Friday, 18 November 2016

Complex.....Elite Strategy in Brief

Take as your starting point the understanding, often expressed here, that humanity is becoming something different. This does not mean that individuals are becoming different but that the collective whole is changing. This collective change is driven by our number and our ability to communicate. Our sheer numbers create higher numbers of people we could call 'genius'. Our ability to communicate means that their ideas can spread, thus accelerating the building of a shared knowledge base which in turn speeds the rate of advance.

We can all recognise that astonishing rate of technological advance, but few perceive that hanging on to its coat tails are other momentous advances, those which will drive from this reality the misconceptions that have been nurtured by our rulers over millennia and which sustain their hold over our species. These misconceptions are those things which capture our belief, those things we cling to hardest, those things which place division between us and cause us to fail to recognise the beautiful truth: That we are one tribe, one conscious entity made of billions of souls, an entity which can collectively create a heaven on earth and has that power and that authority.

Know, then, that attaching monetary value to ideas, knowledge or intellectual property slows our specie's rate of progress by lessening the speed with which we share ideas. Know also that such a financial mechanism focuses the ownership of ideas into the hands of corporations and governments, both entities which are under the control of the world's usurious money power acting as an instrument of the rulers. Ergo, money is holding us back and stealing our potential, yet this 'money' is one of the faiths or belief systems that we have been taught to believe in and cannot imagine being without. Such is the power of centuries of training of our species.

Go to the deepest jungle and there find a tribe that has no contact with the rest of humanity. Offer them a million dollars for their fish, without which they would not eat this day. They would look at the paper, then look at you, and laugh at the crazy foreigner with their crazy ideas.
Then they'd share the fish with you.
Or shoot arrows at you if they had had bad experiences of the sky-people before.

Our rulers understand that they can control our invention through money and through assassination. They also understand that the time is approaching when we, as a species, will finally see through the old belief systems that they have relied upon for so long to keep us in check and have therefore long strategised to stage a global revolution which will shatter the old systems and usher in a brave new world, a new world order which we humans will believe is of our creation or comes in answer to our prayers.

WE are undergoing that revolution now, and everything is closely scripted, everything is going to plan. Believers in their newly crafted paradigm can be witnessed weeping at the electoral demise of Hillary Clinton, think of themselves as Social Justice Warriors whilst lacking the simple research skills required to discover the vile truth about that woman and how far removed she is from the ideals she spouts and which the SJWs swallow whole.

Our rulers are intent upon destroying their own creation, those things we have come to depend upon and believe in. Democracy is being cast into the fire right now. From the ashes of that conflagration will rise their new Phoenix, their new ruler, their King of the world who will 'save us all' and usher in a period of 'peace' which will be a shoddy and blood-tinged facsimile of the world of peace we humans would build, should build, have the power to build if once we recognise our commonality of desire.

You are aware, by now, of the enormous efforts that have gone into shaping humanity's perception of itself. They would have us believe we are incapable of living peacefully with one another, that we are so divided by faith, by class, by money, by race, by nation, by political leanings that surely we will end all life on this planet by unleashing nuclear weapons.
Those of us that see, however, see that all those divisions are theirs, that all wars are theirs, that all weapons of mass-destruction are theirs.
WE see that human beings are argumentative, fractious, competitive, but we also see that we are loving, are peaceful, enjoy sharing and giving. It is a rare human being that will kill. A rare and sick human being. The idea of war is an idea born of our rulers, always has been throughout known history and evident to even the simplest mind. We meek human beings want none of it.

They would also have us believe that we are polluting the planet to death, are warming the planet to destruction when WE see that it is their factories, their nuclear power stations, their plastics that are messing up our world. Plastics we can make from Hemp, were it not banned. Energy we can get from the sun or the wind or from whatever other inventions we have made and had buried by the fossil fuel corporations owned by the rulers of this reality. All the major pollutants come from their factories, their businesses, the money power shifting their locations to places where WE have fewer laws to prevent them, fewer educated people to protest, places where labour and government can be cheaply bought with their fictional 'money'.

As we write the world is edging towards the great chasm these monsters have readied for us. Years ago on this blog we wrote of this maelstrom's approach and now one third of the world has already fallen into its twisted vortex.

As we witness the destruction of democracy, so also we are witnessing the destruction of religious faith and being given the once and for all understanding that the Abrahamic religions are truly the fount of evil.

At the same time our human understanding that there is something greater than we in the universe, something that has higher ideals, something that hopes we will succeed in finding the power of love and use that power to order our reality, that thing we have been taught to call 'God' is being driven from our consciousness along with the vile creations we call Christianity or Islam or whatever, those foul hierarchical usurpers that have stolen and misdirected our understanding of creation and what we are expected to do with it.

Those who see will know, of course, that our rulers have a replacement religion at hand, a one world religion, a global religion that will, we guess, frown upon non-believers and probably burn them.
That's the habit of religions, isn't it?
The works of Blavatsky, the disgusting Hermetic Orders, Pike's Lucifer, the child buggering and murdering blood sacrifice focused new religion that has already such a vast following among our top politicians, judges, media executives, police forces, social services and children's charities (those latter two groups being the suppliers of the fodder for these feasts of depravity.)

Eventually, of course, we will be taught to accept paedophilia and child sacrifice once more.
We have, of course, thousands of years of experience of doing just that.
Read any religion's book, or any history book if you are ignorant of this facet of our human family's story. Note, too, that the exposure of high-level paedophilia, combined with the deliberate sexualisation of our children, combined with the taught acceptance of any form of gender abnormality or sexual preference as a legal right, all of these things are intended within a few years to create a public demand for the legalisation of 'consensual' sex with kids. Social Justice Warriors will shout names at you if you decry paedos, just as they do now about any of the other deviancies we are expected to cheer about.
Don't misunderstand us, we could never be anti-gay, but realise that there is a war against humanity and part of that war is to do with the destruction of family, part is to do with making us lonely creatures, part is to do with making essentially tribal, communal creatures into creatures with weak ideas of family, of community. We have been made islands unto ourselves, the links and bonds that made us strong weakened. Over 25% of kids in the West now grow up without any father, without any male role model, and are the worse for that loss.

This war on the rising consciousness of humanity is being fought on a myriad of fronts, funded by the inexhaustible amounts of 'money' available to our rulers. They seek to weaken us by controlling education and thereby 'dumbing down' our collective cleverness. They seek to distract us through popular entertainment, entertainment which at one time involved leaving the home and collecting together with others is now funnelled into the home through the TV or the internet. Every aspect of their strategy is easy to discern once you learn to recognise their goals. The ban on smoking has closed thousand upon thousand of bars and pubs, keeping the non-thinkers well and truly separated from those dangerous maverick smokers, those who chose at an early age to break the rules and to sometimes hide while they did it. Such people are the world's lepers now, cast outside in the rain and made to suffer for their individuality.

Our rulers seek to make humanity baser creatures by spreading their pornography and such porn, fed into the minds of children that have access via a laptop or their phone, are growing into a world of sexual dissatisfaction or ennui. Women everywhere are now beginning to understand the effect as their male peers show little interest. At the same time, the paedophile agenda is served by the free availability of pornography and acts as a grooming agency.

As democracy is conflagrated, as religions are exposed, so money will be destroyed. This is something long in preparation. Our rulers have designed the system to fail, meanwhile using their fiat money to acquire vast hoards of Gold, the basis of their new fake money system so vaunted by the false alternative media who encourage mugs to buy gold so that its value is artificially raised, thus further enriching those that own almost all of it.

Right now their media system is being exposed as false, untruthful, biased. The US election is a case in point. Waiting in the wings are their ready made, equally false, alternatives.
Hence, dear reader, understand that the list just published of fake news sites was merely an advertisement designed to push the unwary into the wrong hands.
Can you see that?
Take a look at that list and blacklist most of them, if not all. They are not what they seem.

Underneath all of this there has been a rapid increase in the number of Non-Governmental Organisations worldwide. These NGOs purport, often, to be not-for-profit or charitable, or are funded by 'well-meaning' billionaire philanthropists. Some are very old charities, now taken over by chief executives from corporate backgrounds. All of these NGO's ask for donations from ordinary people. All of them have great websites proclaiming their good intentions. All of them reward their CEOs exceptionally well. All of them, worldwide, have enjoyed 'leadership training' from organisations like Common Purpose. Many of them have been 'reframed' by such training. Common Purpose extends its reframing into governmental bodies too, especially the police and the armed forces and health services, media bodies like the BBC.

When democracy fails and countries are plunged into internecine war by that failure the SJWs and their ilk will seek and find the waiting alternative: NGOs.

The power, seeing and fearing the awakening of humanity, understanding the possibility of our co-creating a heaven on earth, realising the weakness inherent in the systems they have relied upon for so long are, as we write, engaged in crashing the current reality. Underneath, lying in wait, is a new world religion, a new world government made up of not-for-profit organisations they have created and control, a new world money system based on gold. As they crash the old reality many of us will die in the chaos they create. At last, exhausted, we will pray for a saviour to bring order and peace.
Et Voilà!
There He will be.

Unless we meek human beings realise our unity.....

We most of us don't want war, or poverty, or starvation, or torture, or paedophile murder. We like competition, but not when it means 1% of 1% own the world. We don't want debt, especially debt created from thin air that enslaves us. We want a roof, food, time to enjoy ourselves, friendship, family, camaraderie, peace, the absence of fear in our lives.
We want love, for all these things emanate from love.
Every complex issue in the world can be solved by the unity that comes from these simple shared desires. Seven billion of us yearn for these things.

We pray that humanity finds this unity.
It is in every heart.
It is the soul of our species, waiting to be expressed.
It's what the world should reflect, what humanity's collective consciousness should create.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

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