Friday, 18 December 2020

We Are Stepping into a New Reality.....

Basics for our Species.

Democracy is a failed concept.

Elections can be fixed in innumerable ways.

Political parties can be easily corrupted.

Into the hands of those corrupted creatures we place the making of our laws, the policing of crime, the hierarchies of every organ of state, the paths we follow as peoples.

Around our world one of the chief proofs of the lingering mass stupidity of our species are the millions of “voters” determined to see one puppet or another “elected”.

Yet every political power hub in the world is now, quite clearly, controlled by a Global Power, that global power stemming from those that create, and control the direction-of-flow of, that dark energy called “money”. Where does “voting” affect this system?

This is a simple truth now entering the minds of our species as, for the first time, the “world mind” is coming to realise that our species itself is under attack by a global enemy that the majority can now see and feel the diktats of and a growing minority understands the origins of.

That there is, now, a “world mind” is a new idea to many. This new force in our reality has come into being through the development, by humanity, of instruments which enable thoughts to be shared instantly everywhere in our world, an achievement which would have been utterly incomprehensible to our species a mere generation ago. The emergence of this capability was understood by those that currently hold Power in this reality, who realised early on that great efforts would have to be made to stifle the world mind at birth or, failing that, to focus its entire efforts on the business of controlling what that world mind would come to know and how that world mind could be made to think. War was declared on humanity's emerging and evolutionary new state of being. This current engineered crisis was decided upon probably two decades ago, the behavioural psychologists employed by the Power set the task of driving a great divisive wedge into the collective consciousness of our species such that the understandings that would emerge from the world mind would never be arrived at.

Those understandings have emerged, regardless of their efforts, such that now vast numbers of personnel and the great organisations that control our connectivity, from internet service providers through intelligence agencies, are solely dedicated to the task of preventing and smothering truth whilst spreading lies.

As a species we have been for all of our history susceptible to the tendency to believe something which is repeated to us with conviction and to give our trust and loyalty and even our lives, or even become killers ourselves, in dedication to the ideas we have been caused to or chosen to believe. From religions through great political movements Power has always derived its energy from the adherents it garners to its cause. This, indeed, is what Power is and how it is counted in this world, by how many adherents it has garnered and what it might cause those adherents to do. Large corporations play the same game and call it “creating brand loyalty”. Owning the will of human beings and being able to direct their actions is the great game of power.

Now, in this current crisis, those that have given their belief to the repeated lies form an army which, be aware, will soon be turned against those who have escaped the new belief system. With the zeal of their convictions heightened by careful psychological drivers it is intended that they will turn on the unvaccinated with a “righteous” zeal because, they will believe, the unvaccinated are careless murderers and spreaders of death.

There are other strategies at work. The world mind relies upon connectivity as brain cells rely upon neurons. The Power in this reality knows that it can, at any time, cause “brain death” by faking an overwhelming attack on the internet by “hackers” who they can claim are state actors. This would mean war, of course, and there is nothing those that own humanity enjoy more. In simple terms they “get off” on causing us to kill one another en masse. For millennia Power has dragged the baker from his ovens and the teacher from his classroom and the waiter from his tables, thrust weapons of ever increasing lethality in their hands and marched them off to kill bakers, teachers and waiters from other countries or from other religious or political belief systems.

It is a tribute to the mass stupidity of our species that we allowed such nonsense to overtake our wits. The emergence of the world mind will put a stop to that. We will see that “Russia” or “China” or “America” do not exists except in the way that the bakers, teachers and waiters there share a language and a homeland and a heritage. We will see that ordinary human beings have never had anything to do with the declaration of or the engineering of war. War is created by Power, not by the human beings that do the killing and dying. When the Power tells us that “Russia” or “China” or the “USA” has attacked are we expected to believe that millions of bakers, teachers and waiters decided that they would start killing? That millions of ordinary human beings would set out to murder?

War is not just “a racket” as General Smedley Butler told us, it is a nonsense. None of us, we human beings, other than those rabidly mind-controlled, want war to exist in this reality. What the emerging world mind instructs us all is that war is the creation of Power, not of humanity. It tells us that a brief glance at our human history instructs us of this simple truth and, from that understanding, it shows us that our species can at a moment of its choosing decide that we shall have no more wars, that we shall dismantle those weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical and biological, that cause us to fear for our species' survival. War is never the desire of ordinary human beings whatever their “nationality” or “faith”. They simply want to be left alone to live their lives, pursue their interests, usually find love and create and care for children, die with dignity surrounded by those they love, have fun in between and do no serious harm to anything or anybody.

Not every single one of our species, of course, but almost all of us.

Our past, in the hands of those that have sought and garnered Power, such a realisation never entered the mass consciousness. Now our world mind is coming into being and WE are coming to realise that WE are a species of love, of care, of obligation to each other and that our reality is NOT shaped by those instinctive characteristics but rather by their opposites. Our EVOLUTION depends on coming to the collective understanding of these things, our species' enemy is determined to prevent it.

That enemy is the Global Power and its chief weapon is the fake money it creates at the touch of a computer key and controls the use and distribution of.

From this single source flows all that is corrupt and almost all that is evil in our human reality.

There is our enemy, there its chief weapon.

The solution is evident and will emerge into the collective consciousness of our evolving species.

As the “world mind” is born many of the mass delusions that afflict us and place our destiny in the hands of the Global Power will rapidly disappear. This process began with the “Truth” movement something which the Power recognised would come and so has targeted with false leaders and fake ideas, being cognisant that oppositions should always be controlled. Now the Power has foisted a new global belief system on humanity, a new mass delusion. What is not yet evident to the mass of humanity (because media is so tightly controlled) is that the lies that bind this new mass delusion are rapidly losing their grip on the world mind. This explains the unrelenting pace of this assault and the rapid deployment of the injection they are so desperate for humanity to take. What this indecent haste tells humanity is that the Global Power is acting out of desperation and, in that haste, is actually sowing the seeds of its own demise. It has revealed itself to humanity and at the same time revealed its intents.

Sure, it has garnered to its mass delusion many millions of utter believers as it intended and, through its great flood of incessant propaganda, is giving the impression that the great majority have fallen for the lies. What this hides is the fact, known to the Power through its surveillance systems and intense data-mining, that there is an unstoppable tsunami of rising indignation growing in the collective consciousness of our species as it seeks that evolutionary step that will free us, forever, from the control of monsters. The world mind has a vast instinct for life, as has any child that comes to that moment when it emerges from the womb and steps into a future full of unknowns. It knows not what is out there in its future, but it is going there to damn well find out, come what may. A new world order is coming, but it will not be the New World Order that the legacy Power is trying to foist upon our species, this dreadful New Normal and the prison camp of Agenda 2030. Instead we will, as a species, choose a better reality, a reality that has no space within it for warmongers and their mass killing nor indeed any way for those creatures to harness adherents to their indecent and inhuman lusts for unwarranted Power.

So it is that the belief in fake democracy will disappear and our species will discover that it has, amongst we billions, countless thousands of human beings of impeccable integrity and find a new way to ensure that authority of any form is vested in those perfect spirits.

You probably know such a person, probably most of us do. We will stop “voting” for people we do not know and instead choose from those we know intimately human beings of impeccable integrity. This is, of course, what we should always have done. Currently, and in our collective past, we have allowed Power to be vested in those that cause us to fear them and those creatures have extended that control through every hierarchy of our human reality. As a species we are dominated by a storm of fears and ordered and controlled by those fears. Chief among them is the fear of poverty, driven by the creation of artificial debt. What few understand, but what we all will understand when the world mind emerges, is that there is enough and has always been enough to feed, clothe, house and care for our world family, that there is the resource of the planet and that there is a job to do to garner that resource carefully to provide for us all. There is no need for the perpetual survival fear that makes us so compliant to the whims of those that create “money” as “debt”, certainly no need for we as a species to have allowed a tiny few individual families to have for themselves the absolute “right” to create that stuff from thin air and use it to buy everything of value and of necessity for survival in our world and to charge we humans for the privilege of breathing.

That, of course, is a collective stupidity which the world mind will end. It explains exactly why our masters are destroying our economies such that we become utterly dependent upon their fake money. Again, they have erred in their haste. In creating this “give-away” money from thin air our species is able to clearly SEE those that create this magick money and that their Power over us is both unwarranted and undeserved. One of the steps that the child stepping into the unknown that is the new emerging and evolved humanity will take is the removal from those that have the Power to create money that very power.

It is, after all, a nonsense that they should have that power. Why, if we leave them that power, they will always be able to use that money to create whatever mass delusion they wish to create. A future of biological attacks on our species, a future of perpetual lock-down, a future of snitches and house invasions by psychopathic uniform wearers dragging human beings off to death camps. The 20th Century was littered with such narratives. The world mind will understand how we were made to kill each other in such numbers, Hitler killing his few millions, Stalin his 60 millions, Mao his 100 millions, all those mass slaughters enabled by and supported by human beings suffering from the ill effects of mass delusions, of inculcated belief systems just as now a similar cohort is being created. Will humanity fall for such a mass delusion again? Will people do terrible wrongs whilst believing themselves to be doing right? In those past nations the deluded and mind controlled approved of or took part in those mass executions, as, in our further history, did the faithful make war upon each other or the soldiers of Empires extend the Power of monsters.

Why did the Global Power decide to choose this time to stage its great war on the minds of humanity and try to engineer yet another, even more terrible, time of mass slaughter? Because it had to, because from its mass surveillance and data-mining it reached the conclusion that unless it acted in haste the world mind would be born and they would be cast down and brought to deserved and unflinching justice. So the die was cast, the gamble taken, this last ditch attempt to maintain its grip on the collective consciousness of seven and more billion human beings. The dice are still rolling but as they fall humanity is realising that they are loaded, that the great game is fixed, and the world mind is seeing snake-eyes.

When WE human beings emerge from the nightmare of history from amongst us new structures of organisation will grow, in workplaces, within families and communities, in all of our collective activities, operating not as corporations with focused Power but as Guilds, everywhere choosing those we know intimately to be of good character. From those choices a new way of being will emerge, one that has at its core the shared understanding that if there must be power, if there must be hierarchy, then as a species we must have great confidence that we are pushing to our head people of a purity of spirit and human heartedness, such that we express ourselves as a species through them and, by so doing, co-create a better reality for us all.

We don't need elections to make this happen. That which will soon create power in this world is the collective consciousness of we human beings in our billions expressed as will. Each of our organisations has already within it the essence of this new way. Remove money from the equation, dismiss those that served that fake and greed-ridden master, take the keys, commit to fulfilling the obligation of the organisation, keep calm and carry on......

In such simplicity and with such good will must humanity redesign its reality.

Take power from evil and fill the vacuum that absence creates with human-heartedness, with good will, with the determination as a species to make this world a better place. WE will “build back better”, once we rid our reality of the monsters that control it now.

Think of this change in humanity as you think of a great dam, weakened by the sheer weight of water it holds back, in which a tiny crack appears. Through that tiny crack a drop of water will squeeze, then another, then a small gushing, then suddenly and in a Moment the inevitable and sudden collapse will occur and the imprisoned waters will rush through, chaotically to begin with but quickly forming a new mighty river, following the course it carves for itself into the future. Such is the pent-up power of our species shifting towards its natural, evolutionary destiny.

Billions of human beings realising that they would rather live in a world ordered by good than one controlled by evil.

The world mind expressing its instinctive preferences and choosing to co-create a different, better, more instinctively HUMAN reality.

As a species we should get rid of the idea of political parties.

WE cannot win this war otherwise.

Political parties focus power in the hands of leaders and cabinets and so very few individuals need to be corrupted, at some point in a political party's history, to ensure the continuance of the corruption as leadership passes on to successors that have been selected by the departing leadership. All of our world's political governments and their fake oppositions have been so corrupted. By no other means could such a coordinated Global “lockstep” oppression that we witness now have been arrived at.

So it was that all hierarchies that stem from government became susceptible of control by the corruptors, including and especially those hierarchies involved in policing and justice.

Hence politicians and those that corrupt them are fearless of justice.

Such corruption also places the power to take life into the hands of the corrupt.

Thus “awkward” citizens can be erased from the flow of the human narrative, and are so removed. The killers have at their disposal technologies which might make any death seem “accidental” or appear to be a suicide, and disinterested police investigators to ensure the story sticks and controlled media to ensure that there is no public outcry.

Public outcry itself is now, as never before, a product not of genuine sentiments bubbling to the surface but rather the product of carefully engineered crowd psychologies inserted into the mass consciousness and turning humanity into the guided weapons of mob violence subject to the whim of our masters. Soon we will see our masters creating baying mobs demanding the forced injection of we human beings that will refuse their needles. Countering this we will see, too, the greater majority of humanity casting off their fear of state reprisal and, by our overwhelming effort, overcome the lying propagandists in the war for the control of the mass consciousness of humanity.

WE, the new humanity, the emerging world mind or collective consciousness of our species, will through sheer numbers negate the power of their propaganda.

In terms of strategy we, as a species, must rid our world of every last vestige of media control, otherwise the mob will always be a weapon in the hands of those that create and control the direction of the dark energy called money.

WE cannot win this war quickly otherwise.

As the world mind emerges into this reality we will see, quite suddenly, kinds of small evolutionary and stuttering steps into the future begin to happen. One of these key steps will be in the world of mass media. It will occur at a moment when a working majority of those involved with the actual work of delivering “news” will realise that they are following management orders which make them actively traitorous to humanity, that their compliance makes them guilty of, and liable for punishment for, crimes against humanity.

So, one day quite soon, the human beings that collectively create and distribute one of the world's major media will stage some kind of “ground up” coup and publish the truth.

This first might be, for example, the BBC, an organisation of decent and very human staff and journalists currently dominated by a legion of besuited “managers” masquerading as human beings!

Today those staff go to bed riddled with shame and frightened of speaking out for the sake of their “careers”. Tomorrow, or some day soon, they will take things into their collective hands and decide to serve the public that pays their wages. The first such domino to fall will quickly lead to others. The human staff of corporations that deliver lies to humanity will take the keys to the doors and control the switches of the technology and, in a great evolutionary moment, proclaim the truth into the world.

Humanity will be forever in their debt for their courage.

So will the dominoes begin to fall.

In industry after industry, as the world economy is being deliberately ruined, those within those industries will see their duty not to the money power that owns and controls their corporations but rather to the other human beings that they serve will take the keys.

We already work collectively to serve the needs of each other. This is neither Socialism nor Communism, nor is it the outcome of Capitalism. It is simply what we human beings naturally do, cooperate to survive and to give each other what we need or want. It is what we have always done since our tribal beginnings. It is in our nature as a species, something “money” has managed to interpose itself within and between and so produce profit and Power for the few whilst the many have become perpetual slaves to its fake power and its fake “debt”. It is “humanism”, something we will come to recognise as we forge ahead as a co-creative species.

Currently our human activities are decided upon by profit, by competition rather than cooperation and the control of these essential elements of human survival and prosperity is in the hands of those that create money from thin air and use that fake stuff to control everything we rely upon as a species. Every great corporation in reality owes nothing to the money creators that have bought control, but rather owes everything to the effort and ingenuity, the blood sweat and tears of the human beings that make up that organisation.

What the “world mind” will realise, as our masters collapse order and collapse the money system in order to introduce their New World Order, is that WE don't need that stuff they magick from thin air. WE simply need to organise, as we already organise, and serve each others' needs, as we already serve those needs. The new world order that will emerge from this understanding will be humanity's world order, the expression through organisation of the shared instinctive human-heartedness of a species that counts LOVE as its most prized characteristic.

It may be that a police force, somewhere in the world, will be the first domino to fall to begin this transformation, producing the sudden mass arrests of a major “Western” government for malfeasance and crimes against humanity. It may be an army refusing to obey orders to mass vaccinate those citizens it is sworn to protect. Whatever the first domino to fall it will NOT be led by those that currently owe their authority to drippings from the table of the world's money power. It will come from below, from ordinary human beings, decent journalists, decent coppers, decent squaddies, rank and file of human beings that understand where their obligation and true duty lies, choosing between them those of impeccable character to guide them forwards and deciding to act out of principle and without the fear of financial consequence or punishment by senior officers that currently so controls them and prevents them from doing what is right.

Key to the continuance of the control by evil is the “energy” or “power” that drives the engines of domination.

That dark energy operates by way of “carrot” and “stick”, incentives and disincentives.

Almost all incentives, for practical purposes, have at their heart and operate by virtue of the thing we human beings are taught to call “money”. Disincentives rely on fear, sustained by hierarchies, those hierarchies themselves sustained by money or by belief systems created by those that manipulate the consciousness of human beings.

It is time for humanity to erase from our reality this source of power and dark energy. If we do not so choose, we must understand, there will never be an end to human misery.

That is not the future we must strive towards, NOT our destiny as a species.

Over history our species has always allowed those in power to create the money that drives the machinery of control.

Historically this was through the controlled minting of coin and the control of the sources of the metals silver and gold.

Later this was through the controlled printing of paper money and now this is through the controlled creation of “money” as numbers magicked into existence by banks.

Though disguised beneath layer upon layer of obfuscatory legal arrangements it is easy to see that there is now a de facto single source of money creation in the world and that this single source sits behind almost everything that we human beings consider “evil”. This evil is currently engaged in an exercise which is trying to disguise such evil as “good”, that Power is the only thing that can “save” humanity from this great, engineered, plague.

This greatest of all lies is failing. Every moment of every day millions more human beings become part of the growing world mind. The veils are being lifted and a great surge is underway.

We, humanity, KNOW.

That media is controlled through the agency of money.

That hierarchies are sustained by money.

That war operates solely on the flow of money.

That experts and scientists are corrupted by the stuff and, as we see now, become traitors to their species.

That assassins are paid for their services and remove troublesome human beings, but that soon there will be too many of us.....

For corruption to exist on a massive scale there is a requirement for an unlimited supply of “money”, and there is such a supply.

Our entire reality is false because of this instrument of control.

Our world is not human.

It's time to Start Again.

To reshape the reality in which our species operates humanity must act intelligently.

If our species does not take from the hands of those that control the creation of money that right to make numbers from thin air and to use those numbers to drive the machinery of corruption then humanity will never be free of that evil influence.

No major political movement has ever successfully sought to remove the power to create money from those that hold such power.

Leaders that have sought to do so, even within their own countries, always quickly ended up dead before they could succeed.

Most major political movements, from Communism to Fascism, were in historical fact quietly incepted, shaped and controlled from behind the scenes by those that create money.

When leaders emerge that feel they can challenge that world power they quickly find their nation and people vilified in the minds of the rest of the human species through relentless media attacks, find their country then 'justifiably' subject to terrible trade sanctions, find that determined and well funded 'opposition' arises within their borders that leads to violent confrontation and often civil war, find themselves subject to the attention of intelligence agencies and their death squads, find their nations and their people bombed into ruin.

No nation can stand alone against the Global Power.

It will take humanity as a whole. The world mind of a species stepping into its own power and removing that which threatens it.

Now that the world is subject to orchestrated 'top down' control under the guise of tackling a 'pandemic' it has become clearer than ever before that governments are not in fact free but are subject to the centralised power expressed through agencies like the United Nations, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum and behind them all the creation of vast sums of fake dollars, euros, pounds and other forms of “numbers” that are being 'borrowed' by every government and added to the un-payable and entirely false 'debt' of our species.

Ergo what is now absolutely evident is that we exist under a global government that relies absolutely on the fake money it creates and that this octopus of power bears ill will towards our species. More, it is now evident that this ill will is born of the perceived threat of seven and more billion human beings, the collective intelligence of that species and the potential that exists for that collective intelligence to realise the capabilities it possesses to rid itself of what is a parasitic and unnecessary presence reliant wholly upon the fake money it generates.

The 'pandemic' itself is nothing of the sort. Rather it is a monster of the imagination created in the collective minds of our species through the twin prongs of a media attack (the implantation of a belief and the suppression of a contrary narrative) and the lock-stepped story-telling of controlled governments and their bought 'experts'. Every moment of every day increasing numbers of us wake up from the false reality created by this relentless psychological propaganda. The cracks are appearing in the dam.......

Those that are orchestrating this attack on human rights and freedoms are using the power existing within their hierarchies to bully compliance from experts, using their ability to kill to remove awkward whistle blowers, using their ability to fund false oppositions to control the political narrative, using their media control to shape the minds and behaviours of our entire species and to control any pushback, using the combined power of all these agencies working together to inculcate a sense of powerlessness amongst our species and though that method to effectively force a 'vaccination' on our species which is nothing of the sort.

The vaccine does not prevent the acquisition of the 'virus', we read. The vaccine does not prevent the spreading of the 'virus' by the vaccinated. The vaccine does not present the opportunity to restore normality, and so severe top-down control of all human behaviours will remain, potentially forever. What this barely tested vaccination does do, however, is alter the very stuff of life, the inner 'coding' of human life called DNA, the very nature of our species.

Bearing in mind the threat to Power represented by seven and more billion human beings and their collective intelligence it is perhaps instinctively understandable that the vaccine is intended in some way to remove or nullify that threat.

SOMETHING must emerge from this narrative if humanity is to survive.

Democracy must die and a better alternative must emerge, an alternative that is not based on politics or parties but rather on the choosing of those of intelligence and good will to guide our species and of our understanding of co-dependence, that we all rely upon each other and through that discover our obligation is not to money but to humanity. We cannot expect to vote democracy out of existence, nor await 'leaders' to create new political movements that cast aside democracies and at the same time seize power for themselves, for those leaders are easily planted, bought, bribed, blackmailed or assassinated.

What must emerge is a ground-up inclusive set of understandings shared by our species as a whole and the determination to build, from those foundations (and without asking existing governments and power hierarchies for 'permission' but rather from the assumption of the right of our species to govern itself as it chooses), to build a world that best reflects the shared ambitions of our species.

Currently WE have the technology to find and share those common understandings.

To live in peace and without fear.

To live free of artificial money debt.

To sweep away those hierarchies established over centuries by the fake money power in this world and to create our own, human, new world order.

The fake money system must die.

Those that own that system must face justice for their crimes.

Those that acted as collaborators to that power structure, at every level, must face justice for their crimes.

What must emerge from this current crisis is a shared understanding of these things, a shared understanding that is the chief threat to power and against which their media, their teams of behavioural psychologists and their countless thousands of algorithms and workers devoted to removing from the collective mind of our species anything which opposes or exposes the falsity of the current narrative.

That emergence is underway right now. A watershed in the history of our species was passed on 11:11 2020. Whilst not evident yet, on that date more human beings distrusted power than trusted it, more human beings quietly decided to see what could be done. A vast consensus, fully monitored and understood by the power through their data mining, is slowly and stutteringly stepping into the spotlight of history.

As a result, the power intends to rush us into accepting its vaccine (whatever it is designed to do to us it is the chief thrust of their attack) and, at some point of its choosing, plunge our species into chaos by destroying our means to communicate and so of reaching that vital consensus, by destroying their artificial money system and so wrecking what we have come to rely upon for trade and exchange and thereby starving billions of us to death, by laying blame for their 'virus' at some nation's door and so creating a world war, by controlling our growing distrust of governments and then controlling the pushback of citizens such that nations become fragmented and small regional city-states emerge........

So, we are in a race.

Our strategy must clarify.

First, we must reach that point of common instinctive understanding of what kind of world our species wishes to live in. A world underpinned by good intents, by caring, by a determination that none shall live in fear, a world built on the foundations of human love, of human-heartedness.

Second, we must come to understand the chaos that is intended for us and rise above that chaos. Understanding that our communication systems will disappear, understanding that our fake money system will disappear, we must plan for that. The simplest way to do this is to “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON”, to do the work we were doing without recourse to money and so ensure that we are, as a species, fed, housed, kept comfortable, supplied with energy, kept peaceable by active policing of threats to order, to organise for stability whilst we decide as a species how to proceed.

Built within that understanding is the knowledge that we must ignore those heirarchies sustained by money and take control of our great companies and those systems that sustain life, from production to distribution. There will be no “Orders from above” to close factory gates or order the bringing of ships into harbour or stop oil wells pumping. As a species WE must assume the power to control our future.

Increasingly, now, humanity can see that it is “us” and “them” and that we have, as a species, already passed the tipping point. Now it is a matter of time alone before the vast changes begin and we pass into a new epoch for our species. The dam is cracking. The collapse will be sudden. We must be prepared.

Fear nothing. The conduit is closing. There is good out there.

Do your bit.

With Love and Hope,

Aktina Pempti and Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 14 December 2020

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Monday, 30 November 2020

What our Enemy plans next. A must read.

Please follow along through these steps of reasoning. Though beginning with things not seemingly relevant to this current war on humanity you might emerge with the most relevant understanding of what's happening NOW and what the “great” (sic) RESET will produce next. Turn off your cognitive dissonance and your ingrained belief systems before you begin, please.

  1. Take a look at the latest in computer games, their level of realism.

  2. Take a look at the latest in computational machinery, at the Quantum computers.

  3. Take a look at Artificial Intelligence developments.

  4. Understand that the development of these things relies on the awarding of money for development.

  5. Understand therefore that these advances rely upon (and so are controlled by) the flow of money from its source, the fake money-creating banks and those that own them. These creatures by that means also own and control the intellectual property. That is, as in all areas, they own humanity's collective intelligence and control both the direction of and rate of advance of our species (and use what's developed as weapons against us).

  6. Now imagine a humanity free of that control system and imagine what great computers we might design after 50 or a 100 years of such free sharing of intellectual property (look back over the last 30 years, see the almost inconceivable exponential advances made and especially the sharing of freeware, and extrapolate.....).

  7. Now consider Quantum physics and the nascent understanding of reality as a creation made of information, of numbers.

  8. Recall Max Planck's assertion that at core it is evident that behind reality there is a “Great Thought”, a huge “mind”, and that Planck thought of this before we had invented the first true computers. Truly a man of vision.

  9. You might come to think this: That we live in a reality that is the product of an incredible computer programme (and that such is the Creator, or “God”, the ineffable source) and that, given a 100 years of unfettered and uncontrolled advances, that we might build such a machine ourselves.This understanding goes against ingrained religious dogma and the taught behaviours and understandings promulgated by controlled education and the propaganda that tells us that humanity is by nature the destructive presence in this reality. In a fake reality, in a world of lies, truth is always stranger than fiction.

  10. That reality-generating pinnacle would by then have involved many thousands of scientists, two centuries of development from its beginnings, perhaps hundreds of thousands of programmers. The reality created would be, in effect, the product of our species. If this is true or could become true, does it not become essential that our creative species should find the path to good, to love, before we become so almighty?

  11. The model for the new reality would almost certainly be this reality, for this reality is near perfect in its concept and execution and sheer beauty and, enclosed as it is, its sustainability and the balance between life forms. It is a perfect working model. Those with an understanding of the esoteric might find a study of the Uroborous enlightening, the cycle of eternity expressed as a continuum of self replication, the snake swallowing its own tail.

  12. Dig down through the “earth” and “rock” in this newly created reality and the “player” might find the “fossilised” bones of great lizards, just as we do here! Dig down through the physics of this new reality and a great mind might discover that is is made of information and that behind it lies a great thought.....! Explanations of many puzzles in this reality might lie in such a perspective. Whoever exists within that reality would be set a great series of questions and given the opportunity, en masse, to determine a path to discover how they in turn might replicate such a world...........Think of Russian dolls if that helps.

  13. Now consider how many billions of human beings in this reality have an instinctive “gut” feeling that this is a Creation (rather than an accident) and that there is therefore a Creator and sense that this Creator is an entity of LOVE . Realise that this sense has been played upon and misused for millennia by those (rulers, usually) that invented or co-opted religions, dreamt up “God's” insistences and rules and created and sustained their hierarchies over millennia (using their believers to cause all kinds of evil along the way). Almost as if they knew something hidden from humanity and understood how to harness and misdirect its power. As if they understood how belief could be created by dipping in to the source, the collective instinctive subconscious, and how that belief once established made the believer the instrument of the power that established it. Look at the followers of personality cults, or indeed look at the behaviours of those that have swallowed this Covid nonsense and understand that the creation of a belief system gives the collective power of the believers into the hands of those behind the belief. In that latter example, through which we are passing now, it is not difficult to perceive that those Covid believers could easily be persuaded to round up and kill Vaxx “deniers”, just as Christians or Muslims were persuaded to round up and kill “blasphemers” or indeed Hitler cultists to round up and kill Jews.

  14. Now: Take a look at our human story. See that when we were small in number and divided by geography and language and isolated by ignorance we spent millennia developing simple wheeled transport. (Think, while you do that, of the destruction of the Tower of Babylon and the division of humanity and our scattering at that if we were perhaps RESET once before and took an age to recover and the Bible story spoke of that in metaphor). See that about two hundred years ago our population suddenly began to rapidly grow. See that the more of us that exist, the faster our rate of progress is. Now we number in so many billions that our rate of progress reflects those millions of scientists and thinkers and technologists all striving for advance and, now, all connected. A first for the world, as far as we know. In other words, the more human beings, the greater the collective intelligence and the collective problem solving capabilities and so the faster our speed of advance. From this, contemplate our Global Rulers' desire to reduce our population (and convince us to do the reducing).

  15. Consider us not as a species but rather as a single biological computing machine, each human-being as an individual “processor” in that great machine. Then see that we have built “neurons” (in biological terms) or the wires that connect all of those cells or processors. That for the first time we as a species are capable of reaching out to each and every one of us and arriving at a shared intent based on a shared understanding. That for the first time we might discover what lies in almost all of our hearts as an instinctive desire or set of desires: Our “human heartedness” or “Ren” (as Confucius described it). The very essence of our species, distilled into a simple truth, what WE ARE rather than what we have been made.

  16. This is a first for humanity. A time when a vegetable farmer in Turkey can, in a millisecond, connect with a musician in Australia or an astrophysicist in Rome. WE have now, because of our sheer number and the great rate of advance that sheer number has produced, opened the possibility of being able to share, in milliseconds, a single idea between us all, to find a species-wide commonality, in effect to become an “entity” comprised of billions of biological processors, a “World Mind” akin to a vast biological quantum computer. Such a single idea would, of course, have to be a thing of simplicity, a core principle against which measuring stick we might as a species examine what we do now and discard or retain that habit based upon that core principle. We might, for example, choose to end war. From that simple foundational decision would flow (regardless of what we call “governments' and their “authority”) many thousands of actions, from the dismantling of nuclear weapons to the redirection and retraining of our militaries into international rescue operations. The ability to disregard “governments' would flow from the simple authority of a world majority of our species as a whole. By finding one simple unifying core principle we would discover that the power in this reality had, in a moment, shifted from those who currently wield power to the World Mind, seven billion human beings in agreement.

  17. Considering this “World Mind” that we human beings have already created the connections and instruments to bring into being, imagine, for just a “Moment” (for that is all it would take) if on one day soon we all of us considered together if we should, say, permanently end all war? Or refuse the promised and likely mandatory (in all but name) Vaxx our current masters are creating “to save us”.

  18. And if the collective desire between us all was that we should, what would we do with that shared understanding? How would that change the world, that shared understanding? What actions would it promulgate? What would it make us sense, as a species, in terms of our united authority to change the rules and the nature of this (awful!) reality? What HOPE `would such a feat engender? What possibilities would occur to us? When we once realise that humanity could become masters of our own reality through choice and the collective WILL of an entire species?

  19. Now: Look again at the world we are living in right now and consider all you know of the evil cabal and its servants.

  20. Realise that those that rule this reality, with their think tanks and their bought expertise, saw clearly some time ago the coming birth of this potentiality for a shared, single “thought” spreading through humanity. The birth of a world mind, a species finding its true shared nature, its essence. It is our belief and maybe yours that this true essence of our species can be encapsulated in a single idea: LOVE. That this is what we are and that this is what Power has always hidden from us, creating systems and hierarchies and beliefs that distance us from this basic, instinctive truth. We are one species, sharing one world, living in a reality dominated by evil but desirous of a reality dominated by Love and all that flows from love. To shift the balance of those almighty scales, to wash away the ingrained power structures that sustain this evil reality and “Start Again” as a species is just a simple Moment of agreement between us all, the emergence of a World Mind, the true soul of our species. The Power must never allow us to find that Moment.

  21. More, they saw clearly that once such an event, such a “moment” of connectivity occurred, then many of the great problems that beset our species could be addressed by that process and that, in a very short time, a true “World Mind” would emerge that transcended all government, all un-Common law, all commerce, all fictional money systems. That negated Power as it is and created a new paradigm.

  22. A “World Mind” that would, in a moment, ignore into powerlessness those that have created almost all war and strife in this reality for time immemorial.

  23. The “World Mind” would not deal in detail, because we are over seven billion differences of opinion. The world mind would deal in simple, core principles on which almost all of our species could agree. From those core principles our species could then address the HOW, free of the constraints that prevent us now from doing so because Power will have been assumed by our species.

  24. Should we let a child starve?

  25. Should we make sure we humans that want a decent home have such a thing?

  26. Should we free our scientists from the financial and career restraints that prevent them from doing their best for our species?

  27. Should we ensure that justice extended to all, including and perhaps especially to the rich and powerful?

  28. Should we take, from those that have the exclusive right to create money from thin air, that right? Should we in fact switch to a world of simple equations, a world where there is resource (physical and human) and need, equations that need no “money” to solve, no “taxes”, no “capital” (and its owners), no “money from thin air” bankers, no “profit” motive. From these simplicities a new paradigm of human existence would gradually emerge in which almost all of what we now think of as crime would slowly disappear for, at the last analysis, that fake stuff sits at the base of almost all criminal intent.

  29. Those that rule this reality fear, above all else, this world mind. They saw its coming even if WE did not. They have made war upon it.

  30. EVERYTHING that is happening in this world, the wars, the Covid business, the lockdowns, the social distancing, the police brutality, the artificial divisions, the masks, the internet censorship, the massively funded “fake news” operation, the propaganda, the tight controls over the internet we human beings have built to become the basis of our shared understandings and the connections that form the World Mind, everything is designed to prevent the “moment” we come together as a species and discover WE can be of ONE MIND on certain fundamentals. That our world mind can find our human-heartedness.

  31. Once that happens, THEY have lost and HUMANITY will emerge into its own light at last.

  32. How can they prevent this?

  33. By turning off our connectivity. (BY CHANCE THAT WAS NUMBER 33! GO FIGURE.)

  34. These creatures make plans. Before they turn off our ability to act as one species they need to have ownership of the world's assets, to have killed all businesses except their own, to control everything we need as a species to survive. The “Kill Switch” is not the virus that affects our biology. The Kill Switch is the switch that turns off our ability to communicate, the internet, and so our ability to form a world mind. They will try and blame it on a culprit and create a war from that lie. As they want to cause mass death, that Kill Switch will disrupt ALL electronic systems, including power supply. No stock and order systems will work, no transportation systems, no power distribution systems, no heating systems, nuclear power stations will go into meltdown (though they might have planned to prevent that, as they might suffer by that), and so on.

  35. The Kill Switch is intended to kill the World Mind, the only threat to power (to evil itself) and to reduce us, to set us back centuries so that HUMANITY as a single entity is no longer a threat. Another Tower of Babylon moment.

  36. And through that attack upon the world mind, they will kill our human ability to develop into a species capable of building a technology that could create realities as real as this reality.

  37. God is not a beardy guy in the sky. God is the ultimate expression of the scientific and philosophical potentiality of billions of intelligences and human hearts working together over centuries to build such a “Creator”.

  38. God is within us all in that we are all part of a species capable of developing a creative machinery that could create new realities from information as this reality is, all part of the World Mind emerging right now.

  39. The Power in this reality intends to kill the destiny of our species, to kill the unborn child of the Creator. Humanity is the child of God and will grow to become such a Creative force itself. That is our destiny as a species......and WE WILL BE.

  40. This is the war of Good versus Evil.

  41. You should know that there is little time.

  42. The World Mind must be born, quickly, if Humanity is to find its destiny.

  43. A simple question that we ask each other, all of us, so that for the first time humanity can realise that it shares a single mind at core, must quickly go viral.

  44. Fear not. The world mind is considering that question right now and it will emerge. There is a good chance that the question will be related to the vast mistake that the Power has made in rushing to prevent the emergence of our world mind, this fake virus-response that our species as a whole is coming to see as a badly made pretext for other, nefarious plans. No matter how hard they try their grip over those they hoped they'd turned into “believers” is slipping. They expected a “pushback”, imagined that through the threat of law, through brutal policing and through an overwhelming “flood” of propaganda and censorship and through “governments” marching in “lockstep” that their grip would hold. But at every level of consciousness and understanding, from the Professors that step forwards to deny and to debunk the lies of the bought “experts” to the grannies arrested and chucked into police wagons, from the grieving human beings denied access to their loved ones in their passing to the simple men and women who see that their pleasures are being denied them and the contacts and fellowships of shared interests have been stolen from them, everywhere and at every level of consciousness the “pushback” is becoming a seething and boiling pot of human resentment that our masters cannot keep the lid on. Ergo, they will destroy our connectivity SOON. Therefore, the World Mind will have to be found soon. DO NOT FEAR. Billions of human minds are now considering this conundrum and in that considering are connecting. Check any comment section anywhere. What you see emerging is the coalescence of billions of minds into one. The tipping point has already been reached, history will show that 11:11 2020 was that tipping point, the Moment there were more human beings that disbelieved what they were so insistently been told was the truth and recognised that we, as a species, were being lied to by Power. Hard though it might be to see against the storm of lies WE ARE already a species finding unity against a common enemy.

  45. In the mean time, so that you see what we are saying is true, view this vile excrescence speaking of the “world mind”-killing switch they intend to throw and so realise that your individual efforts to find a simple instinctive unity with your fellow human beings has become your most important duty. You are a Warrior of the Rainbow. Your number is 11:11. The future is in your hands.

THEY always tell us their next step. The biggest threat to humanity is the collapse of our internet. The biggest threat to the birth of the World Mind and an evolved human society is the collapse of our internet. Make NO mistake, this is what they plan. WE ARE already a species united in our disbelief of their lies. NOW we need to share knowledge of our common enemy and PLAN to deal with their evil strategies.
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With Love, Olive Farmer
& Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

11:11 .......hindsight will show


The birth of the world mind.

The history of our species is the history of the manipulation of our collective consciousness.

Power does not derive from money (which is its most useful tool) but rather from the numbers of human being's minds that are held in its sway. This control allows Power to shape reality, to create an unending stream of misery, to engender a belief that it is we human beings that are the cause and root of that which assails us all whilst those that are the true culprits swim placidly in the calm waters of their superiority, sucking what is best from us all as parasites do.

This reality is shaped by the beliefs we are persuaded to hold. Those that persuade us of these beliefs are our masters. This, at last in this ridiculous viral “crisis”, is most evident. Except, naturally, to those that are enthralled by the propaganda, the spin and the continuously repeated lies, they who will spit and snarl in their denial and call you “selfish” for refusing to wear the mask and who will snitch on you for having your aged mother round for tea and a hug.

As we see in these benighted times when an entire species hears the false siren call of “science” and gives its credulity to the most abysmal liars, they that feign “expertise” and couch their untruths in impenetrable jargon and disguise the frailty of their “proofs” behind the slim and now penetrable veil of pathetic bullying arrogance and do so because they are compromised slaves and ruthless egoists and have sold their souls for the drippings from their master's table.

We are many, now, that see through this great dark charade, this last ditch act of desperate chicanery marking the dying days of an epoch of cruelty and the difficult but now inevitable birth of a new humanity and, at last, the destiny of a species born of love.

We must pay the price of this birth, the labour pains, the struggle, we of this finest generation. We must do so not with anger and a lust for the blood of the damned but with the love that we feel for each other and for our species and for the future which is to come, that future born of stalwart determination and gritty defiance and the surety of Right pitted against a world of Wrong of which We are the midwives.

Now is the time for truth spoken against this great storm of lies, for that truth to stand unbending and unbowed against the tempest sent against us, fearing nothing, holding clear and simple understandings that will free our species and alter, forever, our course. We are a species so capable of love and compassion held in a world, not of our creation, woven of the opposites to those instinctive urges. When we break free, as we will, when our billions waken to the new dawn of possibility, free of debt, free of uncommon law, free of created division and manipulated enmity, free of false and artificial competition, then we will emerge as the species our destiny always intended for us and a new paradigm will prevail. We will call it Good.

We are existing in the most dangerous time for our species, this at the end of millennia of dangerous times. Those millennia have seen thousands of great leaders capturing the minds of hosts of believers and using those followers to wreak havoc and, more particularly, to steal and to kill and to expand the area of control of the monsters. Fear has been the prime motivator of humanity for so long, but now courage will take its rightful place. Many of us now feel its stirring. Enough is enough. Our lives are important to us and that clinging to life and the fear of hurt and punishment have driven past generations into compliance. But now we are becoming something different, a species that sees through the artificial divisions and at last recognises that we human beings have a common enemy, that which unites all races and all religions and all classes and castes, that Power which we can now at last clearly see despises us all and wishes us dead. The Enemy. The last vestiges of those creatures that have for century after century built their fine houses on the bones and blood of the rest of us. Now they have mistakenly revealed themselves to us in their lockstep coordinated attack on our collective consciousness, their last-ditch effort to control the minds of seven billion human beings.

The mirror is cracked. The picture is slowly disintegrating. Each day that passes more and more of we billions see through the veils of hypocritical dissemblance and see that we face a common enemy. It is Power and the hierarchies and false laws and systems that this Power has wrought around us so that it might rule over our species.

They are killers, these monsters, as history clearly demonstrates.

But we are seven billion strong now, united in a collective intelligence that they seek to control but are failing to. They fear us now, with justification, because we will finish their Empire and banish them from our world and, for the first time, Earth will be Human.

Once a human being gives their belief it is almost impossible for them to shake it off.

So, we have had many religions, many ideas of nation, many political movements, even the belief in money so evidently created from thin air, beliefs that have captured our minds, arranged us into hierarchies of control and set us against each other.

We killed each other over these created differences in which we believed, but that is about to end.

We will come to understand that a belief is a choice we have made which is unsupported by facts, by truths that are irrefutable, by standards of evidence that are the best we can apply. We give our faith because we are persuaded so to do or drawn by something within, a yearning. Once given we apply our cognitive dissonance to maintain that choice of faith-giving, ignoring contrary evidence, seeking confirmatory evidence. So it was that those demonic mass murderers threaded through our history won their believers and kept them close as the guillotines or axes or pyres or other machineries of death took our human innocents and killed our human innocence. The last millennia have seen literally and countably billions of human lives killed for belief. It is surely time to kill belief itself and find what there is, as a species, we can prove beyond doubt.

Understanding that truth itself can be created by bamboozling minds we should, of course, work out between we seven billion souls how exactly the burden of proof can prevail over predatory intelligences that seek Power through the creation of belief by whatever arcane and occult means they can.

I don't care what you believe, so long as you do no harm.

For most of humanity, this is now a basic and inherent understanding, though we have yet to determine exactly what “harm” is because we have existed in a reality built upon the shaky foundations of lies and half-truths and promulgated belief systems that have no basis in truth but that rely upon an instinctive human quality of one form or another. So it is that in some parts of our reality a man will share his wife (if she desires to be shared) and feel pride in the act of sharing whilst in other parts of this reality a man will collect his family and friends together and stone his wife to death or cut off her head for the same action and they will take joy from that.

What is clear from this is that we must arrive at a collective understanding of right and wrong and, deeper, an easy and comfortable knowledge of the true nature of our species free of the manifold “rules” that we have been taught to believe in. For centuries we have murdered people attracted to the same sex. For centuries we have murdered people attracted to different religious beliefs. For centuries we have murdered people in marriage that have taken lovers (in some places, but not in others), and all of those souls we have lost have died in agony. In some places the wife of a dead man was placed on his funeral pyre (sutteee) and this was thought the right thing!

Make no mistake, we have as a species taken a long, long time to slowly emerge from a state of barbarism to a state of grace and, make no mistake, the Power amongst us has done everything it can for those millennia to keep us in a state of brutal ignorance and mistaken belief.

That, friend, was our past.

WE must create the future reality differently.

For millennia we have tried to pass our beliefs to others and the monsters amongst us have used this tendency to grow their hosts of believers and so create Power and with that Power to do harm.

Most of what we believe is, of course, nonsense.

You must understand that, as you laugh at the comical beliefs of your ancestors because they were so ridiculous, so will future generations stare aghast at the beliefs we now simply accept. They will howl in amusement that we sere so ignorant as to allow a tiny few families to create all of humanity's “money” and “lend” it to us at interest and give it to their pals and enable those crooks to take ownership of all of our human resources. They will smile when their economics history teachers tell them that, when the “Covid” farce was being played out, we allowed those criminals to create trillions, give those trillions to their friends, buy up the world, then retain “ownership” whilst they collapsed that fake system (to rob the world of its savings) and, keeping that ownership, deprive the rest of humanity of ownership of anything. Comic, it will seem. What idiots we were....until the species suddenly realised and the heroes of the change generation courageously stepped forwards into the light of history.

11:11 2020

Almost unnoticed at the time, but the clear watershed in the history of our species in retrospect.

As our numbers grow those that have mastery over our humanity grow to understand the threat that the collective intelligence of our species represents to the belief systems they have programmed into our minds over the centuries.

There are two forces at work in this evolutionary process. The first is the tower of knowledge, the recording of and step by step development of advances. Step into a modern manufactory and see how complex machinery has its roots in the earliest of machines and has taken centuries of the steady refinement of processes to arrive at today's level of perfection. The second is the speed of advance and change which bears a direct relation to our number: The more human beings there are, the faster we advance.

Those that are the masters of humanity's collective intelligence understood, more than a century ago and perhaps much further back, that it was essential to take control of the “education” of humanity and, more especially, the direction and rate of advance of our science. They needed both to slow the rate of increase of intelligence (to “dumb-down” our species) and to capture and control our technological advances such that what we created could be used against us.

We might take examples from our endeavours to live longer and healthier lives, mostly obtained by the provision of clean water and the effective treatment of sewage and the organised creation and distribution of food. Those who have studied this area realise that we have had few meaningful advances in medical science for decades and that, once clean water and sewage treatment and food creation and distribution were in place we had already given ourselves a potential life expectancy of around 85 years, helped by antibiotics, but that for the last 50 or 60 years there have been almost no meaningful medical advances. Our medicine was taken over to prevent us from becoming creatures that could expect to live well over a century in good physical and mental health and grow wise with the experience of life by so doing. Now medicine and medical treatments are the third biggest killers of human beings whilst almost half of our species has been made chronically ill.

Those that scoff at such “conspiracy theories” are merely those who have not taken the time and made the effort to deeply research this subject or lack the intelligence or will to understand complex and subtle machinations stretching over more than a century. Willful ignorance is a burden that our species must learn to manage.

Fortunately, and because we are now so many, it has become almost impossible for those that control humanity to fully conceal their activities and agendas. What is becoming understood is that for every area of the power matrix that enshrouds our species we now have large numbers of deeply expert and knowledgeable human beings that are busy exposing the truth. Many of them are having, now, to find their courage and recognise their duty and, in doing so, realise the strength that they can give to humanity and its surge towards a different future. We should not for a moment imagine that human heroism is dead. It lives, and day by day grows stronger.

No single individual can mentally encompass the entirety of this great octopus of evil but we are, as a species and between us all, in possession of enough “truth” (that is, information which paints a different picture to the controlled mainstream narrative in this false reality) to finally break free of the cycle of history and forge a new path for our kind.

11:11: 2020 will, by the future generations of our species, come to be recognised as the date a new humanity emerged into this reality, a tipping point, the Moment when the collective consciousness of our species came to a new understanding of reality and began the transformational journey towards our destiny. You feel this now, if you are awake. Time will demonstrate that you were right, for you are one of the first of the new evolved humanity, there at the birth of the world mind.

Those that have mastery over humanity have erred. They have assumed that their control over all media, their propaganda and their orchestrated censorship, their lockdown “laws” and the brutality of the police that are enforcing those “laws”, their intended, strategised and forthcoming collapse of governments across the world (as increasingly angry human beings realise they have been lied to) and the disorder that will arise when they engineer the collapse of their fake money system, which they anticipate will create a period of absolute and deadly chaos that will reduce our human population (and so our collective intelligence) and destroy that great edifice of accumulated knowledge and expertise on which our future civilisation would be built.

Or humanity will see through their Machaivellian machinations and cry “NO!”

We will keep calm, do what we had been doing, feed and clothe and house each other and slide gracefully into our new human paradigm.

What else should we do?

Fall into chaos and murder each other as they intend us to do?

WE are past that now, as we will see.

These things are all in progress now. Within the mix, as they have gloatingly assured us, will be a new and seriously lethal pandemic. We should recall that they have controlled and directed our human science to use against us. Among the mix of horrors, that they have used fake ideas like “patriotism” and “nation” and their fake money to get us (those busy well paid scientists and “experts”) to create are new and lethal viruses. These are, for our masters, preferable to nuclear weapons, as they will clear the planet of humanity whilst leaving it inhabitable for those creatures that hope to become perpetual God-Kings in their dreamworld.

They wish.

WE are seven and more billion now, individually weak, meek and lacking power, but together the foundation of an entirely new reality. Between us we see every lie. Between us we will make truth prevail and that truth will, at last, set our species free.

Only the most foolish of human beings cannot see, from a cursory examination of our history, that there exist amongst us (and have always existed) creatures with an almost magical ability to create huge followings of believers and that use those enthralled subjects to kill vast numbers of people whilst the “Kings” or “Emperors” or “Great Leaders” cause us to build vast palaces for them, to fill those palaces with every luxury imaginable, to exempt those creatures from the laws which govern the rest of us and to turn a blind eye to perversions and practices which revolt most of humanity.

Whilst many human beings operate under the spells that have been cast over our collective intelligence and so believe that we are as a species now more enlightened, that “democracy” has rid us of such creatures, now and increasingly our species is awakening to their continued existence and their veils of secrecy are being lifted, day by day.

“Apocalypse” comes from the Greek, meaning “the lifting of the veils”. Call it the Revelation of the Truth if you will. Here we are.

Our duty is to prevent Armageddon.....To deny Power its intentions.

This is why our masters have erred, in that they have been forced to press ahead with their plans to destroy the threat that our collective intelligence poses to them whilst they have failed to completely kill the birth of the emerging world mind.

They hope, still, to achieve this. They have used the technology we created for them in exchange for their fake money to be in possession of the identity and location of every single human being that represents the core of the transformational shift in understanding.

Then they realised, too late, that we are too many in number to be rounded up and sent to death camps as they did in the USSR (60 million) and in Mao's China (100 million) during the 20th Century.

They can't do this because now their control over their subject's minds is stretched too thinly, is weakening. Though they have plenty of uniformed bullies to stamp down on demonstrations they can never, now, find enough subjects willing to round up a billion human beings and slaughter them.

Humanity now knows that there is an “Us” and a “Them” and that “They” are not other ordinary human beings that might believe in a different God or a different political creed but are a nebulous and mostly hidden group of ultra-rich creatures that we identify as the “Powerful” and now most of us know to be liars.

We are, as a species, one by one, emerging from that condition of mind-slavery that enabled previous mass killings and genocides. Sure, there are many still lost in the remnants of their old belief systems (witness those still being fooled into uniforms and killing in the world's stale war zones), and vast numbers have been temporarily fooled into believing the Covid narrative, but we are too many now and too well connected such that even the most coordinated and desperate efforts to keep a lid on the bubbling pot that is the collective human consciousness cannot succeed.

Take, for example, their creation of the fear of this current virus and their great and concerted efforts to maintain belief in their narrative and on the other hand the sheer volume of dissenting voices and, as increasingly scientists and experts come to realise that even their careers and financial security are not enough of a reason for allowing themselves to continue to act as unwilling traitors to humanity, the huge number of knowledgeable human beings emerging to discredit and debunk the lies of the mainstream.

The plan was to so condition humanity to plead in desperation for a vaccine that those who refused would be turned on by the “believers”, thus getting the easily mind-controlled among us to kill those who represent the emerging world-mind, the new humanity that is emerging.

They have erred.

Fewer and fewer human beings now believe what they are being told to believe in.

The great yearning for a vaccine is waning. Fewer and fewer human beings would accept the vile concoction they have developed.

We are as a species waking up and the spells, powerful though they are, are losing their effectiveness.

The Power is now desperate, is rushing ahead in the hope that the old tricks will continue to work, the hope that their entrapped debt enslaved subjects will continue to sacrifice their honour and humanity on the altar of continued normality whilst they shatter that very normality in the ambition to create the even more terrible “new normal”, the literal wet-dream of the monsters.

For there is NO good in them or their servants.

And every day WE see them, in increasing numbers we recognise those that are the dark vessels of money-driven evil that course through our human societies, as the new humanity emerges into the broad, sunlit uplands of our human destiny.

WE (the human species) should now in these dark times be alert, vigilant and watchful.

History tells us that these creatures will happily kill hundreds of millions of us so long as they maintain their power over us and the abject worship of we they consider their subjects, those that have fallen into blind and unswerving loyalty to these monsters.

Whilst they are to a degree still able to create sustained belief system (witness the ridiculous spectacle of the US elections, where we are expected to believe that a nation of in excess of 300 million souls can find no two better people to choose from than that pair of aging and vilely corrupt liars) it is clearly evident that for the most part we are less and less able to be fooled and for shorter and shorter periods of time than was historically the case.

Only half of us vote, usually, because we won't vote for ....s.

Religions still have a grip on many millions of us, but as each generation passes we see through their organised hierarchies and the truth of the rot that exists within those hierarchies is revealed.

Politicians and political ideas still grip many of us, but day by day more come to realise that the theatre of politics has been and is just that, theatre, and that behind the scenes someone else is pulling the strings.

More than anything else there is now a growing understanding, among the emerging world mind , that we have allowed our masters to create, from thin air, the stuff we accept in exchange for our time, our energy, our intelligence and the world's resources called “money” and that by accepting this fake stuff we have placed our entire species in a condition of perpetual debt slavery.

Our masters intend to collapse that money system and hope that we will beg for a replacement, a digital currency created from nothing and issued to us only if we agree to comply, that thing which is already being issued around the world and we are getting used to because to refuse it is to starve, to lose our homes, eventually to die early.

This understanding, our species' reaction to the collapse of the artificial money system and its replacement with another, will be the defining issue of the evolutionary process that is underway at the moment as the world mind emerges.

At the final analysis what we will be presented with is a simple choice born of simple understandings.

Do we, in panic and chaos, clutch at the lifebelt we are thrown (or rather, the perpetual shackles) or do we realise that there is in this world resource and human effort and and organisation and with these things we can sustain ourselves as we already do and therefore we do not need the new fake money that will permanently enslave our species.

We must simply Keep Calm and Carry On and be vigilant and NO HARM will come to us.

Once our collective intelligence gets us past this impending obstacle we will discover that much that harms us as a species will disappear.

YOU, dear friend, are a part of this great Moment in history.

Buckle on your shield of truth.

Stand fast.

11:11 2020

The Moment.

with love, Aktina Pempti

and the Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Int'l. Message for Freedom and Hope

Possibly the most important speech in your lifetime.
If the link breaks, view it here:

Tuesday, 20 October 2020


Long post, again. Musings of a not so tired soul!

We often use this descriptor: “The needle of a lie buried in a haystack of truth”. We do so because this is the modus operandi of the fake alternative media, to speak truth but within that truth to hide a lie, or a distracting rabbit hole, or some never provable fantasy that colours their reputation and, by association, their followers. Amongst them, too, are the utter charlatans, those that see an opportunity to fleece and do so fleece with relish and abandon. These snake oil salesmen and sociopaths are remarkable only in that they illustrate the sheer gullibility of a great portion of humanity, for whilst as a species we possess between us the entire knowledge accumulated by our species over millennia we are, for the most part, simpletons that will believe even the most unlikely tale. Witness the billions now slavishly following the official Covid propaganda and wearing their slave masks. Witness, too, the billions that have followed the various organised religions our species is given to believe in (and often forced and certainly raised and inculcated to believe in) and how these believers in the peace and mercy of God or Allah have tortured, murdered and abused their way through the stream of time. On the other hand we should also recognise humanity's cupidity, how so many will do such evil for a dollar or the promise of promotion or the misguided belief that they do right when they do unpardonable wrong. Our armies, through history, buffed and polished with a sense of duty to King and Church, so indoctrinated, slaughtering countless millions of peaceful human beings that simple want to be left alone and simply pray for enough to eat and a roof and that their children might live and love and procreate.

We are a dumb species, easily misled, easily persuaded, easily bribed.

But also there exists a great nobility, a great yearning for peace and understanding, a determination to bring love into reality for our young, a sorrow of what we have let go and a deep and strong desire to make things right. These inner, instinctive yearnings are those things the predators rely on and use to manipulate us. They scam our money off us on this basis, those great charities that are anything but thrive upon this feeding. Religions suck at this teat. Politics is weaned on it. The media play upon it to force their propaganda down our collective throats. This entire Covid fallacy depends entirely upon the ordinary human beings, in their billions, seeking to do no harm to others.

With this understanding it becomes easy to see how simple it is to control our species.

Tell us repeatedly that we are doing good and, whatever horrors we inflict, we will believe and desire the outcomes we are programmed too perform.

Ask any Nazi concentration camp guard or the Jewish Kapos that enabled that terror.

If nothing else, try and get a sense of what this game is about.

It is about controlling the consciousness of humanity and then using those captured “subjects” to perform some act of evil.

It is about stealing souls by weaving a reality that makes such theft almost inevitable.

Few there are of us that can say, hand on heart, that we have done no evil.

Few that might cast the first stone, remembering that those sinless who might cast that stone would not.

When you look at and sign the Great Barrington Declaration (after all it seems to be a great weapon to employ against the globalists that are marching ahead regardless with their terrifying Agenda) you might hope that the truths embodied within that declaration will bubble to the surface of the collective consciousness of our species so that we collectively at last (rather than just the fringe, but rapidly expanding, “conspiracy theorist” section of the world's population that hitherto has been unaffected by mass propaganda and mind control) burst upon the world en masse and full of righteous indignation about what has been done to our shared reality by the monsters.

We would ask you to consider these facts, though.

First, that the Great Barrington declaration was formulated and then created under the auspices of a multi-million dollar funded “philanthropic” think tank, the “American Institute for Economic Research” (AIER). It's chief funders are the Koch family, mega rich political dabblers. The AIER has funds invested in oil companies, tobacco, Microsoft and Google's owner Alphabet. The AIER's subsidiary Bastiat organisation (self-styled as modeled on the Masons) is linked to the Atlas Network, the Ayn Rand Institute, the Cato Institute and many other Koch funded think tanks. Bill Gates might have modeled his philanthropic monster on such examples. As you no doubt know, anything with the word “Institute” in its title or “Philanthropy” as a descriptor is immediately suspect in this New Normal.

You might ask WHY three Professors would NEED to have the backing of the AIER and the Kochs to create a simple declaration and a simple website?

Could they not have done this simple task without outside funding and support and the associations that has brought?

Without suggesting anything we might ponder the fact that the family's patriarch, Fred Koch, met with Hitler and in Nazi Germany constructed the Hamburg Oil Refinery that provided the Nazi Luftwaffe with its much needed aviation fuel. No Hamburg Oil Refinery, no London Blitz, indeed no Second World War. Previously Fred Koch had worked under Stalin, creating the USSR's oil refining capacity. Two regimes with interesting tales to tell regarding the persecution of those that stand against state power, and indeed the persecution of people of faith often BY people of faith.

Second: Within the declaration are certain “taken for granted” statements that might cause some to question the wisdom of:

Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates,...”.

There are many of us that might choose to question whether the lowering of childhood vaccination rates might not be a good thing.....!

They say: Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage,...”

Notice that they do NOT take the opportunity to question the need for a vaccine, the rushed procurement of the vaccine, the massive potential threat to humanity posed by such unlicensed vaccines should they emerge, the history of damages claims paid out by Governments from the taxpayer's purse following the administration of vaccines, the huge question marks posed by many scientists over vaccines.

In sales there is something called “an assumed close”. Statement questions like “when we deliver your car it will likely be on a Saturday, is that OK?” (before the customer has agreed to buy). To say “until a vaccine is available” (and so indicating without directly stating it that such an eventuality will solve the problem of Covid) is an example of the subtle use of an “assumed close”.

They say: We know that all populations will eventually reach herd immunity – i.e. the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine. Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity.”

Once again they infer that a vaccine will be a good thing, that a vaccine will help us reach “herd immunity” and once again they raise NO concerns over that vaccine nor what it might contain in terms of entirely new and un-trialled genetically modifying components.

Or indeed a number, a beastly mark of some sort, and all that impending deprivation that will apply to those who do not carry their “vaccination certificates” ALLOWING them to travel, to shop, to access services......

Such unquestioning repetition digs into the subconscious of the reader.

The reader agrees that lockdowns should end. The reader's subconscious registers that vaccines can help fight this Coronavirus and are without risk, otherwise potential risks would surely have been referred to by these eminent scientists.

Further: “By way of example, nursing homes should use staff with acquired immunity and perform frequent PCR testing of other staff and all visitors.

It is not understood by most people (but fully understood by all of us) that the PCR test , especially as used with a 45x concentrating effect, is NOT capable of accurately diagnosing Covid?

That the PCR test, according to its inventor, should never be used as a diagnostic tool?

That upwards of 90% of PCR tests produce false positives?

That there is a fear producing propaganda exercise currently underway employing the PCR tests to convince humanity that there is a second wave and that we should all be locked down again?

Again, this “assumed close”, this reference to PCR without questioning, this telling of it as if it is a fully reliable testing and diagnostic tool speaks to the subconscious mind and is intended to stick there. Thank you, “Great Barrington”. You have unquestioned belief in Vaccines, and in the PCR test, and you are helped by a vast philanthropic think tank funded by the Kochs.

That adds up!

It would be interesting to research what, if any, connections to vaccines manufacturers these scientists and the Kochs have. Interesting to see what if any Patents they hold in this area. Interesting to see what, if any, research they have done showing that vaccines are safe and what funding was behind that research. Interesting to see what work they have done in association with the PCR test, if any.

It will also be interesting to watch their careers in future and see if they choose to be associated with any other Koch influenced companies or think tanks or accept well paid remunerations therefrom.

What we know of humanity by now is that expertise can be bought, that souls indeed can be obtained, that deception weaves a web so tangled that few can see its origin and fount and follow its perverted course to its dark source. The British Secret Service was founded by that demonologist John Dee back in the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. He signed himself 007 in his secret communications. Ian Fleming, that wrote the James Bond books, was also in the Secret Service, and Bond's number 007 was no accidental coincidence. We remember he was licensed to kill, as are they all.

You might consider, as a side subject, how a Royal family with a Secret Service hundreds of years in the making and always “licensed to kill” with a history of Empire building and genocide and a vast ordinary military might have made arrangements (with threats) with a bunch of foreign bankers that had developed a useful and long lasting con-trick?

So it goes, dear friend.

And at its bottom, at its core, as it has ever been that we know of, utter and inhuman ruthlessness.

No “protest march” will shift that.

No “petition”.

No “election”.

Only the permanent removal of the source of Power: Money and the hierarchies money sustains.

Only one force can break the cycle: Seven billion human beings, individually dumb but collectively knowing everything.


Our species.


Of other things:

The world as we know it is now evidently controlled by a vast and intricate web of co-conspirators whose intent is utterly evil. They are waging an undeclared war on humanity. The human species must expose the participants in this conspiracy and bring them to justice.

This, of course, is what most of we free souls want, isn't it? The sudden and complete exposure of this vile conspiracy and its supporters, the mass arrest of its aiders and abetters, the sudden swoop of arresting officers gathering up the rich and the powerful and bringing them to justice.

That's a seemingly big list, isn't it?

Let's see:

The world's international bankers, the chiefs of most big tech companies, the chiefs of most big pharma companies, the chiefs of most media corporations, the chiefs of most police forces, the chiefs of most intelligence agencies, high level government officials, almost all politicians in every nation, scientists that colluded or that faked evidence, most of the United Nation's high level officials and ditto those of Europe and other groups of nations, the chiefs of most militaries.

Then, stemming from and supporting these hierarchies, those numberless apparatchiks that for money became treasonous traitors to our species right down to local officials and those cops that are loving to go over the top in using their new-found powers, not forgetting those Doctors and Nurses that kept their mouths shut and followed orders to put Do Not Resuscitate notices on patients or colluded in the denial of medications that work against this virus, the pharmacists that emptied their shelves, on and on and on.

Then the mercenary psychopaths, those that murder for money and torture for fun.

Do you realise that to tackle this enormous list will require the complete removal of their power and authority (usually embodied in laws they created) and a seismic shift in the understanding of ordinary human beings that allows us to realise that this reality is our property and that we should dispose of it as we choose, all seven billion of us.

Because, as we see, though the appear too have all the Aces, WE are the entire pack.

The Power in this reality is HUMANITY.

ONE species.

ONE heart.

ONE future if we choose to seize it.

This can only happen if we come to realise we are, as a species, faced by a common enemy.

This is now happening.

The Power understands and has instigated (!) this common understanding so that it can create chaotic vacuums in the power system when governments are rebelled against by human beings, then appear to “save” humanity by pushing their alternatives. This, of course, will come when they have collapsed the fake money system and humanity will be begging for their “universal basic income”.

This collapse of the old and the instigation of the new is already well progressed.

It's all they talk about in the great “Reset”.

They have seen the new collective consciousness of humanity coming, that “world mind” that knows EVERYTHING and so they have set out to prevent its birth.

To do that they hope to crash everything they have relied on for millennia and get US to insist on a new way, a new world order, that they have already prepared.

Clever, aren't they?

And behind it all there'll be the fake money they make, the fake money they hope we'll queue up for, dumb as they think we are, once they have destroyed economies and buggered up the food supply chain and so intentionally screwed “democracy” such that we have lost all faith in “government” that we will DEMAND “governance” by unelected officials that have alreayd been trained and selected and placed and follow a “common purpose”.

Covid is intended to reduce people's faith in their governments and then reject those governments altogether. Perfect for the elite that wish to divide countries into City States of little power and set them against their neighbours, erect borders, build defences and so lock their people in.

City States will be concentration camps. Run by psychopaths, policed by black-clad bullies, clamoured for by the indoctrinated mask wearing cowards they hope humanity will have become.

Sure, they are confident, and why not?

It seems like they are winning.

We are, as a species, too fearful of standing up against wrong. That fear takes two forms. The first is the fear you see at demonstrations when a few organised black-shirted police can mob, beat and cart away those they choose to arrest whilst the crowd dare not suddenly attack or give back the same level of violence being used against them.

That is perhaps the right thing, for violence begets violence, but Solzenitzin reminded us that if residents had gathered at every stairwell armed with hammers and staves and what guns they could find and beat those monsters that came to arrest citizens that objected to what was going on in that Soviet state then those 60 million souls carried off to die in the Gulag concentration camps would have lived.

There are NEVER enough armed police or military to carry out a sustained war against a population that outnumbers them a thousand to one or more.

Only cowardice enables such horrors, cowardice and the absence of a collective understanding.

The second source of fear is economic. We have, as a species, allowed debt to wrap us in its ruthless snare. Almost all income sources in the world now stem from either governments (the largest employers in every nation) or from big corporations. This Covid nonsense has made this even truer, with the mega corporations thriving and receiving, collectively, trillions from their bankster friends (that have significant shareholdings.....). The debt thus created becomes “national debt” to be serviced by the tax payers of future generations whilst the capital is used to buy up more and more of our species' assets. Grand larceny in plain sight.

As a species so reliant on a continuing stream of “money” to pay debt installments or merely survive we have become quietly enslaved, afraid to speak out, scared to object, mere ciphers terrified of the financial and other consequences of raising our head above the parapet. Great numbers of us do jobs we hate, many of those jobs solely concerned with the creation of “profit” whilst serving no true purpose or simply undertaking the management of the State's power or the carrying out of State bullying.

When you realise the extent, reach and depth of the enemy we face you understand that this war is a global war on humanity and so must be fought globally, by a united humanity, and that to win this war we must face the decisions that need facing.

Those decisions must address the denial of power, permanently, to these monsters.

If we do not deny them power, permanently, then we will face these monsters again and again and again until we become exhausted and give up. The consequence of giving up are unthinkable. We have to win this war, and we have to win it now.

Their source of power quite simply is the ability to create money from thin air and to control the direction of its flow. It is from this energy source that they are able to control all media (including the fake opposition...) and so control the agenda totally, able to control so many scientists and so much of the targeted and directed research that “proves” their lies and so many “experts” to “prove” them, able to control politicians and so the shaping and implementation of oppressive laws, able to pay the black clad cops now stamping on heads and arresting the innocent the world over.

Forget “Democracy” and the power of the electorate. All the world's hierarchies are now governed by the dark power of money, from the United Nations down through regional blocs and individual nations, all overarched by vast multinational corporate entities and countless thousands of NGOs and effectively fake charities being massively well paid to have control over the urge to do good that stems from we humans in our billions.

They have in place their alternatives, from Chrislam to Sustainable Cities through block-chain currency to Universal Income through “Green” tech to battling “Climate Change”. Millions of paid- for sites, organisations, seemingly beneficial NGOs, seemingly determined local “Mayors”, all that “money” can buy and all the people it can buy.

And only WE seven billion human beings can stop them!


By understanding what WE ARE and what unites us.

Humanity. Human heartedness. Love.


This date: 11:11 2020.

When we decide to stop the world.

To win this war will not be easy, there is much to do and little time in which to do it. A matter of weeks, in fact.

Don't ask how we know it, but 11th November 2020 will see this historic “Moment” of change.

Share this, if it's the last thing you do.........

With Love,

Olive Farmer.




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