Saturday, 25 March 2017

Is NOW the time?

Everywhere, the state operates as the control system on behalf of the elite that shapes reality.
It is aided and abetted by the debt-money system which controls the corporate hierarchies.
They are assisted by the hierarchies of organised religion.
Between them these instruments of control form the walls and bars of the prison for humanity's consciousness.

Because, of course, the world is shaped by controlling the consciousness of humanity, by creating and forming what we believe.
And, as we see, it is shaped ugly, because the shaping force is evil.

When we talk of someone's 'humanity' we speak of their goodness, the love which flows from them.
When we speak of evil acts we use the term 'inhumanity'.

Ergo the battle is between humanity and inhumanity, between good and evil.
Everything else is detail.

Among we human beings it is those who are failing to understand that their beliefs are implanted that become the 'trustees', prisoners who get a better cell or nicer food or simply a slightly less troubled life for helping the wardens control the jail.

Those who are less intelligent are ignorant of their complicity.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do, someone once said.
Others are less innocent.....

In the Second World War the concentration camps were operated by the feared SS, but it is little known (and almost never mentioned by the oddly Jew-biased historians) that often the camps were almost empty of SS and were instead operated by the vicious 'kapos' who, to avoid the worst or secure the best, became trustees, giving out the beatings, herding the prisoners to the forced labour works or worse.

(We say 'oddly' because biased is the last thing a true historian worthy of the name should be.)

Some people (especially those biased historians working on their next publishing deal) class these kapos as victims too, but the truth is they were the lowest of the low, human beings whose honour, dignity and pride was willingly sacrificed on the altar of self-preservation or, more often, were greed driven psychopaths who relished sadism.

And so it is that our planet is dominated by the very few and their lackeys.
By implanted belief systems and by greed driven and pleasure seeking psychopaths.
By consciousness engineering and by kapos.

This is the continuing story of our enslavement and nothing seems to be changing, despite the place we have arrived at, despite the closeness of our transformation, despite humanity reaching that great turning point in its history that is truly only a step away, if we can only take that step together.

This is the history we must stop in its tracks.

In the past only violent revolutions have shifted the hierarchies, replacing them with even more vile power structures that gloried in blood sacrifice.
Then we discover that these revolutions and their chief agents operated on behalf of the same power elite and served their satanic purpose. Once again, consciousness engineering and kapos.

Communism and fascism both vigorously cleansed the maverick gene from society, attempting to produce a herd which only consisted of fearful, dumb, obedient souls.
They ultimately failed because their intelligence services couldn't find every objector.
But hundreds of millions were murdered.

This time they have the internet, so their round-up will be much more thorough.
Quite simply, they know where we live and what we think.
They know our friends and associates.
They know how we have prepared.
This is how, as we often have stated, the internet is a weapon pointed at humanity.

Whilst we mavericks believe we are 'at peace' our masters have treated us as if we are an enemy army, gathering every single piece of data about us so that, when they strike, they will instantly negate us.

They seek to prevent humanity taking that final step into the future.
This objective explains everything that is happening in this chaotic world right now.
They must at all costs prevent us from unifying in our shared humanity, so are setting us against each other, everywhere and in every way.
Ordo ab chao.

At the moment, as we witness, they are successful in this, but their grip on our human consciousness is loosening. They grow weak and, like any cornered creature, fight most viciously when the fight is for survival.
Cornered rats.

If they need to, and if we let them, they will destroy everything rather than let go.
A worldwide Samson option.
(Though please don't take from that that we blame the 'Jews' for anything. See our earlier posts on genetics and the reality that we are one species separated by engineered beliefs, a single tribe imprisoned together and set at each others throats like dogs in a pit for the entertainment of those that feed off us.)

The false alternative media was created to serve the purpose we now witness, mental honey-traps for the awakening souls, pitfalls for those seeking confirmation of their instinctive sense that there is something utterly awry with the world.
Humans feeling the call of their fellow human hearts towards humanheartedness.
(See our earlier post on 'humanheartedness' to know what this means.)

The elite have often toyed with our yearning for freedom, for justice, for a sense of rightness about the world which we find hard to put a name to but which 'humanheartedness' encapsulates.

When we seek such things en masse, so they provide a leader, a unifying idea, and give us a flag to follow, a symbol to believe in, a dogma to repeat, a mantra to chant, a whole new belief system to swallow up our energies and suck in our commitment such that we will die for this new idea or, worse, kill for it, believing we do the right thing.

There is never such a thing as righteous killing.

Religions have sucked up those seeking a connection with the creator and with the love which is the force behind creation. For more than two thousand years humans have been born into or herded into beliefs that somehow tell them an evident falsehood: That God favours them especially and despises others that worship God differently. 
So for thousands of years have we been made to burn and kill human beings who happen to worship God in other ways or by other names. So we have delighted in making life miserable for those who are 'different'.
Such is the greatest weakness of our species, which is the simplicity with which we can be made to believe that the thing we call 'I' or 'we' is somehow better than another member of our tribe.

Consciousness engineering is the key to this arsenal of induced hatred.

We are so divided even today, such is the strength of this Magick, such is the power of belief once it takes hold of our consciousness.

Fascism was a belief system, as was Communism, as today is the nascent 'Populism'.
(Where did that name come from, you might wonder? Who seeks to create a new 'ism' so that it can be painted black?)

What communism did was blacken, forever, the ideas of sharing and working collectively.
What Fascism did was blacken, forever, the ideas of single communities of peoples who worked collectively for the benefit of their own community, either a 'racial' group, a language, a nation. Regardless of the name, fascism was simply socialism between people who had a lot in common.
Then it was shaped evil.

Now these 'isms' are forever associated with genocide, with death camps, with misery, with war, with secret policing and vanishing into the night, with inescapable terror.
Populism is heading the same way.
Trump is the torch bearer.
The false alternative media has led many to his camp.
Those people have become 'believers'.

We know where that leads.

(For those who have given their belief to Trump, ask yourselves:
Has he closed the Federal Reserve and issued debt-free money?
Has he arrested the Clinton mobsters, the Bushes and the rest?
Has he taken the CIA and the FBI and the police by the scruff of the neck and shaken them into a rage and directed them at the satanic child murdering elite?
Has he taken the US armed forces out of those places where the USA is spreading chaos and death and misery, places where the US has no right to be?
Has he done anything to lessen gap between the ultra-rich and the rest of humanity?
Et cetera, ad nauseam...”and so on, until you're sick”)

We wrote here once about the US military budget and how many thousands of hospitals that money could build, staff and supply for decades. We asked how the world would feel about the US, how many would hate the US enough to try and harm her, had the US built hospitals everywhere it now bombs, had the US used its plenty to spread happiness and good will around the world?

Many Americans believe they are somehow the best people in the world, that their country is somehow the finest.
Had they used their power to spread good into the world they truly would be.
Regrettably they have done exactly the opposite, have acted for generations as the instruments of chaos, war and evil like some great satanic metastasising cancer.
Yet still the belief persists.

Such is the power of belief, almost unshakeable once we allow our consciousness to be smothered by one or another of those fake 'leaders' supplied to us by our masters.

For our species to free itself from the pattern we are stuck in, this endless cycle of injustice, war, death, misery, brutality, we must learn as a species to STOP BELIEVING.

When we are born we know nothing but how to suckle.
Unlike thousands of other species which share our earth we have no access to the data stored in our DNA.
Take a moment to find a video of a spider spinning its web and understand that such a marvel of engineering was untaught, the knowledge inherited.
This tells us something about the nature of this experience we are undergoing, that humanity is deliberately placed here empty so that we absorb whatever programmes are passed to us or inculcated within us.

It is whether or not we accept these beliefs once they are proved to be fundamentally inhuman that is the measure of our learning from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the test of our suitability and readiness for the next evolutionary step.

The Buddhists would have you believe this was a personal journey.
It isn't.
Humanity is a collective entity, comprised of billions of individuated units each with free will but endowed with the potentiality to co-create, to collectively shape reality and shape it good.
This is not YOUR journey to enlightenment, it is OUR journey.
Humanity's journey.

It is when we are children and unknowing that much of this false programming is downloaded, and so we grow 'believing' that we are German or British, Hindu or Christian, rich or poor, black or white, high class or low class and so on. We grow to believe that there are others that we must obey. We grow to believe that life is about gathering money together and success is measured by the size of the pile. We learn there are some we should love, but others we should despise.
Our life is simply expressed as a consciousness engineering exercise.
Describes the programmes we are fed.

But we have free will.
We can, collectively, choose.

In the past we have waited for a leader, a messiah, a unifying 'ism'.
We need none of those things to take the next step.

Just to shake off our implanted beliefs.
Just to follow our humanheartedness.
And do so together.

As a species we stand at the threshold of a marvellous future.
We must take the all-important step.

Reach out to each and every one of us and ask:
Would you like a world of peace, of justice, of kindness, of sharing, of fun, of freedom from debt, of freedom from fear, a world where you are valued, where your contribution however humble is valued, where the non-stop destruction of our environment is stopped?
Would you like a truly humanhearted world?

This, after all, is what most of us think our God desires of us.
"Love" sums it up perfectly.

There are seven and more billion of us in our tribe and if we most of us say “YES” then, in that moment, we will have taken the next step as a species.

Interestingly, we most of us have in our hands the instruments to perform such a miraculous connection.
Knowing that, should we try?
Well, of course we should.
What else is there?

Seven billion can ignore the power structures and hierarchies as if they had never been.
Seven billion can reach out our hands and clasp firmly the hands of strangers knowing they share, deep down, these common human desires.

We Are at this remarkable stage as a species.
We Are fed up with history and the historical baggage that goes with it.
We Are disgusted by what happens 'in our name'.
The future is ours, and it is Humanhearted.

Is it time?
We think so.

People say we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones.
We Are legion.

Please share.
It has to start sometime.
Things aren't getting better, are they?
So share.

With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 24 March 2017

While you were looking the other way......

Friends, 'they' are keeping us distracted, keeping the rising tide of fear at full throttle, pushing ever harder for more and more chaos.........

And all the time, every second of every day, Fukushima is pumping slow death into our oceans and our air.

Evil seeks to prevent us from collectively creating a worldwide unity for good.
This explains every evil that we, as a species, have ever undergone.

If you are short of understanding of the Fukushima horror, this is vital information.

First this, from here:

I have just returned from visiting my friend, who is a senior cetacean biologist at one of the large west coast universities. While there, he described an amazing situation to me that has alarmed me greatly. He said that research at his university has conclusively identified the complete or almost complete collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean, all within the last 36 months or so. Further, in “unauthorized” exchanges with the relevant departments in other coast universities, he learned that the numbers involved may well be more like hundreds of chain collapses in the same time-frame as opposed to dozens. Finally, in talking with authoritative figures in Vancouver, they apparently believe that the figure is likely closer to 1000. My friend also explained that equally alarming is the fact that all these research departments are finding within the genres of sea life they have physically examined within the same time-frame “huge numbers of general body mutations, as well as skin disorders” which all cannot yet be accounted for in terms of causation.
As bad as all of this sounds, here is the real rub. Regarding these findings about food chain collapses, mutations, and injuries, my friend’s university has instituted a policy that forbids them from publishing their findings, from discussing their findings (on this subject) publicly or in private with other researchers outside their own campus, or finally from taking “unauthorized” radiation readings as part of their research. The penalties for violating these new rules are severe: loss of tenure, civil lawsuits for violation of contract, and potentially employment termination. He showed me a memo on the subject from her own university, so there is no doubt about that in my mind. For the part about colleagues at other universities encountering the same things, I have nothing but my his word but that is good enough for me.”

Here are a selection of reports posted from other media on regarding unusual and horrific Pacific Ocean species die-offs. Read them and weep.

Some other sources, part of the mainstream consciousness manipulators, who blame the hoax of anthropomorphic global 'climate change', earlier known as 'Global Warming':

So it goes on, reported but largely ignored.


This is already hitting humanity and will hit us ever harder in the years to come.

What is ANY government doing to end this nightmare, (including the Trump government)?

Nothing, that's what.
And the worst is yet to come.

Fukushima is rarely if ever blamed by the world wide Green Party environmentalist liars.
No surprise there, is there?

This is a fascinating and well researched piece about the occult paedophilic and left-wing terroristic origins of the worldwide fraudulent 'Green' movement. The main protagonists discussed are now highly placed within the fascistic European Union project. Again, no surprise there. 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Chemtrails, the false alternative media “geo-engineering” myth, and mind control.

I need not say much as an introduction regarding the false alternative media and the agenda of the elites that fund them. If you still believe in one or another of these false idols, so be it. You might claim they 'waked you up' but, in reality, you went looking for the answers to the questions that made you uneasy about the world and about humanity and stumbled upon their sites.

You woke YOURSELF up, but they were placed there waiting to divide, distract, render you weak by their constant bombardment of issues so that you become enervated and, among the haystack of truth that other humans disseminated but these bastards took ownership of, there hidden is the needle of the lie.

They don't talk of Fukushima as they should, though day by day it is murdering the Pacific Ocean and so depriving humanity of its largest natural protein source, day by day it is leaking cancer into the world and killing us. They do not seek to count our number nor unite us so that we can see our millions and recognise our strength. They do not speak of the internet other than a tool of awakening and a place where truth might be found, when in fact it is the opposite, is a tool of mind control aimed at our species. 

They do not speak of chemtrails other than to 'debunk' them or, chiefly, to decry them as geo-engineering weapons.

They are anything but geo-engineering tools.
They are consciousness engineering tools.

Here's the science. Put on your scientist hats, or even if you don't get science at all, follow this process of logic.

The human brain is, as we know, an electro-biological computer which enables the human body (the vehicle for human consciousness) to operate and, via its senses, understand and interact with this reality. This reality is not truly 'real', but is of course composed of information, runs certain programmes which correspond with the 'laws of physics' or 'the rules of the game'.

When your consciousness enters the game it does so without knowledge of who and what and indeed where it is. You are born, and become believers in the reality, and download the programmes which are running from other human beings. As such, you become believers in a fabrication. Other human beings, thousands of years ago, discovered this fact. Read Plato's 'Cave”. The controllers of this reality do not wish us to re-discover what is really happening, nor what this place really is. NASA and the other serpent's-tongue-symbol space agencies are targeted with the job of hiding the truth from us all. The world is not a globe on the western spiral arm of a galactic nonentity. Nor is it flat. It is a four dimensional screen, a four-d computer generated reality. See earlier posts on this subject.

Within this game-reality sits your confused mind, hoping for peace and love, utterly bewildered by the evil, the sheer horror that exists. Your mind wishes to set things right, but organised hierarchy and power structures of all kinds prevent you from understanding your power to do so. This is simply because you do not understand just how many human beings share your innermost desires for peace and harmony. Even your enemies have these core understandings, though just as you cannot believe it of them neither can they believe it of you. This is the product of the divisive and competitive environment shaped by the masters of this reality.

Now that humanity (late as ever, this should have happened a few years back) is truly waking up en-masse the powers must introduce new weaponry in the war on consciousness. At all costs they must prevent humanity from understanding the incredible power of the collective consciousness. Seven billion minds working in cooperation can achieve, quite literally. ANYTHING.
Make your self aware of the 'double slit experiment' and understand that this place, this reality, is CREATED by our consciousness. This is not woo-woo.
For over 100 years physicists have understood the relationship between consciousness and matter.
At the same time, quantum physics has taught us that atoms do not exist, that spooky interactions at a distance are faster than the supposed maximum speed of light and demonstrate the interconnectedness of essence that all this solidity is an illusion (as Einstein told us).


We don't usually do DETAIL, but here we'll make an exception.
Stick with us if you want to know what's really going on.......

We know that Barium among other things are present in chemtrails.
We know that these metals pass the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain.
Example: There is already a strong concentration of Magnetite in human brains, something that is entirely NEW to the human body, comprised of nanoparticles.

We know that tetragonal (their shape) barium titanate nanoparticles can enter the brain and, once there, can affect neurons and voltage gated cells.
Such effects can be induced by ultrasound, and almost certainly microwave.

We know (this study is important to YOU if you use Wi-Fi or cellular telephones) that Wi-fi microwave energy interacts detrimentally with voltage gated cells:
A Must Read:

Nanoparticles can enable the control of neuronal circuits, (the wiring of the brain).

Barium nanoparticles are seen as promising areas of research as nano-transducers for brain cells.

NOW read this. (What you read between the lines is most important. It speaks of psychiatric conditions being the result of disruptions in the electrical network in the brain, and how new nano-materials are a breakthrough in this area.)

"In the mammalian nervous system, billions of neurons connected by quadrillions of synapses exchange electrical, chemical and mechanical signals. Disruptions to this network manifest as neurological or psychiatric conditions. Despite decades of neuroscience research, our ability to treat or even to understand these conditions is limited by the capability of tools to probe the signalling complexity of the nervous system. Although orders of magnitude smaller and computationally faster than neurons, conventional substrate-bound electronics do not recapitulate the chemical and mechanical properties of neural tissue. This mismatch results in a foreign-body response and the encapsulation of devices by glial scars, suggesting that the design of an interface between the nervous system and a synthetic sensor requires additional materials innovation. Advances in genetic tools for manipulating neural activity have fuelled the demand for devices that are capable of simultaneously recording and controlling individual neurons at unprecedented scales. Recently, flexible organic electronics and bio- and nanomaterials have been developed for multifunctional and minimally invasive probes for long-term interaction with the nervous system. In this Review, we discuss the design lessons from the quarter-century-old field of neural engineering, highlight recent materials-driven progress in neural probes and look at emergent directions inspired by the principles of neural transduction."

Piezoelectric materials such as barium nanoparticles, once accumulated in the brain, can affect the neural gateways.
These could be stimulated and caused to act upon the brain via microwave signals.
The product of such stimulation could be, for example, a psychiatric breakdown.
Further, such stimulation could allow our mind, our consciousness as it interacts with this reality, to be controlled.

Scientists find this “exciting”:

The barium titanate nanoparticles can also, via electrical impulse, be induced to pass through a pore in individual cells and enter them.
In this way, every cell in the human body could be made subject to whatever those who control the microwave towers and have sprayed us with this stuff want.

All of these published papers are, no doubt, some way behind what those who did MKUltra are now capable of.....
GOOD scientists are using nano-particles to treat sickness and psychiatric disorder by these materials and methods.

What might BAD scientists be capable of?

Materials scientists are researching the combinations of barium titanate and iron nanoparticles for improving the receptive qualities of microwave signalling:

Elevated levels of barium are considered agents in the spread of “Mad Cow” disease, which in humans evidences as Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.
Did they experiment on us before?


The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources--stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding' Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pastureland. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the foodchain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems.”

NOTE how the scientists are unconcerned about their blaming the presence of these killing agents on aerial chemical spraying. 

You know, the sort of spraying that people accuse you of being a Conspiracy Nutjob for pointing out to them.

What is Creutzfeldt Jakobs exactly?

Not too dissimilar from Dementia, or Alzheimer's, is it?

From all of this we might surmise certain things about the worldwide network of microwave towers and the constant spraying of us with these piezo electric nano particles. We might also guess that someone, somewhere, has the power to create a strong delusion or mass deception worldwide. Does that remind you of something?


You decide.
With Love,

xxx xxx xxx

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Do you know anyone that beat cancer?

We have started this new not for profit sharing site to try and gather the stories, methods and protocols of people who have beaten the scourge of cancer.

We invite anyone who has a success story to get in touch and allow us to publish their protocols, methods and stories.

We will never ask for donations, carry ads, or link to other sites which do.

We will do our best to eliminate scammers and fraudsters.

We hope that over time we will establish a useful resource and reference point for sufferers.

If you could, please copy the link and spend some time spreading awareness by posting the link everywhere you think it might help. What we need are proven success stories.

The site will not link to this site, nor this blogger.

We are going to work hard on making this site worthwhile. Please give us half an hour of your time to help make it happen if you can. We don't get so many visits here, but if each visitor gives us a little time then the new site, who knows, might help reduce the suffering of others.

Please help.
Than you,

Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

Post Script:
Every real human being is under threat from this killer, especially since the 'nations' conspired to deliberately cover up and fail to deal with the Fukushima 'disaster'. The fake World Health Organisation from the Luciferian 'United Nations' tells us that there will be a rise in cancer cases as a result of people's diet and other habits! This disgusting lie, this misdirection, the failure of the mainstream lying media to properly investigate and report upon this extinction-level-event has left humanity facing an astronomic increase in this killing condition and other conditions (such as heart failure) that result from exposure to the massive amounts of ingested ionised radiation that will inevitably result from the continued release of massive amounts of this Satanic material every single day.
If you do not yet access then start to do so now. Reading their headlines going back a few years will enable you to see clearly that this disaster has killed almost all life in the Pacific Ocean and, in the years to come, most life on this planet.
Researching 'I beat Cancer" provides page after page of search-engine proffered sites, many of which form parts of the false alternative media, many of which are evidently sites designed to sell quack products or false hope. So far I have clicked through 30 pages of search results and discovered nothing BUT these types of sites, all linking to vitamin sales, book sales, subscription and donation requests and so on.
There is a history among human beings that there are some of us that will unscrupulously offer hope for profit. These snake oil salesmen are led by big pharma but there exists a huge number of 'alternative' profit driven sites, always starring the picture of some healthy looking person who will encourage you to buy products from linked sites.
We know these people exist. We would not be surprised if this type of deceptive business was a favourite among the satanic death cult baby eaters that run this place.
We hope to find genuine survivors and to spread by any means the story of their survival and the protocols they followed. If you know a survivor, please encourage them to get in touch at  We humans should share what we can, not charge for it, not use it as a method to make gain from sales. Just share. With love.
Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Belief and faith, tools of consciousness control

The battle for the control of mass human consciousness is fought with a number of weapons.

Understand that they, all of them, serve one purpose: 
To create an unshakeable belief. 

Such beliefs shroud the human soul and, in every case, separate us from the core of our being, our essence: Love.

Here we intend to show how humanity is susceptible to belief and how, once acquired, these beliefs govern and shape each human beings relationships (for good or evil) with other members of our species or tribe. We demonstrate how our beliefs are the result of the machinations of the masters of this reality, that each belief can find its origins in the hierarchy of power, that beliefs are simply consciousness control mechanisms, and that we are ever foolish.

Above all it is belief that creates misery in this world, belief that creates division, belief that makes wars. It is not simply the difference of opinions, which human beings sort out by rational debate or a fist fight. Beliefs are a kind of magic, conjured by our masters, with which they can manipulate us into killers. We believe in one god or another, one race or another, one nation or another and we believe in money, one denomination or another. We believe that we are all in competition when in fact we live in a world made possible only by cooperation and by sharing (that basic human instinct destroyed by 'trade' and 'money' and 'profit', all of which we 'believe' are good!)
(Aktina Pempti)

We live in a time (the apocalypse?) wherein these beliefs, whilst still clung to by many, equally are questioned by many and proven false. The ascendancy of this disbelief has called forward a new epoch, a time in which our masters have been forced to seek new methods of control and devise new beliefs with which to control us. The new deceptions are perfectly crafted, the new instruments of deception scientific and archly psychological.

There is in the world now the rise of 'populism', the name given to the yearning for the right thing to be done, that name created by the consciousness controllers such that the 'populist' leaders or political movements (created by our masters) can lead humanity into crisis and chaos and blood- letting, such that (just as Communism and Fascism and others were discredited) the very idea of populism will be condemned forever to the dustbin of human consciousness as something which leads to chaos, war and genocide.

The current beliefs which control the collective consciousness are now easy to see.
This is a sign of the times.

There are those which seek to capture the inner yearnings of humanity for a connection with the divine, for a connection with the universal good we know in our hearts exists.
These weapons we call organised religion. They have been and are a curse upon us.

These strong delusions have their dark antithesis, a weapon created to suck in those human souls that have been dealt harshly with and so grow to hate the idea of a good creator, because that good creator has apparently deserted them.
These damaged souls seek the light of darkness and, in the company of savages and the psychopathic, seek power from where they might do harm.
These are the satanic paedophiles that infest our hierarchies and the power expects us to scoff at the idea of, despite the enormity of the evidence.......

So, both the religions of good and of evil are consciousness control weapons, designed by the consciousness controllers to misshape humanity. They serve to divide and to distract us from our purpose and our destiny, (that which we can only achieve through the collective conscious will to good which we call Humanheartedness: LINK)

There are vast arsenals of consciousness controls aimed at 'rational' human beings, the ones trained by our obscene educational system to be almost entirely left-brained, the ones that cannot trust instinct but must put their faith in the dogma of science or in the authority of the newscaster or in the 'perfection' of democracy.
They are disturbed by the idea of a conspiracy, because that very idea means that they, who got good grades and are therefore in some way superior, have been fooled all along.

Which sadly but inevitably they have.

The consciousness control system rewards these dullards with the gift of corporate wage slavery and so, in exchange for all their learning, they are bribed with a marginally more comfortable cell and live in constant fear that they will be ejected from it, or strive daily to climb the greasy pole towards the top, thinking they will be safer there or, if psychopathic, there have the power to do harm.

As they begin their careers and their striving at age 21 they little know just how quickly the years pass nor how purposeless is their occupation. After all, they are each and every one of them involved for life either in making 'profit' for some billionaire or, if Government employees, in sustaining the walls of the prison in which we all live.

In the end they might retire earlier in relative comfort but, like the rest of us, they have been slowly poisoned......

My mother and father died recently 3 days apart, both in their mid-eighties.

But in the last five years, within our small circle, friends have died aged 42, 62, 64, 62, 63, 55, 34, 45, 48.
None by accident.
Except for two of them, cancer was the killer.

Every government in the world has joined together to keep silent about Fukushima. Unlike Chernobyl, entombed (but still deadly), our world governments have allowed Fukushima to pour its filth into the world for six years with no sign of diminishing, with the worst perhaps still to come as the molten cores burrow into our earth.
This is their way of disposing of older 'useless eaters'.
It is working.
Quietly, invisibly and, apparently, 'nobody's fault'.

And all the time our rational left-brained. educated morons beaver away in their corporate burrows believing that such horrors can't exist, that if they did our governments would protect them, would do what's necessary and, surely, our media would have alerted us.

What's important to these poor fish are the issues they are fed to make them feel righteous: The LGBTQ agenda. The woman's right to choose to murder their unborn child, whose body parts are sold on for who knows what nefarious purposes. The possibility of other habitable 'planets' supposedly a trillion miles away.
Cats doing something cute.
Some 'pop-star' showing off her 'beach-body'.

For fuck's sake.

Such is the strength of their belief that there is no conspiracy to use them, abuse them and then kill them early that they increasingly drift ever further from the instinctive understandings that make us human.

They have no understanding of true spirituality, have no connection with nature, don't understand the blood, sweat and tears of the process of creation.

They have formed themselves into a separate caste, the office-working 'elite' debt slaves. Their food comes in a package. Their furniture from a shop. Their entertainment from a box. They form 'relationships' with other empty vessels, half of which fail, leaving half the world's children with one parent only, and that remaining parent so stressed that the children suffer.
They drug themselves for fun or to survive the life they have become believers in.
They cannot let go of it, cannot see that their life is meaningless, that these things need not be, that we human beings can create a different world, a world full of joy.

The greatest consciousness control system is money, especially but not only money created as debt.

This mind-fuck has almost all of humanity in its church, worshipping daily at the altar, clinging to the belief that they might some day be 'rich', might be able to get themselves a slightly bigger cell or a newer, better toy.

This pathetic distraction steers them firmly away from the truth:
That fulfilment is found in simplicity, that joy comes from love, that fun is found in companionship and shared times, that taking things easy is a worthwhile use of your time, that work should be something that makes you proud because you are doing something of benefit to others.

Being a marketing executive, for example, is an utterly meaningless and useless thing to do.
Being a tax collector the same. A salesperson. A cashier. A banker. There are hundreds of millions of completely wasted lives, devoted only to the operation of the debt or profit or money-counting system, whilst there is much in our world to do: Build homes for those that have none. Grow food that's good for people to eat and carry that food to those that need to eat. Cook food for others. Clean our oceans, scrub our air, cleanse our soil. Comfort and aid those that need it. Grow a generation of children that knows what it is to be a child, to be innocent, to play, that is taught to think in addition to learning 'facts', create a home as a place of comfort and sanctuary and love where duty and obligation and honour are learned through sharing.

The list goes on and on, yet there are seven billion of us to make light work of it and, in each person's heart, a calling.
This is a human understanding, a tribal thing, something we were born to and have forgotten, something taken away from us by our stupidity, the ease with which we can be made to believe a lie.

Senior among these weapons of mass deception and consciousness control is and has always been the 'personality', those Adepts that are able to suck in a human being's loyalty and devotion, they that understand the force of will and the allure of glamour and can put on a son-et-lumiere that captivates the souls of the masses and makes of them believers.

In recent history we might summon the memory of Napoleon, of Hitler, of Mao, of Churchill to a lesser extent, of Fidel Castro. Many movie stars and pop idols.
The Queen of England.

Remember the torch-lit parades of the Nazis, their songs, their chanted mantras, their flags and banners, their uniforms, their hypnotic leader and the great allure of sharing a belief with others, constantly re-confirming the 'truth' and righteousness of what they are involved in.

We see the same in religions, at super-bowls, at the Oscars. We cease to question when we become a mob of believers, and almost all of us are in one cult or another, each cult separating us from those who follow other leaders, other pop-stars, other faiths.

That these Adept leaders create a sort of mass hypnosis, a mass hysteria, is undeniable. Hillary Clinton has her acolytes. Yes, even the most unpleasant and unpalatable adepts can suck in the consciousness of believers.

Donald Trump believer?......Be warned.

In the end all of these adepts share one notable feature:
They can each cause their followers to kill others, or kill themselves.
Two mobs of believers facing each other across that psychological divide, one spark to light the fire, and mass blood sacrifice ensues.

This is the power game in the world and how the powerful judge each other's standing in the league table. It is not about money, nor palaces, nor territory. It is about how many souls you have captured and how many human beings your followers have killed.

Witness now how Trump has given the CIA the right to target whom they choose with their drones. Forget trial by jury, don't think for a moment of the innocent children that die 'collaterally', just KILL.
Ground troops is Syria? Why not!

There is no clearer leader in this race than the so-called Royal family of Great Britain, which can trace its ability to capture souls and cause them to commit genocide back thousands of years. Not long ago they owned 40% of the world, stolen by mass murder, and called it their Empire, though of course this was not the first empire of this bloodline.

They've been at it forever.

Above them, and more evil still, is the Crown.

The Crown's capitals are known to us, the three city states marked by their obelisks: Rome, London and Washington DC.

Now we, some of us, see.
Now, we need to stand together.
Please note how those leaders of the 'truth' movement support Trump, support 'Gold', support 'Bitcoin', fill your minds with new things to be angry about every day, add to the fear, encourage preparedness for violence, encourage preparedness for personal survival, encourage you to believe in the 'Bible'.
As if.

We human beings are tested, those tests being moral and ethical, the belief systems designed to cause each of us to break the law.
Do no harm.
Be good.
Live with love as the foundation of everything.
Simple rules,
Lifelong obligations,

With love,
Fear nothing,
The conduit closes,

Olive Farmer.

Xxx xxx xxx

Monday, 13 March 2017


First, read this:

Future biotechnology could be used to trick a prisoner's mind into thinking they have served a 1,000 year sentence, a group of scientists have claimed.
Philosopher Rebecca Roache is in charge of a team of scholars focused upon the ways futuristic technologies might transform punishment. Dr Roache claims the prison sentence of serious criminals could be made worse by extending their lives.

Speaking to Aeon magazine, Dr Roache said drugs could be developed to distort prisoners' minds into thinking time was passing more slowly.

"There are a number of psychoactive drugs that distort people’s sense of time, so you could imagine developing a pill or a liquid that made someone feel like they were serving a 1,000-year sentence," she said.

A second scenario would be to upload human minds to computers to speed up the rate at which the mind works, she wrote on her blog.”

So: A wrongdoer's consciousness could be 'tricked' into believing they had served a thousand years in prison.

A wrongdoer's could be sent to a place of correction (here) where it learns, perhaps in a thousand lifetimes (reincarnation) the difference between good and evil, how evil hurts its victims, how nothing good comes from it, how its apparent benefits (the short term gain of theft, for example) are outweighed by the downsides. Perhaps the thief, in this correctional institution, is stolen from. The rapist raped. The killer murdered. The paedophile satanist buggered to death, time and time again (we hope).

We see awfulness inflicted. We see pain and suffering. We question God because of this.

BUT: If we experience all of this sitting in a chair, awaken from it wiser and better with no harm done, knowing that it was all a game but a game from which we gain understanding, then that pain and suffering was not really experienced, yet leaves its message and learning scored deep on our consciousness.

From this theory understand that you are a sinner still, as I am, as Aktina and I both are.

Seek in your mind for the sin that still lingers.
Is it Ego, greed, betrayal, theft, deception.....
Only you know your sin.
Only you therefore can find the way back.

The Power in the world is maybe there just to make sure we are tempted eternally to do wrong and so learn that we must risk our very being (our 'lives' in this place) if we are to break free.
That power is therefore our warder, our guard, the setter of tests.
Satan, working for God in the correctional institute.

An alternative view is that the power is the organised mob, the gang that runs the prison.

Would they try to break out?
Is this why they fired Nukes at the roof of the world?
Knowing, as they did, that their efforts to break out of the screen would result, as night follows day, with the unnecessary and painful deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings from cancer.

Having failed to crack the screen, the mob are trying something else now.
They call it CERN.
This is, of course, conjecture.

Is there a message?
Only this:
Seek your sin, as we do, identify the wrong you do and correct it.
This is the most difficult thing you will ever do.

Love to you,
Aktina Pempti & Olive Farmer
xxx xxx xxx

Friday, 10 March 2017

For the truth seekers following the quest, some thoughts.....

(The basic programmes and cellular automata of Creation?)

 As we slowly advance our understanding of reality, through quantum physics, DNA research and other sciences, through the deep yearning for truth, through the driving force behind the constant questioning of everything that marks out the growing number of awakening human beings, so we begin to lift the veil which has shrouded human collective consciousness for so many generations and begin to see the edges of a new reality.

From those partial glimpses the dot-connectors among us begin to draw conclusions and those conclusions will form the foundations of a new world civilisation, in reality our first true civilisation, and from that first civilisation will blossom a transformative relationship with matter, with being and, ultimately, with the force of creation itself (which is the loving application of information?).

If we are successful we will have fulfilled both our purpose and our destiny.

The dimensions of this curent reality are, we are taught to believe, objective. There are supposedly quantifiable measurs of length and width and depth and we can 'measure' time's ticking. We 'know' our history and supposedly witness its creation (or rather fabrication) day by day and learn of our past, both past and present full of horrors and nightmares that should, but do not, instruct us and so lead us to paths which, once taken, wake us from those bad dreams and draw back the curtains to reveal a new dawn for our species.

This is the journey, its destination the grail.

A fifth dimension, Consciousness?
There is another dimension, comprised of the conscious experience of existence, which determines the rest. We put a measure to all things and pronounce them metre or foot, second or century. This conscious understanding of things is entirely subjective, a subjectivity agreed between us all, and forms the framework in which everything else exists. This consciousness is generally shared and almost wholly believed in by the participants in this reality, just as most of humanity believes that a table is solid, that the body they inhabit is real, that the world is a pale blue dot floating in an ever expanding universe, that all of everything happened and happens by chance, that therefore there was and is no creator or if there is then the creator is a supernatural being, usually male and bearded, who gives us rules about what we should or should not wear or eat and tells some of us that we are his favourites and can do as we will with the rest.
As if.
( I Am a Vengeful God! Are you looking at me, pal?)

Those seekers of truth that pore over NASA's dark history and scientific deviousness, those questers that seek an understanding of the earth's flatness are in the vanguard of a new understanding of reality that will shake the present collective consciousness off its pedestal.

Take a moment to imagine yourself a God busy with the act of creation. Being God you would understand that all creation needs to do is provide a thoroughly convincing reality as perceived by the creatures you cause to inhabit that reality via the senses you grant them. All of these things you would realise, being God, could most simply and convincingly be created with information. Much could be achieved with basic programming, cellular automata that after a billion iterations suddenly produce novelty, basic physical 'rules' that apply to all things, subtly intricate geometric patterns, signs and sigils and symbols that operate on the consciousness of the experiencers and so on.
The whole set in a 'screen'.

It is the existence of this 'screen' that NASA's faux-science and the globe earth conspiracy theory's occult originators are attempting to hide from humanity's collective consciousness. Once the flat earthers and the NASA debunkers get their act together the existence of a setting, a screen, in which the creator's programmes are running, will become apparent. 
This will be one of the breakthroughs that shake the foundations of this dog-eared and past it's use-by date iteration of the collective consciousness. (It says here). Perhaps this 'year', maybe the next, but certainly soon our understanding of what we are and what therefore must be our purpose is a revelation waiting in the wings of humanity's near future.
The 'screen' in which reality exists?

That reality is subjective, exists within a 'screen', is comprised of information, runs through programmes and in which our consciousness as individuals and as a collective whole (the single creative force that is humanity's output) pass through life, this understanding leads us to question further the ideas that sit behind the creator's endeavour.

If it were simply to create a place of beauty in which we might live out our lives in ease and love then we must aver that the creator has succeeded in some areas and failed utterly in others. We could guess that perhaps this particular 'reality' went wrong somewhere and, rather than just switch it off, the creator left it running to see what might happen. You might think this cruel and heartless and perhaps that's it: We were created in God's image and the cruelty we do to one another is a reflection of the creator's own psychopathy.

We should remember that time is subjective, that a thousand years of our perceived existence may be the product of five 'real' minutes processing time. Maybe when the creator looks again, say in a minute or two in 'its' time, it will realise the place has gone awry and turn it off or reset the game by sending a flood. 
Or maybe a vindictive colleague has infected the place with malware, placed his or her or its own consciousness in the game and made itself King and jollied itself for millennia for personal satisfaction. You could characterise such a thing as 'Satan', the malware as a worm....

The alternative could be that the creator wanted its creation to learn and that the only thing worth learning is the difference between good and evil.
There's a few bits of evidence for that lying around.

We have, to yet, as a species, not reached the level of cooperation and collective understanding which would allow us to wrest ourself (as a single collective entity) from the disease of the past and as a result produce something worthy of our collective capabilities.

We observe that we are capable of great things when we share information and divide effort, or create the space and freedom for single minds and hands to shape their visions of beauty. 

The great thrust of our yearning for the new civilisation rests upon the shared desire for the things we know are right and which we have tried (but failed) to enshrine in our governmental efforts to date. We desire justice and the rule of law underpinning our freedoms and safeguarding our lives. We desire enough or plenty for all underpinned the by effort and duty and obligation of us all. We desire beauty, that made by our hands and minds to flourish, that made by the creator to be protected and venerated. We desire peace and freedom from fear, founded upon our shared responsibility to protect that peace and freedom from fear through collective effort. We desire fun, excitement, happiness, pleasure, these things measured such that in obtaining them we do no harm, that one person's greed doesn't murder the another's child through starvation. So we desire equality at the very least in the basics of life, that all should have enough to eat, that all should be protected from the elements and so on.

Each time this set of collective desires has tried to give birth to a world in which they are given expression has, to date, failed. Looking down from a mountain upon our world some might view this failure as the result of unavoidable chaos engendered by free will. This naivety stems from the observer's inability to detect patterns and forms within the apparent maelstrom of life. 

As the truth seekers progress in their efforts so such patterns begin to emerge and, once identified, can be seen everywhere. Once that perception is gained so the realisation that the world as we know it is conjured from the engineering of the collective consciousness is born. Once that understanding is gained so the evidence of such consciousness engineering is discoverable. Once that has been discovered so those behind such engineering can be determined. From this knowledge the dot-connector learns that despite humanity's deep urge for a world built upon a foundation of Love whose expression in this reality is Good, the world is in fact ordered and shaped by a Will that benefits from a foundation of Hatred whose expression is Evil.

Set in the context of purpose so we must assume that the creator's purpose is to test our collective consciousness and see whether and if we can overcome the obstacle that infects that collective consciousness and co-create a world of love.

That's the Game.

One meme which has been passed through time and in every culture is that of an “Armageddon”, a final battle between good and evil for control of the reality and the emergence thereafter, perhaps (in some versions) with a false dawn interregnum, of a world of peace and beauty and love. Many past generations have believed that they lived in such times and this is certainly true of this current consciousness, perhaps because we are certainly undergoing an apocalypse driven by the questioners amongst us and the growing gnawing at our souls that there is much wrong with this world and the emerging certainty that together seven and a half billion of us could fix it.

There is of course a vast deception which is subverting and misdirecting that emergence.

Everything that is happening right now in this weird world has its causality in that great deception.

The deception is aimed at our consciousness, will try and show us that we are winning this battle.....!

Brexit and Trump are products of this deception, which is designed to cast truth seekers and questers and 'populists' into the dustbin of history along with communism and fascism, both imposters designed to frame such ideas with the crimes of genocide such that none shall ever question the authorised 'truth' of the zio-Nazi-paedo-satanist 'Democracy' ever again.
(Picture: The deceivers, dividing the questers from truth, dividing humanity, preventing We Are/I Am? If you look hard and focus you can see the faces of the fake leaders of the truth movement!  )

When this is all over, when we do gain our promised land, when money and hierarchy and religion and royalty and politics, when the imposters that shape that vast pyramid of wrong have once and for all been eradicated and we human beings build our first civilisation, then our rate of advance, unhampered by the 'protective' nature of money that hoards knowledge and 'protects' intellectual 'property', will accelerate dramatically. 

There will quickly come, thereafter, the moment when we realise how it is that the creator made this place, what its true nature is, and that we human beings together will have reached the point when we too can create such a marvel.

The creator will have given birth.

We Are Love.

Love to you all,
Olive &
Aktina Pempti 
from Crete

xxx xxx xxx