Sunday, 17 September 2017

First Novel by the Olive Farmer

The first novel by the Olive Farmer is now available on, erm, Amazon.
"Gift" by Peter Westwood.

It's a thriller set in the world we understand, a world of dark forces controlling humanity, dark forces that are utterly ruthless, that use terror and fake news to control human consciousness. It's also a novel about humanheartedness, about bravery and self-sacrifice, about humanity finding something that unites them, about the Evolution of our species as we approach our destiny.
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It will also be on other Amazon sites, both paperback and Kindle versions.

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Thanks and love to all,
OLive Farmer
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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Meaningless work, busy busy busy doing nothing

As we have pointed out many times here, it is essential that our masters DO NOT allow us free time, it is essential that our species does not benefit from automation, it is essential that families are not allowed one parent at home to raise a family.
They sack workers when they introduce robots, rather than reduce the workers hours and pay them the same so that all benefit from automation.
Since the 1940's, they have deliberately inflated property prices so that one parent cannot sustain a household. They have inflated the relative costs of everything else for the same reason. This was a century long project. They plan FAR ahead, our masters.
They have deliberately managed the unemployed figures and filled the western world with countless unworthy jobs, many of them government jobs spent pushing paper in relation to regulation or law, almost NONE of them to do with what we really need: Good healthy food, a good home, decent clothes, things fixed that break.
What we also need, of course, is time.
Time and places to go and relax with our friends.
The smoking ban, the drink driving ban, both seemingly good ideas have wrecked many meeting-place businesses, closed many bars, added to the effects of the anti-social smartphones we grow ever further apart.
Someone else has noticed this, finally:

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Pawns in the Game

Bear in mind that quantum physics tells us that atoms are 99.9999% nothingness, that the components of each atom only exist as a 'probability' and may or may not be there, that the 'double slit' experiment informed us (over a century ago) that light behaves differently when observed as opposed to when unobserved and that the difference is accounted for by the presence of the consciousness of the observer.

Remember that your senses are weak, your sense of smell hundreds of times less than that of a dog (who can smell much further into the past than you can), your sense of sight much weaker than that of a vulture, that you lack the ability to see magnetic fields as used by pigeons and Monarch butterflies to navigate thousands of miles, and recall that you have never in fact touched anything, only felt the repelling force of the atoms in your skin meeting the repelling force of the atoms in whatever it is you are 'touching' (including those you love), which means of course that you have never sat down, never truly rested on the earth but have instead and in actuality floated all your life on these forces.

We know that each and every living cell of our bodies carry their own DNA and that we never have to tell our body what to do, to breathe, to fix a cut, to digest atoms of material ingested and convert those atoms into new cells carrying their own instructional DNA, all done without our conscious input.

Our body is a self-automated self repairing and self-reproducing (with the help of another) biological entity comprised of trillions of individual cells that run on automatic, (and indeed are conscious and cooperative), the purpose of which is to cart around our consciousness, we that are witnessing this reality.

Neurologists of course will tell you that they have no idea where the consciousness is, that indeed it may be elsewhere and the more widely read of their ilk may point you to the crystalline nature of the Pineal gland and wonder whether it acts as a transceiver, and then refer you to the prevalence of Pineal symbology throughout ancient civilisations and inquire as to the likelihood that they knew something we now don't.

We know that we use only about 10% of our minds. The consciousness that produces the act of witnessing is itself merely interpreting and sifting data provided by electro-chemical impulses arriving in the brain via the 'wires' we call nerves. Millions of bits of data arrive by the second, but most are discarded because the 10% of our minds we can use cannot handle more. We simply can't handle broadband HD, and in fact our processing capacity is so low as to render ridiculous the increases in frames per second delivered by the newest TVs.

So here we are, floating through a reality we can barely see, a reality that is mostly nothingness yet looks and feels 'real', inhabiting bodies that pretty much do their own thing and are more a community than a single entity, not even knowing the true nature of the thing we call “I”, the consciousness witnessing all this stuff.

If you think this reality is the only 'real' thing, despite the evidence to the contrary, despite the evidence that indicates your consciousness occupies a bio-mechanical avatar in the most realistic computer game ever, then please resume your comfortable sleep.

If, however, you are fully up to speed with the true nature of this false reality and your place within it, then it's time to begin the processes that lead to understanding. It is not, of course, a matter of “How?” The How? Is irrelevant. The How? Is simply an extension and extrapolation of what there is now into a future we will inevitably reach.

Know that if we humans can collectively conceive of something it is because the building blocks are in place, that by extension from where we are we will certainly reach the point we can conceive of.
Einstein couldn't see a CGI reality because computers were in their absolute mechanical infancy when he lived. Born into this world, Einstein would make short work of understanding how this world is made, how Newtonian physics is simply a description of the rules of the game, that the real science lies in understanding how it is all made, what level of processing power is required, how the 'game' interacts with the consciousness, how 'atoms' are made, (those things that are the pixels in this 3d reality), how the impression of 'time' is generated by the system. He would no doubt also seek a way to hack the system, if only to cheat death or create something by simple conscious will.

If he was evil, he would probably seek to discover the tricks of consciousness manipulation, those tricks that make human beings want to get on their knees when in the presence of “Royalty”, those tricks that somehow control the collective consciousness of our species and hold us in this perpetual nightmare.
Recall: If the double slit experiment tells us that our consciousness shapes reality, then the collective consciousness of our species determines the entire nature of the 'game', then those that control the collective consciousness can effectively shape this reality.
What might this world be, were we free of that control?
This is the question most who are embarked upon the journey of truth are seeking to answer.
What could we really be, we humans?
What world could we create?
Then recall that we humans can collectively conceive of something once the building blocks are in place, that by extension from where we are we will certainly reach the point we can conceive of.
Our destiny as a species lies in this understanding becoming widespread, because it is the collective consciousness alone that has the power to shake off the bonds and shackles of the current masters of the game.
We call this process 'waking up'.
The consciousness engineers are in charge of that process at the moment, especially through the internet and their mastery of information herein, their control of many of what they themselves call “Agenturs', the thousands of fake alternative websites and voices that lay in wait for the harvest of awakening consciousnesses and wrap them in their web of deceit, disinformation and distraction. What they work to achieve more than anything else is the absence of awareness of our huge and increasing numbers, busying themselves with sowing discord and division such that we never find unity.
That unity is, of course, found in simplicity.
If you are awake, you want an end to evil.
If you are awake, you want a world built on the foundation of love.
There is the unifying energy of we millions of awakening consciousnesses, there our focus should be placed. We need no detail: Seven billion human beings can sort out the detail.
We only need the unifying principle.
So: Let's talk politics, as if it matters.

We know that over a century ago the Tavistock Institute (under its former name) was created. Its purpose was to shape beliefs and behaviours, to fully understand propaganda and methods of shaping the thoughts of human beings such that they would be willing to pick up a weapon and go off to a foreign land and kill another human being that they had never met, even bomb their children. After each of these 'wars' many human beings travelled in the places they had previously tried to destroy and found the inhabitants different, but delightfully so, friendly, as loving and caring of their families as 'we' are.
Geneticists now tell us that every human being is a 'mongrel', none are 'pure', that way back in a blonde blue-eyed Nordic type there will have been an emissary of the Mongol hordes or a Chinese trader or an African traveller that sowed seed or shared eggs and planted a genetic signature that can never be forgotten or lost.
These scientists also tell us that every human being shares 99.9% of their DNA with every other, that there is more genetic difference in a small population of monkeys on one hillside in Africa that there are between we human beings.
To all intents and purposes we are a single 'tribe', the 0.1% of DNA anomaly accounting for skin and hair colour, eye shape and colour and so on.

There are no pure races, only minor differences and cultural heritage and a splinter planted in our minds that somehow we are not one single homogeneous species.
There are of course people that benefit from that lack of understanding and indeed encourage and promote it in order to divide our world tribe, for in such division we find the weakness, historical and current, that prevents humanity from creating a world without war, without pollution, without vast inequality and so on.

We know, have we read the literature outside of the mainstream, that the wars of the last couple of centuries were the creation of people other than the 'leaders' we were given to despise, that, as many US Presidents have informed us, there is indeed a power in the world that stands above elected leaders and presides over this reality. We can look upon its work, this power, and know that it isn't good.

The current rise of neo-Nazism across Europe and the USA is a response to the deliberately created and weaponised refugee crisis. The threat those people feel is based upon their perception of the fallacy we call 'race', but the purpose of weaponised refugees is to create an assault on cultural homogeneity, to divide and disturb nations, to create chaos and civil disorder.

A growing number of human beings are coming to recognise that much of what they understand to be the product of centuries of progress towards 'civilisation' is at fault.

Democracies are bought and paid for and no matter who is elected the agenda continues such that in many nations commonly half of electorates choose to stay home. Everywhere the law that stems from such elected governments is seen to favour the rich and powerful, seen to punish the innocent and weak. Everywhere human beings know that the hierarchies of corporations and political parties and government bodies at all levels are designed to focus power in the hands of the very, very few at the expense of everyone else, that certain human beings will forget their duty to the species just so they can drive a better car, live in a more expensive box and maybe eat better stuff and wear nicer things.

Such creatures have been with us since the invention of money, the oil in the machine of hierarchical systems and the single most ridiculous piece of Magick inflicted upon our species.
It is notable that Mr Levi (or 'Karl Marx') was sponsored by his banker relatives and as such made sure that he included a 'strong central bank' as vital to the cause. Folks still read this deliberate and contrived dialectic without first discovering who sponsored its creation, such is the almost crass stupidity of those Marx himself described as the 'lumpen proletariat'.

The power in the world, seeing that its previously successful confections, its Magick, was losing favour in the world realised that something needed to be done. They saw this more than a century ago. They understood the basic arithmetic of human population growth (and as eugenicists determined to slow it down, giving birth to “planned parenthood” and the idea of a 'woman's right to choose'). They knew that for every million or so human beings there would be one genius. That one billion people would quickly become seven billion and so we would see not 1,000 but 7,000 geniuses. When the number of such bright people increases, their combined output exceeds the simple mathematical progression because they combine. Think, for a moment, what humanity could achieve were we not engineered into competing rather than our natural instinctive and tribal (human) cooperativeness.

Much of the United Nations output has been around the tight control of scientific budgets, scientific publishing, research and, key, the ownership of intellectual property. This to slow humanity down, but even with these measures and the regular wars and the assassination or career destruction of certain scientists we, our human species, is advancing at an astonishing rate. Consider, for a moment, were there not the constraint of money acting as a guiding force and a brake on progress, what we could have achieved already as a species had we been sharing, freely, these last hundred years instead of hoarding.

So the rising collective 'brain' of humanity is seeing the cracks in the system, ergo the power must first of all itself destroy the systems it has built and itself provide an alternative, that alternative seeming to grow from popular demand, that alternative seeming to have arrived organically.
It is for this reason that the Tavistock derived consciousness engineers, having honed their skills in the fake 'colour revolutions' in Eastern Europe and then in the 'Arab Spring' are now bringing to the USA and elsewhere in the 'West” a new round of chaotic civil disturbance.
They simply must stem the rising tide.

Trump was chosen deliberately to create division, to create sides. Antifa was created, stuffed full of agent provocateurs, to agitate the 'left', Alex Jones was planted years ago to agitate the right. There are many other players in the game and behind them all are 'philanthropists' like George Soros (whose money created the colour revolutions) or other agents of the power.

We know that the bankers were behind Lenin, that the Bush family and the bankers and corporations were behind Hitler, that the CIA have managed to create revolutions and civil disturbance across the world in country after country, have assassinated leaders and installed puppet dictators almost everywhere and yet, knowing that these things have been done almost nobody can believe that the same forces are shaping their political beliefs, nurturing their anger, throwing the first brick at police officers, leading the chants, handing out the literature, stirring the emotions.
You are being played, America.

Left alone and in peace we humans would have developed a different system of 'governance', a system that was based on human wisdom and our species' innate understanding of right and wrong, our desire to protect our young, our willingness to share, our great enjoyment of community and commonality, our welcoming of difference for the beauty of diversity, our need to know that justice is blind. We would have seen though the ridiculous and artificial creation of money as debt from thin air and simply en masse refused to pay both as individuals and as nation states. We would have designed a world such that there were no hierarchies of power, so that nobody stood above anybody else other than in terms of respect, where we cooperated rather than competed. Such a way of living is not new but existed in most human tribes before those tribes and their ways were deliberately destroyed over centuries of genocide carried out by the subjects of ancient Royal European families, who noted the threat to their power in human tribal cooperation and determined, via genocide, to erase that understanding from human consciousness.

We are born unknowing.
We receive information presented as electrical inputs to the biological computer we call our brain.
Such programming develops into a sense of “self.”
So you become a black Christian conservative or a white transgender liberal but all of it is a product of inputs. Had you been born an Australian Aborigine your consciousness would have developed a different sense of self, you would have been someone else, see the world through different eyes, understand things differently.

We none of us choose our programming. It is provided by parents, who pass on their programming, by teachers and books (who say and present a picture that is decided upon at the very top of the hierarchies), by peers that reflect their programming, by media both fake mainstream and fake alternative and, rarely, by truly free publications.
You are not yourself. You are a product.
That product can be engineered into certain beliefs.
Certain events (a created terror attack, for example) can render you susceptible to the control of others. (This is well understood by psychology).

We stand, as a species, upon the threshold of a new world order. We could make it our new world order by seeking to find commonality, that upon which we agree, rather than by allowing those who seek to divide us to so easily do so.

Hold out your hand in friendship and ask not what divides us but what we share.

Deep down, in almost every human soul, by going through such a process, we would find we share core beliefs. If we could only de-programme ourselves we would find more. That commonality would be found in such things as protecting our children, feeding the starving, housing the homeless, ending war, ending pollution, ending street crime (all of which derives from money inequality), getting rid of nuclear weapons and other WMDs, finding a cure for cancer, discovering why it is we are increasingly sick from what used to be rare ailments, making sure our police are not brutal but are the most trusted amongst us, ensuring we can all rely on justice.
These things, all of them, when distilled, when driven to their essence, are simply 'good', are simply that which comes from the thing we call love, not the romantic love we enjoy but rather the principle we might call love.

This is what we are: Creatures of love.
One world tribe of loving beings at the threshold of a new world order.

The power can see this even if we can't.

They see what it is we will demand once their engineered chaos makes us all desperate.
And so we will get their New World Order.
Check out the world council of mayors, the 'sustainable cities' movement, the charity 'Common Purpose', the vast numbers of so called charities, non-profits and NGOs that reward their chief executives with vast salaries and give almost nothing to the supposed beneficiaries and see, in these machinations, the New World Order being built to harness and corral humanity for the next millennia.

They are shaping a new system that appears to do away with hierarchies, with global government, with money (as it is today), with inequality and so on. They will plunge us further into chaos, then their King of the World will come to save us all with his 'not-for-profit', NGO, 'Common Purpose', brave New World.

And we will beg for it.

Because we are being played.........
Unless, somehow, we awakened spirits can find a unity of purpose in the limited time we now have.
The future relies upon YOU, dear reader, and on all of us that call ourselves awake somehow standing together as one.
That is OUR common purpose.
Share this understanding.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 2 September 2017

There are NO races.

Between 99.0% and 99.9% of human DNA is common to all human beings.

We Are one tribe, separated by tiny genetic differences that, in the scheme of things, are utilised to make us hate each other.

Popular DNA testing services now render ANY race war more evidently stupid than they were already.
Here's a white supremacist getting the bad news he's a tad black:
Here's a famous "black" artist getting the news he's just a tad white, quite a bit "native american"

Rarely, in some particularly closed island communities, where no anscestor ever travelled, where a rigid belief system controlled marriage outside of a community, you'll get a 100% type.
These are so rare as to be inconsequential.
We Are a species that develops communities, places where we have chosen to live together and chosen how we live together, developing traditions and accepted behaviours.
Where we used to live in England we lived in a place that had a more than 50% 'immigrant' population.
When we return to that place we find the community has changed little, that each component element of the whole community has adopted some of the social attitudes of the others, but that they identify now, after a few generations, as people of that place rather than people of a different place who happen to live there.
The place is now their home.
It hasn't changed much.
Just got a little richer from new stuff coming in, old stuff going out.

That we really fear each other because of skin colour is a taught behaviour.
That we hate each other is a product of history, of centuries of Empire Building by the power, sending subjects out to subjugate, to steal, to commit genocide, to murder our tribal understandings of how we should live with one another, of how we share one home.

Go to Youtube and watch a few 'DNA Test Results".
Open your eyes.
Subjugated and divided by an inhuman elite.
Inhuman because they do what almost all humans would never do unless made to.
They kill babies.
At this present moment, we let them, we even contribute to that activity.
This is how low we have got.
It's time to take back our world.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

The last couple of minutes tell us how we should feel about what we are.