Monday, 21 November 2016

The Game.

This is a mind bender.
Follow the 'logic' of this stream of consciousness.
We wrote elsewhere that it is likely that this reality was/is generated by a computer.
We also stated that, before too long, assuming our rulers lose control of our progress, we would as a species be capable of developing a computer equal to the task.
We asserted that, in effect, this would put us up there with the Creator.
We wonder if this is the purpose of the game?

We said that in order for humanity to reach this particular stage of the game, things would have to change.
We'd have to quit being tricked into fighting and cooperate.
We'd have to quit messing up our nest and clean things up.
We'd have to free ourselves from every aspect of the false, debt owned reality.
We'd have to build a reality that reflected our collective desire, which we called Humanheartedness.
We'd have to forget all the thousands of years old lies and the institutions and controlling hierarchies built around them and reinvent how we organise ourselves.

We've suggested that the model is there for us, is tribal, with the understanding that we are genetically one tribe.

If we can achieve these things, which we believe is just a step away for humanity, a moment of realisation of our commonality and shared souls' desires, then we could co-create a heaven on earth, or at least an Eden.

We often asseverate that the Bible, though full of falsehoods and the hands and minds of our rulers, contains hints and clues as to the nature of this reality. That we are in an apocalypse now seems certain, that our rulers are bent on some kind of Armageddon seems certain, that they will offer us a false Messiah seems certain, that in the end the meek will inherit the earth seems to us to be the fulfilment of humanity's destiny after the trials of the last few thousand years.

Because no single human being possesses a mind capable of knowing everything, because no nation or race has all the answers, because no country or region can any longer stand alone in the world and be self sufficient, for our species to move forwards we must all of us recognise our global interdependency and our duty and responsibility to all, to every member of our tribe.

This understanding stands first. You are not alone, for every human being is with you.

We assert that human beings are weak, are frail, full of contradictions, that none of us is without sin.

But we also assert that our collective consciousness is not that which our masters have driven us to. Rather, our collective consciousness is good, that good is what we strive for, that good is what our institutions should represent and fail to because our institutions are controlled by an evil force that speaks lies purporting to be truth.

We are not seven billion individuals we are one mind made of seven billion parts.
This collective consciousness is controlled just now, but is yearning for freedom.
When this collective consciousness realises the authority it has, at that moment the world will change.

Look around you, feel it instinctively and you will know: That Moment cannot be far away.

Love is not an emotion, it's a principle, a guiding force, a shared desire, the key to our destiny.
Love to you all
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
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