Monday, 14 December 2020

Comment removal etc

 Unless you are selling gambling or sex or whatever we always approve comments. We KNOW that someone (Aaa) is in our system and deleting comments and messing with things. No surprise there. If your comment doesn't appear (or other interaction) let us know: Naturally, they can always block those, too, but at least we are making more work for the demonic scum.

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  1. Sometime ago I had a WordPress site where I posted short stories as I wrote them. I was new to the whole blogging process. Got the shock of my life when I logged in to upload and a WordPress employee was logged in as primary 'Admin' and I had no access rights other than to log in. It was only a glitch, apparently. These little cyber shoulder taps you keep getting must be awfully wearing. Your posts continually remind me I'm not alone in what I see so thank you for all your endeavor.


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