Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump, Brexit and the slow murder of Democracy by our Masters.

Democracy is being killed.
Do you believe, for even a moment, that the Trump 'victory' was an expression of the democratic will of the people of the United States? Let's squash that idea. Remember, nothing happens by accident in politics.
In Greece the fed-up populace was offered a 'new dawn' by a new, unified left that promised to tell the bankster criminals where to get off. They won power and immediately did as the banksters told them to. They held a referendum, then promptly ignored the result and carried on doing exactly what the banksters ordered them to.
In the UK they held a Brexit referendum and have so far ignored the instructions of the electorate, and will continue to do so.
There were several referenda about the EU Maastricht treaty that went the wrong way, and the people were offered chances to vote again and get it right those times. They did.
In Syria overwhelming numbers voted for Assad, but that was the wrong choice and now they are dying for it every day.
In Wallonia in Belgium they voted against the trade treaty with Canada...but of course were offered the chance to change their minds.
Across the world two things are happening:
  1. The idea of people having power through democracy is being deliberately weakened by the actions of Governments.
  2. The mainstream media is becoming known as merely the propagandising mouthpiece of the power elite.
You might consider these to be good things, things that will lead to an awakened population staging some sort of truth mutiny and finding a new path. You'd be wrong. Remember, nothing happens by accident.

People are growing uneasy about Government.
Everywhere the idea of democracy is being undermined, everywhere the sovereignty of government is being insisted upon by the bankster minions we call the political class, and as a result everywhere the ordinary people are growing increasingly uneasy about this system of government and that uneasiness is being driven by the hands behind the scenes.
They want us to lose faith in democracy.
They want us to increasingly despise those who govern us.
They want democracy to fail, and to fail badly.

Media is distrusted.
Across the world the internet is increasingly becoming the source of information as the mainstream falls into disrepute and its propagandising considered suspect. The internet is, of course, the brainchild of the ruling elite. It is the internet that exposes the abuses of democracy and its failings. It is the internet that has become the refuge for truth seekers. It is the internet that provides so many thousands of alternative voices, so many of which are funded by the very elite they purport to despise.
We are being played.

US Election a trigger?
I believed that the US election wouldn't happen, that something would occur to prevent it.
I was wrong.
Now I wonder if Trump will survive long enough to get into the White House, or if an assassination attempt will be made. The US dummies, the population so divested of intelligence and reason that they voted for either of the heinous bounders presented to them, are now divided into two camps. Interestingly, it seems to be women and gays for Hillary, men for Trump. It was disturbing to witness the tearful Hillary supporters, especially the women, crying over the failure of this woman that defended a child rapist and laughed about it, this woman that defended her rapist husband and attacked the women that he'd raped, this woman that has been up to her neck in the rivers of children's blood flowing through the streets of the Middle East.
Such a disturbing mass delusion suggests, more than anything, just how successfully the intense mind control efforts of the elite are functioning. Frankly, these women make me sick, even though they know not what they do. They docilely follow their programming despite the evidence. One wonders how many homes and marriages will be sundered in the coming fracas?
Was that the intent?

Cash and the middle classes.
As the elite are carefully destroying faith in the democracies humanity fought for and which have served the elite's purposes for so long, as the same elite is exposing, through its internet, the failure of the fourth estate, the media, so we will witness as predicted the failure of the money system of the world.
Perhaps the Trump creature will be the instrument of this crash, who knows?
Come what may, though, the elite will render all human beings equal by the simple method of collapsing their false money system.
They know us well, know that we will not be able to stop ourselves from fighting over stuff, even though there's plenty of stuff, once their false system of exchange and ownership has fallen.
Note how the leading 'alternative' websites focus on gold-backed currency and even sell the stuff to their readers, when all the world knows the elites have been building their dragon-hoards of the stuff for centuries?
Nothing happens by accident.

Yes, the good old religions, those invisible man in the sky belief systems, shown at last to be the cause of so much death and destruction, shown at last to be the haunts of paedophile child murderers (even though almost every religion for millennia has practised child sacrifice, we humans somehow fail to spot the trend!), shown at last to be just so much superstitious bullshit, will finally tumble from the consciousness of humanity and be seen for the falsehoods they always were, as so many Gods and religions have died before them.
Nobody worships Zeus anymore, nor Odin and Thor, nor the pantheon of Roman gods. Gods come and go, temples and churches empty, but hey, there's always another God served up by our masters to replace the old one, always a new hierarchy of priests to be built waiting in the wings.
Our gods are provided by our masters, changed often, to satisfy the need for an understanding of why we are here, to fill the empty space in our consciousness that begs to be given a reason for our condition. Did you ever notice that where empire's soldiers went, so followed the religion favoured by that empire?
This is the missionary position, whereby humanity was fucked by the elite.

It is the elite, our masters, that are destroying our faith in democracy and government. It is the elite, our masters, that are destroying our faith in the media. It is the elite, our masters, that are destroying the money system and thereby the middle classes and social cohesion. It is the elite, our masters, that are destroying the relationship between men and women. It is the elite, our masters, that are destroying religions.
THEY are wrecking what they built, so as to introduce their new, improved ownership system.
“Truthers” are helping them achieve the transition.

Useful Dupes.
Sitting beneath the conscious awareness of most truth seekers there is a new world order almost complete and lying in wait, fully staffed, organised, global. We, the truth seekers, in exposing the wrongs of the current system, in propounding the ideologies of suitable replacements, are aiding and abetting the emergence of the new world order, are spreading the ideas they wish us to spread.
We are acting as their useful dupes.
We are joining the ranks of those demanding change.

Considering our predicament as ineffectual flotsam in the sea of troubles that besets the human species we come to understand that we each of us is truly alone, that life's journey is one we each take as an individual. We are born alone, even if we are the product of a multiple birth, and the knocks and buffets of life are only ever felt by us alone however empathetic and loving are those who are fellow travellers. We are in the game alone, relationships wherein we share being external to the inner self, being crutches or bandages that never know the full extent of our internal mindscape.

Was it Shakespeare that said no man is an island?
He lied.

Those who understand that creation was engineered digitally know that behind that feat of engineering sits a mind greater than we can contemplate, a mind capable of an act of invention of such balance and beauty that we who exist within its boundaries believe it to be accidental or think of it as the work of God made just for us. So it might be, for it is so stupendous and marvellous that the title 'God' fits its creator, even though it is perhaps likely that this 'God' is an advanced computing device. If you read “The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Universe” you read of a super computer being asked for the answer to life the universe and everything and, after an age, producing the answer '42'. Douglas Adams, the author, was therefore we understand someone with a knowledge of Gematria and the darker arts, a knowledge of the mathematics of creation as expressed, the same knowledge that was displayed on Podesta's hands showing the number 14 and the fish. There's a Youtube video dealing with that esoteric message if you want to delve deeper.

That the demons that control this reality are deeply knowledgeable of the importance of numbers, of code, of information expressed mathematically could lead the researcher to conclude that part of the esoteric knowledge they have garnered and hoarded consists of an understanding of the digital nature of reality and a knowledge of methods by which this reality can be manipulated. When one considers the wanton destruction of the library of Alexandria, the genocide of tribal peoples and especially their Shamanic knowledge, the burning of witches, the modern and historic control of information and research, the fascination with the dark arts held by some of our greatest minds through history one could consider that there was at one time such knowledge extant in the world, that such knowledge was destroyed, that a few held pieces of it for their personal benefit and have employed it to keep control of this reality for that personal benefit for millennia.

This indeed may sum up human history as we know it.
It is the history of a secret being kept.

As our collective human understanding reaches further, as we build our tower of knowledge towards an understanding of the Creator, so those that hold the residual knowledge that has existed since we last climbed so high seek to bring ruin to our world and to reduce us and scatter us once more. This, perhaps, has ever been the cycle of life for we mortal humans.

That they can persuade us to do the work of this destruction speaks volumes.

Or can we break the cycle?
With Love.
Olive and Aktina

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  1. Humanity needs no rulers or law from outside, if of a true heart, if you are "human" as in the Native American understanding, shamanism, true seeing is still alive here on abundant earth. But hidden as it must be from fools who haven't taken the journey inside. The greatest journey is inner space. The earth is flat, NASA is a lie. The planets send vibrations which you can feel and explore inwardly, some myths were based on the attributes of these vibrations.The planets are not solid, neither are we, we are electromagnetic beings. We are experiencers of this density, choose to wonder about all. Seeyers see thru all. All can see if they ask. Religions do have wisdom, stories, which all are metaphorical in nature. Written for humans to understand themselves as so Native myths, legends, stories, because everything in the universe and earth can be understood and learned by nature around you, hence Native myths about animal attributes, spirit animals, everything is speaking softly to you.. your job is to listen and wonder. It is time to observe, strip away your programming and reflect while naked (metaphoric) as a soul, releasing yourself from all "they" said you were or are.

  2. Most of what you say we agree with, and the deeper understanding of humanity that we once possessed and is now largely lost is resurging amongst our tribe. Thanks for your wisdom,
    Aktina Pempti
    xxx xxx xxx