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Please don't look for quick gratification and news buzz from this post. This one is for the deeper soul within. If you are one that clicks quickly away, do yourself and the rest of us a favour and, for once, get stuck in. You won't be disappointed.

Your exterior persona, the body-mind, concerns itself with the minutiae and detail of survival and the physical pleasures or distresses of existence. It is naturally busy and, in the frantic hustle and bustle of the 'world', forgets to make contact with the essence that was first born into this reality over which was built the persona you call 'I' and is the vehicle of your experience.

Take a moment to allow the quiet of being to enter your consciousness and, in that silence and absence of distraction, please make the connection with your inner self.
It is that complete human being we wish to communicate with, rather than the exterior casing alone.

You may think it strange that we say this: be careful, as you enter the silence of being, that you do not mistakenly communicate with an imposter.

Your body-mind is a bio-electrical computer of high sophistication, the full processing power of which you are programmed not to have access to. It's sophistication is so advanced that it could rationally be described as a fully functional artificial intelligence with the appearance of free will Like any computer, though, it can be hacked into and taken control of.

Your will may not be your own.
Human beings have instinctively understood this for millennia, but have recently been programmed to consider such intrusion 'fantasy'.

Be aware that the full processing capability of the human mind is such that not only does it carefully manage the incredible intricacy of the process of being alive and the wonderful bio-mechano-electrical machinery we call our bodies but in addition it performs the act of creation of reality in combination with the billions of other experiencers of life, interfacing with the mainframe of creation we know as 'God' or the creator to ensure that we see trees and feel the wind rather than the data stream from which these mirages are composed.

Are we speaking to the real, united, inner and outer YOU?
Try harder.

Forgetting, for a moment, the bad things that have happened to you, forgiving, for a moment, those that did those things, putting aside the injustices, find inside the beauty of the creature you are and know you are love, know you are kindness, know you are generosity, know that you are help, know that you understand the difference between good and evil, know that given the chance, that had things been different, that your life would have been an expression of that love and that wonders would have flowed from you, …. if only the world had been different.

Imagine that circumstance applied to your enemies, to those that have harmed you, and consider what they might have been had the world not shaped them bad.
It is from that act of generosity and forgiveness that a new world can be created.
As you have harmed, so others have harmed you, but none of us is to blame. Something has hacked our reality. Something wicked.

Feel the reality about you and know that we human beings collectively create this place.
It belongs to us, yet has been stolen and perverted.
That theft of control is denying us the world we instinctively understand should be ours.

Our instinctive world is one which conforms with our collective desires:
We want peace and freedom from fear, yet have neither.
We want to live in an unpolluted and healing natural environment, yet our water and air and soil and food are poisoned and the output of pollutants threatens every beautiful creature that shares this world with us.
We want to live in spaces that serve the purpose of giving us shelter, in villages and towns and cities that reflect our capability to shape beauty from the stuff that is provided by the reality.
From these things flow others: happiness, health, fun, excitement, freedom of expression, an endless list of good things. At their core lies that which is at your core and mine, that which lies at the core of almost all of us on this plane of existence and which we understand as 'love' and the Olive and I call “humanheartedness”.

The world as currently shaped, the false reality, gives none of us certainty of these things.

The growing disquiet amongst our species, the burgeoning sensation that this place is 'all wrong', speaks of the turning of the tide in the history of this reality.
Recall the great turning that was foretold for 2012 and know that we were prevented, that we are late, that we face turmoil, but that we will soon take our destiny.

Those that control the consciousness of humanity find that they are losing their grip upon us.
We are seeing through the lies, are growing ever more disenchanted with their old ideas.
Whilst many are still enveloped and shrouded by the intricately woven Magick they have created to divide, separate and distract us, whilst those still-sleeping souls remain usable and can be pitched into their wars, their weapons production, their debt collection, their fake 'law' enforcement and so on, increasing numbers of us grow resistant to their inhuman ideas and concepts and draw ourselves away from their control.

The horrible events which are daily unfolding are nothing more than the increasingly desperate measures employed by the vindictive and inhuman masters of this reality to prevent us from taking our world back and co-creating the marvel we now know we are on the cusp of being capable of.

They still use their age-old systems and methods, all of which rely upon their control of human consciousness and the vast structures and hierarchies of mind control which we as a species have come to believe are 'reality' and of our own construction such that we feel helpless to change anything.
Or at least we did feel so helpless.
The word apocalypse has always presciently described these times. We, as a collective intelligence, are forcing back the corners of the shroud, realising how their Magick works and glimpsing what could be, what will be when this process is complete.

Know this: Our masters are knowledgeable. They understand that the more of us there are the collectively cleverer we become. Think Moore's law and know that we humans, IF we work together and grow in number, so increase our collective processing power that we become ever stronger.
This knowledge will help you see eugenics and war for what they are.
This knowledge will help you see deliberate dumbing-down for what it is.
This knowledge will help you see the sudden proliferation of senility and Alzheimer's for what they are.

Know that by stealth and by trickery they have over centuries contrived to hide certain knowledge from our species and endeavoured, successfully, to control the very direction of our kind. So they control our science, our learning, have ownership of our ideas, attach their false monetary value to everything and so prevent our sharing and, by these means, have slowed us down to a great degree and misdirected our collective thinking. We should be much further along than we are, but we will catch up once we have shaken them off.
Now our rulers are becoming increasingly nervous. Despite their efforts we are, everywhere, pushing at the mental bars of the consciousness prison they have built.
Their world is crumbling.

Like cornered rats, they are now fighting for survival.

Now we must fight for ours.

Their weapons and methods are not ours, though they once had us all believing they are.
We do not fight by killing, with hatred, though they have tricked our consciousness too many times into believing this is how things are.
We fight with love.
We fight with collective understanding.
We fight with what is being born within our species, the hived mind of collective understanding from which comes our absolute power to create the world we desire.

If we none of us pay the usurious debts, if we none of us obey the false authority, if we none of us pull the trigger, if we none of us make the bombs, wear the uniforms, read the fake news, get absorbed by the popular distractions, bow down before their icons and symbols, if we none of us repeat the mantras we are given to chant then, in a moment, their power over us is gone, their ability to harm us is gone.

Our chief weapon is within us all. It is free will.
Make sure you have control of yours and simply ignore what our masters have shaped to control the world. If you do so alone, for sure they will get you. But if we all of us do that thing they have, in that moment, lost all power over our species.

We have fallen, dear friends, down a very deep and dark rabbit hole and we are late for a very important date.
We must put on a bit of speed and dash for the finish line.

Hold this in your mind:
The future is an unexplored territory which the consciousness of billions of human beings can create. We are many handed and nothing is beyond us.

What connects us all is more than an understanding of and desire for love and all that springs from love.

What connects us all is a singular.
We Are.
I Am.
One species, One World Tribe.

The time has come.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

In the dreamlike consciousness that pervades when we write is the understanding of our smallness within the whole, of our lack of perfection, of our mistakes and folly, but also the knowledge that we need not worry, that we are a small element in something elemental, something comprised of seven billion and more individuated components forming a whole, each one of which has something to add, something which will enhance, a collective brilliance in which we have utter faith.
Us. We monkeys called humans. What together we are becoming.
And our certain collective destiny:


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