tree is formed. They seem to smile:)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

You are not You.

And so to this:
You are not you.

You was the near empty canvas painted with the instinctive, genetically encoded programming that was your fresh, new mind a moment after birth.
Your new eyes reached for those of your mother and, if you were lucky, the first strokes of new colour on the canvas of your mind were the colour we call love.

And the picture we perceive as reality, and the person we think of as I, and the judgements we make and the things that we do from that point onwards are a result of what happens to us.
And what happens to us is no accident but a result of the accumulation of learned lessons that dictate other people's behaviour towards us.

And their behaviour is similarly a creation of our actions towards them.

And we assume that all of these things, collectively, represent human nature and the world that we live in.
That this is reality.

It's not.
It's just a version of reality that has been created by history, by the hands and minds that have shaped the way human beings interact with one another and that have built, layer upon layer, a pyramid of control over the human mind.

And it has been so long in the making, so intricately designed, so cleverly wrought that even though we understand the beauty of love, even though we understand that we are created of love, even though we understand that humanity has come so far because of love, that we could not exist without it, despite all of this understanding we still allow ourselves to be tricked into the condition we find ourselves in.
Bereft of universal love.

How might we have flourished without this shaping of our minds, without this virus in our programming?
How will we flourish when we understand what has and is being imposed upon us and consign it to the dustbin of history where it belongs?

We humans are seven billion strong now.
Our collective ingenuity, our hive mind, is accelerating, as is our understanding of the false reality.
We are coming to understand that how we are is a product of the moulding and shaping of our reality by those who consider themselves our masters.
That our masters have their hands on levers of control over our minds that have successfully re-engineered our species into the mess we see before us.
And as we come to understand what has been done, so we can conceive of its undoing.

And so this knowledge is key.

And with it, the knowledge that our masters seek to control this emergence of a new, cognisant humanity, or destroy it.

What else do you think all of these faux crises and tribulations are for?

And with that understanding comes the knowledge of the peril we have placed ourselves in, the instruments of destruction we have crafted at their behest and the control of which we have placed in their hands.

And we understand, too, that many of us are so lost in the false reality that they will act as servants to the continuance of all that is evil.
And so things will get difficult, as we witness now, before they get better.

Understand this:
One generation raised in our new world will serve to eradicate a thousand generations of learned behaviour.
Human nature, in a world of love, will reveal itself in its true colours.
Then, see what we can do.

Time to Start Again.

With love,
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Just a small shift

We each of us have a vision of the future.

For most, that vision is a product of the false reality, a vision framed and referenced by what we know, what we know being a product of the false reality.

It is a vision that normally requires money, for the fiction that is money, we have been taught. is the only way we can attain our dream, a dream of security and certainty about the future in comfortable surroundings and the presence of those whose company we value and enjoy.
The dream requires money.

And then again, it doesn't.

It only requires the resource, the muscle and the will.

It can be achieved without a system of exchange, for humanity has resources at its disposal and muscle aplenty when focused on what is important.

What is important is for us to make the dream a reality. To decide how that reality should be and to create that reality.

Isn't that what we're supposed to have anyway?
Doesn't “democracy” say that's how things are?
Isn't that what democracy promises?
And do you believe “democracy” is delivering the reality we all dream of?

Or that any of the political solutions on offer could deliver that thing for us all?
Or that any of the “occupy” or “zeitgeist” or “thrive” or “revolution” or “ism” or “ist” or demonstrations or rallies or confrontations or civil wars or religious jihads or anything we've ever thought of or done before can deliver?

This is no time for a rehash, a remix of the current reality.
It is, I believe, a time of some urgency. A tipping point.
A time of choice.
A time for understanding the point of evolution our species has arrived at.

A critical mass of people realising they share the same visions, have the same rights as inheritors of this planet, have the opportunity of realising the freedoms they dream of, can do this thing by the effort of will.

And know that by so doing they will have ended a cycle, and ushered in at its appointed time a new epoch for our species. A coming of age.

And some will follow slowly.
And some will fail to grasp the change that has come over us.
But our will is what will make this new reality.
And it needs to be united.

Our collective consciousness and understanding of our power requires just the smallest shift in our mutual awareness of the false reality and our right to shape a new reality.

And when this shift in awareness becomes a critical mass then the door to a very different future swings open for us.

We are about to waken from this troubled dream, dear friend.
Spread this good news, because that is all it will take.

And the exercise of our will.

Love to all,
Olive Farmer.
This post is dedicated to Connie P.
Thank you for sharing. xxx xxx xxx

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Understand the New World Order

Don't underestimate them, your masters.

You understand how this great spider's web of power, money, influence and control that holds us in its grip, has ever held us in its grip, can and does create the reality which we endure?
You know they created Hitler and the Nazis. They created Lenin and the “communist” revolution. The vast and intricate control they wield now defies the understanding of most people, but you see it. They own the power that you use, the food that you eat, the water that you drink, the TV that you watch, the books that you read, the education that you receive, the medicine that you are given. They stride the world bringing death where they will, spewing filth into our mother earth, murdering and poisoning and defiling and debasing what we are.

These things you know.

And in their councils centuries ago they saw us coming of age, perhaps knew these days would come because they have a knowledge that is beyond our consideration, a knowledge they have held for millennia, a knowledge that speaks of things outside our realisation.
A knowledge that should and will be ours.
A knowledge they fear our gaining of.

These things you know or draw logical conclusions about.

For a moment, see how they have held the world in their grip and for how long and understand what there is in the vaults of their understanding that we can only guess at or dream of.

And now, think of the internet.

And Twitter and Facebook and all that is so new.

Placed into our hands by them. Their money, their corporations, their law, their infrastructure.
And think then of the vast variety of truth seeking websites, the leading names in what is rapidly now becoming a movement of a thousand different “points of light”, the world-changing swell in the tides and affairs of humanity that is evident now, the innumerable avenues of research, the events that sparked people to begin their individual searches for truth, the year in which we find ourselves now and how it has been that this year means so much to so many and raises the hopes and fears of a world of different people.....

And understand that there is quite simply no way that our masters would have allowed this thing to go unchecked.

This too, I guess, you know.

Further, look at the evidence and you can understand that the whole thing is of their creation, instigated by them centuries ago, the seeds of vast deceptions planted in the consciousness of humanity that have slowly grown, spread their roots and now approach inflorescence.
Look at things like Zeitgeist and Thrive and see the Blavatsky formulated luciferianism. See Icke and see the Rothschild inspired anti-semitism and trace it back too to Alice Bailey and Aleister Crowley. See thousands of others....and understand that they are part of what appears to be a natural groundswell of individuals giving the appearance of lone wolves when in fact they are a part of a ravening pack.

In short, we are being lied to again.
Just as bible readers have been lied to. And koran readers.

All this I guess you see if your eyes are open.

Know too that, like those lost in religion, you too are expected to defend what you have been given to believe and those you are supposed to have come to venerate and to laud to your family and friends and whose words you weave into the thread of your life.

You are supposed to spread the new gospel.

And like so many before, you will be urged to reach for the sword to defend it.
If you are a son or daughter of the colour revolutions or the Arab spring or a Libyan you already have, for this endgame is on.
And having done so, you will in their plans become part of the new pyramid of power.
Some of you already are.

And soon something EXTRA will be added to the mix. Something that makes you believe....
It's what they usually do.

These things, this Magick has been done before, so often that you'd think people would see through them, but the reason people don't is because they are a part of the picture, looking out from inside, and so are blind.

And that, dear friend, is Magick.

It is a very complex and intricate conjuring trick that fools your consciousness and makes you believe that you are acting out of free will and that you are doing the right thing and that change is coming and you are a part of that change out of free will.



You are the New World Order!

And if these words have planted the seed, know that it is the seed of the tree of love, born of the knowledge of good and evil, and it will grow beautiful and give shade and respite for humanity as more seeds are planted and the tree of love becomes a forest encompassing our world and sheltering the family that is humanity in its spreading canopy.

Love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

P.S. We've been harvesting our olives, trees grown free of chemicals and returned to nature. It's probably one of the toughest jobs, but the trees breathe their salve upon you as you work and fill you with joy and peace with their ancient presence. You understand they are as alive as we are, but different, more patient, older.
And as an aside, did you ever look at the destruction of Groves at about the time of the inquisition and at other times? And see now the Isranazis (the mind controlled ones) ripping up the olive groves of the Palestinians? And did you wonder what's in some trees that would cause evil to want their destruction?
Seek and you will find...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The approaching dawn of the New World

Please don't imagine, not for a moment, that the laws under which you dwell as a rightful inheritor of this earth are there to protect your “rights”, are there to see that justice is served, are backed up by and enforced by the servants of the law whether they be the uniformed “peace officers” or the bewigged practitioners of law, the judges and lawyers.

This facet of the false reality, designed and refined over the millennia by our masters, forms one of the sides of the pyramid of power, probably equal in its consciousness controlling power to that other great facet, money. The two go hand in hand. To have money grants a human being more of the law than his poorer brother or sister. To have great wealth puts someone above the law. To have both wealth and an exalted position in the hierarchy grants one exemption from the law and, what is more control, over its content.

In the false reality we are sold the vision of democracy and therefore equality of voice in electing those that frame the laws on our behalf. In those places where “democracy” is not the system in place it becomes more obvious how the law works and whom it serves. Don't be deceived. The law and whom it serves never alters, and it is never your servant except in the most trivial of matters just as the news you read is never true except in the most trivial of matters. That, of course, is a part of the Magick of both of these organs of deception, that everything must be true because most of it is, and so most cannot see the lie that is buried in the haystack of truth.
And it's a big lie.

The falsity that is organised religion aids and abets this mirage of justice, adding “God's” voice and “authority” to the proceedings, “sanctifying” the “law” with his presence in the courts.
“I swear by almighty God, blah blah”.

And if your mind is free of the shackles you understand how the religions, including the luciferain new age religions, are a twisted and bastardised simulacrum of what is evident, that god is love, that love is in each of us, that we can live with god by living with love, that control over our destiny and the shaping of our future lies within this simple realisation. God is love, pure and simple. The idea of it, the consciousness of it touches us all and its light burns, however dimly, within each and every one of us. It is the rhythm of creation and the light of being.

And love has only one law: Do good is its thesis, do no harm its antithesis, Love its synthesis.
And this is the only law we should have.
This the only law you should follow.
This the only law by which anyone's actions should be judged.
Understanding of and knowing how to live by this law the only qualification for those who would sit in judgement of others.
Let him or more likely her who is without sin give love to those who have lost it, the greater the crime the more love is needed, and more, until the generations pass and humanity understands that it lives in love, that those misshapen by the false reality are an anachronism of history, a curious thing about the past, something to be looked back upon with incredulity as so much of what we have and do now will be viewed.
There will be no detail in this law. There will be neither statute nor legislation.
There will be no loopholes.
Only true justice.
And love.

Our new world is a step away in the consciousness of our species.
It has no money and instead has sharing both of what we have and of what needs to be done to make our lives wonderful, underpinned by love.
It has no law but love, no punishment but the cure that is love.
It has no religion but the belief in good, the belief in love and the understanding that the universe and all that is in it revolves eternally to the rhythm that is love, that without love it cannot be.
And it has truth, shared and accessible to all, the truth as we collectively know it about everything we know for truth is love and a lie is the enemy of our collective future.

And you may say that I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not the only one.
The future I see is a future we can reach with just a tiny shift in the consciousness of our species, a shift brought about by understanding the false reality.
And letting what is within all of us come forth.

This is “waking up”.
There are no ascended masters.
The moon isn't a spaceship.
We can see through the Magick.
We are only one step away from the light.
Ours, not lucifer's.

I don't think we have long to wait for its beginning, dear friends.
The enemy will unleash a storm, has already unleashed it, a storm we must weather and a storm we must come to understand we are manipulated to create, that without our help there would be no storm. We are being positioned to hate each other and desire to kill each other again across our world.
This time, for the first time, we can stop this thing.
We are too many now to be fooled by these old tricks, by this old magick.
In our number and our collective ingenuity there is a strength now that cannot be gainsaid, can't be resisted.
Our enemy fears this new consciousness and is right to.
For it spells the end of the old world, and the beginning of a new world.
Built with love.

And so love to you all,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Expect the unexpected

As the world story according to our masters unfolds its by now predictable plot and humanity is edged ever closer to the brink, bleating and mooing, their eyes full of flashing lights, their ears of the steady pulse of the music they are provided with, their minds filled with drivel and distraction, their souls battened down with fear and loathing, the chains of servitude wrapped around their sickened and chemicalised bodies, so expect the next stage of this drama people think is real.

It will come from the left field.
It will shock.
It will cause the herd to stampede.
In the wrong direction for our future.

In my longish years I have come to know the animal we have been moulded into.

I have witnessed the frenzied violence of the mob, the stomping of strangers heads in tribal turmoil. I have witnessed the liars, the self-preservationists, the greasy pole climbers, the back stabbers, the thieves, the fraudsters, the petty, the angry, the bully.

I have been some of these things myself, in my past, when I was lost in the herd.
Forgive me.

The racist, the pompously religious bigot, the beater, the adulterer, the sociopath, the psychopath, the evil. I've met them all, run from some and battled others. In my old corporate days I saw them climb towards power and was sickened by my interaction with them.
As a child, I was revolted by them but later practised some of their ways, largely but not always in self defence
I was lost to the false reality for a while, and knew not what I did.
I'm better now.
Not whole, but getting there.
There are still traces there, but I am making my peace with our earth and the family that is humanity.

I see with eyes quite wide open, and can see where the veil is drawn over truth, and am learning to be human.

To err is not human.
To be human is to cast off all of the teachings of the false reality. To rid your true self, your soul, of the impositions of thousands of years of the old world's lessons. To see each human being, however base and mutated and evil they have become, as a product of the control system, as a helpless servant of the evil, as someone tainted by the great swell of unavoidable history and to forgive them.

A new history can be made for our future.
What is wrong can be made right.
WE can all become human, grow a new generation in the light of our reformed souls.
WE can all of us do no harm.
To err is not human.

This new world needs new minds, minds free of the impositions of taught behaviour, minds that look at each question in the light of love and that build tomorrow with love as the foundation of everything.
In that light, humanity takes a blank sheet of paper and redesigns our reality, as shared inheritors of our world, as shared owners of our world, each the equal stakeholder in the future we must build, the future home for our family.

The truth is that to survive and prosper, to avoid the impending disaster, this is something we must achieve.
The alternative, as we can witness right now, is just too vile to conceive of.
It is time.
Time to Start Again.

There is, of course, still the great mystery to discover.
But that is not far away.

I guess it will seep from the edges of the approaching turmoil. Somewhere, somehow sometime soon a crack will open in the pyramid of deception and a small, initially unnoticed pulse of truth will ooze into this reality, be noticed, be pointed to, be understood.
The crack will widen, the flow become a flood and a new day will be born.
Look for it, and it will be found.

Know this: the more of us there are, the more of us have to be a part of the control system.

At some point, there is simply too much stuff, too many human beings out there to keep tabs on. That's why our masters have used our ingenuity to find ways to kill us in vast numbers, using money and the magick that is ideas like religion or nation or brotherhood, patriotism or loyalty, the magick that is position and power and wealth and glamour to prod clever minds into the sick business that is weapons development, the spying all seeing eye that is the internet.
That is why they build systems and frame “laws” which let them watch us with a billion eyes, listen to what we are saying......
They know what will come, and watch us with fear and trepidation, waiting for their end to become nigh.
At that point our masters plan their spiteful armageddon, for they have positioned their servants such that their fingers are on the buttons that will unleash their wickedness.
Like spoilt children that lose the game, they want their ball back.
And their ball is our blue world.

This time, let's not let them have it.
It belongs to us now.

Fear nothing.
Beware deceivers.
Know that there is good out there, and that our universe is founded on love.
We are coming of age.
Coming into our inheritance.
Be ready,
Love to you,
Olive Farmer xxx xxx xxx