Wednesday, 23 April 2014

False reality. Everything you understand is wrong.

The tentacles of the vast organisation that governs our reality spread wide and burrow deep into every level of our human society. Many of the ideas that form themselves into what we understand of our world, many of the main structural beams of this immense structure we call reality have been with us for thousands of years. We accept them as part and parcel of what we understand life is. We cannot imagine life without these structures. We believe them to be of our making, accept them as the product of human civilisation and cannot conceive of a world without them.
It’s worth examining these structures a little. As usual I provide no detail nor evidence nor reference points nor links. If you are new to this, do your own research.

Wherever you live in this planet you are subject to the influence of one invented religion or another on your behavioural and societal norms. These religions usually control the rhythm of our calendars, when we should holiday, when we should celebrate, for the followers when we should worship whatever “god” holds sway, when we should work and when we should rest. They commonly control the naming of children, the marriage of lovers, the burial of our dead. They act as magnets, drawing in those who feel called to a more spiritual life, those who feel the need to be closer to god, and so closer to good. They are great sponges sucking in goodwill and, through their hierarchical structures, perverting that goodwill and turning it to hatred. The entire history of invented religion is the history of this process. It’s output is hatred, war, the disgusting and perverted torture and abuse and murder of human beings in god’s name. Their temples are rich, rising above the poor houses of those that worship whatever false god is supposedly closer to them in that place. The acolytes that become a part of the clergy of these religions rise in power and influence and material wealth above the worshippers. As with every element of the structure of this false reality, this inhuman world, those that lead religions rise in eminence by following the instructions and doing the will of the evil force that controls our world.

Wherever you live in this world you are subject to the governance of those that claim to control the part of the world you live in and call it the nation state or country. The idea of these artificial divisions between members of our species, our tribe, stretch back millennia. They have at their core the concepts of enmity, of difference as being bad, of racism, of taking rather than giving, of charging rather than sharing, of competition for resource. All of humanity is so used to these ideas of “nation” that we classify ourselves as American or Swedish or British or Chinese rather than as members of one tribe, rather than as human beings. History shows how kings and princes and their modern lackey governments have used the idea of nation to plunge us into war again and again such that there is not one single day in recorded history when there hasn’t been a war somewhere. Not one day. We have been taught to fear our neighbours, taught to hate them, cajoled or forced to take up arms against them, taught to mistrust them and to inflict terrible harm, to murder not just their young men but their mothers and their children and their elderly and their sick. This terrible idea of nation has wrapped the world in a net of great evil as our puppet governments surround our world with spies and surveillance and the great all seeing eye that is the control grid. It has created vast arsenals of disgusting weapons of mass destruction that threaten the very survival of our species. It is evident that both this surveillance grid and this vast stockpile of killing power are used against our species in order to control the free will that should be every human’s birthright and to cover us over with a vast and stifling blanket of fear. Ultimately these things exist to destroy us should we for one moment threaten to break free of the false reality. The evil that governs the world is a petty and jealous and spiteful evil and would rather we all of us died rather than be free.
This is the greatest threat to our species, this malignancy of intent. As we awaken, so the evil draws closer to the pushing of buttons.
It has pushed many already.
This is why we sicken and die.

Wherever you live in the world and whatever you do you both the quality and often the duration of your life depend on something called money. This artificial creature divides us one from the other, measures our relative ‘success’, positions us in a social hierarchy that is different from but no less ridiculous than the idea of class or caste.
Please note, scripture lovers; you can neither buy nor sell without it.
This evil called money and the thirst that we have been engineered to have for it is the single cause of much that ails our human society, the single cause of much that pollutes our planet and poisons our air and water and food. Humans are so blind to the stupidity of the idea of money that they fail to understand that it exists only so that we can be milked of our labours and so that we can be organised and controlled by its use.
The control of money rests still in the hands of those that created it and for thousands of years and still now in many places put their images upon it. Now, as we awaken, their agents provocateurs are insisting we adopt a new, precious metal based money!
Well they would, wouldn’t they?
Money drives the evil drugs businesses, the prostitution, the human trafficking, almost every crime you can think of is driven by lust for this stuff. It’s allure creates the organised criminal networks that spread fear and misery and evil amongst our species, those networks answering to the same power as our puppet governments and our religions and our laws.
The continued existence of money guarantees that humanity will never be free, assures us of a future of continuing misery and evil, wraps our species in fear so completely that we shall never learn to trust other members of our beautiful tribe. Ultimately, money will destroy us all.

Wherever you live in our world you are part of an organised social structure that determines your position relative to other human beings. This idea, of one human somehow being superior to another human , has its origins in the dim and distant past when someone, somewhere, decided they would be king or queen. If there is one at the top, then there must be a structure underlying that supremacy. These positions, as kings or lords or money masters have always been gained by violence or trickery or deceit and are maintained by violence or trickery or deceit. The idea that one person is somehow superior to another is now so deeply embedded in the human psyche that we accept it as normal and as appropriate and cannot see how we can exist without it. The modern corporate system relies heavily upon this such that if you work you are usually bossed. Humans strive to climb the ladders of this artificial separator, strive to “succeed”. The most villainous, psychopathic and ruthless amongst us are rewarded by climbing higher up these various ladders until they are given power over the lives and livelihoods of countless others. This is such a ridiculous idea. We most of us understand that our lives are better when those that we grant decision making authority to are those that demonstrate the most love, the most caring, the most justice, the most wisdom, the least desire for wealth and power over others. The entirety of our planet is ordered and structured to be the exact opposite of what common sense and our natural instincts tell us they should be. There have been in our known histories peoples that have lived, tribally, each doing their share and duty for the benefit of the tribe, governed by those that are wise and full of love.
Such peoples have been slaughtered such that they barely exist upon the face of our world now.
Kings have driven that slaughter.
They were human beings, living the natural way of human beings, and their ways have almost been forgotten by us.
We must rediscover such humanity if we are to survive what our master’s spite intends for us and is perpetrating upon us now.

There are so many elements to the false reality, each when researched proving hollow and meaningless and destructive of our species, each having its origins in the same evil that besets our species.
Each of them can be stepped away from in an instant, such is the fragility of the system of evil that besets our tribe. We simply need to step away from them together, and for this reason the great psychological engineering devices that are media, the internet, education, publishing, and so on focus all of their intent upon this one arena, this one objective.
I ask you to consider why those who control this reality have focused so much effort and money on the internet, ever pressing for its global extension?
Understand, as you strive to discover truth, that truth is not to be found here on this site or anywhere else on the internet.
It is certainly not to be found on the sites of the false leaders, in their thousands, placed on this internet to dilute and dissipate and control the awakening of our tribe. Beware, as ever, of clever deceivers.

Truth is only to be found in your heart.
The way to be with other human beings is to be found in your heart.
The answer to this riddle and the survival of this species is to be found in your heart.
It is that simple.
For that truth to be powerful and to change the world we all have to see that simplicity together.

There is more to come in this unfolding end-game, dear friends.
Fear nothing.
Know there is good in the universe.

Dedicated to those that are suffering and in pain and are anxious, some of whom are close to our hearts.
Love to you all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
Xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fill in the gaps with your understanding

We have old stories, and in them we see our history made myth.
We have old understandings, and know those understandings are ridiculed as unfounded and unprovable faith, or adulterated and employed as tools of deception for adherants.
Everywhere lies confusion, everywhere uncertainty, everywhere fear and these are all embers of a fire lit millennia ago and fanned and stoked by the masters of this reality, whatever they are.
Deep and dim in our specie’s memory are the keys to this great puzzle.
Some parts of the story we know.
We have been before.
We are now at a stage we have reached before.
We were drowned then.
We survived in small number.
We collected.
We understood each other and began to understand the nature of reality.
We were scattered and made unable to understand one another.
From unity was woven a new disunity.
The masters of our reality established themselves once more as kings amongst us to build the pyramid of evil once more.
This is a great cycle, gyro-gyro, round and around we go forever slaves to the consciousness that imprisons us.
It is to prevent our ascent to an understanding of godhood, to prevent our unification with the creator, to obstruct our coming together in love.
There is more to this great game than we most of us see.
Few see the prison walls.
Yet fewer see the jailers.
Almost none understand where this world exists, as a construct of our collective consciousness, built atom upon empty atom into a reality that is merely a figment of our imagination, wherever those imaginations exist.
Gyro-gyro we go, time and time again, in the great game.
Believing it real.
Suffering in Hell.
Gifting Hell to each other as co-creators of this myth.
Sometimes learning.
Most often not.
There can be no escape, unless we escape together, unless we understand what is required of us all, unless we see the nature of the prison, unless we understand the rules of the game.
We must find love, all of us, and gift it to each other.
And become co-creators of our reality.
This is the grail.
This the key.
This the power that can tip the pyramid.
Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx