Sunday, 27 November 2016

Recount = Civil War and More

Stirring it up in the USA.

A quick thought provoking mind stream:

We witnessed the incredibly emotional response from Hillary's Millennial Social Justice Warrior LGBTQ2 (or whatever) supporters.

We marvelled at their lack of understanding that the Hillary bitch was up to her neck in criminality, was a staunch supporter and defender of her rapist husband, ripped off the Haitans, filled her pockets from the Clinton Foundation, fucked up in Benghazi and got people killed, broke the secrecy laws with the email scandal, visited Epstein's paedo paradise island, has a career littered with strange and unusual deaths of those close to her, and employed a bunch of dirty tactics in the election, (all allegedly).

We assumed, therefore, that the Hillary supporters were mind controlled, because millions of people can't be that dumb.
Can they?

We assumed that the fix would be in and she would win the election, but the Trump won it.
The Hillary crowd went ballistic.

The Trump supporters were equally dumb.
This is a guy that has so many mafia connections that he could almost be a member, a 'made man'.
His career is littered with bankruptcy and unpaid obligations.
He has a long and dirty reputation in respect of women.
He was a chum of the Epstein demon too.
All allegedly.

More millions voted for him, but this time they were the dumb ass-holes you'd expect to respond to the messages he put out.

The so-called alternative media were firmly behind him. Despite all of them having ranted about the false left-right paradigm for a decade, they played the game as if it were real!

We spoke here in a post that we thought the election wouldn't happen.
We were wrong.
Now, however, we see the results being challenged and recounts being ordered.
Perhaps we were right after all.

How would it be if it were discovered that in those key states Hillary should have won were it not for 'hackers'?

How would it be if those 'hackers' turned out to be Russian?

You know, of course, how the US and its European NATO partners have been lining up missiles and troops on the Russian border.
How the sheeple have been fed bullshit about the Russian threat.
How the Syria thing has been used to paint the Russians black.
All of that consciousness engineering.

You know, of course, that curious training exercises have been going on in the US to deal with civil unrest.
You know, of course, about FEMA camps, and the billions of rounds of ammunition, and the military equipment for a militarised and increasingly pumped-up fascist police.

You know, of course, that if the recounts discover that Hillary should have won that the loud-mouth actor Alex Jones and the rest of the controlled alternative media will be screaming for action.

You know, by now, that there are a lot of mind controlled Americans.
Is this the tipping point?

Civil war in the USA, combined with war with Russia that a divided and internally warring country can't win?

Is this the end of America, of the West?
Is this the false drama that the herd will stampede into?
Is this how our rulers will prevent our upward transformation to a new human civilisation?

It is just those circumstances away, isn't it?
The discovery of foul play in the counting of votes.
Everything else is in place.

And the whole thing, from start to finish, so obviously choreographed by the hidden hands and their satanic followers you'd have to be stupid not to realise.

But then, en masse, we are, aren't we?

Just following the mind stream.........

Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti

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